Memories In The Abyss

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Memories In The Abyss


The final episode begins with several transport vessels docking to the Peace Station to pick up the last remaining personnel and ambassadors aboard the station. The next scene shows the security personnel emptying the lower decks of the station from its' many rather colorful inhabitants. Lydia Bakteeri is reassigned away from the station, and during Nix's and Lydia's final moment aboard the station, Nix is guaranteed that someday and somehow they will meet again. All power and lights are turned off from the bridge of the station, where a lone Hemmoian stays behind to look through one of the large windows - staring deeply into the emptiness of space.

Nix takes a walking tour around the station and its' various locations, where he speaks to someone who remembers a significant event taking place at that particular location inside the station. Scenes from the previous seasons taking place at the locations are shown. As Nix completes his tour, he meets the Hemmoian ambassador, Shok 24 Teenik and exchanges an enigmatic farewell. A Gigerdian Fleet Admiral comes aboard the station to congratulate Nix of his succesful tour of duty as the Gigerdian ambassador, and in turn offers him a position in another diplomatic outpost in Vemrer space. Nix turns down the offer, and tells the admiral that he wishes to lead a life on his own terms now, but will not turn down the call of duty if such an occasion will come again. Nix also discusses the Peace Station's new role as a museum, and agrees with the plan.

The last scene of the final episode shows a Gigerdian honor guard standing ready at the station's main hangar, as Nix walks through it to the shuttle waiting to transport him away. The shuttle leaves the station, and Nix delivers a monologue of some sort about the Peace Station's purpose, history and significance to the galaxy.