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Peace Station
G.A.S. Exploreison I: In The Beginning Remake

It was the dawn of the fourth age to the Gigerdian kind; the age of exploration and discovery. The third age had been the age of the Peace Station. The Peace Station project had been a new beginning to the galaxy even that it mostly failed in its mission to create peace; it still helped on more than one occasion to solve difficult situations. The Gigerdian people had suffered three great wars in the past: H’Vos War, the Second Bacterian War and the Gorg War, and one was ending, the Timocracy War. This still wasn’t the end of the wars that the Gigerdian people, and especially the newly born Gigerdi Alliance, have to suffer through. The Gigerdi Alliance was on its first days after the Secession War although not yet officially established. The last days onboard the Peace Station was at hand although it still didn’t mark the end of the station; also the last days of the Timocracy War was at hand when the last attack was being put into motion. Even that times look more peaceful the greatest challenges and sacrifices are only yet to come. This is story of how the Exploreison project begun, the project that will shape the future to come.

Exploreison project was a new beginning to the galaxy and to the other galaxies as well; it was an age of the greatest wars, the greatest conflicts and the greatest sacrifices. In the Gigerdian year 3359, the exploration of new starsystems was beginning. This is the story of the Exploreison; the newest Exploration vessel of the newly founded Gigerdi Alliance.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was rather normal day on the planet Gigerdi Prime. Now that the Timocracy War was coming to an end and the Peace Station was having its final days, the government and the military started to look into the future for the first conjoined projects between the two Gigerdian sides. The emperors, however, were making their last visit to the Peace Station, along with the leaders from different races.

In the mean time, the Gigerdi Alliance top military officials were having a meeting in the military HQ on Gigerdi Prime. The meeting was being held in one of the conference rooms, security wasn’t too tight because nothing so critical was being discussed. Not even all the GA military top officials had been invited, which was sort of a surprise for many. The conference room contained one rather long table that had seats for 29 people. The lead admiral’s, although not the grand admiral’s in this case, seat was located at the top of the table. Each place had a name tag. There were about 25 name tags, so some of the seats didn’t have any name tag. Most of the admirals and generals invited had already arrived. Only about four people hadn’t yet arrived, including the leading admiral. Some of the admirals and generals had already gone to sit at the table, some were still outside the conference room discussing. Twelve of the admirals and generals that had arrived were Gigerdians, six were humans and two were from other races. Eleven were female and nine were male.

Two of the fleet admirals, both male Gigerdians, were talking outside the conference room. They were discussing about the upcoming subject. “So, any idea what the subject is now?” asked the other fleet admiral, going by the name of Klors Doniurs. He seemed to be rather perplexed about this sudden meeting. The other fleet admiral, going by the name of Jlan Borp, wasn’t much different, although he did even know something about the topic. He replied with not so confident voice: “I heard it’s going to be something about a new exploration ship, I’m not sure though.” Klors was a bit astonished; certainly he didn’t expect to discuss exploration ships in such a quickly arranged meeting. “A new exploration ship? I thought we had enough of those already…” “Yeah so did I, but I heard this one will somehow be different than the others…” Jlan responded, not being so sure about the whole thing himself.

More admirals and generals arrived to the conference room and only the leading admiral was missing. More and more people were heading to their seats; maybe because the meeting was due to begin in just a few minutes. Not much any conversations were taking place in the conference room and only few admirals were talking outside of it. Everyone was still rather bewildered of this whole meeting and some were getting bored already. However, just as the meeting was supposed to start the leading admiral stepped into the hallway leading to the conference room. The admirals, who were still outside the conference room, noticed that and went to their appropriate seats, the lead admiral entered the conference room. She was a female Gigerdian at the age of 67, so she was still rather young.

The table was now almost full of admirals and generals. Fifteen of them were Gigerdians from, which nine were female and six were male. Only two of them were generals, both male. Seven were Humans from, which two were female and five male. Only one of them was a general, a female. Four admirals were then from different races. One of them was a Lihter, a male, one was a Folan, a female, one was a B² and one was an 1110110110101111.

