Peace Station: The Beginning

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Peace Station
The Beginning

Peace was a distant dream in the galaxy. Many past wars had torn the fabric of the galaxy apart. Hostilities remained, friendships were shattering and new wars were just a matter of time. The future of the many races required a change, a chance to have peace and a chance to have a place to make the peace.
     No one realized how big consequences one single incident could bring upon the entire galaxy, if not upon to several galaxies. The Peace Station-project was the hope many had asked and wished for. The road to it was not easy, neither was its lifetime and many considered the whole project to be a failure from the start. While it may have been a failure it still rekindled the light, the light for a better tomorrow.
     Now it’s time to open one of the greatest chapters in the history of the galaxy. The birth of the Peace Station-project; why and how it all began.

Chapter 1:

It was the Gigerdian year 3345. The war against the Folans and Vemrers was raging on, although the war itself seemed to be nearing its end. There was still concern in the air, as this might not be the last confrontation with them. Folans were not a race to be trusted; they were highly xenophobic and formed an alliance with the Vemrers only to be able to eliminate the United Federation of Planets.
     Vemrers themselves were highly aggressive race. It was a surprise they even managed to make an alliance with the Folans, against whom they had battled against years ago. Vemrers lacked in numbers though, and couldn't face against one of the major players in the galaxy alone. While Folans could've beaten the Vemrers, that would've taken too much resources, a more subtle way was to weaken them first and strengthen the Folans.
     It was a good plan to attack the United Federation of Planets. Together they could overwhelm them and at the same time Folans were able to weaken the Vemrers more than their own forces. However, there was one major force they didn't take into account. A race that would become perhaps the most important powers in the Milky Way: The Gigerdians.
     While United Federation of Planets was a coalition formed by several races, Lihters, Humans, B², Opiros, 1110110110101111, V'As'Ta'Rs and [[Q<RE-Ô]] being the founding members, the Gigerdi Federation was a galactic power maintained almost completely by the Gigerdians. The United Federation of Planets and the Gigerdians had always had warm relations, mostly thanks to the similarity between the Gigerdians and the Humans. Folans failed to see the connection and were amazed how the Gigerdians came to the help of the United Federation of Planets immediately.
     The Gigerdi Federation had stood stable for generations, but they weren't inexperienced when it came to combat. The Gigerdians had gone through a bloody war decades ago, against a species known as the H'Vos, whom they were forced to eliminate. Gigerdians, however, were not aggressive or bloodthirsty and many of them were already tired of these wars, and were looking for a better future.
     The Gigerdian fleet and United Federation of Planets Starfleet were pushing back the Folan and Vemrer invaders, which were now on the run.