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Peace Station Characters

Went ahead and created this already. This page should contain information about all the major characters as well as some of the recurring guest characters in order to be able to write these characters, if there's a lot of story then you can do separate article similar to Kyle Gigerdi.

Kyle Gigerdi

Kyle Gigerdi

Mad Gigerdi

Male Gigerdian. See Mad Gigerdi for more information.

Aamur Kudmeet

The station's commander. Hemmoian.

Regneb Örkendal

The station's first officer. Orcish? Main character or guest?


Security chief. Female V'As'Ta'R. Guest.

Kwinda Anado

Communications officer, female gigerdian. Guest.


Tactical officer, Q<RE-Ô. Guest.

Las Herdan

The ambassadorial aide of Mad Gigerdi, who becomes the kind-of secondary ambassador of the Gigerdians in the 2nd season of the show. Is active through the 2nd season up until the end of the 4th season.

K'ags Oiduts

K'ags Oiduts

Piavo Bacterian

Is this possibly a good name? I think it's sufficiently close to the original yet not so clearly a Finnish name.


One of the UCP ambassadors, female B². See Hroq² for more information.


Second UCP ambassador, male Opiro. Like all Opiros he walks on all fours (they are, after all, a feline-type race). He is thus a carnivore and his eating habits might be considered disturbing to some (eats always raw meat and doesn't use any kind of tools to eat). Despite being carnivore he doesn't have a thirst for any of the ambassadors' blood or the like. Compared to Hroq² he is quite young (in his late thirties) and is thus considered relatively inexperienced. Unlike most ambassadors his family lives aboard the station. He has a wife who is tending to their kittens (probably only a year old when the Peace Station is opened), they probably have three to five kittens. While he can't be considered aggressive he is still much more aggressive than Hroq² and considers aggressive actions much more readily. He is not very social to outsiders, but enjoys the company of those he knows. He's very protective of his family. He keeps a rather open mind towards everyone and isn't initially suspicious of anyone nor has any grudge towards anyone.

Work in progress

Nasirah Taskinen

Assistant to the UCP ambassadors, female human. Nasirah was born on Mars and spent most of her childhood and early adult life there. She completed Starfleet academy on Earth, however. She took her major on diplomatics and alien relations and also completed her doctoral thesis on the relations between the UCP and the Parlien geniocracy. The Peace Station was not her first diplomatic post as she served as an assistant to the UCP ambassador to Parlien geniocracy. She served on Parlien homeworld for about five years before transferring to the Peace Station. She is currently in her thirties and has no children, but has a younger brother who is also serving in Starfleet, though aboard a starship. Her parents still reside on Mars. Her mother is a spacedock worker and her father a nurse. Nasirah is the only one of the ambassadorial staff to have a rank in Starfleet and to actually still serve Starfleet. Though she rarely wears the uniform. However, because of her Starfleet background she handles all matters that directly affect Starfleet or when a liaison is required between Starfleet and some other party.

She is a relatively hard working individual, relatively meaning that she also enjoys her free time whenever possible. She is similar to the Parlien ambassador in that she also has a scientific background and has a high regard toward scientific information. She keeps tight contact with her family and it is possible her parents and/or brother will visit the station at some point. She doesn't have plans to start a family yet (note, due to the extended life expectancy women can have children even later than when they 70 years old), but may or may not have romantic interests during the course of the series. Currently she is enjoying her work much and thus doesn't see any need for changes at the moment. As for her personality, she is often friendly towards other people, especially during diplomatic work which is required. However, she can also be impatient and quick-tempered, which might cause some problems and comments from the UCP ambassadors. Due to this she might also say one's piece whenever the situation is such that she doesn't agree with someone or something. She is loyal to her friends, to the UCP and values trust from her friends, diplomatic associates or love interests. She also believes in the UCP and considers it to be very successful, sometimes defending her views fiercely.


Folan ambassador, female Folan. See F'Uor for more information.


