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Peace Station

G.A.S. Exploreison I: In The Beginning Remake

It was a dawn of the fourth age of the Gigerdian kind. Peace Station project was a new beginning to this galaxy, even that it mostly failed in its mission to create peace, it still helped this galaxy in many difficult situations. Gigerdians had suffered three great wars; H’Vos war, the second Bacterian war, the Gorg war and one was ending; the Dominion War. Still many wars would come in the future and many other conflicts would happen to the Gigerdi Alliance, which was in its first days after the secession war. One ship holds the fate of the Gigerdians and one name also holds the fate of Gigerdians. The last days of the Peace Station were coming, also the last days of the Dominion war were at hand. Even that the war was coming to an end, more conflicts were just arriving. This is the story how the Exploreison project begun and this is the story of the last days in the Peace Station.

Exploreison project was a new beginning to the galaxy; it was an age of the greatest wars and the greatest conflicts. In the Gigerdian year 3359, the exploration of new starsystems was beginning. This is the story of Exploreison; the newest Exploration vessel of the newly founded Gigerdi Alliance. Starring: Kyle Gigerdi 2, Mad Gigerdi 2, Gigerdius, R’Derex, T’Lar, Deket, Sprak, Commander Grillka, Captain Sissi, Fhogli, Ghi’la, Brian, Drill, President of the Federation, Emperor of the Folans, Captain of the Peace Station, Security chief of the Peace Station, Justin Gron, Erwin Lerev. Guest Starz!: Ze’er, Min’da, He’Isa, Shi’Iva, Elo, Mila, Killian, Dell, Gill Mora, Rubek, J. Edgar Gigerdi, Admiral Nechen and H. R. Gigerdi

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was a normal day on the planet Gigerdi Prime, the Dominion war was almost over and the Peace Station was having its final days. The emperors of the newly formed Gigerdi Alliance were at the Peace Station last time, with the leaders from different races. In the mean time, Gigerdi Alliance’s military’s generals and admirals were having a meeting in the capital city of Gigerdi Prime; Gigord. Two admirals were speaking outside of the meeting room: “Any idea what will be the subject now?” asked the admiral and then the admiral in front of him answered: “Something about a new exploration ship I think, I’m not fully sure, though.” “Exploration ship? I thought we have enough of those.” said the other admiral and the other then responded: “Yeah I know, but I heard that this one will somehow be a different one than the others.” Then the Lead Admiral of the ship deciding committee said from the conference room: “Looks like everyone is here, let’s get started then.” Everyone went to their chairs and sat. Then the Lead admiral sat to his chair and started talking: “Now that the Dominion war is coming to an end, we should start to think about our future. We’ve been thinking with the military research that we should make a new kind of exploration ship; ship that has only minimal amount of weapons, but still has large fighter bays, good science capabilities and a fast ship.” Then one admiral raised her hand and the Lead admiral said: “Yes?” then the admiral said her opinion: “Are you sure it’s a wise idea to make a ship that has only minimal amount of weapons?” Then the Lead admiral answered: “I thought someone would ask that. Anyway, the reason why it would have lesser weapons than GA ships normally have, is that it would be designed sole for a peaceful exploration, still enough defenses so that it would be able to defend itself in case of an attack. Many of you might object this idea, but still I think it’s a worth of thinking.” Then one fleet admiral stood up and started talking: “I totally disagree with you, I think that every exploration should have good defensive capabilities, so that it can defend itself if, needed. Whatever this new exploration ship will be, I suggest it’ll be the same as the previous ones.” Before he was able to sit down again one general stood up and started talking: “I like this idea, but it does have few problems I don’t like that the weapons will be decreased so much, I suggest that it’ll have the same weaponry as the previous ones.” Then another general stood up and started talking: “You said you liked that, but still you said that it should have more weapons?” Then one admiral said: “This whole idea is stupid, we should abandon it immediately.” Then the whole discussion turned into constant yelling and fighting. Everyone was yelling and fighting except the Lead admiral who still sat on his chair. He just looked how the generals and admirals were fighting. He then stood up and left from the conference room and outside in the corridor one man was waiting, who then asked: “So, how was the meeting?” “Not good, as you probably can hear.” answered the Lead admiral as they were walking forward. Then the man said: “Yes, I did hear that it did not go so well… I still think that this idea will pass.” “Well, I hope you’re, I just do hope that.”

The Peace Station was having totally, too much people. All the leaders from every race were at the station with the drunken people from the Gigerdi Prime, since the Peace Station was already so small and full before they arrived there just wasn’t much space to use anymore. Some of the drunken people had to be placed to the ambassador’s quarters and other people’s quarters. The leaders from the different races were celebrating the end of the war with the Dominion, marriage of the Folan emperor and that the Gigerdians will finally unite from Gigerdi Federation and Gigerdi Confederation to Gigerdi Alliance. Bacterian emperor was located in the Hemmoian’s ambassador’s quarters, T-Race’s emperor was with Mad Gigerdi 2 the leader of the Gigerdi Federation, president of the federation was with Kyle Gigerdi 2 the leader of the Gigerdi Confederation, Vemrer emperor was with the Folan ambassador and the Folan emperor was with the Vemrer ambassador. The drunken people were causing a lot of trouble as it was expected.

Federation’s ambassador was outside of his quarters yelling to a security guard: “This is stupid, I don't want these drunken people to my quarters.” Said the Federation's ambassador. ”I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do.” Said the security guard. Then Federation’s ambassador went back to his quarters where were two drunken Gigerdians. The ambassador looked at them and then left from his quarters.

Same time president of the Federation and emperor of the Folans were talking in the Folan emperor’s quarters: “I never really thought that we could beat the Dominion, but now we are going to launch our final assault. It surely did took some time.” said the emperor of the Folans, they were both sitting on a couch, then Federation’s president responded: “I thought the same, at first it looked really impossible to defeat them, but then later they became REALLY easy. I wonder why. Anyway, they will be soon defeated and that’s good news.” then Folan emperor stood up, started walking around and then said: “The Gigerdian secession war, when I got the information it had begun I couldn’t believe it. Gigerdians had been peaceful people before that so long. Also one problem was that which side I take, it did took some thinking before I chose Mad Gigerdi’s side, mostly I chose that because we had worked together quite a lot.” “Yes, I couldn’t believe that it had started. I don’t remember the reason why the war begun right now, but I do remember few other things. We many times hunted down several of Kyle Gigerdi’s ships, until they finally got to Gigerdi 2. Both sides suffered heavy losses in that war, good thing they will unite again now. Kyle had Hemmoians and Bacterians on his side and Mad had Folans, Vemrers and us. Even that there were fighting, good thing that there was only a little of it.” The president of the Federation said. Then the emperor of the Folans looked at him and said: “I feared that there will come an all out war between Kyle Gigerdi’s forces and Mad Gigerdi’s forces. Hemmoians and Bacterians are powerful races, more powerful than we are, still Mad Gigerdi had bigger forces on his side. If there would have been an all out war then it is highly possible that we wouldn’t have survived from it… These Hemmoians and Bacterians… they are really strange races. We don’t much know about them, but I think that they don’t know much about us either, but I think that they don’t like us, well I have to admit that we don’t like them much either.” Then the president of the Federation responded: “Yeah, I do think that they don’t like us much, but I suppose it’s understandable. We don’t like them much, but we don’t really HATE them. We would like to know them better, though, but it might be quite impossible if Hemmoians aren’t going to change themselves.” “Well, maybe they will change in time, maybe they will…” Said the Folan emperor as he continued to walk around the room, then the Federation’s president said: “I surely hope so… The bad thing in Hemmoians are also that they have good technology, still I doubt that they have better technology than the T-Race, another bad side of the Hemmoians is that they think themselves to be so powerful, even that truly they aren’t much more powerful than us.” “I couldn’t agree with you more. By the way, now that you mentioned T-Race, I heard that you’re gonna sign some treaty with them, was it trade treaty you were going to sign?” asked the emperor of the Folans and then the president of the Federation answered: “Yes, we’re going to sign a trade treaty with them now, strangely they don’t want to sign any kind of research treaties. You still have only Non-Aggression Pact with them?” “Yes, “just” a Non-Aggression Pact. We’ve been thinking of making a trade treaty with them, now that they are willing to do those. It is really odd that they don’t want to make any kind of research treaties, guess they don’t want to give any of their technology to any of the races here.” answered the emperor of the Folans then the president of the Federation continued: “They are strange people just like the Hemmoians, but I think that they’re stronger and older than the Hemmoians, they’re at least saying that they are an old race, I have to admit that they are an old race at least I think so.” “Well, you’re not alone. I have seen few of their ships and they really looked like that they would have been energy, like I’ve heard, as every member of the T-Race is energy, too. Which lead to that they are an old race. Maybe even a first one race. Now that I mentioned the first ones, there’s one thing I can tell you which might have something to do with ‘em.” asked the Folan emperor and then the Federation’s president responded: “Sure, I have no hurry to anywhere right now.” “Well, it’s not so long. I found an old story about some beings of light and mussels. Strange, but some people believe it. Anyway here it is: After the war with the Light ones, a race of peace will be formed and the machines that should have been gone will come back. And the legacy of the destroyed ones will come. Then a new star will be borne to save from the death of the Dark ones. And the secret of the mussels will rise! Then the three stars will go to search for the left ones and forgotten ones…” Then the Folan emperor stopped his story and the president of the Federation looked at him and asked: “That was all of it?” “Yes, it stops quite strangely.” Then the president of the Federation thought a while and then asked: “Did you understood that? Because I didn’t understand anything it said.” “No, I have never understood what it really means. It’s quite mystical, like almost all of our prophecies… Maybe later we’ll understand what it means.” Answered the emperor of the Folans, and then after that the president of the Federation again asked: “Where did you find this info anyway and who wrote that “prophecy”?” “”I found that from the old Folan archives. There are old stories from our past and there are a lot of prophecies. Most of them are written by our old language that we don’t understand so well anymore, some are written in totally unknown language, possible language we never used, but this one was one of the only ones we fully understood. The library I found this is located in a secret place and can be accessed only by very few people in the Folan Star Empire. It has been kept secret for years and will be kept secret for years still. When I visited it first time, the first book I understood was that. Actually that was the only part of it I understood, the rest of the book was written by language we’ve never known before, our history doesn’t tell that we would have used that, Lihters can’t understand it either so it was written by some other race’s language, a race we might not have met, yet.” Emperor of the Folans said and then president of the Federation was quiet for a while and then asked: “Interesting… I wonder who wrote it then… How did you find that place anyway?” Then the emperor of the Folans answered: “Well… I remembered it a few weeks ago. My father had brought me to that place once, but I was really young that time and didn’t much understand the things that were there. He knew about that because he was emperor’s advisor and had visited there few times. He wanted me to know about that place, because he maybe knew I was going to be the next emperor.” “How did you become the emperor of the Folan Star Empire?” Emperor of the Folans then thought a while and then answered: “I have to admit that I really don’t remember. I only remember that I wanted to become an officer in the military, but then somehow I became an emperor. My father probably knew that all along, but never told me about it. He died just before I became an emperor, I’m not sure how he died, they never really told me that… My mother died little after that, like my father they never told me how she died. I still don’t know how they died, even that I’m an emperor. Truth to be told, I don’t much like this job, I would have never accepted it, if I had known what I need to decide and do.” “Yeah, I had almost the same problem. My parents weren’t killed so mysteriously, though, but I actually never wanted this job. I led the Federation council before I became a president. At first I didn’t wanted to be a presidential candidate, but since my friends in the Federation council suggested that I should become a presidential candidate, I then accepted and somehow I was elected, I still can’t understand that why I was elected, but that was the people’s decision so they must have some reason why they chose me.” “Yes, sometimes such things happen, life can be quite mysterious sometimes. It’s quite funny that we have changed subject every time there came something to talk about.” said the emperor of the Folans and also a bit laughed while he talked, then the president of the Federation stood up and said: “I think that I should be going now.” “You’re going to the celebration tomorrow?” asked the emperor of the Folans, president of the Federation then walked at the door and replied: “Yes, I can’t miss the celebration about the Gigerdi Alliance, now that it’s finally going to happen.” “OK, well see you tomorrow then.” said the emperor of the Folans as the president of the Federation left from his quarters. In the corridor, several drunken people were sitting on the floor; president of the Federation looked at them and then went past them. Emperor of the Folans went to replicator and took a bottle of Folan beer. He then sat to a chair and started drinking the beer. He was thinking of what he should do next. Nothing came up to his mind so he drank the whole bottle and then took another one.

President of the Federation was thinking about the prophecy that Folan emperor told him: I wonder is that truly true, or was it just a stupid joke. Somehow it still does sound as it would be real, but the only way to find out is to let time to tell it. So someday I might know was that really true.

Chapter 2: Discoveries

A new day was coming to the training area at Cruula 5. R’Derex was still sleeping in his quarters, R’Derex is a Folan, he has black hair and is quite tall, looks much like human except he has different ears. He continued sleeping until a bleeping sound started and he then woke up. He sat on his bed for a moment, and then he stood up. His quarters had only one room, so it was really small, but since the training center had a lot of people, more space couldn’t be afforded. He then wore his clothes on and then left from his quarters or “room”. He went to the eating-place. He noticed Sprak sitting at one table, so he went to there and sat at the table, Sprak looks almost like R’Derex, but Sprak is a Lihter who look exactly the same as Folans. R’Derex then said: “Good morning, looks like you’re awake already, even that Folans and Lihters are quite same like, it appears that Lihters wake earlier.” “I am not fully sure about that matter.” Answered Sprak. R’Derex then went to take some breakfast and came back to the table. When he had sat, Jyori came in and noticed Sprak and R’Derex, Jyori is a Gigerdian, she had three eyes and green skin, she then went to them and said: “Looks like you’re already up.” “Yes, Sprak woke earlier than me, as always. It seems that you’re the first Gigerdian here.” said R’Derex and then Jyori continued: “Most of the Gigerdians are in the “Gigerdians only” trainings, I and some others will be there tomorrow and it seems that I was first from that group.” Then T’Lar came at the table and R’Derex said: “Looks like you’re up, too. Anyone seen Deket?” T’Lar, who was a Folan, too, then replied: “Didn’t he told yesterday that he has some kind of medical training at night?” “Oh, yes, now I remember.” R’Derex said and then Jyori and T’Lar went to take some breakfast. Sprak was reading. R’Derex noticed that Sprak was reading something from a pad and then asked: “What are you reading?” “I’m studying physics.” Sprak answered and then R’Derex said: “Somehow, I knew that. Must be because you study every time you eat breakfast. It looks like that our two species are very different from each other.” “In case you do not know our race’s history; you left from the Lihter before we abandoned our emotions. Which means that our races are different.” Sprak answered while he was reading. T’Lar and Jyori then came at the table and they all begun to eat their breakfast.

It was late at the Gigerdi Prime’s shipyard. Gigerdius was going to his quarters after a long day. He was a tall, Gigerdian who had only a little of hair at the back of his head. Once he arrived he sat to a closest chair. He sat there for a while and then went to look out of the window. He saw a planet and little of the shipyard he was. Then he though: I wonder what ship will be built here, since we have got some organic armor to here… Well, guess I’ll see it soon.

One shipyard worker then ringed Gigerdius’s door’s doorbell. After a while he ringed it again and then the door opened. Gigerdius looked back and noticed one of the shipyard workers, who then said: “I’ve heard some rumors about the next ship we’re gonna build.” “What you’ve heard?” “I heard that it might be a new kind of exploration ship, different one than the previous ones.” “Interesting… Anyway, they finally told me that I’ll be released soon… Finally I don’t have to work here every day anymore, at least I won’t have to work long time anymore.” said Gigerdius and looked at the Gigerdi Prime, then the shipyard worker said: “You’ve been working here quite long already and you’ve been a really good worker I have to admit. I still little bit wonder why they put you to here anyway.” “Yeah, well this was better than death I have to admit. Kyle Gigerdi wanted me to be killed at first, but later I was only ordered to work here, guess Mad Gigerdi was able to change his mind. Odd is that he wanted me dead just because some changeling had took my form and had messed around here.” “I’m glad that you’re gonna be free soon, what will you do after you will be released?” asked the shipyard worker, Gigerdius just looked outside and remained silent for a while. Then he answered: “They told me that after the next ship that we’ll build will be finished, they’ll offer me some other job, they haven’t yet decided what job, though.” Then the worker asked: “You’re going to see your family tomorrow?” “Yes, now that I have a holiday and I’m allowed to leave here again, I’m going to go to see them.” Then the worker turned and the door opened, he then said: “I’ll be going now, see you then again someday.” “Ok, see ya.” Gigerdius replied and then the worker left.

A night was coming to the Gigord. A young human named Drill wasn’t yet sleeping. He was reading in his apartment. Then suddenly he just stopped reading and started thinking, he stood up from the chair he was sitting and went over the window. It was already dark outside, but still it wasn’t so dark that he wouldn’t have been able to see anything. Lot’s of lights were outside and in the several houses and rooms. There was only one lamp on in his quarters, even that they were quite large quarters, still he had only one small lamp on. He just looked at the stars, which were glowing at the sky, and he started thinking: Someday I’ll be traveling to there, I just hope I’ll get there soon. I just need to know where I will be assigned first, but I think I’ll know that pretty soon.

Then he heard the sound of the doorbell. He then went to the door and pressed the button on the left side of it. One female Gigerdian was standing there. She then said: “Were you sleeping?” “No, I’ve been reading and thinking, even that I’m quite tired.” Drill answered and then went again more inside his quarters. The Gigerdian came inside as well and the door closed behind her. She then said: “You still don’t know where you will be assigned?” “No, it must be because of these training thingies, I can’t figure out any other reason why I still haven’t got any assignment. I prolly will be assigned to a Starfleet ship, but we’ll see.” “Well, I’ve been assigned to the G.F.S. Exes and I’ll be going to the last battle against the Dominion.” She then became a bit sadder, Drill then said: “I see, well in a way it’s an honor.” “But I might not come back from that mission…” She then said and then Drill was silent for a moment and then replied: “I know that, but life can be so annoying sometime as you probably have noticed. When you’ll be leaving?” She was silent and got few tears on her eyes and then she replied: “Today…” Drill looked at her and yelled: “What?!?!?” “I know, I know… That’s why I came to say goodbye, but I’ll be back in few days, before the last battle… Well, just few hours before it…” She then turned to face the door and started crying a bit. Drill was totally silent and looked outside, they were both silent for a quite long time, then Drill finally said: “Well… I guess that’s better than nothing…” He then moved closer at her and placed his hand on her shoulder. She then turned and said: “I’d better be going now, it’s really late already.” Then they kissed a few times and then she went at the door where she stopped. Drill then said: “I will always love you.” “I will always love you, too.” And then she left. Drill then went back at the window and looked at the stars. He just looked them for hours until he finally said: “I hope she comes back, but whatever happens I’ll never abandon her…” Then he finally went to sleep.

On board the G.F.S. Exes: They were traveling to the Protector Station 25, where a lot of ships were gathering. A Gigerdian female Grillka was sitting on the first officer chair at bridge. Captain’s chair was empty. The helmsman then said: “We’re arriving at Protector Station 25 now, sir.” “It’s about time.” Grillka answered. A Parlien station appeared on the screen and a load of other ships from different races, Gigerdi Federation ships, Gigerdi Confederation ships, Folan ships, Human ships and Vemrer ships. The G.F.S. Exes parked close to the Protector Station 25. Grillka then said: “Okay people, You’re free to visit the Protector Station 25 only minimal crew is required at the bridge now, so you’re free the leave almost whenever you want.” Then she stood up, then also the captain came in, who was a Gigerdian, and said to Grillka: “Good luck Grillka, I’m sure you will do just fine onboard the U.F.S. Harbinger.” “Thank you, sir. Also good luck to you.” “Yeah, well in few days the Dominion will be no more and this war will be finally over, I hope there won’t come any new war again or at least a new more worse than this.” said the captain and looked the viewscreen, then Grillka replied: “I couldn’t agree more with you.” “Anyway, good luck Grillka I hope you’ll come back from the battle.” “Same to you captain.” She said and then left from the bridge. She went to the transporter room and then she was beamed to the Harbinger. There the human captain Benelix was waiting. When she had beamed to there he said: “Welcome aboard the U.F.S. Harbinger.” “Thanks.” she answered. Then the captain continued: “Lieutenant Garn will show you to your quarters.” Then they left from the transporter room.

A Gigerdian female Ghi’la was having a holiday and she was visiting the Gigerdii, the moon of Gigerdi Prime. She was near the Ghost valley, the lowest point at Gigerdii, which was not underwater. Like the Valley of the H’nska, the Ghost Valley has strange seismic activity, it’s also getting lower all the time. She was going in shuttle and looking the valley from air. She saw lava there and also ice, she also saw that some of the ground was moving. She decided to go a little lower and see if the whole valley was moving. When she got more down she noticed that the whole valley was moving. Then suddenly she got a communication, which told her to go back to Gigerdi Prime, to the Gigerdi Dome, which is located in the capital city of Gigord, and there to the Gigerdi Alliance Military’s Headquarters.

It didn’t take long until she was parking her shuttle to the parking area at the Military HQ. She stepped out of the shuttle and started thinking that why they called her to here. She went inside to the building and came to a large hall. One Gigerdian was using a console at one of the tables. She then went to there and asked: “My name is Ghi’la and I was ordered to report to here.” “Yes, you need to go to room 47.” The Gigerdian replied and then Ghi’la left and said: “OK, thanks.” She went to the lift, which then took her to the area, which had the room 47. When she left from the lift she started looking around and tried to locate the room 47. Even that she had difficulties of finding the room, it still didn’t took many minutes for her to locate it.

She looked the door and confirmed that it was the room number 47. She then pressed the doorbell button. Soon the door opened. A Gigerdian male admiral was sitting at the table, he then said: “Come in.” Ghi’la then went into the room. Then the admiral continued: “I am the Admiral Nechen. I need to talk about your next assignment.” “Have I been assigned to some ship now?” “No, not yet, but I do have one suggestion for you about the ship you might be assigned.” The admiral said and then Ghi’la sat to chair in front of the table and asked: “What ship?” “Well, the ship hasn’t yet been built, not even designed, but if you’re interested then I’ll tell you more.” “Well, I am interested.” “Okay, this new ship will be a exploration ship, a new kind of exploration ship, but we haven’t been able to yet decided whether we make or not, but I think that will be solved soon.” The admiral said and turned to towards the window, then Ghi’la said: “Well, almost every ship is good and that sounds good.” Then Nechen turned to face her again and replied: “Okay, I’ll inform you when more information comes available about this matter.” “Okay, thank you, sir.” She then said and left from the room.

She was quite happy about the matter, since she finally had got a ship where she’ll be assigned. When she got out of the HQ building, she decided to go back to Gigerdii and to look around there again, now that she still had a holiday. She went to the shuttle and then piloted it to the Gigerdii.

Fhogli, a Gigerdian male, was watching holoprograms in his quarters. He wasn’t much watching, but reading info about the newest GA ship projects, which weren’t classified, from a pad. He then threw the pad to a table on the right side of him and started thinking: I wonder when I’ll get my first assignment. I hope I’ll get it soon, but somehow I doubt that. I think that’s still gonna take sometime.

