Timeline Revision Six

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...:: Timeline Revision Six ::...

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-22500000000: The beginning of the Universe. Space and time take
              their shape, along with other laws of physics.
              Quarks, electrons, photons and neutrinos are the
              first particles to form, soon followed by protons
              and neutrons that then come together to form the
              nuclei of basic elements - hydrogen and helium.

-22499250000: The Universe gradually cools. Electrons are able to
              combine with hydrogen and helium nuclei. Photons no
              longer scatter, but rush outward.

-21000000000: Gravity begins pulling the gas of the rapidly
              expanding Universe together, forming voids and dense
              areas. Eventually the first stars are formed in the
              areas with more density, in turn forming the first

-19360000000: The white dwarfs that will eventually end up in the
              globular cluster M4 form, the remains of former red

-18000000000: Smaller galaxies merge into larger ones, forming the
              first elliptical galaxies. These cataclysmic galactic
              collisions often form humongous black holes.
              The materials they consume glow with intense energies
              before their demise, creating the phenomena known as

-13500000000: The first main sequence generation of stars starts to
              die, flaring up in huge supernova explosions that
              spread the elements forged in the hydrogen fires of
              the stars to spread throughout the galaxies. These
              include the common elements such as oxygen, carbon,
              nitrogen, calcium and iron, and heavier elements like
              gold, silver, lead and uranium.

-9450000000: The Universe starts expanding at an accelerating pace
             due to the peculiar anti-gravity effect of 'dark

-8500000000: The First Star, in actuality a second-generation sun,

-1600000000: Orbeus star cluster takes its shape, absorbing with it
             the First Star.

-1000000000: The planet Orceron forms, along with other planets
             orbiting the First Star.

-840000000: A large planetoid hits Orceron - as a result the
            environment changes radically, the orcs and the
            Hemmoians start to evolve and the rings of Orceron are

-11000: Ancient Orcs roam the face of Orceron, apparently evolved
        from a long-since extinct reptilian-like species. The Orcs
        live in tribes, hunting and scavenging for food and
        squabbling with enemy tribes. The tribes turn into clans
        in the future, but the basic orcish small community life
        remains as a backbone of their culture for thousands of

-10000: Orcs invent their first tools and learn to use fire
        around this time.

-8507: First ground-based Hemmoians, still mushroom-like in
       appearance, rise from the Great Sea and start their lives
       anew on the ground.  However, this new race of Hemmoians
       only inhabit several island clusters in the middle of the
       Great Sea, thus never coming in contact with the Orcs.
       The Hemmoians lead a life of meditation and continuously
       seek mental enlightment. This basic ideal of self-
       perfection is visible even in the Hemmoians of today.

-8580: Around this time The Great SID, an ancient Hemmoian,
       writes his prophecies.

-7590: Harmajaisen Ukko, an ancient Hemmoian, is born.

-7586: According to the old manuscripts, Harmajaisen Ukko is
       "traveling the seas" at this time.

-7515: The ancient hemmoian house Tuomela is formed.

-7458: The ancient hemmoian house Järvelä is formed.

-7420: The Tuomela Boys are born.

-4302: A series of conflicts known as The Hemmo Wars take
       place between ancient Hemmoian nations.

-2100: Ancient Hemmoian astronomers first theorize the Andromeda
       Galaxy, known to them as "the Clay Disk", is a very large,
       disk-shaped object beyond the stars. Of course, its true
       nature remains unknown to them.

<h3><font face="Verdana">The First Age.</font></h3>
1: And so it begins... The so-called Pre-Orcish Age begins as
   the first inter-clan agreement is made. Basic borders are
   drawn on a planetary map and different clans are given
   different territories.

1000: Exactly 1000 years since the beginning of the First Age. 

1200: The first "personal projectile weapons" are made. They
      are mostly single-shot rifles which use pressured gases
      to launch bullets and other projectiles at the enemy.

1293: First railways built, first trains invented in the
      clan CCLätälo region.

1310: Orc and Son's Railways founded in the clan CCLätälo
      region. This organization lasts for over a millennium,
      building railways all around Orceron.

1352: First personal transport vehicles.

1699: The first computers are invented.

1798: CCWidysC is born.

1843: CCWidysC tries to unite the orc clans to one governmental
      body, but fails. 

2000: Exactly 2000 years since the beginning of the First Age.

2064: A huge civil war between the orc clans breaks out.

2070: CCWidysC dies.

2075: The Orcish Civil War ends.
      Coalition of Clans formed as a controlling body to regulate
      the activities of the clans and work out diplomatic resolutions
      in order to prevent further clan wars.
      The Pre-Orcish Age ends.
      With the Coalition of Clans present to control inter-clan
      trading, the borders of clan-controlled regions open and a free
      market flourishes. Several competing companies who trade their
      goods globally formed all around Orceron.
      OrcCar Corporation founded.

2172: Laser beam weapons become more popular than the classic
      personal projectile weapons.

2179: SevenTec Industries is founded.

2191: Orcs create their first space ship.

2194: SevenTec Industries designs a new propulsion system.

2224: OrcAir Airlines are founded. First would-be megacorporation.

2250: Two Penguin class aerospace frigates are built to protect

2278: CCRtllo o CCLätälo the First is born.

2299: Advances in Artificial Intelligence research. First semi-
      sentient A.I. goes online at a research facility.

2300: The first Hemmoian walks out of the Great Sea.
      The orcs understand that the newly-discovered Hemmoians are
      actually sentient beings.

2301: The Coalition of Clans joins forces with Hemmoian Unity and
      form an alliance known as "The Orcish Community".

2402: HuuHaaHemmo is born.

2412: The main building of the Hemmo Academy complex is

2422: HuuHaaHemmo graduates from the Hemmo Academy.

2424: CCSöosd o CCKiidyplsiåimlo the First is born.

2429: HuuHaaHemmo creates the KKP, a communist party which gains
      great support in the government of that time.

2551: HuuHaaHemmo dies.

2609: The first "Launch Tubes" are invented.

2610: The first real applications of the Launch Tube technology are
      introduced to the public.

2611: Launch Tubes are installed to the Hemmo Academy.
      SevenTec Industries suffers a lot when the Launch Tubes prove
      to be more efficient as their own propulsion system.

2612: A volcano erupts suddenly near the Great Deserts of Orceron.

2613: A grand-scale shoot-out occurs at a vehicle repairing

2617: SevenTec Industries goes bankrupt.

2630: Orc & Son's Railway Corporation finishes building the longest
      railway system on Orceron. It connects the two command
      centers, located on different sides of the planet. During the
      huge celebration, a terrorist tries to bomb the railway, but
      is stopped by the orcish police units.

2651: Reflector Shields are invented. These energy fields have the
      capacity to reflect energy attacks away from the field, acting
      like an energy mirror.

2701: Laser gunfights between the orcish clans are a commonplace.
      Civil unrest on the streets around the planet.

2702: The "Tower of Paapel" type of building, a highly disorganized,
      anti-functionalistic skyscraper, becomes intensely popular
      among Orcish architects.

2759: The Orcish Space Can, an advanced space station, is launched
      into the orbit of Orceron.

3000: Exactly 3000 years since the beginning of the First Age.

3121: Orcish Space Ship Service Incorporated (OCSS Inc.) formed after
      a merger of several personal ship service companies.

3420: First Contact with a race called the V'smas on the outskirts
      of the First Star system.
      Some of the orc clans dislike the V'sma presence and declare a
      guerilla war of sorts against them.

3458: The war against the V'smas ends and a great era of peace

3599: Reportteri Ruttunen is born.

3622: Reportteri Ruttunen gets a job from the Orceron Broadcasting

3631: The v'smas give some of their advanced technology to the
      Orcish Community.

3632: UOAF is formed -> first planet-wide military force.

3635: First Magneto Gravity Distortion (MGD) vehicle prototypes are

3638: More is learned from the mystical Energy. At the same time,
      large research in the field of teleporting commences.

3639: The Orcish Community government establishes a large jump gate
      in the orbit of Orceron.
      Reportteri Ruttunen is upgraded to Reportteri Ruttunen Super.

3640: With teleports, a colony is constructed to the planet Horius
      in the First Star system.

3652: Galaxy VZ-782, one of the oldest and most distant objects in
      the Universe, is discovered by Orcish astronomers in an
      orbital observatory.

3660: Orceron Security Zones established in the orbit of Orceron.
      They are a series of satellites and orbital stations
      constantly observing the space surrounding Orceron, for both
      domestic and foreign illegal activity.

3700: The good people of the Horius Colony find out that teleporting
      is not good for your body - the hard way. Thousands of people
      get disintegrated due to long-term side effects of the
      teleportings done 60 years ago.
      Teleport devices outlawed by the Orcish Community.
      With the original colonists gone, Ho'kans relocate from
      Orceron's rings to the
      Horius colony. Horius becomes a base of operations for the
      Ho'kan aggressors.

3811: The Poor and the Pitiful, a soap opera mixed with elements of
      real opera, loud grunts and angry shouts, is commissioned by
      the Orceronian Broadcast Company and is produced for the next
      50 years straight.

