Signs And Portents

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G.A.S. Exploreison

Signs And Portents

The Exploreison is the new kind of exploration vessel and the first vessel to be built under the name of Gigerdi Alliance. Even as things look bright, the darkest times of the Gigerdi Alliance were coming. Now the future of the GA depends on Exploreison’s exploration mission. As one of the greatest wars in the history of Gigerdians was at hand…

Chapter 1: Preparations

Gigerdius was going to the Exploreison in a shuttle with one Gigerdian male admiral, then the admiral said to Gigerdius: “Captain, I truly have to congratulate you, just everyone wouldn’t have been selected as the captain of the Exploreison,” “Well, at first I didn’t wanted to accept the position as the captain of the Exploreison, but because of my family and that I got some feeling that I need to accept this position, I accepted it then. I still don’t understand why I was suggested to this position, there are a lot of other commanders, captains and admirals who are better than me,” “The reason why you were chosen was mostly because you were an ambassador, but the main reason was that you were suggested by one admiral,” “Who could possibly suggest me?” “I honestly don’t know, all I know is that he or she was an admiral,” “You really don’t know?” “Yeah, I don’t know, I even don’t know when you were chosen as the captain of the Exploreison,” “Whoever suggested me as the captain of the Exploreison, I’m not sure should I thank or kill him or her,”

Then the shuttle was getting closer to Exploreison, so close that you could see the ship fully and well. The admiral noticed this and said: “Well, there it is, the first of its kind,” “Now when I look it, it looks like… well… I actually can’t say… by the way, why the name “Exploreison”? “About that I even know something. When the Exploreison was suggested and designed first time one of the admirals said that Exploreison could be good name, apparently the reason was since it’s so close to exploration, but isn’t that. The admiral who suggested this was Admiral Freela Gron, Justin Gron’s mother who died in the last battle against the Gorgs,” “Okay, I didn’t actually know before that the Exploreison was actually designed before the Gorg war. Exploration might have been better name though, but I think Exploreison is enough. I do have to admit that she’s a fine ship,” “She surely is that,” admiral Durik responded. The shuttle headed to the shuttle bay of the Exploreison. The door to the shuttle bay opened as they approached it and then the pilot flied in and landed on the shuttle bay floor. Then Durik said: “Most of the main crew is now located at the Peace Station, you’ll get them from there then,” “Okay. How much crew is onboard this ship now?” “Only few hundred, after you’ve got your bridge crew and other important crew members from the Peace Station you can go to your first mission, you’ll get the rest of the crew then,” Once the shuttle had landed Durik and Gigerdius stood up from their chairs and went at the door. Gigerdius pressed the button and then the door opened. Durik then said: “You will like this ship, I can assure you that!” “Well, I was building this ship so I know quite well what kind of it is,” Then they stepped out of the shuttle, Gigerdius looked around for a while and then said: “Not much welcoming parties here at least,” “Well, no, it’s just that here’s so little of crew around now,” the admiral answered. Gigerdius looked around for a while and noticed that no one was at the shuttle bay it was totally empty. The pilot then came out of the shuttle and admiral Durik said to him: “You can now look around this ship, I’ll inform you when we need to leave,” “Aye, sir,” the pilot answered and then left from the shuttle bay. Durik then asked from Gigerdius: “Would you like to go to the bridge or just to look around the ship?” “I think that I’ll just look around for a while, but I won’t be needing guide,” “Okay, in case you happen to need help just come to the bridge, I’ll be there,” “Okay,” Gigerdius answered and then admiral Durik went to the turbolift.

Gigerdius started looking around the ship. He didn’t see almost anyone walking around the ship; the reason was that only few hundred people were located at the ship. Gigerdius didn’t bother to look the entire shuttle bay deck or look entirely every deck. He went to different decks, but didn’t find much of anyone, not in the mess hall or in the holodecks. He did find people in the engineering and in the auxiliary control. Gigerdius walked around the Exploreison for hours; he walked several kilometers during that time. Then he decided to visit his quarters, since he wasn’t fully sure where they were he looked the info from the nearest computer, which was located on one of the walls. He then searched that where his quarters are located and noticed that they were on deck 217, section 18, room number 643. Since he was on deck 489 he decided to use the turbolifts. Since the Exploreison had lots of turbolifts, it didn’t take long until Gigerdius found one and then went by it to the deck 217, section 18. He then looked for the room number 643 and did found it quite fast since it was quite close of the turbolift. When he found the right room he first just stood in front of the door. Then he said: “Computer, open the door,” “Only Captain Gigerdius can open this door,” the computer answered. Gigerdius then said: “Well, I am Gigerdius. Computer, open the door, authorization Gigerdius gold beta 523 alpha green,” Then the door opened and Gigerdius noticed that his quarters were a holoroom. He stepped inside and noticed that it was extremely small holoroom when the door closed he said: “Looks like Exploreison is using these new holo-technology, even that I saw the specs it seems that I didn’t looked them enough carefully. Looks like these holo things were added when I was assigned to the training,” He went to the center of the room and said: “Computer, what programs are currently available?” “Current programs that are available are standard Exploreison quarters, special Exploreison quarters and Gigerdius’s home,” the computer replied. “Activate program standard Exploreison quarters,” “Acknowledge,” and then the room changed to the standard Exploreison quarters, which had few rooms, some tables and chairs, a replicator, bed and two holowindows. He looked around there and didn’t much like it and said: “I suppose you could have guessed that standard quarters are this kind of. At least I won’t take this program, that’s for sure. Computer, activate program special Exploreison quarters,” “Acknowledge,” and then the room changed again. The quarters changed to a more ambassadorial and high ranking ones; the quarters were much larger, had more windows and had more almost everything, still Gigerdius didn’t seem to like it much and said: “Well, this program might be more popular than the standard one, I doubt that anyone takes it, but I still don’t like much this. Computer, initiate program Gigerdius’s home,” “Acknowledge,” and the quarters changed again, but this time they looked exactly the same as Gigerdius’s apartment. Gigerdius seem to like that more than the previous ones and then said: “This looks good, I think that I’ll keep this now,” Gigerdius’s apartment wasn’t really huge, but was quite large. He went at the window controls and cycled through the possible options. He then decided to take the forward view of the Exploreison. There were several cameras placed outside Exploreison, which provided holo-images of the outside view. Gigerdius didn’t felt right when the holo windows had been set to display his house’s garden, so he switched the view. After that he then said: “I hope there won’t be any power failures,” but then the room started to malfunction; part of the room started to go back to holoroom. Then Gigerdius pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to engineering, engineering what’s wrong with the holorooms?” “There’s small malfunction with the power relays to the holorooms, it will be fixed in no time,” one of the engineers replied. “Alright, good, Gigerdius out,”

Gigerdius then decided to visit the bridge deck; deck 40. Once he arrived at bridge deck he turned to right and after he had gone through the door he arrived at the bridge. He looked around and noticed that it was quite big; still it looked mostly like a standard Gigerdi Alliance military’s bridge. At the back there were places for captain, first officer and counselor. In front were places for the tactical and helm. In the sides for engineering, science, communications, security, sensors and other weapons controller. The observation area was located in upper deck; conference room was on the right side and captain’s ready room on the left side. Admiral was standing in the bridge, at first he didn’t notice Gigerdius, but after Gigerdius had walked few steps closer to him, the admiral noticed him as well. He turned to face Gigerdius and said: “Good that you’re finally here. We’re ready to leave now,” “OK, good. So what’s our first mission?” “You’ll get your orders when the rest of the crew is onboard. You should be going now “captain”, I won’t be coming with you to the Peace Station so you can be fully in command yourself! I hope you enjoy being the captain of the G.A.S. Exploreison, your name might even go to history database, you’ll never know,” “Yeah, might be, we’ll see it after several years I think,” Gigerdius said and wasn’t so enthusiastic of what the Admiral had said. “I wouldn’t be so sure about that, who knows if this ship will be more known even after few months or a year,” Gigerdius tried to show that he would agree with the admiral, but wasn’t able to do that so well, and also he started to think of reassigning totally. Then he said: “Maybe… anyway, I think that we better get going now,” “Yeah, I don’t want to be in your way anymore, good luck captain,” the admiral said and then he pressed his communicator and said: “Durik to shuttle, one to beam up,” Then he was beamed to the shuttle. Gigerdius looked at the captain’s chair for a while and then sat to it. When he was sitting on it he thought: “First time I’m sitting on this chair and first time I’m actually commanding a ship,” then he said: “Helm, as soon as the shuttle leaves head to Peace Station, jump 15,” “Yes, sir,” answered the helms officer. It didn’t take long until the shuttle left from Exploreison. When it did, the Exploreison engaged its jumpdrives and jumped. Then the helms officer said: “The journey should take only three minutes captain,” “Alright, I’ll be in my ready room, inform me as soon as we arrive,” “Yes, sir,” answered the helms officer. Gigerdius then went to the captain’s ready room, even that he could be only few minutes to there he still decided to check it out.

When he arrived to there he noticed that there was one big table, some chairs around it and one big holowindows in the room as well. He sat to his chair and activated the computer, he accessed the files about the Exploreison’s bridge crew, he hadn’t got much time to view any info about them before so he decided to look at least something now. He was quickly able to check the races of the bridge crew, before the helm officer said: “Captain, we have arrived at the Peace Station,” “OK,” Then he went to the bridge and noticed Peace Station on the view screen. Even that he had visited it just about six months ago, he just now really started thinking of the time when his “copy” was messing around in the Peace Station. Then he said: “Inform the crew than they need to be onboard in two hours,” “Yes, sir,” answered the helms officer, Gigerdius still continued: “I’ll visit the Peace Station now, you’re free to do that as long as you return within two hours,” “Thank you, sir,” the helms officer answered.

