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Original Screenplay By Mal Dalleer, FinalXX and Mad Gigerdi Jr.


PEACE STATION III: PROPHECY 1 Scene I “The Discovery” 2 Scene II “Dead Hope” 5 Scene III “New Orders” 8

Production Notes: 1.Takes place immediately after Nemesis.

2.Available characters for the movie: Captain Gill Mora(Dalleer), Vice-Admiral Gigerdius(MG2), Lieutenant-Commander R’Derex(FinalXX), Lieutenant-Commander Sprak(Shok), Lieutenant-Commander Drill(Thudor/Teddy), Commander Grillka(Ak Iram/Marika), Lieutenant Ghi’la, Lieutenant Fhogli, Lieutenant Brian, Lieutenant Noaren Doniurs, Lieutenant-Commander Deket(CG or custom make-up)/Moorop Illei, Second Lieutenant T’Lar, Lieutenant Min’da, Fleet Admiral Nechen, Fleet Admiral (Resistance leader) Justin Gron, Resistance member Normi(Soini), Resistance undercover scientist, More resistance members, Agent Hand(Sigil), Governor Degrassi, Colonists, other minor Section 18 agents, Captain Branson, Captain of Hammerfest, Lieutenant Anner.

3.Required scenes: A fight between R’Derex and Hand. Probably some time before this Hand again disposes of any other Exploreison crewmembers, but R’Derex turns out to be quite a challenge. Preferably it would be an averagely long fight, and the only one. Probably much to everyone’s surprise R’Derex manages to win and not because the agent lets him win, but because R’Derex is stronger and faster.


Previously on Peace Station: “There’s been an explosion at deck 70”, “we have dampening fields, force fields and sensors here to prevent things like these!”, “Perhaps you should check if they are in working condition”, “They were taken offline just before the explosion, but I don’t know by whom”, “You will be destroyed, you cannot stop the Loronas, the Exploreison must be destroyed. You will all die!”, “The escapee has been disabled.”, “There has been some unrest in the Donor system lately. I want you and your crew to go on a vacation there”, “we have found a civilian named Normi that seems to have gotten into trouble with questionable people”, “All this filth will be gone in a few years, and something new created in its place.”, “The planet apparently accommodated T-Race presence hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years ago.” “There seems to be a slight variation in the ship’s power grid, have you checked it out? “Yes, sir, we checked it out, but found nothing wrong there or anything that might be causing it.” “Section 18? So those black clothed people are…” “Section 18 agents. That organization is the sole reason why I formed the resistance and the main reason why I’m now here.” “What sort of ‘aliens’?” ” The ones you encountered at the Peace Station two years ago.” “A team of scientists found a hidden base on Donor three. The base had several ships in stasis, with full crews. The asteroid base was constructed and the ships were moved to there. That was a little over a year ago.” (Will last about a minute) And now the conclusion: TEASER:

Scene I “The Discovery” EXT. Surface of Johtor three - Day

The camera fades in on the planet. We can see a group of GA military personnel in the distance. They appear to have some kind of exercise. This is located in some area with no buildings or anything. Preferably some cliffs or plain areas.

COMMANDER SHRIN This time you will split into four pairs. As you were briefed, you are to locate the designated rendezvous point that has been specifically picked for your team. You may only use your tricorders, but if you need help contact us through your communicators. Any questions?

All the six people remain silent, sometimes looking at each other.

COMMANDER SHRIN (cont.) Good. The exercise shall then begin. Good luck.

NOAREN is one of these trainees, with her there’s one male Gigerdian, who is to become the memories of Agent Hand. They are walking to some direction.

NOAREN It should be in this direction.

CADET KHOAL “Should be”. Are you sure?

NOAREN Yes, I’ve done this sort of thing before.

CADET KHOAL I sure hope you know what you’re doing.

NOAREN I know this is our final test and how important it is, so trust me. You just be ready to do your task once we get to the rendezvous point.