3830: Ovaap Resrek born.

3854: Dosse Töljönen born.

3858: Ovaap Resrek goes to Hemmo Academy and gets a job to supervise
      automated MGD transports.

3859: Dolek Bios born.

3860: V'smas leave the orcish system, and no-one has heard from them

3861: Ho'kans realize that now is the perfect change to destroy
      their enemies and launch a battleship to Orceron, equipped
      with the first known planet killer weapon.
      05.08.61, 13.15: The Ho'kan battleship enters the First
      Security Zone of Orceron and destroys the defensive outposts
      05.08.61, 14.01: Oristenom Imahak, an orcish intelligence
      officer, gets the report from Security Zone I and goes to the
      Capitol to tell Northern Hemisphere Operations about this
      horrendous fact.
      05.08.61, 16.04: Oristenom Imahak enters the Capitol and goes
      to the Hemmo Academy where the Northern Hemisphere Operations
      are located. Ovaap Resrek's shift has ended and he pilots his
      public MGD transport to the hangar of Hemmo Academy.
      05.08.61, 16.34: Ovaap Resrek is preparing to enter sleep mode
      in his quarters when he is ordered to do another shift.
      05.08.61, 16.36: As Ovaap leaves Hemmo Academy, the media goes
      in. They have heard rumors that something strange is going on
      in the UO command centers.
      Oristenom Imahak enters the Northern Hemisphere Operations of
      the HA and gives the latest information to the Commander of
      the Hemmo Academy. The NHO is shocked about these events, and
      begin planning a reason for planet-wide evacuation without
      causing hystery and panic.
      05.08.61, 16.38: A Capitol-wide broadcast is done by Northern
      Hemisphere Operations, telling the population to head for the
      nearest transport station as soon as possible. No reasons for
      this are given.
      05.08.61, 16.40: Ovaap Resrek follows the media broadcast from
      Hemmo Academy as the MGD transport approaches the pre-set
      destination. A lightning bolt hits Ovaap's transport, re-
      booting the system, and Ovaap's connection fails.
      Ovaap lands at the station and passengers enter his transport.
      As Ovaap gives the order to head back to Hemmo Academy, the
      transport overrides the pre-set coordinates and heads for the
      Central Square of the Capitol City.
      05.08.61, 16.57: Ovaap Resrek's transport arrives at the
      Central Square, where a huge amount of population has
      gathered. There, some NHO Operatives coordinate the evacuation
      of the Capitol. Ovaap is ordered to bring his passengers to
      the Capitol spaceport and head back to the Hemmo Academy.
      05.08.61, 16.69: Information concerning the reasons behind the
      evacuation leak to the public. Chaos follows as everyone tries
      to enter the spaceports at once. In the Capitol, thousands get
      wounded in riots.
      05.08.61, 16.73: NHO receives information about the info leak.
      The NHO Commander is furious.
      05.08.61, 16.78: The Ho'kan battleship enters the atmosphere
      of Orceron in the Great Desert, near Moisture Farm 5, and
      drops the Planet Killer Bomb. A huge shockwave starts ripping
      the planet apart.
      05.08.61, 16.85: Southern Hemisphere Operations is destroyed
      and the king of the United Orcs heads for the Hemmo Academy to
      rendezvous with the queen of the UO. The thunder storm that
      had hovered over the Capitol for days gets worse and blackouts
      are experienced throughout the city. Liquid crystal lanes get
      out of control.
      05.08.61, 16.88: Ovaap Resrek arrives at the Hemmo Academy
      05.08.61, 16.92: A quarter of Orceron is already destroyed by
      the huge shockwave.
      05.08.61, 17.10: The Commander of NHO and several other
      officers, along with the king and queen of UO, head for the
      launching tubes of the Hemmo Academy.
      05.08.61, 17.22: Ovaap Resrek pilots the escape ship in
      Launching Bay 7. The surviving members of the NHO enter the
      vessel and it is launched.
      The Queen and some other Hemmo Academy employees get into the
      escape ship in Launching Bay 6 and launch the ship.
      The King gets into the escape ship in Launching Bay 6 and
      launches the ship.
      Of the three last escaping vessels, only Ovaap’s survive. The
      Queen’s ship crashes inside the launching tube and the King’s
      ship disappears when it tries to jump into inter-stellar
      space. The King is never found.
      05.08.61, 17.28: As the shockwave approaches the Hemmo
      Academy, Intelligence Officer Imahak heads for the sub-terran
      levels where the heat-proof mining vessels are stored. He
      seals himself inside one of them, but the heat eventually
      fries him and the mining vessel is destroyed. The Great
      Destruction of Orceron is completed. Most of the Hemmoians and
      orcs die, but some get away with government population
      transports and personal vessels.

3862: The remaining orcish and hemmoian ships officially form the
      Home Fleet -> The First Space Age begins.
      United Orcish StarFleet (UOSF) is formed from the few warships
      that still remain. Its primary mission is to protect the Home

3865: The NODE ships are constructed on one of the Home Fleet’s
      carrier ships.
      The NODE fleet is formed, with NODE-1 as their flagship. Its
      mission is to find a habitable planet for the United Orcs. The
      Fleet is commanded by CCRtllo o CCLätälo the Eighth.

3907: NODE discovers the planet Aldaain, in Orbeus-6 system, which
      would make a fine new homeworld for the United Orcs if
      terraformed properly. A probe is sent to check the planet out.

3909: The probe discovers many things about the planet, including
      that it is very cold. Everyone in UO tries to figure a way to
      warm the planet up. Finally, scientists agree that the best
      way to warm the planet up is to release certain chemicals to
      the atmosphere which would create a massive greenhouse effect.
      "Temperature Controllers" are designed to release the chemical
      in the right amounts and later on disabling them to avoid

3911: First ship arrives in the Orbeus-6-system, piloted by Dolek
      Bios. During its landing on Aldaain, the mainframe computer
      aboard the ship detects another homing beacon signal, not
      coming from the orcish probe they were tracking.
      A biosphere colony is established on Aldaain. It is running
      with mininum power and life support, since only the pilots and
      scientists of the first
      ship are inhabiting it.
      An expedition is sent to the source of the alien homing
      beacon. They find a strange war machine of an alien design,
      deep inside a wall of ice. It is instantly classified top
      secret and is transported to one of the ships in the Home

3912: First colony ship arrives in the Orbeus-6 system. Ovaap Resrek
      dies in an accident on Aldaain and is cryo-freezed for further

3913: First actual Temperature Controllers are constructed. The
      terraforming of Aldaain begins.
      The colony’s comm systems begin receiving transmissions of
      unknown origin from the last planet in the Orbeus-6 system.

3914: A ship is sent to investigate the unknown transmissions ->
      First contact to ollapukkitians. At the end of the year,
      ollapukkitians join the United Orcs.

3915: Five more biosphere colonies are constructed.
      The red-bereted "Orc Patrol" is formed to act as a planetary
      police force.

3916: Aldaain Centrum is designed.
      At this time, most of the Home Fleet is in the Orbeus-6
      The blue-bereted "Special Forces" are formed to act as an
      inter-planetary police force. The blue berets go through
      several transformations over the times, and the Inter-
      Planetary Security Forces of today are actually based on
      the blue beret Special Forces.
      Engineers start constructing Aldaain Centrum couple of
      kilometers from the first biosphere colony.

3920: Aldaain Centrum is finished.
      Most of the population moves to Aldaain Centrum and the Home
      Fleet’s population transports are mostly empty. 

3921: The New Hemmo Academy, identical to the old one, is
      In the opening ceremony, the government declares that the
      First Age has ended and that the Second Age has come.

<h3><font face="Verdana">The Second Age.</font></h3>
1: The Second Age begins.

5: Aljak Hiks born.

8: UOAF is reconstructed. Several military bases are established on

12: With the terraforming of Aldaain in full swing, an entire ocean
    of molten ice has formed on the southern hemisphere of the

45: An outpost is built on Frigia, moon of Aldaain. It mostly serves
    as an observatory, but the rumor is that the military uses it
    for storage purposes.

54: The atmosphere of Aldaain has warmed up to the point where its
    two continents have emerged entirely from their coating of ice.
    Some smaller "ice continents" still remain in the connecting
    ocean, but are quickly dissipating.

79: Exactly 4000 years since the beginning of the First Age.

86: Aljak Hiks is transferred to the UOAF Weapon Research Division.

88: Almost all ice has disappeared from the surface of Aldaain.
    Some rafts remain on the coastlines and the polar regions are
    still frozen. At this point, several of the cities of Aldaain
    are already visible from space, even during the day.

90: Conversion of Aldaain's atmosphere to desirable temperature
    levels nears completion.

95: Aljak Hiks designs and constructs some new heavy projectile
    weapons as an option to heavy energy weapons.

99: SMOY Corporation is formed in an abandoned laboratory.

122: Amiov-I force fields are invented by UOSF R&D Division.