He went to the turbolift and set it to go to the transporter deck. In the lift he was thinking: “Sir… first time someone calls me as sir or captain. Always everyone used to call me as ambassador or just Gigerdius, never as “sir”. I never wanted to join to military, even that really many people actually want to join the military, but now I really had no other choice, well actually I did got other choices, but still in a way I didn’t have… Then the turbolift arrived at the transporter deck. The only currently working transporter was really close to him so it didn’t take long for him to arrive. There he said to the transporter officer: “Beam me to the Peace Station,” “Yes, sir,” And when he had gone to the transporter pad the transporter officer beamed him to the Peace Station. He was beamed to the Gigerdian section of the Peace Station. Gigerdius looked around and didn’t see much people around there, everyone who he saw had GA military’s uniform. One Folan noticed his captain rank and asked: “Are you captain Gigerdius?” “Yes, that’s me. Who’re you?” Gigerdius asked and the Folan replied: “I’m the security chief of the starship G.A.S. Exploreison, captain,” “Security chief? Interesting…” “Something strange about it or?” the Folan asked and was a bit confused. “No, nothing… it’s just that I’ve never seen a Folan as a security chief, but guess there’s always a first time. Did you serve somewhere before this?” “No, sir, I came straight from the academy or actually from the Cruula 5. Apparently only few people have served somewhere else, in example the first officer,” the Folan said and then Gigerdius responded: “I see… it seems that they want to test load of cadets and ensigns probably in one of the most historic ships; sometimes I just don’t understand those admirals. By the way, what’s your name and rank?” “I’m Lieutenant R’Derex,” “Okay. We’ll leave in two hours so you better get ready to leave, also try to tell people to get in time to the ship because I don’t wanna wait here just because some guys are getting back slowly!” “Alright, as you wish, sir,” R’Derex answered and then Gigerdius continued: “I’ll look around the station a bit now,” “Okay, sir,” R’Derex answered and then Gigerdius started his last look around the station. Things there were normal, except that it had quite a lot of people around; mostly all were the crewmembers of the Exploreison. Hemmoian and Bacterian sections were mostly empty, some Gigerdians, Humans and others were there though. Lot’s of people started leaving to the Exploreison almost immediately. In few minutes the station started to become quite empty. Still quite a lot of people stayed there, including Gigerdius. He checked the command center, which was quite empty, though the captain of the Peace Station was there; Pertsa Bakteeri. At first Pertsa didn’t notice that Gigerdius had come in, but when Gigerdius moved closer to the main window. Pertsa turned and noticed Gigerdius, who looked outside the window. At first he didn’t say anything, both of them just looked outside and watched the Exploreison, until Pertsa then said: “She’s a fine ship,” “Yes, she is,” Gigerdius answered and then Pertsa asked: “Where you’ll be going first?” “I have no idea, they’re gonna tell it as soon we’re ready to leave,” answered Gigerdius and then he said: “Anyway, I probably should check the rest of this station now so I’ll get back to Exploreison in time,” “Alright, if you need any help just call,” “Thanks,” answered Gigerdius and then left from the command station. He went to the lift and looked the map where he should go next.

Same time elsewhere in the quadrant: Middle-aged male Gigerdian was looking news. His house was pretty far from the nearest house and was located in a small moon-orbiting planet Selun. He really didn’t look the news so greatly, until he suddenly noticed news about the Exploreison project. He quickly put the holo-TV louder and watched the news. After that he closed the holo-TV and said: “It seems it’ll finally happen…” Then he stood up from the chair where he was sitting and went to outside. He could mostly just see waist fields, few trees and a small road. He just looked outside, until he then looked up where he could see the planet the moon was orbiting. He then walked to the quite large building, which was about 200 meters away from the house. He pressed a button, which was on the right side of a very large door; then the large door started opening. After it had opened, he could see a ship, not so huge ship, but mostly a size of a shuttle. It was mostly covered with dust. For a while he just looked at it and was thinking the times when he was still flying with it. Then he moved at the door and opened it from the button on the right side of the door. The door slid to right quite fast. He stepped inside and looked around. The ship was almost fully covered with dust. He moved to the command section, which wasn’t large it could hold only two persons at the time there, and then made a systems check. It took about a minute for the computer to make a full systems check, after that he looked the results and it looked like the ship was ready to go, only fuel was on low. He then shut the computer down and then went back outside. He went back at the house and then noticed a woman running towards the house quite far away from it. He recognized this woman, who was a human and about the same age he was, and started walking towards her. She started yelling then: “Den! Den!” and then he started running towards her as well. When they got enough close to each other they stopped running and then the woman said while she was taking deep breaths: “Did you hear the news?” “Yeah, I did hear them Janet,” said Den and then Janet responded: “So, I suppose it’s time to go now,” “Yeah… I already checked the ship and everything seems to be in order, fuel is on low, but that shouldn’t be a big problem,” he said and then she responded when they started walking to the house again: “It was worth to maintain the ship all these years, even that it’s old it still works great,” “Yeah, she’s a fine ship, no wonder why H’vos fighters couldn’t do anything to it, except those new ones,” he said and then they both laughed a bit, then she said: “So I suppose it’s time for us to complete our last mission,” “Somehow I think this won’t our last mission,” “I think so, too…” Janet replied.

They arrived at the building, which contained the ship; they went inside it and prepared the ship for take-off. Den went to take some necessary equipment while Janet was preparing the ship. Den went to their basement and took his old weapons from a secret locker. The weapons were really old design; they were mostly blaster pistols and blaster rifles. Then he went back to the ship and not long after that they flu out of the building and then headed to the space. There were quite a lot of other ships near the moon; mostly cargo-ships, fighters and transports. Even that the ship Den and Janet used was old, it still didn’t draw much attention. They moved farer from the moon until they entered hyperspace; the ship still had old hyperdrive engines, which weren’t used at all nowadays.

Exploreison was getting ready to leave, the crew had mostly come to the ship even that it wasn’t scheduled to leave until in 30 minutes. Gigerdius was still in the Peace Station though. He was looking outside from a window located in the Gigerdian section. He was looking the Exploreison, which was the only ship located at the Peace Station. He was still thinking that why he was selected as the captain and that could he be good enough to be the captain of one of the most important ships in the Gigerdian history. The Gigerdian section was almost empty, only a little of people remained there. One Parlien approached him; Gigerdius did not notice him at all so the Parlien said: “Excuse me, sir,” Gigerdius then stopped thinking and turned around to face the Parlien. He was quite young man, mid-sized one and quite short hair. “Oh, anything I can do for you?” Gigerdius asked and then the Parlien answered: “Are you the captain Gigerdius?” “I suppose that I’m him,” “What?” the Parlien was quite surprised and tried to clear the situation. “Sorry about that, it’s just that I’m not sure do I really belong here and I did have a copy of myself messing around here,” “I’ve read about that incident,” “It surely was an incident, a big one. Hell, I wouldn’t call that as an “incident”, dunno what to call it though,” Gigerdius answered and was a bit amused, then the Parlien said: “For you it wasn’t easy… Oh, I haven’t even introduced myself, I’m Deket the chief medical officer of Exploreison, R’Derex told me that he had seen you so I was thinking of coming to talk with you,” “So what did you had in mind?” Gigerdius asked and then Deket answered: “It’s an honor to work with you sir, I’ve read a lot about you,” “Since when ambassadors get in the history books?” Gigerdius wasn’t very happy about that, but Deket seemed to be: “Apparently you just got yourself to there,” “Well, I’m just a normal Gigerdian like everyone else,” “Actually every Gigerdian can be a bit different, you know that every Gigerdian’s biology isn’t exact and of course DNA isn’t and…” “OK, I got that. I meant that I haven’t done anything different than other Gigerdians,” Deket laughed a bit before he responded: “Yeah, well maybe you have, but you just don’t see that yourself. You have done a lot for the Gigerdians, you may not be any big hero, but you still are respectable person,” Gigerdius looked at Deket a while and then turned to look out of the window, he was silent for sometime, only watched to outside and was thinking, then he responded: “I suppose that’s possible, even that I don’t think so, but others might… have you visited Exploreison yet?” “No, I planned to do that now. See you there then captain,” Deket said and then walked away.

Gigerdius was troubled, since he couldn’t stop thinking was it good decision to accept this assignment. Still he was quite confident that he had done the right thing since his family did also urge him to accept this position. It was 20 minutes before the Exploreison was scheduled to leave, so Gigerdius decided to visit the Bridge or Command Center, when he turned the station made he remember one event: Kyle Gigerdi 2 and Mad Gigerdi 2 were talking about the possible fate of Gigerdius after the “double of Gigerdius” incident, Kyle Gigerdi 2 wasn’t really happy about that: “I think he should be executed or be placed in a prison,” “Well, I wouldn’t go that far, it wasn’t really his fault you know,” Mad Gigerdi 2 said and tried to calm Kyle down: “Hmm… I don’t know, I still think he should be placed at least to prison,” “That’s a bit too rough treatment for him, I think we should just let the court-martial decide what to do with him, he still wasn’t much responsible himself of the whole incident,” “Well, OK,” answered Kyle and wasn’t still so sure was it the right thing to do. Gigerdius was sitting quite nearby and was able to hear some of the words they were saying. Kyle and Mad Gigerdi then came to there and Kyle said: “You will have a court-martial, but you will not be executed and probably won’t be placed to prison either,” and then they left, Gigerdius wasn’t really happy or sad since he really couldn’t know what was ahead of him, though he was happy about the fact that he would be left alive. The court-martial started in the same day and after few days they were ready to make their decision. There were quite a lot of people at the court-martial the day when the court was making their final decision. Gigerdius was very nervous since this decision would affect his life pretty much. The court’s judgment was that he would be placed to work on a space dock for several years. Even that the judgment was pretty bad, Gigerdius still was happy that anything worse didn’t happen.