Then he stood up from the chair and left from his quarters. He went at the quarters next to his and ringed the doorbell. A male Folan opened the door and said: “Oh it’s you, well come in.” Fhogli then went inside of the quarters and then said: “You still know where you will be assigned next?” “No, but they’ve said that I’ll know that in few days.” the Folan answered, then Fhogli became a bit angry and then said: “Well, those damn guys haven’t told ANYTHING to me, even that it has taken quite many weeks ‘til the academy ended. So I should be informed about that soon.” “I agree, but… maybe they’re waiting for something… I don’t know.” “I suppose it is possible, but… damn… perhaps I should go and ask them.” Fhogli said and the Folan then replied: “Well… if you want… Not sure will that help so much, but at least it shouldn’t be bad, if you go and ask about your assignment.” “Yeah, I think that I’ll do that tomorrow. Not yet today, if they happen to give me some info about the damn assignment.” Then the Folan went to replicator and took a glass of Folan ale and then said: “You should do that, how’s other things been going?” “Just fine, I think. Everything has been normal, for now at least. By the way, you said that you might know about your assignment in few days?” “Yes.” “Well, when you know where you’ll be assigned then tell me.” “I will.” The Folan answered and drank a bit from the glass. He then asked: “Do you want something to drink?” “No, I think that I won’t need anything to drink right now.” “Whatever you want. So… were you the best of the class?” “Yeah, I was. That may affect to my assignment little at least, I’m not fully sure, though.” “I think that it affects to your assignment a LOT, since that probably means that they’re waiting to put you to some important ship. By the way, I’ve heard that they’re gonna build a new kind of exploration ship, a different from the other ones that have been built.” The Folan said and then Fhogli looked at him and replied: “Well, I’ve heard something about it, but not much. They haven’t even yet decided that will that ship be designed at all.” “Yes, guess we’ll see it soon, I hope and think at least…” Then Fhogli went at the door and said: “I think I’ll be going now, I’ll go and ask about the assignment now, can’t wait for tomorrow.” “OK, well good luck.” “Thanks, see ya.” Fhogli said and then left.

He then went to his quarters and noticed that a message had arrived to him. He read it and then left immediately to the Gigerdi Alliance Military’s HQ. He went to the transporter center and then he was beamed to the Gigerdi Dome. He then walked to the GA Military’s HQ. He had already been instructed that which room he has to go. He went to the floor, which had the room number 47. It didn’t take long at all to find the room 47. He pressed the doorbell button and soon the door opened and a Gigerdian admiral was sitting at the table in the room. Fhogli went inside and the admiral then said: “I’m the Admiral Nechen. I need to discuss about your first assignment now.” “Have I got a ship now?” “Well… not yet, but I’m suggesting one ship, but it’s not ready, yet.” “Well, what ship?” Fhogli asked and was getting quite nervous, Nechen then answered: “An exploration ship, but the problem is that we haven’t, yet, been able to decide to make it or not to make it, but I think that problem will be solved really soon. So what do you think?” “I suppose that’s alright, what about Ensign Treer?” “Him? He’ll be assigned to the G.F.S. Hefbi. Anything else Mr. Fhogli?” “No, nothing. Thank you for your time admiral.” “No problem.” Nechen said and then Fhogli left from the room. He wasn’t so happy, but still he wasn’t so sad either. He then went back to the transporter center and to the apartment area where he lived.

Brian, a human male, was sleeping in his quarters, until he heard the sound of the doorbell. He then quickly woke up and stood up and then he opened the door. His friend Ensign Kurrle, a Gigerdian male, was there. Kurrle looked at Brian and asked: “You just woke?” “Yeah, I was just late looking those flowers and birds.” “Were you able to visit the Valley of H’nska?” “No, there were guards who said that no one’s allowed to there because of the increased seismic activity. So I have to visit it some other day. Why you came here so early?” Brian asked and sat to his bed, then Kurrle answered: “It’s just that I now know where I’ll be assigned next.” “Well?” “I’ll be assigned to the G.C.S. Archlight.” “To a Confederation ship, looks like they’re still putting the Confed guys to their own ships and Fed guys to their own ships. I still don’t know where I’ll be assigned.” “You should get some info about that quite soon. I’ll be leaving back to Gigerdi 2 soon again.” Kurrle said and then Brian stood up again and said: “I wonder why they even ordered us to here, because we spent only few weeks here, no more and now you’re going back to Gigerdi 2 again. I don’t know, but somehow I like the Gigerdi 2 more than Prime… Anyway, good luck to you.” “Thanks, I won’t be leaving yet today, just tomorrow, so you don’t have to say good bye, yet. I’ll be going to eat some breakfast now, see you there.” “OK.” Brian said and then Kurrle left from his quarters. Brian then went at the window and looked outside. The sun was rising and no more lights were on at the streets. Then he wore clothes on him and left to eat some breakfast. He arrived at the eating hall; he took some food and then went at the table where Kurrle was. Kurrle then asked: “You didn’t visit the beach this time?” “No, I just looked the flowers and birds. I noticed few Earth flowers, too, few roses and daisies, also few bluebells, not much anything else.” “You’re gonna go there again someday?” “Maybe, we’ll see. What about the Archlight?” Brian asked, Kurrle was just eating bread and didn’t answer immediately, but after he had swallowed it he answered: “Well, it’s quite new ship actually. Haven’t been doing many missions, yet. They’re getting some more crew to there now, since it had only minimal amount of crew, but since in case of Dominion’s retaliation attacks it needs to be careful, since our first mission will be to patrol the GA border near the Dominion space, which means that we may get attacked there.” “Will you go to the last attack?” “I’m not sure, they haven’t said anything about that, yet, but probably we will. Most of the attack fleet has been gathering at the Protector Station 25, but we haven’t been ordered to there. So guess only time will tell.” “You’ll be leaving tomorrow?” Asked Brian, then Kurrle answered: “Yes, today I’ll be taking one last look of the Gigerdi Prime, what you’re gonna do?” “I don’t know, I still have a holiday today. Guess I could try and go to the Valley of the H’nska again, if they now allow people to there.” “I could come with you.” Kurrle said and then Brian laughed a bit and said: “I knew you’re gonna ask that. Sure, you can.” Then Brian heard the beeping sound of his communicator, he took it from his pocket and opened it. Then one GA military officer said: “Ensign Brian, report to the GA military’s HQ immediately. Report to room 47, Admiral Nechen is waiting you there.” “Roger, I’ll be on my way. Brian out.” Then he closed the communicator and said: “Looks like I need to go to there HQ, I’ll meet you at the parking area, OK?” “I’ll be there.” Kurrle replied and then Brian left. He went to the transporter center. Since he was at Pors and there was a long way to the Gigord, he decided to use the transporter system. Soon he was already walking the stairs up which lead to the HQ building. He went up the stairs to the floor that had the room number 47, admiral Nechen’s room. It wasn’t far from the stairs so he got there quite quickly. The door was already open and Nechen was looking out of the window. Brian then said: “Excuse me, sir. I was ordered to report to here.” “Ahh, ensign Brian.” Nechen said and turned to face him “Sit down please.” Brian then sat to a chair in front of Nechen’s desk. Nechen then said: “I have some info about your next assignment. You tried to get to both G.C.S. Archlight and G.C.S. Vendetta. You were part of the Confederation?” “Well, I still am, since the Alliance hasn’t fully been formed, yet.” “Yes, I’m fully aware of that… We should have just wiped out the entire Confederation, but we didn’t, it was a foolish mistake. Anyway, you are not able to get to those ships you requested, but probably something better.” “Well, what?” Brian asked and then Nechen sat down to his chair and continued: “As you probably have heard, we’ve been thinking about building a new kind of explorations ship, if you’re interested you might be assigned to there, if it’ll be made. What do you think?” “I suppose, it’s okay for me…” Brian said and was a bit confused, then Nechen stood up and said: “Alright, I’ll contact you when I’ll get further information, dismissed.” “Thank you, sir.” Brian said and then left from the room. The door closed behind him. Then Brian headed back to Pors.

In the Nechen’s office, a communication was coming to him: “Admiral, how’s the plan proceeding?” “Well, they shouldn’t suspect anything.” “Good, whatever happens prevent the Exploreison project from happening, but do not risk yourself. In case the project will come, we have to figure out new plan.” “I’ve already made arrangements so that the Exploreison project won’t be made, but in case it will happen I’ve also made additional arrangements for that, too.” “Excellent, but do not allow anyone to detect you, not the Biirslf or Lervians.” “I won’t. Soon victory will be ours.” Then the communication ended.

Nechen then started using his console and accessed the plans for the Exploreison. He watched the ship and its components. It had an organic armor, only few phasers, two torpedo launchers, a lot of science space and lots of other things. The plans said its length to be 15 kilometers. The plans had changed several times. The first versions had been designed a long time ago. Then he just shut down the computer and continued his work.

Chapter 3: Conflicts

Vemrer Empire’s emperor was going to his quarters at Peace Station. When he arrived at the quarters he noticed the ambassador of the Folans. The emperor of the Vemrers then looked at him: “I will not live in the same quarters with your kind of pha’tak!” Then the ambassador of the Folans looked at the emperor and then stood up and said: “Well, I’m in even worse situation than that, since I have to live here with YOU!” Then the emperor of the Vemrers got really angry and they started fighting. The security soon noticed this, though, but it wasn’t the only fight, which was going since the emperor of the Folans and the ambassador of the Vemrers were fighting as well.

In the Peace Station’s security chief’s office; the security chief was sitting on a chair. Then suddenly one security officer said through the communicator: “Chief, we got fights here, in the quarters of the Folan emperor and in the quarters of the Vemrer emperor.” The chief then immediately stood up and replied: “I’ll go to the quarters of the Folan emperor, but I might need some backup so send few security officers to there as well. You go to the Vemrer emperor’s quarters and take some other security officers with you, I want these fights stopped at once!” “Got it, sir.” the security officer answered, then the security chief started running to the quarters of the Folan emperor. When he arrived there, he noticed that they were both still fighting there, he didn’t have any kind of gun with him so he tried to talk to them: “Both of you STOP NOW, or I will stop with force!” But they didn’t listen to him, they just continued fighting. Then he decided to stop them by force. First he hit the Emperor of the Folans, but the ambassador of the Vemrers still continued so he had to hit him as well. After that he was only able to cause more trouble since they both started attacking him now. The security chief wasn’t able to hold two guys for long, so soon he was lying on the ground and then he said: “I’m glad you started to work together now.” Then the Vemrer ambassador took a knife and said: “You shall have the honor of killing him.” He then handed the knife to the Folan emperor who took and replied: “With pleasure.” Then he stuck it to the back to of the security chief, immediately after that four security officers came and then arrested both of them. The chief was also beamed to the sickbay as well. The security officers then took all the four guys to brig, but put the Vemrers and Folans to different brigs so that there wouldn’t be any more fights, but this incident caused them to become friends.

One security officer was observing the conversation the Vemrers and Folans were having at the brig area. Even that they were in different brigs, those were enough close so that they were able to talk. He noticed that they were strangely friendly to each other and were laughing for the fight. Then one other security officer came and said: “It is strange that kind of incident can cause them to become friends, but I guess it’s just the way of the Folans and Vemrers.” “Yeah, might be so. It is interesting that one fight can cause them to become friends, even that their hate caused the fight to begin.” The other security officer said and then the security officer who had come later said: “Indeed… Anyway, I’ll be going to look how’s the chief. Tell me if something interesting happens here.” “Okay.” Then the other security officer left.

Same time the president of the Federation was talking with the emperor of the T-Race: “Do you happen to know anything about a race called the Orlians?” The emperor of the T-Race was silent for a while and wasn’t looking towards him, soon she then answered: “No, I do not know anything about them. I am afraid that you have to ask that question from someone else. Was there something else you wanted to know?” “Yes, in a matter a fact there is. I’ve heard several rumors about some strange ships, white ships, controlled by beings of light, these ships also seemed to have attacked several freighter convoys and some science vessels, also they seemed to have destroyed several of those as well. Since these always happen quite near your space, I was just wondering if you happen to know anything about this?” She then turned to face him and answered: “No, I do not know anything about those, we have not seen anything unusual near our borders. You should not trust rumors, most of the time they are not right.” “Sometimes yes, but now I believe those. I still need to ask you one more question, how old is your specie?” “I have told you all I can, now please leave me alone!” She said and turned away from him, but the president of the Federation didn’t leave, but continued: “I’m not yet leaving, I need to get some answers. Your specie is older than ours, older than Hemmoians, older than any other race here, so all you’ve been talking are lies! Now you better start talking some true facts!” Then the hands of the T-Race emperor began to glow. She then turned to face the president of the Federation and replied: “You should leave now of I may not be able to control my actions!” “Hey! I’m not leaving ‘til I get some answers, now you’re gonna te…” “You will leave now!” She then raised her hands so that the president of the Federation saw the glowing hands and then they begun to glow even more and started to produce little lightings also they started making electric sound. Then the president of the Federation went at the door and said: “This isn’t over yet!” Then he fully left from her quarters, on the way to his quarters he was thinking: She’s hiding something, but what? She must know about those ships and their race must be a lot older than ours. Why she didn’t tell anything about those? What’s so important about all of those things? Maybe they’re planning something, but what, when, where, why and to who? Are they gonna start a war? Maybe I’ll get those answers someday, I just have to keep my eyes and ears open. Then he got to his quarters and started looking the tomorrow’s program.

Then at the brig; the security chief was talking to the new “prisoners”: “I still don’t understand why you started fighting, just because you hate or should I say hated each other?” But they didn’t answer at all. “Well, I’m not gonna press charges against you, so you were lucky about that thing, but… I’m gonna keep you here in the brig for a day or two, so that you can cool down yourselves.” The security chief was leaving when the Vemrer emperor said: “You can’t keep us here, I’m an emperor.” Then the security chief just laughed and left, leaving the prisoners alone there.

The emperor of the T-Race was contacting her government: “The Federation president asked some disturbing questions from me.” The emperor of the T-Race said to a person who wasn’t in humanoid form, but in energy form, this strange then answered: “You did not tell anything to them Ze’er?” Then Ze’er answered: “No, but this bothers me a little, since they might suspect that we are trying to do something against them and alert them before the operations begins.” “We have no choice, the Lervian war is too big and we cannot handle it alone.” “I understand that, but still we should not pull these Gigerdians and other younger races into this conflict just yet, they are not ready yet.” Ze’er said and was quite desperate then the other person said: “We must do, there is no other way. Now do not tell anyone about this plan or anything you know.” “I will carry out the plan, He’Isa.” Ze’er said and then the communication ended. She then realized that she had already showed that they probably are hiding something, but got an idea how to repair that, but she had to wait for tomorrow. She decided to go to sleep to her own bed, which was extremely strange. When she stepped to it, she became energy again and transformed into a small pieces of energy.

It was coming really late to the time of the Peace Station, but the president of the Federation was still awake. He was thinking about the conversations he have had with the emperor of the Folans and T-Race. He had tried to find the emperor of the Folans, but was unable to find him. He was wandering around the quarters of the Peace Station; most of the people he was able to find were the drunken guys. Finally he found Mad Gigerdi 2, the son of Mad Gigerdi, looking the travel outside the Peace Station. He went closer to him and said: “Mad Gigerdi 2, I need to talk with you about one thing.” Mad Gigerdi 2 then turned to face him and said: “Well, what is it that you wanna talk?” “It’s about Ze’er, I think that she’s hiding something.” “We all usually hide something that we don’t want to tell.” Mad Gigerdi 2 replied and then the president of the Federation started to explain: “Well, this is different, I asked her about those rumors about the white ships and also about the Orlians, that does she know something about those.” “What did she answer?” Mad Gigerdi 2 asked and then the president of the Federation continued his explanations: “She said she doesn’t know anything about those, but her face became different, it turned little to white to energy and that happens only when they have hard to concentrate on keeping the humanoid form. You know that?” “Yes, I do and what else?” “Well, it looked that she was trying to hide it from me and that’s not all.” “Well?” “When I was trying to get some better answers from her, she showed her hands to me which were glowing, I think that it’s their weapons the… well… what was its name?” “Shiru’va.” Mad Gigerdi 2 answered and then the president continued again: “Yes, that. I think that she was threatening me, I dunno. Anyway, if this is true then what are they hiding?” “Strange, she usually don’t get angry… Anyway, I think that many races hide things from each other, you don’t know if the Folans or Hemmoians would be planning an assault, you don’t know if the Vemrers would have hundreds of spies in your government, you don’t know if we really are as peaceful as you think. Sometimes, it might be better not to try looking for new information since it might be info that the whoever owns it doesn’t want it to become public.” “But that kind of info should be revealed.” the president said and then Mad Gigerdi 2 turned to look out of the window again and continued: “You don’t know if they actually are secretly helping us, sometimes the info might be personal or then it should not be allowed to be known by some people so that it can’t be made public. Sometimes, you just have to wait for some questions to be revealed, sometimes you do should try to uncover those secrets by yourself, but in this matter I’d suggest you will just wait and see what happens, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t keep your eyes or ears open, on the contrary you should keep them open all the time and observe the situation, so that if something suspicious happens, you will be able to act before something larger happens.” “Interesting, thanks for that Mad. There’s still one other thing, I talked with the emperor of the Folans and he said one quite interesting thing, you should ask it from him. I’ve been trying to find him, but with no luck.” Then Mad Gigerdi 2 replied: “He’s in the brig if you need to see him. Go see the security chief if you wish to know more of why he’s there.” “Oh, I see. Well, I think that I’ll do that then later since it’s really late already.” “Yeah, I think that I’ll be going now, good night president.” “Good night…” Said the president of the Federation and then Mad Gigerdi 2 left. Federation’s president still remained there for a moment, still thinking those words… but then he decided to go to sleep as well.

A small shuttle was approaching the Peace Station; the shuttle was an Orlian shuttle. Carrying only one passenger. He was able to dock quite fast. When he docked he went to see the security chief, the person was wearing black cloak so you couldn’t see his face. There wasn’t much people walking at the Peace Station, but still it wasn’t empty from the corridors, even though mostly only the drunken people were there, there were few other guys.

Once he arrived at the security chief’s office the security chief looked at him and asked: “How may I help you?” Then the strange person took a gun and answered: “By giving me some information.” Then he stunned him, the weapon looked really much a normal Dominion energy pistol, but it didn’t alert the sensors and it made only little noise. No one was able to see what happened, so he accessed the computer and searched all the possible information about the attack to the Dominion’s homeworld. In few minutes he had gathered all the information he could and then he left. He tried to avoid been detected as much as he could. He was able to get to the shuttle almost unseen, he didn’t care about the drunken guys, but some other guy was able to see him, but ignored him for now. His shuttle then departed and then it left from the system.

It was night at the Gigord as well; Justin Gron was going back to the military HQ since he had forgotten some important stuff to there. The place was still active, even that it was so late, but because at some parts of the Gigerdi Prime there were morning, evening, afternoon or something. He went to the part where only authorized people are allowed to go, since his office was there. He then arrived at his office and then he unlocked the door. He went inside and took three pads from the table, then left and locked the door. He then stopped at the door to look the pads and then he heard some talking coming from the conference room. He decided to go and investigate the matter. The door to the conference room was closed, but he was still able to hear quite well what they were talking. Several military persons were having a meeting there, most of them were Gigerdians, but there were two human captains, also there were two senators as well: “How’s the plan proceeding.” One of the admirals said, then the one on his right side responded: “Well for now fine, but the Emissaries have started their operation as well, but it shouldn’t be a threat to us, if we keep ourselves in secret.” “Admiral Nechen, how’s the Exploreison plan proceeding?” “For now, it’s going the same way it was, but we should get more information about it soon, after the committee will make its next meeting.” “Rubek, we are soon starting our plan for the GA government, I hope you are ready.” “As ready as I can be.” Answered Rubek, one of the senators “Excellent, the Section 18 must be formed whatever happens, it’s our last hope for victory!” But they didn’t know that Justin Gron had listened their conversation, he then decided to leave fast so that they wouldn’t detect him that he was actually listening them. He quickly left from the HQ and headed back to his home. The meeting ended soon after this and everyone who was there quickly went back to their homes.

Finally, morning was coming to the Peace Station; more people were already walking at the corridors. In the security chief’s office, the chief was finally waking up when he got up he said: “Uhh, what the hell happened? Damn, I must have felt to the floor because I was so tired. Computer, time.” Then the computer answered with its own voice: “Please specify what race’s time you want.” “Peace Station standard time.” “Clock is 0600.” “That’s quite a lot, I should start my doing my work now.” Then he sat to his chair and started using his console and see what he should do today.

Even that it was quite early already, the president of the Federation was already awake and was still thinking about those words. Hours passed as the president just looked outside and thought all the time about those words. In few hours more and more people got up. Also Mad Gigerdi 2 and Kyle Gigerdi 2 were up and were talking: “I still can’t imagine that this station will be changed into a museum, but guess that’s just the fate of this station. It’s also strange that the Dominion war is finally over.” Mad Gigerdi 2 said and then Kyle Gigerdi 2 said: “Yes, this station has done its job and it’s time for it to retire. I never thought that the Dominion would be won this easily, it’s just that their biggest base was so mysteriously destroyed and since it had the biggest amount of their ships we were able to start winning the fights more easily. It’s still unknown how it actually was destroyed, but guess it doesn’t matter so much since the war is going to over soon.” “Indeed, it was strange that base was totally destroyed, without it our forces would have been so destroyed that we probably wouldn’t have been able to won if there had been a new war.” “I hope this was the last war, at least that this was the last of the big wars. Good thing is that our people is finally going to unite and form the Gigerdi Alliance.” Kyle Gigerdi 2 said and then Mad Gigerdi 2 replied: “Indeed, the secession war was the biggest secession war we’ve ever had, I hope it was the last one…” “I hope so, too. Our fleet almost didn’t catch the rest of the battle fleet, but were able to catch them before they leave. I heard that the Dominion is sending a fleet to Protector Station 25 to stop the attack fleet, but I don’t think they can succeed in that.” “I doubt that, too. Good thing that your fleet was able to reach there in time. It’s a good thing that now our fleets are working together, of course that might be difficult to some people.” Mad Gigerdi 2 said and then Kyle Gigerdi 2 replied: “Hopefully they don’t start fighting each other, since we don’t need a secession war and a Dominion war at the same time.” “Yeah. By the way, the president of the Federation came to talk with me yesterday, he told me that the emperor of the Folans had told him something, but I don’t know what, though. Also he told me that when he had asked some questions about the Orlians and her species age from the emperor of the Folans, she had got angry to him.” “She had got angry to him? Odd, well guess she didn’t like those questions then. I haven’t seen the Folan emperor in two days and now that he’s in brig I can’t see him.” Kyle Gigerdi 2 said and then the Mad Gigerdi 2 replied: “I haven’t seen him in two days either. Thing’s been quite strange around here, but isn’t it always the way around here?” “I suppose it is. I’m still going to look this station for the last time, you coming?” Kyle asked and then Mad answered: “Sure, why not.” Then they went to look the station for the last time.

