G.A.S. Exploreison: Second Wave

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G.A.S. Exploreison II: Second Wave

First officer’s log stardate 71654.7: We’ve been ordered to the Drelon system to routine patrol. I don’t understand why us? This is exploration ship not some kind of patrol ship. GA command has been different lately, well we declared small independence, but it didn’t last long. GA said only that they might give us a new mission soon. This ship has been refitted just few weeks ago and they won’t let it to go to missions. I know that GA command has been strange lately, but still they should have realized to give us more important job. My father was in the GAM council, but it was many years ago, things were different. Now there was this little conflict with the IPA and the IGA’s formation was now too. Dalleer, well he’s strange president I must say and the resistance and Section 18. Well I heard rumors and also I have read the news about the Resistance’s leader. Fleet admiral, well strange, GA isn’t truly what it was years ago. And the Mad Gergarstit or whatever they are, what the hell are they trying to do? I thought the resistance was bad enough, still making some kind of resistance is quite stupid, even that I don’t like the government I don’t agree the resistance. Things were bad enough in the GA, we don’t need more things to get things even worse. Well I hope everything will get better soon. Then in the Orlian homeworld: ”We’ve been able to fool the DHR, they’ll assist us.” Said some unknown person and then person who looked like Orlian, but didn’t spoke like Orlian said: ”Good, soon they’ll realize what they’ve done, but then it will be too late!”

Chapter 1: Upcoming

In the Exploreison’s bridge everyone was there except Gigerdius and then Mora asked: ”I just wonder, does anyone have a clue where the hell Gigerdius is. He just disappeared about a month ago and after that I haven’t heard anything about him.” Then Ghi’la said: ”Captain we’re being hailed by GAM command.” ”On screen.” Then the picture of one of the fleet admirals came to the screen, he was a Gigerdian and pretty old and then he said: ”Captain, IPA president asked us to give your ship to IPA’s command, to some kind of mission and we’ve accepted, so you’re to rendezvous a IPA ship in these coordinates.” ”Excuse me admiral, but may I ask that do you know anything about Exploration?” ”No, I’m sorry I don’t know anything about it’s current location, but have you understand your mission?” ”Yes, sir.” ”Good, GAM command out.” ”Well guess they don’t much about this ”mission”.” Said Grillka and Mora said: ”Well, I hope those IPA guys know more about this.” Then Brian said: ”I have received the coordinates.” ”Good, take course to those coordinates and engage...... Maximum Jump!” ”Aye, sir.” Answered Brian and they engaged maximum jump and in second they were in the rendezvous point, but there was nothing. ”Sprak are you detecting anything in this area?” ”No, sir.” ”Damn, where are they?” ”Perhaps we’re too early.” Said Fhogli. ”Well perhaps, we’ll wait an hour and then we’ll leave, I’ll be in my ready room.” Then Mora went to his ready room, but in the bridge R’Derex came in and asked: ”So what’s happening.” ”We got orders from GAM command to arrive these coordinates and rendezvous with the IPA ship, but sensors haven’t detected anything.” Answered Sprak and R’Derex said: ”Well perhaps they want to ensure that there’s no one else with us.” ”I don’t understand.” Said Sprak and then R’Derex began to explain: ”Well if this is really secret meeting, they want to be sure there’s no one with us.” ”But why we’re here then, if this is a secret meeting.” ”Well the Exploration knows us, so I think they trust us.” ”There’s a logic in that.” ”Yeah, that’s right. So now we’re waiting, aren’t we?” ”Yes, you’re right.” ”Well I hope we doesn’t have to wait long, Now when most of the Hazard team is in the training back at Gigerdi Prime and only T’Lar is here, well it feels strange, but you can’t understand because you’re a Lihter, no offense.” ”I don’t understand these feelings. They seemed to be quite... confusing.” ”What?” ”Yes, you may not know, but my grandfather was a Folan and...” Then R’Derex said before Sprak was able to finish: ”Do you know what surname did you’re grandfather had?” ”I think it was R’Dor, but he changed it to a Lihter one.” ”Why you didn’t told me this before?” ”I didn’t find it important” ”Well he was my grandfather’s brother and what were you saying about feelings?” ”Well my grandfather had emotions as all Folans have, so these emotions must have come from him.” ”So you do have emotions?” ”I’n not sure, but it is possible.” ”And it’s possible that we’re from same family.” ”There is a possibility of course.” ”Well believe me I never would have thought that this day would come.” ”Why you doubt that I wouldn’t believe you, it’s illogical.” ”Damn, it’s expression. How I can be to him. I’m a Folan and you’re a Lihter, that’s not so good combination.” ”I don’t understand.” ”Well I don’t either so, let’s forget that, but why you didn’t told me that you’re grandfather was a Folan.” ”I didn’t see any reason.” ”Lihter, well I’m glad that there’s part of Folan inside you, if there is.” ”I’m sorry, but I don’t know an answer to that question.” ”I dunno either, and I should be going to the security center. So if something happens I’ll be there.” ”All right.” Then in the Hazard team’s recreation place, T’Lar was sitting alone and thinking. Every Hazard team member was called to GP to training, but because T’Lar’s performance in the Elite Forge was excellent, she didn’t have to go to the training and because the security’s second leader is also in the training R’Derex needed someone to command the security team. T’Lar thinks: Ben died by the Gorgs, but everyone else survived. Still it wasn’t no fun to be in there, Orlians were saved and hopefully there scavengers and others. So was the Exploreison. The last words Vorlon said still troubles. We shall return he said, I wonder when and where. I hope not now, we doesn’t have much hazard team even to protect us, Beta and Alpha groups both at the same time, who’s idea was that? Then R’Derex came inside and said: ”You’re here, I thought so. I’ve been thniking that if we should put you as the security’s second leader.” ”Me?” ”Yes, well now when Gorki isn’t here, we need someone who knows this ship and it’s crew.” ”But isn’t Lieutenant Fred enough good?” ”Well he is good, but he doesn’t know much about commanding security.” ”I would prefer to remain as the Hazard Team leader. No offense.” ”I understand of course, but if you happen to chance mind, tell me. Now you’re second in command of the security, so you better get to the security.” ”Yes, sir.” Then T’Lar went to the security center and R’Derex went to there also. Mora was in his ready room, just sitting until he said: ”Exploreison, have you detected anything in this system so far?” Then the Exploreison answered: ”Nothing, sensors only detected a cargo ship leaving from this system, just before we arrived.” ”Do you know where it went?” ”It’s jump trail lead to Preloas system.” ”What class was the cargo ship.” ”Standard Exius class cargo ship.” ”Which doesn’t have jump drives, right?” ”It’s an old design, jump drives weren’t in use when they were built, still someone might have added them.” ”But it’s impossible, unless it’s not a cargo ship or you would have lot of money or possibilities to add them.” ”Should we plot a course to there, captain?” ”Yes, do it.” Then he went to the bridge and said: ”We’ll be going to the Preloas system, to investigate a jump trail.” then Fhogli said: ”Captain, it’s very unwise to go investigate a jump trail.” ”Yes, but that cargo ship shouldn’t have jump engines and it left just little bit before we arrived, so it’s our best guess.” ”Well, all right.” Then Brian said: ”We’re arriving to the Preloas system now, sir.” ”Are you detecting anything Exploreison?” ”One ship.” Then Sprak said: ”It’s the I.A.S. Exploration.” Then Ghi’la said: ”They’re hailing us.” ”On screen.” Then the Capt. William Gretz’s image came to the view screen and then he said: ”So you finally came, well it was about time.” ”Why this?” ”Well, this is really top secret matter, so we don’t want anyone to know about this, you’ll be taking up one passenger, he’ll tell you what to do.” ”Who?” ”You’ll see it then, we’ll have to go now. Exploration out.” ”Guess they don’t want to tell us much either.” said Grilka and Mora said: ”Yeah, you’re right. what about that passenger Ghi’la?” ”They’ll send a shuttle to here now.” ”Well guess we should go to there. Everyone else remains, but only I and Grilka will go to there.” Then they went to the turbolift and to the shuttle bay four, where the shuttle was ordered to land. After about 35 seconds the shuttle arrived and when the shuttle door opened there was only one passenger and then Mora said: ”Gigerdius, what were you doing in Exploration and where you’ve been the whole month?” ”Well, MG 2 asked me to lead some secret ship project and I accepted.” ”What project?” asked Grilka and Gigerdius answered: ”Well, you’ll see them firs, but now we need to proceed to Ipser system.” ”But that’s IPA’s control world.” ”Yes, we’ll be taking one passenger.” ”Who?” asked Mora and Gigerdius answered: ”Mad Gigerdi 2 of course, but now we should began to leave, they’re expecting us soon.” ”Well let’s go then.” Then they went to turbolift and to the bridge. When they came to the bridge the crew looked at Gigerdius for a while, but then returned to their duties. Then Gigerdius said: ”Well, it’s nice to be here again. Brian, set course to the Ipser system, maximum jump.” ”Aye, sir.” ”Why we have to get there so quickly?” asked Ghi’la and Gigerdius answered: ”We’re late already, because it took so much time you to find us.” ”Sir, it took only 12 minutes and 43 seconds to find you.” Said Sprak and Gigerdius said: ”But still it was longer than we thought, so we better get going.” Then the Exploreison jumped and arrived to the Ipser system. There was the IPA’s central council and the president’s office. There was lesser fleet than normally and then Mora asked: ”Why there isn’t much fleet around here?” ”They’re currently in the GA-IPA border and the GA-UFP border, they’re just taking all attention. MG 2 thinks that increased fleet movements in the border will take the attention there and leave IPA to secretly complete the ship project.” answered Gigerdius and then the Mora said: ”Yes, I’ve seen reports indicating more activity in the borders and some people think IPA is preparing an invasion.” ”Well they’re exatorating, but it was quite good idea still quite easily to be realized.” ”Captain the I.A.S. Future is hailing us.” Said Ghi’la and Mora said: ”The IPA’s flagship, well on screen.” Then Mad Gigerdi 2’s picture came to the view screen and he said: ”Nice to meet you, after a long time.” ”Thank you ”president”, but where we’ll go now.” ”I’ll come on board your ship now and tell everything you need to know then.” ”I just want to ask one question, why this ship. Isn’t there any other available ships in IPA fleet?” ”I wanted to show these ships first to you and then publish them, but we can talk more when I’ll get there, MG 2 out.” Then Mora said: ”Well, prepare some food for MG 2, he must be hungry, because he had to wait us, but if he isn’t I am and what about you Gigerdius?” ”Well, I could get something to eat too.” ”Is he coming by shuttle or by transporter?” Then Gigerdius answered: ”He’s coming by transporter, I don’t like them much that’s why I came by shuttle.” ”Transporter room one, don’t beam him before we get to there.” ”I won’t, sir.” Then they went to the turbolift and to the deck 701, where was the transporter room one. When they came out of the turbolift and started to walk to the transporter room one, Mora asked: ”Can YOU tell me anything about these ships?” ”I can tell that they’re really big, bigger than Sovereign class dreadnought or Eidolon class dreadnought.” ”That means they’re over 20 Km long.” ”More than that, not as big as Sanctuary, Peace or Excelsior, but still quite big. For a destroyer.” ”Destroyer... I see. Where it was built?” ”It was built near the Orlian-IPA border.” ”Wasn’t that quite risky?” ”I must admit that it would have been saver to put it somewhere else, still that’s good place. Everyone doesn’t start looking some space docks near Orlians.” ”No, they won’t.” Then they arrived to the transporter room one and Gigerdius asked: ”Can you beam him?” ”I can.” transporter chief answered and then he beamed MG 2. It took few seconds before he materialized to the transporter room. When he had arrived, he said: ”Ah, captain. Nice to be here after so long time. Now when I’m not even in the GAM, I don’t get much chances to be here.” ”Well, we can talk in the mess hall.” Said Mora and then MG 2 stepped from the transporter pad and said: ”Good, I’m quite hungry. Lead the way.” Then they left from the transporter room. Then they went to deck 50 where was the mess hall. When they came to there, many people started to watch MG 2, but stopped it little after. and Mora said: ”We surely don’t get many presidents to our ship.” And MG 2 said: ”I think so, even that this ship is considered as the famous ship in GAM.” ”Yes, it’s quite strange. Still lot has happened in this ship and to it’s ship.” Said Mora and MG 2 asked: ”What about that experimental AI?” ”It has worked well.” ”I’m glad about it.” Then they took their food and went to a table and Gigerdius asked: ”How did things go around here, when I was gone?” ”Well, quite well actually. Just little happenings and those weren’t in the exploreison.” ”So this was on space dock most of the time I was gone.” ”Yes, it was. I don’t know what they upgraded, but I think they made some modifications.” ”Why weren’t you in the Andromeda?” asked MG 2 and Mora answered: ”I don’t know, GAM just didn’t want us to go any explore missions just yet. Perhaps because we declared minor independence.” ”Well, it was just a minor and you weren’t allied with us, so that wasn’t so bad.” Then Mora asked: ”What about these new ships?” ”Oh those.” Answered MG 2 ”Well I must say that combining First one’s, GA’s and little bit Orlian technology, well there comes quite big mess actually. Still those ship’s designs were good and that’s why I accepted them. Gigerdius, what about the progress?” ”Well last time I was there, it was looking good.” Answered Gigerdius and MG 2 said: ”What about the construction leader, have you talked to him?” ”Yeah, I have. Actually I haven’t only spoken. Was it your idea to put a Daglian to lead this project?” ”Actually it was mine and the IPA’s council. We thought that because those ships mostly have been built for IGAM, we wanted to show that anyone who can lead that kind of projects will be used. No matter what race he or she would be.” ”It was a good