The Judgement

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Secret of Gigerdi Prime

The Judgement

It was new day on GP: ”How long I suppose to wait this freaking court-martial!?! I’ve been waiting here for four hours and it’s not even beginning!! I’m tired waiting here!” Yelled Mad Gigerdi 2 in his so called ”quarters”. Which looked more like a prison cell. Then the security officer said: ”Sorry, but the court-martial is little late. You just have to wait.” ”WAIT?!? I’ve been waiting here for FOUR HOURS!!! I want to see the president!!” ”Sorry, but you can’t see him just yet.” Said the security officer while MG 2 was going around his quarters. In the Ze’er’s ”office”: ”I will not accept this!” said Ze’er and then Ronea Solnan said: ”Section 18 ordered us to search your... ”Office”. In the case we’ll find the evidence regarding the resistance.” ”I am not with the resistance. I’m not supporting it nor you. This is stupid, but if you have to do it, do it fast.” ”Surely Ze’er.” Said Ronea and then the section 18 troopers which were with him started searching and scanning the Ze’er’s ”office”, which was alive.

The long night has come, plague came to Aldaain, but live on Gigerdi Prime continues. Gigerdi Prime has only eight years time, but the live continues. Mad Gigerdi 2, a former president of IPA had now returned as he tries to start new life.

Chapter 1: The Unexpected

”The court-martial will begin tomorrow at 1445 hundred hours. You just have to wait until that, Mr. president.” said one GAM’s person and then MG 2 sat to one chair in his quarters and said: ”Thank you for informing me, but just noting that I’m no longer president. I was! I never liked being as president. I was just selected as a president. So if you have understood that now?!?” ”Lets make it as a... Civilian then.” Said the GAM’s person and left from the room. Then MG 2 was just sitting in the chair and thinking: TOMORROW!! It looks like I have to wait an entire DAY! Damn them, and I thought that they wanted to make my court-martial quick. But they didn’t wanted. And this quarters of mine... They might had as well put me to cell. Strangely, there’s one good thing. And that is that I’m finally back. There’s no place like home. In the Ze’er’s office: ”I can recognize your voice Mr. Solnan.” Said Ze’er and then Solnan turned to look at her and said: ”I haven’t met you before.” ”Perhaps I’m just mixing you to someone else.” Said Ze’er and then Solnan ended the watching and said: ”I think so too.” Ze’er turned her face out of Solnan’s view and turned little to white. She thought: He is the man! The Section 18 troopers were still searching the office, but they didn’t find anything. They reported this to Solnan and then he said: ”We’ve completed the search and found nothing that could lead to resistance. I’m sorry if we have disturbed you, but we’ll be going now.” and then they left from the ”office”. Ze’er wasn’t happy. She was just walking around the ”office” and was quite nervous. In the resistance HQ: ”Ze’er would be invaluable to us.” Said Min’da trough the communications from Exploreison and then the resistance’s leader said: ”I don’t think so. We can’t tell anything to him. He would tell about us immediately!” ”He has not told about me!” said Min’da and then the resistance’s leader said: ”Perhaps he’s just waiting for the right moment. Or he doesn’t want to expose his fellow member of the T-Race. He cannot be trusted. It’s my decision. Resistance out!” ”The plan is ready to be done.” Said one of the resistance’s member and then the leader responded: ”Good, proceed.” Then in one Akira: ”Captain, we’ve received the order. Ready to go!” said the helms officer and then the captain said: ”Engage!” then the Akira engaged it’s jump drives and little after they had jumped, they jumped out in the Gigerdi system. It was moving towards the GP, until suddenly one T-Race’s cruiser jumped in it’s way and plotted collision course to the Akira. The T-Race’s cruiser was faster and that’s why the tactical officer in the Akira said: ”Collision in 10 seconds!” ”Get us the hell out of here!!!” yelled the captain and the Akira engaged it’s jump drives and jumped back to where it left. In the T-Race’s cruiser: ”The Akira has jumped. We succeeded.” Said one member of the T-Race and then Min’da said trough the communications: ”Good. Do not let them to get there. I have already talked with the GAM and they will let the cruiser be there as a defense ship, in case the Emissarys will return.” then the communication was terminated. Then in the resistance’s HQ: ”What do you mean, that you weren’t able to complete your mission?!?” asked the leader of the resistance while he was little angry and walking around the room. The captain of the Akira then said: ”One T-Race’s cruiser just came there and was trying to ram on us. We had no choice, but to retreat.” ”Where the hell it came and why it was trying to ram you?!?” asked leader of the resistance even more angrier voice and then the captain of the Akira said: ”We don’t know and it appears to orbit the planet. We’re not going there anymore, you just have to find someone else!” then the captain terminated the communications and the resistance’s leader punched the table which was in his right side and walked out of the room. It was coming night and MG 2 was in his ”quarters”. He was just sitting, waiting and thinking: Of course they had to do this. Perhaps they just want to teas me even more. Tomorrow they say that it will be in the next day and so on... If that happens.... This will never end. Guess I just have to wait. Then he stood up from the chair and looked out of the window. Sun was going down already. There wasn’t many people in the street. The MG 2’s quarters were in the central security center which is located in the Gigerdi dome. MG 2 looked at the senate building... It looked normal as usual. Large building, but still it had only five floors. Then MG 2 went back to sit and continued thinking. Same time at the GP’s space dock: ”It was big battle, but not so big as I thought.” Said Gigerdius while he was looking out of the Space docks window and Mora which was in Gigerdius’s right side was also looking and then said: ”I’m glad it’s over. I one way...” ”We still need to find the cure.” Said Gretz he was in Gigerdius’s left side and also was looking out of the window. Then Gigerdius looked at both and said: ”By the way, do you know who will be the captain of Valiant?” ”I heard some rumors, but nothing more.” Said Gretz and then Mora turned 180 degrees and walked a little while he said: ”I haven’t even heard rumors! I think I’m going to the court-martial thingy tomorrow.” Then Gigerdius and Gretz turned 180 degrees also and Gigerdius said: ”I could go there as well, are you coming?” asked Gigerdius and looked at Gretz and then he said: ”I’m not sure can I. I need to check the Exploration now that they have completed all the repairs, but I think I can find some time. I would want to see what happens there.” Then they left from the space dock’s observation room. The night was coming to the Gigerdi dome. MG 2 was already sleeping or trying to sleep. He was not getting sleep. He was just thinking tomorrow, what’s going to happen. Same time really close to MG 2’s location: ”Unable to establish contact due the jamming.” Said the resistance’s computer and then the leader of the resistance yelled in their base: ”DAMN!! What jamming could be here?!?” ”I don’t think the jamming is here.” Said Solnan while he was walking to the room where the leader was. Then the leader turned to face Solnan and said: ”So, are you saying that she is making this jamming?” ”It could be possible.... But I think you need to ask that from herself.” continued Solnan while he walked around the room and then the leader was going out of the room, but just before he went out he said: ”If you can get contact to her. Notify me immediately!” and then he left. Solnan was just in the room and looking at the screen. There was text: Attempting communication... Solnan raised his head to look at the wall and just after that the beeping sound of his communicator began. Then he took the communicator from his pocket and opened it. The face of Trister Ferl appeared to the small screen. He said: ”You are needed in the base agent.” ”I’m on my way.” Said Solnan and closed the communicator. Then he left from the room and went to the lift that takes out from the base. Then he went to the nearest transporter and beamed himself into the Section 18’s base. When he arrived Ferl was already waiting and he then said: ”You finally arrive, good. Gareth Noir have a mission to us. We need to report to the briefing room immediately!” ”All right, let’s go.” Said Solnan and then they both started walking towards the briefing room. It took few minutes them to arrive there. When they walked out of the room one of the section 18 agents looked at them and said: ”You both are now here, good. Have a seat.” Then both of them sat to chair. After that the agent continued: ”As you might know, there was an unknown Akira in the system. It jumped out here by unknown reason. We did detect a T-Race’s vessel close to that Akira. We have reason to believe that the Akira was owned by the resistance.” ”Why we’re here?” asked Solnan and then the agent looked at him and back at his pad and said: ”You’re needed to find out where it went and was it owned by