Suddenly Pertsa said: “Here you are captain,” and Gigerdius stopped memorizing and turned to face Pertsa who continued: “This place gives you old memories?” “Yeah, I seem to remember every corner around here and what happened here, too well even,” Gigerdius replied and showed the nearby corridors while he was talking, Pertsa then replied: “Well, I haven’t been around here much as you may know I just became the captain of this station. It’s an old station, but still it’s legendary one,” “Oh yes, it surely is that, though it’s a lot more quieter nowadays than what it was before,” “Yeah, not much people coming to here, but in a way it’s just better because we don’t get so many nasty incidents here,” Pertsa said and looked out of the window where he could only see the Exploreison and stars, Gigerdius then also turned and said: “I heard the drunken people were placed on the planet, right?” “Yes, they were sent to the planet few weeks ago, which did give more space and made this place more safer and how could I say it… better “smelling” place as well,” Pertsa answered and then Gigerdius laughed and said: “I’m sure it made this place smell better. They surely are better off there than here,” “You’re telling me… anyway, I was going to eat something when I noticed you, but I think that I’ll let you to take one last look of this place before you leave and good luck captain,” said Pertsa and then Gigerdius replied: “Thanks, good luck to you too,” and then Pertsa left to eat. Gigerdius took one last look outside the window and then decided to check the station quickly still once.

Chapter 2: Go

It didn’t take long until 20 minutes had passed. Gigerdius saw that the last remaining crewmembers were beamed over to the Exploreison. Then he the communications officer said through his communicator: “Captain, all the crewmembers are now onboard, we’re ready to go,” “Alright, Gigerdius to the transporter room, one to beam up,” Gigerdius said and then the transporter chief said: “Yes, sir,” and then Gigerdius was transported to the transporter room. When he had been beamed to the transporter room the transporter chief said: “Welcome aboard, sir, I’m ensign Kevin,” said the transporter chief who was female Gigerdian who was quite young and about medium height. Gigerdius stepped away from the transporter pad and said: “At ease ensign and thanks,” and then he left from the transporter room, he then went to the closest turbolift and headed to bridge. It did take sometime for the turbolift to get to bridge deck since the transporter room was on deck 702 and the bridge is on deck 40. When he arrived at the bridge deck he exited the lift and went to the bridge, which was on his right side. When he came to the bridge he noticed that the senior staff was standing behind the captain’s chair; there were three Gigerdians, two humans, a Folan, a Lihter, a member of the T-Race and a Parlien, then Gigerdius said: “Well it looks like everyone’s here, good,” Then one female Gigerdian stepped forward and said: “Commander Grillka reporting for duty, sir! I’m the first officer of this ship,” “Grillka… weren’t you the commander of G.F.S. Exes?” “Yes, sir. It was a Galaxy class ship,” “Was?” asked Gigerdius and was a bit surprised, then Grillka answered: “Yes, sir. It was destroyed in the last battle against the Timocracy, I was the first officer of U.F.S. Excelsior at that time,” “Exes was destroyed? I haven’t even heard about it, too bad, but at least it was good that you weren’t there at that time, still you were in a Federation ship?” “Yes, sir, I was ordered to there because Excelsior needed new first officer quickly,” “Well, you were quite lucky, I’m sure you will make an excellent job here,” “Thank you, sir,” Grillka responded and then stepped back to her original place. Then the member of the T-Race stepped forward slowly and said: “Lieutenant Min’da reporting for duty,” Gigerdius was a bit surprised to see a member of a T-Race in Gigerdian military and asked: “And your position here is?” “I am the ship’s counselor,” she said and before she was able to move back to her original place Gigerdius asked: “May I ask you why you joined Gigerdian military?” “I wanted to test what kind of is your “military” and it has been quite fascinating,” “Yeah, I’m sure it is that to you. Did you go to academy or why you are already lieutenant?” “I did not go this “academy”, I was “promoted” to lieutenant when I joined your military,” “I see, well I’m sure you will be good counselor and that we might need your help sometimes,” said Gigerdius and then Min’da went back to her original place and then one male Gigerdian stepped forward and said: “Ensign Fhogli reporting for duty, sir! I’m the weapons officer of this ship, sir!” “And you came straight from academy?” “Yes, sir!” “Alright,” he said and then Fhogli went back to his original place and then another female Gigerdian moved forward and said: “Ensign Ghi’la reporting for duty, sir! I’m the communications officer of this ship,” “You came straight from academy or did you serve in some ship or station?” “I came straight from academy, sir!” “And you were the best of your class right?” “Yes, sir!” and then she stepped back to her original place and then one male human stepped forward and said: “Lieutenant-Commander Drill reporting for duty, sir. I’m the chief engineer of this ship,” unlike others Drill wasn’t speaking like they were and Gigerdius noticed that so he asked: “Have you served one some ship or station before?” “Yes, I have, but I’d not rather discuss about it right now,” “As you wish,” Gigerdius replied and then Drill stepped back to his original place and then another human stepped forward and said: “Ensign Brian reporting for duty, sir! I’m the helmsman of this ship!” “You must have come from the academy?” “Yes, sir!” and then Brian stepped back to his place, then one male Lihter stepped forward and said: “Lieutenant Sprak reporting for duty, sir,” and before he was able to continued Gigerdius said: “You must be the science officer right?” “Yes,” “I knew it… sorry about that it’s just that Lihters are very often science officers,” “I see,” “You served on some ship or station before this?” Gigerdius asked and then Sprak answered: “No, sir. I was in the training at planet Cruula 5 before I was assigned here,” “I see, and you were promoted as lieutenant there?” “Yes,” “Alright,” Gigerdius said and then Sprak stepped back to his original place, then after that one male Folan stepped forward and said: “Lieutenant R’Derex reporting for duty, sir,” “You are the security chief,” “Yeah,” “You served on some ship or station before been assigned here?” “No, sir. I was, like Sprak and Deket, in the training on planet Cruula 5 and I was promoted to lieutenant there,” “OK,” Gigerdius replied and then R’Derex stepped back to his original place, then one male Parlien stepped forward and said: “Lieutenant Deket reporting for duty, sir. I’m the chief medical officer,” “Yes, you told be in Peace Station that and you were as well in training on planet Cruula 5?” “Yes, I was there as well,” “Ok, I think that’s everyone, man your stations,” “Captain, should I stay here or go to the medical bay?” Deket asked and Gigerdius answered: “You better stay here ‘til we get our order from GA command,” “Yes, sir,”

All of them went to their own stations in the bridge and Gigerdius went to the captain’s chair and then he said: “Lieutenant Ghi’la, inform GA command that we have received our crew and are ready to receive our orders,” “Aye, sir,” Ghi’la answered and then sent a message to the GA command. It certainly didn’t take long for the GA command to respond since just few seconds after Ghi’la had sent the message the GA command was already hailing them, and then Ghi’la informed about this to Gigerdius: “Captain, GA military command is hailing us,” “On screen,” Gigerdius replied and then the picture of a male Gigerdian came to the screen, he was the former emperor of Gigerdians, Mad Gigerdi who then said: “Hello again “captain”, it looks like you finally got most of your crew there,” “What do you mean “most”?” “Well, there isn’t much of medical, security or engineering personnel there, that why ensign T’Lar had to be placed second in command of the security forces ‘til you get the rest of your crew, but don’t worry, you’ll get the rest of your crew as soon as possible,” “We do have security chief here,” “Yes, I’m aware of that, but still there should always be backup leader in case of emergency or some special situation, but anyway let’s get down to business shall we?” “Yes, sir,” replied Gigerdius and then Mad Gigerdi started the mission briefing: “You are ordered to proceed to Protector Station 25 where you’ll meet three other ships that will accompany you on your mission to the remains of the Founder’s homeworld. We’ll be monitoring your position in case something goes wrong, we’ll meet you here, Mad Gigerdi out,” “Alright, you heard what he said, Brian set course for Protector Station 25, jump 25,” “Yes, sir,” Drill then came to talk to the captain: “Captain, could we talk somewhere else?” “Sure, we can go to my ready room,” Gigerdius replied and then they went to Gigerdius’s ready room, Gigerdius sat to his chair on the other side of the table, Drill sat to one of the other chairs in front of the desk, then Gigerdius asked: “So, what is it you wish to talk about?” “Well, you might know that I’ve been 50% of time in the Gigerdian academy and 50% in the Starfleet academy. So I don’t know totally all the advanced Gigerdian computer systems or some other things, but still I think that I should be able to be as a chief engineer here,” “I think so too, but if there comes any problems you can come to talk about those with me if you like. By the way, didn’t you serve on some other ship before?” “Yes, but it was a Federation ship, I was a month in one Gigerdian vessel though,” “How did you manage there?” “I didn’t have any kind of problems there. It’s just that Exploreison is first of its kind, which may cause problems to me because the systems here are different,” “I don’t think it will be so difficult for you to be here, even though this is different kind of ship still you should be able to learn its functions and other things quite easily,” “Thank you, sir,” “Return to your duties Lieutenant-Commander, and now you better go to the main engineering to check things out there, also because we don’t know will we get welcoming party at the Timocracy’s homeworld,” “Alright, I’ll go there now and thanks captain,” “No problem,” Gigerdius answered and then Drill left to engineering and not long after that Fhogli said through the communicator: “Captain, we are detecting a ship on long range sensors, but we can’t identify it,” “Can’t identify it? I’ll come to the bridge,” replied Gigerdius and then quickly went back to the bridge where Grillka said: “Whoever’s this ship is it’ll reach us quite soon,” Gigerdius sat to the captain’s chair and looked the ship’s info on the computer on his right, the design of that ship was familiar to Gigerdius, but he still couldn’t identify it himself either so he asked: “This design does look familiar to me, are you sure the computer can’t identify this ship?” “Yes, sir, positive,” Fhogli answered and Gigerdius asked again: “Did the computer check all ship databanks?” “Yes, sir, it has programmed to check those always when ship is detected and which isn’t our own, though it won’t look the classified ones without an authorization,” “I have the authorization to check the classified ship designs,” Gigerdius said and started to access the classified ship files when Ghi’la said: “Captain, Peace is hailing us,” “Tell them to wait,” Gigerdius said and continued looking the files after sometime he found the ship that matched to the one they detected, he wasn’t happy about that at all, he sighed and said: “Damn, it can’t be them!” Grillka noticed that Gigerdius wasn’t happy about his findings so she asked: “Captain, what is it?” “Damn, it’s just that ship matches to a one Gorg destroyer that was seen during the Gorg war. It’s not exactly that, but still it looks a lot like that,” Then Sprak made some scans and said: “Captain, I scanned the ship and it seems to have same kind of power systems and jamming systems as the Gorg had in the Gorg war,” and then Gigerdius said: “R’Derex, you better prepare security forces for probable boarding attempt and Deket you better report to sickbay now,” “Yes, sir,” said R’Derex and Deket, then Gigerdius continued: “Ensign, put the Peace’s message through now,” “Aye, sir,” Ghi’la answered and then the picture of Mad Gigerdi appeared to the screen again who then said: “Captain, our sensors have detected an unidentified vessel in our sensor range, it seems to be a Gorg vessel and not function properly. Since your ship has the best science and exploration equipment, you could go and check it out, but we’ll be close also we’ve notified Starfleet about sending you to there and they’ll be having ships nearby, in case something goes wrong,” “With all due respect admiral, I think this is too risky for us, Gorgs have powerful weapons and even with the shield weakness we may not stand a chance,” explained Gigerdius, but Mad Gigerdi still wanted to send Exploreison: “Don’t worry captain, we’ll stay near and Starfleet has been alerted as well, nothing should go wrong, also this will surely show the GA military that Exploreison is capable of completing even tough missions,” “Well… alright, but I still wanna ask one question, you said you contacted Starfleet about this ship?” “Yes,” “Why they didn’t notice it more earlier, this area of space is quite deep in Federation’s space?” “According to Starfleet, this ship was able to get pass their sensor network or it has been hiding somewhere around here all along, they don’t know that, all the more reason for you to go and check out that ship,” answered Mad Gigerdi and then Gigerdius decided to do the mission: “Alright, we’ll do it then, but you better be ready if something goes wrong,” “We’ll be, Peace out,” said Mad Gigerdi and then the communications ended and then Gigerdius said the course to Brian: “Ensign, set course for that vessel maximum jump,” “Yes, sir,” Brian replied and changed the course and speed to intercept the vessel.