idea, but still we can’t much trust him. Daglians, they’re with the DHR.” ”That is why we chose him, to show that we can take from any race.” ”If I would be a security officer, I would say it as a security risk, but because I’m not, I won’t say.” Said Gigerdius and Mora asked: ”Excuse me, but could I speak something?” ”Go ahead.” Answered MG 2 and Mora asked: ”You said about combining three race’s technology, what kind of technology?” ”The shield have been taken from Great Lightness and weapons mostly from us, but that ship was equipped with first one’s weapons.” ”Nice, when are we going?” asked Mora and MG 2 answered: ”When ever you want, Exploration is already there waiting us.” ”We can go now.” ”All right, I’ll signal the gate operators.” ”Gate operators?” asked Mora and MG 2 answered: ”This is really secret operation, so we’ll go by a jump gate. We’ll have to go quite slow so we won’t be detected by anyone.” Then he pressed buttons few times on the pad he was holding and then he said: ”The gate is activated and only we can enter, just tell your helmsman to go there and we’ll be going to there.” ”Mora to Brian.” ”Brian here.” ”Enter to the portal at maximum impulse.” ”What portal?” ”The one that looks moon on sensors, but it’s sending odd signal.” ”Wait a minute... There it is, all right we’re going in now.” Then somewhere around galaxy, a Orlian was looking some kind of cube where was the Exploreison and then a door opened and someone was there and said: ”Brodnack... Brodnack!” Said this another Orlian and then Bridnack answered: ”Yes?” ”The circle requires your presence.” ”All right, who I need to explain my behavior this time?” ”To everyone involved.” ”OK. Show me the way.” Then the other Orlian went away and the marks of road came to the floor and Brodnack said: ”A long road.” Then he looked at he’s cube and said: ”You’ll be called to a count sooner you can imagine.” Then the Exploreison went towards the gate and jumped, but there was small probe with them. Which they didn’t detect. Exploreison’s speed was only jump 15. Mora, MG 2 and Gigerdius were still in the mess hall where Mora asked: ”What kind of gate was that?” ”It’s an experimental gate, much like jump drive, but more faster and it cannot be detected so easily.” ”Ah, well why is this so secret operation?” ”We really don’t want any other race to know about those ships, until we’ll publish them.” ”But you wanted our ship to see them first.” ”Yes, you’re right.” Then Gigerdius said: ”The space dock itself has been built just for these ships.” ”If it would have been on some other it would have been detected, hmm very clever I must say and nobody isn’t finding a shipyard near Orlian border.” Said Mora and MG 2 said: ”Yes, the only problem is Orlians, but they’ve been quite quiet in the past months and we haven’t seen their ships, not even in the borders which is concern, but because they haven’t done anything we don’t much even protect those prototypes, if we would it might draw more attention to there and that might reveal our project.” ”I see, but what if here is some kind of tracking device?” asked Mora and MG 2 answered: ”We scanned this ship fully and didn’t find anything and I doubt that GAM would be so stupid that they’ll put tracking device on board.” ”Well they haven’t given any important missions to us, so they must’n trust us.” ”Good that this ship was clean and we can go to our shipyard.” ”How long it’ll take from here to there?” asked Mora and Gigerdius answered: ”Something 10 to 15 minutes.” Mora had just finished eating as the MG 2 and Gigerdius and then Mora said: ”I’ll go to my quarters.” ”I could get some rest” said MG 2 and then Gigerdius said to Mora: ”Mora, I need to talk with you.” ”All right, come to my quarters.” Then MG 2 went to his quarters, Gigerdius and Mora to Mora’s quarters. When they were going to there Gigerdius said: ”You might have thought why I didn’t told where I was going.” ”Yeah, whole crew has been thinking were you went, you just stayed on that planet and never returned. Some people thought you died, because no one found you from there.” ”Well the truth was that one IPA ship picked me up on that planet and because MG 2 told me that it was secret operation, I didn’t told about it to anyone.” ”Why MG 2 decided you to check out that everything on that shipyard goes well?” ”I’m not sure about that myself either, but he told me that because he trusted me and his father met me in the Peace Station.” ”Mad Gigerdi, oh yes. I didn’t met him neither Kyle Gigerdi. So is Kyle Gigerdi 2 really dead? Deck 52.” Asked Mora and then they went to turbolift. There Gigerdius answered: ”I don’t know, MG 2 doesn’t know either. Actually he isn’t sure.” And then they went out from turbolift and Mora said: ”Lot of people would want two emperors, do you know what MG 2 would want?” ”I’m not sure, he does seem to want two emperors, but he doesn’t want to be one of those.” ”And then there is those so called Mad Gegarstit and the resistance of course.” ”Yeah, I wonder who’s aiding the resistance.” ”People thinks it’s IPA, Parliens or Folans.” ”I suspect the Folans.” Said Gigerdius and Mora said after him: ”I suspect, too. Strange race those Folans. Always finding different ways to make it’s opponent weaker.” ”Vemrers would say that they’re cowards, perhaps they are, but still that is wiser for them, but for the other side it isn’t. So that’s the problem. Folans want to conquer this galaxy, but this IG Alliance may change that, I hope at least.” ”Vemrers are very different, unlike Folans they want to attack straight. Well that’s bad for either side, so it’s hard to say which of those is better. Of course aiding a resistance isn’t so good idea, but of course the Folans may be after some more ”nobel”.” ”What do you mean?” asked Gigerdius, Mora stopped and said: ”Well, if the Folans just want president Dalleer to be kicked out. So that perhaps they aren’t going to destroy GA, which wouldn’t be possible when IPA, HF and other are here. Perhaps they don’t like Dalleer and want someone else, he refused Folan’s offer of help and then they went to the IPA’s side, perhaps the Folans think that Dalleer considered Folans too weak to assist Gigerdians and no want him out.” ”That’s very interesting Mora.” Then they continued walking and Gigerdius continued: ”That of course may be possible, but we can’t find that out at least not easily.” ”There’s one Folan on board.” ”More than one, but you can’t mean...” ”Yes, I do.” Said Mora. Then in the security center: ”What? You want ME to contact Folan Intelligence?” asked R’Derex and Gigerdius said: ”They’ll trust you, they wanted you to have this post. They recommended you.” ”I know, but I don’t have much contact in Romulus.” ”Much? So you have contacts still, right?” asked Mora and R’Derex answered: ”Well... Yes I do have, but...” ”Perhaps they have contacts to RM.” said Gigerdius and R’Derex said: ”All right, I’ll try. What you want me to find out?” ”Is the Folans aiding the resistance.” Said Mora and R’Derex stood up and said: ”All right, but I won’t promise anything. Okay?” ”That’s good.” Said Mora and then Gigerdius and Mora left. R’Derex took a deep breath and opened a comlink to Romulus. Gigerdius and Mora were walking to bridge and Gigerdius said: ”We’ll see what he can find.” ”Yes, I hope he’ll find out something.” ”I’m not sure do I hope.” Mora looked at Gigerdius for while, but stopped it when they arrived at bridge. ”How long it’ll take to our destination Brain?” asked Mora ”About 40 seconds.” Answered Brian and then MG 2 came to the bridge and said: ”We’re almost there. I really wanna see those ships.” ”You haven’t seen them?” asked Mora ”No, I just saw the blueprints.” Answered MG 2 and he looked to be little nervous. Then Exploreison came out of it’s jump and Gigerdius said: ”If the progress was the same as it was three days ago, I think you’re gonna like this a lot.” Then the Exploreison closed to the the two destroyers and Gigerdius said: ”The first two prototype destroyers, Valiant and the Untouchable. 50 Km long and armed for real heavy operations.” ”Man, those ships are huge.” Said Fhogli and then R’Derex came to bridge and said: ”Wow, well those ships truly are huge.” Then the Exploreison went really close to those ships, everyone was looking at them, two prototype ships. First of them. They were having same kind of armor as the Exploreison, still it had different color and it looked little different. You could see the name Valiant from the closest ship. Then the Gigerdius said: ”Well, I think we should go for a tour, shall we?” ”You’re right, I really wanna see those ships inside.” Answered MG 2 and smiled ”Can I come?” asked Mora and Gigerdius answered: ”Of course.” Then they went to the turbolift and to the shuttle bay one. When they went inside of the shuttle bay, Gigerdius said: ”I really hate going by transporter.” ”Well I don’t like transporter much either, but I still use it. It’s faster.” Said Mora and MG 2 said: ”To me it’s the same, I use transporter whenever I need or is possibility, shuttle when there’s no other choice.” Then Mora took the shuttle out of the hangar and towards the Valiant. It didn’t took much time until they reached inside. When they arrived to the hangar Gigerdius said: ”I think you’re gonna like this.” Then they went out of the shuttle and to the turbolift. The corridors looked much like Exploreison’s, just a little different. They went to the Bridge deck, which was on deck 89. There the construction leader was waiting and when they came from the turbolift he said: ”President it’s honor to have you here.” ”Well, I wouldn’t say, it’s IPA’s ship so I would have to come here anyway.” ”Gigerdius, it’s nice to meet you and captain, you too.” ”I can see that.” Said Gigerdius and then began to walk towards the bridge. And Dhaglar said: ”This ship has been designed same as all the other GA’s or IPA’s ships, so it’s easy to use.” ”It’s not easy to add GA’s, First one’s and Human’s technology.” Said MG 2 and then Dhaglar continued: ”The bridge has been made same kind of as the GA has, so it’s easy to learn.” Then they arrived to the bridge deck and Mora said: ”This look much like the Exploreison.” ”As I said, it has been designed like GA’s ships, mostly exploration type ships.” ”Why exploration type ships?” ”Well we wanted that these ships will be explorers or actually assisting. It is of course used to attacks also.” Answered MG 2 and then Gigerdius said: ”It’s also easier to most Gigerdians and Humans.” ”What about this ships maneuverability and speed?” asked MG 2 and Dhaglar answered: ”Well... we haven’t actually tested it yet.” ”Shouldn’t you look will this thing actually go anywhere before you start polishing the reactors?” then one of the bridge workers said: ”There’s a communication for Mad Gigerdi 2 from IPA’s central council.” ”You can take it from that console.” And Dhaglar showed a console near the conference room’s door. When MG 2 stood up he looked at Gigerdius and Gigerdius just little bit smiled and then MG 2 went to the console. Then Gigerdius said: ”All right Dhaglar, take her out.” ”Disengage the docking clamps and prepare to move away from space dock.” Said Dhaglar then one of the workers said: ”Aye, sir.” And then the docking clamps were removed and the Valiant tried to activate it’s engines, but it failed and then in the bridge, Mora asked: ”Is that a problem?” ”I is.” Answered Dhaglar and then MG 2 had went to the console and the message came. He saw just different images, from the lightness war, Gigerdi Prime, Peace and from other things. When MG 2 was still looking the message Dhaglar had went to put the engines on-line and Gigerdius said to Mora: ”These are good ships, only problem is that they have few bugs. I hope they’ll be fixed soon.” ”I hope so too, I really wanna see what kind of weapon and engine system this ship has.” Said Mora and Gigerdius said: ”I would like too that, too.” And then he went to the MG 2 and said: ”President... Mr. president...” ”What?” asked MG 2 and shake his head for a while. ”You were here for almost a half an hour.” Said Gigerdius and MG 2 said: ”I just got here few minutes ago and the message was scrambled, I don’t know why.” ”You watched some mess for half an hour. If you like that I can show some really old Gigerdian programs. Oh and Dhaglar has some bugs to fix so, you could go to rest.” ”That is good idea. I’m quite tired.” Then he went to the turbolift and Gigerdius said to communicator: ”Dhaglar, now you’re gonna make this thing move or you’ll be going outside to push.” Then the MG 2 had went to quarters to rest, but he wasn’t getting to sleep well. He was just turning until, he woke up in a some kind of planet, which was completely destroyed from the surface. ”What is this place?” ”Listen!” said some Orlian and then MG 2 just looked and listened, but then he said: ”I hear only the wind.” ”That’s right, you’re listening the sound of dead world... a destroyed world.” ”An attack, by who?” asked MG 2 and the Orlian answered: ”A test. Can you imagine all this just for a test.” Then came some strange sound and the Orlian said: ”The killers have returned to check their work. I don’t think they’ll be able to find my probe. Remember what you have seen!” said the Orlian and then MG 2 looked to the ship and then back to the Orlian, but he was gone. Then some name appeared to the sand and it was Oglius 7. Then he woke up in the quarters and looked out from window and the ship was moving and then he said: ”Well looks like they fixed it.” Then he raised from the bed and began walking towards the bridge. Then at the bridge, Gigerdius said: ”Well, we were able to move to the firing range. It was better at least.” Then the Mora said: ”Have you tested the weapons before this?” ”No and that worries me.” Then MG 2 came to the bridge and Gigerdius said: ”Ah, you’re here well good. We’re just going to test our weapons.” ”Good, I really wanna see this ship’s weapon capabilities.” Then they were able to get a nearby asteroid field and there Gigerdius said: ”Well good that we were able to get even to here. Dhaglar.” ”Weapons target asteroid bearing 147 mark 32.” Said Dhaglar and the weapons officer said: ”147 mark 32. Target locked and firing.” Then gigerdius said just before firing: ”I hope nothing happens.” Then the Valiant fired phasers, distruptors pulse cannons and other beam weapons, but then later all lights shut down in Valiant and Gigerdius said then: ”I afraid this.” ”What happened?” Asked Mora and Dhaglar said: ”I don’t know. I’ll contact the engineering.” ”The ships inner communications are off-line.” Said one of the officers and MG 2 said: ”Great, who the hell built this ship?” ”They should have been elite workers, but guess they weren’t.” answered Gigerdius and then Dhaglar said: ”I think it’ll be just a minor problem.” ”This doesn’t look like minor, good that some of those consoles work and the