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  • ...llowing works are by [[User:Shok|Shok Teenik]], [[User:Mad Gigerdi Jr.|Mad Gigerdi Jr.]] and [[User:Dalleer|Mal Dalleer]], copyright 1992 - 2013. All rights r :* Gigerdi Forces 2: ''[[The Destruction of the H'vos Star]]''<br><br>
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  • [[PSE:Gigerdi Alliance|Gigerdi Alliance]]<br> [[PSE:Gigerdi Federation|Gigerdi Federation]]<br>
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  • ...nd especially the newly born Gigerdi Alliance, have to suffer through. The Gigerdi Alliance was on its first days after the Secession War although not yet off ...ory of the Exploreison; the newest Exploration vessel of the newly founded Gigerdi Alliance. <br><br>
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  • ...imocracy war, but now even as things look bright, the darkest times of the Gigerdi Alliance were coming. Now the future of the alliance depends on Exploreison ...he had seized the power from the former emperors, Kyle Gigerdi Jr. and Mad Gigerdi Jr. After that, he also formed the “Section 18”, an intelligence organi
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