resistance.” ”Why us?” Solnan asked again and then the agent looked at him and said: ”Because you’re one of our best agents available and you’re needed to visit GAM’s facilities. We want you to find that info and see it by yourself. Contacting might not be so safe, if they have spies there as well. I hope you understood your mission.” ”Yes, we did.” Said Ferl and stood up, then Solnan also stood up and they left from the room. When they were walking to outside, Solnan asked: ”So now we need to visit the GAM’s HQ right?” ”Yes, it appears so. You check the records of all ships in GAM and see if you can find that Akira. I’ll try to find out where it came here and where it went and also why.” Ferl said and then went to the transporter room. Solnan just stopped for a little while and then continued to go into the door which leads outside of the base. When he came out he looked around for a while and then went to his shuttle. Inside, he activated the engines and piloted the shuttle up. He plotted course to the GAM’s HQ and then he activated jump engines. It took only less than a second it to arrive at it’s destination. He landed the shuttle at the ”parking” area. He came out of the shuttle and started to walk towards the GAM’s HQ. When he came in the hall he asked from one of the officers: ”Excuse me, but I need to find one ship from the GAM’s database.” ”Do you have authorization for that?” the officer asked and then Solnan took a card from his pocket and showed it to the officer, then the officer said: ”You’re a section 18 agent. Well then you have authorization.” the officer went to nearest computer and continued: ”What ship is that you wish to be found?” then Solnan took a pad from his transporter buffer and showed that to the officer. The officer looked at the pad for a few seconds and then began using the computer. He was trying to find the ship’s registration from the computer. After a minute he stopped using the computer and turned to face Solnan, then the officer said: ”I’m sorry, but the ship you was trying to find is not her. So either this is just some joke made by S18 or then this ship is made by someone else. Is there anything else I can do for the... Section 18?” ”No!... This is all... Thank you.” Said Solnan and then he started walking slowly towards the door which leads outside. At the doorframe he just stopped and looked at the pad. There read: G.A.S. Liberator, Akira class. Solnan just stood and thought: Where did he got that? And what was it going to do? ”Have you made any progress?” asked Ferl and then Solnan shook his head back and forth and then said: ”Well... Yeah I have.” ”Good, what information you found?” asked Ferl and then Solnan said: ”That ship isn’t in the GAM’s ship database.” ”Is there a possibility that resistance owns this ship and has erased it’s data from the database?” ”Of course, but I’m sure it would have been find out.” Then Ferl started going inside and just before he went inside he said: ”I’ll check the database once more. You are ordered to visit the space docks located in the orbit and see if they know anything. The GAM didn’t not even detect this ship, just the T-Race’s cruiser. I’ll also contact the T-Race government. Failure is not an option agent, remember that.” Then Ferl went inside the GAM’s HQ. Solnan laughed little, after Ferl had left. Then he started walking towards his shuttle. It didn’t took long him to arrive. He went inside, and activated the engines. He plotted course to the space dock. When the shuttle was raising Solnan saw sun raising. The shuttle came out of the Gigerdi Dome and then Solnan increased the engine’s speed and the shuttle started moving faster. In the MG 2’s quarters, MG 2 had already woken up. He was just looking to outside where the sun was already rising. He just watched and waited. The court-martial was schlepped to begin at 1210 hundred hours. Clock was only 9430 hundred hours. MG 2 just sat and waited. The shuttle was arriving to the space dock. Same time, another shuttle left from the space dock. It was carrying Mora and Gigerdius. They were going to the GP to see the court-martial. Solnan’s shuttle was docking at the space dock. When he had docked at the space docked he still just sat in the shuttle. Same time Ferl was in the GAM’s HQ. ”Are you sure the data hasn’t been tampered?” asked Ferl and then the officer said: ”Yes, there’s not even little mark of that and we do have the info elsewhere. So it hasn’t been tampered. That ship just ISN’T here. And would you please stop coming here to ask to see is that ship in the database. I cannot help you more. Good day!” then Ferl started walking at the door. When he had walked out of the building he took his communicator and said: ”Contact Ronea Solnan.” Then in the space dock, Solnan was walking out of his shuttle when his communicator started making sound that someone was calling. He stopped and took the communicator out of his pocket and opened it. The face of Trister Ferl was there and he said: ”Have you done any progress, agent?” ”I just arrived at the space dock.” answered Solnan and then Ferl said: ”Good, report everything to me when you’re coming back.” ”Yes, sir.” Solnan said and closed the communicator and put it back to his pocket. Then he walked trough the airlock. There he looked for one turbolift and went to the space dock’s office section by that. There he asked from one officer which was using a computer: ”Excuse me, but have you detected any unusual ships around here lately? Or any ships that has been in this system only for few minutes?” ”You’re from S18, please wait so I van check it.” Said the officer and continued using the computer. After a minute the officer said: ”We’ve detected only few cargo ships that weren’t long in this system, but nothing more. Was that what you were looking for?” ”No, but thanks anyway.” Said Solnan and then he went back to the turbolift. And then went back to his shuttle. Inside he just sat on his chair and thought: Where did he got that ship and why it didn’t showed in any other sensors than S18’s. How did he made that possible? Guess I just have to ask that from himself. Then Solnan requested departure and got that as well. When the docking clamps were released, he activated the engines and piloted the ship out from the space dock’s docking area. Then he plotted course to the S18’s main base. The shuttle was entering atmosphere and then Solnan opened communications to Trister Ferl. Ferl was already at the base. When the communications were established Solnan said: ”They didn’t knew anything. They haven’t never seen that ship.” ”It appears that they didn’t detect that. Return base as soon as possible. Ferl out.” And then Ferl terminated the communication link. When the shuttle was already going inside the Gigerdi Dome and suddenly the sound of his communicator started to sound. He took it from his pocket and opened it. The GAM’s HQ’s officer’s face appeared to the screen and he said: ”Agent Solnan, I’m calling about the ship you were looking for.” ”What about it?” asked Solnan with surprised face. Then the officer used the computer there and said: ”Just few minutes ago when I was finding one other ship, I noticed that this ship what you were looking for had appeared to the database. It wasn’t there before.” ”What there reads?” asked Solnan and the officer looked at the computer screen and answered: ”It appears that ship was destroyed in the IPA-GA conflict, but I checked the records what ships were destroyed...” ”And it wasn’t there.” ”No it wasn’t. I don’t know how’s this possible.” Said the officer and then Solnan said: ”I’’ll come and see that by myself.” And then he closed the communicator. Then he plotted new course, to the GAM’s HQ. It didn’t took long him to arrive. Again he landed to the parking area. This time he ran into the HQ. When he came inside the officer said immediately: ”Good that you were able to come here so quickly.” Then Solnan moved to see the info and the officer continued: ”As you can see it’s right here. It was supposed to be destroyed in the IPA conflict.” Then the officer opened other database and said: ”Here’s the list of what ships were destroyed during the conflict. It isn’t here. It wasn’t captured and sent back either. That ship hasn’t never existed in the GAM.” ”So whoever placed that info there forgot to put it to those ships which were destroyed. Is it easy to break into your systems?” ”I’m not sure, but I don’t think so. It’s always possible of course.” Said the officer and then Solnan began to walk at the door and said: ”Thank you, inform if anything new comes out.” ”Of course agent.” And then Solnan went out of the building and towards his shuttle. Once he was inside he activated the engines and the shuttle began to go up. He plotted new course, to the S18’s main base. In the MG 2’s quarters: ”You’re ready, good. The court-martial is about to begin. Just follow me.” Said one GAM’s officer and then MG 2 stood up from chair and said: ”Lead the way.” Then the officer started walking and MG 2 was behind him. Behind MG 2 were two guards. They walked through many corridors. When they finally arrived to the court-martial room.. The officer said: ”You first.” And he showed to a one place which was empty. Then MG 2 started walking towards that. There were lot of people in the court-martial. When MG 2 finally sat to his chair the judge said: ”The court-martial will begin.

