The Long Road

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G.A.S. Exploreison

The Long Road

A new day was coming to Gigerdi Dome and to Exploreison. Gigerdius was sitting in his ready room. He was just thinking. Then Mora came in. Gigerdius didn’t notice anything. More stood a little while and then said: ”Been here all night?” ”What? Oh, well I’m not sure, but I think so.” ”Well I thought so.” said Mora and walked to look out of the holowindow; there he looked at the GP that wasn’t the same anymore. Then he continued: ”Lot’s of people died there, the planet surely has changed. Hopefully we don’t have to wait so long.” ”Valiant should get new captain in a few days. Then we can go.” Said Gigerdius and then Mora started going towards the door and said: ”I’m going to eat something, you coming?” ”Maybe I could, haven’t ate anything.” ”Ok, let’s go.” said Mora and then they left.

The long night has come; plague came to Aldaain and to the galaxy. In the fate of three ships lies the future of the galaxy. The four captains must search the galaxy and find the cure in five years, before everyone in the galaxy will die. The three ships must sacrifice everything to save the galaxy. In the G.A.S. Exploreison hope lives again.

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Min’da was visiting Gigerdi Dome, she was also visiting the resistance’s HQ. She was talking with Rolon Telk at the resistance’s HQ: ”I will be going back to Exploreison soon, we have been ordered to assist in finding the cure.” ”Well we’ll continue normally here, and I doubt much will happen now after the Emissary attack.” ”I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” said the leader of the resistance. ”He might be right, but we just need to watch and wait. Some people might accuse us in being alliance with the Emissaries.” ”She’s right Gron, we should just wait for a little while before we start doing anything. No that there’s this Mad Gigerdi 2 thing and the section which was destroyed here has to be rebuilt.” ”Section 18 might use this also as an advantage, but still it might be good to be quiet for now.” and then Gron left. ”I think I should get back to the Exploreison. So that they will not start looking for me.” ”Ok, we should do just fine here. Good luck to your mission.” ”Thank you.” and then Min’da left. Then Rolon started using his computer. Min’da was going back to the Exploreison. She went to outside, pressed the communicator and said: ”One to beam up.” and then she was beamed back to the Exploreison.

Drill and Deket were looking the Valiant from inside. Sprak and R’Derex were there also, but they were looking it from outside. Drill and Deket were in the engineering: ”This ship looks just fine.” said Drill and then Deket said: ”Yes, it does. At least what I’ve seen and heard.” Then one Lihter came close to them and said: ”Welcome aboard, the ship is ready to leave in 12 hours.” ”Nice, gotta do something ’till that.” said Drill and then Deket said: ”Well, we could visit Gigerdi Prime of course.” ”Yeah, that might be a good idea. It’s been a long time since I’ve been there.” answered Drill and then they left from the engineering and the Lihter continued doing his job. Sprak’s and R’Derex’s shuttle was going around the Valiant when R’Derex said: ”It’s a fine ship, I hope we can find the cure with the help of it.” Then they started returning to the Exploreison.

Gigerdius and Mora were at the bridge, which was quite empty. No one was there except Gigerdius and Mora. Then Mora said: ”Looks like everyone has gone into vacation now.” ”Most of them is getting to know the Valiant or then they’re somewhere at the Gigerdi Prime, now that they have a vacation after a long time.” Then Mora asked from Gigerdius: ”Are you going to visit your family?” ”Yeah, actually I’m leaving in 30 minutes.” answered Gigerdius and looked at Mora for a second, then Mora responded: ”Ok, I think I’ll be going to visit my family too. The only problem is that they don’t live here, but I should have enough time to visit them.” Then Gigerdius started using the console, which was on his right side and then placed Valiant to the viewscreen and then they both looked at it. They just looked for a while without saying anything. Then Gigerdius said: “She’s a fine ship I must say.” “You’ve said that quite many times already.” Mora said and looked at Gigerdius and then Gigerdius responded: “Well, you can’t never say that too many times.” then Mora looked at the Valiant and said: “Well, I suppose you’re right.”