Sprak was constantly scanning the ship and soon noticed that they weren’t really intercepting it so he investigated the matter and soon noticed that, but before that Gigerdius also noticed that they weren’t able to intercept it and asked: “Why aren’t we intercepting that ship?” “I’m not sure, sir,” replied Brian, but then Sprak said: “Captain, I think I know the reason for that, it seems that the both ships are driving circle around each other at the same speed,” “Heh heh, well Brian take us out of jump then, maybe that’ll work,” Gigerdius said and then Brian shut down the jump engines and then the other ship also came out of its jump. Sprak started doing short range scans of the ship then, the ship’s armor didn’t allow the sensors to get pass it well and also there was heavy jamming, which caused the scans not to be so exact, but still Sprak was able to find out more about this alien ship: “Captain, that ship do appear to have similar systems as a Gorg vessel, but it also has a lot of alien technology that hasn’t been seen before, also the ship does not appear to have life-signs,” “No life-signs, are you sure?” asked Grillka and Sprak confirmed that: “Sensors are unable to locate any life-signs, the ship does however have very strong armor and jamming systems that cause the sensor data not to be so exact,”

”Captain, the weapon systems of that ship does seem to Gorg design, but they seem to be more advanced ones,” “Interesting, something in that ship seems to be Gorg, but something then again not,” “Captain, we could send an away team to there,” Grillka said and then Gigerdius replied: “Hmm… I suppose we could… alright, Sprak, Drill, Fhogli…” Gigerdius wasn’t able to complete his sentence before Fhogli yelled: “Captain! The Gorg ship, it’s doing something!” “What?!? On screen!” the Gorg ship seemed to launch something and Gigerdius said: “What’s that? Sprak, you get any info about that “thing”?” “Sensors are unable to penetrate it, whatever it is, it’s closing at high speed and will impact at current heading and speed in 30 seconds,” “Raise shields,” said Grillka and Fhogli replied: “Already done that… Captain, I lost that object…” Fhogli was really confused and so was Gigerdius who asked: “What?!?” Sprak then answered: “It appears to have disappeared, it’s possible it cloaked or is only jamming our sensors, but it last known heading was towards us,” “Keep looking for it Sprak, I don’t want it to be coming out of in front of our face,” then just after Gigerdius had finished talking Fhogli said: “Wait, I think I got it, but… HOLY SHIT!!!! THAT THING APPEARED INSIDE OUR SHIELDS!!” “EVASIVE MANOUVERS!!!!!” Gigerdius yelled and stood up from his chair, but it was too late already and Brian knew it so he yelled: “IT’S TOO LATE!” Immediately after that, the torpedo hit to Exploreison making average damage to its outer hull and armor, the ship shook a bit when the torpedo hit to her. Gigerdius pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to Drill, damage report!” and Drill answered: “Outer hull suffered average damage, outer hull averagely damage, no casualties, no system damage and no one even got hurt,” “Looks like that torpedo didn’t do much damage at least,” said Grillka and then Gigerdius responded: “Yeah. Having smaller crew does have some advantages, Drill try to repair all the damage that was done, Gigerdius out,” “Captain, that ship’s power systems are going off-line,” said Sprak and Gigerdius asked: “Are their defense systems off-line as well?” “It appears so, life-support does appear to be online and there also seems to be oxygen, but I cannot locate any life-signs however,” “Min’da, should we go and check that ship out?” “Grillka asked and Min’da then replied: “It may be safe for you to visit there now, but I do however recommend extreme caution there,” Then Deket said through the communicator: “Captain, if you’re going to there and get assimilated I have no idea can we bring you back,” “Thanks, doctor, but I think it’s worth the risk,” “I agree,” said Grillka and then Gigerdius pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to R’Derex, R’Derex prepare few security officer for an away mission to a Gorg vessel, meet us in the transporter room 17,” “Yes, sir. R’Derex out,” R’Derex replied and then went to prepare few security officers. Gigerdius stood up from the captain’s chair and said: “Sprak and Fhogli you come with me as well and inform Drill to meet us in transporter room 17, Grillka you have the command,” “Yes, captain and good luck, sir,” “Thanks, we may just need that,” Gigerdius said and then he, Sprak and Fhogli left from the bridge and went to a turbolift. R’Derex was preparing the security officers. Exploreison didn’t have all security personnel onboard, but still there were more than enough available. R’Derex was making small mission briefing for the four security officers that were coming to the away mission: “OK, we’ll be going onboard a Gorg vessel, as you may know Gorgs are able to adapt really quickly to our weapons, so if there happens to be live Gorgs there we don’t stand much of a chance, so your main objective is just to try to slow them down in case we’re under attack, also try to stay together since we’re on enemy territory then and don’t know what might happen,” “What guns we’ll be taking?” asked one of the male Gigerdian security officers and R’Derex answered: “We’ll be taking compression rifles for this mission, any heavier might make too much damage to us than the Gorgs, alright, any questions?” “There are no Gorgs alive?” asked one of the female Folan security officers and R’Derex then showed the sensor data of the Gorg vessel in the huge screen in the briefing room and answered: “This is the sensor data of the Gorg vessel, as you can see there are no life-signs, but because of the significant jamming not much information has been able to be taken, but like I said before there IS a possibility that there are Gorgs alive there so extreme caution should be taken and I really mean it, you should have heard things about the Gorg war in the academy and the close encounters with them haven’t been nice, so be extremely careful there,” “Yes, sir,” said all the security officers and then R’Derex continued: “Good, dismissed, we’ll leave immediately. When you’re ready report to transporter room 17,” and then the security personnel left, R’Derex just shut down the screen and then left himself as well.

They went to the equipment room then and took weapons and personal shields as well. R’Derex took a transporter enhancement into his hand and said: “You should take one of this as well, you might remember this from the academy; it’s a transporter enhancer, which allows you to be transported even when the transporter normally couldn’t beam you out,” he was showing the transporter enhancer the entire time he was talking. As soon as they had taken all the stuff they left from the room, but at the door R’Derex stopped the female Folan security officer and said: “T’Lar, keep an eye on those other security officers when I can’t,” “Why?” she asked and R’Derex explained: “It’s just that they’ve come straight from the academy and might not know where they are actually going to, I don’t want them to do something stupid while we’re onboard that ship,” “OK, I’ll keep an eye on them then,” she replied and then they continued going to the turbolift. The main security area was located in the bridge deck so even by the turbolift; it did take some time to get to the deck where transporter room 17 was located.

Gigerdius, Fhogli and Sprak were already in the transporter room waiting. They weren’t much talking until Gigerdius decided to ask: “You weren’t in the Gorg war?” “No, I had just gotten to the academy,” said Fhogli “I had just recently joined to Gigerdi Alliance military then,” Sprak said and then Gigerdius responded: “Well, I kinda thought so. I was an ambassador at that time so I really weren’t in the war, but I still knew well what was going on then and I really didn’t like that more though when the shield weakness was found,” “Captain, according to the scans I made that ship did not appear to have that shield weakness as you call it,” said Sprak, Gigerdius and Fhogli were surprised to hear it now and didn’t like about that, they were silent for a while until Fhogli was able to ask before Gigerdius: “And you didn’t bother to tell about this any before?” “Since that Gorg vessel’s shields were down, I did not think that to be a problem,” “But what if it will raise its shields?” Fhogli asked and Sprak replied: “It is highly unlikely that will happen, the Gorg vessel’s power systems are down and it has no shields then,” “What if they happen to repair it?” Gigerdius asked and Sprak explained it as well: “That it highly unlike as well. Most of the crew is dead, which means they cannot repair it or operate the ship,” “But you said the scans weren’t correct, what if there’s really someone alive?” Fhogli asked and Sprak answered: “There is a possibility that there are Gorgs alive onboard that ship, however the chance that there is someone alive is small. And even if I had told you about my findings there have had been only small chance it would have affected your decision,” “Well, in that thing you’re totally right,” Gigerdius responded, “Somehow I thought the same,” Fhogli responded and then Gigerdius said: “Damn, no where is R’Derex and the others?” “They should be on their way here,” Fhogli replied and Gigerdius responded: “I hope so, since we better act fast in case something happens in that Gorg vessel,”

Same time R’Derex and the security officers were in the turbolift heading to the transporter room 17. When they arrived to the deck where the transporter room 17 was located they moved to there. The turbolift was quite far away from the transporter room 17. Since Exploreison had so little of crew there were no one in the corridors, one reason was as well that the transporter decks aren’t used much. They moved pretty fast so it didn’t take many minutes for them to finally arrive at the transporter room 17.