They walk sometime on a plain area towards a forest of some kind; they enter the forest and keep walking forward. Once they have reached area with just trees on every direction something weird happens.

EXT. Forest - Day

Noaren’s tricorder suddenly stops working.

NOAREN Hey… what’s wrong with this thing?

CADET KHOAL What is it?

Khoal moves closer and looks at the tricorder.

NOAREN It just suddenly stopped working.

She hands the tricorder to Khoal, who studies it for a while. He uses some device to check it, but it doesn’t seem to be working either.

CADET KHOAL I don’t think it’s solely affecting the tricorder, whatever is affecting here. Might be some kind of energy dampening field.

Noaren presses her communicator.

NOAREN Noaren to base… please respond…

She’s countered with a dead silence.

CADET KHOAL It’s affecting the communicators as well.

NOAREN This may just be part of the test so I recommend we keep going.

CADET KHOAL Seems odd… they didn’t even give us any other equipment. Maps or something like that.

NOAREN I should be able to remember the direction. And this is the final test, so they may have something special in store for us.

CADET KHOAL I hope you’re right.

They continue to the direction they were previously heading. After a while Khoal asks a question from Noaren.

CADET KHOAL I’m curios about one thing… you’re graduating to be an operations officer, yet you took this orientation course.

NOAREN You never know what skills you may need in the future.

CADET KHOAL True, but according to what I heard the operations officers usually spend all of their aboard their ship or station.

NOAREN So? There are no guarantees about that.

CADET KHOAL Well… yeah.

NOAREN And I hope you aren’t probing my mind about these things.

CADET KHOAL Oh no, I still follow the rules just like everybody else.

NOAREN Good. What’s going to be your first assignment as a field technician?

CADET KHOAL I’ve been thinking about the military intelligence service, and they seem to be willing to take me as well.

NOAREN You’re not going to stay in the fleet itself?

This revelation came as a quite of a shock to Noaren.

CADET KHOAL No, it just interests me, but let’s just focus on the task at hand.

They continue again. Then they notice something, preferably glowing on the ground.

NOAREN What is that?

She points to it. They run to check it.

CADET KHOAL Well… it’s glowing that’s for sure.

NOAREN Looks alien.

Khoal is beginning to grab it when Noaren stops him.

NOAREN (cont.) Don’t be stupid. We have no idea what it is.

CADET KHOAL The only way we can be sure is to check it.

He grabs it and looks at it.

CADET KHOAL (cont.) Seems to have some kind of energy source i… (in it)

Suddenly they’re both thrown back. They lie on the forest floor unconscious. The camera then zooms on the alien object.


End of Teaser


Opening: (Currently 3 suggestions available)

Two years ago their mission begun; as they uncovered that a war with a new race called the Great Lightness was at hand; as it begun shortly after they were discovered. The war ended soon, and now the crew must unravel the secret of the greatest war in the history of Gigerdians, which is at hand. The Alliance now faces brighter times, but the darkest times are only about to come. These are the voyages of the starship Exploreison on its continuing mission.

Two years ago their mission begun. As the first ship to be built by the newly founded Gigerdi Alliance. The Alliance had suffered great wars in the past, the Lightness War being the largest and internal shakeups shattering the Alliance. The ship caught in the turmoil of the universe. As the brighter times seem to be ahead, the darkest times are only yet to come. The crew must unravel the greatest mystery of the galaxy and the secret to the greatest war in the history of Gigerdians. These are the voyages of the starship Exploreison on its continuing mission.

The Exploreison is the newest exploration ship built, with the best crew and equipment available. Taken into one mission after another, the crew has dealt with many difficult situations and struggled for their mission in which they believe in. Caught in the middle of universe in chaos, the ship holds the key for the survival of Gigerdians. The crew must unravel the greatest mystery of the galaxy and the secret to the greatest war in the history of Gigerdians. On starship Exploreison’s continuing journeys.