Chapter 2: The Judgement

The court-martial had began. They had already brought one captain to be witness. One Gigerdian asked from him: ”Which side you were?” ”I was with the IPA.” ”Did you volunteer to that?” ”Yes, the whole crew wanted to join IPA’s fleet.” ”Were you ordered to shoot on your own ships?” ”Only if they attacked first and then we had to try to disable them.” ”Still many were destroyed.” ”Yes, but most of the destroyed ships were destroyed by Romulans and Klingons. And they weren’t much in IPA’s control.” ”I have nothing more to ask. Then came in another captain and then the same man asked from him: ”Which side you were?” ”I was in the GA’s side.” ”What were your orders?” ”To destroy any ship controlled by IPA and take back all the planets they ”took” from GA.” ”Did you fulfill this order?” ”I didn’t get much chance. In our first battle, our ship was disabled and boarded.” ”What the IPA did to you.” ”They transferred us to one starbase and gave quarters to us. Same time our ship was in repairs.” ”Was this your ship used by IPA?” ”No, nothing was taken from there. It wasn’t used in combat and nothing were stolen. They only repaired it and sent us back to GA when the conflict was over.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” Then another captain came in, this time he was human. The same man asked from him: ”You were commanding U.S.S. Ulysses. What you orders were?” ”Our order were to disable any GA’s ship which refused to surrender. And to liberate all the planets taken by GA.” ”Who boarded the GA’s ships?” ”Usually IPA. Sometimes Starfleet, but they were all taken to IPA’s space docks for repairs. All the IPA’s and Starfleet’s ships were repaired in the Federation’s space.” ”Were any of the GA’s ships used in battle?” ”Only by GA, but IPA or SF didn’t used them. We only repaired them and after the war they were all returned.” ”Did you met any of the crew embers form the GA’s ships that were captured?” ”Yes, I did. Most of them didn’t want to go back. They wanted live in the IPA.” ”What IPA or Mad Gigerdi 2 did to them?” ”They forced them to return and to allow GA to decide what to do with them. IPA didn’t wanted to interfere to GA’s matters again.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” Then one romulan captain came in and the same man again asked: ”What were your orders?” ”Our orders were to destroy any GA’s or supporting vessel if they refuse to surrender.” ”Where did you get these orders?” ”Directly from the Romulan Military.” ”where did they got the orders?” ”From the senate and from the emperor.” ”Did you obey the orders?” ”Of course.” ”Were you in battle with the IPA’s ships?” ”Yes, they always had to remind us, not to destroy GA’s ships. Sometimes we still destroyed them.” ”Were you punished from doing that?” ”No, IPA did suggest to Romulan senate to judge those who had destroyed GA’s or HF’s ships without good reason. IPA can’t interfere to Romulan’s internal affairs and so Romulan senate decided not to judge us.” ”Did you capture many GA’s ships?” ”No, Romulans didn’t board any GA’s ship. We did invaded few HF’s and GA’s planets, but we were forced to return them when peace was signed.” ”Do you agree this?” ”Well of course. Those planets do belong to them of course.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” Then one klingon captain came inside and the same man asked again: ”What were your orders?” ”Our orders were to destroy any Gigerdian or Hemmoian ship.” ”And you did that?” ”Always when I had the chance. Sometimes when we were fighting with IPA they didn’t allow us to destroy them. It was foolish.” ”You don’t agree to give the ships back to GA?” ”No, once they were theirs they can keep them.” ”IPA ordered Klingons to return all the planets which were conquered back, do you agree with this?” ”No, but the Klingon empire seemed to have agreed.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” ”Then one gigerdian came inside again and the same man asked: ”Which side you were?” ”In the right side of course.” ”Which of them?” ”In the GA’s side.” ”You agree the orders you were given?” ”Of course. IPA had taken our technology, stuff and it had to be taken back. If they would have given it back nothing this would have happened.” ”What were your orders?” ”Our orders was to take back all the planets which broken from the Alliance and destroy any ship which were supporting IPA.” ”Were your ship boarded?” ”You mean captured. Yes. We were transferred to some kind of starbase and given some kind of quarters. I didn’t like being there, but I heard that some people really liked living there. I tried to leave many times, but I was always captured. Finally they locked me in my quarters. They must have taken all info from our ship and then used it against the GA.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” Some other captains were brought there and asked the same questions. Finally after all the captains had left was Mad Gigerdi 2’s time. Then the same man came closer to MG 2 and started asking: ”So, Mad Gigerdi 2. You were the president of IPA. Why did you reassigned?” ”I didn’t like being as president anymore and I wanted to return back home.” ”Why did you became the president of IPA in the first place?” ”The first one races suggested me and I don’t see the reason to this. So I accepted because I wanted lead this Interplanetary Alliance to more peaceful way.” ”Still you had many problems with the other races and mostly with the Gigerdians, is that correct?” ”Yes, but we didn’t had much of problems with other races except Gigerdians of Hemmoians. Dalleer just insisted us to give ALL the equipment back to GA’s control. The senate didn’t agree with that and neither did I. Then Dalleer just continued demanding and in the end he decided to launch full scale of invasion. We had no choice, but to defend ourselves.” ”What did you did when you heard that Romulans and Klingons were only destroying GA’s ships and conquering their planets?” ”I immediately contacted their governments and ordered them to stop, but they didn’t listened to me. I even threatened to that they won’t be able to join the new Intergalactic Alliance, but it didn’t work either.” ”Why did you decided to capture all GA’s ships instead of destroying them?” ”I didn’t want that good crew and good ship would be wasted.” ”Why you repaired all the ships you captured in your own space docks?” ”The damage was made by us, so it was up to us to repair them.” ”You returned all the HF’s planets as well, why?” ”They were took by Romulans and Klingons and by signing this treaty we had to give them back.” ”Who made this kind of term?” ”Well... Uh... It was made by me.” ”I see. I have nothing more to ask from you.” ”Then president Dalleer came inside the room and sat to chair. Then the same man started asking from him again: ”Why did you attacked to IPA?” ”They had our equipment, our ships and our weapons. They might have used those against us.” ”You asked them to give the all stuff back to GA. Why did you attacked when they refused?” ”They had our equipment and we had to take it back.” ”You ordered to destroy all the IPA’s ships and conquer all the planets that belonged to GA, many people didn’t agree with that. Why did you made this kind of order?” ”We needed to take back all the planets they took from us and destroy all the ships they had stolen.” ”You also had to fight with GA’s former allies, the Federation and the T-Race. Why did you attacked to them as well?” ”They were supporting IPA.” ”You accepted to IPA’s peace offering, why?” ”We were ready to end this peacefully.” ”What I your opinion, that should Mad Gigerdi 2 be judged?” ”He attacked to our ships, our planets and has stolen our technology. He must be judged.