Once they arrived Gigerdius said: “Looks like everyone is finally here, Aikon beam us to some control center in that Gorg vessel,” and they moved to the transporter pad then, it took sometime for Aikon to find a some sort of control center, but once he had found it he said: “I found some room that could be some kind of bridge, I dunno. I’m beaming you to there, at least there is functioning power source and life-support online,” “Alright, beam us to there,” Gigerdius replied and then Aikon said: “Energizing,” and they were beamed to the Gorg vessel.

Once they had been beamed Sprak immediately started scanning the area. The ship had suffered heavy damage, computers had fried, all the lights didn’t work and there were a lot of dead Gorgs there. The place itself was really red and had a lot of organic stuff as well as machinery. They were all looking around since it was their first time in a Gorg vessel. Sprak was then able to complete his scans and said: “I’m reading few faint life-signs here, but I cannot pinpoint their location, here seems to be a lot jamming and other interference,” “I thought you said here was no life-signs…” asked Gigerdius and Sprak explained: “These readings indicate these are really faint life-signs and it is possible that the ship’s sensors were not able to find them,” “Well, I just hope we won’t get any more surprises,” Gigerdius responded and was going around the room.

R’Derex was investigating the nearby Gorgs to see if they were alive. He had taken out his tricorder and used it to scan the Gorgs nearby so that the jamming wouldn’t affect it so much. He investigated the nearby Gorgs and found out some interesting things: “Captain, it seems these Gorgs have somehow been killed by extreme high heat, though I’m not sure what has caused it, what I can tell all the Gorgs in this room are dead,” he said and then Fhogli responded: “Heat? Could it be some fire based weapons?” “I don’t think so, this Gorg armor seems to be quite resistant… I’m reading some traces of energy on these Gorgs,” R’Derex said and then Gigerdius said: “Gorgs were energy based life-forms, though they also were organic and mechanical,” “These guys are just those, it seems that their energy based parts have vaporized or something else, organic parts seem to be pretty dead and the machines don’t seem to be operating anymore,” R’Derex said while he made more precise scans of the Gorgs. In the meantime T’Lar had moved to a nearby room and was looking around there, she noticed a lot of possible dead Gorgs. She continued to look around the room before going any further. The area there was heavily damaged as well, lots of lights had been destroyed, computers fried and both ceiling and floor had suffered severe damage, there was even quite big hole on the floor on one place of the room, which T’Lar was investigating. She then reported about the dead Gorgs to the rest of the away team: “Captain, here are a lot of dead Gorgs. They seemed to have some kind of fight here, inside the ship,” “What? Here, inside of this ship? You mean like someone had boarded this vessel?” Gigerdius asked and was a bit nervous about the matter that there might be some hostiles, onboard the Gorg vessel, they had never seen before and that are a lot more powerful than the Gorg, Sprak made more precise scans and was able to explain a bit of the situation: “It seems these Gorgs have been hit by plasma weapons, similar to the ones Gorgs seemed to use in the Gorg war. I am unsure have they been hit by Gorg weapons or some other ones, I need to do more scans to be able to determine that,” “Do it, I wanna know what happened here, R’Derex scan for any other life-signs, in case the attackers are still here,” Gigerdius said and then R’Derex scanned the area and replied: “I’m reading only Gorgs and us in the radius of 500 meters, I set the tricorder to constantly scan the area in case here still is some of those attackers,” “Good,” Gigerdius responded and then they continued looking around the area, not long after that Sprak was able to complete his scans and informed the rest of the away team about those: “Captain, it seems these Gorgs have been hit by the same kind of plasma weapon as they have, but it’s not totally same so I cannot be sure who or what killed these Gorgs,” “So they might have had some kind of civil war here?” R’Derex asked and Sprak answered: “It is highly possible, I cannot determine the reason to that however. I recommend we try to locate functioning Gorg computer,” “Good idea, start looking everyone!” Gigerdius said and then they all started looking for a functioning computer.

One of the security officers soon located a functioning computer in a nearby room and informed about it to the others: “Sir, I think I found a functioning computer,” “Good work ensign, Sprak try to get some info out of it,” Gigerdius said and then Sprak answered and moved at the computer: “Yes, sir,” He tried to operate it, but didn’t succeed. Others also noticed that Sprak couldn’t get to anywhere and R’Derex then asked: “Something wrong Sprak?” “It appears that this computer is functioning, but it isn’t responding to my commands. I’ll scan it to determine what might be wrong,” Sprak answered and then scanned the computer with his tricorder and then he was able to find the reason why the computer didn’t work. He then said: “It appears this computer terminal requires a Gorg or perhaps energy based life-form to function,” “Will it scan the Gorg or look somehow is it dead or alive?” Gigerdius asked and Sprak answered: “It seems to scan it and I do not know a way to get pass the Gorg sensors,” “Damn! How the hell are we supposed to get that info now!” just as Gigerdius had finished saying that Min’da said through the communicator: “I should be able to access the computer,” “But you don’t have Gorg energy!” Gigerdius said and wasn’t so sure would it be wise to do what Min’da was asking, but Min’da explained more: “I am capable of accessing Gorg computers, and only I can access it now,” “Hmm… fine get to here then,” Gigerdius responded. Min’da then went to the transporter room located in the bridge deck and soon she was transported to the Gorg vessel, near the rest of the away team.

One of the security officers was waiting at the beaming area for her and when she was transported to the ship, he guided her to the room where everyone else were and there showed to one of the computers, which Sprak was scanning, and said: “There’s the computer,” Min’da moved at the computer and then Sprak stopped scanning it. Min’da looked the computer console for a while to determine how to operate it, she didn’t seem to do anything for a while so Gigerdius asked: “Can you use it?” Min’da didn’t respond, but continued to look the computer, and then she placed her hand on the computer and said: “I believe I can,” She turned a bit blue while she was using the computer; members of the T-Race usually do that when it’s harder for them to concentrate to keep their humanoid form. It took sometime for her to be able to access the Gorg database, but once she was able to do that she said: “I was able to access the Gorg database now,” “Good, but try to make it fast,” Gigerdius said and started to be worried and he also had a good reason to be worried since soon Grillka said through the communicator: “Captain, you better get out of there as soon as you can since we detected malfunction in the Gorg reactor core, it’s going to blow in about 10 minutes at the current rate,” “Could be a self-destruct mechanism,” R’Derex said and then Fhogli responded: “Possible, or then it could have just been damaged,” “Thanks for the warning Grillka, we’ll be out of here soon, Gigerdius out,” Then Min’da was able to get some info about the ship’s current status and informed about it: “It appears the self-destruct system has been activated and I cannot stop it and according to the timer we have less than 10 minutes time before the reactor overloads and explodes,” “Guess it was the self-destruct after all,” R’Derex said and Fhogli responded: “Yeah,” “After five minutes, we’re out of here,” Gigerdius said. Sprak was constantly scanning the area for any changes, Min’da then tried to get the others to leave: “Captain, I recommend you to leave, it is unwise to stay here in case the reactor explodes any earlier. I’ll stay here and collect as much information as possible,” “I can’t let you do that, we’re not leaving you behind,” Gigerdius tried to explain to Min’da, but just as Gigerdius was able to finish his sentence Sprak noticed a malfunction in the life-support and said: “Captain, the life-support in this deck seems to have failed and oxygen seems to be running out fast,” “Captain, we detected a hull breach on the deck you are currently, is everything OK there?” Grillka asked and Gigerdius answered: “Life-support seems to be down here and oxygen is running out fast so we’re not totally OK here,” “Then you should get yourself out of there ASAP,” Grillka said and Gigerdius replied: “We will, don’t worry,” “Captain, I can remain here since I will survive without oxygen,” Min’da said, Gigerdius wasn’t so sure was it wise to leave her behind, but he decided to accept Min’da’s request: “Alright, you stay here then, but we’ll get you out if any problems come, big or small,” T’Lar noticed some light in the nearby room that wasn’t coming from a lamp so she decided to check it out. She moved closer to it and noticed that it was a Gorg and it still had some energy left, which indicated that it was still alive, she moved closer to it and started to examine it and noticed that it indeed was still alive and even moved a little, she decided to report this to the captain: “Captain! I found a Gorg who seems to be still alive,” Just as she was able to finish her sentence the Gorg opened its eyes and took her hand with its energy hand, T’Lar was frightened since she didn’t know what the Gorg was trying to do, but she was confused when the Gorg said: “They are coming for you…” but then the Gorg died and the energy disappeared. Gigerdius and R’Derex ran to there and Gigerdius then asked: “What happened?” “The Gorg just took my hand, said that they are coming for you and then he or she or whatever died,” T’Lar answered, R’Derex was troubled about this, but Gigerdius didn’t seem to be and only said: “Strange, well we should be going now,” “Captain, shouldn’t we be at least a little concerned about what that Gorg said?” “I wouldn’t believe everything what a dead Gorg says, also they might just try to scare us, we did kick their asses in the Gorg war,” Gigerdius replied and thought that the conversation had been finished, but R’Derex continued: “With all due respect, sir, we have no idea WHO killed all the Gorgs here, what if they are those that are coming for us?” Gigerdius then turned to face R’Derex and said: “It is possible, but I don’t really believe that, until we get some more proof we really needn’t to do anything,” “I suppose you’re right…” R’Derex said and then T’Lar said: “Captain, I suggest we take this Gorg with us for further examinations,” “Hmm… might be a bad idea or a good idea… alright, we’ll take it with us,” Gigerdius said and then he continued: “R’Derex you got those transporter enhancers?” “Yeah, right here,” R’Derex replied and took one transporter enhancer from his pocket, then Gigerdius continued: “Good, put one on that Gorg,” he was pointing the Gorg, which had just been alive. R’Derex placed that and then Gigerdius pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to the bridge’s transporter room, all to beam up except Min’da,” “Yes, sir,” answered the transporter chief there and then she beamed them out of the Gorg vessel to the transporter room.