emergency lights are on and also emergency life-support, so this doesn’t look so minor.” Said Gigerdius and then everyone looked at Dhaglar and Mora said: ”I hope they’ll fix it soon. I don’t want to stay here all day.” ”Mora you better get to engineering to check things out, as soon as they have fixed this problem.” Said MG 2 and Mora said: ”All right, but I don’t think the turbolifts are working.” ”Guess we just have to wait.” Then said Gigerdius. Then they just waited. MG 2 was sitting on the captain’s chair and Gigerdius and Mora were just walking around the bridge. There Gigerdius said to Mora: ”This will be a fine ships as soon as it’s complete, I hope it’ll be complete soon.” ”We’ll see it then. Still I doesn’t like that Daglian. I don’t trust him much.” Said Mora and then Gigerdius said: ”Well he’s good construction leader, but the only thing is that everything has to be perfect before it can be tested. So that’s the only problem.” Then the lights went back on-line and MG 2 said: ”Mora go to the engineering to check things out, I want to be sure what happened and I want to know that everything will be fixed.” ”Yes, sir.” Said Mora and then he began to went to the turbolift and then MG 2 continued: ”Dhaglar are you sure that the communications doesn’t work yet?” ”Positive president. I can’t contact engineering, but lights, turbolifts and life-support is on-line.” ”Well at least something.” Then Gigerdius said: ”I’ll go check things out in the weapons control room.” ”All right.” Answered MG 2 and then Gigerdius went out from the bridge and then MG 2 said: ”What we’ll do about you then?” ”I don’t know, sir.” ”Well you can stay here and see when other systems are functioning again.” ”Thank you, sir.” Said Dhaglar. Then Mora had already able to go to the engineering, there he asked: ”Who’s the chief engineer around here?” ”I am.” Answered one Lihter and then Mora went close to him and asked: ”What the hell happened here?” ”The power conduits were damaged and that’s why the power which was going to the weapons went to nothing that reduced the power. The only strange thing is that the power got away in the same time, not in little time.” ”So are you suspecting sabotage?” ”I can’t tell it yet. We need to repair things and check it after that.” ”How about the inner communications?” ”We can have them repaired in 10 minutes.” ”Well good, report as soon as you have completed your repairs.” ”Yes, sir.” Then Mora left from the engineering. Same time Gigerdius had arrived to the weapons control room. There was no one. Gigerdius looked around, but still he wasn’t able to see anyone. Then he went to the nearest computer and looked at it. It was off-line. And all the other power systems were off-line, too. Then he thought that it might be because the power systems are little bit down, but why there wasn’t anyone. Then he began to walk back to bridge. Then little later Gigerdius arrived to the bridge and said to MG 2: ”They should have fixed this problem soon and then find out what went wrong.” ”Well good. I hope Gigerdius comes soon from the weapons control room.” Then they just waited for few minutes and then Gigerdius finally came and then he said: ”There was no one in the weapons control room.” ”No one?” asked MG 2 and then Dhaglar said: ”We don’t need anyone in the weapons control room, so now when we don’t have much people onboard we don’t have anyone in the weapons control room.” ”I see.” Said Gigerdius and then the chief engineer said through the communicator: ”We now have completed the repairs and found the problem.” ”What is it?” asked MG 2 and the chief engineer answered: ”One of the power conduits were little bit broken, because the equipment that was used to build those, didn’t have good quality.” ”OK, bridge out.” Said MG 2 and then Mora asked: ”Quality wasn’t good?” ”Well these are large ships and we didn’t have much resources to make these and the first one races didn’t help us much, so we had to get our parts somewhere.” ”I hope you didn’t buy this stuff from the Ferengi.” Said Gigerdius and then MG 2 said again: ”Well... Some has been bought from the Ferengis, but quite little.” ”Now I know why this didn’t go as planned.” Said Mora and then Dhaglar said: ”Could we finish this weapon testing now?” ”Yes, yes.” Said MG 2 and then the Dhaglar said: ”Weapons target asteroid in bering 120 mark 76.” ”Aye, sir.” Answered weapons officer and then the Valiant fired another load of phasers and distruptors. Then nothing happened and MG 2 said: ”Good that this time nothing happened, but I’m not so impressed yet.” ”Well that was level one Dhaglar level two.” Said Gigerdius and Dhaglar answered: ”Yes, sir. Weapons target asteroid Bering 210 mark 12.” ”Aye, sir.” And then Valiant fired lot of first one race’s beams and after that MG 2 said: ”Well that was better, but still not enough good.” ”Well Dhaglar go to level three.” ”Aye, sir.” Answered Dhaglar to Gigerdius and then again he said the target and this time valiant fired many loads of torpedoes and after that MG 2 said: ”Very good, but these ships should have something that any other Gigerdian or other ship doesn’t have.” ”Well guess we have to keep that promise, Dhaglar lets go to level four.” ”Sir about the main guns, they’re mostly based on lightness design so firing them drains our energy almost to minimum. So they should be used as a last resort or when targeting really tough target.” ”All right, what u say if we would target that little asteroid there?” asked Gigerdius when pointing to a really big asteroid and MG 2 answered: ”Yes, it looks good one.” Then the weapons officer said: ”We’re prepare to fire.” And then MG 2 stood up and said: ”No, no we can’t fire!!” ”What?” asked Gigerdius ”How did we...” said MG 2 ”But that’s Aldaain out there!” ”Sir?” asked Mora and then MG 2 looked at them and then to back at the screen and noticed that Aldaain had vanished and there was just an asteroid and then he said: ”Nothing, just fire!” Then the Valiant began to fire and it destroyed the asteroid in few seconds even that it was really big one and then inside Valiant Dhaglar said: ”Main guns take energy so much that we can’t fire in 40 seconds and we can’t jump either. We can navigate and it still have shields, but no shield recharge and this ship will move then REALLY slow.” ”So that means it leaves the ship vulnerable.” Said MG 2 and Dhaglar continued: ”For a just a 40 seconds.” ”Lot can happened in even 40 seconds.” but no answer then he said again: ”I said lot can happen in 40 seconds.” And then he turned and saw at least six Orlians around a fire. This wasn’t typical for Orlians. One of them was talking: ”You shouldn’t have brought him here. By sending out probes you to expose our hiding place.” And then one other Orlian answered to him: ”But if our silence will mean the death of billions, shouldn’t we do something to save those lives?” ”We must ensure our safety first!” ”This is insane!” ”Perhaps because these are insane times, but if you jeperdice our hiding place or put us to risk, you’ll be the first to die.” And then they all beamed ways only one remained and the one who had talked to MG 2 earlier and then he went closer to MG 2 and then MG 2 said: ”Angry to you.” ”No just afraid, but we must hurry. I can’t tell you much. Oh and the message from IPA council was from me. It was needed to download the program to you, but don’t worry it’ll be gone as soon as this is all over.” And then MG 2 said: ”Because you’re a Orlian I think you’re one of the so called ”Liberators”. Orlians who left from the Orlian Empire years ago. I know one of your kind he’s having that ”little” fight with this guy called Q.” ”Yes, he’s one of us. Not the Q I mean. He was cast out from our order because of his hatreaty to the Qs.” ”I see. Strange that he has never told me. Even that I’ve seen him quite... well few times at least.” ”He’s strange person, but we should get to business now. Do you remember this world?” then he made the picture of Timocracy’s home world in front of him and Mad Gigerdi 2 answered: ”Yes, it’s the homeworld of Timocracy.” ”Timocracy an alliance of different races, conquered by the founders or forced as members, but now once most of their masters gone they have decided to become masters themselves. The Emissarys.” ”What do you mean ”most”?” asked MG 2 and the Orlian answered: ”That isn’t important, but what is important is that you have to stop them, because I think they’re first targets will be Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain.” ”Aldaain and GP well attacking both of them won’t much help, they have so huge defenses!” ”That’s why they have made some other preparations.” ”What preparations?” Asked MG 2 and the Orlian answered: ”That’s isn’t important, only you need to do is stop them.” And then he beamed away, after that MG 2 heard voices behind of him and saw faces coming to the rock and then he looked up to the sky and saw two stations. Then he was back at the bridge and Dhaglar was saying: ”T-Race’s weapons weren’t easy to get fit to the Lightness’s...” ”We have to go!” said MG 2 ”What?!?” asked Gigerdius and everyone was looking at MG 2 and then he said: ”We have to go and we have to go now! Tell Exploreison to take us.” ”Go, where?” asked Mora then MG 2 was remembering the stations and the first one was: ”Peace Station.” Then MG 2 began walking towards the turbolift, Mora and Gigerdius followed him and in the lift Gigerdius asked: ”Why we’re going to Peace Station?” ”I want to see it.” ”But why now?” ”Well I just had this feeling that I just got to get to Peace Station.” ”I see and how many times you have these feelings?” asked Gigerdius and MG 2 answered: ”Well... Sometimes.” ”I see.” Said Gigerdius. In the bridge of Exploreison Ghi’la said: ”Gigerdius, Mora and MG 2 are returning.” ”Why?” asked Grillka and Ghi’la answered: ”I don’t know they didn’t say. Only that they’re coming back.” ”Well guess we just have to wait.” And then in the R’Derex’s quarters: ”Do you happen to know anyone who’s working in the Tal’shiar?” asked R’Derex from a Folan he was talking and the Folan answered: ”Well I know one, and he’s also quite powerful in the Tal’shiar, but why?” ”Because I believe that they’re assisting the resistance in Gigerdi Alliance.” ”Ah yes. Many people has suspected that, but no one REALLY believes it. Always it can be just propaganda and Folans always has to be loyal to the Empire.” ”Yes, indeed. I was that kind of, but not anymore. Not after I joined GAM.” ”Many people say that joining to Federation, Gigerdi Alliance or Interplanetary Alliance is stupid. Even after that our planets joined to IPA. I wanted to join Starfleet, but I never had a chance. I’m glad that you were able to join GAM and were able to become so ”important” person.” ”What do you mean important?” ”Well... There’s lot of talks about the Exploreison and you of course, also about T’lar.” ”Strange. What kind of talks?” ”You might imagine, they don’t like Exploreison, you, T’lar or anyone in there.” ”Well I CAN imagine. Well... The Romulus and Folans haven’t changed, as I’ve always known, but who was the man I could contact?” Then in the Valiant’s shuttle bay Gigerdius, Mora and MG 2 were leaving by a shuttle and in there Mora said: ”We’ll be leaving now.” And then he piloted the shuttle out of Valiant’s hangar. The shuttle was going towards the Exploreison and Mora said again: ”The Valiant surely was a marvelous ship.” ”It is and the untouchable is too.” Said Gigerdius and then Mora asked: ”By the way, why the name Valiant and Untouchable.” ”Then you might as well ask, why the name Exploreison, but the Untouchable came because they’re so powerful ships and difficult to damage. Valiant... Well it just came. And the class’s name is Valiant too.” Said MG 2 and then Gigerdius asked: ”When you’re gonna build more of these ships?” ”I can’t say, but soon. It took some time to build them. More than we planned.” ”Of course building the first ship is always the hardest.” Said Gigerdius to MG 2 and then Mora said: ”We’re going in to the Exploreison’s hangar.” Then the shuttle landed to the Exploreison’s hangar and when they got out MG 2 said: ”Mad Gigerdi 2 to the bridge, set course to the Peace Station..... Jump 30.” ”Yes, sir. But why so slow?” asked Brian and set the course and MG 2 answered while going to the turbolift with Mora and Gigerdius: ”Just do it.” ”Aye, sir.” Then Brian engaged the jump drives and the Exploreison jumped. Then MG 2 went to the bridge and went to upper level and sat there, took a pad and started drawing. Same time in the lower level of the bridge Gigerdius said: ”Mad Gigerdi 2 is acting strangely, don’t you think so too?” ”Well, yeah. I wonder what has gone with him. Perhaps those ”feelings” do something.” Said Mora and Gigerdius said then: ”I’m not so sure. He just made that feeling thingy.” ”It seems so, but perhaps we should see what R’Derex has been able to got?” said Mora and began walking towards the room and also Gigerdius who answered: ”Yeah, let’s go.” Then they went to the turbolift and while there Gigerdius said: ”Oh, I almost forgot I’ll go inform Peace Station about our arrival.” ”Yeah, that’s good idea. Then they know to expect us soon.” Then the turbolift stopped and Gigerdius went to the nearest computer to send the message to the PS and Mora went to the R’Derex’s quarters. When he came at the R’Derex’s quarters door he pushed the doorbell and soon the door opened and Mora saw R’Derex and said: ”How’s your search going?” ”Quite well actually. I need to contact one man in the Tal’shiar, but he doesn’t seem to be in his office or in his home.” ”Well keep looking. And just informing you that we’re currently going to the Peace Station.” ”I see. Why?” asked R’Derex and Mora answered: ”Well The president has some thing to do in there.” ”Nice, well I’ll keep hunting.” ”All right.” Then Mora left and then Gigerdius came just when he had left from the R’Derex’s quarters. And Mora said: ”Still nothing. He needs to contact someone in the Tal’shiar.” Then Gigerdius said: ”I hope he get’s the info soon. I just hope that it isn’t true, but somehow...” ”You feel it?” ”Yeah. U too?” ”Yeah, but we’ll see it soon.” Then Gigerdius said: ”I contacted PS and they’ll be expecting us in two minutes.” ”So we better get back to bridge.” ”Indeed.” Said Gigerdius and then they went to turbolift. Same time MG 2 was just drawing in the Bridge’s second level and in the lower level Grillka asked from Min’da: ”Do you have any idea what he’s doing?” and Min’da answered: ”I don’t know, but I think he has he’s reasons.” ”Well I think so too, but I wonder why he wanted go to Peace Station.” ”Yes, that is strange, but w might see it when we arrive.” ”I hope so.” Said Grillka and then the Captains came to the bridge and Gigerdius asked: ”Is president still in the upper levels.” ”Yeah, he hasn’t came down.” Said Grillka and then Gigerdius went toward stairs.