T’Lar was at the Hazard team’s equipment room. She was just sitting in front of his equipment locker. Then R’Derex came in and before R’Derex was able to say anything T’Lar already asked: “You know something about it, don’t you?” Then R’Derex walked in and was quite surprised, he then asked: “Well… What do you mean?” “You know why the Folan ships came so late to the battle.” said T’Lar. Then R’Derex looked again a bit surprised, but didn’t at first say anything, but then little later he responded: “In a way I do know something about it, but not nearly enough so I could get any sense of it.”, he then stopped talking for a bit, but then continued “Only thing I can tell, is that I was somehow able to persuade them to send ships to Gigerdi Prime and Aldaain.” “I see, well good thing you were able to do that.” said T’Lar and soon she continued “You don’t have any idea how you were able to do that?” “No, that’s what makes this so annoying. I’ve tried to think about it, but can’t make much of any sense of it. Maybe I’ll find it out…. Someday…” said R’Derex and then T’Lar stood up and said: “I think that I’m gonna visit Gigerdi Prime, now that we’re here.” Then R’Derex responded: “I’ll come, too. I wonder will someone else come, too.” “Well, I think that I’ll be going to my quarters now.” said T’Lar and was walking towards the door when R’Derex still said: “All right, I’ll inform you when we’re going then.” “Ok,” said T’Lar and then left from the room. R’Derex then went to his office.

In the I.A.S. Exploration, Gretz was sitting on the captain’s chair and looking to the screen, which had the picture of Gigerdi Prime on it. He was the only one in the bridge, until Deslar came in. At first she thought that no one was at the bridge, but then she noticed Gretz and then asked: “How long you’ve been sitting here?” “Just few hours, not so much.” answered Gretz and just looked at the screen as he would have not noticed her. Then Deslar came closer and then said: “Just few hours. Yeah, I’m sure, but why the hell you are just sitting here anyway?” “It’s just that…. Well…. I’m not Gigerdian, like you are, but still I come from one former GA colony, which “defected” to IPA. I just somehow keep Gigerdi Prime as my homeworld, even that Earth is mostly my homeworld.” Answered Gretz and still continues looking at the screen. Then Deslar sat to her chair, which was on the Gretz’s chair’s right side. Then se again said: “So, now that the Emissaries attacked to here you feel like your own homeworld would have been attacked and bombarded.” “Yes! That’s right! Might sound really weird, but it’s the truth. Somehow it just is…” Said Gretz and also looked at Deslar. Then Deslar said: “Well, why don’t you come and take a look of your homeworld then?” and also a bit laughed while said that, then Gretz used the console on his left and turned off the viewscreen and then said: “Hell, I can’t waste whole day here anyway, so guess I should visit it.” “Heh heh, let’s go then.” and then they both left from the bridge, went to the transporter room, and by that to the Gigerdi Prime.

The court-martial was starting at the Gigerdi Prime. R’Derex was sleeping in his office when Deket came in and then said: “R’Derex?” but R’Derex just continued sleeping, then Deket said again, but louder this time: “R’DEREX!!!!” “What?!?!” asked R’Derex when he woke up. Then Deket continued: “You said you were going somewhere now?” Then R’Derex looked at the clock and then said: “Damn! It’s also so much. I’m going to watch the court-martial, are you coming?” Then Deket answered: “Sure, I could of course.” R’Derex and Deket then left from the office and R’Derex asked: “Could you ask from Sprak is he coming?” “Sure.” answered Deket and then they went to the turbolift where R’Derex then said: “I’ll get T’Lar, come to the shuttle bay nine then.” Then Deket looked at R’Derex and asked: “Shuttle bay? Why we don’t use transporters?” “I don’t like those things, so I’m going by shuttle at least.” R’Derex answered and then the turbolift arrived to deck 178 and R’Derex was leaving from the lift when Deket said: “Ok, we’ll be there.” Then R’Derex was going to the T’Lar’s quarters. When he got there, he ringed the doorbell. T’Lar was looking Gigerdian News. T’Lar then said: “Enter.” Then R’Derex came in and said: “We should go now.” “All right.” answered T’Lar and then turned the screen off. Then they both left. Deket and Sprak already arrived at the shuttle bay nine and were readying one shuttle. Then R’Derex and T’Lar came to the shuttle bay and saw the activated shuttle. They then went inside, where Sprak and Deket already were. When they arrived R’Derex said: “Ok, I think we’re ready to go now.” Then the shuttle started rising, then T’Lar asked: “When the court-martial starts?” Everyone was quiet until Sprak said: “It has already started.” “HAS?!?” asked T’Lar and looked at R’Derex, but he was quiet. *