The Gorg was beamed with them. Gigerdius stepped out of the transporter pad, pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to Deket, Deket we took one Gorg with us for you to examine it, we’ll beam it to the sickbay,” “OK, Deket out,” Deket replied. All the others then left from the transporter room and then Gigerdius said to the transporter chief: “Beam that Gorg to the sickbay now,” “Yes, sir,” she replied and then beamed the Gorg to the sickbay. Gigerdius then headed to bridge. Others had already left the transporter room; security personnel had gone to the security center and Fhogli had gone to the bridge.

The security officers and R’Derex went to the equipment room to remove their gear, there R’Derex announced: “That was a good job you did there, even that nothing really happened it’s good that you didn’t start doing your own there, so great job, at least now I can count on you more,” “Thanks chief,” “Yeah, thanks,” “Thanks,” “Thanks chief, it was no problem to us,” the security officers said and T’Lar was the last to thank R’Derex. When all the other security officers, except T’Lar and R’Derex had left, T’Lar asked: “You expected them to do something stupid there, didn’t you?” “Well… yeah, I did expect that, just because of the events that happened on Cruula 5,” “In case you haven’t checked these guys’ records, they are well trained security officer,” “I know, but it’s also because they just got out of the academy, you’ll never know what people might start doing the,” “Well, I suppose it’s possible and of course you can never be too precautious,” T’Lar said and then walked to the door when R’Derex said: “Hey T’Lar I’m going to see that Gorg down in the sickbay, you coming?” and then R’Derex also moved at the door, then T’Lar replied: “Sure,” and then they both left from the equipment room and went to the lift.

Then at the bridge; when Gigerdius came in to the bridge Drill said: “Captain, there’s some sort of fluctuation in our EPS power grid, I can’t really make sense of it, but I believe that Gorg torpedo did that,” “What kind of fluctuation?” “Well, apparently jump drives are totally inoperative, impulse engines are only working at 50% power and shields can’t get full power. The Gorg torpedo seems to have placed some strange energy to our power systems and it seems that our systems are unable to use that power and thus will damage the systems it gets. Still strangely, all of the ship systems have not been disabled, I’m not sure why, could be that the energy hasn’t reached there, or that it has been specifically made to target only specific systems or that it cannot affect all ship systems,” “Are you saying that this energy might be intelligent?” Gigerdius asked and was really confused about the matter, Drill then answered: “Well, I’m not sure, but it’s highly possible that it is, at least there are a lot of signs that indicate that. Hell, if it’s intelligent I have no idea what it has in store for us, it might even activate the self-destruct without us even noticing that,” “Can you remove it?” Gigerdius asked and then sat to the captain’s chair, Drill took a deep breath and then answered: “Well, frankly, I have no idea. First of all, I cannot locate this energy, second it might be all over our power system, third I have no idea HOW to remove it and last I have no idea what it will cause if I manage remove it from the power systems and from the ship’s systems,” “Damn, guess we’ll have to live with it for now at least, can you repair any of the damaged systems?” Gigerdius asked and then Dill replied: “I can, but repairing the jump drives will take an hour and a half, shields and impulse engines will take an hour,” “Damn, we don’t have that much time, well try to figure out something Drill,” “I’ll try, sir,” Drill replied and then went to his console to figure out something. Gigerdius then asked: “Gigerdius to Min’da, Min’da how long until you have completed the data transfer?” “Few minutes captain, it is quite hard for me to access the Gorg database,” Gigerdius started to get a bit nervous like everyone, except Sprak and Min’da. Grillka then asked: “Sprak, how much time we got left?” “Two minutes and eight seconds,” Sprak answered and then Gigerdius pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to bridge transporter room; are you able to get a lock on Min’da?” “Negative, I’m unable to find her energy signature, it seems to mix with the Gorg ship’s energy signature, but I should be able to locate in few minutes at least,” the transporter officer replied and Gigerdius responded: “We might not have few minutes, just get her out of there as soon as you can and that better be fast, Gigerdius out,”

Min’da was downloading information from the Gorg computer as the ship started to shake a bit. Onboard Exploreison Sprak was monitoring the Gorg reactor and noticed that it wasn’t so stable anymore and so informed about this: “Captain, the Gorg reactor is going critical in 36 seconds.” Gigerdius then pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to Min’da, Min’da you better get ready to the transported out soon.” “I understand,” she replied and then Gigerdius continued: “Gigerdius out. Gigerdius to bridge transporter room, are you able to lock on to Min’da?” “I think I got her sir, however I’m not sure.” “What do you mean ‘not sure’?” asked Gigerdius and the bridge transporter chief answered: “Well, I was able to locate energy pattern similar of Min’da’s, but I’m not sure is it the right one. If it isn’t, I’ll beam something else out of there.” Gigerdius was silent for a short time, because he needed to think about it and then he responded: “I see… well we really don’t have any other choice, as soon as that reactor goes critical, beam her out.” “Yes, sir. Dougherty out,” the transporter chief replied.

The Gorg reactor was going critical and Sprak informed about this again: “Captain, Gorg main reactor is now going critical, it will overload and explode in 39 seconds.” Then Dougherty said: “Captain, I was able to beam Min’da out, but I can’t materialize her.” “Keep trying ensign, Gigerdius out. Brian get us the hell out of here,” Gigerdius said and stood up from his chair. Brian replied: “Yes, sir.” And engaged the impulse engines and then the ship started to move away from the Gorg ship. But because the impulse engines weren’t working at full power, they weren’t able to get far from the Gorg ship, until its reactor overloaded. Sprak noticed that the reactor was going to explode shortly and once again informed about it: “Captain, reactor overload is imminent.” Gigerdius sat back to his chair, pressed a button on the computer on his right side and said: “All hands, brace for impact,” and then continued: “Fhogli, shields?” Fhogli was able to say one word: “Barely,” until Sprak said: “Reactor destroyed.” Exploreison wasn’t moving fast enough to be able to fully evade the blast.

A little earlier onboard G.A.S. Peace: “Captain, we have detected that the Gorg vessel near Exploreison is unstable and will exploded momentarily,” said Peace’s science officer, then Mad Gigerdi asked: “What is the status of the Exploreison?” “It’s shields are only partly working, jump drives are inoperative and impulse engines are only working at 50% power… they might not survive the blast of that Gorg ship,” the science officer replied, Mad Gigerdi remained silent and was thinking of the best course of action to this situation and finally decided to go there with the Peace: “Helm, set course to the Exploreison’s coordinates, so that we get there in time.” “Aye, sir,” the helmsman replied and set course to the Exploreison’s coordinates, same time the science officer said: “Sir, the Gorg ship is going to explode.” “Engaging jump drives!” the helmsman said and engaged them, and soon the Peace was near Exploreison.

“Can’t we go any faster?” Gigerdius asked nervously and Brian replied: “Hell, no. I’m not sure how long the engines will be operating at this rate.” “Captain, I am reading G.A.S. Peace on our sensors,” said Sprak and then Gigerdius stood up and yelled: “On screen!”

Chapter 3: Signs

He saw that the Peace then activated a tractor beam on them and Sprak informed about it as well: “They engaged a tractor beam on us and seem to jumping out.” Soon the Peace jumped, however everything did not go well. “We have successfully jumped, however I am reading some kind of malfunction in their tractor beam, it does not seem to operate within normal parameters.” “Captain, our shields are getting too much energy, they can’t hold it!” Drill yelled and Sprak clarified: “It seems that the Peace’s tractor beam is now transferring energy from their shields to ours. It appears that this is caused by Min’da’s strange form of energy, which seems to affect this way to the tractor beam. Also not only our shields are going to overload, but the structural integrity of both ships does not seem to hold for long.” “Captain, the organic armor can probably hold us together quite long, but I can’t say the same of Peace,” Drill said and Gigerdius answered: “I see, how much time you think we have Sprak?” “About six minutes at this rate captain.” “Well, we don’t have much time.” “What if we destroy Peace’s tractor beam?” Grillka asked and Sprak replied: “That might work, however I am uncertain what it would do to Peace or to us, so I would not recommend it.” “We’ll use that only as a last course of action then, but you better think of an alternative soon,” Gigerdius said and not long after that Ghi’la informed them that they were being hailed: “Captain, we are being hailed by the Peace.” “On screen,” Gigerdius replied and walked few steps ahead. Then the picture of Mad Gigerdi appeared on the screen and he said: “We have been unable to shut of the tractor beam, it seems to be draining power from somewhere else.” “One chance would be that we destroy your tractor beam, but we don’t know what it will do to us,” Gigerdius explained and then Mad Gigerdi quite nervously thought few seconds and then replied: “I see… we really don’t have any other choice right now, so do what you have to do, we’ll evacuate any areas near the tractor beam, so you may fire in two minutes, Peace out.” “Is there any way you can shut down the tractor beam lieutenant?” Mad Gigerdi continued. “No, the tractor beam isn’t responding. It has to be destroyed or disabled by some way.” The science officer replied. “Guess we’ll just have to let them do the job and hope it works…” Mad Gigerdi responded.

“I have locked main Incinerator beams at the Peace’s tractor beam, ready to fire.” Fhogli informed and then Ghi’la said: “Captain, Peace informs we now fire,” “Well… proceed lieutenant.” Gigerdius said and started to get more nervous, like everyone else except Sprak. “Yes, sir.” Fhogli replied and then fired both medium incinerator beams at the Peace’s tractor, successfully disabling it after firing continues fire for sometime.

Sprak then turned around to face Gigerdius and said: “The tractor beam has been disabled,” then Brian took the ship out of jump space. Gigerdius and everyone else were relived. “Good work people,” said Grillka. Then Gigerdius remembered Min’da and quickly pressed his communicator and asked: “Bridge to bridge’s transporter room, what’s your status with Min’da?” “Still nothing, she seems to be in the power grid, but I’m having hard time locating her,” “Acknowledged, Sprak you better go and help him,” “Yes, sir,” Sprak replied and stood up from his chair and then walked out of the bridge.