125: Aljak Hiks is promoted to a general.

130: Several colonyships are sent out to other systems, including

133: The colonyship Primax arrives at Ministero system and a colony
     is established.

138: Ondo of the clan Boead is born on the Ministero colony.

140: Rapid growth of the SMOY Corporation.

142: DBS Aerospace is formed.

150: DBS Aerospace designs in designs the S-532 tanks in association
     with the UO government and the military.

168: UOAF begins using S-532 tanks as the backbone of their ground

179: V3 War begins as the old enemies of the United Orcs gather up
     for a final showdown.

180: Defence Station E-10 is designed, constructed and launched to

181: UOSF Iso Möykky is destroyed by the V3 forces. It becomes the
     first great loss for the United Orcs.

183: UOSF Blah Yo is constructed. It is supposed to be the first of
     a whole new type of ships, but it is useless against the V3
     forces and their superior technology. 

184: First Contact with the v'romos by a group of UOSF patrolships
     mapping the systems surrounding the Orbeus Cluster.

185: O.R.C, the "Orcish Resistance Center" station is made to act as
     a last line of defence for Aldaain, and also to repel hit-
     and-run attacks. V'romos join the United Orcs and agree to help
     in the war against the V3.

189: Ondo Boead bravely defends the Ministero PT-colony against V3
     ground attacks. 

206: A cloaking device is stolen from one of the V3 research
     colonies, with great losses to the United Orcs.

207: The United Orcs steal a cloning device from the V3 and start
     cloning their outnumbered troopers. After the war, this causes
     a major overpopulation problem.
     The government learns that the V3 are building another planet
     killer to be used against Aldaain.

208: UOSF Noomoc is sent to the research facility where the V3
     planet killer beam is constructed. A whole attack fleet of V3
     ships decloaks and destroys the ship -> First known Cloaking

209: The V3 Doomsday Fleet is launched from their shipyards.
     CCSöosd o CCKiidyplsiåimlo the Twelfth, an orcish military
     genius, is called to Aldaain Centrum to plan a last, desperate
     strike against the V3 main fleet, equipped with the Planet
     Killer Beam.
     He and the government of the UO come up with a plan to install
     the stolen cloaking device on one of the best v'romo ships,
     known as Worm Explorer, which could infiltrate the V3 doomsday
     fleet and then do a surprise attack to the command ships, thus
     disabling most of the fleet so that the outnumbered UOSF could
     destroy them.
     Several v'romos and a legendary orcish pilot, Audom of the clan
     Alapaavo are assigned to operate the ship.
     The plan is a success, as the ships of the Doomsday Fleet are
     either destroyed or disabled over Aldaain.

210: The United Orcs, by studying the computer systems on board the
     disabled V3 command ship, learn the location of the V3 leaders.
     UOSF launches a massive attack to the main base where the
     leaders are located and the base is defeated easily, since most
     of the ships guarding it had went to Aldaain with the Doomsday
     Without their leaders, the V3 gradually die out. Some
     independent factions remain, but they are quickly wiped out
     when they try to terrorize the United Orcs.
     The V3 War is officially over.
     UOAF is closed down as it has become unnecessary to the UO.
     S-532-tanks are removed from active duty.

215: DBS Aerospace develops the KIE Fighters.

220: O.R.C II Station is constructed to defend Aldaain.

226: First attempts to form a computerized Collective network fail.

227: Ovaap Resrek’s cryosleep sequence ends. He is implanted with a
     computer implant. He becomes Ovaap 2 Resrek.

228: Orbital Gateway Portals are constructed in Aldaain’s orbit.
     They utilize a whole new way of transportation, allowing ships
     to travel to "distant" star systems in a period of weeks. This
     speeds up the UO colonization of outer space heavily.

229: First ship enters Reel system.
     Reel 5 colonized. It soon becomes a medium sized colony,
     popular for its fabric and clothing industry and a very high
     number of orcs.

231: Aimusrew G5 Weeter discovers the smallish moon of Reel 3 and
     names it after himself.

236: First ship enters Rilet System through the Northern Hemisphere
     Orbital Gateway Portal.
     Rilet-II and Rilet-III are colonized almost immediately. Rilet
     becomes one of the UO’s first major colonies.

238: Arnasuk Baasegnar born.

244: First ship enters Tooled Hemmo system through the Southern
     Hemisphere Orbital Gateway Portal.
     Because of extreme conditions on all planets of Tooled Hemmo
     system, colonization and terraforming takes more time than

248: At this point, a large portion of the northern continent of
     Aldaain is already covered entirely by a vast megalopolis,
     and several other cities have grown into huge islands of
     urban construction visible from orbit.

284: Arnasuk Baasegnar goes through the Hemmo Academy and gets best

290: First real Riletian Hemmoian, also known as "Type IV" is born.

399: "The New Rebel Alliance" is formed in Reel system. It is a
     small terrorist group that believes the Hemmoians are trying to
     take over the UO government.

412: For reasons unknown, the Orbital Gateways experience a massive
     energy fluctuation and explode, sending huge amounts of EMPs
     down to Aldaain and destroying most satellite and sub-space
     communication relays -> The Great Chaos begins.
     As the infrastructure falls, anarchy spreads through the
     planet. The peaceful lives of the citizens of Aldaain turn into
     a battle for survival. With no government or police forces
     small gangs form, which fight for the last working bits of
     Due to the communication breakdown, all hemmoian colonies are
     separated from their homeworld. One of the newly-formed-ones
     even dies out completely due to lack of supplies.
     A small-scale civil war breaks out in the Reel-5 colony. The
     local colonial security try to keep the peace while the
     anti-hemmoian factions try to sabotage their ships and bases.
     However, the New Rebel Alliance itself does not make a public

413: The government of the Rilet System declares independence,
     thinking that Aldaain is either destroyed in a natural
     catastrophe or attacked and occupied by an enemy force.
     Aimusrew G5 Weeter dies in one of the sabotage attempts on
     As the local government of Ollapukkiti Prime discovers the true
     reasons behind the communication breakdown of Aldaain they send
     some ships to Aldaain to help. But as soon as they land one of
     the Northern Hemisphere’s gangs attack the defenseless ships,
     stripping them from their technology and killing their crew.  

414: More ollapukkitian ships arrive at Aldaain. Most of them stay
     in orbit, but some attempt landing, armed this time.
     With the radar technology from the other ollapukkitian ships,
     the same gang detects the landing attempt and with their
     customized weapons of mass destruction, they take the new ships
     Lack of fuel keeps the gang from using the ships for inter-
     planetary travel, but they are able to terrorize Aldaain’s
     aerospace for some time.
     Some orc clans form the Coalition of Clans once again to fight
     against the disorder created by the raging gangs.

415: Two other gangs temporarily form an alliance to get rid of the
     gang with the modified ollapukkitian assault vessels. With
     heavy losses to all sides, the ollapukkitian ships are
     destroyed, but the gang which owned them survives.

434: With help from the ollapukkitians, the UO government (or what’s
     left of it) is re-established on Aldaain, and begins to
     neutralize the gangs.
     The United Orcs celebrate their first victory at the end of the
     year after destroying one gang’s base of operations.

435: A team of UOSF engineers gets one of the orbital shipyards back
     As soon as enough construction material is gathered, UOSF
     builds the first ship for years, the UOSF HemmoCruiser. It uses
     a new type of jump drive, and
     it is supposed to unite the colonies once again and keep up the
     The Coalition of Clans acknowledges the UO government as their
     rulers, but continues to act alone in the fight against the

436: UOSF sends a scout ship to Frigia, moon of Aldaain, and
     discovers some very high technology unharmed by the explosion
     of the Gateway Portals.
     With this new technology the United Orcs outpower several gangs
     and gain some easy victories.
     UOSF HemmoCruiser is launched from space dock, but as soon as
     it performs a jump all communication links fail and the ship
     disappears to jump space.
     This demotivates everyone in the UOSF and UO government for

437: Right after new year: UOSF engineers start to design
     HemmoCruiser II.

438: UOSF HemmoCruiser IIa and UOSF HemmoCruiser IIb are constructed
     to do what HemmoCruiser I had failed to. Only HCIIa is sent out
     first to make sure that the jump drive is secure.
     HCIIa’s maiden voyage to Ollapukkit Prime goes well, and it
     performs a long-range jump, setting course to V’romo Homeworld.
     During the trip, internal security finds out that some of the
     passengers are actually spies from one of the remaining gangs.
     Paranoia strikes the crew as the spies perform sabotage
     attempts and kill some crew members.
     Several fist-fights break out in the ship.
     Over twenty crewmembers are arrested as spies.

439: Firefights in the engineering deck of UOSF HemmoCruiser IIa
     rupture some life support systems and the primary propulsion
     unit. The ship enters normal space and drifts for months.
     Fighting continues inside the ship. After six months, the ship
     enters the boundaries of Ytinret I system and finally the
     gravity well of one of the uncharted desert planets in that
     UOSF HemmoCruiser IIb crashlands to the planet of Ytinret

480: Arnasuk Baasegnar develops the Amiov-II shielding system.