Min’da was at the Ze’er’s “office”, when Ze’er came to there. Ze’er then asked: “Why are you here?” “Is this place secure?” Min’da then asked and Ze’er responded: “Yes. You wish to talk about the recent happenings?” “Yes, you know that I work for the resistance.” “What about that?” asked Ze’er and then Min’da turned to face Ze’er and then said: “I believe that what we do is right, but I am not sure how you think about this.” “I do not support any resistance actions now, but I do not support Section 18 either. If the others find out what you are doing, you will not continue in the Exploreison then.” “I know the consequences, but I believe that this is the right way. I do not much do anything at the Exploreison, so it would not be a great loss, if I had not be there.” “You have your own way of thinking, like everyone has. Do not allow anyone else to know about this, I am not going to tell anyone about this.” said Ze’er and then went to sit on his chair and then Min’da looked at him and said: “You are the only one who knows about this, except those who work for the resistance. Hopefully He’Isa will not find out of my actions.” Then Min’da left from the “office” and Ze’er then said: “I hope so, too.” Then not long after Min’da had left, Shi’Iva came in and then asked: “Min’da was here?” Then Ze’er looked at her and answered: “Yes, she was here.” “Something you wish to talk about?” asked Shi’Iva and then went to the front of Ze’er’s chair, Ze’er then responded: “Not at this time.” “Whatever you say. I came here to talk about He’Isa’s plan and so did she as well.” Then Ze’er stood up and asked: “She came as well?” Then He’Isa came in and said: “Yes, I came as well.” Then Ze’er sat to his chair again. Then all of them changed into energy based form.

Ghi’La, Drill, Fhogli, Mora, Gigerdius, Grillka and Brian were at the court-martial when R’Derex, T’Lar, Sprak and Deket arrived. Then R’Derex said: “Looks like it has already begun.” “Yeah, well we’re “only” 20 minutes late.” said T’Lar and looked at R’Derex, who then responded: “Well, it’s not so much.” “Heh, sure.” laughed Deket. Then the judge said: ”We’ll continue this court-martial tomorrow. Then it will be decided wetter Mad Gigerdi 2 will be judged or relieved from all the crimes.” Then T’Lar looked at R’Derex and he then said: “Hups…” Then Grillka asked: “Why you came here so late?” “Someone just didn’t notice how fast time was going.” T’Lar said and then they left from the court-martial room when R’Derex said: “I was just tired and then started sleeping.” Mora, Gigerdius and Gretz had already left and gone to their shuttle where Gigerdius said: “I need to visit my family now, I told them that I’ll be coming there again.” “All right, we’ll take the shuttle to Exploreison and then beam ourselves to here.” said Mora and then they left. Gigerdius went to the closest transporter center, since his family lives far from the Gigord. R’Derex, T’lar, Sprak and Deket then went to look the Gigerdi Dome. Brian was going to see his home. Drill and Grillka were going to the Espak, Fhogli and Ghi’la were going to the Pors.