Chapter 2: Preparations

At the Orlian homeworld, fleet preparations were made, many Orlian, said that why the Orlian fleet is getting prepared. Also something else was prepared. The Orlians were preparing to do something major, but only few people knew about it. The emperor of the Orlian’s was having a secret meeting, with some people. The Orlian emperor changed it’s form to a familiarize more a founder and he said: ”Were you able to make the ”alliance”?” ”Yes, the DHR shouldn’t suspect anything and we also received a message from our research team, they say that they’ve completed their job.” ”Good, they won’t be ready for us. And when the DHR realizes it’s mistake, it’ll be too late and the Orlians won’t suspect anything.” ”Are you sure?” ”When we’ve completed our mission, we can wipe them out, easily.” Then they laughed a little time and then the unknown persons left and the changeling made himself to look like Orlian again. Lots of fleet was gathering at the Orlian homeworld. Then at the same time on board Peace Station: A some Bacteerian was coming to the station, she wasn’t well dressed. She looked quite poor one and when she went through the scanner and then the computer said: ”Weapon violation, weapon violation..” And then the security officer said: ”Ma’am would you please come here?” Then she turned and began to walk towards him as one other security guard followed. And then the security officer continued: ”You may have noticed that we have strict weapon rules here, so give all weapons you’re carrying.” Then she placed one knife on the table and began to walk away until the security officer said: ”I mean all of them, you’ll get them back when you leave.” Then she began to place different kind of knives and other weapons. When she had placed all of them to the table the security officer said: ”Thank you, you may go now.” She was just walking away until she asked: ”Where are the lost ones, the lower ones?” ”Lower decks, deck 16.” Answered security officer and then she left. Then she went to the turbolift and from the deck three to deck 16. There she was just looking around at first. She didn’t seem to look anything, until she came to small column and then she took away little of a small cloth and it revealed a mark of something, it was a cube and it was blue and there was some small mark inside of it. Then she began to move forward, again just looking around. She didn’t notice that a some guy began follow her. She just went forward until she came to area where was no one just boxes which lead to some kind of tunnel in the and then she began to climb to up. When she had came from the small tunnel, she just looked around and was kicked to the lower floor and when she felt to there she saw a dream. There she woke up in a planet that was almost totally destroyed. She just looked around until the Orlian said: ”This is not your world Anna Bakteeri, but it do share the same fate as your world.” ”Who’re you?” Bacterian asked and the Orlian answered: ”It’s not relevant, but you must remember that when the time comes to choose your target remember to pick the right one, because you will get only shot.” ”What?” asked the Bacterian, but then she noticed that she was lying in the floor and then she stood up and the man said: ”You saw a nightmare and you have woken to another one.” ”What is your name?” he asked and the Bacterian answered: ”Anna Bakteeri.” ”Who trained you and who brought you to the thieve’s guild?” ”Re’den from Reten.” ”Re’den hmm... I knew him. Do u have the mark?” ”Yeah.” ”Show us!” Then she showed the mark which was on her chess. ”Good, you’re welcomed to our ”little” place. You’ll get home and our company for 30% of your ”earnings” and you won’t inform us to the authorities or any of our member.” ”OK.” said the Bacterian and the man said: ”Good.. He’ll escort you out.” Then she left. Then in the Exploreison Gigerdius came to the Bridge’s second level and said to MG 2: ”We’ll be arriving to the Peace Station in about 20 seconds.” ”Good, dock as soon as we’re there.” ”As you wish.” Said Gigerdius and went down. MG 2 came little later and then Ghi’la said: ”We’re cleared to dock.” ”Docking now.” Said Brian and Grillka asked: ”Why you wanted to visit Peace Station?” ”I need to find someone.” ”And you know there in the Peace Station?” ”If not they’ll be, I hope.” And then he went to turbolift with Gigerdius and Mora. Grillka and the other bridge crew just stayed in the bridge. MG 2 and the others went to the docking bay and by the airlocks they went to the Peace Station. There was the captain of Peace Station and then he said: ”We weren’t expecting you so early or now.” ”Well I’m not really visiting, see if you can find any of these people. It’s not so exact, but computer should be able to see have they been in the station.” And MG 2 gave a paper to the captain and then the captain said: ”Are they here?” ”If not at least some of them will be.” Then he went out from the Peace Station’s docking ring and said: ”What’s going on here?” ”I haven’t got a clue.” Said Gigerdius and then they left also. Then in the DS9, Captain Sisko had just taken a cup of Raktazino and was going to his office when Dax said: ”Captain I’m reading some ships coming this way.” ”What sips?” asked Sisko and then 10 Jem’hadar fighters came out of some strange jump and began firing DS9. DS9 took some damage until it was able to put shields on. Then Sisko said: ”Destroy those ships!” and then DS9 began firing them. First it fired phasers and torpedoes and destroyed two ships. Then the Jem’hadar ships began firing torpedoes too, but it didn’t made much damage to DS9. Then DS9 fired another load of torpedoes and destroyed three ships. Then the Jem’hadars took distance form the DS9 and then put a ramming course. Then the DS9 fired all what it got. First destroying two then another two, but the last rammed battle damaged. It made huge shockwave and made lot of damage to DS9’s shields and then some unknown ship jumped out form the DS9’s space and Sisko said: ”Damage report!?” And O’Brien answered: ”Huge damage to shields, but only little damage to hull. We won’t survive another that kind of attack.” ”The ships seemed to be Jem’hadar fighters.” Said Dax and then Odo said trough communicator: ”We had Jem’hadar in the promenade, where did they came?” ”They must have beamed them from the ships just after they jumped.” Said Dax. Then Odo said: ”All the others are dead, but one is alive.” ”I wanna know where those ships came and why they attacked.” Said Sisko and then Dax said: ”Odd, I just detected a that one unidentified ship jumped just after the Jem’hadar crashed.” ”You weren’t able to identify it?” asked Kira and Dax answered: ”No, it doesn’t match any known ship.” ”Might be some new Timocracy ship, but weren’t they suppose to be dead?” asked O’Brien and Dax answered: ”It may be possible that some of them may have survived, but why attack now and by so small fleet.” ”I think only our ”guest” can answer to that question.” Said Sisko and then he went to the turbolift and said: ”Promenade lower level.” And then the lift began to go. Same time Odo had already brought the Jem’hadar to the brig and Doctor Bashir was there too when sisko came. Then Sisko asked: ”What you can tell me about this Jem’hadar?” ”He’s ”is” Jem’hadar, in a way.” ”What do you mean in a way?” ”Well this and the other Jem’hadars were much stronger and faster than Jem’hadars we met in the Timocracy war.” ”So have they been engineered more?” asked Odo and Bashir answered and looked at the Jem’ hadar: ”Well apparently... Yes. I’m not so sure.” ”Can you revive him?” asked Sisko and Bashir answered: ”Well that’s the strange thing here. Any drug I’ve tried on him doesn’t seem to effect. They must have been engineered that way and I’m not sure will the forcefield hold it. And one really odd thing is that it seems that he can revive himself if he wants and even kill.” ”He hasn’t killed himself so there must be something..... Perhaps if we leave the constable here alone. He might talk to you.” Said Sisko and Odo looked at Sisko and the Jem’hadar and said: ”It may be possible, if they have engineered them I think they won’t harm a changeling.” ”All right and constable I hope you can get some info out of him.” Said Sisko and Odo looked at Jem’hadar and said: ”Yes, sir.” Then everyone else left from the room and closed the doors. Then Odo began walking closer to the forcefield and said: ”You’re alive and you’re truly awake. Now I’m here and alone.” Then the Jem’hadar raised from his bed, looked around and said: ”Why do you serve these ”humans”?” ”This is the place I belong to. Why are you here and where did you came?” asked Odo from the Jem’ hadar and then the Jem’hadar came closer to the forcefield and went trough it then he said: ”I came here because we were bored of waiting and from where, well if you come with me then you can know everything and see your people again.” ”My people is dead.” ”Are you so sure, what would you say if they exist?” ”That can’t be possible they...” ”What would you say?” ”I... I... Don’t know.” ”This is your last chance to join us.” ”No, I belong here and my friends are here.” ”´Very well.” Then the Jem’ hadar just fell on the floor and Odo ran at him and said: ”Doctor!” Then Bashir came from the door with sisko and Bashir took Medical Tricorder and scanned the Jem’hadar. Little later he closed it slowly, looked at Odo and said: ”He’s dead.” ”Were you able to get anything from him?” ”Something.” ”Well we better meet in the conference room at 1700 hundred hours.” Said Sisko and then Bashir said: ”Yes, sir.” Odo just looked front and was thinking, but later he went away from the brig area. Then in the PS’s Gigerdian Section, the Bacterian was walking and thieving money from the people in there. She was just going there, until some security officers came. She just continued walking and ignored her. Later the security officers began walking towards her and then she started run and the security officers as well. The she was ambushed by other security officers. And she was catch. Then in the PS’s conference room, captain, Gigerdius and MG 2 were talking and looking the picture of the Bacterian and then the Pertsa Bakteeri said: ”Well she looks as in the picture, but what about the other?” ”I don’t know. They haven’t been here?” asked MG 2 and then Pertsa Bakteeri answered: ”No, perhaps she can tell something. I’ll ask security officers to bring her here.” ”Good.” Then Pertsa left and Gigerdius asked: ”Well I’ll leave you two alone, but I’ll be in my quarters.” Then he left, but just before he left from the room he said: ”In the Exploreison.” ”All right.” Said MG 2 and then Gigerdius left from the room. Then later the Bacterian came ”escorted” by few security officers. When the security officers let her to go, she ran at the MG 2 and made him fall and then the security officers took her and she said: ”You destroyed my world!” ”What?” asked MG 2 and raised from the floor and then the security officers put her to a chair and locked her to that. Then they left and she said: ”When we had war with all the races. You attacked my planet and destroyed it. Everything.” ”We didn’t attacked, but others did and there was no way we could have stop them and it was mostly your government. The Bacterian Empire.” ”Well it has been strange.” ”And there was no way we could have stopped some Hemmoians, Folans or Vemrers, but now I need your help.” And then he released her and she asked: ”Help you? To do what?” and then MG 2 answered: ”I need you to stop a possible attack, by the dominion.” ”Perhaps that was what the dream went.” Then MG 2 remembered the second station and said: ”Others I saw aren’t here, so they must be in the second station.” ”Should we go there?” asked the bacterian and MG 2 answered: ”There’s one way...” Then in the PS’s night at 0500 hundred hours. In the docking bay where Exploreison was docked an airlock was opened and in the Exploreison’s shuttle bay: ”Computer, security override authorization 47alphabronze39 Gigerdius.” Said some person and then the computer responded: ”Acknowgeled.” Then the shuttle bay doors opened and one shuttle raised. It left from the Exploreison and it was moving our from the Exploreison and PS. After little time it engaged warp drives and jumped. In the morning at 0700 hundred hours Gigerdius came to the Pertsa’s office and said: ”Morning.” ”Good Morning.” Said Pertsa and then Gigerdius asked: ”Where’s president?” ”I thought he was coming with you.” ”Well I thought he was here.” ”Well where the hell is he then?” asked Pertsa and then Gigerdius came little nervous and said: ”Shit! Check what ships have left from this area!” ”Pertsa to bridge, did you inform MG 2 about the meeting?” asked Pertsa and then the bridge officer responded: ”Yes, but he’s working currently.” ”How you know that?” ”The message says so.” ”Show me.” Said Pertsa and then he and Gigerdius went closer to screen in Pertsa’s office and then the message came: ”Hello, this is the president. I’m currently busy so leave a message and I’ll contact you as soon as possible.” ”Damn. Bridge what ships left during the night?” asked Pertsa and the bridge officer answered: ”Many cargo and transport ships.” ”Any smaller ships?” asked Gigerdius and then the bridge officer answered: ”We picked up one shuttle leaving from Exploreison in the night, but we couldn’t trace it’s destination. It was using some strange jamming system. It was using warp drives.” ”That’s him or them.” ”Pertsa out. How we suppose to find them? Or why you said them?” ”The Bacterian must have been there, too. First we better contact the nearby outposts and stations.” Then in the DS9: ”The Jem’hadar’s internal systems are quite strange. They don’t need to eat sleep and they can’t reproduce, but they do require white.” Said Bashir in the infirmary when they were looking the Jem’hadar. ”Have you been able to find anything new?” ”No, not yet. I can tell more after the autopsy.” ”Good, proceed.” Said Sisko and then he left. Odo was in the security office. He was thinking, could the founders still be alive and if they where are they what are they doing. Preparing to make new attack or what. Then Sisko said trough communicator: ”Sisko to Odo..... Sisko to Odo.” ”Odo here.” responded Odo and then Sisko said: ”Are you coming to the meeting?” ”Yes, I’m on my way. Odo out.” Then Odo began going to the conference room. Sisko, Kira, Dax and the other were already there. Only Odo was missing. When Odo came Sisko said: ”Good that you came constable. Go ahead Dax.” ”As I was saying, I wasn’t able to trace the fighters or the unknown ship, but I found reports that the Jem’hadar fighters attacked few other places too. Still there wasn’t no reports about the unknown ship. There was no trace of it and we can’t identify it. It doesn’t match not even little to any dominion configuration.” ”Keep looking lieutenant. Odo what did the Jem’hadar say to you?” asked Sisko and then Odo was little nervous and then said: ”He asked me to join the dominion.” ”What?!?” yelled sisko and then Odo said: ”Yes, and then he also said that he was bored somehow. Bored to wait.” ”Wait what?” asked Kira and then Odo answered: ”I don’t know. He didn’t told me about it.” ”Well this is quite disturbing. Doctor tell me if you find anything new. Dismissed!” said Sisko and then all left except Sisko. He just stayed in the conference room a little while and then left also. Little later in a shuttle which was going to DS9: ”We should arrive to DS9 in about 12 minutes.” Said MG 2 and then the Bacterian asked: ”What is this DS9?” ”It’s a station, built by Parliens. Strange that you haven’t heard about it. It was a major station in the Timocracy War and it’s still in full in use. Unlike Peace Station. It’s time is mostly over.” ”I see. Do you think the others will come to this DS9?” ”I think so and I hope.” Said MG 2 and looked out of the window. Then he continued: ”These runabouts have new jamming system in their warp drives. We can’t be detected if we won’t go too fast and that’s why it’ll take some time to get to Deep Space 9.” Then in the Gigerdi Prime: ”We need the Gigerdians to this war!” ”I don’t think it’s so good idea to take them yet.” ”The Fe’is’shas posses far too great threat to us. We need the other races to this war.” ”And what if they don’t want?” ”Then we just have to persuade them.” ”By how?” ”I’ll be coming to here. Once Dalleer has accepted my proposal. I’m sure he’ll accept it. The resistance is too great threat to them. And by