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G.A.S. Exploreison: In The Beginning

It was dawn of the fourth age of Gigerdian kind. Peace Station project was the new beginning to this galaxy. This is the story how the Exploreison project began and this is story before the Lightness war.

Chapter 1:

It was a normal day on planet Gigerdi prime. The Dominion war was almost over and the Peace Station was having it’s final days. Emperor was on the peace station last time, with the leaders from the different races. At the same time the military council was having a discussion: ”Now when the final battle against the Dominion is coming I suggest we should began to think about our future now.” Said one of the Admirals. Then one General said: ”I think we should begin to explore other galaxies with ship that doesn’t have big weapon capabilities and is ONLY exploration ship.” ”I agree, because all of our exploration ships have been war ships also.” Said one Fleet Admiral. Then one of the admirals stood up and said: ”I disagree with you, because I think that every exploration ship should have good weapon capabilities so it could defend itself.” Then military council started to fight and they had to abort this meeting. At the same time on peace station: ”This is stupid I don't want to get these drunken people to my quarters.” Said the Federation's ambassador. ”I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do.” Said one of the security officers. Peace station was full of drunken people, they were the only drunken ones that were gigerdian’s our homeworld, some of them were also in ambassadors quarters. Even in Hemmoian ambassador's quarters. Now when the emperors and the drunken were in the station, there wasn’t enough space, some people had to be put to same quarters. Emperors are in the station because they are celebrating the end of the war with the Dominion, the marriage of the Romulan emperor and that the Gigerdians are finally going to unite. Bakteerian emperor is in the Hemmoian ambassador's quarters. T-race’s emperor is with the Mad Gigerdi 2, who is the emperor of the other side of the Gigerdians. The Kyle Gigerdi 2, who is the emperor of the other side of the Gigerdians is with the president of the federation. Klingon emperor was in the Romulan ambassador's quarters and the Romulan emperor was in the Klingon ambassador's quarters. The drunken people were the only problem in peace station then, well there was little fighting with the Romulans and the Klingons. The fleet that is going to attack to Dominion was ready. The leaders of Federation and the Romulans were speaking in the quarters of Romulan emperor: ”I never really thought that we could beat the Dominion, but now we are going to launch our final assault.” Said the emperor of the Romulans. The president of the Federation answered: ”I thought the same, they weren't so powerful as I thought, but it looks like we were wrong.” ”When I got the report that the Gigerdians have separated to two groups I couldn't believe it, because they have always been peaceful people, and the second problem was which side I will take. Finally I chose Mad Gigerdi's side because we have been working together a lot, I didn't actually know Kyle Gigerdi, and now he is dead and so is the Mad gigerdi.” Said emperor of the Romulans. ”I had the same problem also, and the same reason why I chose his side. Then almost began a new civil war in Gigerdi federation, there came threatening and the Kyle Gigerdi said that they will have Hemmoians and Bakteerians on their side, well the Mad Gigerdi said that they will have us, your empire and the Klingon empire on their side. It is good that there didn't came any fighting or this galaxy would have been doomed.” Answered the president. Emperor responded: ”I'm was afraid that there will come war also, the Hemmoians are powerful race and they have big military. They are quite strange race, we actually don't know anything about them and I think that they don't like us, well we don't like them, but we don't really HATE them. I think that they don't like us either or you. What I have saw and heard I think that they don't like you, they might even hate you and they might hate even almost every race in this galaxy.” After that the president said: ”Yes I agree. We know very little about them, they are really strange people. We would like to know them better, but I think that is impossible, at least then if they really HATE our people. Well they like controlling people. And they think that they are superior to every race, but I don't think so. I think that they might have little bit better technology, but I don't think they are superior to T-race.” Then Romulan emperor said: ”Yes I think so too. And I heard that you are going to sign Trade treaty with them.” ”Yes we are going to. You are having just a Non-agression?” ”Yes. Many race have tried to get Research treaty with them, but they just don't accept. Strange isn't it” ”Yes it is. Well they are strange people also as the Hemmoians, but the T-race is older than the Hemmoians, well at least they are saying that. I think that they are older than the Hemmoians.” ”I think also, because they are having better technology. And their ships are energy aren't they.” Then Federation president said: ”Yes they are energy as the people. They are like first ones.” Romulan emperor said: ”About the first ones, I found an old story about some beings of light and mussels. Strange, but some people believe it.” Then the president said curiously:” Well what it tells.” ”Then the romulan emperor began to tell:” It says that after the war with the Light ones the race of peace will be formed and the machines that should have been gone will come back. And the legacy of destroyed ones will come. Then the new star will be borne to save from the death of Dark ones. And the secret of the mussels will raise! Then the three stars will go to search for the left ones and forgotten ones.” Then the emperor stop talking. ”Was that the end of it.” Said Federation president supriselly. ”Yes that was the end of it. It stops with no end.” Answered Romulan emperor. Then the president thought little time before he said: ”Did you understand it!” ”No I didn't. Strange isn't it and quite mystical.” Said Romulan emperor and then the Federation president asked: ”Where did you find this and who wrote it?” ”I found that from the old Romulan archives. There is old stories from our past and there is lot of prophecies. Most of them are written by unknown language, but this was one of the only ones that we understand. There haven't been many visitors in years, actually there haven't been anyone in six years. It is secret place, that only few know. Because our government wants to keep it in secret. I visited there first time and that's book's language was the only one I understand. And this was that's story. I don't know who have wrote it.” Answered the Romulan emperor. Then the president said with laughing voice: ”Strange it is. How did you find this place.” ”I just remember it, when my father has told me to go there. He knew about it, because he was high ranked officer. I never supposed to be emperor, just an officer.” ”How did you came an emperor?” Then the emperor of the Romulans sit quite before he said: ”I actually don't remember, there has been some many years from that, when I came an emperor. How did you came a president?” ”Well, in Federation we have a selection. There the people will choose the president. And I just had a luck or a really BAD LUCK.” Said the president of the Federation. ”You know what is stupid. Now when we talked, this is quite strange because we have chanced our subject always when came some thing which talk about and we chanced to that.” ”Yes it is strange, Well I think I should be returning to my quarters now.” Then the president of Federation stood up and went to door and then the emperor of the Romulans said: ”We'll meet us tomorrow again?” ”Yes I think so, well see you.” Then the president of the Federation went to corridor where was few drunken ones, but he just walked past them. The emperor of the Romulans took a bottle of Romulan ale and sat to his chair to think what will he do next. The president of Federation thought those words that the emperor of the Romulans had said. Are they really true or was it just some stupid joke. Then in the security chiefs office: Security chief was sitting on his chair and looking was there any crimes today when one security officer said from the chiefs combadge: ”Chief there is fighting in the quarters of Romulan emperor and there is fighting in the quarters of Klingon emperor.” ”I'll be on my way to the quarters of Romulan emperor you go to the other one.” ”Yes sir.” Then the chief of security went to quarters of Romulan emperor and send security troopers to other. When the chief of security came to quarters of Romulan emperor, he and the klingon ambassdor were fighting against each other and then he said: ”Both of you will stop now or I will have to stop that fighting by force!” But they didn't listen to him then he said: ”I need security officer to