Scene II “Dead Hope” EXT. Colony Centrum, the Donor Colony - Day

This scene begins exactly where Nemesis ends, thus it would be best to film this at the same time. NORMI is lying dead on MORA’s hands.

MORA Mora to Exploreison emergency medical beam-out!

R’DEREX also presses his communicator

R’DEREX We need a security detachment here immediately!

GRILLKA points to the direction where the projectile appears to have come. GIGERDIUS waves his hand in order to get people move.


Gigerdius, NOAREN, HERFD, Grillka and SPRAK start running towards the direction where the projectile originated. Of course taking cover while moving there. Soon we see R’Derex and several SECURITY OFFICERS including T’LAR running towards us.

EXT. Rooftop - Day

Since we probably have access to only one rooftop this is very likely the very same rooftop the agents have been using. We see a black clothed person, preferably this time with a long black fabric jacket, holding a rifle and creeping on the roof. This person then stands up and looks to the horizon for a second. Then this person leaves. We won’t see the face of this person. This person would preferably be a female.

EXT. Streets near the Rooftop Building - Day

The crew has arrived at the building with the rooftop. R’Derex and the security officers head inside.

INT. Donor Colony House

They search the place and visit the rooftop, but find nothing.

EXT. Rooftop - Day

T’Lar and R’Derex are standing on the roof.

T’LAR Clearly the shooter was here, no doubt about it.

R’DEREX But seemed to have made a run for it, which was to be expected. We need search the nearby areas and the whole planet if we have to. All the ships should also commence wide scans of the planet. No ships should be allowed to leave either.

T’LAR You do understand that if the Section 18 was behind that shooting they’re well equipped to escape even from here, without being detected.

R’DEREX I know, but at least then we might have more luck in finding this mystery shooter, besides it’s always worth a try.

Then Gigerdius, Mora and Grillka arrive on the rooftop as well.

MORA It appears you were, after all, right R’Derex. We should never have made the contact here.

R’DEREX It’s too late to think about that, sir. We did what we did and we just have to bear the consequences. And most likely it wouldn’t have worked aboard the ship even. Normi was wanted too much by the Section 18.

GRILLKA Well… I guess you’re right. We should still do our best in trying to find this attacker, unless… it has already fled the system.

GIGERDIUS (pointing at Grillka, Mora and himself) We better get back to the Exploreison and report about this.

R’DEREX We’ll continue our investigations and inform you immediately if we find something.

Gigerdius, Mora and Grillka leave the rooftop area.

T’LAR Do you think this was done by the same people who were after Normi before?

R’DEREX No, I don’t think they had anything to do with this.

T’LAR How do you know?

R’DEREX Two of them died and the last one escaped. He’s no longer here. This was done by the Section 18 themselves.

T’LAR I see… makes sense though, of course they want to eliminate all the evidence.

R’DEREX Yeah, and they succeeded. We really have no conclusive evidence. And I’m not sure would’ve Normi been enough either. When fighting against organization such as Section 18 it will be damn hard to defeat them, at least with evidence.

T’LAR You’re right. So I guess we’re back to square one.

R’DEREX Not exactly. Since we at least know who’s behind this and can prepare for the future.

T’LAR If that will help anything.

R’DEREX We’ll see…

EXT. Space – The GA Fleet

We see the GA fleet and the Exploreison among them.

Scene III “New Orders” INT. Exploreison Bridge

Mora, Grillka and Gigerdius come in.

MORA Ghi’la, contact the strategic command.

GHI¨’LA Captain, it seems Fleet Admiral Nechen is hailing us.

MORA That was fast.

GIGERDIUS Indeed. On screen.

Nechen appears on the viewscreen, he’s sitting at his office.

NECHEN Captain, there’s been a change of plans. You are to report back to Gigerdi Prime immediately.

Gigerdius, Grillka and Mora are bewildered.

MORA Admiral, with all due respect, we have a situation here.

NECHEN I am aware of that Captain, but your presence is no longer required there.