The lead admiral sat on her place at the table. All the other admirals and generals were present and were eagerly waiting to know more about the subject. “It looks like everyone is here. Let’s get started then,” the lead admiral said while sitting down on the chair, then she continued: “Now that the Timocracy War is coming to and end we need to start looking to the future once again. The science department approached the Joint Chiefs of Staff with an idea of a new kind of exploration ship. Since they didn’t have much experience on these matters a meeting, this meeting, was arranged. All of you’ve had rather a lot of exploration experience during your years of service.” Some of the admirals were a bit amazed of the topic. They didn’t seem to expect that one coming. One of the human admirals, a female one, going by the name of Ling Tamminen, then raised her hand and said: “What kind of ship it’s supposed to be then?” “Well all the specifics aren’t ready yet, but it’s planned to be an exploration ship with only minimal weaponry, heavy shielding and a lot of crew and science facilities,” the lead admiral answered. Most of the admirals were rather thunderstruck considering that the ship specifics were rather abnormal. Then one Gigerdian male general, going by the name of Moler Johyg, simply stated: “Is it such a wise idea to build a ship like that? First contact situations have proven to be hostile too many times.” The lead admiral was obviously supporting this project and expected the officers to resist the project, at least at first. She then replied to the general’s question, trying to convince him and the others: “I thought someone would eventually ask that question… The sole reason that it has only minimal weaponry is the idea of peaceful exploration. It will have good defensive capabilities, but poor offensive capabilities. I know this project might seem like a waste of time and resources, but I still recommend to you think about it.” Then one Gigerdian fleet admiral, going by the name of Fogrve Yu, stood up and said with a bit louder voice: “I have to disagree. Every exploration should have both good defensive and offensive capabilities. For the crew of this ship it would be suicide to travel anywhere. So, I suggest that it’ll be the same kind of than the previous ones have been.” Then the Lihter admiral countered: “You are reacting very emotionally on this subject. But back to the matter at hand… in order to formulate a judgment regarding this project more information concerning this new ship is required.” “I understand that and, because of that, all information regarding this project has been transferred to your personal accounts. You may review them when you wish, but do so in the upcoming weeks as the decision has to be made soon,” “What is the exact timetable here?” asked one of the female Gigerdian admirals, going by the name of Holare Nopsir. The lead admiral then responded, with a bit uneasy voice, as she wasn’t sure how they would react to her response: “You have three weeks. Not a single day more.” The room certainly didn’t like what they heard. Usually it takes several months before a decision has to be made and even then a thorough assessment may not be made. “What?” was the swift response of one the generals, pretty much everyone wanted to ask that very same question. The lead admiral could easily notice the negative attitude towards the idea, only the Lihter members weren’t showing it, although if they had emotions, they would’ve showed it.

“But that’s not what the usual protocol is!” continued the same general. “I’m aware of that, but these orders come directly from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, so I expect you to follow them,” the lead admiral swiftly responded. The room started to swallow its anger and discontent. Then one of the Gigerdian admirals stood up and said: “If there isn’t anything else I’ll be going now. Although I must admit that this whole project is just a waste of time.” And then he left from the room. Other people started to follow him and the lead admiral noticed this: “I guess the meeting is finished then. We’ll meet again in three weeks.” After that all the remaining officers left as well and soon the room was empty, besides the lead admiral. She sighed heavily and then proceeded out of the room.

One officer was waiting outside the room and she seemed to be part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The lead admiral left the door and closed the door behind her. The door was old stylish door that still had a door knob and wasn’t an automated door, but most of the doors in the government offices were that kind of. She, thus, didn’t notice the other officer. “The meeting didn’t appear to go as planned,” the Joint Chiefs of Staff member said, the name tag read the name Nigjur Kolon. The lead admiral then looked at Nigjur and responded: “No, it didn’t. I have my doubts about this… it won’t be easy to get them accept that if they ever will.” “We still support the idea greatly, but the project will only go forward if these admiral and generals accept it. No point to make a project that the greatest exploration people won’t accept,” said Nigjur while they started walking along the hallway. “Indeed, but only time will tell how this thing ends.”

The Peace Station was having totally too much people. Never before had it had so much people, but now. That was because all the leaders from the major races were onboard the station and the only drunk people from Gigerdi Prime had been relocated to the station. A very bad decision thought by many people, but still the order had come, but from who wasn’t exactly certain.

Nevertheless, there were several things to celebrate about. The Timocracy War was coming to an end, the Gigerdi Federation and Gigerdi Confederation were uniting into Gigerdi Alliance, and the Folan Emperor was getting married. However, the presence of the drunken people had caused a lot of trouble. They were kept away from the ambassadorial quarters, but a lot of them had been able to break into them. Fortunately those living in different breathing conditions remained safe from them. Though a lot of dead bodies could be found in both the Bacterian and the Hemmoian sector, but it didn’t seem to hurt anybody.