496: Amiov-I shielding systems are removed from military use and are
     replaced with the newly designed Amiov IIs.
     Arnasuk Baasegnar begins his work in the High Council of the
     United Orcs as a scientific councilor. He is also the Head of
     the Research and Development Department of the United Orcs
     Armed Forces.

499: Last of the gangs are wiped on Aldaain.
     It is rumored that some of them have formed a deep space
     outpost on some asteroid belt, but rumors are just rumors.
     In the Celebration of Thinkers the UO government declares the
     past decades the "Great Chaos", and state that it has ended.

500: The sub-space comm nodes are finally re-established and the
     communication breakdown to the UO’s colonies end.
     All colonies are glad to hear that the homeworld is okay, but
     some citizens would like to remain independent. However, only
     Rilet system ends up holding to its independence.
521: The O.R.C Defense Station is removed from Aldaain’s orbit and
     is later recycled.

566: Kl'zek De-root is born on Tooled Hemmo II.

597: Kl'zek De-root begins his service in the UOSF. He also goes
     through the Blue Beret Special Forces boot camp.

622: UOSF engineers along with riletian scientists create the
     massive, cube-shaped Ion Storm class hulls. They are used for
     data storage and as deep space colonies.

627: The New Rebel Alliance, after hiding in the shadows for
     decades, finally makes its first public appearance by planting
     a bomb on one of the UO command centers.
     Also, around these times the NRA already had spies or
     collaborators in the UO government.

630: Pertti of the Clan Berserk hijacks one of the Ion Storm class
     ships and becomes an outlaw.
     UO authorities suspect that the Berserk Clan supports Pertti,
     but no evidence of this is found.

634: The Clan Berserk constructs a deep-space station, the "Berserk
     Station". Little do the authorities know that 1) Pertti is
     stationed aboard the station and 2) the station is made of the
     hijacked Ion Storm-class vessel.

635: The NRA performs another bomb strike, larger and more organized
     this time.
     Over 20 hemmoian politicians die and 32 are wounded when a
     plasma bomb goes off in an office building at Aldaain Centrum.

842: Unknown ships jump to Orbeus-6 system at a very high velocity.
     Without entering standard orbit, the ships plunge to Aldaain’s
     First Contact to Bacterians.
     The UO government decides that this would be a splendid time to
     announce the beginning of the Third Age.

<h3><font face="Verdana">The Third Age.</font></h3>
1: The Third Age begins.
   The Bacterians send an ambassador who promises that they will
   give their advanced technology to the United Orcs.
   A 22 years long period of harmony begins with the Bacterians.

3: One of the orcs in the Clan of Berserk reproduces with a
   The child is called Paavo of the Clan Bacter, or "Paavo Bakteeri"
   as the Bacterians called him. He becomes an outcast as the
   Coalition of Clans finds about the incident, Paavo Bakteeri is
   thrown out of the Berserk Clan.

4: SMOY Corporation merges with DBS Aerospace. DBS becomes DBTec, a
   sub-division of SMOY Corp.

6: Arnasuk Baasegnar makes his first theories about inter-galactic

10: UO authorities think that the New Rebel Alliance had stopped
    their attacks already, but apparently they are wrong as another
    bomb goes off, this time in one of the councilmembers’
    The Red Berets search through the Reel-5 colony, knowing that
    the majority of anti-hemmoian activists live there. They find

11: The United Orcs High Command finds out that one of the council
    members was working for the New Rebel Alliance.

21: Paavo Bakteeri, despite his young age and orcish genes, becomes
    a member of the bacterian ruling body, craving for revenge
    against the Coalition of Clans.

22: Suddenly the bacterian ships orbiting Aldaain leave their
    geostationary orbits and enter Aldaain’s atmosphere. Without any
    warning, they destroy the United Orcs command facilities around
    the globe. Almost all other leaders die except for Arnasuk
    Baasegnar and one of the leading Hemmoians in the council.
    Couple of minutes after that the Bacterians release genetically
    engineered killing machines from their ships to wreak havoc
    among the civilian population.
    The military and the UOSF try to fight against them but the
    ground forces are soon destroyed by the creatures, or worse: The
    things seemed to have an ability to genetically assimilate
    living creatures. In other words, they could turn people into
    more killing machines. The UOSF ships, not prepared for a combat
    situation of this magnitude, are soon wiped out of Aldaain’s
    The First Bacterian War begins.
    The first day of the war is the most gruesome. Some 900,000 die
    in the initial attacks, and when the creatures are released,
    3,000,000 people in the northern continent are either infected 
    or killed. At the end of the day, the whole population of the
    planet is either evacuated, infected, killed or killed the
    next day. Estimations range from 9,000,000,000 to 12,000,000,000
    citizens of Aldaain casualties.
    The word of this mass slaughter and mindless attacking spreads
    fast. The remaining government members send evacuation orders to
    all colonies they can reach as they head for inter-stellar
    space, far away from the bacterian menace.
    In a couple of weeks most of the UOSF and civilian ships are
    informed and most of the colonies are evacuating their
    population. However, over half of the UOSF is destroyed in the
    process, and many colonies get attacked and infected by the
    The newly formed "Home Fleet" goes from system to system,
    avoiding any contact with the Bacterians and picking up

23: As soon as the New Rebel Alliance hears about the mass slaughter
    they declare independence and take over the entire Reel-5
    Riletians use Ion Storm-class ships to evacuate most of their
    population just in time before the bacterian occupation fleet
    jumps in. The riletian fleet later joins up with the Home Fleet.
    The Coalition of Clans, or what’s left of it, is now stationed
    aboard the Berserk Station. The clan Berserk utilize one of
    their ships to tow the station away from its original location
    so the Bacterians won’t find it.
    A small bacterian attack force is sent to Reel-5. It destroys
    the laboratories where the colony’s breathing methane is
    produced. Thinking that it would be enough to kill off the
    smallish colony, the Bacterians leave the system destroying some
    passing ships. They are obviously in a hurry to catch up with
    the main attack fleet. It is rather fortunate for Reel-5 that
    the attack force didn’t have any bioweapons with them.
    After the attack the New Rebel Alliance converts some tanker
    ships to haul methane gas from Reel-4, a nearby gaseous planet.
    That way, the colony survives.

24: UOSF Vatel is launched from the Tooled Hemmo colony and it tries
    to catch up with the Home Fleet.
    The Home Fleet mainly stays in inter-stellar space and tries to
    figure out a way to escape from the Bacterians. Engineers design
    the HemmoCruiser III, a large colonyship capable of holding
    everyone in the Home Fleet inside. It would be faster than the
    fleet, and it could reach some distant star system far away
    from the Bacterians, where the UO could start over again.
    A hidden bacterian bioweapon gets loose on one of the civilian 
    transport ships of the Home Fleet. Everyone aboard is either
    transformed or killed by the things, and UOSF ships are forced
    to destroy the whole ship to make sure the infection won’t
    UOSF Vatel stops at a remote fuel and ammo depot and refuels.