my location immediately.” Then the security officer said from the chiefs combadge: ”Yes sir, we'll send there assistance as soon as possible.” After that the security chief began to try if he can stop those two stupid bastards by himself. Because he didn't have phaser or any gun he just had to try to stop them with his hands. First he hitt the emperor of the Romulans and after he hitt the Klingon, but then both of them began to attack them. They hitt him on the ground when the ambassador of Klingon took knife gave it to the emperor of the Romulans and said: ”You shall kill him.” Then the emperor answered: ”All right.” And then he stick that knife to the chief of security. But then the security officers came, and arrested them and then beamed chief to infirmary. Then they put the Klingons and the Romulans to brig, but now in different ones. Same time the president of Federation was talking with the emperor of the T-race. ”Do you know anything about a race called Chodak?” Said the president of Federation, then the emperor of the T-race stood few seconds her back forward of the president and then she said: ”No, I'm afraid that you have to ask that question for someone else. Is there something else you want to ask?” ”Yes, there is something else I wish to ask. I have heard a rumors about ships that are white and they are controlled by beings of light, do you know something about them?” Then the emperor of the T-race turned and said: ”I don't know anything about them and you shouldn't listen the rumors. They are not trustabul.” Then the president said: ”Well sometimes they are. And there is still one question. How old is your specie?” ”Then the emperor said: ”We have told you that also and now leave or I will call the security!” ”No, I'm not leaving until I get some answers. Your race is older that our and I think all you have said now is lies, so I suggest you should began to talk some real things” Then the emperor said: ”I don't know what are you talking about and LEAVE OR I WILL KILL YOU!” ”Looks like you are threaning me. Well I won't leave until I get some...” ”You will leave here in BOX, if YOU DON'T LEAVE NOW.” Then the emperor of the T-race began to charge her weapon. Then the president of the Federation left, but at door he still said: ”This isn't over yet!” Then the president of Federation left, but when he was on his way to his quarters he said: ”She is hiding something, that's sure. But what, I think that she know something about all of those I asked. But why she didn't want to tell me anything. They must be hiding something, but why, why they want to hide information from us. Unless they are planning to do something to us or everyone. Maybe they are, or then this is a test. Well I have to keep my eyes and ears open.” Then he went to his quarters to see what is in the tomorrow's program. Same time in the brig. The security chief was talking with the new ”prisoners”: ”So I haven't yet understands why you began to fight against each other.” The prisoners didn't answer ”Well I don't press charges, so you are lucky, but I have ordered to keep you in brig so long until I have to let you go. So try to spend your time.” Then the the emperor of the Klingons said: ”You can't keep us here, I'm the emperor.” But the chief of security just laughed little bit and went to his office. Leaving the prisoners alone to their brigs. The in T-race’s emperors quarters, she tries to contact her government to ask instructions about the questions that the president of the Federation asked. ”What should I do?” Then the person that was talking to him said: ”Do what you have done. DO NOT TELL ANYONE ANYTHING ABOUT THOSE THINGS HE ASKED. And try not to show them any sign that we would be hiding something. Now we must stop, do what I have told to you.” And then he terminated the communication. The emperor of the T-race thought that he have already shown a sign that they are hiding something. Then she realized how she can repair it, but she have to do it tomorrow. Then she began to sleep. It was late, but the president of the Federation was still awake. He was thinking about those words that the emperor of the Romulans have said and the emperor of the T-race. He have tried to find the emperor of the Romulans, but he haven't find him anywhere. He was walking in the corridors of the Peace Station, only people he find were drunken. Even in his quarters there was drunken people. Then he went to talk with the Mad Gigerdi's son, because he was also awaken, he found him looking the travel outside the Peace Station: ”Mad Gigerdi I want to talk you about one thing.” Said the president. then the Mad Gigerdi 2 (Mad Gigerdi 2 means that he is the son of Mad Gigerdi.) said: ”Yes, what is it.” ”I talked with the emperor of the T-race and she, it welt like she is hiding something. I asked her about those rumors that I thin you have heard and asked what she know about the Chodaks.” ”And she said?” ”She said that she don't know anything about them, but her face looked different like she would be hiding something. Their face and almost everything in their ”body” chances to energy, when something is happening that they don't like or somewhere like that, you know?” ”Yes and what else?” ”Well it looked like she was having that kind of problems, and that she tried not to show them to me. Finally when I asked how old their race is she said that she will kill me if I don't leave and that they have already told that, but I don't think it is true what have they said. But why they are hiding things from us?” Then the Mad Gigerdi 2 said with little bit suprised voice: ”Strange, it isn't her way to get angry, actually she haven't never get angry before. And I don't know why they would be trying to hide information from us. And I think also that they are older than us, even now when they are telling that they are as old as us.” ”And I talked with the emperor of the Romulans and he said something really interesting, you should ask him to tell that, but I didn't found him anywhere.” Said then the president and then the Mad Gigerdi 2 said finally: ”He is in the brig and if you want more information about him go see the security chief, and I will go to sleep now, so good night.” ”You too.” Then the Mad Gigerdi 2 went to sleep and the president of the Federation still thought those words with the emperor of the T-race and with the emperor of the Romulans. But finally he went to sleep also. I night, there came new ship to Peace station. It was small shuttle, Chodak origin. It had a passenger, only one. At first he went to see the chief of security: ”How may I help you?” Said the chief of security and then the passenger said: ”By giving me some information!” And then he stunned him. He watched all information about the attack to the Founders home world, he had just a few seconds so he moved fast. In few minutes he had gathered all information he needed. And then he left from this station. Nobody didn't stopped that ship because it was Chodak origin. In security office: ”Uhh, what happened. Oh. I must have felt to this floor because I was so tired. Computer time.” ”Please specify which race's time you want?” ”Earth standard time.” ”Time is 0600.” ”Well it is lot, I should be going to work now.” Then the security officer stood up and sit to his chair to watch what he should do today. Most of people were still sleeping, but somebody were already awake. The president of Federation was already awake. He was thinking those words, still. In Peace Station there is coming and going ships almost all the time. This Chodak shuttle was next going to Deep Space Nine. In few hours almost everyone was awake at peace station. It was dawn of new day. Mad Gigerdi 2 was talking with the Kyle Gigerdi 2: ”I can't think that this station will be chanced to museum and that the war with the Dominion is over.” Said the Mad Gigerdi 2 and then the Kyle Gigerdi 2 said: ”Yes, well it is at least good that our people is going to unite.” ”Yes, indeed.” Then the Kyle Gigerdi said: ”Our fleet almost didn't catch the rest of the battle fleet.” Then the Mad Gigerdi 2 said: ”Yes I heard it. Well I hope that there will not be other war big war. And yesterday the president of Federation came to talk with me and said something about that the emperor of the Romulans have told him something. And that the emperor of the T-race have get angry to him.” Then the Kyle Gigerdi 2 said: ”She have get angry strange. And the emperor of the Romulans I heard that he is in jail now.” Yes he is. I haven't seen him in two days, even now when he is here.” Then the Kyle Gigerdi 2 said: ”I haven't seen him also in two days, well now he is in the jail so I can't see him and I'm not going to see him even if I could.” the Mad Gigerdi 2 then said: ”Yes neither I.” Then they continued still watching this station one last time. The president of Federation wanted to see the emperor of the Romulans, but the security officer and the security chief didn't allowed him to see him. He said it is urgent, but the chief told him that he will be released when he is allowed to be released. And that is when he must leave.