Gigerdius had arrived in front of his former home. He was thinking: It has been too long. I surely have missed this place a lot. Then he went at the door and ringed the doorbell.­ Then Gurned opened the door and saw Gigerdius. Gigerdius then said: “It’s nice to see you again. It has been far too long from the last time.” “Indeed, come in.” then Gigerdius came in and closed the door behind him. He looked around a bit and then said: “Looks like nothing has changed from the last time.” “Please, sit down, do you want something to drink or eat?” asked Gurned while she pointed to a sohva. Gigerdius then sat to it and answered: “No, I don’t need anything right now. Where’s Siernan? I wasn’t able to contact him.” “I told him that you’re coming and he said that he’ll try to get here.” said Gurned and then went to sit to Gigerdius’s right side and took his hand. Gigerdius then said: “It’s been more than a year from the last time I was here.” “We thought that you were killed then three years ago, but good thing you weren’t. You visit here too little.” said Gurned and then Gigerdius looked at her and said: “I know that, but I can’t visit here more. I’m needed at the Exploreison, I somehow am just needed there.” “I know….” Then they both were quiet sometime until Gurned asked: “When you’re going back to the Exploreison?” then Gigerdius answered and looked at her: “Tomorrow I think.”

Brian was going to see his old friend, H. R. Gigerdi. Who lived in the Pors. H. R. lived quite near to the Gigerdi Alliance News Network’s Headquarters. H. R. lived in quite a small house, which was located in the Pors’s apartment area. When Brian was walking towards H. R.’s house he was constantly looking around. There were quite lot of trees in that part of the city and planet. After a quite long walk he finally arrived at H. R’s house, it was really small, but you could understand that because he lived alone. The courtyard was quite big, if you compare it to the size of the house, it was almost two times bigger than the house. Brian looked the courtyard for a while and noticed that it was quite well maintained. Then he moved to the door and pressed the doorbell. It didn’t take long before H. R. came to open the door. When H. R. noticed Brian he said: ”Oh it’s you, I was wondering when you will visit here. Well it’s been a long time... Come in.” Then he went in and closed the door behind him. Brian looked around and noticed that the house was really small, since it had only about three rooms. Brian then said: ”You apparently haven’t increased the house size at all, but the courtyard is much bigger now.” Brian then sat to a chair and H. R. sat to another chair, he then responded: ”I haven’t been offered any bigger house and the main reason is that I live alone, but I was able to increase the garden’s size, since there was room around.” Then Brain asked: ”Well, how’s the things been going around here?” then H. R. answered after a while: ”Normally before the Emissary attack, but after it things have changed a lot around here, as you might have already noticed. When the attack begun some people started to panic which of course is understandable, but even after that some people are in minor panic because of the plague.” ”Yes, I have noticed that people aren’t so happy anymore around here, I wasn’t not even able to see much people around in the street at least if you compare to the last time I was here.” said Brian and looked out of the window. Then H. R. looked out of it too and asked: ”So, when you’re gonna start the search of the cure to this plague?” ”In few days I thin. Valiant should be ready to go in few days and when it is, we’ll be on our way to our first target.” answered Brian then H. R. looked at him and asked: ”So, what will be your first target?” ”To the only planet that was fully controlled by the Emissaries, which is located near to Orlian territory. Strangely we have been ordered to there, even that other ships would be ready already now.” Then H. R. looked out of the window again and then said: ”I see. Hopefully you’ll be able to find some clues there, but I doubt that the cure will be found from there.” ”Yeah, I think so, too, but we don’t have much of any other choices right now, so we have to try this one.” Brian answered. Then H. R. stood up and asked: ”You want something to drink?” ”Sure, I’d like to take a glass of Folan ale.” Brian answered and then H. R. laughed and said: ”Good thing you aren’t on Earth now, because you wouldn’t be able to drink it legally there.” ”I know, good thing I’m now here.” then H. R. went to his kitchen and to replicator. He then took two glasses of Folan ale and then went back to the living room and gave the glass to Brian, but then Brian said: ”Oh, but I actually can’t drink right now, since I still have to get to the Exploreison and I have some work to do there, sorry.” ”Ok, well it’s okay since you’re working in really important ship, I’m just a simple reporter also a reporter who isn’t much known.” said H. R. and then took Brian’s glass back to kitchen, placed it to the replicator which then transformed it to energy. Then he went back to the living room and then Brian said: ”Well, you are