President of the Federation was trying to see the Folan emperor, but the security chief and the security officer didn’t allowed him to see him. The president told them that it was urgent, but they only told him that he’ll be released when he has to go, since they don’t want any more trouble there. The president tried to see convince the chief and the security officers, but was unable to succeed in that.

Chapter 4: Secrets

R’Derex was reading in his quarters. Then Deket, a male Parlien, opened the door and said: “You should be going to the training, it starts soon.” “The clock so much already? Damn! Okay, I’ll be going to there now.” R’Derex answered and then placed the pad on one of the tables. Then Deket said: “T’Lar and Jyori are already there, so I suggest you hurry.” R’Derex then wore his jacket on, left from the room and said: “Yeah, yeah! I’m going already.” Deket was a bit laughing when R’Derex was running to the training. He then said for himself: “He’s many times late, I wonder why…” Then he went to his own quarters.

Sprak was in the science officer training; they were examining the rocks located in the eastern area of the training center. R’Derex arrived at their training area before the training begun, but it begun almost immediately after he had arrived. The training was located at one hill, near one valley, so there was a huge falling on one side of it. The training officer then started explaining what they needed to do: “Now that your training is ending, you’ll need to show that you really know everything you were taught. First you need to disarm bomb located in one computer console. You’ll be doing this alone. OK, people get ready.” Everyone went at their own computer console and prepared for the test, then the lead training officer said: “OK, time starts counting… Now!” Then they started disarming the bomb, they weren’t real bombs, but they looked and seemed like a normal bomb. They had two minutes time to disarm the bomb.

After one minute, Jyori had disarmed the bomb and said: “It’s disarmed.” But then suddenly the console blew up and she fell into the valley. One of the training officers then said: “Stop the disarming now!” Everyone stopped it at once and left from the consoles. T’Lar’s console blew before she was fully able to get out of its blast range and she fell to the valley, but she was able to catch one of the plants growing there, so she didn’t fell. Same time when the T’Lar’s console exploded, Ben’s console exploded too and he fell into the valley, he wasn’t able to catch anything so he fell fully. T’Lar was helped up and she was okay. Everyone was really shocked since this training had cost the lives of two people. T’Lar wasn’t fully okay, since she had almost fell to the valley. R’Derex then said to her: “You were lucky that you didn’t fell, I just can’t understand that Jyori is now gone. Maybe she knew something about this, since before the training started she wanted to change places with me. So that bomb was meant for me, I think so at least, but I can’t understand why would Jyori risk herself to save me?” “Are you sure about that?” T’Lar said with fearful voice, then R’Derex answered: “I don’t know. I just can’t understand that she’s now gone… It just isn’t right. Things will never be normal around here, I just hope this doesn’t happen again. But who was behind this? Who wanted to kill all these people?!?!?” Then R’Derex started to cry and T’Lar wasn’t so happy either. She then placed her hand on R’Derex shoulder and said: “Everything will be okay, I hope. We’ll find out who tried to kill us, we will find out who did all this… someday…”

The training officers were talking: “Who checked the consoles before training?” “No one, they were taken directly from storage and no one has accessed them during that time.” Answered another training officer. Then the lead training officer said: “We’ll now have to be more careful about everything, check all training equipment before they are used. The investigations for this matter will continue later, for now the training will continue as it’s suppose to be.” “But, sir, I suggest we continue tomorrow, this was quite huge shock for many people.” Said one of the training officers, then the lead training officer was silent for a while and then replied: “Fine, we’ll continue tomorrow.”

Sprak was having his science officer training, when suddenly one male Gigerdian came running to there and said: “There’s been an accident at the security officer training, two guys have died and the training is finished for today.” The training officer who led the science officer training then stopped the training at once and Sprak returned to the training center.

Deket’s medical training had also been cancelled. R’Derex and T’Lar were sitting at one of the training center’s public rooms. Deket found them there and went to see them. He sat to chair near them, but they both remained silent, Deket was a bit surprised so he asked: “What has happened? I only have heard that there was some kind of accident.” “Well, it probably wasn’t an accident. Jyori and Ben are both dead. Their training consoles exploded and they fell to the valley.” R’Derex then said and was still quite sad, Deket couldn’t believe it and he then asked: “WHAT?!?!?” “It’s the truth, my console also exploded and I almost fell, but luckily I was able to catch one of the plants growing on the walls of that valley.” Deket was silent he couldn’t believe that. He was really confused and didn’t know what to say. Then Sprak noticed them and said: “I heard that Jyori and Ben were killed on an accident near the valley.” “Yeah they were both killed, T’Lar almost fell to the valley, but luckily was able to catch one of the plants and didn’t fell.” “It is unwise to mourn Jyori and Ben, that kind of things just happen sometime. It’s not wise to spend your life mourning someone’s death, because everyone die someday.” Sprak said, then Deket responded: “Yeah, I know that… it’s just that… I can’t believe that this kind of things can happen here, but I guess I was wrong. Still I think that wasn’t an accident.” “It wasn’t. Jyori and I changed places before the training because she wanted that. So I was supposed to die, not Jyori. Someone did that, someone wanted us dead, but who and why?” R’Derex asked, then Sprak replied: “Are you sure?” “Not fully, but I think so, since it looks like that.” R’Derex answered, then T’Lar said: “If we’re going to investigate this matter, it has to be done in secret. We may not even be able to find out who was behind this here, but we may need to continue it after we get out of here.” “Yeah, that’s a good plan.” Deket replied. Then R’Derex said: “Okay, let’s do it. We should conduct searches now today, since the incident happened today. I’ll check the ones who have had access to the storage. Sprak you try to check the consoles still one last time. Deket try to find the bodies of Jyori and Ben. T’Lar you find out who ordered the training to happen near that valley. Is this okay?” “Yep.” T’Lar answered and then R’Derex stood up and said: “Ok, let’s get moving then.” Then they all went to do their task.

Gigerdius visiting the Gigerdi Prime, since he had a holiday and he wanted to see his family which lived quite near Gigord, but still they lived about 10 kilometers from the city itself. Gigerdius had got a shuttle, which he used to get fast to his real home.

Gurned was waiting outside when Gigerdius arrived at the house, he landed the shuttle to the courtyard and then stepped out of the shuttle. Then they hugged and went inside. Once they got inside Gigerdius said: “It’s been a long time since I was here. I’ve missed this place and I’ve missed you and I’ve missed Siernan. Where is he anyway?” Gurned then answered: “He’s at the academy, I told him that you were coming today, but he wasn’t able to come.” “Too bad. I have some good news or I hope they’re good news.” Gigerdius said and then sat to a chair, then Gurned asked: “What kind of news?” “I’ll be released soon, but probably I’ll be assigned to somewhere after that.” “When you’ll be released?” “As soon as we finish the ship that comes to construction next.” Gigerdius answered and then Gurned’s face had a smile and she said: “Well, it’s a good thing that you’ll be finally released from that space dock. I still can’t understand why they put you to there.” “Well, past is the past. Living and working there has become normal to me, it’s no longer so hard to wake up every morning, but I do have to admit that I’d rather live and work here than there.” “Well, you’ve managed well out there, I also hoped that you would have been able to at least live here, but we’ve been able to manage here just fine.” “How’s Siernan?” Gigerdius asked and then Gurned started smiling and said: “He’s in the academy now and has managed well there, I’m sure you are very proud of him, I am at least.” “Well, I am proud of him. He always wanted to go to the military, looks like he was able to get there now finally… it’s a good thing that he was and I’m glad that he was able to get there.” “How’s the days been going there at the shipyard?” Gurned asked and Gigerdius then answered: “Well, like I said last time, at start they were like hell, but nowadays they are quite normal. Even that the days are long it still isn’t so hard as it was before. It’s my job, very different from the ambassador, though, but still in some ways I probably even like it… I don’t know, I’m not so sure even that I’ve worked there almost a year now… How has your days been going?” “As they did before, I’m still working at the medical center and days are as they always are… it’s quite stupid that you aren’t allowed even to call here.” “Yeah, guess they think it’s a “security risk”. Even that truly I didn’t do anything wrong… this was better than death I have to admit.” “Yes, it was. It’s a good thing that you’ll be released finally, but what they’ll do to you after that?” Gurned asked and started to become a little worried, then Gigerdius answered: “I’m probably assigned to somewhere again, I’m not sure where, but I’ve heard that I’ll probably will be assigned to a ship, which is strange since I’ve never served onboard any ship, I’m only ambassador.” “Yeah, well it’s too bad that you won’t be able to come back here…” “Someday I will come back then again, I promise you that.” Gurned tried to smile, but wasn’t able to do that since she was too sad to smile. Gigerdius wasn’t so happy either. They both were silent for sometime. Until Gurned then asked: “Well, that’s good at least, but what if it takes time?” “I know that it might take years, but I will always be here when you need me, you don’t have to worry about that, I’ll also keep contact with you always when I can.” “When you will now leave again?” “I won’t leave tomorrow, yet. I’ll be here now this day and tomorrow and then I have to leave again.” “Good that you’ll be able to stay here now at least a little longer, Siernan should be able to visit here tomorrow.” Gurned then said and was a bit happier, then Gigerdius also became a bit happier and said: “That’s good to hear, I haven’t seen him for months so he has probably changed already.” Then Gurned stood up from her chair and asked: “Would like to see the courtyard?” “Sure, why not.” Gigerdius answered and also stood up. Then they went outside.

The courtyard was quite huge, but the main reason for that was because the house was an ambassadorial house. They looked the flowers and everything else around there a long time. When they were at the backyard Gurned then said: “You got all this to us.” “Because I was an ambassador.” “And because you were a good ambassador.” “Yeah, well guess you can say that.” Gigerdius then said. They still stayed at the courtyard for long time, talking and looking around. They also walked at the streets and looked the place, which had changed little since the last Gigerdius had sawn them.

Drill was in his room he was waiting for Helli. He was quite nervous so nervous that he was walking around the room. Then he suddenly got a communication, he then put it through and then he saw Helli at the screen who then said: “I’m sorry I wasn’t able to visit anymore, but we were ordered to the Protector Station 25 immediately.” “It’s alright. It’s not your fault.” “I can’t talk long, I was authorized to call you only now and I won’t even be able to talk with you long, I just wanted to tell you that in case I don’t come back from the battle that you will not give up your life. We all have our fates and reasons to live, it might be possible that my reason was to let you know this.” “I’m sure you will come back from there, but I promise you that in case you won’t come back I won’t give up.” “Complete your fate whatever happens don’t give up, continue whatever happens!” “I will, I promise you that.” “I have to stop now, I’m sorry. We’ll meet again someday, somewhere… now good bye…” “Good luck! I will always love you!” “I will always love you, too.” Then the communication ended. Drill wasn’t so happy, he was really sad, but still he wasn’t crying at all. He then went at the window and looked out and then he said to himself: “I will complete my fate, whatever happens!” Hours passed and Drill just continued looking outside of the window, he was only thinking, thinking different things. Hours passed and he didn’t move at all. Whole day he just stood at the window and did nothing.

Grillka was visiting the Protector Station 25, since they had already arrived to there. She didn’t planned to stay there for long, since the Harbinger had been ordered to the other side of the wormhole for patrol in case of Dominion ships. She looked around only the promenade, but since she didn’t found anything interesting there she decided to return to the Harbinger.

Harbinger was an Excelsior class ship, and its length was as much as 10 000 kilometers. It was the second Excelsior class ship ever made. It was finished only little before the final conflict. Since it was so new, it needed more crew and that’s why several people were transferred to there.

Grillka met the Helli at the airlock to the Exes. She then yelled: “Helli is that you?” Helli then turned and said: “Grillka, it’s been a long time since we met.” “Indeed, long time no see. How’s things been going?” “Well, not so well.” “I understand… you weren’t able to see Drill, well I’m sorry about that, but you’ll be able to see him after the battle.” Grillka said and then Helli answered: “I know, but… if I don’t come back from the battle…” “Of course you will, you don’t have to worry about that. After this the war will finally be over and we can have peace once again, I hope it lasts this time longer.” “Anyway, I should be going now, it was nice to meet you again. Bye.” “Same here, bye.” Grillka replied. Helli then went back to her ship, but Grillka still remained at the airlocks. She was thinking the days at the Exes. She had served there years, first she was just an ordinary officer there, but then she got promoted several times and became the commander of the ship. Before that she had also been as first officer there. Now those days were over and she was assigned to the Harbinger and probably after the battle to some other ship again.

At the airlocks she then said: “I’m gonna miss that ship, I hope it comes back…” Then she went back to the Harbinger. She then immediately went to the bridge of the Harbinger. The captain wasn’t yet there, but almost everyone else were. Most of the crew were humans since the Harbinger was a Starfleet vessel. She then sat to the first officer’s chair and asked: “Where’s captain?” Then one of the officers replied: “He’s still at the Protector Station 25.” “Okay, we should be going pretty soon so he should hurry back.” Grillka said and then: “I’ll inform him that he should return to the ship.” Said the communications officer. Soon after this the communications officer continued: “He’s returning now, as soon as he’s onboard we can go.” “Good.” Grillka replied. After few minutes the communications officer again said: “Airlocks are now closed and we’re ready to go.” “Good, Veni you should know our target, let’s go.” Then Veni, the helmsman, answered: “Yes, sir. Course has been set and going.”

The Harbinger was able to get through the wormhole even that it’s so huge ship. Soon it arrived to the other side of the wormhole, which was located in the gamma quadrant. The tactical officer scanned the area and said: “No hostile vessels have been detected within sensor range.” “Okay, start the patrol.” The captain said and then the helmsman answered: “Yes, sir.” The Harbinger then started to patrol around the wormhole; it remained quite close to it so that it would detect all ships trying to get there. It also fired few probes to investigate the nearby systems, but strangely those probes didn’t detect any ships at all. The patrol still continued hours, but no ships were detected. They were ordered to patrol there as long as the attack fleet would fully arrive or if an enemy fleet is detected.

Grillka had gone to her quarters since nothing had happened. She was watching the holoprograms and sometimes she had went at the window and looked outside. Only thing she was able to see there were stars, maybe sometimes some planet, but it usually was quite far away. She constantly feared the Exes. In case it’ll be destroyed in the battle. She had served a long time there and she didn’t wanted to lose the ship. She was also a bit surprised that why she was assigned to here, just for the last battle? She thought that she would have been much more valuable onboard the Exes, but guess the command has its reasons. Harbinger was more powerful, but still the Exes also was a powerful ship since it was a Sovereign class dreadnought. She couldn’t stop thinking the Exes.

Then the captain ringed the doorbell. Grillka then opened the door and saw the captain, who then asked: “You’re thinking about your assignment here?” “Yes, it’s just that I server a long time at the Exes and now I was transferred to here just because of the last battle. I just can’t understand it.” “This is more powerful ship than the Exes, perhaps they thought that you should be assigned to a more powerful ship or then it was just part of the exchange program of mixing both Starfleet and Gigerdian military personnel.” “Well, I think that was the reason. By the way, where’s the “real” first officer of this ship now?” Grillka asked and then the captain stepped into her quarters and answered: “She was assigned to the G.C.S. Archlight.” “Archlight? It’s quite new ship actually.” “Yeah it is and it’s a confederation ship. Well guess it doesn’t matter anymore since there’s gonna be the Gigerdi Alliance and that the secession war is over.” The captain said and then the Grillka replied: “Yeah. Was she assigned as first officer to there?” “Yes, I think so at least. She wasn’t fully sure when she left, but I think she was assigned as the first officer. Strange that she was assigned to there even that it actually won’t come to the battle at all.” “It doesn’t? I see, well it is better not to send every possible ship into the battle. Always good to leave several ships behind to secure the homeworlds and the border colonies and outposts in case they’re attacked.” Grillka said and then the captain also said: “Yeah, well the attack fleet will have a load of ships, but still a lot will be left to protect our spaces. I’ve never seen bigger fleet than this, not even in the Gorg war.” “You were in the Gorg war?” Grillka asked and then the captain answered: “Yes… I didn’t like that war much either. I was just a lieutenant commander at that time. Still I remember a lot of those times…” “I never were in the Gorg war, would you want to tell something about it?” “Sure.” “Thanks.” Grillka said and then the captain started telling his story: “As you probably know, at start the Gorgs just attacked the border outposts and cargo ships going near their area. It took quite sometime to confirm that some unknown alien force made the attacks, which was more superior than we were. Then the real war started, the Gorgs begun attacking more to the outposts, bases, colonies and fleets. It was really hard to stop them, a lot of ships were sent to destroy even one ship and they didn’t even succeed in that. Still victories were made, like example my first battle against the Gorgs was to protect the Kunara system’s evacuation. Several Jillus and Gnekee class destroyers came to the area and headed for the starbase. Good thing was that the there were reinforcements close and they were able to arrive before the Gorg ships got to range. The battle took hours, but after it all the Gorg ships had been destroyed, but several of our ships had been destroyed as well. The starbase was then evacuated and soon we were able to leave. Not long after the evacuation had been completed the “Hunter” appeared and destroyed the starbase, luckily all ships were able to escape before the “Hunter” got them. The war raged long after that, but not so well. Gorg ships weren’t destroyed much. But soon the shield weakness was found and the tides of the war changed. Since there was a hole on the Gorg ship’s shields they were now easy to defeat, more of the Gorg ships were then destroyed after this. I didn’t serve on many of the battles, but I was in the final battle against the “Hunter”, the ship where I served was badly damaged, but still it survived from the battle and the “Hunter” was finally destroyed. More and more victories came and soon the strike to the Gorg homeworld was ready. I wasn’t there, but I know a lot about it since my friend was there and he survived from that battle, he did die in the first battles against the Dominion, though. Anyway, the battle at the Gorg homeworld took long, but since the shield weakness had been found the battle was quite easy, still a lot of our ships were destroyed. Hours later every Gorg ship had been destroyed from the area and the war was over. Few remaining Gorg ships were then hunted down, but the real threat was over then.” Grillka remained silent for a moment until she asked: “That was the end of it?” “Yep.” “I see, well it was very interesting story, I am sorry about your friend.” “Don’t be, he just served the Starfleet, just like everyone else. There’s always risks in the military.” The captain and then suddenly the tactical officer said through captain’s combadge: “Captain, we have detected Dominion ships heading this way.” “I’m on my way to the bridge.” The captain answered and then continued: “We better get to the bridge.”

They then ran to the bridge as quickly as they could. Once they arrived the tactical officer said: “There appears to be over 250 ships heading this way.” “It must be their attack fleet, okay take us back to the Protector Station 25, how long will it take for those ships to arrive?” “One of out probes detected them, so I would say about one hour.” The tactical officer responded and then the captain said: “Looks like we have time to prepare, launch few probes to here to observe that fleet and then get us out of here.” “Yes, sir.” The tactical officer replied.

The Harbinger then launched few probes and then proceeded through the wormhole and back to the Protector Station 25. The fleet was ready there, but still some had to make the final preparations.

Ghi’la was looking the moon of Gigerdii. She had visited there once before, but she wanted to look things around there a bit more. Since she had several days of vacation she decided to stay a bit longer there. She was also going to meet her friend who was working at one of the military’s facility at Parlon, which was one of the biggest cities on Gigerdii. First she though, decided to visit the Ghost valley, which was the lowest point on the Gigerdii, which wasn’t underwater. It was even lower than the Valley of the H’nska, also there were more seismic activity. She thought that they don’t allow people close to it so she decided to check it out from air.

She didn’t land yet, since she wanted to check the Ghost valley first. She piloted her shuttle to there and then watched the valley. It was bigger than the valley of the H’nska. Also she could see lava there, the ground also was moving on several places. Then she thought that it was good that she didn’t walked to there. There weren’t much of any cities close to the valley, the capital city of Gigerdii, the Gigerdii, was the closest city, but it also was kilometers away from the valley. The city of Gigerdii was on the other side of the valley. On the other side, but farer there was the Neksbiz, it was quite small city. The valley was extremely large, since the Gigerdii was quite small moon; the valley took pretty lot of space from the whole moon. She decided to look the whole valley. Once she had reached to the other end of the valley, where the biggest sea on Gigerdii was located, she decided to go to the Parlon to see her friend. Since the shuttle went fast, it didn’t take long for her to get there. She parked the shuttle at the military research center’s parking area and then went inside.

The main hall was quite huge; it only had one table where one female Gigerdian was. Ghi’la then went to there and asked: “I’m here to see my friend Galak Fejaar.” “Go to the floor ten and then to room 32.” “Okay, thanks.” Ghi’la said and then went to the lift. Once she arrived at the tenth floor, she started looking for the room 32. The rooms she found had numbers over 100 so she thought that she was in totally wrong area. She started moving towards the area where the numbers were getting smaller. She had to walk quite long until she found the room 32. She noticed that it was her friend’s room, since there was her name on the door. She then pressed the doorbell.

Her friend then opened the door and said: “Ghi’la, it’s been a long time. Come in.” Galak’s quarters were quite small, they had only about two rooms, still those rooms were quite huge. Ghi’la then looked around and asked: “You still haven’t got your own house?” “No, I still have to live here. They’ve told me that I’ll probably be moved to another more bigger quarters soon, so I don’t have to “suffer” here long anymore.” “Well, that’s good to hear. By the way, I’ll probably be assigned to some ship.” Ghi’la said and then Galak looked at her and said: “Well, that’s great! Do you know what ship?” “No, not yet. The admiral did say that it’ll probably be an exploration ship, if that ship ever comes.” “New exploration ship? I’ve heard something about it, but not much. Something that the military committee is still trying to solve are they going to make it or not.” “That’s probably my ship, if it now ever comes.” Ghi’la said and then sat down to a chair, Galak then gave her a glass of Folan beer and then sat to another chair, then she said: “Well, it would be nice if you been assigned to an exploration ship. I wish I would have been able to get to one of those, but I suppose it’s too late for now.” “I think that you have a good job here at the research center. You are able to study something and able to research something, whatever you then do around here.” “I DO have to admit, that working here is better than it was at the academy and it’s also better to work here than in some of those military training places or other facilities. It’s quite funny that because I succeeded well in that one test I was almost immediately assigned to here.” “No one else had succeeded so well in that test, so you should be happy about it.” “I am, I am, I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be happy about that, it’s just so strange that one test can change the whole thing totally.” Galak said and then Ghi’la drank a little and said: “Such things happen. How’s things been going around here?” “Like I said, it’s a lot different than in the academy, but still somehow I like this more. I really can’t study new technology here, but I do study different kind of artifacts, well I’ve been able to study only one now, and then mostly different kind of scientific things. Like I said I’m not researching new technology here, just saying that since everyone keeps asking that.” “Yes, usually if you happen to get a job in a research facility people first think that you’ll be able to research new technology, but I think that only those who really are capable of making new technology are allowed to research it.” “Yeah, someday I might do that, but not yet at least.” They continued talking for over an hour, but then stopped since Ghi’la had to leave.

She then went back to her shuttle; inside she then activated it and left from the parking area. Next she was going back to the city of Gigerdii. She was going to take a look around there. She parked the shuttle to the nearest parking area and then started looking around the Gigerdii. She had visited the city once, but wasn’t able to look it much then, so she hoped that she could look it more now.