Chapter 2:

On Deep Space Nine: There wasn't normal day. A fleet that will attack to Dominion was ready still it was waiting for few ships. And waiting for the attack fleet of jem’hadar that will try to slow them down. In ops of DS9: ”Captain I think they are coming now!” Said Dax the science officer of DS9. Then captain Sisko the captain of DS9 said: ”Battle stations! Arm torpedo launchers and phasers and go to red alert now!” ”Yes sir!” said chief of operations Miles O’brian. Then the wormhole opened and there came huge fleet of ships, but still it wasn't huge enough to destroy the fleet that has gathered to opening of the wormhole. All ships were ready to battle. Then the Gul dukat a Cardassian opened a channel to DS9 and said: ”I don't suppose that you would like to surrender.” And the Sisko answered with little smiling: ”Absolutely not!” After that the Dominion ships started to close on the battle fleet. And then it began. The Dominion ships began to fire everything that wasn't on their side. Cardassian ships started to fire on DS9. DS9 fired it torpedoes to Dominion ships and destroyed any of them and damaged even more. Then the other ships in the battle fleet started to fire on minion hips. Soon there was destroyed 258 Dominion ships and the Cardassians were retreating to Gamma quadrant. Then after a few minutes the battle was over. Dominion was retreating to Gamma quadrant. And the battle fleet lost just 71 ships. It was quite much, but it wasn't as much as the Dominion lost. After that the fleet moved to wormhole and entered to Gamma quadrant. There the fleet set it course to Founders homeworld (Founders are the leaders of the Dominion.). The journey will take few minutes. Sisko and most of his Ops crew went to the Defiant (Powerful starship that were designed against the Dominion.) and set course also to Founders homeworld. Soon they entered to Founders homeworld and eliminated all threat in there. Soon they began to bombard the Founders homeworld. And in few minutes there was nothing left from the Dominion. Still this war has cost lives of many people, but now it was over finally over. The fleet left from the Founders homeworld back to their own space. After this battle the worlds that were conquered by the Dominion joined to United Federation Of Planets. Still there was new day on DS9: Now when war is over the crew of DS9 can take easier now. Now there was again a normal (Or is there): A shuttle was approaching the station. ”Commander a Chodak shuttle wants to dock to station.” Said dax and then the Sisko said: ”Who is in there. Hail them.” ”No response.” Said MR. O’brian. And then the sisko said: ”O’brian tell him or whatever it is that I can't let him to station without knowing who is in there.” ”Aye sir. There coming a message, there is a assistant of Chodak ambassador.” Then the sisko said : ”Ask him what he is doing here.” ”Yes, sir.” Said O’brian. ”He wants information about the attack to Dominion.” ”But it is over already, well he may dock to the docking bay four. I'll go to see him.” Then Sisko went to turbolift and said: ”Docking bay four.” And then the turbolift began move to the docking bay four. When Sisko was in turbolift, O’brian said from Sisko's combadge: ”Captain, he don't want to see you.” ”Why?” Said Sisko. And O’brian said: ”He just said that he don't want to see you and that he will come from his ship, when he has made his job.” Then the captain sisko said laughing: ”So I went here for nothing, great. Well I think I will go to bed now. Try to find out what that ”assistant” wants. And if he wishes to come out from his shuttle inform it to me immediately.” Then the O’brian said: ”Yes, sir. O’brian out. ” And Sisko ordered the turbolift to go his quarters habitat ring. It was night and the O’brian had tried to speak with this ”assistant”, but with no luck. Clock was 03.36. And this ”assistant” came from his ship, now there wasn't almost anyone awake on the station and this ”assistant” founded a computer and activated it. Soon he get files about the attack to Dominion's homeworld. When he finished reading he hitt the computer and said something: ”Naash ghoosh niish.” And then he went back to his ship and asked that could he leave. In ops O’brian said to this ”assistant” : ”Have you now done all you need to do here.” And then he received a message from him that reads like this: I done everything, need to leave.” Then the O’brian informed about this to captain who said that he can leave now. Then this shuttle left really fast from the DS9 and sett it course to Earth. Still nobody didn't noticed that the computer has been used. Finally came morning and the Odo the chief of security of DS9 was on his office and when he was watching anything happened at night when he noticed that one computer has been used at 0343 hundred hours and then he said : ”Odo to sisko.” and Sisko answered ”Sisko here. What do you want Odo” ”I just wanted to report that there has been unauthorized computer access at 0343 hundred hours.” ”But that was just few minutes before that shuttle wanted to leave.” Said Sisko. And then the Odo said: ”Captain what shuttle.” ”A Chodak shuttle, which wanted to dock here, because the assistant of the ambassador wanted to do some work in here. And then he left ten minutes after that computer accesses.” ”Ah, so you are saying that he has done this. Yes, I think so too, but I will check is there any security cameras close, I will inform you more later. Odo out.” Then Sisko stood from his bed and dressed to his uniform and went to eat his breakfast. And Odo tries to find was there any security cameras close at the time of security breach. When Sisko went to ops Odo said: ”Odo to Sisko.” And Sisko said in ops: ”Sisko here.” And then the Odo begins to tell him did he find any security cameras from the close of that computer: ”I find one security camera that was close to it and I saw some kind of shape, who had three fingers and quite big claws. And he was having some kind of horns, or somewhere like that, you should come yourself here.” Then Sisko said: ”All right I'll be on my way to there.” Then he went to turbolift and said to computer: ”Promenade.” And then the turbolift began go to Promenade. In a minute turbolift was in the promenade and then Sisko came out from the lift and went to Odo's office. When he came there Odo said: ”Here the is the security camera. It is one of the security cameras on the habitat ring. It is quite close to that computer he used. Do you want to see what that security camera recorded.” ”Well show it.” Then Odo switched security cameras record. At first there was just normal corridor. But later there came person. He looked really strange, his skin was gray, he had just three fingers in his hand and his nails were more like claws and they were quite big. He was two meters long. He was having a black cloak. He moved really fast, because he was having a hurry. Then Odo put the security camera to show few minutes later. That same person was going to his ship, but when he has already gone from the screen after few seconds he came back looked at the camera and left fast. Then Odo said: ”I think that he noticed that security camera, and that's why he used another computer also, but I don't know what he did. He was there just three seconds and then went to his ship and asked to leave. And I asked was there any relations with our incident at here and any other. And guess what I found?” ”Well what.” ”I found that at Peace station there was same incident, it was discovered just few hours ago and their communications has went off-line now. And that same person used computer same time here, so the computer was activated same time 03.43.” ”How did you know that there is communications off-line, if they can't send messages.” Then Odo said: ”I contacted one of my friend in starfleet