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” Dalleer then went to another chair and then the same man said: ”I would now call captain Gill Mora to here.” Mora was surprised, Gigerdius and Gretz both looked at him. Mora then stood up and went to the same chair where Dalleer was. Then the man started asking from him again: ”You are commanding G.A.S. Exploreison. You made ”independence” just few weeks ago. In the time of IPA-GA conflict, why?” ”We thought the GA’s actions were unacceptable, but we didn’t declared full independence. We sent all the reports back to Research And Exploration. We even took orders where to go.” ”You said we. Who are this we?” ”Well it’s me, Gigerdius and the rest of senior staff. Also most of the ship. We made voting about this.” ”I see, everyone still didn’t agree?” ”Well no.” ”What was their opinion?” ”Some people didn’t care about that and some said that GA was doing the right thing.” ”Did you put them to brig?” ”No I didn’t, they agreed to work in there.” ”I have nothing more to ask and now I would like to call Captain Gigerdius.” Mora went back to his chair and Gigerdius went to sit on the same chair where Mora was. The same man started asking from him: ”You were the captain of G.A.S. Exploreison and you were thought to have been killed. Why did you started leading this ship project?” ”Mad Gigerdi 2 asked me that could I do it and I accepted. I thought it was honor.” ”You didn’t old about this to anyone.” ”No, MG 2 told that it was top secret project.” ”You accepted it not even knowing that IPA might use it against the Gigerdians.” ”IPA hadn’t done that. They were always helping us. Of course that IS a possibility, but that’s one reason I accepted. To prevent if that happens.” ”Did you asked anything about this project from MG 2?” ”Of course. I asked why to do them, where they were built and what technology they had? MG 2 said that they would be used to maintain peace in the galaxy and because first one races had said that there might be coming even more powerful enemies.” ”You didn’t gave anything strategical information about GA to IPA?” ”Of course I didn’t.” ”I have nothing more to ask. Next I would like to ask William Gretz.” Then Gigerdius went back to his chair and Gretz came to same place where he was, the questions began: ”You are the captain of I.A.S. Exploration, did you knew about this ship project?” ”Yes, Gigerdius told me about it.” ”Did you knew anything else about it?” ”Well nothing so special, until I saw it. I never feared it might be used against GA.” ”Why is it so?” ”I’ve been in IPA since it was made. It hasn’t done anything against GA. It only defends, as you might have noticed in the conflict.” ”I have nothing more to ask.” Then the judge said: ”We’ll continue this court-martial tomorrow. Then it will be decided wetter Mad Gigerdi 2 will be judged or relieved from all the crimes.” Then everyone started leaving. MG 2 also. He was taken back to his quarters. Mora, Gigerdius and Gretz were going back to their shuttle. When they had left from the court-martial room, Mora said: ”Looks like they knew that we were coming.” ”Indeed, it appears so.” Said Gigerdius and then Gretz said: ”Tomorrow we’ll see what happens.” ”Indeed, we will.” Said Gigerdius as they walked out of the building. Then they went to the parking area and back to their shuttle. Same time in the GAM’s HQ: ”He might be threat to us!” one admiral yelled ”He must be eliminated!” yelled another admiral. ”I have another plan. What if we would get him to our side?” said one admiral and then other asked: ”Can you do that?” ”I can do it. If he won’t join, then we’ll eliminate him.” Then the admiral stood up from his chair and walked out of the room, after him left the others as well. When the admiral was walking to his office, one officer came to speak to him: ”Sir, here’s your day schedule.” And then the officer gave a pad to him and the admiral looked at it and then said: ”Good, thank you.” He looked at it and then noticed that he would have talk with some Section 18 agents. Then he ran into his office and quickly established connection to Section 18’s HQ. When he got contact he said: ”I need to speak with the Gareth Noir.” ”Wait a moment.” Said the section 18 person and then came screen which read: Please Wait... The Admiral couldn’t wait. After few seconds, the face of Gareth Noir appeared on the screen and he said: ”Admiral Nechen, what I can do for you?” ”I need to meet some Section 18 agents today, why?” ”Oh, yes. It’s just about one unidentified ship we detected, but I don’t have much time to talk right now, so please tell everything you know to them.” ”Wait...” but the Gareth Noir’s face had already disappeared from the screen. Then Nechen just sat and thought: Damn, I wasn’t expecting to see any Section 18 agents today, especially not at that time. How I can now see MG 2. Well it was good that I hadn’t made any appointments. Then Nechen continued doing his duties. A little later in the Resistance HQ: ”Everyone is talking about the MG 2’s court-martial. Doesn’t they have anything better to do?” said the leader of the resistance and then Rolon came to same room and said: ”Well... He’s an important person so, I think most of the people wanna know what happens to him.” ”He would be valuable to the resistance.” Said the resistance’s leader and then Rolon answered: ”Indeed Gron, but I don’t think it’s good idea even try to make him join us. Of course he might be confirmed to prison, but I don’t think so.” ”Your sources have heard something again?” ”Well... Yeah.” ”You are strange romulan, but I think we better try to get MG 2 join us.” ”It’s your decision.” And then Rolon left from the room. Gron was still thinking and watching the Gigerdian News. Solnan was on his way to the resistance’s Headquarters. Same time in the Shi’va’s office: ”They just came in to my office.” Said Ze’er and then Shi’va asked: ”Why they searched it?” ”They wanted to check anything that might lead to the resistance.” Answered Ze’er and then Shi’va went to his energy chair and said: ”And they just left when they had searched it found nothing.” ”Yes, one of them do said that he apologized for the disturbance.” ”Section 18 is surely desperately trying to locate any resistance members.” when Shi’iva had stopped speaking suddenly the door of his quarters were opened and Section 18 troopers were coming inside and began searching the office. Then Shi’iva asked: ”What are you doing here?” ”We have our orders.” Said one of the troopers and then Ze’er turned to face him and asked: ”What orders?” ”We were ordered to search this office immediately” ”And not informing me about it!” said Shi’iva and was coming a bit angry. Then the Section 18 trooper said: ”Sorry, bat we’re just following orders.” ”Sure you are.” Said Shi’iva and turned away from the trooper. Then Ze’er said: ”We have to wait.” It took few minutes to search the office and after that one of the troopers said: ”We’ve completed our search and found nothing.” ”Of course you didn’t.” said Shi’iva when the troopers were leaving. When they had left Shi’iva closed the door and said: ”This Section 18 is coming to be far too stupid. Why they even let it be here?” ”It was useful when Rubek was in charge.” Said Ze’er and then Shi’iva had already went to his chair and then he said: ”Rubek was mad and it’s over already.” ”Section 18 has proven to be Gigerdi Alliance’s intelligence.” Said Ze’er and then Shi’iva little laughed and then said: ”I wouldn’t be saying that it’s good one. Trying to make desperate searches as this to find resistance members.” ”It is quite foolish to make this kind of attempts.” Ze’er said and then he continued: ”I need to get back to my office.” ”He’isa hasn’t informed you about our operation.” ”No, but I doubt he ever will.” ”Well he hasn’t told nothing to me either. Looks like he’s doing this alone.” Said Shi’iva and the Ze’er went to the door and said: ”If he informs you about it, please tell me.” ”I will.” And then Ze’er left from Shi’iva’s office. Day was coming to the Gigerdi Dome, Solnan and Ferl were already going to see Admiral Nechen. They parked their shuttle to the GAM’s HQ’s parking area and were going to the HQ itself. When they came inside Ferl asked from the hall officer: ”We’re here to see Admiral Nechen.” ”Floor 15, room 21.” ”Thank you.” Said Ferl and then they both went to the lift. There Ferl said: ”Floor 15.” And the lift started going to there. When they arrived to the floor 15 they came out of the lift and started looking for room 21. Solnan went to one of the computers on the wall. He looked where Nechen’s office is located and then said: ”It’s there.” And he pointed to the east side. Then they started walking towards that direction and soon found room 21. Ferl ringed the doorbell once, but nothing happened. Then he ringed it another time and then the door opened. They went inside and then they saw Nechen sitting behind of his desk. Then Nechen said: ”I don’t have much time so let’s do this quickly!” ”We’re here just to check out have you seen this kind of ship?” asked Ferl and then Solnan gave pad to Nechen. Nechen looked at it for while and then said: ”Have you asked from anyone else.” ”Well yes, but we just wanted to know that is it some classified operation we haven’t been informed?” ”I haven’t seen any this kind ship and I do watch the sensor reports every day, but I haven’t seen this kind of ship. If this ship truly have been here, I don’t know why we haven’t detected it, but if you want to know more about why we haven’t detect it ask someone else. Now if you would excuse me, I have job to do.” Said Nechen and gave the pad back to Solnan and then Nechen went back to work. Ferl