25: The Home Fleet picks up the Coalition of Clans and the Berserk 
    Clan from the Berserk Station as they pass it.
    The Home Fleet reaches one of the UO’s farthest mining colonies. 
    Navigators know it as P-68749, but it is nicknamed "The Refuge".
    Local miners are surprised to see a huge armada of ships
    assuming standard orbit around their tiny poisonous ball of
    As soon as the leaders of UO land, one of the largish mining 
    vehicle repair bays of the planet is transformed into a shipyard
    which starts to scrap the ships of the Home Fleet and use the
    scrap metal to construct HemmoCruiser III.
    When the civilians on board the Home Fleet ships are granted 
    access to the surface of the planet, a group of five to seven
    ollapukkitian spies working for the New Rebel Alliance gets in
    touch with their bosses in Reel system. The NRA command orders
    the spies to get rid of the hemmoian high-command or kidnap
    Ovaap 2 Resrek discovers one of the ollapukkitian spies and 
    attacks him, but the ollapukkitian is quicker and almost kills
    An Ecnar-class 208-modulation population transport from one of 
    the remaining colonies jumps to the Refuge system, badly
    damaged. It attempts landing but crashlands on the planet
    surface and its crew is killed.
    The spies do several sabotage attempts but fail. When one of 
    them is caught by Ovaap 2 Resrek, the spy kills himself and
    security chief Kl’zek Deroot with a small-scale explosive.
    The command module of HCIII is finished and launched in orbit.
    The living modules are constructed, piece by piece.
    As the UO command coordinates the launch of the living modules, 
    couple of the ollapukkitian spies attack the high-command, but
    fail to assassinate them as security forces quickly move in to
    eliminate the spies.
    When the modules are assembled in orbit, everyone leaves the 
    Refuge and their ships behind. As HCIII is preparing for a
    long-range jump, a huge jump point opens and ten heavy bacterian
    cruisers jump in. While the HemmoCruiser charges its engines
    for a jump it launches the newest orcish fighters to hold back 
    the Bacterians.
    What is later known as the Battle of the Refuge takes place. The
    fighters fail miserably and are all destroyed, but buy just
    enough time for HCIII to jump far away from the P-68749 system.
    UOSF Vatel opens a communications channel with the UOSF Hemmo-
    Cruiser III and informs the ship of their whereabouts. As HCIII
    enters hyperspace to meet up with UOSF Vatel, the last remaining
    NRA operatives on board hijack the leading hemmoian and Ovaap 2
    Resrek. The spies also recruit Paavo of the Clan Berserk,
    without knowing that he is working for the government.
    A shuttle with the two Hemmoians, the ollapukkitian spies and 
    Paavo of the Clan Berserk inside leaves HCIII’s dock and enters
    realspace, moving to the Reel system.
    UOSF Vatel reaches the rendezvous point. The crew doesn’t know 
    that they are in gigerdian territory, and that two gigerdian
    carriers are approaching the ship.
    Unfortunately, the bacterian attack fleet is able to receive the 
    sub-space communications with HCIII and UOSF Vatel, and heads
    for the rendezvous point too.
    UOSF Vatel and HCIII dock with each other and the passengers of 
    the Vatel move inside HCIII. The Vatel detaches and is
    As HCIII prepares for another long-range jump, the gigerdian 
    carriers jump in and launch their fighters. When HCIII doesn’t
    respond with fire, the captains of the carriers get confused
    whether to attack or not. As the Hemmoians try to open a
    communication channel to one of the ships, the gigerdian 
    fighters start shooting each other. Others think that they
    should attack, others think they shouldn’t. The Gigerdians that
    don’t want to attack win, but HCIII is badly damaged in the
    battle. A communication channel is opened with the two ships,
    and hemmoian and gigerdian representatives try to communicate 
    with each other.
    UO reps show a hologram of what has happened to their once 
    mighty empire, and Gigerdians agree to help the United Orcs. The
    First Contact situation with the Gigerdians is over.
    Almost right after this, the bacterian attack fleet jumps in. 
    Before they start firing, HCIII opens a channel to one of the
    bacterian ships, and as the comm line is cut off, the First
    Bacterian War is over. Even today historians argue about what
    had actually happened. A popular theory is that there was some
    form of uprising in the Bacterian government.
    Damaged by gigerdian fire, the propulsion units of HemmoCruiser 
    III go critical. The population aboard the UOSF HemmoCruiser III
    are evacuated to the gigerdian carrier just in time before HCIII
    Meanwhile in the Reel-5 colony the two Hemmoians escape from 
    their cell through the ventilation system of the prison complex.
    They are being assisted by Paavo of the clan Berserk, who
    swiftly turns off security cameras and motion sensors.
    Eventually the New Rebel Alliance security finds out about Paavo 
    and the Hemmoians and finds them.
    The three citizens of UO barricade the doors and hatchways to a 
    supply compartment where they are hiding. As the NRA security is
    about to break the door leading to the supply compartment, they
    suddenly stop.
    The gigerdian carrier and the bacterian attack fleet has jumped 
    in and forced the NRA to surrender by disabling the tanker ship
    that had brought them their breathing methane. Then they put the
    planet under a blockade.
    The NRA surrenders, hands the three citizens over, and is 
    arrested by hemmoian security.
    Bacterians pull back their occupation forces from hemmoian 
    planets, and help to rebuild the destroyed cities. However,
    after such a mindless slaughter, the Bacterians never regain the
    trust of the UO.

29: Holy Teenik time travels from the future and transmits unknown 
    amounts of future information to the UO government. A special
    governmental department is formed to hand out the information to
    the public without creating temporal paradoxes. With all the
    research knowledge of the future, the UO and later the 
    Hemmoian Federation is able to perform incredible scientific 
    breakthroughs, including time travel and inter-galactic travel.

30: First data transfer protocol for an artificial collective is 
    standardized, but not utilized.
    ApplianTec, a sub-division of SMOY Corp., designs the 
    HiberChambers™. They are like cryo-freeze tubes, designed so
    that their user will go to a deep hibernation, while the user’s
    brain remains connected to the OrcNET, and in future to the
    Collective. Especially Hemmoians are very fond of these devices,
    and some move away from their homes completely and start to live
    inside HiberChambers™.

31: First synchronized satellites are utilized.
    Royal Space Administration formed to handle colonization and 
    astronomical matters by order of UO high command.
    RSA utilizes the shipyards of Rilet to create hundreds of 
    colonyships. In the next ten years, RSA observes, maps and
    colonizes over 200 star systems and keeps on going even today.
    Even while control of the RSA was given from the UO to the HFed
    in the future the name remained, although some hemmoian
    officials insisted on calling it "Regional Space Authority."

32: Dummud is colonized.

33: Rilet becomes a part of the United Orcs once again.

34: Dummud’s secondary colony drowns to the mudlike substance 
    covering the whole planet. One of the greatest accidents in the
    history of RSA takes place.

35: DHyper Corporation is formed. The corporation starts producing a 
    whole new line of personal atmospheric transports. Though the
    corporation’s R&D dept. invents new and useful technology, the
    Design dept. doesn’t seem to be able to utilize the tech
    correctly and most of their products suffer from strange design

36: Alfanidon 1, 2 and 3 are colonized.
    Re'mag system is colonized.

44: Terraformers on Alfanidon 1, 2 and 3 finish their job.

45: Asmar Karellen is born on Alfanidon 2 in the city of Azon.

48: Re'mag Shipyards are constructed.

50: An outpost is built on Alfanidon 3-1 and 3-2, the moons of 
    Alfanidon 3 by colonists.

60: Asmar Karellen goes through Hemmo Academy in a year with 
    Computer Technology, Politics and Public Relations for his main

62: Asmar Karellen moves to Alfanidon 2 and becomes a Software 
    Programmer for CompuTec, a sub-division of SMOY Corporation.

60: Chaos-class space stations are designed. Their design is later 
    reused for the Peace Station Project.

64: Hemmoian nationalists declare independence from the United Orcs 
    and form the Hemmoian Empire. They make sure the UO understands
    that their intentions are not hostile in any way and that they
    only want to preserve their own culture.
    The Hemmoian Empire’s headquarters are located on Tooled Hemmo 

65: Hemmoian Empire renamed to The Independent Hemmoian Empire.

66: An RSA colonyship finds strange new ball-shaped creatures from a 
    distant world in the inner rim, near the galactic core -> First
    Contact with Öksys.
    Hemmoian scientists start to build the artificial Collective 
    that will unite
    minds of the Hemmoians in the Independent Hemmoian Empire.

67: The Independent Hemmoian Empire is renamed to Independent 
    Independent Hemmoian Starfleet, IHSF, is formed to protect the
    IH colonies, and the Independent Hemmoian Inter-Planetary
    Security Forces, IHIPSF, are formed to act as a police force.
    Asmar Karellen travels to Aldaain to visit the Dome of the 
    Thinkers at the Celebration of Thinkers. He wins almost all
    coding and hacking competitions and decides to stay on Aldaain
    for a while.
    As the United Orcs hear about the Collective being produced by 
    the IH, they ask if the technology could be shared, with limited
    hivemind access. 
    This way, the UO citizens would be able to access the Collective
    but not be a part of it. IH government agrees, and a referendum
    is held in the UO if the people would accept
    computer implants. Only 5% oppose, and so it is decided that the 
    Collective Network shall unite the UO and the IH.
    IHSF takes control of the Re'Mag Shipyard Facilities.
    The Great Council is formed on Aldaain, composed of re-
    presentatives of the IH and the UO. First Päähemmo is appointed.
    As all this happens, the United Orcs are somehow thrown off 
    balance. They start to decline in power and authority.
    Anti-Hemmoian factions have speculated that IH used some sort of
    mind control in the Collective Network, but nothing really
    supports this claim.
    During the next 60 years, the Hemmoian authorities slowly take 
    over the government. With their radical governmental changes,
    new ideas and most of all the Collective technology, other races
    start to consider Hemmoians as the leader race.
    IHIPSF, the Blue Beret Special Operations and the Red Beret 
    Colonial Security Forces are merged. IPSF (Inter-Planetary
    Security Forces) formed.

68: Shok Teenik becomes operational and is appointed an 
    administrator to a local network.

69: The Collective is standardized. Everyone is required to have a 
    computer implant.
    Operator Station, a huge server station running the whole 
    Collective, is constructed in the orbit of Aldaain.
    Shok Teenik becomes Shok 2 Teenik when he is implanted with all 
    kinds of cyber tech.

70: Shok 2 Teenik’s lower body is replaced with a synthetic one.

71: Asmar 2 Karellen becomes a diplomat working for the Government.

72: A Royal Space Administration explorer vessel enters the home 
    system of the Pappilan Mustat Siat -> First Contact Situation.
    The Pappilan Mustat Siat wish not to join the Hemmoian

73: Asmar 34 Karellen makes friends with Ommir 1 Deloot, a fellow 

75: As Shok 3 Teenik searches for the job of his dreams he decides 
    to update his mind with science information. As he becomes a
    Research Associate, he also becomes Shok 4 Teenik.