Assistant to F'Uor, male Folan. A young diplomat fresh from the academy and in his twenties. Unlike F'Uor he could be considered as a rather sympathetic character. He is rather naive and doesn't share F'Uor's fervent loyalty. He is also very friendly towards everyone and also highly social. He is much more liberal than F'Uor towards other species. He is also very loyal to his friends, but also doesn't state secrets to others, although some will try to take advantage of this. His parents live on Folan colony far way from the Peace Station, he has no siblings. He tries to keep in touch with his friends who some work in the military and others in services back on his homeworld as well as with his family. He has had a very positive childhood and has no ill feelings towards the Folan Empire and often remarks how good place it is to live in. This will change later though.

He likes to spend time with non-Folans as well and often socializes with the other ambassadors or assistants or the station's personnel. He has high respect towards F'Uor though and she often tutors R'Tan on political affairs. F'Uor is also highly protective of him, at least whenever possible and whenever that doesn't conflict with the best interest of the Folans. He rarely openly questions F'Uors and the Folans' decisions, but more often mentions of his troubles to others he trusts. He does, however, always do as F'Uor commands.

Note: He will most likely be thrown to the wolves at some point to cover for F'Uor and/or other Folans.
Note: Might have romantic interest with the Vemrer assistant.

Verror Holer

Vemrer ambassador, female Vemrer. General of the military. See Verror Holer for more information.

Nerrir Jikir

Assistant to Verror, female Vemrer. Lieutenant of the military. She is very obedient and will never question Verror. She is also very shy and avoids any unnecessary contact with anyone. Does not wish to discuss anything related to politics or social status with anyone due to fear of Verror. Her personal opinions, if and when they become apparent are though much more liberal than Verror's. She is young, in her thirties, and has no husbands. She has proven herself in combat and is respected by other Vemrers. She is much more friendly towards non-female ambassadors and their assistants than Verror and she often has to deal with the non-female ambassadors.

Derk Ko

Dand ambassador, male Dand. He's in his forties and isn't trained ambassador, but more of a business negotiator. He's very arrogant, rude, cunning and deceptive. Though he can also be very friendly in order to achieve his goals. Especially when negotiating business deals he can be even too friendly. He also attempts to bribe most of the ambassadors in some way. One possible story element might be bribing of the Hemmoian ambassadors (I'm not sure are they susceptible to this kind of thing so more information is needed on that). That is he would first start bribing K'ags Oiduts and just when he/she would become somewhat susceptible to suggestions he/she would die. Derk would then attempt the same with the new ambassador, but he/she would die too quick as well. Frustrated of this he would give up attempting to bribe the Hemmoian ambassadors.

Derk would have little regards towards rules of any kind or of any kind of diplomatic code. He doesn't care about the opinions of others (unless he needs someone's support though there are many ways to achieve that) and he would often attempt to steal and lie. He's also often engaged in smuggling or pirating operations at or near the Peace Station. He does, however, defend Dand interest, but would often also change deals to benefit himself. Much like F'Uor he can do whatever means necessary to achieve his or Dand's goals, though Derk is probably open to even broader ways to achieve them as his loyalty towards his own people is much smaller. Due to the nature of houses among Dand society he is very loyal towards his own house though. There might be a few assassination attempts by the rivaling houses on him. He might also have to struggle to keep his position at the Peace Station due to the rivaling houses. Though so he won't be all evil and such there could be some positive things in him too and he probably has had a rather unhappy childhood. He holds grudge against the UCP and Gigerdians for screwing up their plans. He has really no respect towards other species, though many Dand pirate clans involve many non-Dans as well. The Beta Quadrant free-zone has many operating Dand pirate clans that might be a diplomatic problem as well.

Jerer (::....:..)

