Bacterian Trouble

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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 6: Bacterian Trouble

Inside the B.E.S. Ravana
Leaving 6724-1XB system

The tall Bacterian female stood in front of her chair on the bridge of the Bacterian cruiser Ravana. His personal fleet included three other cruisers of the same class as hers: the Shakthy, Bukhara and the Gorgoroth. The small fleet had formed itself up in order to move out of the system.

“Commander Gortynoides, I thought that the day when you would let someone escape like that would never come” the female spoke with her booming voice. “My lady, I promise it will never happen again” a Bacterian male said while standing at full attention on the woman’s left side. “I believe it is not enough. These Gigerdians with their ship are the unfortunate witnesses of our operation on the moon of that world. If word of it gets out, the Court of Bacterium will likely dispose of me as well” the female commander pondered. “What do you want me to do, my lady?” the somewhat shaken commander replied. “I want you to inform sub commander Catopsilia, that she has just made to the rank of full commander”, the Bacterian female instructed. “But, that is my rank” the shrunken commander replied quietly.

The woman started to laugh, and after a few seconds she took out her laser rapier, and cut the other officer’s head off. “How can you have a rank, when you no longer exist?” she laughed at the body. After a few moments a pair of Bacterian warriors emerged from her side, and quietly dragged the body away. “Communications officer, I want you to inform all of the other sub commanders and captains of the fleet, that by the order of Fleet lord Alsophilia Bacillus, all efforts must be concentrated on the successful capture of these Gigerdians along with their ship” she instructed. “Yes, my lady” the communications officer replied.

The tall Bacterian female looked at the large view screen several meters in front of her, where a video log of the previous battle was playing. Several of the Bacterian officers on the bridge were analyzing the tape. She quietly left the bridge as the picture zoomed even closer to the hull of the freighter that had slipped away.