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Space Empires III: Peace Station Mod

Purpose of This Mod

The primary goal of this project is to produce a representation of the original Peace Station Universe as accurately as possible with the use of the Space Empires III engine. However, many of the features found in the game are hard-coded and thus can't be changed. What this means is that, for an example, there are no realistic FTL propulsion systems, so the players still have to rely on Warp Points instead, even while no such things actually exist in the Peace Station Universe.

The changes that are made are based on my knowledge of the universe, and might not be completely canon, i.e., might contradict some of the official literature. If you spot any clear mistakes, feel free to inform me or suggest alternative choices.

Also note that the target audience of this Mod is the very limited fanbase of the Peace Station series. While I think it's not entirely impossible to enjoy the mod without previous knowledge of the series, I strongly suggest newcomers to visit Peace Station Encyclopedia and maybe read a few stories before playing the mod.

Installation Notes

Firstly, you must have a registered version of Space Empires III installed on your hard drive. Then, there are two ways to install the mod.

One is to simply rename the installation folder of the game into "se3hf" and extracting the required archives on top of the existing installation. Note, however, that this will destroy the original data files and make your game incompatible with other, non-modded versions of the game.

The other way is to copy the installation into a different folder, named "se3hf", and then extracting the required archives on top of the copy. This way, you can have both a working version of the original Space Empires III as well as the modded version on the same machine.

Contents of the Archives

FILES.ZIP - Replacement for the files found in the FILES directory of your original Space Empires III installation. Includes new components, units and other technologies, as well as updated, official star system names from the Peace Station universe and a replacement for the EMPIRES.TXT list of names.

SOUNDS.ZIP - Replacement sounds for the wavs found in the SOUNDS directory.

PICTURES.ZIP - Replaces the COMPS.BMP found in PICTURES/GAME with a slightly edited one.

SHIPS.ZIP - Adds the official Peace Station shipsets to PICTURES/SHIPS.

Guide to the New Technologies

Since I have added many new inventions, components and units to the game, some of the original descriptions of the fields of research in the Technology Tree no longer apply. This section is meant to be a guide to playing your civilizations correctly by choosing the right areas of research.

Modified to cover the area of all known sub-light propulsion systems.

Different kinds of troops have been added.

An important tech for technological species, such as the Hemmoians and Mechanoids. Includes all kinds of computer-related inventions, such as drones, robots, androids and hacking techniques.

Some additional tech levels have been added.

Modified to cover the area of all standard shielding systems.

Phased Shields
Modified to cover the area of Anti-Matter Shields.

Emissive Armor
Some additional tech levels have been added.

Eternal Energy Sources
Singularity Reactors. Only the name has been changed.

Weapons: Beam
Modified to cover the area of all standard beam weapons.

Weapons: Torpedo
Some names have been changed.

Weapons: Point-Defense
Now includes planetary point-defense systems.

Weapons: Phased Energy
Particle Disruptors. The standard ass kickers of the universe.

Weapons: Shield Damaging
Weapons: Engine Damaging
Weapons: Weapon Damaging
EMP weapons and Ion Cannons added. Important for rogue states like the DHR.

Weapons: Gravitational
Includes Black Hole Generators.

Facilities: Construction
Facilities: Research
Facilities: Intelligence
All kinds of new facilities have been added. Some are more effective than the originals, some are less. Some are added only to provide a little bit of variation - Instead of having just the same generic "construction center" on every colony, you can have different facilities.

Facilities: Planet Conditions
Only names have been changed to more "realistic" versions.

Facilities: Planetary Defense
All kinds of new facilities have been added. Some are more effective than the originals, some are less.

General Science: Military
Some new facilities have been added, some names have been changed. Some are more effective than the originals, some are less.

General Science: Biology/Genetics
Important for species using organic technology, such as the Bacterians. Includes organic ship components, weapons, and cloning.

General Science: Sociology/Psychology
Some inventions have been added. Telepathic abilities added. Important for species with telepaths and "effective crowd control" such as the Gigerdians.

General Science: Mathematics/Physics
Some minor changes.

General Science: Astrophysics
Some new inventions.

General Science: Ecology/Agriculture
Some new inventions.

Version History

- Initial release beta version.

- Second release. Some bugfixes. Should work better now.
- Fixed Division by zero caused by Volunteers.
- Fixed wrong weapons on fighters, drones and ground units.
- Added new facility pics.
- Components and facilities enhanced.

- Third release. Enhancements and fixes.
- Ground combat should finally work now.
- Fixed Division by zero caused by AA batteries.
- Thematic files (empire names, systems) enhanced.
- Components enhanced.

- Fourth release. Enhancements.
- Fixed wrong pic with Spy Array.
- Thematic files (shipsets, name files) enhanced.
- GFX updated (I mean, yellow particle disruptors? come on!)
- Made Plasma-Jet Engines the first engines, as they really are more low-tech than Ion Engines


All original content by Shok Teenik.

Based on the original Peace Station Universe as created by Shok Teenik, Mal Dalleer, Mad Gigerdi Jr., Namgron, and numerous others.

Space Empires III engine and original components by Malfador Machinations.

Optional sound files taken from various sci-fi publications, including, but not limited to, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Aliens and Ground Control. Their copyrights belong to their respective publishers, and no copyright infringment is intended.

The shipsets contain edited original material, however, I do not know the identities of the original authors. If you find your work here, let me know so I can credit you.


The Peace Station Universe on the Net: - Peace Station Encyclopedia - Gigerdi Alliance News Network - Official PS Movie Site

Mod Development e-mail:

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