that we should get some support in the GA and in the other races too.” ”IGA was your idea?” ”Yes, mostly. The idea came from the Sqlefens and I little advanced it.” ”So that you would get Folan, Vemrers, Interplanetary Alliance and other races to the war. What about the Hemmoians and Bacterians?” ”I’m sure we’ll figure out something for them as well.” ”A way to cheat them to the war?” ”Of course, even that they are inferior we still need them.” ”We need to discuss about this later.” ”Of course, I’ll be coming to there soon.” Then the communications in the GP ended. Then in the same room were the discussion was an another person came in and said: ”You should listen to him Ze’er.” ”I think it’s better to let them get to war if they want, not by cheating them Shi’iva.” ”It’s not easy to get them. Not even by this way.” ”Still what if they find out what we’re doing.” ”We must ensure that they won’t. Section 18 shouldn’t posses much threat, but the resistance will posses. It must be crushed!” ”And now He’isa is coming to eliminate it?” ”Yes, he’ll offer an proposal Dalleer cannot refuse. The resistance is too great threat.” ”I still continue to resist it.” ”I know, but the decision has been made. It’s not so good, but it has too be done.” ”You don’t like it?” ”Forget it!” and then Shi’iva left, then Ze’er just stood. Then in the Orlian homeworld: ”The fleet is ready.” ”Good take them to the rendevoy point.” ”As you wish.” There was quite many Orlian Dreadnoughts orbiting Orlian homeworld and then they received a message and engaged their jump drives. The shuttle was closing on to DS9, but still it takes time to get there and the DS9 hasn’t detected it. Then in the Exploreison: ”Where the hell is he!!” Yelled Gigerdius in the bridge and Mora said: ”You’re quite nervous.” ”Hell I’m not!!” ”Yes you are.” ”Well perhaps a little, but what if that Bacterian has kidnapped him or someone else.” ”What if he has just left.” Said the Grillka and then Gigerdius began walking and said: ”I don’t know. It’s possible, but why he would have wanted to leave?” ”He was acting strange.” Said Min’da ”I know, but still if he has left where is he?” said Gigerdius and in the same time the shuttle came out of warp in the DS9’s space and MG 2 asked: ”This Mad Gigerdi 2, requesting clearance to dock.” ”Then Dax said: ”It’s president Mad Gigerdi 2 and he wants to dock here.” ”Well he can so is it somewhat strange?” said Sisko and then Dax little laughed and said: ”You can dock to upper pylon two.” ”Thanks.” Said MG 2 and was going toward upper pylon two. And then in the DS9’s ops O’Brien said: ”He’s traveling by a shuttle.” ”What?” asked Sisko and almost split his drink out of his mouth and then O’Brien answered: ”Yes, it’s a runabout. The new model which is equipped with new warp jamming system. That’s why we didn’t notice that he was coming. He was using warp drives.” ”Why and how many passengers there is?” asked sisko and then Dax answered: ”Well you need to ask the first from himself and the second is... There’s two life-forms. Mad Gigerdi 2 and some Bacterian.” ”Bacterian what the hell he’s doing there?” asked Kira ”It’s She.” Said Dax and then Sisko placed his cup to the replicator and said: ”I’ll go meet our ”guest”.” ”What ever u say.” Said Dax and then Sisko went to turbolift and said: ”Upper pylon two.” And then the turbolift started going. When the shuttle was docking, Kira asked from Dax: ”Why you said he can dock to one of the upper pylons, it’s quite big docking bay for just a shuttle.” ”There’s isn’t much ships around here, so I thought that would be a good place for a president.” ”Oh, I see.” Said Kira and continued working. Sisko was coming to the docking bay when MG 2 and the Bacterian came. Sisko asked in the same time they shake they’re hands: ”It’s honor to have you here.” ”I need to know have these people been in here.” And then he gave a paper to sisko where was two pictures and then Sisko said: ”I see what I can do. There should be free quarters in the habitat ring B.” ”Thanks.” And then MG 2 and the Bacterian left. Then one omega destroyer was going in jump space, it’s destination was DS9. In the bridge: ”Captain, have I understood correctly that now when we were ordered to Noren system for routine patrol we changed course to DS9 without notifying GAM.” ”That’s right and you shouldn’t worry. I know what I’m doing.” Then the Omega just continued traveling Then MG 2 and Anna Bakteeri went to quarters in the habitat ring B and MG 2 just sat to a chair. Then Sisko came back to ops and Dax asked: ”What about the president?” ”Strange as always. He wanted me to see have these people been in the station.” And he gave a paper to Dax. ”Nice.” And Dax gave the paper back to Sisko. Then O’Brien said: ”Strange.” ”What is it chief?” asked Sisko and O’Brien answered: ”I’m picking up one omega destroyer heading to this way.” ”When it’ll reach us?” ”In about 20 seconds.” Said O’Brien and then sisko said: ”Hail them.” Then picture of Gigerdian captain came to Ops’s screen and then Sisko asked: ”This is captain Sisko from federation starbase Deep Space Nine. What is you intention?” ”I’m looking for the president Mad Gigerdi 2.” answered Gigerdian captain and the Sisko looked at the paper and said: ”It appears so, but what is your name?” ”I am captain Pravin Gigerdi.” ”I’ll inform president about your arrival. Sisko out.” Then the picture disappeared ”Looks like the first of these is here. Chief inform MG 2 that his gigerdian friend is here.” ”Yes, sir.” Then Sisko went to his office. Then in the MG 2’s office: ”President, your Gigerdian friend has arrived, he’s on his way to your quarters.” Said O’Brien and then MG 2 looked his paper and said: ”Looks like he’s here.” Then soon doorbell ringed and MG 2 said: ”Come in.” And then the Gigerdian Captain came in and said: ”Hello president, I think you’ve been expecting me.” ”It appears so. So you were drawn here as same as I was?” ”Yes, the dream told me that.” ”It seems we all must do something big now soon.” MG 2 said and then the Bacterian asked: ”In what?” ”I’m not sure, but I think that one of the Timocracy’s so called servants are going to attack Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain. Now we must find a way to stop it.” ”My Omega destroyer isn’t so powerful that it could resist many Jem’hadar ships, so we need something bigger than nasty Omega Destroyer.” Said Pravin Gigerdi and then MG 2 looked little happier and said: ”I think I have two of those.” ”But what about the last of these.” Said Pravin Gigerdi and looked at the paper, after that MG 2 said: ”We can’t stay and what for him, lets hope he can catch us.” Then all of them left from the room. Then in the Exploreison: ”Where the hell is he!!” yelled Gigerdius and was walking around the bridge, little later Ghi’la said: ”We have received a message from Gigerdi Alliance Military’s command. They are asking for our current status.” ”Tell them to go to hell!!” yelled Gigerdius and then Mora said: ”It might be better if you tell them that we’re still in the mission IPA gave to us.” ”Aye, sir.” Said Ghi’la and then she began to transmit the message. Then the Gigerdius stopped and quickly ran to the helm control table and began putting new coordinates and Brian asked: ”Why you’re setting course to Deep Space Nine?” ”That’s the only station he knows well and one of the only stations where he won’t be expected immediately, until now.” Then Exploreison engaged it’s jump drives and in the same time: ”You won’t be answering to any other calls except the ones in this channel. We think that there’s been a security breach.” Said MG 2 ”I see, but where’s Mr. Gigerdius?” asked Dhaglar and then MG 2 said: ”We will arriving to there shortly. Mad Gigerdi 2 out.” Then Exploreison arrived to DS9 and Gigerdius said: ”This is the captain Gigerdius from the Gigerdi Alliance starship Exploreison, requesting clearance to dock.” ”You’re cleared to dock to upper pylon three.” Said Dax and then Exploreison moved closer to DS9 and docked. Gigerdius was already going to the airlock and as soon as the ship docked Gigerdius ran to DS9 and to the OPS. There he asked: ”Where’s MG 2’s quarters?!?!” ”It’s in the habitat ring B.” answered Sisko and then Gigerdius ran to the turbolift and said little before that: ”Thanks.” And then he went to the habitat ring B and to MG 2’s quarters. He started searching anything useful, but failed to find anything. Then he went fast to OPS again and asked: ”When did he left?” ”About 25 minutes ago.” Said O’Brien and Gigerdius asked again: ”Is there anyway to find our he’s destination and how he left.” ”It was some Omega destroyer and I can’t trace their destination, they’re using warp drives and some kind of jamming system as was the runabout.” ”He came here by runabout.?” ”Yes, and with one Bacterian.” O’Brien said and then Gigerdius said: ”I see, but where was he going?” Then the omega destroyer came out of jump in the area of the Valiant’s and Untouchable’s space dock. Then MG 2, Pravin Gigerdi and the Bacterian beamed themselves to the ship and also most of the Omega’s crew. MG 2 and the others were going to the bridge and just before they arrived Dhaglar came too see them and said: ”We weren’t expecting you so early.” ”I also brought few others with me. This is captain Pravin Gigerdi.” And then other GAM personnel came to the bridge and to other rooms and Dhaglar said: ”You can’t go in there!” ”Surely they can, so riding this ship is the same as any other GA’s or SF’s ship?” ”Yes, but...” ”Good, just let them look around a little bit and then we’ll leave.” ”Leave to where?” asked Dhaglar and then MG 2 answered: ”Well you don’t have to worry about that. We’ll be going soon. You should get back to space dock.” ”But...” ”‘It’s OK, just do it.” ”Well yes... Sir.” Then Dhaglar left and Pravin said: ”These surely are fine ships.” ”Indeed they are. I just hope they’re enough.” Then in the Exploreison: ”Sprak is there anyway to find out their route?” ”I can’t find any kind of warp trail or any other track that could lead to their destination.” ”Shit! Where the hell he could have gone... No it can’t be.... NO IT CAN’T BE!!!!!! DAMN!!! I should have realized this earlier!!!!” ”What?!?” asked Mora and then Gigerdius yelled hail the Dhaglar's space dock NOW!” ”Right away.” Said Ghi’la and then later she said: ”They aren’t responding.” ”Damn engage jump to there.” ”I can’t, something is making the jump drives malfunction.” Said Brian while he was attempting to engage jump drives. The Sprak said: ”It seems there’s some kind of jamming system designed to disturb jump engines.” ”Who?... No!! It can’t be him!” said Gigerdius and then Mora said: ”First we need to find it and destroy it.” ”Sensors are unable to detect it. Any known jamming device isn’t so invisible so it must be new one or built by race we don’t know.” ”Then it can’t be him. Hail DS9 and ask if they can borrow one runabout.” Said Gigerdius and then Mora asked: ”Are you serious?” ”I am. I am VERY serious.” ”They can give the one that MG 2 had.” ”Good I’ll take it.” ”We’ll take it.” Said Mora and then Gigerdius looked at him and said: ”Well guess so.” Then Deket came to bridge and said: ”I’m coming too.” ”Why?” asked Gigerdius and Deket answered: ”I met Pravin in the academy and he was one of my teachers too so it’s my duty to go find him.” ”Well all right. Find the source of the jamming Sprak, take Drill with you and Grillka you have the command. When you get the jump engines on-line, just go to the space dock. Don’t worry about us.” ”Yes captain.” Said Grillka and then Deket, Mora and Gigerdius went to the transporter room and beamed themselves to the runabout. There Gigerdius said: ”Disengaging docking clamps.” ”Engaging thrusters.” Said Mora and then the runabout. was moving away from the DS9 and then Mora said: ”Engaging warp drives.” Then the runabout. jumped. Sprak was trying to find out the source of the jamming and in the same time in R’Derex’s quarters: ”Comlink established.” Said computer and R’Derex said: ”Finally!” ”R’Derex, nice to meet you again.” ”Again?” asked R’Derex and he didn’t see any kind of image. ”Well you have find that out by yourself, but I can get you contact with person who has the information you need. It’s dangerous to seek that.” ”What are you talk...” then the communication was terminated and R’Derex said: ”Damn, well computer what information you received?” ”Contact information to the vice-leader of Tal’Shiar.” ”Nice, at least it’s some high ranking guy.” ”And there’s also something else, but I can’t figure out what it is. It’s like there would be another AI.” ”Strange, are you sure.” ”I don’t know, but I’m trying to establish contact with the vice-leader of Tal’Shiar.” Said computer. R’Derex was thinking: What did he meant? I didn’t recognize his voice. Sheklar didn’t told me his name. Then in the engineering: ”Damn!” yelled Drill and then one engineer said: ”I don’t know, but there’s no way we can modify the jump engines to not be affected by the jamming.” ”Sensors can’t see it anywhere. Where the hell it can be...” said Drill and then Sprak asked trough communicator: ”Commander, have you made any progress?” ”No! This jamming device is something I’ve never met before. Sensors can’t detect it anywhere. It’s like... Like it’s using sensor jamming too. This shouldn’t be possible. Not in same probe or device and it’s highly unlikely that there’s two. This device is highly advanced. Made by some really advanced specie.” ”Fascinating. I’ve scanned the entire system, founding nothing that would lead to the device. It also seems to be really powerful. It jams the whole system and even beyond. It’s also affecting to long-range communications. We can’t send any messages.” ”So going by impulse power will take...” ”Nine day 15 hours...” ”Okay I got, so we must find the source of the jamming. I’ll see what I can find. Drill out.” Then in the DS9’s OPS: ”What ship was the you encountered?” asked T’lar and Dax answered: ”It was unknown ship, I’ve never seen it before and computer didn’t recognize it.” ”Can I see it?” ”Sure.” Then Dax put the images to OPS’s screen and T’lar said: ”I’ve never seen even little like that ship. Still... It looks little like a Jem’hadar fighter.” ”It came here with few Jem’hadar ships.” Said O’Brien and then T’lar turned to look at him and asked: ”There were Jem’hadar fighters?” ”Yeah. Few.” ”And it came with ‘em?” ”It didn’t attacked with them, it was just looking far.” ”Can I see the coordinates?” asked T’lar and then Dax answered: ”Yeah, sure.” Then the location came to the OPS’s screen and T’lar said: ”It’s quite far from here... But still it’s in good location for... Was it moving in the time it was here?” ”No, it moved only when it arrived and left.” ”I see, I need a runabout.” ”Why?” asked Kira and then O’Brien said: ”I think I know what she’s thinking.” ”The jamming device that jams jump drives might be there, but I don’t understand why they placed it here?” ”One of Starfleet’s fleets were suppose to arrive here, for exercise. All of them were equipped by jump engines.” ”Why they would want to trap one fleet here?” asked Kira and then T’lar answered smiling: ”Guess we just have to find it out.” ”I’ll ask captain to borrow runabout. to us.” Said O’Brien and then he went to the Captain’s office. When he came in Sisko asked: ”What is it Chief?” ”I need a runabout. To check the location where the unidentified ship was.” ”Why you want to check that?” ”We think that the jamming device might located in there.” ”Good idea. Okay you can take it, but report to me as soon as you have find out what you found.” ”Yes, sir.” Then he left from the room and in the OPS he said: ”Coming lieutenant?” And then O’Brien and T’lar went to the turbolift. The they went to the docking ring and to the U.S.S. Ekerö. There O’Brien said when he just had sat to he chair: ”Disengaging docking clamps... Activating thrusters.” Then the runabout raised and was moving to the location where the unknown ship was. T’lar then said: ”Sensors aren’t picking up anything yet.” Runabout. Was just moving to closer to the area. Then they arrived to the area and O’Brien said: ”I’m not picking up anything. It must have moved away.” ”Or then it’s somewhere nearby and sensors can’t detect it. Guess we have to do it by the old way.” ”What? Are you just going to look out the windows?” ”Yes, that’s right. Just drive around here and I try to ”see” it.” O’Brien just drove the around the area minutes and still T’lar hadn’t been able to find anything.

