Inter-Stellar Alliance Trilogy

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The Inter-Stellar Alliance Trilogy was a "live-action" miniseries compromised of three episodes. The I-SA Trilogy took place after the GA Civil War, but is currently regarded as an unofficial part of the Peace Station canon. Some parts of the different plots can naturally be recycled for newer episodes, but for an example the time travel-plot has been labeled as completely obsolete. The I-SA Trilogy is also known as "Inter-Stellar Alliance Trilogy: A Path Beyond".

Part One: Revenge of Kapu

The first episode takes place shortly after the creation of the I-SA. Remnants of Kapu's pirate militia have divided into smaller clans once again, led by different subcommanders of the now deceased original Kapu. One of the Kapu's (possibly Kapu Kalma?) decides, that he must be the logical continuation of Kapu's empire, and sets his sights into attacking the Bacterians and the I-SA. He is defeated at last, naturally, but he begins a long line of continious villains by the prefix "Kapu", that keep on reapparing during the following series.

Part Two: The most recycled time travel-plot ever

The GA somehow dissolves, but this time an even larger amount of smaller states are created. The heroes of the day (Nix, Lydia etc.) decide to change the timeline, and somehow also learn of the existence of the "Time Crystals" that were also a plot device(soon to be removed)from the original Peace Station series. Lydia sets out to find these time crystals, and he somehow ends up in Gigerdi 2 where he locates a small amount of these crystals from Kyle Gigerdi's former palace. The trio of heroes then set out to steal the original Hemmo Cruiser (?), which is to be used as the vehicle of choice for the up-coming time travelling.

And, umm.. That's all I can remember about this silly little episode.

Part Three: "Tremors" in Space ?

This episode involved the sudden surgence of gigantic worms rising from the surface of either Bacterius or some other Bacterian planet. Think Dune meets "Tremors". The I-SA forces battle these worms, but eventually destroy all of them or possible have to "nuke the whole thing from the orbit", in which case the target naturally cannot be Bacterius, but instead some other colony or so.

In any case, "highly confusing shit" best labels it.