and Solnan stood up and started walking at the door. Then they went out of the office and Solnan said: ”He didn’t told us much at least.” ”Do you think he actually knew about this ship?” asked Ferl and then Solnan answered: ”It may be possible, who knows what they were doing with it.” ”Resistance might be behind this, but they would have made operation which would be more notifying.” ”Indeed it would be, so the question still remains. Who owns that ship and why it was here only for few seconds.” Said Solnan and then they went to the lift there Ferl said: ”Guess we have to close this investigation and see if that ship reappears. I’ll go to make a report. You can now do whatever you want.” And then Ferl went out of the lift, Solnan was walked quite slowly out of the lift and then went towards the exit. Outside he just looked around for a while and then he went to the parking area where his shuttle was. He went inside and activated the engines. The shuttle started raising from the ground and then Solnan took course to the place which is close to the resistance’s HQ. Once he got inside the HQ he saw Rolon and then went to see him. Solnan asked: ”Have you detected any unusual ships?” ”Ships?!? I’m not sensors, you know.” ”I know, but I mean that have you heard anything or sawn anything strange?” ”No, I haven’t. Well only one thing.” ”What is it?!?” ”When I was just looking GAM’s ship info I noticed that more had been added there recently.” ”Like this?” and then Solnan gave pad to Rolon. Rolon looked at it for while and then said: ”Yeah, it’s same ship and mostly same data.” ”Mostly?” ”Yeah, more have been added. This ship was destroyed in the LW, but the other info says it was destroyed in the IPA conflict.” ”So that can mean only one thing!” ”Someone placed the data here, but didn’t check what was actually putting.” Said Rolon with laughing voice. ”Do you know who?” asked Solnan and was quite nervous then Rolon continued using the computer and soon said: ”It seems to have been placed by GAM. All the info.” ”GAM doesn’t make that kind of mistakes.” Said Solnan and then Rolon little laughed and said: ”Well who knows? Perhaps they just then changed their ship info keepers and the new one didn’t knew what he had to put.” ”I don’t think so, of course that’s one possibility. Maybe GAM wanted to do that way.” ”I can’t see any reasons to that.” Said Rolon and then Solnan started walking around the room and said: ”Gron had mission to one Akira class and this is Akira. You haven’t placed that info?” ”Of course not, only someone who has some serious problems can do that. And I assure you that I don’t have any kind of problems.” Said Rolon and then Solnan stopped and said: ”And he doesn’t know anyone else who could put this and GAM would recognize if it would be unauthorized. Do you know what was the ship Gron were ordering going to do?” ”I’m... Not sure. I actually don’t know.” ”Damn. I’m not quite sure either. Sending one ship to GP is stupid. Min’da did knew something about it, perhaps we should ask from her!” ”Yeah that might be a good idea.” Said Rolon and started making communication to Min’da, but soon came message: All communications to outside have been terminated. Then Rolon hit the table and said: ”Damn, Gron must have jammed the communications again.” ”But isn’t that done only at some kind of emergency?” asked Solnan and then Gron said: ”You are the emergency.” ”ME?!?” asked Solnan and then Rolon asked: ”What do you mean?” ”We cannot allow Section 18 to find our base!” yelled Gron and then Solnan laughed and said: ”Oh man... You really think that section 18 is seeking this place by any means I know more about the Section 18 than you will learn in ten years! They don’t have the authority to listen everything!” ”Fine! You can ”call” this time, but next time I might not allow you to do that.” Then Gron took a small device from his pocket and pushed it. Then Rolon said: ”It’s working again.” Then Gron left from the room and Rolon said: ”I’m establishing the connection... Now.” then a picture of one T-Race’s member appeared on the screen and Rolon asked: ”We need to see Lieutenant Min’da?” ”She is not here.” ”Where she is?” asked Rolon. ”She’s currently in the I.A.S. Valiant.” ”I see, well thanks.” Said Rolon and terminated the communication and then he said: ”Looks like we need to contact Valiant.” ”Well do it.” Said Solnan and then Rolon established connection to Valiant. After few seconds a face of an Gigerdian appeared to the screen and then Rolon said: ”We need to talk with lieutenant Min’da.” ”Wait a minute...” said the gigerdian and then Rolon looked at Solnan and said: ”Looks like we need to wait.” After few seconds Min’da’s face appeared to the screen and she asked: ”What do you want? It is not wise call to here.” ”We just need to know something about this ship.” Said Solnan and Rolon transferred the info to Valiant. Then Min’da said: ”All I know is that Gron was going to send it to some kind of mission to Gigerdi System. I did not agree with that, so I made a deal with the captain of T-Race’s cruiser in the area. Why you did not asked from GAM?” ”Well I and Ferl tried, but they didn’t know anything about this.” Then Min’da thought little while and then said: ”Looks like the Section 18 wants to know what this ship is. I do not understand why GAM does not know about it. Our sensors detected it, but it was not reported because it was cleared as routine training.” ”By whom?” asked Rolon and then Min’da said: ”It came from GAM. From Admiral Nechen.” ”That’s odd. When we visited him, he didn’t know anything about it and it’s rare that admirals began giving training acknowledges, there’s definitely something going on here.” Said Solnan ”We just have to find out what?” said Rolon ”I’ll contact if I find out anything unusual. Min’da out.” Said Min’da and then she terminated the communication. Then Solnan turned away from the screen and said: ”Something big is going on.” ”Well I hope you aren’t right in that, but I think you are.” Said Rolon and was quite nervous then Solnan was walking to the doorway and said: ”I should be going back to Section 18’s HQ. I’ll be back when I have chance.” ”All right, see you.” Said Rolon and then Solnan went out of the room and to the lift which takes out of the Resistance’s HQ. Evening was coming to the area of Gigerdi Dome. Nechen was in his room, looking the latest ship reports. Then he thought: I need to speak with Mad Gigerdi 2 tomorrow. I must get him to join us to join the military. I don’t trust Section 18. Well who would? MG 2 would be really valuable in our side. I need to speak with him tomorrow. Then Nechen stood up from his chair and looked out of the window. He saw the sun which was going down and so did MG 2 who was also looking out of the window in his ”quarters”. Then he went to sit on a chair, but continued looking out of the window. He was just thinking what will happen tomorrow, if they decide to execute him, put him to prison or just let him go and then he said: ”Well whatever happens I won’t be going back to IGA. My place is here. As it has somehow always been.” Solnan was walking to his home from the S18’s HQ. He was almost at his home when suddenly his communicator began making calling sound. He took it and opened it. The Face of Rolon appeared to the communicator and he said: ”I’ve heard something about tomorrow’s court-martial. About what’s going to happen. If you wanna know then come visit.” ”OK I’m coming.” Said Solnan, closed his communicator and started walking to his shuttle, which was in the GAD’s biggest parking area. Night was coming to GD, but Gigerdius, Gretz and Mora were still in the day. They were in the Gigord. There was still day and quite sunny. They were looking around the city. But soon they decided to return to their ships. Once there they went to sleep and wait for the next day. MG 2 was still wake and looking out of the window. Night had already came to the GD and many people were sleeping, but not all. In the resistance’s HQ Solnan and Rolon were looking the info Rolon had found. Nechen was still in his office and looking the reports that had came in the day. Then he stopped looking one ship, a defiant class ship. Then he watched it’s crew list and all other info about it. It was a prototype ship, using the new Fusion cannon MK II’s. It was night and Nechen was just looking the info and he watched it all of the night. Morning came to the Gigerdi Dome. Then Nechen started looking out of the window. Solnan was going to work from his home. Mad Gigerdi 2 was working up and preparing to the court-martial. He stood up from his bed and looked outside. The sun was raisin and people were walking on the streets. Only few of them came to