security who had a friends in Gigerdian military security and who had friend in Gigerdian traffic control and who heard it from one of the ships that were coming from Peace Station and I think that we should check is our communications still working.” And then Kira first officer of DS9 she is a Bajoran said: ”Captain we can't send any communications.” ”Why?” ”I don't know, we can't locate the source.” Then O’brian said: ”What I see here it looks like the hole communications system is down and that this virus only affects to communication systems, but it seems that it has infected the runabouts too and it has activated communication jamming system in this system.” ”Damn. O’brian try to find source of that virus or whatever it is.” Said Sisko ”And Odo try to find how did he put that virus to our computer so fast.” ”I'll be working on it.” And then Sisko went back to ops. But in the turbolift he said: ”Just when I thought that here will come peace happens THIS!” When he came to ops he said to chief of operations Miles O’brian: ”Chief, how's going?” ”I still can't find the source of that virus.” ”Keep going. And Dax try to fix one of those runabouts, if we can then send messages. And Kira go to one of the leaving cargo ships that are going to close of starfleet bases or facilities. I'll be on my office try to send messages to starfleet.” ”Yes, sir” Said Kira and went to turbolift with Dax. Then Sisko went to his office try to send communications to starfleet or to anyone. Kira went to see the captain of a Gigerdian cargo ship that was going to one of the stargazes and Dax went Amazon that was a new runabout. Odo tries to find how that ”assistant” put that virus to stations system. And O’brian tries to find out how he can destroy that virus and restore the system to operational. And Sisko tries to find out could he send messages on any frequency, but with bad luck. Kira find the captain of that cargo vessel in quark's bar. When she finally finds him from there she said: ”Excuse me.” ”Oh. You must the major Kira.” ”Yes, and I need you to do little job.” ”Well, go a head.” ”Our communications system has been sabotaged and we need you to transfer a message to closest starfleet's base.” ”Well I go quite near of one of the starbases, was that 345 or 344, well whatever. So what is the message?” ”We'll send it to you later, and thank you.” ”Well I will always help you if you need.” And then Kira went back to ops. In the same time odo said: ”Odo to Sisko.” And sisko answered: ”Sisko here.” ”Captain, I found the device which way this intruder put this virus into our system. It doesn’t look that it has been made by the Dominion, and I found interesting mark on that device.” ”What it is?” ”It looks like a mark of Chodak empire!” ”CHODAK!?” ”Yes, Chodak origin.” Then sisko said with angry voice: ”Damn! Chodak, what are they doing, they have always been a peaceful people.” ”It looks like they are not anymore or.” ”Or what Odo.” ”Or someone is supporting them on Chodak.” ”Why would Chodaks... Hey when we went to destroy the Founders their last message was that, what it was...” Sisko thought few seconds until he said: ”Yes now I remember. They said that the emissaries will come here and they will frame this galaxy.” ”So you think that these ”Emissaries” will come to frame this galaxy and they are starting from the Chodaks. Interesting, but it is logical.” Then Sisko said quickly to Kira: ”Sisko to Kira. I need you to send a new message to that freighter captain, Tell him that he will delivery this message to nearest starbase or anything, tell him that he will said to them that they have to capture a Chodak shuttle that might come to earth and tell him that he will said that they will warn other governments also!” ”Yes, sir, I will send it to him at once.” Then Kira went to docking bay because that freighter was leaving. Sisko still said to Odo: ”Odo try to find anything that he might have left here!” ”I'm already on it.” ”Sisko to O’Brian.” ”O’Brian here.” ”Chief have you learned anything from that virus?” ”Well it looks like it is also in other systems, but it won't disable them unless we try to remove it. Then it will strike to other systems and it will disable them, but there is some weakness I have detected.” ”What it is chief?” ”It looks like if we can draw it’s attention to somewhere else, we could seal all systems and then destroy it.” ”How is this possible?” ”This virus seemed to be only a prototype. I noticed that if we can repair one of the runabouts engines and try to leave from the station, that virus could fully strike to that runabout. And then we could seal all systems that not even us can control them, but it will take time to prepare systems for that.” ”All right, start doing whatever you have to do, and you got three hours to do that!” ”But sir...” ”That's all you got chief, make it fast. Because I think that we are in something bigger than we think! And ask Dax to help to get those engines online.” ”All right, I'll move as fast as I can.” Then O’Brian went to one of the runabouts and Dax also. Sisko went to see Odo. And Kira tried to make to that freighter before it leaves. Finally Kira made to that freighter and when she saw one of the freighters crew members she said: ”I want to see the the captain!” Then the crew member said: ”All right I'll call him here.” And soon the captain came to see Kira and he said: ”What you want now?” ”We need you to send this message to closest starfleet's base.” And then she gave a datapad to him. And then the captain said: ”All right, I'll delivery it.” ”Thank you.” And then Kira went to turbolift. Dax and O’Brian tries to put the engines online on Ganges. And Sisko went to see Odo to his office. When sisko came in he said: ”Odo can I see that device you found.” ”Of course it is right here.” Then Odo gave that alien artifact to sisko. And then Odo said: ”You'll find the mark from the other side of that ”thing”.” ”Yes, that is a mark of Chodak empire. Well, WAIT there is something, it is little dirty. WHAT!” Shouted sisko and then Odo quickly asked: ”What is it.” And Sisko answered: ”It is a mark of the Dominion.” ”How is it possible?” asked Odo little confucing and the Sisko answered: ”It shouldn't be possible, so why is it here. Have Chodaks and Dominion been allies. Do you know anything about this Odo?” And Odo said: ”No, I don't know anything about this, I know very little about their past or their allies.” And then then Sisko said: ”This must be a lot bigger than I thought. First we have to hope that starfleet will get our message. And Odo have you find anything more?” ”No, I'm afraid I haven't found anything yet, security is searching everything.” ”And Odo tried to find was anyone moving there that time when that intruder came, and if you find someone who has walked close him asked him or she have he or whoever find anything or seen that intruder. I'll be in my office try to remember have I seen that intruder.” ”All right, I'll search if anyone has walked close of him.” Then Sisko went back to ops. When he was on turbolift he said: ”Sisko to O’Brian, how is your work going?” ”Pretty good, captain. We should get the engines online in hour.” ”Good, keep going chief. Sisko out.” Then sisko said: ”Sisko to Kira.” ”Kira here.” She was already in ops. And then Sisko asked: ”Did you delivery that message to that freighter captain.” ”Yes, and he should be on his way o his destination.” ”Good, and try to contact to Bajor or to anyone, I'll be in my office . Sisko out.” Sisko went to his office to look if any security camera has detected anything while that intruder was here. Odo tries to find anyone who has walked that time when the intruder came. O’Brian and Dax tries to repair the engines of one of the runabouts, that were damaged by the virus. Kira tries to contact to Bajor or to anyone.