81: Shok 4 Teenik becomes a second grade ship captain.

83: While piloting a ship, Shok 5 Teenik is in an accident and his 
    mind is back-up copied to the Operator Station.

96: Shok 6 Teenik begins his life inside a HiberChamber™. He 
    administrates local networks and goes through diplomat studies.

116: Shok 8 Teenik emerges from his HiberChamber™ as a fully trained 
     class A diplomat with the best score in the Digital Diplomat
     Academy, a virtual reality training program constructed by the
     Hemmo Academy.

117: Ta’mag system is colonized.

128: K'ags Oiduts of the IH designs the Inter-Stellar Peace Treaty 
     and the Peace Station to keep up the galactic peace and to
     avoid wars like the First Bacterian War.
     Asmar 211 Karellen resigns from his job as a diplomat when the 
     Government offers him an ambassador’s job aboard the Peace

129: Asmar 224 Karellen joins a group of computer experts who 
     overseer the Planet Wide Network of Aldaain and becomes a
     Second Class Systems Administrator. The group is believed to be
     the same as the group of hackers who later on hacked
     the Operator station and even later on caused the hemmoian 
     civil war.

130: The Peace Station is completed. It is a place for different  
     species to work out their differences peacefully. A home away
     from home, a dream given form, located in neutral territory.
     Every species (the two gigerdian factions,
     Bacterians, United Orcs, Independent Hemmoians, öksys, 
     ollapukkitians, v’romos, and pappilan mustat siat) signs the
     Inter-Stellar Peace Treaty and send their representatives to
     the Peace Station.
     Paavo of the clan Berserk becomes the first and the last 
     representative of the United Orcs aboard the Peace Station.
     K'ags Oiduts himself becomes the ambassador of the Independent 
     Hemmoians aboard the Peace Station.
     Peace Station modified heavily. A series of alien buildings for 
     the different species from the different governments is built
     on the "bottom"  of the station.
     This is called the "Hub City", as the buildings surround the 
     hub of the station.

131: K'ags Oiduts dies in a conflict aboard the Peace Station.
     Most Hemmoians become citizens of the IH.
     As the UO has lost almost all of its political power, it 
     formally acknowledges the Independent Hemmoians as their
     leaders. When the IH government hears about this, they renew
     their imago and gain a status of an inter-stellar alliance of
     The Hemmoian Federation is formed.
     Öksys, ollapukkitians and the P.M.S. acknowledge that the 
     Hemmoian Federation is their leader. Every government sends
     their representatives to the Great Council. V'romos and the
     United Orcs follow suit.
     As the United Orcs is no more, Paavo of the Clan Berserk 
     resigns from ambassadorial duty and becomes a barkeeper and
     owner of The Cave, a bar aboard the Peace Station.
     A group of hemmoian hacker terrorists cracks through the 
     Operator Station’s ICE defences and gains access to the
     Collective. Before their actions are seen, they install a back
     door to the Collective source which the authorities fail to
     Asmar 242 Karellen travels back to his home planet Alfanidon 2 
     and becomes a First Class Systems Administrator administrating
     the whole northern hemisphere comm networks of the planet.
     Hemmoian authorities report that all of the rebellious hackers 
     are caught and
     put behind bars. This cannot be true however, as the Hemmoian
     Civil War later is caused by the very same hackers.

132: Votek N'reete becomes the ambassador of the Hemmoian Federation 
     aboard the Peace Station.
     Shortly after this, Votek N'reete dies in a conflict.
     Colony-class space stations are designed and constructed by 
     Riletian Shipyards.
     The prototype of the DT-3 ATV is completed.
     Klet Otoe becomes the ambassador of the Hemmoian Federation 
     aboard the Peace Station.
     The P-class personal transports made by DHyper malfunction, 
     causing deaths all around Aldaain.
     RSA explorer ship finds a planet filled with strange robotic 
     life forms, programmed to eternally fight against each other ->
     First Contact with the Trentads.
     Dolek 3 Yis'ret becomes the ambassador of the Hemmoian 
     Federation aboard the Peace Station.
     The prototype of the P500 SaPV is completed.

133: RSA declares the newly found Trentad Homeworld a.k.a Trentad 
     Prime as a "Nature Preserve" and sets up an outpost on the
     planet’s moon to observe the strange, floating robot creatures.
     Dolek 3 Yis'ret dies in a conflict aboard the Peace Station.
     The Golden Age of Nano Technology begins as NanoTec, a sub-
     division of SMOY Corporation, develops easy-to-use nanobots or
     Ommir Deloot becomes the ambassador of the Hemmoian Federation 
     aboard the Peace Station.
     First Contact with the Antimaniacs.
     The Hemmoian Federation joins forces with Gigerdians and 
     Bacterians to fight against the shapeshifter menace.
     Instrumentality-class Space Stations are designed by the Royal 
     Hemmoian Space Yards.

134: A huge ship of alien origin, later known simply as "The Ship", 
     is found from the distant outer rim colony system of Ta’mag.
     RSA and IPSF research teams enter the ship and study it 
     closely. After they figure out how to use the thing, they
     convert it to act as the flagship of the
     The two Ta’mag colonies are converted to planet-wide research 
     centers that study The Ship day and night. Later Ta’mag system
     becomes the biggest research facility in the Hemmoian
     Federation, and every top secret experiment, invention and
     discovery is done there.
     "The Ship" is cloned with nanotechnology and huge amounts of 
     Programmable Nano Matter (PNM).
     The four ships form the last line of defence of the Hemmoian 
     Federation. If everything would go wrong, the four ships could
     easily destroy the enemies.
     Antimaniacs want to have a war with Hemmoians so that they 
     could live
     peacefully. Where’s the logic in that, eh?
     Ommir Deloot receives an order to kill the second gigerdian 
     emperor because he knows too much about internal hemmoian
     Mr. Deloot fails in his assassination attempt and the 
     authorities frame him as a madman working alone.
     Deloot is taken to Aldaain where he is given a new identity and 
     his information is removed from public access databases.
     Ommir Deloot, who has never liked the Federation’s government, 
     is now assured that the governmental system should be renewed..
     Shok 24 Teenik becomes the ambassador of the Hemmoian 
     Federation aboard the Peace Station.
     Antimaniacs join the Hemmoian Federation.
     Gigerdians want that the never used HemmoCruiser IIb would be 
     used in time travel. Hemmoians agree... knowing that with time
     travel they could advance their own species remarkably.
     Shok 24 Teenik is cloned, and Shok 25 to 35 Teeniks become 
     operational. Shok 25 Teenik acts as the captain of the repaired
     HemmoCruiser IIb and controls the other Shok Teeniks through
     the Collective.
     Before the journey back in time, Shok 25 Teenik receives a 
     message from hemmoian high command... written by himself. After
     reading the message, Shok 25 Teenik downloads all research
     information available to him (that’s a lot) to his computer
     implant and equips the implant with long-range transmitters so
     he can transmit all the data to Aldaain of the past.
     Shok 25 Teenik goes back in time with the Gigerdians and 
     HemmoCruiser IIb. He sends the information to Aldaain and     
     becomes "Holy Teenik" as he dies like a true martyr when
     Gigerdians leave him aboard an exploding space station.
     Antimaniacs demand a space station from the Hemmoian 
     Rilet Shipyards constructs a high tech Instrumentality-class
     station for the antimaniacs, but when the antimaniacs receive
     the station they abandon it.
     This act makes everyone in the hemmoian high command go
     Antimaniacs want to break free from the Hemmoian Federation, 
     but they change their minds when they hear that they wont be a
     part of the Hemmoian Federation Bi-Yearly Lottery for Extra
     Insane gigerdian Grand Admirals with their loyal fleets attack 
     the borderworlds of the Hemmoian Federation. Their initial
     attacks are a success but after they pass the borderworlds they
     are beaten by the hemmoian main fleet.

135: Second Bacterian War begins as the Bacterians declare a war 
     against the Hemmoian Federation for reasons unknown.
     The Great Council thinks that it would be a splendid idea to 
     send the antimaniacs to battle the Bacterians in the front
     lines... In reality, to act as cannon fodder. Because of this,
     99% of all antimaniacs die and the infrastructure of their tiny
     Star Alliance is destroyed. No-one cares.
     The Bacterian Main Fleet is able to bypass the hemmoian one and
     it jumps straight to Aldaain’s orbit.
     Aldaain's surface is almost completely destroyed, but after the 
     main hemmoian fleet catches the bacterian main fleet, the
     Bacterians are beaten down.
     Hemmoians rebuild Aldaain’s ruined cities very fast with the 
     nanotechnical advancements made by Ta’mag research facilities.
     Second Bacterian War ends as Hemmoians threaten to destroy 
     SMOY Corporation buys DHyper Aerospace. DHyper becomes
     HyperTec, a sub-division of SMOY Corporation.
     PlaneTec, a sub-division of SMOY Corporation, is formed. It
     constructs several tiny ball-of-rock planets for those who have
     enough money.