Fhogli was in his apartment. He was thinking about the ship where he probably be assigned. His Folan friend, Treer, then came in and asked: “So what’s the problem?” “I don’t have any problem, just thinking about the ship I probably will be assigned.” “What ship it’ll be?” “Some kind of an exploration ship, they haven’t yet even decided will they do it or not, but if they do it I might be assigned to there… You’ll be assigned to the G.F.S. Hefbi.” “Hefbi? I see… how do you know that?” Treer asked and then Fhogli answered: “I asked it from the admiral, admiral Nechen. He also told me about the exploration ship.” “I see. Well, looks like I’ll be going to the last attack against the Dominion then.” “I can only say good luck to you.” “Hell, I still even don’t know fully where I’ll be assigned, if it’s really gonna be the Hefbi then those military guys haven’t bothered to tell me that or when I’ll be leaving.” “Well, it’s the Gigerdi Alliance military now.” “Yeah, well…” Then suddenly his communicator started doing a sound, which indicates that someone is calling, he then took it from his pocket and opened it. Admiral Nechen’s face then appeared on the screen and he said: “Ensign Treer, I’m transmitting all the information about your next assignment to you now. You’ll be leaving already today so I suggest you read them fast, but still carefully.” “Yes, sir.” Then the communication ended. Treer then watched the info and noticed that the ship where he’ll go is the Hefbi and that he’s leaving in one hour. He then said: “I’ll be leaving in one hour, so I gotta go and pack my things. I’ll see you then after the battle.” “Okay, well good luck.” “Thanks.” Treer said and then left from Fhogli’s apartment.

Fhogli then moved at the window, the sun was still up and shining and quite a lot of people could be seen on the streets. He was thinking still thinking about the exploration ship, even that Treer was leaving he couldn’t think anything else, but that ship. He moved away from the window and then left from his apartment. Treer was packing in his room so Fhogli decided to go for a walk. He was thinking his academy years, now that the academy was over. He walked around to his academy, which was really far away, but he still decided to walk to there and look the surroundings at the same time. He just walked, thought and looked around. He remembered several areas where he walked. Since it had been a long time since he was in the academy, he hadn’t visited those places in a long time. Still he could remember several bridges, rivers and buildings. The area was mostly city, but there were quite a lot of parks and other places, which had trees and small rivers. He just continued walking, he didn’t rest at all he just continued walking until he had arrived at the academy area.

It had taken an hour for him to get there and that’s why his communicator sounded that someone is calling. Fhogli took it from his pocket, but didn’t open it, yet. He looked the academy building once and then opened the communicator. Treer’s face then appeared on the screen and he said: “I’ll be leaving now, I’ll see you again after the battle. I’ll tell you everything about it then.” “Okay, well good luck and good bye.” “Thanks.” Then the communications stopped and Fhogli closed the communicator. He didn’t put it back to his pocket just yet, though. He looked the academy building, which hadn’t changed at all. Then he placed the communicator back to his pocket and then walked closer to the academy. No one was there since it was a holiday for everyone. Fhogli went at the main door and looked it. He started thinking his first days at the academy. Then he started walking around the academy. Nothing had changed there. He found a chair from the academy’s courtyard and then sat to it. He didn’t sit long in there, but decided to go back to his apartment.

Brian had just arrived back to Pors. He wasn’t too happy, since he didn’t got to the ships he tried. He went to see his friend Kurrle, who was in his quarters. The door opened so Brian then went inside. Kurrle was watching holoprograms and didn’t notice Brian. Brian then said: “I didn’t got to those ships where I tried, but the admiral said something about an exploration ship where I might be assigned next, but I’m not yet fully sure about it.” “What exploration ship?” Kurrle asked and then Brian answered: “I’m not so sure, some new one that hasn’t yet even been built. They haven’t yet decided do they make it or not.” “I see, well too bad you didn’t got to those Confed ships. Will that new exploration ship be Confed’s, fed’s or alliance’s?” “I don’t know, but I believe that it’ll be alliance’s.” Brian said, then Kurrle stood up from his chair and turned to face Brian, then he said: “Well, I’ll be leaving already today, but at night. Not sure why they speeded up that, but I guess they have their own reasons.” “The command might be strange sometimes. You’ll be leaving to the Gigerdi 2 today?” “Yes, the Archlight is still there, so I’ll be going to there.” “Okay, I wonder why they don’t transport it to here… anyway, I’ll probably stay here at Gigerdi Prime for a bit longer at least, maybe I’ll be assigned to some ship soon… we’ll see…” “Yeah, well I’ve packed everything and I’m ready to go, I still have to wait four hours before I can leave.” Kurrle said and then Brian replied: “Okay, well good luck to you, I hope you’ll like being onboard the Archlight.” “Thanks…” Then suddenly Kurrle got a communication and then he put it through: “Ensign Kurrle, you will leave in one hour, so I suggest you pack now. Admiral Seekle out.”

Kurrle then looked at Brian and said: “Looks like they changed their plans again. Well, I better pack rest now.” “Yeah, well I better get out of your way. I’ll be in my apartment.” Then Brian left from Kurrle’s apartment and then went to his own one. He decided to watch some holoprograms now that he didn’t have anything else to do, but before he activated the holo-tv, he decided to look some info about this new ship project. He went to his console and activated it. He then started looking information about a new exploration project. He at start wasn’t able to find any information about any new ship project, until he found information about an Omega-R class destroyer, there wasn’t much info available of it, except that it was a new kind of destroyer, more powerful than the Omega destroyer. Since the Omega-R was still in designing there was very little info available. Still that wasn’t the info he came to look for. He continued his search, and then he found info about a Hyperion-R class destroyer. It was as well in designing so very little information was available.

Kurrle then came into his quarters and then said: “I’ll be going now.” Brian then moved away from the console and said: “Okay… well good luck and I hope you enjoy being onboard that ship.” “Thanks… are you looking info about new ship projects?” “Yeah, I’m trying to find this new exploration ship, in case if there’s some information about it.” “I see, well okay. Anyway, I’ll be going now, see you again then someday maybe.” “See ya and good luck.” Kurrle then left and Brian went back at the console. He wasn’t sad that Kurrle left, he was just annoyed that the info about the new exploration ship was so hard to find, since all the ships he had found had been destroyers. Still he continued the search. Then he found info about new fighter called Omega-Delta fighter. There was pretty lot of information available; all the specs were classified though. Brian looked the info about this new fighter a while, but then decided to continue his search. Long time he searched and found info only about some new battle ships, no exploration ships at all. He still continued his search, for hours he searched the info, but didn’t find anything that would have been an exploration ship. He decided to pause for a short time, he thought that where he could possible find that info, but he didn’t got any clues. Finally, he decided to look the list of all upcoming projects. The list was quite huge, but since he had already watched the info about several of those ships it wasn’t so difficult. After some search he found the project: Exploreison. He then opened the info, but then got a message that it requires security clearance Gold-Gamma to watch the info, he was surprised that it required so high clearance, since only high-ranking officers have that. Brian had security clearance Gold-Beta, since he had got it from one of his teachers at the academy. So he decided to use that clearance. He typed the clearance to there and then got the info, he was now even able to see some of the specs. He first watched the 3D model of the ship. It looked like most of Starfleet’s ships, but it had totally different armor; an organic armor. He watched the specs and noticed that the armor had come from T-Race, also it didn’t have warp drives at all, but jump drives. He didn’t know what these “jump drives” were so he decided to look some info about them. The jump drives were given by the T-Race, but for now they haven’t been yet used. The jump drives allow the ship to go much faster than with the warp drives. He then looked the other info about this Exploreison class ship. He noticed that it had very little of weapons. He then decided to look the history about the designing and noticed that the first plans were made little before the Gorg war. Then again new ones during the Gorg war, then again after the Gorg war and now again in the final days of the Dominion war. The earlier plans had been rejected since the ship would have been totally too weak and too large, but now the plans hadn’t yet been judged that will the ship be built or not. He then closed the info section about the Exploreison in case if someone notices that he’s viewing classified information.

He then sat to a chair and started thinking about the ship and its organic armor. Since it was the first ship ever to have an organic armor at least first ship that Gigerdians are gonna build. He had also noticed that it’ll be the first ship ever built under the name of G.A.S., which meant the Gigerdi Alliance’s Ship. He then actually became quite happy since he might be assigned to there if that ship is ever built, he couldn’t wait to be assigned there, he became quite nervous, but then stopped being nervous soon since he realized that he still have to wait a long time. Then he said: “I can wait, I can wait even year to get to that ship.” Brian then decided to watch the holoprograms again.

Justin Gron was going to the HQ again to see if the meeting was again there. He noticed that senator Rubek and J. Edgar Gigerdi was going to the HQ. J. Edgar Gigerdi hadn’t been in the last meeting, but Justin thought that it is possible that he’s part of this plan thing as well. So he went to the HQ to get some stuff he had supposedly forgotten. He again headed for his office, but he didn’t go inside. He continued towards the conference room. Then senator Rubek saw him and asked: “Fleet admiral Gron, what are you doing here this late?” “I just forgot few pads to the conference room so I came to get them.” “I see… we’re having a meeting there now, would you like to join us?” “Well, I suppose I could.” Justin answered and then he followed Rubek to the conference room. There were quite a lot of people. Justin looked around and noticed another senator, but couldn’t remember her name. He then sat to a chair, which was next to Rubek. The general who sat at the lead officer’s chair then said: “Guess we can start now.” “Fleet admiral Justin Gron, since you’re a new here we need to explain few things to you.” Admiral Nechen said. Then J. Edgar Gigerdi started to explain few things: “The Gigerdian government has changed and will change soon. This alliance will not last long, that’s why we need to put other persons to the lead and make sure that our people remain loyal. In order to do that we need to make the Section 18, which will ensure our people’s safety.” “We cannot tell you any more just yet, but if you decide to join us then we’ll give you more information.” Rubek said, then Justin stood up and said: “Sorry, but I don’t think that I want to be a part of this. If you’ll excuse me, I have to go now.” “Fine, but do not try to spy us.” Nechen said and then Justin left. The conference room remained silent until they have got confirmation that Justin had left the building. Then they continued: “Too bad he didn’t wanted to join us.” Edgar Gigerdi said and then Rubek asked: “Should we eliminate him?” “No, I don’t think that’s wise. He knows nothing important and possesses no threat to us. We cannot risk this operation any more. The plan continues as it was planned, Justin has no proof against us.” The general said who was sitting on the lead officer’s place. Then Edgar Gigerdi replied: “I agree. Anyway, who will be the leader of the Section 18 then?” “You.” The other senator said and then Edgar Gigerdi was a bit surprised and said: “Okay, well thanks for the honor.” “The Dominion war ends soon, which is a bad thing, but there’s no way to stop it. It was all Emissaries' fault!” The lead general said. Then Rubek said: “Well, I’m sorry about that…” Then Rubek noticed the Justin’s pads that were still on the table “Looks like Justin forgot his pads, I’ll take them to outside of the room.” Then he took them to outside of the room, but he didn’t know that Justin had planted a listening device on them. The meeting still continued, but Justin wasn’t able to hear anymore of it, still he had heard enough of it. Still he wasn’t able to proof anything with that. He decided to go to his ship since he’ll be leaving early in the morning.

Chapter 5: First Phase

There was almost normal day at Protector Station 25, well truly it wasn’t not even near to a normal day. The attack fleet was ready, they were still waiting for few more ships. Also their sensors had picked up a Dominion attack fleet heading towards their location, which mission was to try and stop them or at least slow them down. The fleet was closing on and they already had noticed them at the ops of the Protector Station 25: “Captain, I think that they’re coming now.” Said Dell, a female Trill, the science officer of PS 25. Then the captain Sissi, a male Human, said: “Battle stations! Arm all phasers and torpedo launchers, raise shields and go to red alert!” “Yes, sir.” Answered the chief engineer Killian, who was a male Human. Then the Berlan wormhole opened and a lot of ships started coming through it, still it was smaller than the attack fleet. The attack fleet was ready for battle, also the U.S.S. Harbinger, where commander Grillka was.

Then the Gul Dikli, a Parlien, opened a channel to PS 25 and said: “I don’t suppose you would like to surrender.” Then the Sissi looked at him and smiled: “Absolutely not!” Then the Dominion fleet started to close on the PS 25 and the attack fleet. Then the battle had begun, one of the last battles ever to be fought against the Dominion. The Dominion ships started shooting the attack fleet ships and concentrated their fire on the U.S.S. Genesis, which didn’t hold long in the constant firing and was soon destroyed fully. During this attack, the Dominion had lost several of its fighters, since they were extremely weak. Several of the Parlien ships attacked the PS 25, but since it was heavily defended with several other ships, the Parliens didn’t stand a chance. One of the Parlien cruisers was trying to make a run for it, but the G.F.S. Exes was able to stop it before it was able to escape. The battle continued, several of Gigerdian, Human, Folan and Vemrer ships were destroyed, but still they were constantly winning the battle. Thanks to the two good tacticians, Fleet admiral Justin Gron and Fleet admiral Erwin Lerev. They both controlled their own fleets, since there were only two fleets they were the only commanders of those fleets. The battle raged on and on, even that the attack fleet was constantly winning more and more the Dominion didn’t retreat, they stayed in the battle as long as they could, which was even a surprise for the fleet admirals, since they probably had more ships at their homeworld so why don’t they retreat to there also they attacked all those ships which were trying to leave the area as they would try to buy sometime.

Fleet admiral Erwin Lerev then ordered the G.F.S. Exes to the Dominion homeworld, even that the battle was still raging on. Several ships attacked G.F.S. Exes when they noticed that it was trying to leave. Still it was able to get into the wormhole, the ships followed, but were unable to fire. The U.S.S. Harbinger and U.S.S. Umbrella was behind them, Harbinger was an Excelsior class and Umbrella was a Galaxy class. When the Exes got out of the wormhole it immediately activated its warp drives and left. The Harbinger was able to destroy one of the Dominion ships there before they continued their pursuit. When the Exes arrived at the homeworld they noticed that it was being evacuated, but the ships evacuating it were unlike they have ever seen. They weren’t able to watch the evacuations for long time, since soon they were under attack by several of Dominion ships, they informed the rest of the attack fleet of the unknown ships and that they’re evacuating the homeworld. Still the founders, leaders of the Dominion, were still at the planet. That also little bit troubled the fleet admirals, that why they would let the founders just to die there?

Exes destroyed a lot of the attacking ships that attacked it alone, she was getting more damage all the time, though, but still it was resisting them as much as possible. Harbinger and Umbrella arrived then, but it was already too late then since the Exes already had lost its shields and was getting serious hull damage. Just when the Harbinger and Umbrella got into firing range the Exes was destroyed. Grillka watched the viewscreen as she noticed Exes being destroyed, she had served on that ship for years, but now it was over.

The battle at PS 25 was over; the few remaining Parlien ships were in the retreat, but not to the Dominion space. Still no ships were sent to pursue them. The entire fleet then started heading towards the Dominion homeworld. The end of the war was at hand. Dominion had lost 258 ships and the battle fleet only 71, still it was quite huge amount of ships, but not nearly so much as the Dominion lost. The ops crew of the PS 25 then went to the U.S.S. Defiant, Starfleet’s prototype ship, and then set course to the Founder’s homeworld.

Harbinger and Umbrella were busy destroying the remaining Dominion ships, but soon they got some reinforcements, since the attack fleet came out of warp and started its assault. The unknown ships noticed that and then quickly left. The remaining Dominion ships were no threat to the attack fleet. Strangely, no Parlien ships were detected in the area, which was strange since several of them had been detected here earlier and few of them escaped.

It didn’t take more than few minutes to clear out the defending fighters. The founder’s homeworld was their next target. The founders knew their end has come, but one of them were in his humanoid form and said: “Save our specie!!” The rest were in their liquid form.

Then the attack fleet started their bombardment to the Founder’s homeworld and soon there were nothing-alive left there. The war was finally over, still it had cost several lives and ships. Even that this war had ended, another greater one was just arriving.

Most of the attack fleet went back to their own space, but several of them remained to secure the founder’s homeworld and the nearby systems. Federation sent several ships to free the systems that had been under the control of Dominion. Defiant returned to the PS 25, also the G.F.S. Engage, Justin Gron’s ship, went to there as well. They went to check the PS 25 before they go back to Gigerdian space, since they had arrived quite late to the attack fleet.

The day changed to normal again soon, or at least quite normal. An Orlian shuttle then suddenly was approaching the station. The passenger then requested for landing clearance: “Captain, an Orlian shuttle wants to dock to the station.” Dell said and then Sissi asked: “Who’s in there, hail the shuttle.” Killian tried to hail the shuttle, but got no response so he said: “No response from the shuttle.” Then Sissi said to Killian: “Killian, tell him or her that I can’t let him or her to the station without knowing who’s in there.” “Aye, sir,” Killian then sent the message and soon he continued “I’m getting an answer now… He says that he’s an assistant to the Orlian ambassador who has ordered him to here.” “To do what?” Sissi asked. Killian then asked from the assistant that what he’s doing here and soon he got an answer: “He wants information about the attack to the founder’s homeworld.” “But it’s over already… hmm… well he may dock to the docking bay four. I'll go see him there.” Sissi said and then went to the turbolift, where he said: “Docking bay four.” Then the turbolift started to go to the docking bay four. Just little after the lift had started going Killian said through Sissi’s combadge: “Captain, he doesn’t want to see you.” Then Sissi was quite confused and asked: “Why?” “Well, he just said that he doesn’t want to see you and that he will come our from his ship after he has done his work.” Then Sissi became a bit upset and said: “Great, so I went here for nothing! Well, I think that I’ll go to bed now, since I’m a bit tired. Try to find out what that assistant wants and if he comes out from his shuttle inform me immediately.” “Yes, sir. Killian out.” Killian responded. Sissi then went to his quarters and then to sleep.

Killian tried to talk with this “assistant”, but with no luck. Night was coming to the time of the Protector Station 25. Its standard time was 0020, but the fleet admiral Justin Gron was still awake. He was walking around the upper promenade. There were still few ships going outside and also still quite many people were walking at the promenade. Engage’s first officer, a Gigerdian female, noticed Justin, so she went to talk with him: “Captain, you’re apparently still up.” “Yes, I’ve been wandering around the promenade.” Justin answered and then the first officer asked: “When we’ll be returning to Gigerdi Prime?” “Tomorrow morning at 1000.” “Okay… Any word that what will be our next assignment?” “No, not yet…” Justin answered, he wasn’t much paying attention to his first officer’s questions. The first officer noticed that and asked: “Is there something wrong?” Justin was silent, but still continued walking forward, since the first officer didn’t got answer she asked again: “Captain? Is there something wrong?” Then Justin stopped and looked at her: “Yes, there is and not any small problem, but quite large actually.” Then he again continued walking forward. The first officer thought a while and then asked again: “What’s wrong? What’s the problem?” “Well, I rather wouldn’t discuss about it here, but let’s just say that the Gigerdians have changed a lot and might change even worse. I fear that there still comes the ultimate civil war someday, I just yet don’t know who will be fighting against who.” “Another civil war? Where you got this idea?” The first officer asked and started to get really confused, then Justin answered: “I know that this might sound strange, but I just think that may happen. Like I said, I really can’t talk much about it, not yet at least, maybe later if it happens what I fear…” The first officer didn’t understand it, but was really confused and a little afraid even. She then said: “But if there really comes another civil war, even worse than this then it’s gonna be really huge, larger than we’ve ever had before and it might be so large that so many people might die in that war.” “I know that Rajel, I can’t talk much about it, yet, but maybe later then. Do not tell anyone about this, yet. If what I fear is true then we mustn’t allow anyone, who we can’t trust, to know about it.” “You can count on me, sir. I won’t tell anyone about this since I didn’t much understand anything about it myself even.” Rajel said. Then Justin replied: “Good. Are you soon going back to the Engage?” “Yes, but I decided to look around this station still once more.” “Okay, well I decided to do that as well, but I got stuck here at promenade, looking around and watching the traffic outside.” Justin answered. “I’ll be going to look this station still one last time, see you at the Engage.” Rajel said and then left, but before she was left Justin still said: “Ok, see you there. I’m still gonna look things around here.”

Hours passed… The clock was 0336 and the assistant finally came out of the ship. He was able to get out of there unseen, Killian wasn’t able to detect him from leaving since this person had sensor jamming device and was able to open the airlock so that computer thought that it actually never opened. He went at the nearest computer he found and then activated it. He downloaded all the information about the attack to the Dominion’s homeworld. When he had read it he said: “Naash ghoosh niish.” And then he went back to his ship and asked that if he could leave. In ops Killian then asked from this assistant that has he done everything now and the assistant responded that he has done all that he needs to do here. Then Killian informed this to captain Sissi who then allowed the “assistant” to leave from the station.

The shuttle quickly departed and set course for Earth, they weren’t able to pinpoint its heading at ops or at G.F.S. Engage, though. No one noticed that the computer had actually been used during the night, since this “assistant” had deactivated it. Hours passed again, Killian had gone to sleep, but some people were waking up. When the clock was 0700 Elo begun looking what had happened during the night, he then noticed that a computer near docking bay four had been used at 0343 then he said: “Elo to Sissi, I just wanted to report that there’s been an unauthorized computer access near the docking bay four at 0343 tonight.” Sissi rose from his bed and said: “But that’s only few minutes before that shuttle wanted to leave from the station.” “What shuttle? If I may ask.” “An Orlian shuttle, supposedly carrying Orlian ambassador’s assistant. He wanted to dock here because he had some work to do here, but Killian never said that he left. He strangely left just about 10 minutes after that and according to the logs he never left his ship.” Elo thought a while and then said: “It is possible that he used some kind of jamming device to jam the sensors and somehow made the computer think that the airlock actually never was opened. Still it is possible that some security camera has detected him, since it’s hard to jam those. I’ll check them and report anything I find immediately.” “Okay, Sissi out.” Sissi then stood up, took his uniform and wore it on him and then he went to eat some breakfast. Elo then started to watch the security cameras if he could find something from them.

Sissi soon finished his breakfast and then went to work. He went to ops then. When Sissi had just stepped out of the turbolift to ops Elo said: “Captain, I found one security camera that was close to the area where the incident happened and I found one person who had some sort of cloak on him and had three fingers, which had some sort of claws, quite small ones. He also appeared to have some kind of horns, I’m not fully sure since he had that cloak on him… Anyway, I suggest that you’ll come here and see this yourself.” “Alright, I’m on way. Sissi out.” He replied and then went back to the turbolift.

Soon he was at the promenade where the security office is located. The office was only few meters away from the turbolift, so Sissi got to the office very soon. When Sissi arrived to there Elo said: “Here’s the security camera that recorded the incident. It’s located near the habitat ring, close to the docking bay four where the shuttle was docked. Do you want to see what the security camera recorded?” “”Yes, show it.” Then Elo put the record going. At first there was just a normal empty corridor. Then there came a person who was had gray skin, some sort of horns, black cloak on him, quite small claws and he was about two meters tall. This strange person was moving quite fast. He seemed to download information about the attack to the Dominion’s homeworld and upload something to the computer, the person didn’t notice the camera.

Then Elo switched to another camera, which was located at the docking bay four, it showed that the person was going back to his shuttle in quite a big hurry. He then after few seconds came back and looked at the camera and then again went to the shuttle.