Chapter 3: Defensive Measures

In the space dock: ”Untouchable to Valiant, we’re ready to go.” Said Pravin Gigerdi and MG 2 said: ”Acknowgeled. Engage thrusters and move us away from the space dock.” ”I can’t do that, we’re still docked on space dock.” Said the helms officer and then MG 2 said: ”Blow those clamps away.” ”Yes, sir.” Said the weapons officer and then Valiant blew away the docking clamps and began moving away. Untouchable did the same. Then in the bridge helms officer asked: ”What is our destination?” Then he remembered the planet name which was: ”Oglius 7.” ”Aye, sir.” Then the Valianht and Untouchable was activating their jump drives. Just before they began jumping MG 2 said: ”Finally I’ll be able to see what kind is Lightness’s jump space.” Then they opened a hole to space which looked much like black hole and then they went in. The space looked much like jump space, but the space was more like red and MG 2 said: ”Well looks like I know what kind it is now.” Then the helms officer asked: ”What speed we shall proceed?” ”Maximum speed.” Said MG 2 with little happier face and the helms officer responded: ”Yes, sir.” It didn’t took long them to arrive. When they had arrived MG 2 said: ”Scan the planet.” ”Scanning...” said science officer and then little later he continued: ”I’m reading no life-signs, no structures and no... No wait hold on... I’m reading one energy source. Really faint, must a distress signal.” ”Identify.” ”It appears to be Folan origin and is located here.” And then he showed a location which was on the screen.” ”You said no life-signs.” ”Yes, I’m not reading any life-signs. Still there’s something which disturbs the signal. I can’t any readings from that Folan or whoever it is. If there is someone then we’ll have to go find it.” Said the science officer and then MG 2 pushed button on his chair and said: ”Captain, it seems we have no choice, but to go down the planet.” ”I noticed that. We’ll prepare a shuttle, I advice you to do the same.” ”We’ll do. Valiant out. We need few security officers and few science personal. Tell them to come to shuttle bay one. Would you want to come down the planet?” ”I think that’s a good idea.” Said the Anna Bakteeri and then both of them went to the turbolift and to the shuttle bay one. Crew had already prepared the shuttle and they left as soon as all were in. Untouchable had launched it’s shuttle later already. Valiant was launching it little later. They were traveling to the surface. The Ventures didn’t travel fast in the atmosphere because it was heavily ionized and there was lots of interference. U.S.S. Ekerö was going in the warp space. Quite slow speed, only warp 18. Deket was talking: ”We surely aren’t going fast.” ”Are you sure the jamming system isn’t activated?” asked Mora and Gigerdius just said: ”Well... I don’t know. I don’t know much of anything about these runabouts. It’s my first time riding one of them.” ”Are you sure we’re going to the right direction?” asked Deket and then Gigerdius little laughed and said: ”Surely I am! I hope.” ”I’ll try to figure out something.” Said Mora and then Deket said: ”Odd, I’m picking up something in the long range scanners. Whatever it is, it’s closing fast!” ”I think it’s just some ship, well a cargo ship or some other ship.” Said Gigerdius and then Mora smiled and said: ”I also think it’s a ship, but what ship?” ”Why we’re worrying about some ship now. I think it’s just a cargo ship.” Said Gigerdius then Deket said: ”I... Don’t think so!” Then a Jem’hadar fighter was appearing behind them and Gigerdius said: ”Ahh SHIT!! I’m getting us out of warp. There’s seems to be an asteroid field nearby... Or not!” Then he dropped the ship out of warp and moved it closer to one moon. Then the Jem’hadar ship came out of warp too. ”What are you doing?!?” asked Deket and Gigerdius was very nervous and answered: ”Something that many hasn’t done!” ”I don’t like the sound of that.” Said Mora and then the Jem’hadar ship came on firing range and began firing. ”I don’t like the looks of this!” ”Me neither!” said Deket after Mora. ”Shields at 76%” said Computer and Gigerdius yelled: ”I know, I know!” and he was moving the closer on the moon. The Jem’hadar ship continued firing. Then the Runabout was really close to the moon and then it began go around it. ”What are you doing?!?” asked Deket ”You’ll see that soon!” said Gigerdius and was driving the ship. It was gaining little bit of speed, but so was the Jem’hadar fighter. ”Shields at 37%” said computer and Gigerdius was really nervous and said: ”Come on! Come ON!” Then the Runabout began going straight ahead and the Jem’hadar fighter lost distance to the runabout and then Mora said: ”Good now get us the hell out of here!” ”Not yet!!” said Gigerdius and turned the ship ”WHAT?!?” asked Deket and looked when Gigerdius was activating warp engines. Then Gigerdius said: ”Brace!” and then activated the warp engines while he was in a direct collision course to the fighter. The warp engines activated and it jumped right in the fighters shields and then Runabout fired few torpedoes and phasers. The fighters shields failed, but just before it was destroyed it fired a load of torpedoes which destroyed Ekerö’s shields and one was able to hit the hull also. Gigerdius engaged impulse engines and moved away from the fighter while it exploded. Then later Mora said: ”Looks like we’re alive after all, but it surely was close and REALLY close!” ”Indeed, computer damage report?” asked Gigerdius and then the computer answered: ”Shields have failed, there’s also damage in the right warp nacel and in the communications system.” ”Damn, why there isn’t ship which has both warp and jump drives. This kind of situations would be lot of easier.” ”The ship designers don’t calculate everything. Not at least this kind of situations.” Said Deket and the Mora raised from his chair and said: ”Guess we just have to repair them. Shall we repair the warp engines first or communications?” ”I’m not sure. Let’s see which of them is easier to repair.” Said Gigerdius and raised from his chair and then Deket said: ”I’ll see if I can find anything useful.” ”We’ll go and see how much damage was made.” Then Mora and Gigerdius went to behind the transporter pad and saw a emergency force field. Then Gigerdius said: ”Looks like we don’t HAVE a communications system anymore.” ”There might be a backup, somewhere near, but it’s not operating either.” Said Deket ”Can you locate it?” asked Mora while Gigerdius was looking around ”It seems to be... Just behind the transporter pad. Right where you stand.” Then Mora looked under him and saw that the floor could be opened then he said: ”Let’s open this.” And then he opened it and Gigerdius said: ”It doesn’t seem to have suffered any damage, but... It’s not operating.” ”The diagnostic says that it’s not powered.” Said Deket, Mora raised and said: ”It seems the power couplings have been cut. We’ll have to find a portable power source or link it with something else that has power. Perhaps the transporter.” ”It’s worth of try.” Said Deket and then Gigerdius raised and looked at the transporter pad and said: ”But... How we suppose to open it?” ”I... I don’t know, but perhaps we could the power from the pad itself.” ”Or from the replicator in example.” Said Gigerdius and then Deket looked at it and said: ”I don’t think that’s gonna work. The replicator isn’t operative. The computers, lights and transporter must gain the power trough many ways or by some other way.” Then Mora said ”We could of course try to take the power from the computer also.” ”But where we can find any power conduits or something which allows us to transfer power.” Said Deket and Gigerdius said while he was looking for something useful: ”If we find a portable power source, that should... Wait a second. No it doesn’t have enough power, but is there a phaser somewhere?” ”I see, look at the weapons locker in the sleeping quarters.” Then Mora went there and saw a weapons locker on the wall, but it required a code and then he said: ”It seems to require some kind of code.” ”This is one of the Exploreison’s Runabouts, shouldn’t you know the code?” said Gigerdius and came to the room also and then Mora said: ”I don’t know the weapons locker codes, only security personal has access to that info well I do have access to that, but...” ”Then what are we waiting here. Just check it from the computer. Your own access code should be enough.” Said Gigerdius, Mora said while was going away: ”I’ll do it.” Then he went at one computer and began to get the code. Little before in the area of DS9, the Runabout was still just going in the space: ”They surely have hid it well, I can’t see it anywhere here!” said T’lar and then O’Brien raised, went to the replicator and said: ”Coffee, extra sweet.” than he took it and continued: ”I don’t suppose it’ll be easy. Even that they didn’t have much time to hide it, still they have hide it. One possibility is that it’s cloaked.” ”Or it’s using a chameleon field.” ”But only Orlians can do that!” and then O’Brien drank little and then T’lar said: ”That’s the point. Cloaking device would be possible, but putting all three in same device. Then it would be quite large and it should be detectable close. Device equipped with chameleon field can be big, in example an asteroid and still sensors wouldn’t be able to detect it. The question is that why would Orlians have placed it here.” ”What if someone had stolen this from the Orlians?” ”It may be possible, but we’re not even sure is it made by Orlian. Only we have to is find it, but we should search all the asteroids as well.” ”Chameleon field should affect only on sensors, but you might not recognize it by sight either. So we’ll have to ”search” every asteroid or piece of junk we find.” Then O’Brien began driving the ship again and T’lar continued looking. In Exploreison: ”Fascinating. device.” Said Sprak while he was trying to find the device ”Yeah I’m sure. I can’t find anyway to find this device. It’s far too advanced.” Said Drill and then Min’da came to Sprak’s console too and said: ”The device is Orlian origin.” ”That would explain why it’s so advanced.” Said Spark and then Drill asked while he was little confused: ”Orlian origin. Why they would want to place a some kind of jamming device here?” ”I don’t know the reason to that.” Said Min’da and went back to her place then Drill said: ”If this device is Orlian origin, then it’ll be hard to find. Looks like it’s up to T’lar now.” Then Ghi’la said: ”There’s transmission coming to you Min’da.” ”I’ll take it in my quarters.” Then She began to walk to her quarters. When she arrived at her quarter she said: ”Receive message.” Then one T-Race member’s face came to the screen and Min’da said: ”Ze’er. Why did you called?” ”I wanted to talk about He’isa.” ”What about her?” ”She’s coming to Gigerdi Prime, help Dalleer to destroy the resistance. I don’t find that reasonable. All these lies. What if the Gigerdian discover our true mission? What will happen then? It’s not yet the time. We need to wait. Even the Shiva is supporting them, not fully, but with support of Gleishas and Neh’tens they can do with no objections.” ”It is really disturbing, but wiping out resistance might not increase the popular support.” ”He’isa doesn’t care about popular support, bot first. She first gains the support of Dalleer and section 18 and later the population’s. I don’t support the resistance’s actions, but not He’isa’s either. I still cannot become involved in resisting her. I’ll wait.” ”Thank you for informing about this so early. Let’s see what time has to offer us.” Then Ze’er’s face disappeared from the screen and Min’da said: ”Computer open a channel to Gigerdi Prime.” ”Who you would like call?” ”Ronea Solnan.” Unable to open communications because of the interference.” Then Min’da turned little to white and said: ”I should have said Ze’er to inform GA about our situation. Computer inform me as soon as we have a clear communication.” Then she left from the room. ”First officer’s log stardate 71655.6. It’s been four hours since the captains left. I hope they’re okay. This jamming device appears to be a Orlian origin. I don’t know why Orlians would place it here or why would anyone stole it from Orlians. And the disappearance of the president Mad Gigerdi 2, well it’s strange. Guess he has he’s reasons. I also heard that some Jem’hadars had attacked here, where did they come from and why are they here. Is some of them left. I saw their leaders to be destroyed. Jem’hadars wouldn’t live for nothing. Perhaps there’s one left which is controlling them. I just hope there doesn’t come so big war as before. A bigger one than the LW would be... Completely too big. It might lead to our destruction and to the destruction of this galaxy. I’m still glad that the Lightness War is over. It cost many lives, but many survived. If there wouldn’t have been peace... Then we might not have survived. I just hope everything will get back to normal soon. End recording.” Said Grillka while she was walking around her quarters. Sprak was continuing in his search while R’Derex came to see him: ”You’re here. Well there’s actually only two places where you are. It’s here in the bridge or in your quarters, but what are you doing? Communications seem suddenly be off-line.” ”There seems to be a highly advanced jamming device, made by Orlians. It’s interfering our sensors, jump drives and communications. We can only receive communications.” ”Made by Orlians, nice. Where’s the captains or Deket? I haven’t seen them.” ”They went to find president Mad Gigerdi 2. By a runabout.” ”I see, I’ve been so long in my quarters that I don’t know what’s happening around here. Where’s T’lar?” ”She’s looking for the jamming device. What were you doing in your quarters?” ”Captains gave me one mission and I’ve been doing it.” ”I see.” Said Sprak and then he continued working. Then Fhogli said: ”I’m picking up federation signatures heading this way.” ”It has to be that fleet.” Said Brian and then Ghi’la said: ”There’s nothing we can do, I can’t warn them not to come here. We just have to hope that the jamming device will be found soon.” And then they just watched the fleet when they dropped out of jump. ”It’s surely is a BIG fleet.” Said R’Derex. There were hundred of ships. Lots of Galaxy class ships, Sovereigns, Eidolons, Constellations and others. The in the runabout: ”Looks like the fleet is here.” Said T’lar and then O’Brien said: ”It seems so, but they’re now affected by the jamming as well. They must have realized that something is wrong.” ”Are you picking that up?” ”What?” ”Some ship is heading to this location, to DS9.” ”Lots of ships are coming to here, but... This is...” then a T-Race mothership dropped out of jump just close of the