the building. Solnan had already went to the S18’s HQ and Ferl was there to see him. ”We’ve received new date about this mysterious ship.” Said Ferl and then Solnan stopped there and asked: ”What information?” ”It seems that this ship vanished in the last battle against the dominion. It also was in the Lightness War. The records indicated that it was destroyed in the Lightness War, but somehow it didn’t.” ”So what we need to do now?” asked Solnan and then Ferl said: ”We won’t continue the investigation, but if we happen to receive new information and more important, we might continue or if this ship reappears. Then we’re going to find out where it came from.” ”All right, so what I need to do now?” asked Solnan and Ferl started to walk inside, Solnan came after and then Ferl said: ”I’m not sure. I haven’t been briefed just yet, but I’m sure I’ll get some assignment soon and you too.” Then Ferl walked to corridor which was on the left side. Then Solnan went forward to his personal office. Once he got there he saw a pad on his table. He took it, read it and then said: ”Looks like I got my mission.” Then he left from his office and went to the shuttle bay. Ferl was also there and when Solnan saw him he went to closer and asked: ”What are you doing here?” ”I need to go to poiler system.” ”Strange, so do I.” said Solnan and was little confused then Ferl looked at him and said: ”You got the same mission, I’m preparing a runaboat to pad four. You can come with the same ship, if you got the same mission.” Then Ferl turned to look at the controls and started using them. Then Solnan answered: ”All right, let’s go then.” Ferl used the controls for a little while and then went to pad four. Solnan had went to inside already and was activating the engines when Ferl came in. Then he piloted the runaboat out of the hangar and set course to poiler system. Once they had cleared the atmosphere he activated the jump engines. Then Solnan said: ”It should take about three minutes to reach the poiler system. I wonder what mission we’ll get there.” ”It must be quite secret one.” Said Ferl and was looking out of the front window. The Runaboat was closing to the poiler system. They just sat there quietly. When they were going to drop out of the jump, Solnan said: ”Looks like were arriving.” Then the runaboat dropped out of the jump and then Solnan started scanning and after few seconds he said: ”There’s nothing here!” ”What!?!” asked Ferl and then Solnan just looked at the screen and said: ”There’s nothing here, sensors aren’t... Wait...” ”What is it?” asked Ferl and then Solnan turned to see Ferl and said: ”It’s the Akira we were told to investigate.” Then he looked at the screen and then continued: ”It’s on attack course!” ”I’m raising shields.” Said Ferl and raised the shields. The Akira was closing fast. Solnan was using the computer and said in the same time: ”I can’t get us out of here. They’re using some kind of jamming device.” ”It’s in weapons range in... 16 seconds.” Said Ferl. The Akira was closing very fast, Solnan still tried to get the runabout out of the system, but soon the Akira was in weapon range. It fired three shots and then went pass the runabout, after that it still kept firing. Solnan was very confused when he looked at the shield status. He said: ”Strange, it’s phasers make only medium damage to us. Try to scan it.” ”OK.” responded Ferl and then started scanning it. While Ferl was scanning the Akira just continued firing phasers. Then Solnan said: ”It’s not firing torpedoes, odd.” Then the computer said: ”Shields at 67%.” After that Ferl had completed the scans and said: ”It’s having old style phasers, torpedoes and shields. Still this jamming device seems to be quite new one.” ”So it has quantum torpedoes?” asked Solnan and then Ferl answered: ”Yes, and old shields as well.” ”All right, you’ll handle the piloting and I’ll handle the firing. Those old shields have lot of weakness.” Said Solnan and then started firing phasers and torpedoes to the Akira. The runabout’s shields were already at 37%, but the Akira’s were going down faster. When the Akira’s shields went to 10%, it withdrew from the area and then Solnan took a deep breath and said: ”Well, finally!” ”Our shields went to 22%. By the way, I did detected few energy torpedoes on board.” Said Ferl and turned face Solnan and then back to face the screen. Then Solnan responded: ”Looks like they didn’t wanted to waste those, but the jamming seemed not to disappear. So there has to be something here as well.” ”Another jamming device, let’s see.” Said Ferl and then they both started searching it. Ferl started flying around the area and Solnan was trying to find the jamming device. Then suddenly Solnan said: ”S18 is hailing us.” Then the face of one of the S18’s personnel appeared to the screen and she said: ”Both of you are ordered to the MG 2’s court-martial.” ”But we can’t get to there because...” Solnan tried to say but the S18 operative continued: ”We have no other agents free just now, S18 out!” ”DAMN!” Yelled Solnan and then he continued: ”I don’t like this. It’s like somebody wanted us not to get there. We need to find that jamming device soon.” ”Can’t we send any signal?” asked Ferl and then Solnan tried to send distress signal, but said: ”No luck. I can’t send any message. I don’t understand why even we were able to receive the last transmission.” ”Well you should worry about that later.” Said Ferl and then they continued looking the jamming device. Same time Gigerdius, Mora and Gretz were going to the Gigerdi Dome. The court-martial was about to begin. Mad Gigerdi 2 was still in his ”quarters”. Admiral Nechen was going to the building where the court-martial was. It was going to be a big day for Mad Gigerdi 2. He was already waiting and was quite nervous. Then one of the guards came to take him to the court-martial. Everyone else had already arrived. Same time in the Runaboat. Solnan said: ”We don’t much time and we haven’t been able to find nothing. Hmm.... This is odd.” ”What is it?” asked Ferl and then Solnan continued: ”Our long-range sensors seem to be operative, but they work only in really long-distance. I’ll try to scan this ship, by my tricorder.” Then he took his tricorder from his pocket and started scanning, just a few seconds after that he said: ”My tricorder can’t scan this ship, internal sensors can’t and neither the short-range sensors. Something must be here on or in this ship.” ”It can’t be in, I checked the ship that no-one had entered this ship in days, but I didn’t check this fully that would here been something in or on.” ”They must have placed this device or whatever it is days ago or just little before we left. Well, hell! I’m going outside. Watch the area and stop this ship.” Said Solnan and then Ferl stopped the ship and said: ”Well, that isn’t so wise, but I can’t figure out anything else. All right I’ll watch the area, but you better do it quickly, because I don’t know how much time we have left.” Then Solnan went to the airlock area and closed all the doors. He took a space suit from the locker and put it on him. Then he opened the airlock. He moved around the ship with his ”engine” which was on the space suit. He moved around the ship and the went to the bottom of the ship and then he saw a small device. He moved closer and took a tricorder, but it wasn’t able to scan it. Then Solnan said through his communicator to Ferl: ”I think I found it, but it might be hard to destroy. It’s connect to the communication network.” ”Do what you can, we need to destroy it now!” said Ferl and then Solnan took a phaser and said: ”Well guess I just have to destroy it.” And then he fired. The device was destroyed, but so was the communications. Then Solnan said: ”It’s gone, but so is the communications.” ”Well we can stop to some planet.” ”I don’t think they would believe us, so I have to fix it. Just put some forcefield or something to protect me in the jump space, I’ll try to fix it while we’re going to the Gigerdi Prime.” Said Solnan and then Ferl placed forcefield around him and said: ”It’s not wise again, but guess you just have to do it. I’m jumping out now.” And then the runaboat jumped and Solnan was trying to repair the communications. The Ferl said: ”It’ll take about 40 Minutes for us to reach the Gigerdi Prime, Jump Engines appear to be little damaged.” ”Try sending distress signal all the time, I don’t know when this will work, at least I’m not sure.” Said Solnan and then Ferl responded: ”Okay, but just reminding that the forcefield might not hold so long. Now it’s should hold about two hours, but it might change.” ”Just report if something happens, Solnan out.” Said Solnan and continued repairing the communications.