Then Elo said: “I think that he noticed the camera, even that it was hidden. I’m not fully sure how he was able to hack the computer so that it didn’t actually know that the airlock was opened also I don’t know how he was able to access the information about the attack to the Dominion’s homeworld, since it’s classified. I’m not sure what he actually uploaded to the computer, it might be almost anything.” “This is definitely not good, we maybe should put the station to yellow alert in case of something happens.” “Might be a good idea. Also that’s not all. I asked from Starfleet had there been same kind of incidents elsewhere and guess what I found?” Elo said and then Sissi asked: “Well, what you discovered?” “That there had been same kind of incident at the Peace Station, not much before the attack to the Dominion. Also their communication systems appear to be off-line now. The same Orlian shuttle visited both of these stations and probably it was the same person.” “Not good… but how did you know that Peace Station’s communications won’t work if they can’t send any messages?” Sissi asked and then Elo started to explain it: “I contacted one of my friends in Starfleet security who had a friend in the Gigerdian military security and who had a friend in the Gigerdian traffic control and who heard it from one of the ships that were coming from the Peace Station and I think that we should check our communications as well, to confirm that do they still work. Gigerdians haven’t sent any ships to Peace Station, yet because they haven’t yet confirmed what’s causing the trouble and are uneasy of sending any ships to investigate the matter yet.” Just after Elo had finished Mila, the first officer of PS 25 who was a Berlan female, said: “Captain, we can’t use communications system anymore, it doesn’t send anything.” “What’s the problem?” Sissi asked and then Mila responded: “I don’t know, there appears to be something that prevents it from sending anything.” Then Killian said: “Captain, I think that some virus is causing this, unknown one, I’ve never seen a virus as advanced as this is. The whole communication system is down, also the Runabouts appear to have been infected as well. That’s not all, the virus has activated communication jamming system in the whole system and has infected all the docked ships.” “Damn, Killian tries to prevent this virus from affecting every system.” Sissi said and then Killian replied: “Yes, sir.” “Elo, try to find out who he was able to upload this virus to the computer so fast.” “Yes, sir.” Elo answered and started working immediately.

Sissi then headed back to ops, he went to the turbolift and then said: “Just when I thought that here comes peace again, then THIS happens!” When he arrived at ops he asked from Killian: “Have you still been able to prevent it from infecting other systems?” “I’m still working on it, sir. This virus is so advanced that it’s not easy.” “Keep going chief and Dell try to get one of those Runabouts functioning, so that we’re able to get some help. And Mila go to one of the leaving cargo ships that are going to close of Starfleet bases or facilities, but warn them that they’re probably infected with this virus already so tell them that they won’t dock just send the message so that they know what’s happening here. I'll be on my office try to send messages to Starfleet.” “Yes, sir.” Mila answered and then both Mila and Dell went to the turbolift.

Sissi then went to his office, activated his computer and started trying to send a message to Starfleet or to anyone. Mila went to the docking bay one where one Gigerdian freighter had docked, its destination was to Benia 6. Dell went to the newest Runabout, Amazon, which had just been delivered to the Protector Station 25 few weeks ago. Elo went to the computer that strange person had used to find out how he got the virus into the computer. Killian was trying to prevent the virus from infecting other systems and was also trying to destroy the virus, but with no luck. Sissi tried to contact Starfleet on every possible frequency, but with no luck.

Mila then arrived at the airlock, which lead to the freighter, but didn’t see the captain. She asked about that from one of the workers who told her that he was in the Ver’s bar, a Dand who owns the only bar in PS 25, so Mila then headed to the promenade where it was located. When she stepped in she noticed the captain, because she had already seen him once, but hadn’t talked with him. She then went closer to him and said: “Excuse me.” Then the freighter captain noticed her and said: “You must be major Mila, what can I do for you?” “We need you to send a message to Starfleet, since our communication systems aren’t working anymore.” “Well I go quite near of one of the starbases, was that 345 or 344, well whatever. So what is the message?” “We’ll send it to you later with all specs. Thank you for delivering it.” “No problem.” The freighter captain said and then Mila left from the bar and went back to ops.

Same time Elo was investigating the computer. He had opened the access panel, which is opened if the computer needs some sort of maintenance or repair. He was looking if he could found something from there. At first he didn’t see anything out of ordinary, until he noticed a small device attached to the computer’s internal systems. Elo then tried to take it out, but it proved to be not easy task. The device had attached itself quite well to the system, but still strangely not enough well. So Elo was able to take the device out. He observed it for a while and then said: “Elo to Sissi. Captain I believe I found the device the visitor had used to get the virus to the computer system. I doubt it was made by the Dominion, but it is a possibility always. I found quite interesting insignia on the device.” “Whose insignia?” Sissi asked and then Elo answered: “It looks like the Orlian empire’s insignia.” “Orlians!?!?” “Yes, I believe this device is Orlian origin, there’s also a possibility that they’re trying to frame the Orlians.” Sissi was definitely not happy, he was quite upset, he stood up from his chair and yelled: “DAMN! Orlians! I don’t like this I surely don’t like this. If they really are behind this then I only want to ask why would they do this? They’ve always been peaceful people.” “Well, there are quite a lot of possibilities. It is possible that Orlians are behind this, someone is trying to frame them or…” “Or what Elo?!?” “Or then someone from the Orlian Empire is supporting them or the whole Orlian Empire. There are other possibilities as well.” “Yeah, well we don’t have much of evidence that the Orlians would be behind this… Orlians contacted the battle fleet little before the attack and said… what it was now… oh, yes now I remember; they said that the emissaries will come here and they will frame this galaxy. Not sure what that means.” Sissi said and then Elo thought a while and said: “I can’t figure out that either. Even that I knew the founders well, they never seemed to have anything to do with some Emissaries, but they never really told much to me.” “Well, you’re the last changeling Elo…” Then Sissi continued to Mila: “Sissi to Mila. Mila, I need you to change that message a bit. Tell him that he tells to some Starfleet base that they have to capture an Orlian shuttle that might be heading deeper into the Federation space, tell him that they will warn the other governments as well.” “Yes, sir. I’ll do it.” Mila answered and then Sissi continued talking to Elo: “Elo, try to find out if he have had happen to leave something to there since he was in hurry, also try to find out how he was able to get that device to there.” “Yes, captain.” Elo answered and started to study the device closer.

“Sissi to Killian. Chief have you learned anything more about that virus?” “Well, it looks like it has infected other systems as well, but strangely won’t disable them unless we try to remove it. If we try to remove it, then it’ll disable all systems. It’s strange that why it just won’t disable them right away.” “Maybe it has some other purpose.” Sissi said and then Killian continued: “It is possible. Even that this virus is extremely advanced, I’ve found one weakness, it is possible that it was deliberately made that way.” “What kind of weakness?” Sissi asked and then Killian started to explain: “The virus is always “one”, there isn’t many parts of it all around the computer system, but actually the whole virus is one. Also it hasn’t affected the cargo ships, which is also strange. Anyway, if we could get its attention to somewhere else we might be able to destroy. One example would be to get one Runabout functioning and then try to leave the station, this should alert the virus to the Runabout where we can then destroy the whole virus.” “I hope you’re right chief, proceed with your plan. Do whatever you must to stop this virus. Dell can help you with that Runabout, since she’s already trying to get the Amazon up and running.” “Okay, I’ll try to finish this as fast as I can captain.” Killian said and then started preparing his plan.

Sissi was then going to see Elo and Mila had gone to meet the freighter captain to deliver the message. Soon Mila got to the freighter’s airlock where few people were loading cargo to the ship. She then asked from one of them: “I need to see the captain.” “Alright, I’ll get him here.” Answered one of the crewmembers. Mila had to wait for a while for the captain to arrive, when he arrived he asked: “What now?” “Well, here’s the message you need to deliver.” Then she gave a pad to him, the captain looked it a while and then said: “I’ll deliver it to the closest Starfleet base.” “Thanks, captain.” Mila said and then headed back to ops again.

Dell and Killian were trying to fix the Amazon, but since the virus had disabled almost every system on them, it wasn’t so easy. While they were trying to get the Amazon online, Sissi went to see Elo and the device he’d found. When he got to Elo’s office Elo was still studying the device. Then Sissi asked: “Is that the device?” “Yes.” “Can I see it?” Sissi asked and then Elo answered: “Sure.” And then he gave the device to Sissi. He then studied it for a while and then Elo said: “The insignia is on the other side of it.” Sissi then noticed the insignia and said: “Yes that IS the insignia of the Orlian Empire.” He studied that side closer and noticed something, but it was quite tiny and dirty, he started cleaning in and said in the same time: “There’s something, but it’s dirty…” Once he had cleaned it so that he could see what it is, he noticed something: “What?!? It can’t be…” “What is it?” Elo then asked and then Sissi was really shocked and said: “It’s the Dominion’s insignia.” “How’s that possible? Orlians and Dominion have never been allies.” “Yeah, this IS strange. I don’t know how’s this possible. Are you SURE they have never been allies?” “Yes, Dominion never liked mussels just like the Hemmoians.” “They afraid to eat them?” Sissi asked and then Elo answered: “Well, actually now that you mentioned... Ber’Hars and Mentrars never ate mussels, well Ber’Hars never ate anything, but if they feared something they feared those. So it’s quite unlike that they would have had an alliance.” “Looks like this matter is bigger than I ever suspected. I just hope Starfleet gets out message before it’s too late. Have you found anything more?” Sissi asked and then Elo responded: “No, but security is searching the nearby areas of that computer. I’ll tell you, if we find something more.” “Okay, good. See if you can find someone who might have walked near that and seen something or someone. I’ll be in my office.” “We’ll do.” Elo replied and then Sissi left from the Elo’s office.

In the turbolift Sissi said: “Sissi to Killian. How’s your work going?” “Pretty good, sir. We should be able to get the engines up and running in hour.” “Excellent, keep going chief, Sissi out.” Then he said: “Sissi to Mila. Did you deliver that message to the freighter captain?” “Yes, he should be on his way to his destination soon.” “Good, try contact someone on Berla or anyone. I’ll be in my office to look if the security cameras have detected something while the intruder or whatever it was here. Sissi out.” Then he got to ops and went to his office. Elo was trying to find someone who probably had seen this strange intruder, Dell and Killian were still trying to get the Runabout online and Mila was trying to contact someone.

Chapter 6: Defenders

Only a little bit after the final battle against the Dominion on Peace Station: It was morning and the security chief of the Peace Station was looking had anything happened during the night. He then suddenly noticed that unidentified life form had been in his office at night. This same person apparently also had used a computer console. After the security chief had noticed this he said: “Security alert! Marcello to captain, captain somebody stunned me at night and accessed my computer!” “What?!? Who did that?” The captain asked and then the security chief replied: “I’m not yet sure, I just noticed that unidentified life-form had been here. Some guy from a race we don’t know.” “Someone from an unknown race?!?! That’s not good, can you check the security cameras?” “Yeah, I’m just doing that.” The security chief answered and then communications officer said, who was in the bridge: “Captain, we can’t send any messages, we can only receive them.” “WHAT?!?!? Try to locate the reason for this, whatever it is.” The captain replied and then the security chief said: “Captain, now I remember something. At night someone came he and said that he wanted some information then he stunned me. Weapons sensors didn’t notice that, it was an unknown type weapon. Then this person activated my computer and accessed the files concerning the attack to the Dominion’s homeworld.” “Were you using your computer when he came there?” “No, I had shut it down and he would have needed my password to open it, so I have no idea how he was able to access the info.” The chief answered and then the captain said: “Now this is really bad… Have you checked the security cameras?” “Not yet fully, I’m just checking them.” “By the way, at morning I checked what ships had docked here and guess what I found?” The captain asked and then the chief thought a while, but couldn’t figure out anything so he said: “I don’t know. What ship?” “An Orlian shuttle.” “Orlian?!?” The chief was really surprised and then the captain responded: “Yes, they are an old race, no one actually knows much about them.” “I see, well guess that means why this virus is so advanced.” The chief said and then the captain yelled: “WHAT?!?!?” “Yes, whoever visited here, uploaded a virus into our computer system and apparently caused the communication systems to malfunction.” “This is not going any better… well here’s already security alert so they’ve probably noticed that something’s not right. Anyway, try to find out more about this “visitor”.” “Yes, sir.” “And when you find him on the security camera’s records, I want to see that person.” “I’ll inform you if I find something.” The chief replied and then continued looking the security camera’s records.

“Damn that we can’t inform anyone of our current situation!” “Actually there’s one way.” The security chief said and then the captain asked: “Well?!?” “If we send a message with some ship that’s leaving from here, since it appears not to affect the ships that are docked here.” “That’s a good idea! I’ll go to see the captain of the next freighter or transport that’s leaving. Seneke out.” The captain said and then started to look what ships are leaving now soon. He noticed that one human transport was soon leaving to a Gigerdian colony. He then quickly headed for the docking bay.

Since the Peace Station was small it took only a little time to get there, of course the drunken guys were a little slowing him down. But when he arrived to there he noticed that they were already getting the cargo inside and apparently were leaving soon. He went to there and asked: “I need to see the captain of this ship.” Then one of the crewmembers pointed to a one Folan man and said: “He’s right there.” “A Folan commanding human ship, well I suppose that’s possible.” Then he went to there and said: “Excuse me.” “Yeah?” The transport captain asked and then the captain started explaining: “Since our communication system has been disabled and we can’t send any kind of messages to anyone. So we need you to deliver this message to the nearest Gigerdian, Human or any base.” Then he handed a pad to him and then transport captain replied: “Sure, I can deliver it.” “Thanks, and you may leave whenever you want.” Then the captain went back to the bridge.

Hour went and nothing major happened. The captain was walking around the bridge of the Peace Station and was nervous. Kyle Gigerdi 2 and Mad Gigerdi 2 were walking around the station and talking: “I heard that there came a security alert.” Kyle said and then Mad responded: “Yes, I heard so too, I wonder what caused it…” “Hopefully nothing extremely bad, guess we’ll find out that soon.” “Yeah… I’ve been thinking about this last civil war, well actually it was more called as the secession war, but anyway it’s just that I still much can’t understand why it happened.” “If you remember, there came some disagreements with quite many matters and in the end that ended up in fighting.” Kyle said and then Mad replied: “Yeah. I still regret of sending ships to hunt down your ships when you were trying to leave from the Gigerdi Federation. Still you successfully arrived at the Gigerdi 2.” “Heh heh, yeah. Still both sides lost quite a lot of ships, so again that kind of war should never happen.” Kyle then said and then Mad replied: “You’re right. The alliance is gonna be formed now finally.” “I heard that the military committee is still trying to decide will they make the new exploration ship called… G.A.S. Exploreison.” “It’d be the first Gigerdi Alliance’s Ship ever to be made also the first ship to have the new jump drives.” Mad said and then they stopped at one window and then Kyle said: “I wonder can they decide will it be made or not. The military ship deciding committee sometimes argues so much between each other.” “Yeah, that’s their problem sometimes, perhaps the formation of the Gigerdi Alliance will change things. By the way, when is that new Grand Admiral gonna be selected?” Mad asked and then Kyle answered: “I’m not so sure, but it should be quite soon I think.” “Good… well, I should be going to back to my quarters since I still have few things to do.” “I think that I’ll go as well, see you then later.” Kyle said and then Mad replied: “See you then.” And then they both left.

Another hour went and the captain was coming even more nervous. Then suddenly the security chief said: “Captain, I think you should come to my office.” “Alright, I’ll be on my way.” The captain responded and then went quickly to the security chief’s office. When he arrived the chief said: “I have now studied that virus and I might be able to develop a virus that might destroy the virus. Since this virus, which disabled the communications, seems to be only one virus and not many. If we put another virus that destroys the station’s systems one by one it might try to attack it if its mission is not to disable this station. Then these both viruses might be destroyed.” “Might be?” “Yes, there are few risks though. Like that the virus may not attack this other virus and then we’ll lose every possible system or then the current virus won’t be destroyed.” “I suppose we have no other choice right now… hmm… well… DO IT! You got two hours!” “Captain, there’s still one more thing.” “Yes?” “This virus seems not to have been completed. Since it seems to be living in the computer core or in the communication system and now I mean the whole virus is there. Destroying those might not help since it can move itself out of those pretty fast. This virus can’t copy itself and apparently seem to have few bugs, which indicate the virus is still in beta phase. This is extremely advanced, but still not enough advanced. If we ever encounter this virus completed it might be almost impossible to destroy it, without destroying the every possible system in this station.” “If you’re right, I hope we’ll never meet completed one. Inform me when you have succeeded in your anti-virus, I’ll be in the bridge.” “Aye, sir.” The chief replied and started searching for a suitable virus, the captain then went back to the bridge.

Emperor of the T-Race was trying to establish contact with her government, but she always got the same message: Communication system disabled. She tried over and over again, but always she got the same message. She wasn’t the only one trying to establish contact with someone. The president of the Federation was trying to contact Federation council on Earth, since he needed to know had anything major happened, but he got the same message as well. Many had already reported about this to the maintenance, but they only have said that they need to wait, since it’ll take time to get the communication systems back online. The emperors of the Gigerdians were also starting to get a bit nervous since there was a security alert and the communications didn’t work and no one told them anything about that. Ze’er was constantly trying to contact her government, but didn’t succeed in that. She didn’t inform anything to the maintenance since she feared if they would then find out something. Other leaders wanted info about the attack to the Dominion’s homeworld. Maintenance guys said that the problem was quite big, but that this was mostly just a routine at the Peace Station and that worse problems had been there.

Hour went and the people in Peace Station didn’t like the situation at all, well the drunken guys didn’t much say anything and since there were so lot of those the maintenance guys just said that since not even half of the station isn’t complaining they shouldn’t start working so fast. Almost half of the station’s residents were drunken guys. This did cause some people to complain even more and few tried to get the drunken guys to complain and succeeded with that by giving them few bottles of Folan beer. Still it was too little for the maintenance guys.

The captain just stood at the bridge, waiting and thinking will that virus disable the whole station or save it. If it will disable the station, they have to tell the leaders that what’s going on, that might cause panic that’s why they should avoid it as much as possible. The maintenance crew actually wasn’t even trying to repair the communications systems, but was ready to repair any possible systems when ordered to do so. Not every station personnel even know what was going on, but quite many knew. Someone had told some people of what was going on.

Security chief had his hands full; he had locked his office door since a lot of people had come there to complain. He was creating the anti-virus against this unknown virus. Captain didn’t wanted to tell what was happening, to anyone since he feared that it might cause panic. He was uneasy of telling what was happening to all personnel, he also had instructed people not to talk about this incident, for now most of the people had remained silent.

Another hour went again, still nothing. Mad Gigerdi 2 and Kyle Gigerdi 2 were talking again: “I still don’t know what’s going on here. No one actually knows except the personnel working here.” Kyle said and then Mad said: “Yeah, it troubles me a bit. Everything’s not right here now, something’s terribly wrong, but what?” “Indeed, something must have been done, but what? Hopefully this matter will be solved soon, since it’s really annoying that I can’t my government.” “Same here. I heard that some drunken guys invaded the Päähemmo’s quarters, but died because he breathes different stuff.” “Yes, I heard that. I wonder how the Bacterians and Hemmoians have managed to live together in the same quarters.” Kyle said and then Mad laughed and said: “Yeah, well Vemrers and Folans had that “little” fight.” “Yeah… there aren’t any more ships coming to here now, must be because of our current situation here.” “Probably. Isn’t the Gigerdi Alliance going to be formed “officially” today?” Mad asked and then Kyle answered: “Yes, today. It won’t be much of a ceremony if those communications can’t be online.” “Well, who needs some celebrations here anyway, this station is full of those drunken guys now and this is a small station.” Mad said and then Kyle replied: “Yes, this is a small station and quite old as well. Maybe it’s better to celebrate at Gigerdi Prime and Gigerdi 2. Gigerdi 2 will then be our “second homeworld”.” “Yep, even that it isn’t so great place it’s still our second homeworld. Gigerdii will remain normal.” “We’ll see how our people will survive from this joining. There might come riots and rebellions, but hopefully we don’t have to struggle with those.” Kyle said then Mad responded: “We’ll see it soon.”

People started to get even more nervous, still they most had stopped asking that what was going on since they always got the same answer that the problem will be fixed when it’ll be fixed. Captain wasn’t in so peaceful mood either, he was coming more nervous as well. He then decided to go to the security office to check things out there. When he was in the lift the security chief said: “Captain, I finished the virus, you should come here.” “Already on my way.” And then he stepped out of the lift and then went at the door to the security office. It didn’t open at first since it was locked. The captain knocked on the door and then the security chief opened it when he had noticed that the captain was there. “I’m uploading it to our computer system now.” Then the captain sat to a chair in front of the chief’s desk and asked: “Why you had locked the door?” “So many people came to complain here about the maintenance. They said it was too slow.” “I see, looks like people really don’t like of what’s happening here…” Then the upload was completed and the chief said: “It’s there, now we just have to wait and see what happens. I might not be able to control that virus fully. Since I wasn’t able to modify it so well. This base virus was developed by one Gigerdian who was…” “You don’t have to tell the history of this your own virus.” The captain said to stop chief from telling anymore, the chief then replied: “Alright. Like I said I might not be able to stop it from disabling every system, I was the best in the engineering class when we were disarming viruses, but still this virus is advanced and might not be so easily destroyed.” “Let’s just hope it doesn’t disable everything, it wouldn’t be bad even if it does that, it only needs to destroy that damn other virus!” The captain yelled. Then they just waited silently, minutes went and nothing happened. Then soon came an alert that the weapons are offline then the chief said: “At least it’s disabling the systems now.” After chief had finished there came another alert that communications are offline. Then it was silent again minutes, until came message that life-support system is offline then the captain said: “Shit! I hope your virus can finish its job soon!” The station went to red alert because the life-support system had gone offline. They could live about two hours without the life-support system.

A little time passed and the chief then got a message from the virus that it was under attack he then said: “It worked! The virus is under attack; this enemy virus attacked it. I knew it wasn’t so intelligent in the end.” “Excellent! How long this fight will last?” The captain asked, chief didn’t respond yet, until he then said quite quietly: “Well… maybe an hour maybe more.” “WHAT?!?! AN HOUR?!?!” “Yes, well it was just a prototype and it was the best virus I could find and I didn’t have much time to do the modifications.” “DAMN! We got air left for about two hours, if it doesn’t succeed in that time we’ll need to get the people out of here and to some ship. I suppose we just have to hope for the best, since here aren’t any ships around anymore.”

More time went and nothing happened. Both of them were just waiting silently. The hour went, but still nothing. Kyle and Mad Gigerdi had agreed to officially form the Alliance at the Gigerdi Prime. Few ships had now arrived to Peace Station to see if the problem still existed. The chief and captain waited longer until the chief got a message from the virus and said: “IT WORKED! Now I still have to get that other virus out, since it survived.” “Good work on destroying at least the other virus, I’ll put the maintenance people to work now.” Then the captain informed that they’re no allowed to start repairing the life-support and other disabled systems. Chief was able to get the virus out when it had disabled Peace Station’s shields.

