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Possible episodes

Here are some ideas for potential episodes in some PS-series.

  • A society belonging to Gigerdians/UCP/minor race where the whole society is based on insults. Everyone is heavily insulted everyday and this starts from the moment they are born. Belief is that those who can stand this constant criticizing will be much stronger than those that might end up killing themselves. High number of suicides is not considered bad, but rather something that strengthens.
  • A more thorough look into the matriarchal society of the Vemrers. How in some families the men are not allowed to leave the house unattended and are generally considered second class citizens being unable to go to work and live independently. Can be integrated into some PS-episode.
  • Possible PS-episode: After R'Tan returns from his imprisonment after being abandoned by F'Uor he asks the ambassadors (not Vemrer) to smuggle him and Nerrir of the station. Due to both parties (Folans and Vemrers) wanting to prevent this the ambassadors have to go creative in getting the two of them of the station undetected. This could be a sort of Mission Impossible meets Peace Station sort of episode. Leave comments on the talk-page.
  • Possible PS-episode/story: The Timocracy reveals the Folan involvement in the V'As'Ta'R-Opiro conflict. While this has been suspected a long time this time there'll be indisputable proof.
  • Possible PS-episode: This idea is kinda silly and is not necessary to be done, but it's a possibility. Due to the nature of the episode it really can't have any b-stories. Anyway, the basic idea is a holodeck story, but this won't be revealed until in the end (though it should be guessable eventually). In the episode someone has "detonated the GF fleet" and only two (possibly three or more, depending on the amount of "sidekicks") people stand in his/hers way. These would, obviously, be Kyle and Mad Gigerdi. The general idea is a kinda silly action/adventure plot, but one would also showcase the friendship between Kyle and Mad. It could possibly feature Den Kylek (real or holo) and some other PS characters. Obviously this either needs to be in the first season or the fourth season and preferably in the end as well. Although it could, if necessary, be integrated into the Timocracy war as well.
  • Possible episode: Someone wakes up in another reality/dimension, which is drastically different than ours. As he/she traverses through this reality he/she becomes increasingly skeptical as to whether it is actually the "real" universe. In the end he/she is knocked unconscious and wakes up in the "real world". The character is left to ponder in the end which one is the real universe, or are they perhaps both real.
  • Possible PS-episode: A member of some race dies aboard the Peace Station due to accident, however, among this race every death, even those by accident, are always punished by death if there is someone to blame. Even engineers and workers can be blamed for faulty construction. This causes problems as the person responsible is not a member of this race and thus creates a dilemma between the laws aboard the Peace Station (or some other place) and the laws of this species. The aim would also be to explore the belief that every death should be answered by death.
  • Possible episode: A race is encountered that is extremely beautiful yet also extremely evil. Like the most beautiful thing ever encountered, but at the same time also the most evil one. Or at least something along these lines. The basic idea is to make a sort of "anti-cliché" as practically always evil aliens tend to be very ugly and evil looking. Another variation is of course the opposite; have extremely ugly and evil looking aliens that are also extremely friendly.
  • PS-episode: Hemmoian "urine" is sold on the black market.
  • Possible episode: Time dilation, for example encountering a ship that has traveled for a long time (hundred years for example), but, due to time dilation, the time on the ship has actually progressed much less.
  • Possible episode: The "Cult of the potato" attacks. After careful planning and preparation they finally begin their galactic conquest. It is their belief that once all the non-believers are gone the "great potato" will arrive and bring forth paradise.
  • Possible Exploreison "movie": A group of people start to terrorize GA's military and claim that the alliance is too corrupted. They seek to re-establish the G-Confed. One of their targets is the Exploreison as it symbolizes the foundation of the alliance. It would also feature the "David vs. Goliath" type of battle between the Exploreison and the "villain ship". Only this time the big one would be the Exploreison.
  • Possible Episode: Kinda silly idea again, but here goes. Exploreison/PS/whatever crew find a parasite that literally "eats brains" and then replaces the neural pathways with its own and thus obtains limited control over the person.
  • Possible PS-episode: The 93218432 offer to upgrade the computer systems aboard the Peace Station. This, however, creates problems when the other races realize that their computers actually utilize microorganisms originating from the 93218432s themselves.
  • Diplomatic disputes: Similar to the ones in the news lately: Two races have diplomatic issues and the other side finds some fault in the products of the other race as a "payback". Another one is spying issues. It is discovered that one race/several races have been spying and monitoring the communications on the station or somewhere else.
  • A deserter of GF/someone else's clone infantry comes aboard the station seeking refuge.
  • Language issues: A race is discovered that uses a form of language that cannot be understood. Eventually it is discovered that the race uses various forms of mathematics as a method of communication.