Filler Episode 12

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"Targeting sequence completed. Beam discharge in progress, Captain."

"Yeah! Give it to me, baby! Daddy's been bad!"

Impact.gif Pimpact.gif

"We have a confirmed impact and visible shockwave on target."


"We got a zero-nine-one instab in the PM/AM assembly matrix! .05 on EFF scale and rising!"

"Ah, happens to me all the time. Nevermind that, just keep the sweet sweet power juices flowing!"

Plostvisual.gif Lostvisual.gif

"We have lost visual contact to the target. Awaiting confirmation on target status from sensors."


"Contain Three is redlining! The reactor can't take it much longer, Captain, we got to shut the beam down!"

"Very well. Initiate weapons system power-down."