Chapter 3:

On the little bit after the battle against the dominion on the Peace Station: It was morning and the security chief was watching did anything happened during the night. When he saw that unknown life form has been at his office and used a computer he said: ”Security alert, alert all security personal immediately. Security chief to captain.” ”Yes” Answered captain in bridge of the Peace station. ”Captain somebody stunned me at night and activated a computer in here.” ”Do you know who.” Said captain. And the security chief answered: ”No, at least I don't remember that someone has been here, but I could check the security cameras.” ”All right do so, and inform me if anything else happens because I don't want...” And then one of the bridge officer said: ”Captain our communications are down, we can't send any messages, we can only receive them.” ”What, identify the source of this jamming or whatever it is.” ”Aye sir.” Answered one of the bridge officer. Then the captain said: ”I'll be at the security office.” And then he went to lift and went to security office. When he came in the security chief said:” Captain, now I remember what happened. Someone came in to my office at night and stunned me, and when I checked the weapons sensors I detected that somebody has fired here at night. And activated my computer.” ”You wasn't using it before that who ever was came?” Asked captain and security chief answered: ”No, I had already shouted it down.” Then captain asked: ”Have you checked all the security cameras?” ”Yes, and I saw someone. He must be from another alien race.” Then captain thought little while until he said: ”When I checked the reports that what ships came here, I saw that a Chodak shuttle has docked here.” Then security chief asked: ”Chodak?” ”They are old race, I don't know much about them.” Then security chief said: ”I saw also that someone went to ship that I have never seen before.” Then the captain said: ”This thing must be kept in secret for now, unless there is any other problems.” ”Well...” ”What?!” ”Well he putted some kind of virus to our computer system and it seems it is blocking our transmissions.” Then the captain shouted: ”WHAT!” ”Yes, I afraid that our communications are down now, so if even one of the ambassadors or emperors or whatever is here tries to send message to anyone it will destroy the message and it will tell you that message never left.” ”So this is bigger, well here is already security alert, so they must have noticed it already. Well keep trying to find anything more of that our ”visitor”.” ”Yes, captain.” ”Good, I'll be on bridge and now when our communications are down we can't inform anyone of our situation.” ”But if we send a message with one of the ships that are here.” Then the captain said: ”YES! Good, well I go immediately to the first leaving ship that is here.” Then the captain went to docking bay to watch what ships are leaving now. Then he saw that a human transport is leaving and going to one Gigerdian colony. Then he went to see the captain of that cargo ship who was at the docking bay watching how the shipment of cargo to his ship is going. When captain went there he asked: ”I want to see the captain.” ”Then one of the cargo ship's crew member said: ”He is over there.” He pointed a man who was quite tall and he wasn't Human, he was a Romulan. And then the captain of Peace station said: ”Romulan commanding Human ship, isn't that strange?” then he walked to close of that freighter captain and said: ”Excuse me.” ”Yes.” Answered freighter captain. And then the captain asked: ”We need you to send this message to anyone close by, because our communications are down and we need help to fix it. So if you could send this message.” And then the captain gave it to the freighter captain and he said: ”Yes, I can delivery it.” ”Thank you and you may leave when ever you like.” And then the captain went back to bridge. Hour went and nothing has happened, captain was walking around the bridge of Peace Station. Another hour went and then the security chief said: ”Security chief to captain, you should come here.” ”All right, I'll be on my way.” Answered captain. and went to lift. Soon he came to security office and when he came there security chief said: ”I might have find a way to destroy that virus.” ”Well tell me.” Said captain little nervous and security chief said: ”I studied that virus and I can create a virus that we will put to the computer system, that virus destroys all systems in this station one by one.” ”What!” ”Yes, the point is when that other virus sees that here is someone other who is destroying the systems, it might attack to it and it might destroy that virus.” Then captain asked: ”It MIGHT destroy it?” ”Yes, it only might destroy it self, but we don't have anything else right now.” Then the captain think little time and said: ”All right make it so. And you got two hours to do that. Inform to me immediately when you have finished your virus. I'll be in bridge.” ”Yes, sir.” Same time on the quarters of emperor of the T-race. She was trying get contact to someone, but always came same message ”Communications destroyed”. She was despertly trying to contact, but always same happened. Also the president of Federation was trying to use communications, because he had to know what has happened on Earth. And others were trying to use communications, but with the same result always. Many has already complemented the maintenance, someone was accusing the drunken what has happened, but all what the maintenance crew can say is that it will be fixed soon. The emperors of the Gigerdians were nervous also, because no one really told them what was going on here. Emperor of the T-race tried and tried to get contact to his government, but always she failed. She was becoming even more desperate, she can't ask any maintenance guy to her quarters to fix her communications because he or she might find out something. She has important news to her government, and she must tell it now! The other leaders wanted news from the attack to Dominion's homeworld. The maintenance crew just said that it is minor problem in communications, and that here has been bigger problems, well in that thing they are right, there has been tougher situations in the Peace Station. Hour went, the captain was in the bridge waiting and thinking will that virus disable the entire station or save it, if it will disable this station they must tell what's going on, and what will the leaders say then, they might be kicked out from the military even. Maintenance crew was waiting to began repairing systems immediately, when they are ordered to do so. Still there was only few who know what was going on and all that information was classified, but there has been some people who had told what is going on and if that continues, soon every one will know what is happening. Security chief had his hands full, he must create the anti virus to destroy the other virus, and it is not sure will it destroy that virus or will it disable the entire station. Captain didn't want to tell what was happening to civilians, because it might create a panic on board the Peace Station, and not even not even all personnel knew what was happening, not even the leaders of the alien races which are now here. Another hour went, still nothing. Captain was getting to nervous. There didn't came not even ships, it was quiet, except those who wanted to know what was happening. The security chief was working hard, and he is almost ready with that virus. The captain didn't want to disturb him. Then soon went again another hour, those ones who wanted to know what was happening didn't anymore asked much of what was happening because, they always get the same answer, that it will be fixed soon. The captain was even more nervous and then he decided to go to security office. When he was in the lift security chief said to him: ”Captain I finished that virus, so you should come here.” ”I'm on my way already.” Then security chief finished: ”Good, security out.” Then captain got to that level where was the security office. Then he walked to there and when he came in the chief said: ”I'm aploading it to our system now.” Then the captain sit to chair and wait until the chief finished loading that virus. After little time chief said: ”Now, it is there now. So now we can only wait and see what will happen.” Minutes went, still nothing. Then soon came alert, that the weapons are off-line, then came message that the communications are off-line. Then came nothing. Then minutes went again. Then came message that the life support system is off-line and the station went to red alert, but that red alert came only to bridge, because it wasn't online anywhere else. Then there came message from the virus that the security chief created it says: ”I'm under attack.” Then the security chief said to captain: ”There came message from my virus that it is under attack. And what I can say, it IS that enemy virus.” ”Excellent. How long will this fight take?” Asked captain and the chief answered :”I don't know, but my guess is that it will take an hour maybe even more.” ”Hour!” ”Yes, well it is just a prototype, I didn't have time to create a better one.” Then the captain said: ”Well we just have to hope for the best.” And then time went, nothing happened. Both of them were just waiting silent. When hour went they began to wait even more harder, because now might the entire station be disabled or saved. ”Now when the war with the Dominion is over I think that we will finally able to be in peace.” Said Mad Gigerdi's son to Kyle Gigerdi's son. ”Yes I hope so. You know that place is going to be a museum. It is strange. I think I will miss this place.” ”So do I. Well I think we should leave now, before the transport leaves without us.” Said the the Mad Gigerdi's son. And then they went to the transport to Gigerdi prime. Almost everyone has left from the Peace Station. Drunken ones has been transferred to the planet below the peace station. Peace Station was the last of the peace stations and now it has been chanced to museum. It is a mystery did the peace station completed it’s task to create peace of did it failed, there is many possibilities. There was many battles and losses in peace station. And somehow it has always survived. Sometimes it took quite lot of damage, but always it survived. Peace station was the beginning of new age, now that age that time is over. Soon there will come a new age. Captain Gigerdius was on the peace station last time and actually his first time. He remembers those times when he was still ambassador: A ship was going to diplomatic discuss with the Federation. Ship was moving on Federation space, it wasn't going by warp speed. Then the Gigerdius and other ambassador were speaking in the eating room and the Gigerdius said: ”Have you ever been in station called peace station or heard something about it.” ”I haven't been there, but I have heard little about it.” Answered other ambassador. Then the Gigerdius said: ”I wish that I could go there in my life.” ”Well you are an ambassador and it is station of diplomacy.” Answered other ambassador. Then the Gigerdius said: ”Yes I hope so.” And then came sound of red alert! ”WHAT NOW!” Shouted Gigerdius. ”All personnel report to your stations NOW,” Said announcer ” we are under attacked by Dominion.” Ship didn't have big escorts. Escorts were destroyed in few minutes and the ship where the Gigerdius was, were disabled. Then the Jem'hadars boarded the ship: ”Surrender or you all will be killed.” Said one of the Jem’hadar soldier when they have killed all the guards. Then they took Gigerdius and every one else to their prison camp. And then the Gigerdius and the others were replaced by chapesifters, but the Gigerdius was rescued in few weeks. Still he was lowered to worker to space dock, where he will build ships. Then the Gigerdius stopped remembering. And started to look this place one last time. Now he was promoted to captain. And he has son also. He is in the Gigerdian academy. Then the Gigerdius continued looking this station. There was ships from many species leaving this station and leaving it to it’s own peace.