known, but I know that it’s mostly just because of your name.” ”Yes, that is mostly the only reason.” said H. R. and looked out of the window while standing. Then Brian asked: ”So, you know anything about Kyle Gigerdi 2?” ”Everything you know as well, but nothing else actually. Why are you asking anyway?” said H. R. and looked a bit surprised. Then Brian looked out of the window, too and said: ”Just asking, just in case you happen to know something about it. It was strange that he just disappeared.” Then H. R. looked at him and said: ”Actually it was Rubek’s forces that kidnapped him, so he’s probably dead. Rubek might not been able to capture the power, if Mad Gigerdi 2 had been there.” ”Yeah, but he was strangely missing then as well, might have been Rubek’s plans, too.” said Brian and then H. R. responded: ”Yes, it is highly possible. Someday we might be able to find out the truth.” ”Yes, maybe someday. Anyway, you must have heard about Mad Gigerdi 2?” asked Brian and looked at H. R. who then sat to a chair which was close to him and then answered: ”Well, you should ask that who hasn’t heard. I have heard, everything that can be heard.” Then Brian asked again: ”What do you think about it and him?” ”I think that it was right for him and to everyone and what I think of him.... Well.... Many people don’t like him because of his father and the things he did during the GA-IPA conflict, but I don’t much care about those times, past is the past.” Then Brian said: ”Yes, some people don’t like him because of his father, Gill Mora for example. I have to agree with you, strange that some people hate him because of his father, but I guess it’s understandable, since Mad Gigerdi shot down many of the Kyle Gigerdi’s ships and lot’s of people died during the civil war.” ”In the GA-IPA conflict also lot’s of people died, and some people believe that it was Mad Gigerdi 2’s fault, even that I really don’t think so, but some people really think that way.” Said Brian and then H. R. Gigerdi stood up and walked at the window and then said: ”Things change fast, so has the Gigerdi Primes changed, someday perhaps, it will the same as it was during the time of the Gigerdi Federation. Nowadays it’s much different than it was, especially after the Emissary attack, when they destroyed one area of the planet.” ”Still, you should be happy that you’re alive and that they didn’t destroy the whole planet, just one continent. Yet still, I know that lot’s of people died there, but still it’s better than the whole planet.” said Brian and also looked out of the window. ”I think that I’ll watch the news now.” said H. R. and went to a screen and then Brian asked: ”You making any news right now?” ”No, I’m on vacation right now, but I will be going to work in a weeks.” answered H. R. and then activated the screen, he opened the Gigerdian News and there were news already going. Brian also moved closer to the screen. There were mostly just normal news, but there were also a lot of news about the Mad Gigerdi 2 and his release. Then Brian asked: ”People talk a lot about Mad Gigerdi 2 now, well it is understandable, since we also talked about him. It is quite strange that how much one man can affect to some people’s life.” “H. R. was watching the news and then answered: “Yeah, it is quite strange, but that sort of things has happened a lot in the Gigerdian history.” “Yeah, I know, I’ve read a little of Gigerdian history, so I know something about it.” Said Brian while he was also watching the news. Then suddenly there came news about the Exploreison and Valiant. Then Brian said: “Looks like they haven’t forgotten us, even after all these things have been happening.” “Heh heh, so it would appear.” Laughed H. R. and continued watching the news. Then Brian suddenly noticed that it was coming late and then said: “It’s starting to be quite late, I should be heading back to the Exploreison.” “Okay, well it was nice to meet you again.” Said H. R. and looked at him then Brian walked to the door and said: “Yeah, well I hope we can find the cure in time. Anyway, I hope that you will be able to live peacefully here.” “Thanks, well good luck to you.” Then Brian opened the door and then said: “We’ll see again then someday, but now see ya!” “OK, see ya.” Then Brian left from the house, went back to the street and then started heading back to the direction where he came from.

H. R. was in his house and moved into one console. He started using it and started recording his own personal log: “Hekfar 32 reporting; the plan failed, but I was able to get their first target’s location. I’ll be transferring the information before they leave, but because of security reasons I’m not transferring them, yet. I hope that the main plan will work and the secondary plan as well. Hekfar 32 end report.” Then he stood up and walked away from the console and to kitchen, there he took a bottle of Folan ale from the replicator and sat to one chair in the living room, then he started drinking the beer. He looked out of the window and was thinking: I cannot betray them, but right now I have no choice, I hope that the things I will do, won’t cause the destruction of the Gigerdi Alliance.

