The Great Cataclysm of Orceron

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1604 hours - Magneto Crystal Lane 5

   The yellow-red methane sky of Orceron sparked with intense flashes of thunder. The sky was full of dark clouds. The crystal lanes were jammed with traffic, and the sounds of signal horns rang everywhere creating an atmosphere of panic. In one of the ordinary looking MGD transporters sat an ordinary looking citizen, dressed in plain clothes. His name was Oristenom Ihamak, and in truth he was everything but ordinary. Right now he was staring intently at a flickering radar display, only pausing momentarily to tell the vehicle's maneuvering computer to hurry up. "Traffic jam detected ahead, please wait," came the computer's emotionless reply time and time again.

   The grainy radar view, retransmitted countless of times through orbital data relays, cleared up again showing a patch of bright green marked 'UNID'. Having studied the situation analysis reports, Ihamak knew it had made course corrections five times for the past hours, ruling out the possibility it was a harmless comet or an asteroid. It was some type of a spacecraft, and the latest course adjustment had it heading straight towards the First Security Zone of Orceron.

   The computer's lights turned yellow and the line of transporters started moving. Ihamak's vehicle jerked forwards and slowly moved through one of the Capital City's security checkpoints. Outside, the city's night lights started lazily flickering on, and it didn't took long for the vehicle computer to take notice. "Night lighting on" it noted, and dim fluorescent lamps illuminated the passenger cabin. The transporter tilted slightly as it turned on another magnetic lane, a sign reading 'Hemmo Academy' hanging over it.