Chapter 4:

On Earth, the homeworld of Humans: The Federation council was having normal discussion. ”This is ridicules.” ”It is just normal offer to you Benzi.” Said the leader of the Federation council to represent of Andorians. Then the Benzi shouted again: ”If we will be asked once more this, we WILL break our membership treaty with the Federation!” And then he left from the council before the leader of this Federation council said: ”It came from the...” And then the represent of the Andorians have already left. Then the leader of the council said: ”We will gather again tomorrow to discuss about this.” Then the unknown person left from his own secret place also. Soon the council was empty except the leader of it, he was still sitting on his chair and thinking what will happen tomorrow, but then he stood up and said: ”Well tomorrow is tomorrow and now isn't a tomorrow.” Then he began to walk to his home. When it was night, a dark person came to the council. He went to one of the computers and activated it. He watched all information about the attack on Founders homeworld. He was able to watch only few reports, but enough that he didn't like it. Then he shouted the computer and left before the security officers will come. There was another person also, but at higher place watching what this ”dark person” will do. He left also, so that he won't be catched by security. When the security arrived there was nothing inside the council hall. They noticed that the computer has been used. Then one of the security officer said: ”Commander it looks like someone has used this computer.” ”Ensign, alert to main security of earth and tell that unauthorized person has used one of the computers in council hall. Lieutenant is there any evidence what files there has been accessed.” No, sir. No evidence of what files have been accessed, so I think there has been working an expert, because there is no trail of anything. There is only report that this computer has been activated on time 03.43 sir.” ”So the intruder has been here at least a half an hour. He can't bee far, ensign alert also all available troops here to find that intruder and monitor all long range transporter activity.” ”Yes sir.” Then the Lieutenant said: ”Commander I found all files he have been watching, sir.” ”Good show me them.” ”He has watched only latest reports of attack to Founders homeworld. And the reports have there been any Dominion survivors. And how many ships we lost and the Dominion.” ”Good we'll send that information to main security. And good job lieutenant, anyone can't do that job.” ”Thank you, sir.” Answered young Lieutenant with little smiling. And then they left from the council hall, but they left one guard to watch if that intruder will come back. Then came morning, the intruder didn't come back. Still the main security of Earth was little bit worried bout this intruder. That's why they were having a discuss about it: ”I think he was just a curios.” Said one of the commanders, but then other one responded: ”I think this might be threat to us and I think we should prepare for it.” ”this is stupid, why anyone who whis to look our computers, is a threat to Earth.” Said one general little bit laughing. ”But may I say that this happened at night AND without anyone's permission!” Said one other general with angry voice. Then the commander who was in the council at night when they discovered this intruder said: ”I say this is a threat to planetary security and I suggest that we will put Earth in to security alert.” ”You are not saying that there will be marshall law?” Said one of the commanders. ”No, there will just be a security alert, no more.” ”All right that's what we will do now, everyone keep your eyes open and be careful. You are Dismissed now.” Said the leading general and the others said: ”Yes, sir.” And then everyone left from the meeting, to their posts. After a few hours council was having a meeting again: ”I received the same request today also!” Said Benzi represent of Andorians and then the leader of this council said: ”But we haven’t sent you anything.” ”YOU HAVEN'T, well where have this request came from!” ”I don't know, at least we haven't sent to you anything.” Then the represent of Andorians stood little time quiet until he said: ”Well you win this time, but for tomorrow I will settle this. AND if you are laying, I will tell it to whole galaxy!” And then the represent of Andorians left from the council, but the council continued to talk about other problems. Same time on the small room above the council hall. Someone was moving there. He left soon after the represent of Andorians have left. This person who had just left from his room above the council hall, went to a small shuttle and left from the Earth. When it was out from Earth's atmosphere he went to warp. Nobody didn't care where that shuttle went, because they know how was in there. At least most of them know. In the Earth's space travel control: A new worker said: ”How's ship was that.” And then the other person who have been working there longer said: ”You can't ask that question from me, because I can't answer to you. You should ask that from someone who can answer to you.” Then the new person said: ”Why can't you say it to me that who's ship was that.” ”Because I have not been authorized to tell you.” ”Well how did you find out who's ship was that.” ”Well, I have been working here so long that, when that ship first time came here, one admiral told me who's ship it is.” ”Then why can't you tell me who's ship it WAS!” Shouted then the new one. To that the person who has been working there longer said: ”I said to you I CAN'T TELL IT TO YOU! Admirals order. And if you WILL ask me one more time that, I WILL MAKE SURE YOU WILL FIND YOURSELF IN OTHER SIDE OF THAT AIRLOCK, IS THAT CLEAR!” Then the new one said with little friteng voice: ”Yes, sir.” Then the other worker said still: ”and if you wish to know who's ship it was you should ask it for, one of the admirals or someone who is high ranking officer or diplomat. And I'm sorry that I shouted to you, but you was getting me nerves.” Said the other worker to new worker. Then they continued their checking ships coming and leaving from Earth. This unknown shuttle went to planet that was marked to Federation, but truly it wasn't Federation's. There was many big ships orbiting the planet. Then he landed on that planet. It was mostly under water. There was many people wearing some kind of suits, or machines. Inside there was life form that looked like mussel. Then this one who came from the shuttle went to some kind of building. And then went to speak with some person. After a few minutes this person that came from the shuttle went back to shuttle and set course to Earth. When he came to Earth he went to his quarters, which are in the building where every diplomat lives. He's quarters are full of water, because he lives in water. He is more like forgotten person. Only few knows how he is and where he lives. In council meetings, nobody knows that he is even there. He haven't said anything in years, not even in the council meetings. He is from race called Chodak. They are really advanced specie. They keep them selfes in secret. Most of the people doesn’t even know them. Even the council has forgottan he’s presence. Some people still think, why there is room up of the council chambers. Chodak’s themselves almost only observe, and research. They don’t do much else. They don’t expand or build ships. They like beeing in quiet.

