No place like home pt. 2

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No place like home pt. 2


The Peace Station officials led by Nix Balmorra and Shok 24 Teenik suspect that the drifters residing in the lower decks are not everything they say that they are. The suspicions especially center around the somewhat enigmatic leader of the drifters, who claims to just lead a peaceful group of misunderstood and mistreated individuals, but clearly has other agendas in mind as well.

As the tensions between the citizens and the drifters have cooled down a bit, an individual from the drifters approaches the Peace Station's officials with surprising information: the leader of the group has only recently joined the drifters before their arrival to the station, and is suspected to be a spy of some sort working for an unknown power. Most of the drifters believe that the current leader, Sonhan, was responsible for the death of their former leader. The drifters believe that Sonhan used several of them to get close to their former leader, and assassinated him when he had the chance.

The staff of the Peace Station decide to place Sonhan under arrest, but just as they are about to capture him, he escapes. Alot of the question are left unaswered regarding Sonhan's true motives and identity.

Ambassador Nix Balmorra also negoatiates a deal with the remaining drifters to allow them to stay on the planet that the station orbits. Thankful of this new sanctuary, the remaining drifters leave station to begin life anew.