Chapter 3: Final Conflict

The Court-martial had already begun. Mad Gigerdi 2 was sitting in his chair and one man was asking questions from him: ”Do you regret that you attacked GA’s ships?” ”Yes, at least if they were destroyed. We always tried to capture them, so that the crew or ship wouldn’t be harmed much.” Said MG 2 and then the man asked again: ”Was it your decision to attack the GA worlds?” ”We took back only the planets GA had taken from us and GA was the one who attacked first.” After few other questions the the judge said: ”The decision about Mad Gigerdi 2’s judgement will be made now. We’ll continue after 20 minutes and we’ll see what happens to him.” Then the judge stood up and left from the room. People started leaving, but MG 2 just sat on his chair and was coming even more nervous, he was thinking: Why they can’t say it now, so that they can finally put me to prison or execute me, of course they have to be so annoying that I would like to put this place to ground, but it seems that I just have to wait now. Gigerdius, Mora and Gretz had left from the room and were in the corridor when suddenly the sound of Mora’s communicator started, then he took it and opened it. The face of Ghi’la was on the screen and she said: ”Captain, you should meet the captain of the Valiant in 10 minutes.” ”But I would like to see the end of the court-martial.” Said Mora and then Ghi’la said: ”You don’t have to worry she’s there as well. I told her that all of you would be there so she should find you. You don’t have to worry, we’ll see you back at the ship. Ghi’la out.” ”Do you have any idea who they picked.” asked Gigerdius and then Gretz answered: ”I’ve heard that she was a former captain of a cardassian ship. I just heard this.” ”Cardassian, well that’s strange.” Said Mora and then Gigerdius said: ”Hey, it’s IPA’s ship and Cardassians are their members.” ”Yeah, I know, but still it was quite strange to put cardassian as captain.” Said Mora and then Gretz said: ”The only thing matters that she can command that ship enough well and that we can find the damn cure.” ”Well in that thing you’re damn right!” said Mora and then they started walking towards the front door. Same time the runaboat was closing. ”Who’s the communications?” asked Ferl and the Solnan answered while he was still trying to repair the communications: ”Well, I can’t say. Have you been able to send any distress signals?” ”I’ve tried, but still no response so I think the communications aren’t operative yet.” Said Ferl and then Solnan stopped working for a moment and said: ”I can’t repair this thing before we get to Gigerdi Prime.” ”Well keep working, I’ll continue trying.” Said Ferl and continued sending the distress signal and Solnan continued repairing the communications system. Then in the resistance’s HQ: ”Doesn’t anyone have better things to do than watch what happens in one court-martial?” said Gron and then Rolon came to the room and said: ”MG 2 is a important person.” ”More important than we?” asked Gron as he watched the news and then Rolon was quiet for little while and then said: ”Well, in a way.” Then Gron little laughed and after that Rolon said: ”But hey, what if we would get him to our side. He would be really good help for us, we would get lot of more support!” ”How do you know he isn’t working for Section 18?” asked Gron and then Rolon explained: ”Well he has just arrived and he has attacked against GA ships, so I hardly doubt he would be working for them.” ”What if they will execute him?” asked Gron and Rolon explained again: ”Well.... I’ve got some other info, of course it’s not 100% sure, but still. If we’re going to get him to our side, we need to move fast.” ”Fine, we’ll do this. You go talk to him after the court-martial, in the night. Solnan can help you in, but he can’t talk to him. Section 18 might figure it out.” Said Gron when he looked to Rolon and back at the news, then Rolon turned away and was quiet for a while and then said: ”Fine, but if they capture me what then?” ”Then you’re on your own.” Said Gron. After that Rolon was going out, but before he left the room he said: ”I’ll do it, even that I always have to do the difficult jobs.” ”It’s your job.” Said Gron and then Rolon left. When he was going to his personal room he said: ”Why I always have to do the difficult jobs?” and then he arrived to his personal room, he just took his jacket and left from the HQ. Same time a shuttle was leaving from the Exploreison, four passengers were onboard. There was R’Derex, T’Lar, Sprak and Deket. Sprak was piloting the shuttle and when they had cleared from Exploreison T’Lar said: ”Great, now we’re late and the court-martial might be over already.” ”Hey, don’t blame me. I just didn’t figure out that time was going so fast.” Said R’Derex and then Deket said: ”I just had few patients and didn’t notice what the time was.” ”What about you Sprak?” asked T’Lar and then Sprak responded: ”I was doing my duties and I came here because you requested.” ”Don’t you wanna see what happens to Mad Gigerdi or what was his name?” asked Deket and then R’Derex said: ”Mad Gigerdi 2. Don’t you remember that, you’re strange and I thought cardassians had good memory.” ”Well in a way, but I was asking. Don’t you wanna see what happens to Mad Gigerdi 2 Sprak?” asked Deket and then Sprak answered: ”I am interested what happens to him, still I had work to do and I needed to complete it.” ”Of course, you’re vulcan at least in many ways.” Said R’Derex and then T’Lar asked: ”I many ways?” ”Aahh, Forget the whole thing!” Responded R’Derex immediately T’Lar had asked. Then Sprak said when he was piloting the shuttle inside the Gigerdi Dome: ”We are arriving now.” ”Finally!” said T’Lar. Then Sprak landed the shuttle to one of the parking areas and then they left from the shuttle and headed to the court-martial. The Shuttle where Ferl and Solnan were, was closing to Gigerdi Prime. Solnan was still trying to repair the communications, but with no luck. The Court-martial hadn’t yet started. MG 2 was just sitting on his chair when one guard came to see him and said: ”One man wises to speak with you, he’s from the Gigerdian Military.” ”Looks like it’s starts now, well lead the way.” Said MG 2 and then both of them left from the room. They went to one room where one GAM admiral was sitting. He was the Admiral Nechen. When MG 2 had arrived to inside the room the guards closed the door and Nechen said: ”Hello, ”president”.” ”I know you, you were admiral in the Rubek’s time as well, strange that they didn’t kick you out.” ”There wasn’t any proof, but let’s get down to business. I’m offering you chance to be admiral in the GAM or a general.” Said Nechen and was little angry then MG 2 sat to chair, looked at Nechen and said: ”Do you wanna hear the number one reason why I resigned myself from IPA?” ”Well?” asked Nechen and then MG 2 said straight: ”Because I was tired of constant military thingys, wars, command and to decide almost everything. The last thing I’m now going to do is to join some freaking military. So do you have anything else to say?” ”You