Passages Through the Looking Glass

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Passages Through the Looking Glass


An alternate universe episode.

The universe is very different here; the Gigerdi Federation is the Gigerdi Empire and is a very aggressive and conquering species. Naturally the Gigerdi Confederation never happened. The Gigerdian Empire has also annexed the UCP, and now especially regard the humans as a subspecies only to be used as servants and slaves. Also, in the initial first contact with the United Orcs and the Hemmoians, the Gigerdians boarded and captured the HemmoCruiser and took all the Hemmoians as slaves as well as having continuing conflicts with the Hemmoians and Bacterians. Folans have conquered the Vemrers and are allied with the Gigerdi Empire.

Bacterians are allied with the Hemmoians and are generally very friendly people, with Paavo Bakteeri being a "saint". Hemmoians being very friendly too. The Peace Station is an attempt by the Hemmoians to create peace and a ground for mutual understanding and creation of diplomatic ties, but the Gigerdians regard it as a joke, and also a liability against their hegemony. The Gigerdian Emperor believes, that the "Peace Station Project" may be a way for the so-called "lesser races" to come up with ways to plot against the Gigerdians, and thus dispatches two of his most trusted military commanders as the envoys of the Empire to the station. The Gigerdi Empire's position on the station is to be an intelligence gathering operation.

The Hemmoians invite a Gigerdian delegation to the Peace Station in order to negotiate a possible cease-fire following a long-standing feud, but things get pretty violent in the end. K'ags Oiduts represents the Hemmoians and the Gigerdian delegation is lead by Kyle and Mad. Paavo Bakteeri also arrives to the station as a spiritual figure and leader of the Bacterians.