Echoes of Dark

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Echoes of Dark


A mysterious man arrives to the station, calling himself Jack Kylek, and takes refuge in the lower decks of the station. He engages in gambling and other rather questionable deeds, and is eventually brought in by the security. Kyle and Mad Gigerdi learn of the man, and proceed to question him regarding his claims of being related to their long-time friend in missing, Den Kylek.

Jack Kylek causes wide-spread paranoia among the two Gigerdians, who ponder whether or not Jack Kylek is indeed who he says he is. Mad and Kyle decide to keep quiet of their relation to Jack Kylek, since the last time a mercenary came to the station to regarding the whereabouts of Den Kylek, trouble ensued. Eventually the two Gigerdians decide, that they must learn the truth behind Jack Katarn's claims, and decide to test him.

Eventually Jack Kylek confesses, after he is put "back against the wall", that he is not related to Den Kylek. Despite this, he seems to know an awfully alot about Den Kylek and even something concerning the two Gigerdians and their relations with Den Kylek. Jack Katarn is released from custody, and leaves the station. The two Gigerdians wonder whether or not Jack Kylek has been in contact Den Kylek, or could it be possible that he is just an extremely convincing con man or some sort.