The repair crew was able to get the life-support and other systems functioning again. The Peace Station was empty now, even the drunken guys had been transferred to the planet that the Peace Station orbits. Gigerdius was visiting the Peace Station, he had visited just once before there. He was remembering those times when he was still ambassador: A ship was going to a diplomatic meeting with the Federation. It was at the Federation space, but wasn’t going by warp speed. Gigerdius and the other ambassadors were talking in the dining hall: “Have you ever been on a station called Peace Station or heard anything about it?” One of the ambassadors said and then another responded: “I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard about it.” “I’ve heard quite a lot about it, but haven’t visited it yet, I hope I will visit it someday.” Gigerdius said and then the first ambassador replied: “Well, it’s a peace station.” “Yeah.” Gigerdius said. Then the red alert came to the ship and Gigerdius shouted: “WHAT NOW?!?!?” “All personnel report to your stations ASAP!!” Said the captain to the whole ship “We’re under attack by the Dominion.” The ship had only few light ships as escorts so the Ber’Har ships wiped them out pretty fast. The diplomatic ship was disabled and then boarded. The Ber’Hars killed everyone who refused to surrender and Gigerdius was taken as prisoner. Shape shifters who caused quite a lot of damage replaced all the diplomats there. In few weeks Gigerdius and the others were rescued, though. Still he was judged to a space dock, where he must work as long as the government orders him. The Gigerdius stopped remembering and looked the place out still one last time.

On Earth, the homeworld of the humans, the Federation council was having a normal meeting: “This is ridiculous!” “It is just normal offer to you Benzi.” Said the leader of the Federation council to a represent of Andorians. Then the Benzi shouted again: ”If we will be asked once more this, we WILL break our membership treaty with the Federation!” And then he left from the council before the leader of this Federation council said: ”It came from the...” And then the represent of the Andorians have already left. Then the leader of the council said: ”We will gather again tomorrow to discuss about this.” Then the unknown person left from his own secret place also. Soon the council was empty except the leader of it, he was still sitting on his chair and thinking what will happen tomorrow, but then he stood up and said: ”Well tomorrow is tomorrow and now isn't a tomorrow.” Then he began to walk to his home. When it was night, a dark person came to the council. He went to one of the computers and activated it. He watched all information about the attack on Founders homeworld. He was able to watch only few reports, but enough that he didn't like it. Then he shut the computer and left before the security officers came. There was another person also, but at higher place watching what this ”dark person” will do. He left also, so that he won't be catch by security. When the security arrived there was nothing inside the council hall. They noticed that a computer had been used. Then one of the security officer said: ”Commander it looks like someone has used this computer.” ”Ensign, alert to main security of earth and tell that unauthorized person has used one of the computers in the council hall. Lieutenant is there any evidence what files there has been accessed.” No, sir. No evidence of what files have been accessed, so I think there has been working an expert, because there is no trail of anything. There is only report that this computer has been activated on time 03.43 sir.” ”So the intruder has been here at least a half an hour. He can't bee far, ensign alert also all available troops here to find that intruder and monitor all long range transporter activity.” ”Yes sir.” Then the Lieutenant said: ”Commander I found all files he have been watching, sir.” ”Good show me them.” ”He has watching only the latest reports of attack to the Founders homeworld. And the reports have there been any Dominion survivors. And how many ships we lost and the Dominion.” ”Good we'll send that information to main security. And good job lieutenant, anyone can't do that job.” ”Thank you, sir.” Answered young Lieutenant and smiled a bit. And then they left from the council hall, but they left one guard to watch if that intruder will come back.

Then came morning, the intruder didn't come back. Still the main security of Earth was a little bit worried bout this intruder. That's why they were having a discussion about it: ”I think he was just curios.” Said one of the commanders, but then other one responded: ”I think this might be threat to us and I think we should prepare for it.” ”This is stupid, why anyone who looks our computers is a threat to Earth?” Said one general little bit laughing. ”But may I say that this happened at night AND without anyone's permission!” Said one other general with angry voice. Then the commander who was in the council at night when they discovered this intruder said: ”I say this is a threat to planetary security and I suggest that we will put Earth into a security alert.” ”You are not saying that there will be marshal-law?” Said one of the commanders. ”No, there will just be a security alert, no more.” ”Alright that's what we will do now, everyone keep your eyes open and be careful. You are dismissed now.” Said the leading general and the others said: ”Yes, sir.” And then everyone left from the meeting, to his or her post.

After a few hours the Federation council was having a meeting again: ”I received the same request today also!” Said Benzi represent of the Andorians and then the leader of this council said: ”But we haven’t sent you anything.” ”YOU HAVEN'T, well where have this request came from!” ”I don't know, at least we haven't sent to you anything.” Then the represent of Andorians stood little time quiet until he said: ”Well you win this time, but for tomorrow I will settle this. AND if you are lying, I will tell it to whole galaxy!” And then the represent of Andorians left from the council, but the council continued to talk about other problems.

Same time in the small room above the council hall. Someone was moving there. He left soon after the represent of the Andorians had left. This person who had just left from his room above the council hall, went to a small shuttle and left from the Earth. When it was out from Earth's atmosphere he went to warp. Nobody cared where that shuttle went, because they knew who was in there. At least most of them knew.

In the Earth's space travel control: A new worker said: ”Whose ship was that.” And then the other person who have been working there longer said: ”You can't ask that question from me, because I can't answer to you. You should ask that from someone who can answer to you.” Then the new person said: ”Why can't you say it to me that whose ship was that.” ”Because I have not been authorized to tell you and I don’t know that myself.” ”Well how did you find out whose ship was that?” ”Well, I have been working here so long that, when that ship first time came here, one admiral told me whose ship it is, still I don’t know fully whose ship it actually is.” ”Then why can't you tell me whose ship it WAS!?” Shouted then the new one. To that the person who has been working there longer said: ”I said to you I CAN'T TELL IT TO YOU! Admiral’s orders. And if you WILL ask me one more time that, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN THE OTHER SIDE OF THAT AIRLOCK, IS THAT CLEAR!” Then the new one said with little fearful voice: ”Yes, sir.” Then the other worker said still: ”And if you wish to know whose ship it was you should ask it for, one of the admirals or someone who is high ranking officer or diplomat. And I'm sorry that I shouted to you, but you were just getting on my nerves. Honestly I still don’t fully know whose ship it is.” Said the other worker to the new worker. Then they continued their checking ships coming and leaving from Earth.

This unknown shuttle went to a planet that was marked to the Federation, but truly it wasn't Federation's fully. There were many big ships orbiting the planet. Then he landed on that planet; it was mostly underwater. There were many people wearing some kind of suits, or machines. Inside of them there was a life form that looked like a mussel. Then this one who came from the shuttle went to a some kind of building. And then went to speak with some person. After a few minutes this person that came from the shuttle went back to the shuttle and set course to Earth.

When he came to Earth he went to his quarters, which are in the building where every diplomat lives. His quarters were full of water, because he lives in water. He is more like forgotten person. Only few know who he is and where he lives. In council meetings, nobody knows that if he is even there. He hasn’t said anything in years, not even in the council meetings. He is from a race called Orlians. They are really advanced specie. They keep themselves in secret. Most of the people don’t even know them. Even the council has forgotten his presence. Some people still think; why there is room up of the council chambers. Orlians themselves almost only observe, and research. They don’t do much else. They don’t expand or build ships. They like being in quiet.

Chapter 7: Second Phase

At Deep Space 9: The virus problem was still ahead. There had been no progress, but there have been messages from Starfleet informing that the same problem had occurred at Peace Station and that help is coming as soon as possible. But the crew at PS 25 was already finding a way to defeat the virus. Killian and Dell just finished repairing one of the Runabouts Killian then said: ”Killian to Sissi. Captain we have finished in repairing the Runabout.” ”Excellent, what we’ll do next.” Sissi asked Then Dell said: ”If the virus is stupid this will work if it’s not then it will not work, we have to depart the Runabout and if the virus is stupid it will try to stop it by entering in the ship, and then we have to detonate the ship and the virus might be destroyed.” ”Well it’s worth of a try, you may start as soon as you can, Sissi out.” Then Killian said to Dell: ”Well if this isn’t going to work, we will get help soon.” And then Dell said: ”Well we don’t have much time if we want to warn other governments.” And then they left from the ship and went to ops, where they began to start the plan. After few minutes when everything was ready Dell said: ”All ready captain.” ”Proceed.” Said Sissi. And then the Runabout began to leave. And Killian said: ”The virus is trying to prevent the ship from leaving.” And then Dell said: ”The virus went inside.” ”All of it?” Said Sissi. Then Killian said: ”All of it captain.” ”Captain we have to detonate the ship now or we cannot destroy the virus.” Said Dell And Sissi answered: ”Well do it, if we don’t have any other choice.” ”Aye, sir” And then she detonated the Runabout. The whole station was bumping. When it stopped Sissi said: ”Report!” ”Minor damage in the docking bay, and the virus is... eliminated!” Said Killian and then Sissi said to Mila: ”Open a channel to the Starfleet.” ”Yes, sir.” And then Mila was able to open hailing frequencies to Starfleet and then she said to Sissi: ”Communications operational.” ”Good, hail the closest Starfleet installation Major.” ”Yes, sir said Mila then and then a picture of one human male admiral appeared to the screen. And Sissi said: ”Admiral, we have a dangerous situation. You must inform to other races that they should be prepared to engage an Orlian shuttle that is not owned by Orlian. It is behind this.” Then the admiral said: “I can’t just order other people to shoot an Orlian shuttle!” Then Sissi said: ”I don’t have time to tell you all the details just tell them to be prepared that’s all, Sissi out.” Then the admiral told this to all other races he could.

The other races sent more ships to their borders to watch in case Orlian ships arrive to there. At PS 25 the crew began to repair the damage that the virus made. Hour went and this Orlian shuttle was approaching the border of the Folans and one of the Federation outposts detected that shuttle and alerted its presence to Folans and to closest Federation’s vessels. And in few minutes the Orlian shuttle was under attack by two Galaxy class ships and a Warbird.

The captain opened a channel to the Orlian shuttle and said: ”Surrender and you will not be harmed, but if you don’t we’ll have to open fire.” And then the communications officer said: ”No response captain.” And the tactical officer said: ”The ship is moving towards us and it has raised its shields.” ”Raise shields and open a channel again maybe we ca...” Then the Orlian shuttle fired upon the Federation ship, its guns penetrated its shields, and the Warbird started to attack it. In the same galaxy class ship tactical officer said: ”That shuttle pierced our shields.” Then the captain said: ”Try to disable that ship, but don’t destroy it.” Then also the Federation’s ships started to attack. The Shuttle had really powerful energy beams and powerful torpedoes, but the they were able to disable it after a quite long fight. Then the same captain said to the passenger onboard the Orlian shuttle: ”We have disabled your ship, surrender now.” But then the Orlian shuttle activated its self-destruct system and it created so big blast that the all the ships in the area were destroyed. But the shuttle was finally destroyed.

After a few hours when the Federation’s search ships had left, one asteroid arrived. It also searched the area. And soon founded what it was looking for. It tractored it to the asteroid and warped out. One Outpost detected this asteroid, but didn’t report it to Starfleet until that asteroid warped out. And in few seconds three nebula class science vessels came to search in case they would find a warp signature, but the result was: Nothing. Nebulas continued searching any clues, which might lead to this strange asteroid. When those Nebulas didn’t find anything they began to search the remains of the Orlian shuttle and detected that its computer core was taken and that there wasn’t any remains of the passenger. Nebulas reported this to Starfleet and warped out.

At Earth, a Security Council was having a discussion: ”The virus problem has been solved at PS 25 and at the Peace Station.” Said Gaili, one the Gigerdians security officers. Then Cilimar, other Gigerdian security officer, said: ”Do you know how they solved it?” ”No.” Then lights suddenly went out and Sukra, one of the Lihter security chiefs, stood up and asked: ”What happened?” ”Earth’s whole power system has been disabled!” Answered Gaili, which was looking the status screen, which was still working, but not very well. ”Whole? And even defenses?” Cilimar asked and Gaili answered: ”Yes. Almost all power systems are down, but I don’t know how long will those other systems be activated.” And then he also said: ”I think it’s the virus, sir.” ”WHAT!?” Yelled Farrel, one of the Human security chiefs, and the Gaili answered: ”Yes, but now it seemed had taken every power system not only communications.” ”Great. What we’ll now do?” Said Ragri, one of the Gigerdian security chiefs, and Britt, one of the Gigerdian security officers, answered: ”Well first we need to get out of this room. So lets try to open it manually.” ”But why don’t we use phaser?” Asked Borgone, one of the Folan security officers, and Britt answered: ”YES, we could vaporize the door.” ”Alright, lets do it!” said Gigra, one of the Human security officers, and then one of them took phaser and vaporized the door. Then they went out. There was no one. And Gaili said: ”Where is everyone?” ”I don’t know, but we should get to Starfleet’s headquarters.” Said Cilimar and then they came to door and Borg said: ”That door has forcefield, how?” ”I think it’s the virus and I think it’s coming more intelligent, it must somehow be connected with those other viruses and learn more all the time.” Said Britt and Gigra said: ”Well now what?” Then Gaili said: ”There’s a window!” ”Yes.” Said Ragri and Gaili continued: ”Well there is window in the other side of that door and if the virus haven’t been so intelligent, it hasn’t put forcefields to there. And by breaking that window and going through the other we should find a way to the lower levels.” ”Well what are you waiting for, do it.” Said Cilimar and Gaili answered: ”Aye, sir.” Then he shot the glass and looked to other side true the window and said: ”Yes, we can access to other side by this way, but this won’t be easy.” ”Lets go.” Said Britt and then everyone moved themselves through the windows to the other side. Then Borg said: ”We should be able to get to the ground levels by the jefriestubes just down there.” ”But that goes through the power core.” Said Ragri and Borg answered: ”I know, but I think that we can destroy that virus through there.” Then they crouched to the jefriestube and crouched many minutes until they came to a big reactor hall, where was the Earth’s main Antimatter reactors, the security HQ was really close to the underground power facility, which controlled those antimatter reactors. There Farrel said: ”Well this is bigger than I expected.” And Borg said: ”Now we need to destroy the reactors.” ”WHAT!?!?” Gigra asked and couldn’t believe it and then Britt started to explain: ”Sir, I think I know what she’s planning.” ”Well would you tell me also?” ”The virus seemed to be now in the main reactors only and controlling situations from there, so if we can blow it up the virus will be destroyed.” ”But if it’ll be able to escape?” ”Well then we just have to do something else.” The security chiefs looked to each other and then one of them said: ”Well how can we destroy those reactors?” And Britt answered: ”Only we need to do is set the unstoppable self-destruct to reactors and get the hell out!” ”Alright.” ”Now everyone, go to the reactors and set the self-destruct on my mark.” Then they went down by the ladders. The reactors where side by side so it was easy to set the self-destruct. ”Alright, everyone ready?” Asked the same security officer and everyone said: ”Yes.” ”Good, three… two… one… now!” then everyone put self-destruct to thirteen seconds and ran as fast as they could to out. When they were at the upper levels they took emergency lift that took them to the ground and then was six seconds left. They ran as fast as they can and when was only two seconds left one of the security officers activated the shields around the security headquarters. And then came one hell of an explosion. Everyone of them fell to the ground. Everyone was looking the explosions and were terrified, because they didn’t know what had happened. Shields were holding for now, some disturbances came to it, but it held, this shield was designed to protect the building in case of planetary bombardment. When the explosion had almost ended they stood up to see did the plan worked. And Borg celebrated and said: ”It worked!!” ”We don’t know did it work completely, but now we have to get to the Starfleet HQ.” Said Gaili. ”If that worked transporters should be on-line now and we should be able to beam us to the Starfleet headquarters.” Borg said and then Cilimar said: ”Yes, but I’ll first try my combadge.” Then he hit his combadge and said: ”Cilimar to Starfleet headquarters... Cilimar to anyone.” Nothing. ”Well here is people, but it seems that communications are out.” Said Gaili and he continued: ”But there is transporter just there.” He pointed with his finger to a building in their right side. Then they began to walk to there, there was no one. Gaili went to the panel and said: ”This is working and transporter systems are on-line, I’m putting the coordinates to the Starfleet’s headquarters now.” ”Alright let’s go.” Said Ragri. Then they went to the transporter and then they were beamed. Then they appeared to the Starfleet’s headquarters and there one admiral said to them: ”We detected an explosion in the security HQ. And now most of our systems are back on-line.” ”I think that same virus that was found at Peace Station and at PS 25 was here.” Said Britt. ”Same virus? Well we should try to get communications back on-line and there is still some kind of jamming in this system.” Said the same admiral and Britt said: ”It seems that virus destroyed communications completely, but what is that jamming device?” ”It’s ours, but the virus seemed to have activated it.” Gaili explained ”Can’t you just deactivate it?” Britt asked and then the admiral responded: ”We should be able to do it now. All of you should rest now, we’ll inform anything new right away.” ”Good.” Britt replied and then they went to rest to their quarters that they got in the Starfleet’s HQ. Same time at the starbase orbiting Earth: Power was coming back on-line to the space docks as well, but communications were still off-line. Starbase’s commander Capt. Galen was talking with his first officer Cmdr. Koski: ”We could send a shuttle out of this system to report our situation.” Said Cmdr. Koski and Captain responded: ”Yes, but first we need to repair our communications.” ”I already sent a repair team to there.” ”Good, and do you know why our systems were disabled and why?” ”There came s shuttle from earth, which told us that the same virus that disabled PS 25’s and Peace Station’s communications was here and that it somehow informed computers here and in space docks to overload the communication system and to disable power, but now when that virus isn’t transferring that order we got the main power back again.” ”That is at least good, inform immediately when that shuttle is ready.” ”Yes, sir.” Then Cmdr. Koski went out from Capt. Galen’s ready room.

Chapter 8: The Final Decision

Starfleet heard that Earth isn’t answering to any hails and sent ships to investigate. Council members at Earth were already asking what was going on, on Earth, but they were told that it was just power fluctuations and that the communications will be repaired soon. At starbase, the one, which was orbiting Earth, the shuttle was ready and was sent to inform that everything will be fine soon. It found the ships that Starfleet had sent to investigate the matter at Earth. Earth was fully on-line soon again. Starfleet reports indicate that the asteroid was only a decoy to make the Federation afraid of an attack and that someone installed warp drives to it, but who was this, nobody knows.

Then at the Gigerdi Prime, the military committee was again having a discussion again: ”I have put bunch of engineers to complete the designs of this new exploration ship and I said to them that they don’t put much weapons.” Said the fleet admiral Justin Gron and the admiral Nechen, who was opposing Exploreison, said: ”I don’t agree with you in designing that ship, we already have enough exploration ships and this ship, which doesn’t have much weapons, isn’t a good idea.” ”I think we should vote tomorrow what we’ll do about this ship.” Said the leading admiral and then everyone went out. The situation was pretty bad for the supporters of the Exploreison. Tomorrow came and the admiral Nechen, who didn’t like the Exploreison said: ”I think Exploreison is a good name for the ship and that it is good if it has only a little of weapons. Then species it encounters can see that we don’t want to fight always. Lots of science space is good also so it can study new artifacts and other things it founds. I’m giving full support to this, and to all of you; this might be a mark of a new beginning to our people.” Every admiral look at each other a little time and then the lead admiral said: ”Alright now it’s time for the vote.” Every admiral voted and it was 10 to Exploreison and 0 to no. Decision was made the new ship called ”Exploreison” can be designed completely and constructed. This admiral who first was saying no to Exploreison left immediately and no one saw where he went. In the next meeting admiral Nechen said that he wasn’t able to go to the vote and the other admirals said that he was there and thought that he was perhaps tired and gave him small vacation. In the next meetings he was always saying no to the Exploreison, but it was too late already then.

After a few weeks they began to construct Exploreison in the shipyard that Gigerdius was working. The Exploreison was said that it will be ready in six months.

R’Derex, T’Lar, Deket and Sprak were talking in dining hall at the training facility on Cruula 5: “I’m glad that the Dominion war is over and that the Gigerdi Alliance has finally fully been made.” R’Derex said and then T’Lar replied: “Indeed, I have to agree. We’ll be leaving from here soon, I hope we’ll someday find out who killed Jyori and Ben.” Then Deket said: “Hopefully… By the way, did you receive info about your first assignment?” “Not yet.” T’Lar answered and then Sprak said: “They should send the information today.” “I can’t wait to know where I’ll be assigned!” R’Derex said. “It’s good that the “Secession war” ended and that Gigerdi Alliance was finally made, even though it might not last so long.” Said Deket and then Sprak said: “It was illogical to start the secession war, it cost the lives of many civilians.” “Yeah, you’re right Sprak.” R’Derex said and then one of the training officers came at the table, noticed that they were all there and said: “Looks like you’re all here. I have some information about your first assignment.” “Well?” R’Derex asked and couldn’t wait to know where he’ll be assigned, then the training officer continued: “You all have been assigned to the G.A.S. Exploreison. You’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. You’ll get more details at the Gigerdi Prime then. Good luck to all of you.” “Thanks, we’ll be ready tomorrow.” Deket said and then T’Lar said: “G.A.S. Exploreison… must be the first ship ever made under the name of G.A.S.” “Finally we’ll be getting out of here and going back to the Gigerdi Prime. It’s been a long time since I was there…” Said Deket and then Sprak said: “Two years.” “Two years? That’s a long time.” “I wonder what ship this Exploreison will be, the name leads to the exploration word, but I’m not sure will it be an exploration ship. Guess we’ll see it tomorrow.” R’Derex said and then T’Lar replied: “Yeah, tomorrow we’ll be going back to the Gigerdi Prime. It’s good to get out of here again, two years in here was a long time.” They stayed hours in the dining hall and were just talking about their next assignment to this Exploreison. When it was already coming a night they decided to go to their rooms to pack since they needed to leave tomorrow morning, they didn’t know yet when though.

When R’Derex got to his room he noticed a message had came to him. It said that they’ll leave 0900 of the training facility’s area’s time. So they were leaving quite early. He didn’t have much of a stuff that he needed to pack so he didn’t have any big hurry. Still since the clock was already quite much, 2330 of the training facility’s time, he did pack quite fast so that he’ll be able to get to sleep quite early. It took about half an hour for him to pack everything. Then he immediately went to sleep.

The clock was 0800 and R’Derex was waking up. He looked the clock and then stood up from his bed and wore his clothes on. He then went to the dining hall. Sprak, T’Lar and Deket were already there. R’Derex went to get some food first before he went to the table. Deket then said when R’Derex sat at the table: “Looks like you’re always the last around here, well at least most of the time you are I have to admit.” “Yeah, I suppose so. I was just tired.” “Yeah, you seem to be tired almost everyday.” Deket said and then R’Derex replied: “Well might be so.” “The ship will be leaving in an hour so I’ll be going to finish my packing, see you then later.” Said T’Lar and was leaving and then all of them said: “See you.” Deket also then said: “I better also go and finish my packing, see you then.” “See you.” Sprak still remained, he was reading some Lihter stories. R’Derex then said to him: “Of course you have to leave soon as well.” “In a matter fact I have to leave soon.” “Yeah, just like I thought.” Sprak still stayed there sometime, but then he left as well.