still should reconsid...” ”RECONSIDER?!?!? Why you can’t simply understand!!! I DON’T WANT JOIN TO SOME DAMN MILITARY!!!!!! And I suggest you won’t ask that again!” yelled MG 2 to Nechen and then he stood up and left from the room. Nechen then hit the table in front of him and then left from the room as well. MG 2 was going back to the court-martial room when one cardassian came and she said: ”Mr. President, I’m the captain of the I.A.S. Valiant. I’m here just to say that I wish you good luck.” ”So you’re Geden Keter, well I should be the one to wish good luck to you. You have a LONG journey ahead, hopefully you and the others will be able to find the cure. Have you met the other captains?” asked MG 2 and then Keter answered: ”No, but they should be somewhere around here.” ”Well, I’m sure you can handle the mission and if you’re still wondering why we chose you, the reason is that you have been the best captain on first contact situation and other tough places. Mora, Gigerdius and Gretz are experienced explorers so I think you have the all kind of captains.” ”I still want to thank you for giving this job to me, it’s quite great honor.” ”Well don’t thank me, after a year you’re gonna wish that you never would have been selected, but you should find Gigerdius and the others.” ”Yes, sir.” Said Keter as she was going away, but then MG 2 still said: ”And try to remember that I’m no longer president, I don’t much like that ”sir” thing.” ”As you wish.” Said Keter and then she left. MG 2 continued walking to his place in the court-martial room. He was quite close when Ze’er and Shi’iva stopped him and Ze’er asked: ”So Mad Gigerdi 2, what you are going to do after the court-martial?” ”I was going to get a house from here, if they set me free and I doubt that a lot!” ”You shouldn’t be so sure, you did the best for your people as well.” Said Shi’iva and then Ze’er continued: ”I am here also to say that I would be happy if you could come to my office after the court-martial, we need to speak with you.” ”Not anything about IPA, just what you think about the situation here, but now we just hope for the best.” Continued Shi’iva and then MG 2 responded: ”All right, and thanks.” And then he continued walking to the court-martial room. Then T’Lar, R’Derex, Sprak and Deket finally arrived to the building. They went straight to the court-martial room. MG 2 was already sitting on his place. Ze’er and Shi’iva were talking: ”Hopefully he’ll be released.” Said Shi’iva and then Ze’er stopped and said: ”I do hope so, but I somehow feel that something going to happen to him soon.” ”What?” asked Shi’iva and then Ze’er was quiet for a little while and then responded: ”I do not know.” And then they continued walking. Same time the shuttle was still closing to Gigerdi Prime, but Solnan hadn’t been able to repair the communications. Ferl was still trying to send the distress signal, but with no luck. He then said: ”We’re coming quite close so I think you should be coming back quite soon.” ”Just a minute!” answered Solnan and then Ferl said: ”Hey, we’ll be at GP in five minutes.” ”Just remember to decelerate inside the Gigerdi Dome!” ”That’s gonna be difficult and dangerous.” Said Ferl and was little uncertain then Solnan said: ”It’ll save time. Just do it!” ”OK, OK. I’ll give a try.” Said Ferl and then Solnan was leaving, but made still one last look of the comm system. Then he went inside The court-martial was continuing: MG 2 was already sitting on his chair. The final minutes of the court-martial were about to begin. Everyone was there and then the final stage begun. Then one man came to the front of the room and started speaking: ”We have now decided what to do with the former president of the Interplanetary Alliance. With the evidence showed to us proved that Mad Gigerdi 2 was doing the best for his Alliance and to us. He didn’t commit any crime, except one: Attacking Gigerdi Alliance’s ships, but because this was done only as a last resort it wasn’t counted to be so bad. We decided that Mad Gigerdi 2 will be set free and relived from every accession. You are now free man Mad Gigerdi 2, we welcome you to the Gigerdi Prime!” And then court-martial had finally ended people came to crongatulate MG 2, but he was just confused and then he stood up from the chair and thought: ”I can’t believe it’s over. I’m finally free!” Then he started walking away from the chair and out of the room. The Runaboat where Solnan and Ferl were, was closing to GP and Ferl said: ”We’re soon there!” he was coming even more nervous. Solnan was nervous as well, but not so much as Ferl. The runaboat was already in the system and was closing fast to the GP. GAM tried to hail the runaboat, but didn’t get any kind of answer. After a minute they were already going to GP and Ferl said: ”Here we go!” Ferl braked just when the ship entered to Gigerdi Dome and as soon as the ship had came out of the jump braked with every engine he could and he was able to stop the ship. Then Solnan said: ”Huh, looks like you did it! Good Work! Now, if you see anything ”unusual” then that might be our target, oh and by the way where’s the court-martial?” ”I believe it’s in the GAM’s HQ, but I’m not sure.” ”Well let’s search that area first.” ”OK, I only need to find something unusual.” Said Ferl and then they both started scanning the area. Mad Gigerdi 2 was already going out of the GAM’s HQ. Lot’s of people were outside. Solnan then detected something: ”I detected some kind of energy signature that looks like compression rifle’s.” ”I have it here, too.” Said Ferl and then plotted course to there Solnan then continued: ”There also appears to be one life-form, I think that’s our target.” ”I’m going to there.” Said Ferl when Solnan then quickly said: ”Wait a minute, if he detects us coming he might be able to escape or shoot him. Could you jump almost to the street just in the side of that building.” ”I suppose I could, but it’s risky!” said Ferl and came more nervous. Then Solnan said: ”Just do it, I’ll handle the weapons.” Then Ferl jumped and was able to jump without hitting the street, then he started raising the ship towards the roof of the building. One man was with phaser rifle and waiting when he suddenly heard strange voice and looked back. He saw the runaboat. Then Solnan shoot two phaser at the man, he was able to shot one shoot, but it hit to the GAM’s HQ. The fragments fell to the street when MG 2 has just come out. The shooter fell and then Ferl said: ”Beam him out of there!” ”I’m trying, he’s having some kind of jamming device!” Solnan wasn’t able to beam him and when the shooter hit the ground he exploded. Then Ferl said: ”Well, after few setbacks I would say the mission was success.” ”Yeah, it was.” Responded Solnan and then Ferl started taking the ship back to Section 18’s HQ. Mad Gigerdi 2 was outside and was looking the Gigerdi Dome. Lot’s of security officer had went to search the remains, but they couldn’t find anything. MG 2 just stood there when he finally said: ”I hope this was my final conflict.” And then he started walking forward.

To Be Continued