136: All of the sudden, the Gigerdi Federation joins the Hemmoian 
     The Bacterian Empire joins the Hemmoian Federation, as well.
     The HFed now controls over 50% of the galaxy.
     Battle against the Dominion. Gigerdians request hemmoian aid in 
     the struggle to wipe out the Dominion. Gigerdians, Hemmoians
     and Bacterians join forces and defeat the Dominion forces.
     When they see the awesome might of the Hemmoian Federation, the 
     other gigerdian faction (Gigerdi Confederation?) decides to
     join the Federation.

     The Peace Station is abandoned and it is configured to act as a 
     museum overseen by the main computer system of the Peace
     Station, the Chaotic, Holistic, Station-Based Server (CHSBS).
     A great celebration endures through the Hemmoian Federation 
     which lasts many weeks, because the "joining of empires" which
     the great SID had foreseen has finally came.

137: SMOY Corporation buys out the last of its competitors, the 
     Wormland & Wyutani Corporation in the V’romo System.
     SMOY Corp. establishes a total monopoly. What is not owned by 
     the Government or groups controlled by the Government is owned
     by the SMOY Corporation.

138: The second gigerdian emperor is relieved from duty and the 
     Gigerdians transform their governmental structure to a
     corrupted, tyrannical pile of scum.

139: Hemmoian Collective Newsfeed is established to give information 
     to young Third-Generation species. It soon becomes one of the
     biggest infofeeds in the Federation.

140: John of the clan Travolt is elected to be the new ruler of the 
     United Orcs. In the following years, he leads the dying orcish
     empire to a new golden age.

141: Teneb 41 Integer begins his work in the Ta’mag Xeno-Biology 
     Division as a xenobiochemist.

142: The government forms the Hemmoian Federation Agency of 
     Intelligence, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism (HFAoITaCT) to
     gather intel from another species, and because the government
     happens to like long and pointless names 
     that can be shortened to long and pointless acronyms.

147: Hemmoian Collective Newsfeed reaches the human "Internet", a 
     planet-wide communications network.

148: Teneb 41 Integer writes his book "Encyclopedia Xenobiologica".

151: Asmar 255 Karellen buys a small transport ship for personal 

162: Project Shadow Company is started by the HFAoITaCT. Its mission 
     is build several Shadow Company class vessels that will observe
     several key locations while cloaked, home worlds mostly, and to
     destroy the locations with highly advanced Planet Killer Beams
     if the locations would turn hostile.

165: Gigerdians and Bacterians seem to break away from the 

168: Daglian Conflict begins: Gigerdians visit the Bacterian 
     Homeworld with diplomatic intentions.
     Gigerdians make a first contact to a race called the Daglians, 
     and decide to invite the bacterian representatives to greet the
     new race as well.
     A joint Bacterian/Gigerdian fleet jumps to the orbit of the 
     Daglian Honeworld. Bacterians recognize that the Daglians are a
     race that they had met in the past, but do not inform anyone.
     A few hours later, still during the diplomatic visit, the
     Bacterians launch their dreaded biological weapons on the
     planet. After that, the whole planet is destroyed by the
     bacterian fleet. The gigerdian fleet in orbit tries to stop
     this, but they are destroyed.
     A colony full of Hemmoians die on RSA-374-2 when the buggy 
     CompuTec operating system crashes and life support is
     Ta’mag Bioweapons Division starts breeding a new strain of 
     Clone Army infantry.
     Bacterius gets bombed, all the beautiful cities go down in 
     The Gigerdians win the war against the Bacterians -> The 
     Daglian Conflict ends.
     Gigerdians send occupational forces to the bacterian space and 
     Gigerdians order all remaining Bacterians to be transported to 
     the bacterian homeworld.
     HyperTec, a sub-division of SMOY Corp, finishes their Å-class 
     personal transport.
     On Aldaain, in the Glnt’chk sector, a nanochemical factory 
     explodes causing completely unstylish blobs on the walls of
     tall buildings sectorwide.
     Ta’mag Quantum Physics and Propulsion System Development 
     divisions begin developing a new PropSys. For reasons unknown,
     the bacterian leaders, or what remains of them, remotely kill
     200 civilian bacterian citizens stationed in hemmoian space.
     The Great Council tries to convince the six remaining Daglians
     to join the Hemmoian Federation.
     Sub-space communication relays get overloaded for some time - 
     The Great Council sets up a sub-committee to think about this
     troubling fact.

     Hemmoian cargo vessel hits a gigerdian mine and is destroyed in 
     the hemmoian border. This enrages the Council, because the
     Gigerdians hadn’t informed anything about setting up mine
     fields in the hemmoian borders.
     Every Å-class personal transport crashlands because the 
     CompuTec Operation System had another bug in it.
     Strange Human refugees take over the leftovers of the old Peace 
     Station and declare the station an independent state. No-one
     really cares, though, except for the station's central computer
     who can't stand humans.

     Bacterians go crazy once again: They declare a war against 
     Hemmoians and destroy one of Aldaain’s moons. It is not known
     what happened between the Gigerdians and Bacterians after that,
     but it results in what will later be known as the Great
     Bacterian Exodus.

     A huge portal forms in the Beta Quadrant, and in a standard 
     HFed day every Bacterian had left the Milky Way galaxy through
     it. All colonies, stations and other facilities previously
     controlled by the Bacterian Empire are abandoned. 
     The new revolutionary TransWarp Dimensional PropSys (TWDPS) is 
     tested for the first time aboard a Black Hole MKII-class
     Most of the IHSF ships are refitted with the new TWDPS units.
     Just when the HFed and the GA are about to expand into the BE's 
     former territory, another huge portal opens near Bacterius. A
     refitted and a seemingly unstoppable bacterian armada flows
     through, almost instantly destroying the HFed/GA joint garrison
     fleets in Bacterius orbit.

169: Third Bacterian War continues: Bacterians launch a fleet of 
     self-conscious, intelligent Amanda-class system destroyer
     vessels to wreak havoc in the galaxy.
     A huge battle between the Amanda-fleet and the Independent 
     Hemmoian Starfleet rages on throughout the galaxy.
     The Third Bacterian war ends when the Gigerdians once again 
     defeat the Bacterians by destroying the last of the
     Gigerdians then initiate a massive attack on Bacterius, hoping
     that they would get rid of the bacterian menace once and for
     The HFAoITaCT receives word that the gigerdian government is
     controlled by a mysterious "Section 18", which seems to be the
     gigerdian counterpart of the HFAoITaCT.

     Mysteroius new race of ancient beings, "The Lightness", attacks 
     the Gigerdians and the Hemmoians.
     One of the first hemmoian facilities that are destroyed are the 
     two Uttnim’kl-colonies.
     In the three following weeks, 38% of IHSF ships are destroyed 
     or disabled in the battle against the Lightness.
     The Great Council authorizes the use of Black Hole Generators 
     to get rid of the Lightness.
     It is revealed that the Section 18 is actually allied with the 
     Lightness, and that they basically control the Gigerdian
     When Hemmoian Federation hears about this, The Shadow 
     Company-class Planet Killer vessel SC-2 launches a Planet
     Killer Beam to Gigerdi Prime. Governmental buildings are
     destroyed planet-wide.

     Hemmoians offer help in rebuilding the damage they caused if
     the Gigerdians deny their corrupted government and listen to
     the gigerdian rebel faction which intends to renew the Gigerdi
     Alliance government.

     Most of the gigerdian population agree and with the help of 
     Kyle Gigerdi, the rebel leader, the government is overthrown.
     Kapu, a pirate leader that the Section 18 used as a tool, is 
     enraged about this and launches an attack to Aldaain, which
     Hemmoian Federation wins many battles against the Lightness 
     forces, and the Lightness starts attacking the Gigerdi
    It is revealed that the Bacterians are actually from another 
     galaxy, and that they came to this one through an
     inter-galactic gateway. This is revealed when another huge
     portal opens and another bacterian fleet comes through it with
     peaceful intentions. Peace treaties are signed once again. 
     Still, no-one understands why the Bacterians started the Third
     Bacterian War...

     Gigerdians give the bacterian space back to the Bacterians, and 
     the Bacterians establish a military alliance known as "The
     Inter-Stellar  Alliance" to keep the peace. Gigerdians,
     Hemmoians and Bacterians join it, of course.

     Ta’mag Research Facilities start building the Neurosphere - a 
     huge orb-shaped deep-space station that would be the ultimate
     hemmoian construction, filled with so much high-technology and
     new inventions that it would leave everything else behind.
     The remaining Daglians join the Hemmoian Federation.

     The Amandas, who are an ancient race from the Bacterian Home 
     Galaxy, join the Hemmoian Federation.

     The Neurosphere is completed. With it, the Hemmoians are to 
     reach another level of existance, for they will be converted to
     pure energy, free from the tyrannny of the flesh.
     The transformation of the Hemmoians begins.