Jerdie ambassador, a plant. Jerer is about two meters tall so it's a "small tree". Although they are basically plants they can still communicate with other races without problems. Jerer itself doesn't represent any of the mob families, but it has to answer to them all. To whom it's loyal varies from time to time as the Jerdies often use bribes, threats and extortion as means to accomplish their goals. This means that Jerer will sometimes answer to one family, sometimes to other and sometimes to no one. However, it also has a personal interest and tries to improve its standing among the Jerdies. Jerer comes from a family that belongs to a one mob family, but isn't part of that family. Meaning that the family is under this mafia's "protection". However, Jerer employed itself in the central "government" which means that it has severed all ties to its family as all those working in the "government" are required to not be dependent of any mob family. Because of this, it is highly likely that its family has already been eliminated or will be eliminated during the series. Nevertheless, because of its experience in the "government" Jerer was selected to this role, to be as neutral as it is possible in the Jerdie culture. As previously mentioned, corruption will play a significant role and very often Jerer will attempt to buy or extort members of other races on their side, similarly to Dands, but usually with much more violence, or the threat of it. Most of the time though Jerdies, and Jerer, will simply keep out of things and stay in the background. As, unlike Dands for example, Jerdies aren't that interested in money, but rather in power so they seek to control things from the background, which will also be the theme of few episodes.

All in all Jerer is a person who seeks to improve its own standing, isn't particularly dependent of anyone, has little care for the well-being of others, but can also be persuaded to side with the "good guys" if the persuasion is good enough.


93218432 ambassador. Like other 93218432s, it's a pile of "liquid". Because of this the it has to use an "encounter suit" when dealing with other races. It either uses voice synthesizer to communicate or physical contact with telepathic abilities, though the latter is, understandably, much rarer. As far as 6.022E23's personality goes, it is rather secluded and doesn't interact with other races often. Most likely the 6.022E23 will be the ambassador of the "minor races" that will be seen the least, though this is also subject to change if required. 6.022E23 doesn't have a normal quarters, but rather housing built specifically for 93218432s, which means that other "solid" races can't enter them. There might a small reception area where the encounter suit is stored and possibly personal meetings are held.

6.022E23 could be considered as cold and logical person to others, but it is not devoid of emotions, they are merely much less pronounced.

Meheek Ol Opbil

Parlien ambassador, female. As it is common among Parliens she was chosen to this task due to her fitting skills and has gone through extensive testing also mentally. She is intelligent and holds high regard towards pursuing knowledge and thus has higher respect toward people who are willing to do extensive research, for example on diplomatic treaties. She is also sympathetic and kind towards others. Because of this she often questions the "evil" acts that some people commit/have committed. Even regardless of her training, in which she was prepared for an unkind universe, she still gets slightly depressed on the "bad" acts she witnesses and learns of during the PS. Generally she always comes prepared to negotiations and has a significant amount of background information. She's also always prepared to defend her arguments and uses historical data and scientific studies extensively. As a Parlien she also has above average problem solving skills and memory capabilities than other races.

She comes from a normal "working class" family meaning that none of her relatives are any renowned scientists or have worked in the government. She is thus the first of the family to become a diplomat. She chose the work of a diplomat due to her social skills and interest in dealing with other people and races. Pride is a concept that is considered as bad in the Parlien society as it can lead to emotional decisions which is why she considers her work to be equally important as any other. Because of this she treats everyone on the station as equals and often questions the existence of the lower decks for example.

Klack deKel

Timocracy ambassador, a Mentrar. A mysterious figure that resides on the station for about one and a half season. The ambassador will remain a mysterious figure that will be rarely seen outside of the quarters of the ambassador. It is even speculated that the ambassador might be transported on and off the station on multiple occasions. The ambassador is loyal to the Timocracy and will only participate in official proceedings. Will attempt to maintain good relations towards races that are not hostile towards the Timocracy. In fact the ambassador can be extremely friendly towards these species. The character may or may not appear in a large role. It is even possible for the ambassador to also be directing the war efforts often outside the station as the Timocracy employes transporter enhancers in the system the PS is located.

Den Kylek

Human male.

Cego Gigerdius

Male Gigerdian, about 40 years old in the first season. He has recently lost his sister (this might even happen during the episode he's introduced in) and has a young sun named Siernan. He is married to Gurned Hesar. He served as the GF ambassador to the Folan Empire after the Folan war and many considered that task very risky. Sometime during this time he met Gurned and later the two married and Gigerdius asked for reassignment. Due to this he is now more of a "traveling" ambassador doing various smaller negotiations around GF space and amongst the smaller species. He is relatively experienced ambassador and is a "natural" diplomat.

Work in progress

Nix Balmorra

Nix Balmorra

To Be Continued...