Chapter 5:

At Deep Space 9: The virus problem was still ahead. There has been no progress, but there have been messages from starfleet informin that the same problem was oquered at Peace Station and that help is coming as soon as possible. But the crew at DS9 were already finding a way to defeat the virus. O’Brian and Dax just finished repairing one of the Runboats: O’Brian said: ”O’Brian to Sisko.” and Siskop answered: ”Sisko, here.” ”Captain we finished to repair the Runboat.” ”Exellent, what we’ll do next.” Then Dax said: ”If the virus is stupid this will work if it’s not then it will not work, we have to depart the runboat and if the virus is stupid it will try to stop it by entering in the ship, and then we have to detonate the ship and the virus might destroy.” ”Well it’s worthy of try, you may start as soon as you can, siko out.” Then O’Brian said to Dax: ”Well if this isn’t going to work, we will get help soon.” And then Dax said: ”Well we don’t have much time if we want to warn other governments.” And then they leaved the ship and went to ops. Where they began to start the process. After few minutes when everything was ready Dax said: ”All ready captain.” ”Proceed.” Said Sisko. And then the runboat began to leave. And O’Brian said: ”The virus is trying to prevent the ship from leaving.” And then Dax said: ”The virus went insade.” ”All of it?” Said Sisko. Then O’Brian said: ”All of it captain.” ”Captain we have to detonate the ship now or we cannot destroy the virus.” Said Dax And Sisko answered: ”We’ll do it, if we don’t have any other choice.” ”Aye.sir” And then she detonated the Runboat, the whole station were bumping. When it stopped Sisko said: ”Report!” ”Minor damage in the docking bay, and the virus is... eliminated!.” Said O’Brian and then Sisko said to Kira: ”Open channel to Starfleet.” ”Yes, sir.” And then Kira was able to open hailing frecuences to Starfleet and then she said to Sisko: ”Communications operational.” ”Good, hail the closest starfleet installation Majur.” ”Yes,sir said Kira then and then a picture came to the screen. And Sisko said: ”Admiral, we have dangerous situation. You must inform to other races that they should be pepared to engage a Chodak shuttle that is not owned by Chodak. It is behind this.” Then the admiral tried to say something, but then Sisko said: ”I don’t have time to tell you all detailsjust tell them to be prepared Sisko out.” Then the admiral told this to all other empires he could. The other empires placed few ships to guard their border which is closest to their homeworld. At DS9 the crew began to repair the damage that the virus made. Hour went and this Chodak shuttle was aphroaching the border of Romulans and one of the Federation outposts detected that shuttle and alerted it’s presence to Romulans and to closests Federation’s vessels. And in few minutes the Chodak shuttle was under attack by two Galaxy mk3-class ships and Warbird mk3. The captain opened a channel to the Chodak shuttle and said: ”Surrender and you will not be harmed, but if you don’t we’ll have to open fire.” And then the communications officer said: ”No response captain.” and the tactical officer said: ”The ship is movin towards us and it’s has raised it’s shields.” ”Raise shields and open a channel agian maybe we ca...” Then the Chodak shuttle fired upon the Federation ship and the Warbird started to attack it. In the same galaxy class ship tactical officer said: ”That shuttle pierced our shields.” Then the captain said: ”Try to disable that ship, but don’t destroy it.” Then also the Federation’s ships started to attack. The Shuttle had really powerful energy beams and powerful torpeodoes, but the they were able to disable it. Then the same captain said to the passenger on board the Chodak shuttle: ”We have disabled your ship, surrender now.” But then the Chodak shuttle activated it’s self-destruct system and it created so big blast that the all ships in the area were destroyed. But the shuttle was finally destroyed. After few hours when the Federation’s search ships had leaved one asteroid arrived. It also searched the area. And soon founded what it was looking for. It tractored it to the asteroid and warped out. One Outpost detected this asteroid, but didn’t report it to Starfleet until that asteroid warped out. And in few seconds three nebula-class science vessels came to search would they find a warp signature, but the result was: Nothing. Nebulas contiuned searching any clue, who might be this strange asteroid. When those Nebulas didn’t find anything they began to search the remains of the Chodak shuttle and detected that it’s computer core was taken and that there wasn’t any remains of the passenger. Nebulas reported this to Starfleet and warped out.