170: The Second Lightness War begins... or does it? It would appear
     that the Bacterians use time travel to destroy the Lightness
     attackers before the war would begin. This way, no Second
     Lightness War was ever fought.

     Another incredible scientific breakthrough is done by the 
     Ta’mag research facilities, for they are available to construct
     a ship capable of Inter-Galactic Travel. The almost completely
     automated IHSF Baasegnar, as the ship is named, is launched to
     the Andromeda Galaxy as soon as possible.

171: A wild rumor, that the hackers who once hacked the Operator-
     station, would’ve installed a backdoor to the Collective and
     that they’d now plan to overthrow the hemmoian government,
     spreads rapidly through the infofeeds and comm networks.
     The Government searches for the hackers, but does not admit it 
     to the public.

     The group of hackers officially declare themselves the 
     Revolution and liberates some colony worlds from the

     The Hemmoian Civil War officially begins.
     The Revolution hijacks one of the Collective Back-Up Copy-space 
     stations, which is equipped with nano-replicator shipyards and
     all kinds of handy gadgets, and start building their own fleet
     of ships.
     Rilet System breaks free from the Collective and declares its 

172: About a few months after the Celebration of the Thinkers, all 
     Hemmoians in the Federation have been ported to pure energy
     With the technology from the stolen CBUC-station, the 
     Revolution creates a new ship type, the "Pieksamaki"-class
     Dreadnought. They and the Aikon Mk.IIIbs stolen from the
     colonies that joined the Revolution form the fleet of the
     soon-to-be Democratic Hemmoian Republic.
     First "Bullshit Today" talkshow episode is broadcasted through 
     subspace node 747. It features a Gigerdian and a Hemmoian, who
     go around criticizing everything that has happened in the
     The Revolution is somehow able to hijack one of the flagships 
     of the Federation.

173: The Daglian Assembly of Clans tries to break free from the 
     However, their attempt is crushed by constant orbital bombing 
     from IHSF blockade fleets.
     Later that year, the forces of the Revolution disable the
     IHSF blockade fleets in orbit of New Daglius and liberate the
     system state. It joins the Revolution as an autonomous state.

175: Staying out of the spotlight, the Riletians start to 
     manufacture ships of their own design. They are designed to
     take over attacking ship with minimum damage to the attacking
     ship so that it can be recycled. Testing proves that the new
     ship type, called the "Chinook Alpha-class Marauder", is a 

177: The IHSF Baasegnar enters the outmost rims of the Andromeda 

178: The Revolution becomes the Democratic Hemmoian Republic (DHR).
     The Federation is in a way forced to sign a non-agression 
     treaty with the DHR to prevent further computer system hacking.
     A cold war between the two factions begins.
     The Daglian Assembly of Clans, enraged because their homeworld 
     was reduced to a wasteland of smoldering ash in the Hemmoian
     Civil War, join the DHR.
     The Government of the Federation makes the HFed industry go 
     full speed to make sure they have better weapons than the
     enemies. This makes the HFed economy soar and everyone is
     happy. The A-class population spend their times trans-
     forming themselves into various objects and creatures, surf the
     data networks, and basically just have fun. The Celebration of
     the Thinkers is at least twice as great as it was last year.
     "Body Fashion" becomes popular.
     Meanwhile, the DHR Congress is thinking of removing the 
     reproduction lock programmed on all Hemmoians. By doing this,
     they would allow Hemmoians to reproduce once again.. Thus
     over-populating the galaxy instantly. The plan is rejected by
     the people of the DHR.
     The Hemmoian Federation officially "buries" some colony worlds 
     that were crushed by IHSF Planet Killers during the Civil War
     in a series of pompous memorial ceremonies.
     IHSF Engineers design the "Blue Streak Aikon", a.k.a. "Aikon 
     Mk.4". This ship is smaller than the other Aikons and is only
     partially based on the old hull design. The AMK4s are made to
     pack a punch but still not have any military high-technology on
     them, so they could be freely sold to civilian factions. In
     fact, the AMK4s become non-military craft among the people of 
     the Federation.

179: The Beta Quadrant Conflict takes place in Inter-Planetary 
     Alliance space.
     All members of the Inter-Stellar Alliance send forces to the 
     I.P.A. borders and commence a campaign aganist the renegade
     I.P.A. The fighting begins when a gigerdian task force
     discharges their weapons at a civilian vessel originating
     from I.P.A. space.
     HFed takes minor casualties, other I.S.A. member states suffer 
     more. I.P.A. Forces suffer greatly in almost every battle. HFed
     ships report sightings of "strange vessels with a signature
     resembling the Lightness sig, but they're definately not of
     the Lightness.."
     The I.S.A. task forces quickly neutralize I.P.A. resistance all 
     over I.P.A. space.
     The I.P.A. launches attacks against HFed worlds. Some of them 
     succeed in disabling the planetary security grid, but cause no
     further damage.
     I.P.A. high command and the Gigerdi Alliance government 
     commence peace-treaty discussions. I.P.A. can remain
     independent if they return the stolen military equipment and if
     their renegade leader, Mad Gigerdi 2, is court-martialled in
     gigerdian space.
     I.P.A. forms an alliance with the First One Alliance and 
     several other Beta Quadrant governments. The resulting alliance
     of governments is named The Inter-Galactic Alliance.
     Meanwhile, in the Andromeda Galaxy, automated probes sent from
     the HFed ship IHSF Baasegnar, make contact with a new alien
     race named the Parasites.
     More sightings of "strange ships which resemble the ships of 
     the Lightness" are reported in distant Outer Rim colony worlds.
     The DHR is contacted by a new species, known as the Orlians. 
     They want DHR to organize a delivery of unknown origin to
     Aldaain atmosphere.
     After a long debate, the DHR congress agrees to help the orlian
     The HFAoITaCT spying posts pick up transmissions from the 
     orlians. In the transmissions, they register words like HFed,
     GAlliance, DHR, alliance, and President Karellen. The HFAoITaCT
     and the Section 18 investigate the possible threat together,
     but are too late..
     The joint-DHR/orlian operation in Aldaain atmosphere takes 
     place. When the orlian vessel reaches the atmosphere of
     Aldaain, a high-energy explosive detonates. At the same time, a
     huge armada of unknown ships (assisted by Daglians) jump into
     the vicinity of Aldaain and neutralize the protecting Hfed
     fleets. The defence station on the second moon of Aldaain is
     powered up by HFed officials. It destroys hundreds of ships
     (and instantly vaporizes all of the attacking daglian vessels),
     but the overall amount of attackers is overwhelming. The
     defense station is destroyed.
     HFed officials set the planetary shield surrounding Aldaain to 
     maximum and send out distress calls.
     Meanwhile, the DHR congress is in a state of chaos as they 
     understand that the orlians used the DHR as a tool to attack
     the HFed.
     In a few seconds, the planets of O6 Exterior, O6 Interior and 
     Ollapukkiti Prime hear the distress calls and send out fleets
     to protect Aldaain.
     A huge battle starts in the space surrounding Aldaain. 
     Thousands of ships are destroyed on both sides, but there are
     still too many attackers. The remaining HFed ships contact
     Ta'Mag Shipyards and request back-up.
     The planetary shielding system of Aldaain is overloaded and the 
     shielding fails.
     The unknown attackers bomb the surface of Aldaain into a barren 
     wasteland of twisted construction materials. They then release
     a virus of some sort to the hemmoian Collective - it spreads
     throughout the galaxy by using the Collective Network.
     The Hemmoian Mothership #1 jumps into Aldaain space and fires 
     at the intruders.
     When most of the intruders survive, the mothership reaches 
     ramming speed and rams into the hostile fleet, taking 90% of
     them down - minimal damage is inflicted to the mothership
     itself. The mothership fires again, and the remaining few ships
     are disabled or destroyed. IHSF sub-fleets search and
     destroy the remaining enemy presence.
     HFed Emergency Management Agency (HFEMA) "clears up" the 
     destruction zone of the upper levels of Aldaain. In reality,
     they just fly around with big atmospheric ships and do some
     openings in the mass of destroyed constructions so that
     interaction is possible with the inner levels and the aerospace
     operations of Aldaain.
     The Council decides that the upper levels of Aldaain should 
     remain a wasteland since "Wastelands are cool." The Government
     rebuilds security, defensive and traffic control systems on the
     wasteland but doesn't actually do anything to the fact that the
     surface of Aldaain is covered with burning ship/building/
     docking mechanism residue.

180: Major refits in the IHSF take place.
     The Inter-Hemmoian Media Services (IHMS) is formed by citizens 
     of the DHR and the Riletian Republic to act as an alternative
     to the HFed-controlled Hemmoian Collective Newsfeed (HCNF).
     Latest Body Fashion is to have a very long head.
     The synchronous space lift systems on Aldaain are rebuilt from 
     scratch, once again connecting the planetary surface with the
     satellites in orbit.

184: A counterpart of the IHSF Baasegnar, constructed in the 
     Andromeda Galaxy, is scheduled to reach the Milky Way galaxy.

237: Exactly 5000 years since the beginning of the First Age.


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