runabout. ”Looks like we have some company.” Said T’lar and then one beamed to the Runabout and she said: ”I’m Ze’er, the T-Race ambassador in Gigerdi Prime. We have heard that you are experiencing problems.” ”There appears to be highly advanced jamming device here.” ”Yes, we experienced problems as soon as we arrived here. This jamming device must have been made by Orlians. No other race in this galaxy can do such powerful device. It is hard to find.” Said Ze’er and then T’lar said: ”We’ve just tried to find it, but with no luck.” ”I can help you, as you might know it must have a chameleon field. If we are able to go even quite close, I should be able to sense it.” ”Okay, we don’t have much any other options.” Then the runabout was just continuing and then the T-Race’s ship just was there. It didn’t move anywhere. Then on the Oglius 7: ”There surely isn’t much left around here.” Said MG 2 and then Pravin Gigerdi said: ”What could cause this?” ”I don’t know. Of course if you have huge fleet, then you can make this kind of damage.” ”The Folan is here!” said one of the science officers and then MG 2 went to see it: ”Looks like this was the Folan we suppose to find, but it seems that whoever did this. Found him first.” And then he began walk away. Then the science officers searched the body and said: ”There wasn’t anything here!” ”What will do now?!?” asked MG 2 and then Anna Bakteeri came to see the body and said: ”The Folan has it’s records somewhere, but it must be hidden.” Then took the Folan Star Empire’s mark and said: ”It’s this!” And then one science officer scanned it and said: ”Yes, this is a record.” ”Good job!” said MG 2 and then Pravin came with a pad and said: ”My crew scanned the surface and it looks like this damage was made just a few weeks ago. So I think we have a serious problem!” ”We better back to ship.” Said MG 2 and then they left from the area where the Folan was. In the journey to the Venture MG 2 said: ”This was the place I saw in my dream. I now remember it.” ”Who did you know that Folan had hidden the recorder somewhere?” asked Pravin and then Anna Bakteeri answered: ”Folans are known for their secrecy. He must had hidden it somewhere it won’t be easily found.” ”I see.” Said Pravin when he went to the other Venture. When all had went inside of the Ventures they left from the planet surface. Pravin’s Venture went to the Untouchable and MG 2’s to the Valiant. MG 2 went to the bridge so did the Bacterian. MG 2 sat just to wait. The science crew was trying to get the information out from the recorder. Pravin also just sat in the bridge and was thinking. Then in the Runabout where Gigerdius, Mora and Deket were: ”Just connect that and then it might work.” Said Gigerdius and showed a power coupling.”Should?” said Mora and connected it and then Gigerdius said: ”Looks like it’s getting power, but not so fast. I wonder what’s the problem...” ”I’ll see if I can send message...” then Deket was trying to send a distress message, but failed and then he said: ”It doesn’t work. It needs more power!” ”It surely isn’t getting much power, but what’s wrong with it now? I can’t find any problem.” Said Gigerdius and then Mora placed the power wire better to the communications system and said: ”Looks the problem has been found.” Then Gigerdius looked at him and said: ”How the hell I should have known that it wasn’t well placed?” and he stood up and continued: ”Can you now send a distress signal Deket?” ”Hang on...” and then he was able to send a distress signal and after that he said: ”It has been sent. Now we just have to wait.” Then in the Runabout which was in the space of DS9: ”Where it can be? I haven... Hold on... What’s that?” said T’lar and looked out of the window and then Ze’er stood up looked out the window, turned little bit to white and back to normal. Then she said: ”It’s that.” ”Finally. I’m driving closer so that we can examine it.” ”Is there some kind of defense systems?” asked T’lar and then Ze’er looked at her and back to window while she said: ”Might be. I think that there is a self-destruction sequence. Which will be activated if we get too close.” ”So we won’t be able to examine it close. All we have to do is destroy it. No matter how.” Said O’Brien while he was piloting the runabout even closer to the strange piece of metal. When they were almost touching it, something began happening to it and T’lar said: ”Get us out of here. NOW!” and then O’Brien took the runabout away while the device started to blow up. It produced a huge shockwave for a device that small. Then later O’Brien scanned the area and said: ”The jamming is gone! But it seems to affect little on jump engines, slowing little of their speed, but that should disappear in few hours at least.” ”Take us back to the station. Are you now beaming back to your ship?” asked T’lar from Ze’er and then Ze’er said: ”No, I’m coming with you to the Exploreison.” Then the runabout was closing on the DS9 and then in the same time onboard Exploreison: ”The jamming seemed to have disappeared.” Said Sprak and then Min’da left from the bridge and Grillka said: ”As soon as T’lar in onboard, we’ll leave.” ”Yes, sir.” Said Brian. Min’da was going towards her quarters. When she arrived she said: ”Computer open the channel.” ”Opening...” Then a face of Gigerdian appeared to the screen and he said: ”What do you want?” ”He’isa is coming to Gigerdi Prime. He is coming to destroy the resistance, we must take action now.” ”I’ll inform him about this, you don’t have to worry. We have eyes and ears in the Section 18, but thanks for informing me about this.” Then the face disappeared and Ze’er asked: ”Who were you talking?” ”It was just one of my friends.” Said Min’da and then Ze’er came closer of her and said: ”You’re working for the resistance, why?” ”It is wrong for Dalleer and section 18 to do what they’ve done or what we are going to do.” ”I don’t support He’isa’s actions, but I don’t support the resistance’s either. That isn’t the way we should resist. It is the wrong way.” ”What is the right way then?” ”We need to find a proof about their actions and then reveal it, not by making some sabotage missions.” ”That’s the only way now, our way. You can reveal to He’isa.” ”But I won’t. I’ll do my investigations while you can do whatever you want with your resistance, but make something that doesn’t cost many lives.” ”I will.” And then Ze’er left from the room and then Min’da thought: How did was he able to come in? Did I left the door open. No it cannot be possible. Then she left from the room as well. Exploreison had already reported the fleet to be in standby mode, in a case of trouble. When T’lar and Ze’er had arrived, Exploreison engaged it’s jump drives and took course to the space dock. While they were traveling to there Ghi’la picked up a distress signal and said: ”I’m constantly picking up a distress signals. It’s like someone is repeating it.” ”I think I know who they are.” Said Grillka and then in the runabout: ”Are you sure you sent the distress signal.” asked Gigerdius while he was walking around and then Deket said: ”Yeah, I can send it again if you want?” ”Do it!” said Gigerdius and when Deket tried to send another one he noticed that it was repeatly sending them. He laughed a little and said: ”Looks like it’s repeatly sending it.” ”Great. I didn’t meant that. I’m sure just one would have been enough or two, but not repeatly.” Said Gigerdius and then Deket said: ”Well I know, but it’s just...” ”Looks like our saviors are here.” Said Mora and looked out of the front window. The Exploreison was there and then Gigerdius drove the ship inside the shuttle bay. Mora and Gigerdius went quickly to bridge, Deket went to sick bay. When Gigerdius arrived at the bridge he asked: ”Are we going to there?” ”We engaged jump drives as soon you were in, but our jump drives work quite slow now, so we’ll be there in about five minutes. By the way, why were you sending distress signal repeatly?” ”Deket just accidentally did that, but I don’t think it affected to anyone in anyway.” ”I hope so.” Said Grillka and went back to her chair. In the Valiant, everything was as before, until the science crew completed in analyzing the recorder. They reported this to MG 2 and to Pravin Gigerdi. When MG 2 received he said in the bridge: ”Put it on screen.” Then a picture of a Folan came to screen. He was a male Folan, middle-aged. He said: ”Teket’s personal log. When I arrived to Oglius 7, I found a huge fleet and some unknown ship that destroyed the planet’s surface. It didn’t matched to any known ship. I followed the fleet to this location.” And then there showed a location in a starmap. Then he continued: ”It seemed to be a gathering place. They weren’t able to detect me, because of my cloaking device. I then returned to Oglius 7 in a hope for survivors and to wait others in my dream. End log.” ”What we’ll do now?” asked the Bacterian and then MG 2 said: ”I’ll think, perhaps we should get to that location, but I’ll think what we should do next.” In the same time, Exploreison arrived to the space dock and docked as soon as it was able to dock. Gigerdius ran quickly to the space dock and to found Dhaglar. When he found him he asked: ”Where’s the president?” ”I don’t know, he stole the prototypes and... I don’t know why, but...” ”I should have get here earlier. Perhaps our sensors can detect his jump trail.” ”I wanna come with you, I want to be there, when you find him. Those prototypes are invaluable.” ”All right, this time you can come with us.” Then they went to the Exploreison where Sprak has already found the jump trail. Then they set course to Oglius 7. Same time in the Oglius system, eight vessels were approaching the Valiant and the Untouchable, the weapons officer said: ”Eight ships are heading right towards us. Unknown configuration.” Then MG 2 looked at the ship on the screen and Pravin said from his ship: ”Looks like they found us. What shall we do?” ”I don’t think they have identified us. The name juts worries me, but they might not much about IPA. I hope. We’ll see what we can do.” Said MG 2 and little later Valiant’s communications officer said: ”They’re hailing us. They’re using English!” ”Put it on screen.” Said MG 2 and then a picture of an alien appeared to the screen. It looked little like Jem’hadar, but not much. Then he said: ”Identify yourself. What is your mission here?” Then the MG 2 looked little worried and said: ”Perhaps we should just blow them away.” ”They’re not in weapons range. Looks like they’ve noticed that also, because they’re no longer approaching.” ”What should we do?” asked MG 2 and was thinking. Then the communications officer said: ”I just picked up a transmission which was sent to the unknown fleet. It’s location is unknown, no way to trace it. Must have been jammed.” ”The status of the fleet. Holding still and no longer transmitting.” ”Damn, do not raise shields, not just yet. Lets see if we can get another chance.” They just waited a little while, until the weapons officer said: ”They’re powering up weapons and are moving to engage us.” ”Pravin, take the other four we’ll take out the other.” ”You got it.” Said Pravin from his ship and then he said: ”Shields up and power up weapons.” ”Yes, sir.” Said his weapons officer. Then in the Valiant: ”They’re in weapons range in 20 seconds.” The ships we just closing and when they were in the weapons range the weapons officer said: ”Firing.” both ships fired a load of torpedoes, both destroying one. After that the unknown ships started to withdrew. Both Valiant and Untouchable were in the pursue course. The unknown ships were moving little faster than untouchable or Valiant. When the unknown ships were approaching a some strange hole the science officer in Valiant said: ”The ships are heading to some strange anomaly. It’s both a black hole and a wormhole. I can’t get clear readings from it.” ”Take us in and see what we have there.” Said MG 2 and then the Valiant began going inside, but Untouchable stayed in the Oglius system. When the Valiant went trough the field they saw a huge fleet and then MG 2 asked: ”Is this the place where the Folan visited?” ”Yes.” Answered Valiant’s science officer. Then in the other side, onboard the Untouchable: ”Are you sure they went there?” asked Pravin and the science officer said: ”Positive.” Then something was happening and suddenly the Valiant was coming out and then Pravin yelled: ”Backward, fast!” Then the Untouchable moved out of Valiant’s way which was firing on the Emissary’s ships. Then MG 2 said to Pravin: ”The fleet is moving now. They sent 20 ships against us. They have some planetkiller ship with ‘em. There’s also Jem’hadar ships. We gotta warn GP and Aldaain!” ”Take us out of here.” Said Pravin and then both were activating their jump engines. Valiant had already destroyed 11 of the ships, but nine remained. Then they activated their jump drives and a hole appeared in front of them again. Both went inside and the Emissary ships tried also, but they were vaporized when they went inside Then the hole closed. After that MG 2 said: ”Hail Exploreison!” In the Exploreison: ”Captains we’re being hailed by the Valiant!” said Ghi’la with surprised face ”ON SCREEN!” Yelled Gigerdius and then MG 2’s face came to screen. Then he said: ”Gigerdius, the Emissary’s fleet is on the move now. We need to warn GP and Aldaain. They’ll be attacked soon. And they have a some kind of planetkiller ships with ‘em also.” ”And how did you find this out? Another message?” ”Not actually, but you need to trust me. We encountered a small fleet of the min Oglius system and after they received a some kind of message they noticed us.” ”That isn’t possible. Of course the mark can be noticed, but who these Emissarys are?” ”They appear to be former servants of the Timocracy.” ”They might not even know about IPA. Strange... Ghi’la you said that there was some odd transmission.” ”I’m not sure about it...” said Ghi’la and then Gigerdius saw a phaser in his right side and said: ”It appears that we have found the source to this transmission. I’ll be calling you. Exploreison out.” Then he turned to face Dhaglar which said: ”You’ll give me shuttle and let me go and no one will be hurt.” ”Why did this Dhaglar. IPA gave you an important mission and this is the way you repay for it.” ”Gigerdians are with the Hemmoians and Hemmoians can die! They never cared about us and now that Gigerdians are with them, they can die as well.” Then R’Derex came to bridge and Dhaglar pointed the gun at him and said: ”Don’t move!” then Gigerdius stood up from his chair and continued: ”We gave you a possibility.” ”Emissarys offered a better offer.” Then R’Derex was taking a gun out and Gigerdius slapped the gun out of Dhaglar's hand and said: ”Do you want to speak or do you want me to give YOU to him.” And he pointed R’Derex then Gigerdius continued: ”He has been thought a little tricks. Tricks that I don’t not even dream about. So do you want to talk or...” ”Yes.” Answered Dhaglar and then Gigerdius said: ”Good.” Valiant took course to Aldaain and Untouchable took course to GP. In the Valiant, MG 2 was little restless, but then Gigerdius called and said: ”President, our friend Dhaglar seemed to work for the Emissarys. Apparently they are going to strike both GP and Aldaain. DHR seems to be assisting. Making some face attack or something. Weakening the defenses at Aldaain and they’ll brought a Orlian planet killer to GP. Just one. Only we have to do is destroy it. Before it destroys GP. We only need to get more defenses to GP and to Aldaain.” ”I can take care of GP, but you try to get more defenses to Aldaain. I’m heading to there. Pravin is going to GP. I’ll contact IPA’s council to get some ships to Aldaain and to GP. And if Exploration’s captain’s friend can do something.” Said MG 2 ands then Gigerdius said: ”All right. I’ll try to get contact with the Hemmoians. If I can. Gigerdius out.” ”Get me contact with IPA’s council and FAST!” said MG 2 and then the communications officer said: ”Getting........ Link established.” A picture of a Gigerdian came to the screen and she said: ”President, what can I do for you?” ”Get fleet to GP and to Aldaain FAST. Timocracy’s servants are about to strike both of them, I don’t have time to explain, but just DO IT!!” then he terminated the communications and said: ”Hail the Exploration!” ”All right....... Communication link established.” ”William, can you talk with your friend in the GA’s senate?” ”I can, but...” ”An attack is coming to GP. Tell them that Timocracy’s servants are coming and if they don’t believe that tell them... Tell them that I’m attacking. That should wake them!” ”I’ll do my best.” ”Good!” then MG 2 again terminated the communication. Then in the Exploreison: ”I can’t get connection to Hemmoians. Not to any outpost or planet. It’s like they’re whole communication network is down.” Said Ghi’la and then Gigerdius went little angry and said: ”Damn, DHR must have figured out this as well. Well keep trying!” ”I will sir!” Then in the Exploration: ”Contact Denshon Del in the GP. To my ready room.” Said William Gretz and then he went to his ready room. Then the computer said: ”Communication link established.” A face of an young Gigerdian came to screen and Gretz asked: ”Can you get some defensive fleet to GP?” ”If there’s a good reason.” ”Timocracy’s servants are coming to GP. Mad Gigerdi 2 told me. President of Senate might not believe this, but it’s the truth. If they don’t believe that they will believe the other possibility.” ”Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Well I believe you, in a way. I’ll do it. No matter what. Are the other races coming as well?” ”I think so.” ”I hope the leading captain doesn’t start firing immediately” ”I hope so too. Well thanks, I’ll repay this.” ”If this attack is true. Then you already had repaid it.” Then Gretz terminated the communication. Valiant was arriving to Aldaain so was the Untouchable to GP. Valiant was just jumping out when the communications officer said: ”We’re being hailed, but president Dalleer.” ”Strange, well on screen.” ”So now you’re starting a war with us. I knew this had to happen soon. Your invasion fleet which is coming...” ”It isn’t my invasion fleet. It’s the fleet of the Timocracy’s servants. The Emissary’s.” ”It’s YOUR invasion fleet....” ”Of course it’s my invasion fleet. Who else would want to attack our beloved homeworld, well no one. It isn’t my invasion fleet idiot!” then he terminated the communications. Just after that in the GP’s area of space: ”This attack is foolish!” said the leading admiral of the GAM’s fleet. Then Pravin said: ”It’s not our fleet admiral and you can be sure about that soon.” Then ships were jumping out and to the GP same time to the Aldaain. There was lots of fleet in the both systems and a Orlian planet killer which was closing to the GP. Then the admiral asked: ”What shall we do?” ”The planet killer posses the largest threat, we must destroy it. Just give us some space and we’ll try to destroy it... In some way!” Then the GAM’s ships were closing on the Emissary’s as well. In the Aldaain, just before the battle starts: ”I’m not reading any Folan ships in here.” ”Damn, guess we’ll have to make it without them!” Exploreison was closing to Aldaain, and R’Derex was in his quarters: ”Hello R’Derex. You wanted to ask are we working for the resistance. Well surely we are. I resisted it, but the others wanted it. We created the resistance. Without us there wouldn’t have never been a some kind of resistance. We have helped the resistance’s leader long before it became official. You didn’t like this answer, but there it is. Straight said.” Said the Folan who’s face wasn’t showed and then R’Derex said: ”You’re right. That wasn’t the answer I was expecting. Or in a way it was, but not so straight. There’s one other thing I need to ask.” ”Go ahead.” ”Is the Folan helping GA and HF now?” ”No fleet was sent.” ”WHAT?!? WHY?!?” ”Emperor wanted so, but I can persuade him if you want?” ”You can do that, well do it, but I can’t repay that if I don’t know you.” ”You know and you don’t have to repay this. I’m repaying to you by fulfilling your request. I hope you’ll find out everything soon.” Then the communication was terminated. R’Derex stood a while until he heard the sound of red alert and then he ran to his station in the security center. The battle was beginning. At the Aldaain: The Emissary’s ships began firing against the IGA’s and Hemmoian’s ships. They got only damage to shields. Then eight Constellations attacked against the Emissary’s capital ship and fired a full load of torpedoes to it, making lots of damage, but still it wasn’t yet destroyed. Fighters were moving to intercept the Emissary’s fighters. The Valiant also started firing on the Emissarys. Then Orlians dreadnoughts came to both planets and then in the Valiant: ”Damn, looks like they have Orlian dreadnoughts. Some of them must be holo ships. We need to figure out which ones.” Said MG 2 and then later the science officer said: ”All of them seem to be as real ships. I can’t tell if or how many of them there are.” ”Put them on screen.” Said MG 2 and then a huge fleet of Dreadnoughts came to the screen. ”MG 2 looked at them and noticed that huge fleet was protecting one and then he said: ”It must be that, it’s so well protected!” ”Is there ships behind that?” asked Anna Bakteeri and then three ships came to the screen. Three dreadnoughts which were behind of the larger fleet. Then the Bacterian said: ”It’s the one in the middle of them. It can’t be so easily targeted or destroyed.” ”First we need to get past of the larger fleet. Can you do that?” asked MG 2 from the helms officer and then he answered: ”I think I should be able to.” Then the Valiant was increasing speed to intercept the dreadnought. The dreadnoughts were destroying many ships because their weapons pierced the shields of all the ships. Huge fleet of Emissary’s ships blocked the Valiant’s way to the dreadnoughts and the Helms man said: ”The ships are blocking our way. I can’t reach the dreadnoughts in any way.” ”DAMN!” said MG 2 and was little angry. The Emissarys were making heavy damage to Valiant’s shields and it had to fallback. The Orlians were destroying huge amount of ships at both planets. In the Valiant: ”Damn, we can’t get past of those ships and those Orlians are too powerful and we are the Folans?!?” yelled MG 2 and then the science officer said: ”I’m picking up something...” Folans Warbirds were decloaking in the area and destroyed lots of the Emissary’s ships immediately they arrived and more of them were decloaking at the both planets. Then in the Gigerdi Prime: ”Captain, Folan ships are decloaking and we now have a clear shot to the Orlian planet killer.” Said the science officer and then the weapons officer said: ”Firing main guns!” and then the Untouchable began firing it’s main guns and it took out the planet killers shields. The Science officer then said: ”The planet killer’s shields are down, but it got no hull damage.” ”DAMN, guess there’s only one other way. RAMMING SPEED!” then the Untouchable engaged full burners and it was on ramming course. In the Aldaain: The Folans had cleared the way for Valiant as well and it was engaging the Orlians dreadnoughts. When one was destroyed, few dreadnoughts just disappeared from the battle and then almost all ships began firing the dreadnoughts. They destroyed all of them almost in a few seconds. With the help of Folans, Valiant and the other ships they destroyed Emissary’s and Jem’hadar’s ships only few were able to escape from the area of Aldaain. In the Gigerdi Prime the Untouchable was ramming to the Planet killer and when it did it, it did so much damage that it was exploding and was beginning to explode. Then all the ships in the area were leaving, including the Emissary’s. The planet killer produced a huge shockwave. The remaining Emissary fleet began bombarding the Gigerdi Prime and before they were all destroyed, an entire area of GP was destroyed. Millions were dead. The Fleets had been stopped at both planets. They were save once again and for now. Everything wasn’t normal on either planets.

Chapter 4: Truth

The Valiant returned to the GP and when MG 2 was informed what happened he couldn’t understand it. Of course Pravin had sacrificed for the GP. Then he was thinking a sentence he had heard long time ago: ”Someone must be sacrificed, if all are to be saved.” This sacrifice had saved an entire planet. Then the MG 2 beamed down to GP. Where he was brought directly to Dalleer’s office: ”So ”president”, have you read the reports about Aldaain?” said Dalleer and placed a pad to the table ”No I haven’t.” said MG 2 and took the pad from the table. He read it and after that he said: ”A plague? They dropped a plague to Aldaain and they blew up one area of their planet!” ”Yes, it takes five years until it kills everyone at Aldaain and later... After about eight years.... The galaxy is dead!” ”This isn’t good, well the Valiant will go search for the cure. That’s for sure! What about the Exploreison?” ”TO me it’s the same what it does. The research and exploration can decide what to do with it.” ”I see, so when will my court-martial begin?” asked MG 2. In the Exploreison: ”Emissarys destroyed the Orlian’s research facilities and all information about the cure. They’re quite doomed race. They do have military still and of course. They do have citizens. Research and Exploration ordered us to stay with the Exploration and Exploration has been ordered to stay with the Valiant.” Said Gigerdius and the Mora said: ”It looks like we will have a new mission. This time not to explore strange new worlds, but to find the cure at any cost.” ”Mora I almost forgot, we should go meet R’Derex.” ”Oh... Good that you remembered that. It’s time for the truth.” Then they went to the Security center where R’Derex was. When they arrived Gigerdius asked: ”So, what did you found?” ”You won’t like this... They ARE assisting them, at least they were and I don’t know, but I asked him to send ships to Aldaain and to GP. He accepted and said that I have already repaid the request. I don’t understand this.” ”Looks like it is true. Well without them... Our planet would be gone. We can’t tell this. Not yet. I hope they’ll understand. I surely hope so...” Then in the PS: ”Looks like the Aldaain is infected. Guess we just have to wait what happens...” said Pertsa while he was sitting in his office. In the DS9: ”The unknown ship which was here!” said Dax and then Sisko asked with curious face: ”What about that?” ”It was Emissary’s ship. Looks like they wanted to trap the fleet here. When the attack was beginning they left immediately from here. They wanted them to stay here. So that the attack fleet would be weaker.” ”Good plan, but better was that we located the jamming device and eliminated it.” Said O’Brien then Kira said: ”Still the attack fleet would have been big.” Then Dax said: ”DHR made some fake attack and they also made a fake distress call from the Bacterius or whatever it is.” ”Still what about the Folans, they had a big fleet and they were the ones that solved the battle. Without them... Either of them wouldn’t exist.” Said Kira ”Perhaps they had a plan on them as well...” said Sisko. In the security office Odo was just sitting and thinking. On the Romulus: ”It’s time for new age. Age of peace and cooperation. The Emissarys were wrong chose. The Intergalactic Alliance is the right one. With them, we don’t have to fear anything and still we won’t have any others here. We can live peacefully. Making deal with the Emissarys wasn’t the right one. Neither assisting the resistance. We need to cooperate, only then we cannot be threatened!” said one Folan in the Romulus’s central plaza. The people was supporting him. First officer’s log stardate 71656.4: The attack was repelled, but the plague came to Aldaain. Five years and then everyone there is dead and later.... Well I can’t not even think about that. Eight years and we’re all dead! I just hope.... I just hope that we’ll find the cure to this Emissary plague in time. With the help of Exploration and Valiant we should be able to find it in time. The crew to Valiant will be selected soon, I haven’t heard about it lot just yet. I hope we can start our search soon. First time...... I’m thanking Folans for what they did. First time they did something... Something really good. Heh, I never thought they even COULD do something like this. Strange that president Dalleer never thanked anyone. Of course Pravin.... Well he sacrificed himself for the Gigerdi Prime. Without him or Folans........ Well..... Then Gigerdi Prime wouldn’t no longer exist. Dalleer never thanked IGA. I don’t know why, but he just didn’t. He’s strange president and now is the court-martial of the other president. Mad Gigerdi 2, we’ll see what happens to him then. The court-martial is in the next day. Well I won’t be able see it, but perhaps I can hear what happens in there. I just hope everything will be fine soon. End log.

The long night has come, the plague came to Aldaain, but life on Gigerdi Prime continues. Three ships must find the cure at all costs. Four captains and three crew. Caught in the struggle between the Section 18 and the Gigerdian resistance is Mad Gigerdi 2. Who’s past owns the key to GP’s future and the fate of Gigerdians. The four captains must search the galaxy and find the cure in five years, before everyone on Aldaain will die. The three ships must sacrifice everything to save the galaxy.

To Be Continued....