The clock was 0840 and R’Derex had just got to his room and was finishing his packing. Since he had packed most of his stuff already it didn’t took long until he then left. They were supposed to gather at the landing area, where the shuttles will land to pick up the passengers. R’Derex still looked the training facility still quickly before going to the landing area. When the clock was 0850 he then finally went to the landing area. The shuttles hadn’t yet arrived, but almost everyone was already there, including Sprak, Deket and T’Lar. When R’Derex arrived he said: “Looks like I wasn’t late at all.” “Yeah, strangely.” Deket said and then they just waited for the shuttles. There were quite a lot of people. Soon then the shuttles finally arrived and then the people started going to there. R’Derex, Deket, T’Lar and Sprak weren’t able to get to the first wave so they had to wait that the shuttles return. Finally they then go to the ship, which was the G.A.S. Lambda, it was a Geffron class transport. When all the passengers were onboard the ship then finally set it course to the Gigerdi Prime. They didn’t got any quarters since the journey will take only about 20 minutes.

Soon they arrived at the Gigerdi Prime and then the passengers were transferred to the Gigord by shuttles or by transporter. Sprak, R’Derex, Deket and T’Lar were then instructed to the fleet admiral Justin Gron’s room, who will then give more information about the Exploreison and their assignment. They then went to the military HQ and then found Justin from the main hall. He noticed them and said: “You must be Sprak, R’Derex, T’Lar and Deket.” “Yes, we are.” R’Derex answered and then Justin said: “Good, follow me.” And then they went to Justin’s office, which was located on the fourth floor.

Justin sat to his chair and showed the R’Derex and the others to sit as well. He then said: “You’ve been chose to be in the crew of the Exploreison.” “Yes, we know that already.” R’Derex said and then Justin laughed a bit and said: “Yes, I know that. Because of your excellent performance in both the academy and in the Cruula 5, you’ve been chosen to be in the senior staff, at least most of you.” “Who aren’t going to be?” Deket asked and then Justin answered: “Ensign T’Lar will be assigned as a security officer, but will be placed in more higher position than some of the other security officers.” “Well, that’s alright for me.” T’Lar said and then Justin continued: “The rest of you will be in quite high ranking positions. Deket will be chief medical officer, R’Derex will be the security chief and Sprak will be lead science officer.” “Wow, security chief!” R’Derex was really surprised that he will be assigned as a security chief, Deket was also surprised that he’ll be assigned as the chief medical officer, Sprak was as usual, which meant that to him it was mostly the same. Then Deket still said: “When we’ll be transferred to that ship?” Then Justin started explaining more about the Exploreison project: “Well, the ship where you’ll be assigned is an exploration ship, a new kind of. You’ll be able to view the specs in your special training.” Before Justin was able to continue R’Derex asked: “What special training?” Then Justin explained the thing to them: “Well, since this is an exploration ship, being there won’t be the same as on other starship, since there you might actually meet new aliens, which might bring something you may have to deal it. In example, some security threat, disease or then you need to study them. That’s why we’re making a special training for the crew, which will be assigned to the Exploreison.” “How long will this training last?” “About five months, maybe even more. It’s just because the Exploreison’s construction begun just few days ago and it’ll take about six months for it to be finished. I’m sending the specs to your temporary apartments, they are located here in the Gigord, here’s the instructions of how to get there.” Then Justin gave a pad to R’Derex and then Justin continued again: “You’ll get more info about the training in few days, now you have a small vacation and you can now look around the Gigerdi Prime.” “Thank you, sir. Anything else?” Deket asked and then Justin answered: “For now no, now you can go and do almost whatever you want, have a nice day.” “Thanks.” Said R’Derex and then they all left from the Justin’s office. Justin then pressed one key on his keyboard and said: “Order Gigerdius to visit my office.” “Yes, admiral.”

R’Derex and the others were heading for their temporary home. They were following the instruction Justin had given them. The building where their temporary homes were was just outside the Gigerdi Dome. So they had to walk only about 4 kilometers to reach there. Once they got to there they went to inside and showed the instructions to the officer that was in the main hall. He then gave all of them keys to their temporary homes and then they went to there. All of their stuffs had already been transported to their apartments.

Gigerdius was building the new ship Exploreison. He didn’t have any easy days since he had only one holiday per week. Military wanted that ship to be completed as fast as possible. Gigerdius was overseeing that the construction bots were installing the hull parts correctly when he got a message: “Gigerdius, you were ordered to report to Justin Gron’s office ASAP.” “Tell them I’m on my way.” Gigerdius responded and then went back inside to the space dock. He went to the transporter room and he was beamed to the military HQ. There he was guided to the Gron’s office and when he got inside Justin said: “Welcome Gigerdius, please sit down.” Then Gigerdius sat to one of the chairs in front of Justin’s desk, then Justin continued: “I have some good news to you Gigerdius, you’ll be promoted to captain.” “What?” Gigerdius asked since he couldn’t believe that, but Justin then confirmed it: “Yes, you’ll be promoted as captain and you’ll be assigned to the Exploreison as its captain.” “This came quite fast, can I think this matter for few days?” “Sure, but give your decision as soon as you can. If you agree then you’ll be assigned to a short training about two weeks before the Exploreison is completed, in order to get you qualified to command that vessel.” “I see, okay. So I will be building the Exploreison ‘til only two weeks is left before it’ll be finished?” “Yes, I hope that the job won’t be too hard for you also I’m sorry that you’re not able to see your family now so much, but I’ll try to arrange an authorization to you to visit the Gigerdi Prime.” “Thank you admiral.” “That’s all now, you don’t have to work today, but I’m sorry but you can’t see your family today, I tried to get an authorization to stay at Gigerdi Prime, but I couldn’t get it.” “It’s okay, thanks anyway.” “Happy building Gigerdius.” Justin said and the Gigerdius left from the room and laughed a bit after Justin had said that.

Gigerdius then returned to the space dock where few workers were already waiting for him when he was beamed to there everyone immediately asked what did the admiral say, but Gigerdius was silent for a while and didn’t answer, the workers had to ask him again to get his attention and then he answered: “What? Oh… yes I’ll be assigned as the captain of the Exploreison if I agree with that.” “Sure you’re going to take that, aren’t you?” One of the workers asked as they were quite happy about Gigerdius, Gigerdius again didn’t reply at once, but answered before the worker had to ask again: “I don’t know yet, I have to think about that.” “But that’s a great assignment, you should happy about it!” Another work said and then Gigerdius replied: “I don’t know am I happy or sad, not yet. I really don’t know yet.” “You going to work today?” Asked one of the workers and then Gigerdius replied: “No, I won’t be going to work today, tomorrow again then.” “Well then you have time to clear your mind and think about it.” Said the same worker and then Gigerdius went at the door and answered: “Yeah, I know that and I’m gonna do that as well. I’ll be in my quarters if you need me.” Then he left, one of the workers then said: “I hope he accepts since I think that he’ll be the perfect captain for the Exploreison.” “I have to agree.” “I agree as well.” Everyone in the room agreed. Then on of the workers said: “I think that we should leave him alone today, so that he can think about the matter peacefully.” “That’s a good idea, we can then start asking him tomorrow then again.” Said one of the workers and then they all laughed and then left from the transporter room.

Gigerdius then went to his room. He sat to his bed and was constantly thinking his assignment. Then he decided to contact Justin Gron to get a permission to contact his family. He opened the com-link and said: “I need to talk with fleet admiral Justin Gron.” Then he waited a while and then Justin Gron’s face appeared to the screen and Gigerdius asked: “I need you to do one favor…” “What you need?” “I need to contact my family, could you arrange me the permission to do that?” Gigerdius asked, Justin thought a while and then replied: “Well… maybe I could. Yes actually it shouldn’t be a problem, wait a second I’ll reroute this communication to there.” Justin answered and then his face disappeared from the screen and there came the insignia of the Gigerdi Alliance and then text: Rerouting… It took a while before Justin was able to reroute the message to Gigerdius’s family. Then the face or Gurned came to the screen and she said: “Gigerdius!” “Yes, it’s me. I wasn’t authorized to visit there, but I was able to contact you. There’s one thing I need to ask from you.” “What is it?” “They gave me the position of captain to the Exploreison.” “That’s great!” “But then I won’t be able to visit there at all.” “We’ll be fine, just keep in contact and that’s fine. If you haven’t yet accepted do it, since you won’t get another chance.” “I’ll still think about it, I just wanted to check in case you don’t want me to accept it.” “Of course I want you to accept it, it’ll be great if you’ll be able to command the Exploreison and don’t worry about me or Siernan. Siernan is already so old and I can handle myself.” “Okay.” Gigerdius said and then the communications started to have some disturbances and Gigerdius continued: “I have to close this communication now, I’ll probably see you after a week or two.” “Alright. I love you.” “I love you too.” And then Gigerdius closed the communication.

Gigerdius wasn’t yet sure will he accept that post or not. Hours passed and it was coming to night to the space dock. He yet hadn’t able to decide will he take the post or not. He thought late to the night, but then decided to go to sleep and try to decide it tomorrow.

Gigerdius was sleeping and was seeing a dream: He was sitting on the captain’s chair at the Exploreison, but no one else was there. Gigerdius noticed that and stood up. He couldn’t notice the ship at first, until he heard someone talking: “This is your ship Gigerdius, the G.A.S. Exploreison. It’s your destiny to command it; it’s your fate. You cannot run from your destiny, but If decide to try and run from your fate then the Gigerdians and the whole galaxy will not survive. This ship needs you and you need it. If you do not command this ship your family will suffer and you will suffer, the whole Gigerdian race will suffer. Follow your destiny, you know what it is, do not try to run from it, but complete it and you might complete one of your trials.” Then Gigerdius woke up and looked at the clock, he noticed that it was time for him to go to work soon. So he stood up from the bed, put his clothes on and then took something to eat from the replicator in his quarters. While he was eating his breakfast he was thinking about this assignment to Exploreison. He then went to his com-link pressed one button and said: “I need to talk with fleet admiral Justin Gron, it’s quite urgent matter.” Then after a few seconds Justin’s face appeared to the screen and Gigerdius said: “I’ll accept the post as the captain of the Exploreison.” “Excellent, I knew you would make the right decision. I’ll send further info about the Exploreison and the training then later today.” “Okay, Gigerdius out.” Then he closed the communication and went back to eat his breakfast. After he had finished eating he then went to work.

U.S.S. Harbinger was coming to Gigerdi Prime, since the United Federation of planets and Gigerdi Alliance had an alliance their ships were able to travel quite freely in each other’s territories. The Harbinger was delivering Grillka to the Gigerdi Prime. When the Harbinger arrived at the orbit she was beamed directly to the military HQ since she had been ordered to there. After she had been beamed to there, the Harbinger then left from the orbit and headed back to Federation space.

Grillka went inside to the military HQ. She looked quite much around since it had been a long time from the last time she had been there. She still remembered the Justin’s office and was able to get there without any help. The door was open when she arrived. Justin was using his computer console and Grillka said: “Excuse me.” Then Justin noticed her and said: “Commander Grillka, good that you came. Sit down please.” Grillka sat to a chair in front of Justin’s desk and then Justin continued: “You’ve been assigned to a new ship now.” “Yes, I heard about that.” “This time you won’t be assigned to any normal ship, but to an exploration ship.” “Exploration ship?” “Yes, to the, now in construction, G.A.S. Exploreison, congratulations.” “Thanks, but what post I’ll get there?” She asked and then Justin replied: “You’ll be the first officer of that ship. The captain will be Gigerdius, you might know him.” “I’ve heard something that he’s working on some space dock here at Gigerdi Prime.” “Yes, but he’ll be promoted to captain after five months.” “I see. You said this ship was in construction?” “Yes, it’ll be finished in six months. Because you have never been onboard an exploration ship, you’ll be assigned to a special training with the rest of the Exploreison’s crew.” “When will this training begin and how long will it last?” “It’ll begin in few days and will last about five months, maybe more. I’m sending the Exploreison’s specs to your temporary home, you can then look them there. Here are the instructions to there.” He then gave a pad to Grillka and then he continued: “Now you can go and do almost whatever you want, more info about the training comes then later.” “Okay, thank you admiral. Have a nice day.” “Thanks, you too.” Justin said and then Grillka left from his office.

She knew the place where her temporary home is, but since she had to give the pad to the receptionist she had to keep it. There was four kilometers to the building where her apartment was, it was the same were R’Derex's, Sprak’s, T’Lar’s and Deket’s apartments were. It took quite long for her to walk to there, but once she arrived she remembered the place right away. She went inside and showed the pad to the receptionist who then gave her the key to her apartment. She then went to there. Her stuff had also already been transported to there. Once she arrived she watched all the messages she had received. First she watched the specs about the Exploreison. She noticed that it had an organic armor and jump drives. Also she noticed that weaponry was extremely light, the shields were strong so that it was able to defend itself quite well, but against many ships or some heavy ship it wouldn’t stand a chance. Grillka then said: “I think that’s gonna be just a good ship.” She then looked the crew list and noticed that most of the crew had just finished the academy about year or half year ago. She was the second highest-ranking officer and only officer who had been on some ship as an officer. She noticed that Gigerdius had been an ambassador, but then was only judged to work on the space dock orbiting Gigerdi Prime since Kyle Gigerdi demanded that he would be killed, but Mad Gigerdi was able to prevent that, and now Gigerdius was promoted to captain. She didn’t bothered to look the entire crew list since it was really huge; 4 800 persons. She also watched the history about this Exploreison project, she watched the info about an hour and then decided to go and look around the Gigerdi Prime.

First she decided to visit the academy since it had been a long time since she had visited there. The academy was only about five kilometers away from her apartment so she decided to walk to there.

Ghi’la was in her apartment watching the holo-tv when she suddenly got a message. She immediately read it. She got orders to report to fleet admiral Erwin Lerev at the military HQ, as soon as possible. She decided to leave immediately to there, she shut down the holo-tv and then left.

Soon she was standing in front of the military HQ, she then went inside and looked where Erwin Lerev’s office is. She noticed that it was on the fourth floor, so she used the stairs to get there. The office wasn’t far from the stairs so she found it quite easily. The door was opened and Lerev was using his computer console when Ghi’la came in. Lerev didn’t notice her at first, but when Ghi’la came a bit closer he noticed her and said: “You came now already, good. Please, sit down.” She then sat to the chair in front of Lerev’s desk and then Lerev continued: “You now have been assigned to a ship. It’ll be the G.A.S. Exploreison; the new exploration ship. You’ll be assigned as a lead communication officer to there, congratulations.” “Thanks.” “As you may know it’ll take six months to complete the Exploreison, so in that time you’ll be assigned to a special training.” “How long this special training will last?” “Five months, but probably it’ll last longer than that. You’ll be trained to be suitable to an exploration ship there. I’m sending the ship specs to you now, you’ll get more info about when the training begins then later. You may go now.” “Alright, thanks for the info admiral.” “It’s my job.” “Yeah, have a nice day.” “Thanks, you too.” Lerev said and Ghi’la then left. She decided to visit her friend first to tell her about her assignment to the Exploreison. She quickly went to her apartment and took some info about the Exploreison there and then went to get a shuttle.

Soon she was flying out of Gigerdi Prime’s atmosphere and heading towards the Gigerdii. Her friend was still working in the research center. This time Ghi’la wasn’t going to look the Gigerdii at all. She immediately went to the research center and then went inside. She knew that Galak’s day had already ended and that she was probably in her quarters, she didn’t inform Galak that she was coming though. Now that Ghi’la had visited the center once she knew where Galak had her apartment. When she arrived there, she noticed that her name wasn’t anymore on the door. She then remembered that she said that she’ll be transferred to a bigger apartment. She then went back to the main hall and asked where she was. She was told that Galak was in the room 230 now. Ghi’la then had to walk even longer way to reach there. She also again had little problems in finding the room since there came few corners and she didn’t knew at first where to go. Finally she found to Galak’s quarter’s door. She noticed that her name was on the door so she pressed the doorbell button. Nothing happened a while so she pressed it again. She waited minutes and pressed the doorbell again and again, but no one came to open the door. She started thinking if the apartment wasn’t hers or if she was visiting some place. Then one Gigerdian male scientist noticed her at the door and asked: “You’re waiting for Ghi’la?” “Yes.” “She’s still working, but she should arrive in about 30 minutes.” “Okay, thanks.” Ghi’la answered and then the scientist continued going to his destination. Since she had about 30 minutes time before Galak comes she decided to look around the research center now that she had time. It wasn’t much of a special building, it looked like almost all of the military facilities; lot’s of corridors, now much windows and also small corridors. Ghi’la wandered around the center for about 40 minutes until she noticed that time had gone pretty fast, the only problem was that she no longer knew where she was and how to get back to Galak’s room. She tried to go back the same way she came, but she only then arrived at some observation area. She went at the window and noticed some research area on lower level. She noticed that they were studying different kind of things, but she wasn’t able to identify fully what they were studying. She went to wander again. She had totally no idea where she was going, but after about 10 minutes she got to the main hall. Now she noticed that this building actually was quite huge. Now that she had arrived to the main hall, she knew how to get to the Galak’s apartment. Now she didn’t even have problems at the corridors.

Once she arrived she pressed the doorbell and then the door opened. Ghi’la went inside and then later noticed Galak, who also noticed Ghi’la and said: “Oh, it’s you. Why you came here without even informing me?” “Well, it was because this thing is quite urgent.” “What has happened?” Galak asked and then Ghi’la smiled and said: “I finally know where I’ll be assigned.” “Well?” Galak asked and was quite curious, then Ghi’la answered: “I’ll be assigned as the lead communication officer to the G.A.S. Exploreison, which is a new kind of exploration ship.” “Yes, I’ve heard something about it, but not much of anything, just that the T-Race has given some technology that will be tested by this Exploreison.” “Well, I have some specs here in case you want to check them out.” And then Ghi’la gave a pad to Galak who then watched it a while and then said: “When you’ll be leaving to this Exploreison?” “That ship is still in construction and will be finished after six months, but I’ll be going to some sort of training before that.” “Okay…” She was watching the specs about the Exploreison and then noticed the organic armor and said: “I remember this organic armor, it was a bit studied here, I was testing it as well, it’s the best armor I’ve ever seen, but it still in experimental use so I doubt that any ship than the Exploreison will have the same armor yet.” “You were testing it? Nice, then I’m confident it’s good.” Ghi’la said and laughed same time, Galak also laughed and said: “Well, I’m glad about that.” Then she noticed the jump drives and said: “Looks like Exploreison is also the first ship to have the new jump drives. I’ve heard something about them, it’s told that they’re a lot of faster than the warp drives and were given by the T-Race.” “Yes, I’ve heard the same thing.” Ghi’la said and then Galak looked the specs again. Ghi’la remained there quite long time, since she left at night when she had arrived at afternoon.

Fhogli was in his quarters, he wasn’t in good mood, since Treer had been killed in the last attack against the Dominion. Fhogli couldn’t believe that when he heard about that. Treer was his best friend so Fhogli surely wasn’t alright. He was still looking the casualty list and when the name Ensign Treer came he threw the pad, where he looked the casualty list, to a table in front of him. Fhogli wasn’t crying, but was still quite sad. He was remembering the times he had in the academy and the times when he and Treer had experienced different kind of situations. While he was remembering the past he got a message, but he ignored it. He went at the window and looked outside. It was day outside and sun was shining, still this wasn’t enough to stop him from mourning Treer’s death. He then remembered that he got a message so he decided to look it and see what it has. He opened the message and read it, it said that he needs to report to the military HQ as soon as possible. Since he didn’t have anything else to do right now, he decided to go to there.

Fhogli lived in the same building that Ghi’la, Grillka, R’Derex and the rest lived, so it was just about 4 kilometers to the military HQ. Fhogli moved at the window to see the dome, it was huge dome and it was also really close. He then left from the building and headed towards the dome. It took over half an hour for him to arrive at the military HQ. He then went inside. He had ordered to report to fleet admiral Erwin Lerev, whose room was in the fourth floor. Fhogli knew the way to there so he didn’t need any help. This time the door wasn’t opened to Fhogli had to press the doorbell. The door opened almost immediately after he had pressed it. Fhogli went inside and then Lerev said: “Come in. Please, sit down.” And he showed a chair in front of him and then Fhogli sat to it and then Lerev continued: “We now know fully where you’ll be assigned next Mr. Fhogli. Your first ship will be the G.A.S. Exploreison and you will act as the main weapons officer there, congratulations!” “Exploreison? Interesting… Thanks.” “I know it’s not much of a battle ship, but still it needs a good weapons officer in order to survive from some tough situations.” “Yeah, I suppose you’re right.” “You will be assigned to special training in few days, we decided to not to begin it immediately because you and Drill lost a friend or a loved one in the last battle against the Dominion.” “Drill? I met him at the academy… where does he live?” “In the same apartment as you do, but in a different section.” “Okay, thanks… anything else?” “I’m sending the specs about this ship to you so you can look them yourself.” “Thanks, have a nice day.” Thanks, you too.” Lerev replied and then Fhogli left from his office. Lerev still looked the files and said: “Still two to go, now I understand why Justin gave this talking job to me.” Then he sent the same message he had sent to Fhogli to Brian and then continued doing his work.

Fhogli was heading back to his apartment in quite a big hurry. He wasn’t sad anymore at all. He couldn’t wait to get back to his apartment. He was running almost the whole journey, but couldn’t run the whole journey since he didn’t have the strength to do that. Since he ran almost the whole journey it didn’t took so long for him to arrive, only about 20 minutes. Once he got inside he asked where Drill lived and then got instructions to go to the other building next to this one. Fhogli then followed the instructions and went there. He was thinking that he had lived there years and didn’t know that Drill was living so close to him. He had met Drill at the first year of the academy. Drill, Treer and Fhogli had done different things together in the first year, but since Drill went to the engineering side they didn’t met him much anymore after that. Both Treer and Fhogli went to the weapons side, where they teach the weapons officers.

Fhogli went inside and then asked details where Drill lived. He got instructions to go to the room 547, which was quite far away from the main entrance, but still not so far away that Fhogli couldn’t have gone to there.

Brian was also in his apartment. He was watching the holoprograms again. His friend Kurrle was still alive and well onboard the G.A.S. Archlight, so Brian wasn’t sad at all, well he wasn’t so happy either. While he was watching the holoprograms he noticed that he got a message, but he didn’t bothered to read it yet. 15 minutes he still watched the holoprogram Star Trek Enterprise; he didn’t much like it, but he was still watching it because it had some very stupid things and unreal things. After 15 minutes this episode ended so he then decided to look his mail. He noticed that he had got two messages, one yesterday and one today. He first looked the first one; it was from his friend onboard the G.A.S. Archlight, he just said that he wasn’t in the last battle against the Dominion in case he didn’t knew about that, but since Brian already knew about that he then deleted the message and looked the other one. It was from fleet admiral Erwin Lerev, who said that he should report to the military HQ ASAP and that it was about his first assignment. Once Brian had read that he quickly left to the military HQ, since he had waited this day for days already and now that it came to quickly he need to get there quickly as well. He didn’t run to there though, but did saw one guy running from the dome back to the apartments, it was Fhogli, but Brian didn’t know him and didn’t pay much of attention to him. Brian just continued walking to the military HQ, he was walking fast, but still he wasn’t running. While he was going to there he didn’t looked around at all, but just continued going towards the military HQ.