The race leaders were got into their own quarters, but the ambassadors now had to live with each other. Folan and Vemrer ambassadors were living with each other and Federation and T-Race ambassadors were living with each other. Some trouble had happened because of this, but that was to be expected. Security was also much tighter than before, although it didn’t seem to help much. Especially the ambassadors had whined about the current conditions. The leaders were rather content, maybe because they sort of expected this kind of circumstances, although really none of them had got accustomed to it. The Gigerdian leaders had the most experience about it. The discontent of the ambassadors could easily be noticed. As the United Federation of Planet’s ambassador was yelling at security guard not far away from the ambassador’s quarters. “This is absolutely horrendous! I simply won’t tolerate these… drunken people here! They keep messing around and they’ve even invaded my quarters from time to time!” the ambassador kept yelling. The guard didn’t get much to say to the ambassador until he finally calmed down. “I’m sorry, sir, but there’s nothing I can do about it. If you want to do a formal complain you have to contact the station administration or Gigerdian officials. I cannot help you any more than that, I’m sorry.” “Hmph… very well then,” the ambassador said, realizing he was, after all, yelling to the wrong person. Knowing that his complain wouldn’t affect anything any sooner he went back to his quarters and tried to live through this. Even that there were some nasty problems around it wasn’t the time to mourn or to complain.

The station hadn’t been this active in sometime, although the past few years that it had operated surely weren’t slow or inactive. The place almost seemed to be the central place for everything. Great battles had been fought, treaties had been signed and new people had been met. Now after the war and the unification of the Gigerdians the place was coming to its end, but it will pave the way for others to walk on.

Because of the recent events the President of the United Federation of Planets, a female human, and the Emperor of the Folan Star Empire, a male Folan, were having a discussion in the Folan Emperor’s quarters: “I never really thought that we could beat the Timocracy. At first it seemed like we were losing, but now, after only few months, we’ve gained the upper hand and are making the final strike,” commented the Folan Emperor while they were both sitting comfortable on a couch located in the room. “Indeed. At first, according to the reports, the Timocracy seemed to posses much larger fleet than us. More ships just kept coming until they suddenly stopped with no explanation. After that it was just a cake walk. Would be interesting to know what exactly happened there, but I guess it doesn’t really matter as they’re gonna be defeated now anyway,” countered the Federation’s President. By the end of the president’s sentence the Folan Emperor had stood up from the couch and started to walk behind it towards the window located in the room. “I’m just glad it’ll all be over soon… but the thing that most got me thinking was the Gigerdian Secession War. It was the most unbelievable event that could ever happen, or so I thought. I just never thought it would come to that. And choosing which side to take was difficult, fortunately it didn’t have really any effect at all,” the emperor said while taking a look at the window, he turned to face the president after finishing his sentence.

The Federation’s President also turned to face the emperor: “It was definitely a tragedy. I either couldn’t believe what I was hearing after I got the news that the civil war had begun. You chose Mad Jr.’s side, didn’t you?” the president asked. “Yeah, mainly because I had worked with him the most, although in the end we didn’t give any military support to them, just political. Why you didn’t involve yourself in the war?” asked the emperor in turn, wondering what the reason would be as he had never known it. “The council decided that, since in the Federation the council is the one to decide major decisions like this. They thought it was for the best that we wouldn’t get ourselves involved in Gigerdians’ internal affairs. It wasn’t our policy to interfere with other races’ affairs,” the president replied. The emperor was still interested on her personal opinion, being a leader that actually gets to decide something: “What was your opinion then?” “Same as the council’s, that we can’t get ourselves involved into other races’ internal affairs. We still agreed to take refugees and to give medical aid to both sides if required, but would not get involved politically or militarily,” she responded and being true to her opinion. “I see… I was a bit wondering why you remained neutral in this,” the emperor commented. “We usually don’t want to involve ourselves in matter that might create a large political turmoil. We feared a lot that this would turn out into an all-out war. Fortunately there wasn’t much fighting,” the president said, pointing out the direction the UFP was taking and has pretty much always taken. “I don’t even remember why the war started and I’m not sure does anybody know for sure really. What I do remember is that the Hemmoians and the Bacterians sided with Kyle Jr. So Mad Jr. had us and the Vemrers supporting them and Kyle Jr. had the Hemmoians and the Bacterians, though only politically,” the Folan Emperor mentioned while thinking about how the war started, which partially has remained a mystery to many people. The Federation President then responded: “Gigerdians have at least always managed to influence interstellar politics a lot. Maybe they’ll someday move to influence “intergalactic politics”,” laughed the president while making her last sentence. Folan Emperor followed her into a laughter, which didn’t last long: “Indeed… who knows… anyway, these… Hemmoians and Bacterians, they’re rather eccentric. I’ve never really understood them and I doubt they’ve understood us. Lack of information may be one thing causing this. Right now neither side likes the other,” Folan Emperor said and once again changed the subject.