Not long after that Ghi’la said: “Captain, Peace is hailing us.” “On screen,” replied Gigerdius. Then Mad Gigerdi appeared on the viewscreen, he was smiling and said: “Good work captain, looks like we all made it after all,” “Yes, it would appear so,” Gigerdius replied. “Well, now that we’re ‘fine’ once again, I want to visit your ship captain. Haven’t seen it from the inside before and I figured now might be a good time, also since I need to give your mission briefing as well.” “As you wish admiral, we’ll be waiting for you, Exploreison out… Grillka prepare the ship for the admiral’s arrival,” Gigerdius said and Grillka replied: “Yes, sir.” Not long after that Deket said through the communicator: “Captain, I’ve completed the analysis of the Gorg you brought here and… well you better come here.” Gigerdius and Grillka look at each other and then Gigerdius replies: “I’ll be on my way, Gigerdius out. Ghi’la, inform Peace that the admiral can arrive in two hours.” “Yes, sir,” she replied and then Gigerdius left the bridge. Gigerdius then went to the stairs and started to head for deck 52.

Then at the engineering; there was a lot of activity as people were trying to repair the ship. Drill was giving instructions and orders to rest of the engineering people. “Damn. Grouvi get that secondary fusion reactor online now, and Sala try to get power back on deck 798,” Drill ordered and the both of them responded: “Yes, sir,” and then went to do their duties. Drill then went at one of the consoles in the main engineering. He was checking the status of the jump drives and running a diagnostic program at the same time, but didn’t seem to find anything wrong with them, which got him frustrated: “Damn, what’s wrong with these jump drives? I can’t find anything wrong with them, but they still don’t work. Tlekster and Retia check the jump drives. I’ll go to check the weapons control on deck 702,” Drill ordered and then left the engineering and headed to deck 702.

At the bridge’s transporter room the transporter officer was still trying to get Min’da back with really no luck. Then one engineer came to the transporter room and asked: “How’s it going?” “Not well, I just can’t understand why is it so hard to find her, not to mention to get her back in her original form,” the transporter officer replied and constantly was attempting to get her back, the engineer moved closer to the console and asked: “So what’s the problem?” “It’s her energy, it doesn’t seem to be any normal kind of and thus is hard to find,” the transporter officer replied and then the engineer moved to use the transporter console as well and said: “Maybe I can help.”

Gigerdius arrived at the infirmary where Deket was studying and examining the Gorg. “So what you’ve got?” Gigerdius asked and Deket turned to face him and said: “Ah, good that you came captain,” he then turned to face the Gorg and Gigerdius also walked at it, Deket then continues: “Well first thing is that the central processor of this Gorg is no longer operating and also is no longer sending or receiving anything. Now there are always lots of possibilities here, but I believe that only one or two of them are true.” “Well what are those?” “Well since the central processor doesn’t seem to be damaged at all I don’t think it has broken and also since it doesn’t have seem to suffer any damage, and if I remember Gorg technology correctly it won’t just break down. Also I checked all information regarding Gorg during the Gorg war and I found one that would fit here. It seems that the central processor is the one that receives all the collective stuff, but this one is no longer receiving anything, or sending, which might mean one thing.” “And that might be?” “That the source that controlled the collective has been destroyed, which means that the Gorg leader would be dead or the control center has been destroyed.” “I thought all the Gorgs were wiped out during the Gorg war?” Gigerdius asked and was getting a bit frustrated. “Well I think there’s always a chance that truly only portion of them was truly destroyed, as we did eliminate them a bit too easily.” “Yeah, I suppose that could be right. What happens to a Gorg when he’s cut from the collective?” “Well according to what I’ve examined they are no longer controlled by the collective or they will self-destruct.” “Well on that Gorg ship it seemed that they had started to fire on each other.” “That might be because they got separated from the collective and became berserk.” “Can you find any information from that central processor?” “No it’s too sophisticated piece of technology although it is organic-based.” “Well guess we’ll just have to wait for Min’da’s information to be analyzed. I just have no idea who or what could destroy the Gorgs,” Gigerdius said and then Deket responded: “Well I hope we won’t be meeting them anytime soon…” “Yeah well, see if you can find anything else from that Gorg. Since something is going on and I wanna know what,” Gigerdius ordered and Deket replied: “Yes, sir,” “I’ll head back to bridge, inform me if anything new comes up.” “Yes, sir,” Deket again replied and then Gigerdius left from the infirmary. Deket then started examining and scanning the Gorg.

Gigerdius was walking to the turbolift, he pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to bridge’s transporter room, what is your status over there?” “I can’t say, I just can’t locate her, only some portions of her sometimes, but nothing anymore, it’s mostly because of her energy type, it’s so uncommon and strange.” “I see, well keep trying, we need to get her back,” Gigerdius ordered and the transporter then replied: “Yes, sir, bridge’s transporter room out.” Gigerdius then arrived at the turbolift and pressed the button next to the door.

Same time at the engineering, Drill had come back and was investigating the jump drives on one of the consoles in the main engineering. He then pressed his communicator and said: “Drill to Tlekster, good work looks like you to got the jump drives working again.” “Well actually we didn’t, we had just arrived at here when they suddenly became operational again, I don’t know how that happened really,” Tlekster replied, Drill was amazed and didn’t really know what to say, he used the console a bit and said: “Then how the hell they got fixed? Well I’m not really even sure how they got damaged in the first place anyway. Did you find out anything there?” “Well, there was some traces of an odd type of energy, but nothing else really,” Tlekster replied “Odd type of energy? Hmm… see if you can find something there and run a few diagnostics just to be sure.” “Yes, sir. Tlekster out.” Drill was thinking that what could have caused that, but soon went back to his duties.

Sprak was then noticing something strange with his console. It started to malfunction. He pressed his communicator and said: “Sprak to Drill, Lieutenant-commander there is something wrong with my science console.” “What’s with it, Sprak?” “It no longer responds to any commands,” Sprak explained and Drill then investigated from his console at the main engineering: “I can’t find anything wrong with it, you want that I send someone there?” “Not necessary, I believe I may have figured out why the console started malfunctioning.” “Well?” “It is possible that Min’da might be located in the console now.” “Hold on, I’ll investigate,” Drill said and again used his console and after a short while he said: “There is some odd type of energy in there, so I suppose that is possible.” “I will inform the captain, Sprak out.” Grillka then stood up from her chair, went at the Sprak’s console, and then said: “So you believe you have located Min’da?” “Yes commander as this console does appear to both work and not to work at the same time,” Sprak explained and Grillka then responded: “I’ll head to the transporter room, inform the captain about this.” “Yes, sir,” Sprak replied. Grillka then left from the bridge and Sprak pressed his communicator and said: “Sprak to Gigerdius, captain I believe that lieutenant Min’da is now located in my console.” “What? Are you serious?” “I am sir, as the console suddenly became inoperative and there does not seem to be any other explanation for it.” “What if it’s some remains of the Gorg energy or something?” “I do not believe that to be the case captain,” Sprak explained, “Well good, then we need to get her out of there,” Gigerdius said and then Sprak replied: “Commander Grillka already went to the transporter room,” “Good, Gigerdius out,” Then he presses his communicator and says: “Gigerdius to bridge’s transporter room, are you able to get her back now?” Grillka had already explained everything to the transporter officer, who was now attempting to locate her: “I’m still not reading her yet, at least not fully, only portions,” he continued in his attempt to locate Min’da and so did the one engineer there as well.

Gigerdius then arrived to the bridge deck and started moving straight to the transporter room and as he was about to enter the room the transporter officer said: “I think I got her now captain,” “Good, I’ll be there shortly Gigerdius out,” and not long after that he entered the transporter room and then the transporter officer said: “I’m energizing now…” and then he activated the transporter. The transporter had some trouble of energizing Min’da as it took several seconds until she was reconstituted, but as soon as she was Gigerdius said: “Good to see you’re OK.” “Yeah, but what happened to you anyway?” Grillka asked and then Min’da stepped out of the transporter pad and answered calmly as members of the T-Race always do: “It would appear that the transporter actually transferred my energy to the ship’s systems.” Then Gigerdius and Grillka look at the transporter officer, who then notices this after a short while and responds: “Well, I suppose that is always possible, since we don’t know much about the T-Race energy yet.” Then Min’da continues: “However I can assure you that I was never in danger while I was there and would have never been either.” “Well it’s still good that we got you back now safe,” Grillka said and Gigerdius responds: “Yeah, it is.” Min’da then stepped closer to the door and said: “I believe we should decipher this information I took from the Gorg ship.” “Yeah, you’re right,” Gigerdius said and then Min’da left from the room, but Gigerdius still whispered to Grillka: “Could you investigate this still? As there is something here I don’t like.” “Yeah, sure, and I have to agree that this does sound a bit odd to me as well,” she replied and then Gigerdius said: “Inform me as soon as you find something.” “Yes, sir,” Grillka replied and then Gigerdius left the room and after that Grillka said: “Let’s see what we can find out.” And then all three of them started to investigate the matter.

Gigerdius then catch Min’da as she was walking to the bridge and Gigerdius said: “You perhaps should work with Sprak to decipher that information you found,” “That will not be necessary captain, but if you insist then I will do it,” “Good…” Then they arrived at the bridge.

R’Derex was sitting in his office. He was reading latest security reports from the Gigerdi Alliance. Then T’Lar came in. R’Derex noticed her and said: “T’Lar, what brings you here?” “Just came to see if you’d know what is happening here right now,” she replied and then R’Derex pointed to the chair in front of his desk and said: “Sit down,” then she sat down and R’Derex continued: “Well I don’t know much myself right now either, Deket seem to have made some progress with the Gorg at least according to what he said to me about an hour ago.” “I see, did they got Min’da back yet?” “Last I heard they just got her out of Sprak’s console,” R’Derex replied and T’Lar was a bit irritated: “Damn, I seem to be the last persons to hear about everything.” “Well information does seem to move relatively slow around here, especially when it comes to more ‘normal’ crewmembers.” “Yeah the senior staff always hears everything first,” T’Lar said and was still a bit irritated about the current situation. “Well perhaps times will change, this is our first mission you know and a mission that turned out to be something else than we thought,” “Indeed… but I think I’ll head to my quarters now, in case something major happens any change you could inform me?” “Sure, no problem,” R’Derex replied and smiled, then T’Lar stood up and replied: “Thanks,” and then left from R’Derex’s office. He then continued to look the security reports.