After four kilometers he finally arrived at the HQ. He went inside and then asked where Lerev’s office is located. He got the instructions to there and went to the fourth floor by the stairs. Lerev’s office was quite far away, but still Brian found to there successfully. The door was now again opened so Brian just went inside. Lerev noticed him immediately and then Brian sat to one of the chair in front of Lerev’s desk. Then he said: “Ensign Brian, we now know fully where you’ll be assigned next.” Before Lerev was able to continue Brian already asked: “Is it gonna be the Exploreison?!?!?” Lerev was bit surprised that Brian asked about and then he answered: “Yes, you’ll be assign…” Again Lerev wasn’t able to finish his sentence before Brian started to celebrate and said: “I got to there, wohoo!! I really got to that ship! Oh, sorry go on.” Then Lerev continued again: “Like I was saying you’ll be assigned to there as the main helmsman.” “Main helmsman? Nice.” Brian was really happy he almost couldn’t hold himself properly there, Lerev did notice that and was surprised about that since no one else, who was going to the Exploreison, had been that kind of about her or his assignment to there, but there’s always a first time he thought, then he continued again: “I’m sending the specs about this ship to you, you can then look them at your home. As you may know, this ship isn’t yet fully ready actually its construction begun only few days ago so you still have to wait for six months.” That didn’t change Brian’s mood almost at all, Lerev then continued: “You’ll be assigned to a special training for about five months, the reason to this is that sine you and the rest who will be assigned to Exploreison will be assigned to an exploration ship, which isn’t any normal ship.” “I understand that, when will this training begin then?” “In few days, you’ll get more info about it when it begins.” “Okay… anything else?” “No, you may leave now, good day ensign.” “Same to you admiral.” Brian said and then left.

Now that Brian knew where he’ll be assigned next, he decided to contact his friend Kurrle and tell him about this. He went the same speed back to his apartment. When he was going to back he was thinking about his assignment that what kind of it’ll be. He couldn’t much imagine what kind of it’ll be, but he was able to imagine some first contact situations and some exploration missions to different planets. He still couldn’t wait to get to that ship, but he knew that he would have to wait at least six months to get there and wait maybe even more for the ship to get to some missions. Almost the whole journey he just imagined what it would be like to be onboard that ship.

Once he got back he went to his apartment and then contacted the G.A.S. Archlight. Once he had established contact he said: “I need to speak with Ensign Kurrle.” Then the computer said with its strange own voice: “Stand by.” Brian had to wait minutes before anything actually happened. The reason was because Kurrle had to go to his quarters to get the message and since he was working it took sometime for him to reach there. Once he arrived he said: “Put the message through.” Then Brian noticed that the communication had been established and he saw Kurrle who asked: “You? Didn’t though that you could “call”.” And then Brian started telling about his assignment: “It’s just because I now know where I’ll be assigned next and it’s going to be the G.A.S. Exploreison.” “Exploreison, but that’s great!” “Yeah it is, now I’m glad I didn’t got to those Confed ships, by the way what does it feel like to be in the Gigerdi Alliance’s Ship now and not in the Gigerdi Confederation Ship?” “Well, things didn’t change here almost at all even that the Gigerdi Alliance was formed. So I suppose it’s mostly the same. I have to go now, I’m glad that you finally got a ship for yourself, maybe we see then someday, see you.” “Maybe… see you too.” Then the communication ended. Then Brian took the Exploreison’s specs and looked them in case something had been changed.

Fhogli had got to the Drill’s apartment and then ringed the doorbell. The door soon opened so he went inside. Drill was sitting on chair, but didn’t say anything. Fhogli looked around a bit before he asked: “Are you Drill?” Drill then looked back and said: “That’s me… are you Fhogli?” “Yes, that’s me. It’s been a long time since we met.” “Yeah, you’re right.” Drill said and turned his head then to the same place it was when Fhogli came. Fhogli noticed that Drill wasn’t alright so he asked: “I heard you lost someone you cared in the last battle against the Dominion…” “Yes, you could say that.” Drill remained calm, Fhogli was quite surprised that Drill wasn’t much of a sad or angry so he asked: “May I ask who?” “Helli, my girlfriend. We met about five months ago on one engineering class.” “I see, well I’m sorry about your loss. I lost my friend Treer if you happen to remember him.” Fhogli said then Drill replied: “I remember him… I’m sorry about that.” “Well, how’s things been going?” Then Drill stood up and looked at Fhogli and answered: “Not well. I already had enough problems when they decided to change me from Starfleet academy to Gigerdian academy, they knew that wasn’t going to be easy, but still they did that.” “I remember that you told that.” “They said that it was because of the Dominion war, so that the exchange people to other academies so that they learn Human or Gigerdian ways more easily, well that part perhaps worked, but still it was hard for me. The training systems here are totally different than they were in the Starfleet academy and now that I lost Helli things surely aren’t alright, but I can handle myself.” Drill remained surprised calm about that and Fhogli was also surprised about that, he then said: “You’re surprised calm now and you don’t seem to be so sad, you don’t find guys same kind that you are after what you’ve suffered.” “I know that, it’s mostly because of Helli, she told me not to waste my life of mourning her death and I promised her not to do that.” “I see, well I’m still sorry about her death. I mostly came to tell you that you’ll be assigned to the G.A.S. Exploreison.” “Are you sure?!?” Drill asked and was surprised about that and then Fhogli smiled and said: “Yes, it is true. I’m gonna be the lead weapons officer, not sure what you’ll be, but some engineer I suppose, maybe even the chief engineer.” “I don’t think so, I wasn’t so good in my class and I doubt that they’ll take me anyway.” “Who knows, I think that you’ll be able to visit the fleet admiral Lerev soon, he should tell more about your assignment.” Just when Fhogli had finished that, Drill got a message and Fhogli looked at him and said: “I told you.” Drill looked the message and said: “Looks like you were right about that I have to go to see fleet admiral, but I have to go and see fleet admiral Justin Gron.” “Well, it’s the same I think, the only way to find out is to go there.” “Yeah, you’re right, it says I should go there ASAP so I’ll be going now then.” “Okay, well tell me what that fleet admirals tells you.” “As you wish.” Then they both left from Drill’s apartment, but Fhogli then headed to his own apartment and Drill headed to the military HQ.

After a while Drill arrived to there and then went inside the building. He didn’t ask anyone of how to get to Justin’s office since he looked where it was from the map. He used the lift to get to the fourth floor. The Justin’s office was quite far away from his current position, but still he was able to find himself to there without any significant problems. The door was open so Drill just went in and said: “You asked me to come here.” “Ensign Drill, please sit down, I need to tell you something about your first assignment here.” Drill sat down and then Justin continued: “You’ll be assigned to the G.A.S. Exploreison as a chief engineer, congratulation Drill, you should be happy about this.” “I am, never would have thought that I’ll be selected as the chief engineer. Looks like Fhogli was right, about everything.” Then Justin continued: “You have talked with Fhogli?” “Yes.” “Then you can ask more details from him. I’m sending the specs and some further info about Exploreison to you.” “Thanks.” “You may go now, good day ensign.” “Same to you admiral.” Drill said and then left from the room. He couldn’t believe that he would actually be the chief engineer of G.A.S. Exploreison. He then headed back to his apartment to get some more info about this ship from Fhogli.

Min’da, a female member of the T-Race, arrived at the bridge of the T-Race mothership, which had just entered the Gigerdi Prime’s orbit. Ze’er, He’Isa and Shi’Iva, a member of some unknown race, were there. When Min’da arrived He’Isa said: “You came, good. We need to instruct you of things you cannot tell whatever happens.” Shi’Iva then continued: “As you probably know about our plans, you must do whatever happens to make them proceed. You’ll get special instructions in case the mission will be some kind of that will affect our plan.” “DO NOT TELL ANYONE ABOUT OUR PLANS!!” He’Isa yelled and then Ze’er said: “Still, try to remain normal so that they will not be able to suspect you. I failed in that since I never was able to talk with the president of the Federation again, I do not want that thing to happen to you as well, so be careful…” Min’da then replied: “I’ll try to follow the plan as much as possible. You can count on me.” “I will be coming with you to the Gigerdi Prime, since I have been made the ambassador of the T-Race to the Gigerdi Prime.” “Now, both of you go before they will start suspecting something.” He’Isa said and then Ze’er replied: “We will depart immediately.” “I don’t think they’ll suspect anything, but I guess it’s possible. You might be a bit paranoia He’Isa, but it’s the same… forget it!” Shi’Iva said and then Ze’er and Min’da left. While they were going to the portal Ze’er said: “Still you should do your own decision sometimes, what you feel is right. You might be in danger when our plan will be executed so be careful.” “I will, you do not have to worry about me, I will be fine.” “Good.” Then they arrived at the portal, which then transported them to the Gigerdi Prime.

Justin Gron and Erwin Lerev were talking in Justin’s office: “I think that the Exploreison’s crew is quite good and that the whole Exploreison idea was good.” Justin said and then Erwin replied: “The crew is good I have to admit, they wouldn’t have been selected if they hadn’t been. The Exploreison idea was good, but I hope it won’t fail in its mission and actually will be able to do something.” “Yeah, in the future we’ll know what happens to it and will it actually survive long. By the way, since you weren’t in the committee you didn’t actually know what happened there.” “Did something “special” or “unusual” happen there?” Erwin asked and then Justin replied: “You could say that.” “Well?” “You should know Admiral Nechen, it was just that in the meeting before the vote he just said that he doesn’t like the Exploreison project at all, but then before the vote he said it was good and this somehow got every admiral and general to vote for the Exploreison project and that’s not all.” “What else?” “Nechen said in the next meeting that he wasn’t able to come there, but he truly was there so he’s having some problems or then something happened.” “Interesting, I think he has some problems.” Said Erwin and then they both laughed and Justin replied: “In that thing you’re definitely right.” “We’ll see then how Gigerdius handles his job, but I believe he won’t have any problems.” “I think so too and since he was an ambassador first contact situations should go well.” Justin said and then they still continued talking about the Exploreison project for a while.

Captain Gill Mora was sitting on the captain chair onboard the G.A.S. Tasoth, which had been only little while ago G.C.S. Tasoth. They were going for repairs to the Gigerdi 2 since they had got damage in one battle against few Dominion ships. Everyone from the senior staff was in the bridge. Mora wasn’t so happy that the secession war was over, the Gigerdi Empire had killed his best friends and other of his friends. He didn’t like that the Alliance was formed and was against it every time possible, but he couldn’t much affect to the decision. He was glad about one thing though and that was that Gigerdius had been released. Mora was serving on the ship where Gigerdius was when the Dominion captured it, it was the same ship G.F.S. Tasoth. Gigerdius and Mora saw each other at the prison planet then and became friends. When they were released Mora got the Tasoth back, but Gigerdius was placed to the shipyard.

Mora wasn’t able to contact Gigerdius, but had planned to visit there when possible, but since the military command was constantly giving new orders to them, he didn’t much have time to do that. He wasn’t allowed even to leave now since the repairs were scheduled to last only three days, but he still planned to visit there before the ship will be released from space dock.

It was night at the Gigord. but still few people were having a meeting, but this time not in the military HQ. There were the same people that had been in the last meeting, Rubek, J. Edgar Gigerdi, Admiral Nechen and the rest. Rubek then said: “The Exploreison project mustn’t happen.” “I’ve already taken precautions in order to make so that the Exploreison project won’t happen.” Nechen said and then the lead admiral said: “Do not fail us again Nechen, because you were gone in that one meeting you caused that the Exploreison project was able to begin.” “What’s so important about that ship anyway?” Edgar Gigerdi asked and then Rubek answered: “If we don’t destroy it might prevent our plans.” “Okay, that made me understand a LOT of things.” Edgar responded since he still didn’t knew much that why the Exploreison was so big threat to them. Then the lead admiral said: “Remember Nechen, when you’re going to conduct this your operation make sure that the members of the T-Race won’t be close by or you will fail.” “They won’t be, why would they even visit that space dock.” Edgar didn’t understand much of what they were talking to he tried to get some answers: “What’s the problem with T-Race now?” Then Rubek explained a bit: “We cannot allow them to get close to that space dock.” “Again I understood a lot of things.” “Enough of this charade, we cannot waste our time anymore. Nechen conduct your operation, but in case it fails we just have to leave the Exploreison. It doesn’t posses a threat to us yet so we don’t have to worry about it much yet. Now we should leave, make sure that no one follows you.” Then they started leaving one by one. One every minute, this made sure that no one knows that they actually were keeping a meeting in the place where they were keeping it.

Chapter 9: Finalization

The Exploreison had been constructed for about month now and its crew was in the training, except Gigerdius who was building the Exploreison. The Exploreison was in schedule, so they didn’t have to hurry in building it.

Gigerdius had just going to work when one of the workers ran to him and said: “Captain, some member from the T-Race wants to see you.” “Me, why?” “I don’t know I think you should that from herself captain.” “And why you all call me captain now?” “Since you are captain, anyway she’s waiting at the shuttle bay one.” Then the worker left and Gigerdius went to lift and by that he got to the deck, which had the shuttle bay one. The space dock had only two shuttle bays anyway.

Min’da was waiting at the shuttle bay, she had come by the Ze’er’s T-Race shuttle, which was mostly organic. The shuttle bay had only one shuttle plus the Ze’er’s shuttle. Gigerdius then arrived and saw Min’da, before she was able to ask anything Gigerdius asked: “Why you came here, there wasn’t any scheduled inspections of tours?” “I was informed that I should check the ship out.” “By who?” “I do now know, Ze’er the T-Race ambassador told me to check things out since someone had asked some member of the T-Race to do that.” “Well, I suppose you can check things out here… okay, just follow me, I’ll lead you to the Exploreison.” Then they went to the lift and to the deck, which had the observation area. Once they arrived Min’da looked at the ship, which still just had the outer hull and not even that fully yet. Min’da looked at the ship for a while and then said: “I need to check it from outside.” “You mean outside in space?” “Yes.” “Okay… well… I think we can arrange that… do you need some sort of space suit?” “No.” “Okay, well good. Just follow me.” Then they went to few decks down and then headed for the airlock. Most of the people were looking at Min’da since she was member of the T-Race who had Gigerdi Alliance military’s uniform, a command one even that she was only going to be the counselor of the Exploreison. Then they arrived at airlock and Gigerdius took a suit wore it on him and then they went to the airlock. After they had went through all the doors they got outside to space. Min’da then left first towards the hull. Gigerdius then followed her. Min’da transformed herself to energy and moved around there. Gigerdius was really amazed and not just he, but everyone who saw her. They had never seen member of the T-Race in its energy-based form. Min’da was looking the organic hull and then somehow was able to talk with Gigerdius: “Is the armor alright?” Gigerdius first didn’t understand who was talking to him, but since the voice was Min’da’s he guessed that it was she and said: “Should be okay, it hasn’t said anything though, but…” Then the Min’da’s energy form turned to him and he continued: “Heh heh, just joking you know… the armor? Well it’s okay, everything is fine at least so it seems to be, the armor has performed and grown better than we ever expected and imagined.” Min’da looked around it in her energy based form then suddenly Gigerdius noticed that her color was changing more to blue and he asked: “Something wrong?” “In a matter of fact, yes. Here is something that I feel, some different energy.” Gigerdius didn’t much understand, but moved closer. Min’da went towards the place where she was getting this strange feeling. She noticed in one place the armor wasn’t alright, its color was a bit different and it the things on it were moving faster than elsewhere. She moved to there and transformed herself back to the humanoid form. Gigerdius went closer and asked: “Something apparently isn’t right here.” Min’da didn’t respond, but moved her hand close to the armor and then her hand started to glow. Gigerdius was again amazed and didn’t know what she was actually doing, but the armor seemed to recognize this, since Min’da was now able to put her hands inside the armor. Gigerdius didn’t know what she was trying to do so he asked: “What are you trying to do?” Min’da didn’t answer, but she her face was changing a bit to blue, Min’da was trying to keep focused so that she would be able to keep her humanoid form, but wasn’t able to do that fully. She then took some sort of device out of the armor and then Gigerdius asked: “What the hell is that thing?” “It is a bomb, enough powerful to destroy the Exploreison.” “What?!?” “Yes and apparently it will blow up in few minutes.” “Then we should get it out of here.” Min’da didn’t move and that made Gigerdius nervous he then asked: “What are you waiting for?” “I am studying it.” “We don’t have to time to study it, I’m sorry, but if you don’t soon deliver it out of here we’ll be studying your corpse.” Min’da still didn’t move to anywhere, but did reply: “You do not have to worry about, this will explode only in three minutes.” “Three minutes is almost nothing, now get that thing out of here please!!!” Min’da was just looking it, she knew what it was, but since she couldn’t believe that she was still examining it in case she finds something. Gigerdius had stopped himself to there and was waiting. For two minutes Min’da just examined it until she then transformed herself to energy based life form and then quickly left to outer space with the bomb. She went really fast, faster than Gigerdius could have gone by his suit. Then soon he saw a big explosion a far away from there and then Min’da came from there and Gigerdius said: “Good work.” Then Min’da said: “I need to report about this.” “Of course.” And then they went back to the airlock where Min’da transferred back to her own humanoid form.

Everyone was looking at Min’da when they got out from the airlock. Outside she then said: “I know the way to the shuttle. We will then see again at the Exploreison because I have been chose to be its counselor.” “Okay and thanks for saving the Exploreison.” Then Min’da left and one of the Workers came at Gigerdius and asked: “What happened out there?” “She just found one bomb and then moved it farer so that it wouldn’t destroy the Exploreison.” “Someone had planted a bomb on Exploreison?” One worker asked and then Gigerdius answered: “So it would appear.”

Min’da got to Ze’er’s “office” at Gigerdi Prime and told her everything she had found. Ze’er wasn’t happy about that and said that if she finds something more about this she should report it to her immediately. Then Min’da left. Ze’er then informed about this to He’Isa who didn’t like it either. They talked a while about this and then at the end He’Isa told Ze’er to conduct investigations, but as quietly as possible since they didn’t want anyone to detect it.

J. Edgar Gigerdi was looking the Gigerdian News and then immediately started listening carefully when the reporter said about the Exploreison: “There’s been an explosion near the newly being constructed G.A.S. Exploreison. It appears that a bomb was planted on the Exploreison, but the only member of the T-Race who has joined the Gigerdi Alliance military removed the threat. Admiral Nechen has ordered several people to find out who was responsible for this act.” After that Edgar Gigerdi stood up from his chair and went at the window. It was starting to be quite late already. He then said: “It worked!” Then he left from his apartment since he had one of those secret meetings again.

Once he arrived to the secret place the meeting could start since he was the last one to arrive: “The plan failed!!!” Nechen yelled and hit the table, then the lead admiral said: “Someone must have known about that, but we cannot do anything about it right now, have you prepared that no one will know that we were behind this?” “Yes, I will make sure that the one I hired to place it there will be framed and will be executed before he’ll be able to give any information about us.” “Excellent.” Rubek said then the lead admiral continued: “The plan will continue as it was meant to be, nothing cannot slow us down now and we must make sure that nothing will come to interfere our plans.” Edgar Gigerdi didn’t much like the actions of the people in the meeting, but still remained since he thought what they did was in a way right.

Weeks passed and the Exploreison was on schedule. The training was proceeding well as well. For now the alliance had hold and everything had gone well, nothing major had happened. Months passed and the Exploreison was getting bigger all the time, no more problems were detected there. The training proceeded as it was expected.

Finally came time for Gigerdius to go to the training. Since he had only two weeks time to complete the training he had to go to the academy every day and be there 7 hours. Even that it was quite hard for Gigerdius, he was able to complete it well. Justin and Lerev were really impressed about this and were talking about this in the Justin’s office: “Gigerdius and the rest of the Exploreison’s crew have performed better than we ever expected.” Lerev said and then the Justin replied: “Yeah, I never thought that they would perform so well, hopefully the whole Exploreison project will perform well as well.” “I hope you are right, so that this whole project wouldn’t have gone into a vain.” “I think that the Exploreison will accomplish its mission well, but there is a possibility that it’ll fail.” Justin said and then Lerev replied: “Well, you could say that the Peace Station succeeded and failed in its mission so same might happen to the Exploreison, but we’ll see it when it has been in use for quite long.” “Yeah, for now we can just wait…”

G.A.S. Tasoth had arrived at Gigerdi Prime’s orbit and Gill Mora had beamed himself to the surface. He was going to see Gigerdius now that he was able to do that. Same time Ze’er and He’isa were talking in Ze’er’s “office”: “Are you sure she will complete her task?” He’isa asked and then Ze’er answered: “I am sure that she will complete it as well as she can.” “That is not enough, she needs to complete it as well it can be!” “I am not sure will she able to complete it so well, but she was the only one we could have sent to there.” “You are right about that, so we have to rely on her…” Then suddenly J. Edgar Gigerdi came in and asked: “Am I interrupting something?” “In a matter a fact you are, so say your request fast.” He’isa said and then Edgar Gigerdi said: “I only came to ask one thing about the bomb Min’da found from the Exploreison, I heard that it was somehow different so I was wondering how it was different and thought that you may know about this.” “The bomb was totally normal.” He’isa replied, Edgar Gigerdi didn’t believe that so he asked: “It can’t have been normal since you would have started to have that “feeling” in example now.” Then he showed one bomb to them and Ze’er said: “It was different.” He’isa looked at Ze’er and they seemed to talk by the commonality to each other and then Ze’er continued: “It was a Dominion’s bomb.” “Dominion?” “Yes, its origin was Dominion’s and it uses different energy than other bombs.” “I see… okay well thanks.” Edgar Gigerdi said and then left. They didn’t talk normally for a while, but through the commonality since they feared that Edgar might listen them.

Edgar Gigerdi was going to his home and was quite surprised that the bomb was a Dominion origin, he did believe it since it was the best story he had heard about that incident.

Mora wasn’t able to talk with Gigerdius almost at all since he was soon ordered to patrol the GA-Folan border. The G.A.S. Tasoth then left from the orbit.

Soon the Exploreison was finally finished and the crew could return to their new ship. Gigerdius was leaving to the Exploreison with one admiral. They went inside the shuttle that then headed for the Exploreison…

At Protector Station 25 things were getting normal again, it continued its mission to protect Berla. Peace Station wasn’t normal, it was changed into a museum and became empty now that all the ambassadors left and also now that the drunken people were transferred to the nearby planet. Emperors of the newly formed Gigerdi Alliance were at Gigerdi Prime without knowing of the grand conspiracy or the Section 18 that were about to come. Even that the first year of the alliance went well it didn’t mean that it would have gone well the entire time. GA’s greatest conflicts were just ahead and the galaxy’s greatest conflicts were also ahead. The G.A.S. Exploreison will become the last line of hope and survival, it will locate new races, find more clues and later bring hope to the Gigerdians. Even that this story ended the story about the Exploreison was just beginning, its mission to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations and to boldly go where no Gigerdian has gone before…

To Be Continued…