Chapter: 6

At earth Security council was having discussion: ”The virus problem has been solved in DS9 and in Peace Station.” Said Gaili one the security officers. Then Cilimar other security officer said: ”Do you know how they solved it?” ”No.” Then lights suddenly dropped out and sukra one of the security chiefs stud up and said: ”What happened?” ”Earths whole power system has been disabled!” answered gaili which was looking the status screen which was still working, but not very well. ”Whole? And even defenses?” said Cilimar and Gaili answered: ”Yes. Almost all power systems are down, but I don’t know how long will those other systems be activated.” and then he also said: ”I think it’s the virus, sir.” ”WHAT!” yelled Farrel one of security chiefs and the Gaili answered: ”Yes, but now it seemed had taken every power system not only communications.” ”Great. What we’ll now do?” said Ragri one of the security chiefs and Britt one of the security officers asnwered: ”Well first we need to get out of this room. So lets try to open it manually.” ”But why don’t we use phaser?” said Borg one of the security officers and Britt answered: ”YES, we could vaporize the door.” ”Alright, lets do it!” said Gigra and then one of them took phaser and vaporized the door. Then they went out. There was no one. And Gaili said: ”Where is everyone?” ”I don’t know, but we should get to starfleets headquarters.” Said Cilimar and then they came to door and Borg said: ”That door has forcefield, how?” ”I think it’s the virus and I think it’s coming more intelligent.” said Britt and Gigra said: ”Well now what?” then Gaili said: ”There’s a window!” ”Yes.” said Ragri and Gaili contiuned: ”Well there is window in the other side of that door and if the virus haven’t been so intellignet, it hasn’t put forcefields to there. And by braking that window and going thrue other we should find a way to lower levels there.” ”Well what are you waiting for, do it.” said Cilmar and Gaili answered: ”Aye, sir.” Then he shot the glass and looked to other side true the window and said: ”Yes, we can access to other side by this way.” ”Lets go.” Said Britt and then everyone moved them selves true the windows to the other side. Then Borg said: ”We should be able to get to the ground levels by the jefries tubes just down there.” ”But that goes true the power core.” Said Ragri and Borg answered: ”I know, but I think that we can destroy that virus true there.” Then they crouched to the jefries tube and crouched many minutes until they came to big reactor hall, where was the Earths main Anti-matter reactors. There Farrel said: ”Well this is bigger than I expected.” And Borg said: ”Now we need to destroy the reactors.” ”WHAT!!” said Gigra and Britt said: ”Sir, I think I know what she’s planning.” ”Well would you tell me also.” ”The virus seemed to be now in the main reactors only and controlling situations from there, so if we can blow it up the virus will be destroyed.” ”But if it will be able to escape?” ”Well then we just have to guess something else.” The security chiefs looked to each other and then one of them said: ”Well how can we destroy those reactors?” And Britt answered: ”Only we need to do is set the unstoppable self-destruct to reactors and get the hell out!” ”Allright.” ”Now everyone, go to the reactors and set the self-destruct on my mark.” Then they went down by ladders. The reactors where side by side so it was easy to set the self-destruct. ”Allright, everyone ready.” siad the smae security officer and everyone said: ”Yes.” ”Good, three, two one, now!” then everyone put self-destruct to thirteen seconds and ran as fast as they can to out. When they were at the upper levels they took emergence lift that took them to the ground and then was six seconds left. They ran as fast as they can and when was only two seconds left one of the security officers activated a shields around the security headquarters. And then came one hell of a explosion. Everyone of them fell to the ground. Shield was holding for now, some disturbances came to it, but it held. When the explosion had almost ended they stod up to see did the plan worked. And Borg celebrated and said: ”It worked!!” ”We don’t know did it worked completly, but now we have to get to starfleet headquarters.” Said Gaili. ”If that worked transporters should be on-line now and we should be able to beam us to Starfleet headuarters.” Said Borg and Cilimar then said: ”Yes, but I’ll first try my combadge.” Then he hit his combadge and said: ”Cilimar to starfleet headquarters...., Cilimar to anyone.” Nothing. ”Well here is people, but it seems that communications are out.” Said Gaili and he contiuned: ”But there is transporter just there.” He pointed with his finger a building in their right side. Then they began to walk to there, there was no one. Gaili went to the panel and said: ”This is working and transporter systems are on-line, I’m putting coordinates to Starfleet’s headquarters now.” ”All right let’s go.” Said Ragri. Then they went to the tranporter and beamed. Then they appeared to Starfleets headquarters and there one admiral said to them: ”We detected an explosion in security HC. And now most of our systems are back on-line.” ”I think that same virus that was foun in Peace Station and in DS9 was here.” Said Britt. ”Same virus? Well we should try to get communications back on-line and there is still somekind of jamming in this system.” Said the same admiral and Britt said: ”It seems that virus destroyed communications completly, but what is that jamming device?” ”It’s ours, but the virus seemed to have activated it.” ”Can’t you just deactivate it.” ”Well we are doing that right now, but because most of our systems were off-line, we weren’t able to do anything. All of you should rest now, we’ll inform anything new right away.” ”Good.” Then they went to rest to their quarters that they got in the Starfleet’s HC. Same time at starbase orbiting earth powers were coming on-line as to the space docks, but communications were off-line. Starbase’s comander Capt. Galen was talking with his first officer Cmdr. Koski: ”We could send a shuttle out of this system to report our situation.” Said Cmdr. Koski and Captain responded: ”Yes, but first we need to repair one’s communications.” ”I already sended a repair team to one.” ”Good, and do you why our systems were done and why?” ”There came shuttle from earth which told us that the same virus that disabled DS9’s and Peace Station’s communications was here and that it somehow informed computers here and in space docks to destroy communications and to disable power, but now when that virus isn’t transferring that order we got main power back again.” ”That is at least good, inform immidiatly when that shuttle is ready.” ”Yes, sir.” Then Cmdr. Koski went out from Capt. Galen’s ready room.

Chapter 7:

At Deep Space 9 things were getting normal again, but in Peace Station things were something else than normal. Peace Station was no longer in use, it was museum. DS9 still contiunes now when the dominion war is over, it’s mission will still be to protect Bajor. Starfleet heard that Earth isn’t answering communications and sent ships to investigate. Council members in the earth were already asking what was going on on earth, but they were told that it was just power flaksuation and that communications will be repaired soon. At starbase one which is orbiting earth the shuttle was ready and was sent to inform that everything will be fine soon and it also found ships that starfleet sent to investigate the problem. Earth was on-line soon again. Starfleet reports indicate that asteroid was only a decoy to make the Federation afraid of attack and that someone installed warp drives to it, but who was this, nobady knows. Then at Gigerdi prime military council was again having a discussion: ”I have put bunch of engineers to design what kind of this exploration ship could be and I said to them that they don’t put much weapons.” said one admiral and the admiral who was opposing exploreison said: ”I object, we already have enough exploration ships and this ship which doesn’t have much weapons, it isn’t a good idea.” ”I think we should vote tomorrow what we’ll do about this ship.” said the leading admiral. and everyone went out. The situation was pretty bad for the suporters of exploreison. Tomorrow came and the admiral whicg didn’t like the exploreison said: ”I think Exploreison is good name for the ship and that it has only a little of weapons. Then species it encounters can see that we don’t want always fight. Lots of science space is good also so it can study new artifacts. I’m giving full suport to this, and to all of you this might be a mark of a new beginning to our people.” Every admiral look at each other a little time and then the leadin admiral said: ”All right now it’s the vote.” every admiral voted and the was 10 to exploreison and 0 to no. Decision was made the new ship called ”Exploreison” can be desinged and constructed. This admiral who first was sayng no to exploreison leaved immidiatly and no noe saw where he went. In the next meeting this admiral said that he wasn’t able to go there and the other admirals said that he was there and thought that he was perhaps tired and gave him small vacation. In the next meetings he was always sayng no to exploreison, but it was too late. After a few weeks they began to construct exploreison in the ship yard that Gigerdius is working. The Exploreison was said that it will be ready in six months. The crew to Exploreison was alredy selected, best people from the Gigerdian academy and the gigerdius himself. In six months the exploreison was ready, Gigerdius was promoted to captain and the crew for the exploreison came from the academy. Gigerdius was going to the Exploreison by shuttle from Gigerdi prime with one admiral.

To be contiuned...