Deket, R’Derex, T’Lar and Sprak were sitting in brig. Both T’Lar and Deket were looking at R’Derex. R’Derex turned to look at them and then said: “Hey, don’t look at me! It wasn’t my fault, at least not fully…” “Why the hell you shot it with FULL CHARGE?!?!?” Asked T’Lar and was quite angry then R’Derex said: “I just put it to full charge quickly since I didn’t have much time to look how powerful setting I set. I noticed that quite big rock was falling from the top of one building and I tried to shoot it.” Then T’Lar shouted at him: “And you didn’t not even hit and it didn’t even hit close to us. You were only able to destroy quite a lot from that building there!!” “I’ve just had a bad day that’s all.” said R’Derex and then Deket laughed and said: “Yeah, sure.” he laughed a while and then continued, “A bad day I must admit. Anyway, I think we should forget the whole thing since I doubt that we get nothing else except some shouts, but that should be all.” “I agree with Deket, I doubt that this incident will cause any trouble to us.” said Sprak and then T’Lar responded: “OK, guess we should just wait here and see what happens.”

Night was coming to the Gigord and to the Gigerdi Dome. Brian, Ghi’La, Grillka, Fhogli and Drill had returned to the Exploreison, but Gigerdius, Mora, R’Derex, T’Lar, Deket and Sprak were still at Gigerdi Prime. Min’da was at the T-Race mothership. Mora was still visiting his parents at Gigerdi Prime. Grillka and Fhogli were at the Exploreison’s bridge. Grillka was looking at the viewscreen which had the image of Gigerdi Prime on it. Fhogli was making some work at his console. He then asked: “You’ve been looking at Gigerdi Prime for an hour already, how long you’re still gonna sit there?” “As long as the planet will be restored to normal again.” answered Grillka and still just continued looking at the screen. Fhogli looked at her and then said: “Well, it might not change back to normal unles we change it back to normal.” Then Grillka looked down and said: “Yeah, I know that. Still, only we cannot change it back to normal, we can only bring the cure, we can’t change anything else.” “Yeah, you’re right, still we can bring hope to the people in the galaxy, because they can now know that someone is actually looking for the cure and that there is hope that they can find it.” Fhogli said and then Grillka looked at him and said: “Yeah, well here hope lives here again, but I hope it lives somewhere else, too.” “Yeah, I hope so, too…” said Fhogli and looked at the screen, Grillka also turned to look at it. They just stared at it for a couple of seconds, then Fhogli started using his console again and said: “I think I should finish my work so I can get back to my quarters.” “I think that I’ll be going now, so see ya tomorrow again.” said Grillka and stood up, Fhogli still asked: “Isn’t here gonna be anyone at night?” “No, not now that we’re at Gigerdi Prime and there’s only night at Gigord and the cities close by, so you can’t much say that now is night.” said Grillka and then started going out from the room, but before she left Fhogli still said: “Yeah, you’re right, still the Gigord’s time is mostly our standard time.” Grillka then left, but Fhogli still remained in the bridga and continued his work. Then someone came to the upper levels of the bridge and looked down. He noticed Fhogli and then left from the observation area and went back to the bridge’s science area. All other consoles in the bridge had been deactivated except Fhogli’s, because he was still working. Soon he deactivated his console, too, and left from the bridge.

Some person then came again to bridge’s observation area and then went down the stairs to the bridge. He tried to activate the consoles, but failed to do that. He tried to activate every possible console at the bridge, but failed in the attempt. After this he went back to observation area and then went to science area again. From there he took a lift and went to the transporter room. He was beamed to the Gigerdi Prime, to the capital city, Gigord, but not to the Gigerdi Dome. There this person headed for Pors. He took a shuttle to there and then flu to the H. R. Gigerdi’s house. H. R. quickly opened the door and this person went inside. He spent only few minutes there and then quickly left again.