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 - The beginning of the spinoff story is set after Kyle and Mad Gigerdi return from a long military exercise with the UCP in "deep space" lasting a fairly considerable amount of time. This exercise is an important event in their careers as enlisted military personnel in the Gigerdi Federation starfleet.
- After their return, the two decide to go on a journey into the more unknown parts of the nearby quadrants. They are fascinated by stories which they've heard about the so-called "free zone". The Gigerdians decide to use their military pay to buy a used cargo freighter straight from the free zone and do various oddjobs there.
- The fathers of the two are in dispute over something in their past. Kyle and Mad may not specifically know about the nature of their disputes or reasons for them to begin with.
- Frex Gigerdi is Kyle's father and a current senator of the federal senate. He is a former military officer turned politician. 
- Reyut Gigerdi is Kyle's mother and a clerk within the federal government. She has no background with the military.
- Ulre Gigerdi is the father of Mad Gigerdi. Ulre is a chemist working for the federal services in the public health sector. 
- Ayrel Gigerdi is the mother of Mad Gigerdi. She works as a physicist in the Gigerdi Federation Starfleet and is stationed on Gigerdi Prime. 
- Mad's father is against the plan of Mad going out to wander around the dangerous free zone. Mad's mother does not support the idea, but wants Mad to make his own decisions above all.