Fhogli was performing weapon systems checkup, while Min’da and Sprak were working on the Gorg information Min’da recovered. Fhogli noticed that suddenly almost every system was working properly and really almost no problems occurred in any of the weapons systems. Fhogli was amazed as not long ago almost the entire weapons system was down, but still didn’t seem to have damage, and now it works like it would have never been damaged or inoperative. Because he wasn’t much of an engineer, he pressed his communicator and said: “Fhogli to Drill, lieutenant-commander you have any idea why the weapons systems are suddenly working?” “None whatsoever, it would seem that almost every system works perfectly now as if they were never inoperative. We’re still looking in the matter, so right now I can’t say anything really,” Drill answered and really didn’t have any answers yet, Fhogli really didn’t know what to think and so only said: “I see, Fhogli out.”

Ghi’la was also performing checks on the communications system and a routine check on the communications. Then she noticed something odd, as a transmission was sent from the Exploreison to an unknown source at an unknown location. She started investigating the matter, and noticed that the transmission came from the sickbay. She immediately pressed her communicator and said: “Ghi’la to Deket, doctor it would appear that your Gorg friend might have sent a short transmission.” “Might be his central processor, if it’s still trying to find out if the collective exists. At what time this occurred and why you noticed only now?” Deket asked and was surprised that some transmission could have gotten out without it been noticed, Ghi’la investigated a while and then replied: “It appears to have been sent about 30 minutes ago, during the time that communications systems were malfunctioning a bit.” Deket was thinking a while and then replied: “Hmm… must have been during then when many systems around this ship were exhibiting unusual behavior to so to say. Thank you for informing me about this, please inform me in the future if same transmissions occur, oh and by the way, any chance you can find out what transmission it was?” Ghi’la again investigated, but couldn’t find any other info regarding the transmission: “No, it was sent during the time the communications were pretty much inoperative so I can’t find out any specifics of the transmission or where it went.” “OK, thanks anyway. Deket out.”

By then Sprak and Min’da had been able to decipher and translate some of the Gorg information Min’da recovered. Sprak was viewing the information on his console. It seemed to be the coordinates for a major base of operations that Sprak believed to be the Gorg’s homeworld. Grillka came to investigate the progress of Sprak and Min’da: “So how’s it going here?” “Well, we have been able to decipher most of the data and believe that we have the location for the Gorg homeworld,” Min’da said and did her typical T-Race movement, Sprak then showed some of the information on his console’s screen to Grillka: “Here is the information we’ve been able to decipher for now, as you can see it would seem to be the location of a very important area.” Grillka looked the information a bit and saw that it seemed to be map of a large Gorg base: “It would appear so. This is big discovery you’ve made, now we might even be able to visit that planet of theirs.” “Indeed commander, this should convince the Gigerdi Alliance military and Mad Gigerdi to let us explore that planet,” Min’da said, but Sprak wasn’t so confident about it, although he didn’t express is really: “I am not so sure this is a wise course of action, as we have no idea what we might encounter there.” “I’m aware of the risks lieutenant, but in this job you should be able to take them,” Grillka said and Sprak raised his eyebrows. Grillka then continued: “Good work anyway, and see if you can find out something else, I’ll inform the captain about this discovery.” “Yes, commander,” Sprak said and then they started to work on the Gorg information again.

Grillka went to Gigerdius’s office where he was sitting on his chair and staring out of the holowindow. Gigerdius didn’t notice Grillka’s arrival at first. Grillka walked closer to the table and said: “Captain?” Gigerdius continued to stare out of the holowindow, but still responded calmly: “Yes commander?” “Lieutenants Sprak and Min’da believe they have found information regarding the location of the Gorg homeworld,” Grillka said, which really got Gigerdius attention and he quickly rolled his chair around and asked: “Are you serious?” “Yes, sir. Of course it’s not for sure yet, but it’s quite sure, so we might be making a trip to there anytime soon, should the strategic command agree, sir.” Gigerdius wasn’t so confident about the trip to there and so turned a bit to right and then replied: “I’m not so sure about that though, I have to discuss about it with the admiral, but I still wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet, if it even is a good thing to visit the Gorg homeworld or whatever it is. There’s something about this that I just don’t like, but I don’t seem to like anything these days.” “Whatever you say, sir. Oh and by the way, the thing about the transporter problem. It would seem that Min’da’s energy somehow integrated the ship’s systems and was somehow incompatible, which caused all the malfunctions. We’re still not sure how, as we understand very little about T-Race physiology, so as for now I don’t have really much of answers.” “Good work anyway. It is possible that we won’t be getting any information about the T-Race anytime soon so this investigation might go for a little pause. Inform me if anything new comes up about the Min’da incident or about this Gorg information,” Gigerdius said and turned to face her while saying that, Grillka then replied: “Yes, sir. I will inform you as soon as anything new comes up.” Then Gigerdius turned to face the holowindow again and Grillka left the room.

Gigerdius was thinking about his old times; about the times he spent as an ambassador and the time he was aboard the space dock. He was also thinking about his family and had he betrayed them by accepting this position. He hadn’t seen them in several weeks, had only called always when he had the change to do that. He wasn’t happy about the current situation they had onboard either. Then the word Deket came through the communicator and Deket said: “Captain, I could use some engineer here to help me with these mechanical parts that this Gorg has, since this thing requires as much an engineer than it needs a doctor.” “All right I’ll tell Drill to send one to there,” Gigerdius said and Deket continued: “Thank you captain, but I also needed to tell you that it would seem that this Gorg had energy-based parts as well.” “Had? So they are gone now?” Gigerdius asked a bit surprised as well and Deket answered: “It would appear so, I’m still not sure how they were destroyed, but I suppose it had something to do with the situation onboard his ship. And you remember that the Gorg really didn’t have arms, that’s because their energy-based parts form those arms.” “Yeah I remember… well thanks for informing me about this. I’ll tell Drill to send one engineer to there.” “Thank you captain, Deket out,” Deket answered. Then Gigerdius pressed his communicator and said: “Gigerdius to Drill. Drill I need you to send one engineer to the sickbay to help Deket with the Gorg.” “Yes, captain, I’ll send one there right away. Drill out,” he replied and then continued after that: “Lukne go to the sickbay to assist Deket with the Gorg.” “Yes, sir,” she replied and left from the engineering.

Ghi’la was sitting at her console and thinking about her new assignment, which certainly had started a lot of differently than se had originally thought of. At the same time, the computer was trying to trace the destination of the signal that the Gorg had sent. Ghi’la wasn’t any longer so sure was this the right assignment. It had proven to be complete different than she had imagined. Life was easy and simple at the academy; no real life-threatening situations. But here, at the second frontier, in space, things were different. It was real, and it wasn’t easy. There were real risks involved, a lot of hard work ahead, and probably much more important issues involved than most had originally thought of. Ghi’la had never thought of this kind of first assignment, or ever being had to participate in this kind of assignment, but the reality is much wider than you might think at first, and it was now as well. She was so consumed by her thoughts that she didn’t even notice that the computer had already completed its investigations and found the destination of the signal, or at least approximately. Grillka then walked at her side, however, Ghi’la didn’t discern this either. Grillka notices that the computer has found something and thus says: “Lieutenant?” however, she gets no answer, she says again, but this time a bit louder: “Lieutenant?!” Finally Ghi’la notices Grillka and retorts: “Oh, sorry sir. I was just in my thoughts… sorry, sir.” “It’s alright, as long as this doesn’t come as a habit,” Grillka counters. “It won’t, sir,” Ghi’la replies, straightens herself and checks the computer’s situation. Grillka then asks about the current situation: “Have you found out anything more, lieutenant?” Ghi’la analyzes the information for a few seconds and then answers back: “Yes, sir. The signal that our Gorg buddy sent seem to have been sent somewhere to the Andromeda galaxy,” “You can’t pinpoint the exact location?” “Sorry, sir, I can’t. The signal, however, was relatively strong, considering the fact where it came from,” she replied as if it would have been her fault that the signal’s destination couldn’t be discovered. “Well, you did the best you could. This didn’t leave us empty-handed anyway. Good work though,” Grillka replied, obviously knowing Ghi’la’s situation very well, and thus attempting to increase her confidence. “Really sir…? I mean… thank you, sir,” she replied, trying not to show to be too excited. Grillka left smiling and Ghi’la was perhaps a bit more confident now than she was a moment before.

Gigerdius was still sitting in his ready room, thinking. The holowindow was displaying the Peace. It wasn’t completely visible due to its very large size. Grillka came in and noticed Gigerdius looking at the Peace. This time Gigerdius also noticed her arrival: “She’s definitely a big ship,” “Indeed she is captain,” she replied, took few steps closer to the captain’s table and continued: “We were unable to decipher the destination of the Gorg signal,” Gigerdius turned 180 degrees to face Grillka and responded: “That shouldn’t prove to be too much of a problem, we still have more than enough information already… at least more than we ever had before.” “Yes, sir. When will you talk to admiral Mad Gigerdi?” asked Grillka the usual military way and Gigerdius answered: “In about 10 minutes I think… he should be contacting us as soon as he completes the check of his ship.” Grillka nods and after a few seconds of silence Gigerdius continued: “Anything else?” “No, sir,” Grillka replied, but continued to stand at the same place, following the military protocol. Gigerdius wasn’t so sure what to do in these sorts of situations, as he has had no previous command experience whatsoever. He still did the most obvious thing: “Well… dismissed then.” “Thank you, sir,” Grillka replied and then moved out of the ready room. Gigerdius turned 180 degrees to face the holowindow again and said in a rather quiet voice: “I wonder will I ever get used to this military stuff…”