Echoing Responses

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Echoing Responses


The GA Military Strategic Command is alerted about the capture of one of its' ambassadors. The staff at the Peace Station requests vessels from all of the starpowers to come and assist in the search of the lost ambassador, but due to many governments having decreased interest on the project, a great deal of trouble is had on trying to mobilize forces to assist. Especially the Folan government sends several vessels to assist in the search for the ambassador, since Nix Balmorra himself was responsible for a previously successfully negoatiated diplomatic treaty with the Folans.

Meanwhile Balmorra is still being detained at Sonhan's ship, who is revealed to be a mercenary for hire. In reality he has been hired by someone to start trouble in the systems neighbouring the Peace Station, but who exactly is he working for is still unknown. Balmorra suspects that he is working for several pirate clans, but naturally cannot be completely sure.

The episode ends in a scene which shows a GA carrier group arrive to the scene of the battle that resulted in Balmorra's capture.