“They think we’re inferior I think and in some ways we are, yet in some ways we aren’t. It’s all just a matter of perspective, but apparently it’s one thing that many races and governments haven’t learned yet. I don’t think they really hate us or even dislike is. They just don’t approve our actions and our ways,” commented the Federation President, clearly showing her own opinion about it. “I hadn’t thought that in such a way… interesting… maybe I’ll try to think this a bit more,” replied the Folan Emperor and realized that he had, after all, thought the matter in much too small perspective. “I still think they’ll change in time, just like we will. Technologically I’d still give my vote to T-Race on being the most technologically advanced species,” the Federation President commented more.

“By the way, now that you mentioned T-Race, I heard that you’re gonna sign some treaty with them, was it a trade treaty you were going to sign?” asked the Folan Emperor as this bit of information had just come into his mind. “Yes, that’s it. No research treaty or anything like that, yet. Mainly because they don’t seem to be too keen on accepting it, or even considering it. Last time I checked you still had only a non-aggression pact with them?” asked the Federation President, although she seemed pretty sure that she would know the emperor’s answer. “Yeah, just the non-aggression pact, for now at least. Though the senate has been deliberating about making a trade treaty, now that the T-Race is accepting them, but there still seems to be a huge opposition in the senate. The T-Race doesn’t seem to be too willing to make any kind of research treaties. They don’t seem to be so interested in sharing their technology,” was the reply of the Folan Emperor, the answer itself being something the president awaited. Even the deliberation part was something she was expecting, considering what kind of the Folan Senate was.

“They have advanced technology. They don’t want anyone even near it and I can’t say that I blame ‘em. They are a peculiar race that’s for sure and an old one as well. Older than any other race we know,” responded the Federation President. “Indeed. I have seen few of their ships and they certainly look like they are made of energy. So most likely they are an old race. Maybe even one of the so-called first ones,” said the Folan Emperor and then started moving towards a shelf located on the right side of the room.

“What is it?” asked the Federation President, wondering what made the emperor move to the shelf. The emperor took a PADD from the shelf and then said: “Well now that I mentioned the first ones I just remembered this one prophecy I remembered to have heard, not sure though does it relate to the T-Race or these first ones at all,” “Well let’s hear it anyway,” replied the Federation President, being a bit eager to hear what the emperor actually had in mind. “Okay, I’ll read it then. After the war with the Light ones, a race of peace will be formed and the machines that should have been gone will come back. And the legacy of the destroyed ones will come. Then a new star will be born to save from the death of the Dark ones. And the secret of the mussels will rise! Then the three stars will go to search for the left ones and the forgotten ones…” a moment of silence ensued after he had finished talking. The president was obviously waiting for it to continue given the extremely vague ending. Finally, when no continuing resulted, she asked wonderingly: “That was it?” “Yes, it does stop a bit oddly I have to admit, but the whole thing seems to be a bit odd anyway,” the emperor replied, still thinking the words of the prophecy, but not really understanding them. “Did you understand any of it? Since I certainly can’t make anything of it, but then again prophecies are typically always those kind of,” asked the Federation President, wondering if the emperor himself even knew anything more about the prophecy. “No. This particular one has marveled me as far as from my childhood. That was the first time I heard it, although then my mother once told me about it. Every now and then it has popped back into my mind and made think about it. It’s quite bewildering to say the least. Maybe someday we’ll find out what it is all about…” replied the emperor, still playing the prophecy in his head and trying to figure out a meaning for. Although he had done it for several times already, so many times that he no longer remembered how many times he had done in, but still hoping he would finally figure it out this time. “Where did your mother found this particular prophecy?” wondered the Federation ambassador. She was interested to hear where exactly the prophecy could be located. “She found it in the old Folan archives, when she was the empress. A lot of old stories and prophecies can be found there, but most of them are written in languages unknown to us. The existence of these archives is public knowledge, but their whereabouts are a completely different thing as only few people know their locations,” the Folan emperor replied. “So there are more of these archives then? And did you become emperor after your mother?” were the questions of the Federation President, curious about the things. “Yes, there are more of these archives and I didn’t become the emperor after my mother, there were two other ones before me. But to return to the prophecy thing… after I visited the archives myself I browsed the book my mother had showed me before and only that part of it was understandable. The rest of the book was written in some unknown language that no one has been able to decipher. It’s either a rally old version of our language or then it’s a language of some other race, but then again most of the other prophecies are written in unknown languages as well, but different ones than this,” was the rather long response from the emperor, but the president was still eagerly listening to him.

