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Harbinger mistakes

A list of different mistakes in Harbinger.

At the Peace Station

- R'Derex disappears from Gigerdius' side during his speech about as to why they are at the PS.

- Lighting changes dramatically in the latter part of the scene and again in the last one.

- Sprak cannot be seen except later in the scene.

Craal's Office

- The page of the script that Craal turns later returns back to what it was before.

- When talking with R'Derex, the script is at first visible on the table, but later disappears. This is actually present in the bloopers where the script is removed.

- Also when talking with R'Derex, the triangle on the chalkboard disappears during their conversation. The area is also moist in one shot and dry in another.

Corridor Scenes

- The dinosaurs were left on the wall, although not necessarily a "mistake".

- When Craal and the PS security officer speak, Craal later turns to look at the camera for a second.

First Bomb

- The script is on a chair next to R'Derex.

- First of all, Craal comes in far too soon after the bomb and knows everything about it.

- The lighting changes dramatically when Craal comes in.

- The door is closed before Craal's entrance, but is suddenly open when he comes in.

- The stuff on the table disappear during R'Derex's speech and Sprak has the script in front of him.

- "We'd need to get to the Exploreison"-line was never shot, neither was "Have you got any idea who did this?"

- Later on the script disappears from the table.

- Some papers appear on the wall later, the door closes and lighting changes yet again.

PS Bomb Site

- Some talking from Shok can be heard at the start.

- "Yes, sir"-line wasn't shot.

- When Craal comes back, Shok can be seen in the back, but later disappears.

The Hunt

- Defier, Gigerdius and Sprak didn't properly group up.

- The bomb site looks different.

- Gigerdius is missing the white stripes.

- The word "Kuntosali/Sauna" can be seen on the door.

- During Defier's speech, his eye changes and beret changes too as well as the lighting.

Computer Scene

- Script and other miscellaneous stuff can be seen on the tables.

- Chairs and tables are also scattered around.

- According to this scene Craal didn't even need the Exploreison xenotechnicians as he practically solves the problem himself.

The Chase

- The word "Savuluukku" can be seen on a door.

- Cords from the "shoulder lamp" cause a lot of noise.

- White stripes still missing from Gigerdius.

- An artificial ear is on the floor.

- Transition between this scene and the hunt doesn't work well.

- Defier's eye and beret changes between shots, as well as the beret's position.

- Sprak changes his gun from his vacuum cleaner rifle to a pistol before Defier is killed (the latter is used in staging area as well).

- Defier's "shoulder lamp" is not on in one the scenes, yet it is on in all the others.

The Fighting Scene

- The color of Unknown enemy's kerchief changes between shots.

- The airlock is open in some shots, while closed in others.

- Lighting is not always the same.

- Most punches clearly miss or are extremely weak.

- R'Derex "dies" even before the Emissary shoots.

Space Battle

- Most of the shots were never shot.

Planet Battle

- There is a noticeably delay between the Emissary's shot and Sprak dropping his gun.

Science Center

- None of these shots were ever shot.