War of the Ancients

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War of the Ancients

Millions of years before the Peace Station, before the Gigerdi Alliance, Hemmoian Federation and United Federation of Planets, a species known as the Cholir existed in the far reaches of the local group. A peaceful and rather simple civilization that existed in harmony with each other, the land and their neighbors the Hiirnus. However, they fell victim to the one thing that has gotten people turn against their friends, comrades and loved ones, power. This time, however, it was power over your own body not that over others as their culture was still strong enough not to subjugate those they knew. Little did anyone know at that how one lust for power could turn the entire local group into one brutal war, over the most popular reason of all time, vengeance. Even in the midst of all that fighting there’s still one thing that lives among the most, hope. Hope that things would turn out for the best in the end. Little did anyone know how those messengers of hope would become of the most unlikely. Vengeance can drive people mad, so mad that they will in the end forget why they are fighting, but the pure lust for vengeance and hatred remains. Even if you don’t remember what you are in the end avenging. What can cause such vengeance as to drive into a war that will last for thousands of years? While it can be any reason, in the war of the ancients it was only a one reason.

Chapter 1: Harmony

The Cholir was a rather small race, occupying only about 30 systems and having only the necessary faster than light technology. It would take several months to reach the furthest colonies. Still, they were more than satisfied people, generally very peaceful and happy, with little or no problems. While their neighbors weren’t exactly identical they shared very good relations.

The Cholir lived in harmony with the land; their homeworld was filled with lush forests and blue seas. All uncontaminated. Their cities were small and had only a few thousand people in each. They weren’t interested in warfare and had little or no weapons. Living in collective democracy there was no lust for power, at least when it came to power over others. However, they too had their own weaknesses. They were mortal and tied very strictly to their own bodies. They wished to be immortal and more with the nature, be the nature itself. Some may think they wanted to be elevated to godhood, while this is one way to think of it, they didn’t see it that way. Being a very good and friendly people in their hearts they wished it to know the needs of the nature better and to help more effectively. For many the current was already a paradise to them, but still the majority wanted more, wanted something else, never being satisfied fully. Some began to devote their entire lives for the search of this “godhood”.

While their knowledge in physics was extensive they still believed in shamanism and the elements, however, for them the elements were slightly different. While there was earth, air and water, there was void in the place of fire. With extensive knowledge of the elements they managed to make effects that might have seen unnatural to some. They were the modern day shamans, who utilized technology greatly in their work. These shamans could also communicate with spirits, while no one, not even the shamans, actually knew who these spirits were they knew that it was through telepathic communication that they achieved this. Something that took years to learn and was taught only to those who wished to learn the full knowledge of shamanism.

Niindi was a promising student in shamanism. She was 16 years old, which indicated adulthood in their culture as they only lived 60-70 years. She had been studying the elements, physics and shamanism for three years now and was half-way through her training. Soon it was time for her first spirit walk. Her good friend, Kliish, was also ready for her first spirit walk. The spirit walk would take place on their sacred mountain, the Revelosh, it was covered in lush forests in the lower part. The center part had nothing, but rock and the top was covered with snow. The spirit walk would take place in the area between the forest and the rocky part. There were specific places they needed to go and for each of these places they needed to be alone, although in reality they weren’t alone as the spirits were with them during these times. Although they had prepared for this moment for several months, even did a short walk with a mentor, they were still relatively nervous and unprepared to do it alone, but that was normal for a young student. Still only a few first time walks had to be abandoned. With the help of modern technology the walkers were almost always safe and ready to be rescued at any moment if there was need for that. Still there was something that their technology didn’t give much comfort to and that was the spirit world itself. In case one does not manage to find a way out of there and would remain in meditative state. While this had happened on rather numerous occasions almost all had been managed to bring back in the end. While this certainly brought comfort it wasn’t enough for those doing it the first time on their own.

Still they were ready for their first journey, or at least so they thought. They only took minimal equipment with them. Mostly food, drink, some medicine and a locator and communication device, in case something goes wrong. Only two shamans were allowed to be spirit walking simultaneously and the paths had been designed so that they would never meet, at least not if everything went according to plan. The shamans wouldn’t be carrying any maps or anything that would help them to coordinate their journey. However, the path was still marked by specific markings, usually some stones, to show the path. As otherwise it would be quite impossible to stay on the path. Still, over time, there had been a few people that have gotten lost. This fact did worry the two young apprentices, as neither was so good in orienteering. Niindi was packing her bag and ready to say goodbye to her family. The spirit walk would normally take about ten days. Her family was obviously worried about her safety, but was confident in her abilities to perform the walk. No other one in her family had been a shaman for hundreds of years, she, however, found it to be her calling.