“Mysterious stuff to say the least. Who wrote that thing anyway?” was the next question coming from the Federation President. She was definitely curios about the whole thing. “Beats me. I honestly have no idea who has written all these. They have no names whatsoever and our history doesn’t give any names, just unnamed characters. Perplexing, I have to admit. Nobody else knows really any more about them, I’ve asked from everyone who has ever been to those archives. My mother’s the biggest expert on them, but even she doesn’t know any names or anything like that,” answered the emperor, not really providing any good answer, but the best he could give. “I see… by the way, why did you become the emperor? Was it because of your mother, perhaps?” the Federation President asked curiously. “Well, partially. First I wanted to become an officer in the military, but I got strayed into politics, I guess it was because my mother’s works interested me. I joined one of the political parties there when I was young and begun getting higher. First I got into the senate as a senator and later got appointed as the emperor,” replied the Folan emperor. “Did you ever want to become the emperor? As that seems to be more than coincidence that you were appointed,” asked the Federation president, wondering whether or not the emperor ever wanted to do the job he’s now doing. “Well it did fascinate me as my mother was the empress. Though at first I thought that I could never be so lucky as mother to become the emperor, so it was merely just wishful thinking, if even that. Later on I got higher and higher, got support in the senate and among the people and so I in the end got selected. I wasn’t sure of my skills during the moment I was selected, but I still accepted the place. I wanted to follow the steps of my mother,” the emperor replied. Although the reply was rather long the president of the Federation was still eagerly listening to it.

“How did you then become the president? Now that political positioning seemed to become the topic of this discussion,” asked the emperor in turn. “Well I was planning on going to design new vehicles. I graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology and went to work in one of the science centers. During school, however, I got interested of politics, got into them and while working got into the planetary council. From there to the Federation council. After several years of working in there I got appointed as the as one of the candidates for presidency. Although that job isn’t really anything else except leading the council sometimes and representing the Federation it’s still important. I wasn’t excepting to win and thus I wasn’t accepting the position at first, but because of the big support I accepted. I still have two years of my term to go,” the president did her own long response, which also seemed to interest the emperor.

“Our paths then seem to be rather the same,” the Folan emperor commented. “It would seem so… and this conversation seemed to last much longer than I thought. It’s getting late so I guess I should be going now.” “Indeed. You’re probably coming to the celebration tomorrow, right?” “Of course, now that the Gigerdi Alliance is being formed I surely can’t miss the official signing. ‘Bout time they came to their senses,” replied the UFP president and then stood up. “Good, I’ll see you there then. Good night.” “Good night,” answered the president and gestured a good bye to the emperor who responded to it, after which the president left from the emperor’s quarters. Outside there were a lot of drunken people on the corridors. The president glanced at them and sighed. She began to walk back to her own quarters. In the quarters the emperor of the Folan Empire walked to the replicator and ordered a bottle of Folan beer. Usually illegal nowadays due to the extreme alcohol problems it had caused in several Gigerdi Federation, Gigerdi Confederation and United Federation of Planets colonies. It was, however, made available to some specific replicators during this spectacular event. This had, though, already caused some problems in the station. That still didn’t seem to bother the emperor as he sat on a chair and took a long swig from the bottle. Soon emptying it. He glanced at the Folan insignia on the etiquette; this made him to think about the prophecy again. He just glanced at the bottle for few minutes until he finally said: “Maybe I’ll get it someday…” to himself and then went to get another bottle. Folans don’t get drunk nearly as easily as Gigerdians, Humans, Vemrers or mostly any other race in the galaxy, that’s why the huge alcohol concentration. The ingredients still make the drink a very tasty one, but also a big health problem to some races. The emperor favored the blue colored one, which was the medium strong version. He then started to look the news that had arrived from the empire.

The UFP president was thinking about the prophecy on her way to her quarters. She wondered whether it was actually true, or just some stupid joke. But she thought that had it been a joke what would’ve the emperor achieved with that. However, she still had no idea what it was even about, although having seen several prophecies to come true, at least partially, she still thought that the same thing might happen now as well. She was confident that someday she would eventually find out. The station’s captain, Pertsa Bakteeri, was having a discussion with the station’s security chief about the station’s current situation. They weren’t pleased of the current situation at all. Pertsa, a male Bacterian, was sitting on the opposite side of the table in his table. He was like the usual Bacterian you see: long hair and blue skin. There was a sort of a small movable wall behind the security chief and a wall behind Pertsa.