Signs And Portents (old)

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G.A.S. Exploreison

Signs And Portents

Part I

Shuttle was closing to the Exploreison. Admiral and Gigerdius were talking: ”So captain, I truly have to grangutalate you.” Said the admiral to Gigerdius and he responned: ”I first didn’t wanted this job, but then I had feeling that I have to accept. And why I was chosen, there was plenty of other captains.” ”Well you was an ambassador, so in first contact situations you should be good. And you were suggested.” ”By who?” ”I don’t know.” ”You don’t know?” ”Well, no” ”Whoever that was I don’t know should I thank or kill he or she.” Then the shuttle was very close to the Exploreison and the admiral said: ”Well there it is, first of it’s kind.” And then Gigerdius said: ”Now when I look it... it looks like... well I don’t know. By the way, why the name ”Exploreison”? ”One of the admirals just said so, I don’t know where he get it.” ”Exploration would have been better, but anyway she’s a fine ship” ”Yes, she is” Then the shuttle landed to the Exploreison’s hangar. And when the door was opening admiral said: ”Most of the crew is at Peace Station, you will get them from there.” ”All right, good.” The shuttle began to land to the Exploreison’s shuttle bay. Nobody was there, because there were only minimal crew onboard the Exploreison. When the shuttle had landed the admiral said: ”You will like this ship, I can assure you that.” ”Well I was building this ship, I know quite well what kind of it is.” answered Gigerdius. Then the shuttle door opened and Gigerdius said: ”Well not much of welcoming parties here.” ”Well, no.” then said the admiral. ”Do you want to go bridge or do you want to look around?” ”I could look around and I don’t need any guide.” ”All right, if you need any help just come to the bridge I will be there.” said the admiral and then Gigerdius answered: ”Good, good.” Then the admiral went to the turbolift and Gigerdius began to look around. There wasn’t almost anyone in the corridors, not in the mess hall or in holodecks, but there were some people in engineering and auxiliary control. Gigerdius just walked hours and kilometers. He also visited in his quarters where he stopped at the door. He looked and said: ”My quarters is a holodeck, strange. I haven’t seen these kind quarters in other ships. I should have looked more precisely this ships specs and also when I was building this. Computer, what programs are currently available here?” And then the computer answered: ”Current available room programs are: Gigerdius’s home, Exploreison standard and Exploreison special.” ”Activate program, Exploreison standard.” ”Acknowledged.” said the computer and then the room chanced to standard Exploreison’s room, there wasn’t much anything, only few tables, chairs, two holowindows, a replicator, a bed and a computer. When Gigerdius had looked the quarter he said: ”Well, this isn’t so good. Computer activate program Gigerdius’s home.” ”Acknowledged.” Then the quarter chanced as is his apartment and then Gigerdius said: ”This is good, I think I’ll keep this.” It was quite big apartment; there were many rooms and many tables and chairs. Then Gigerdius said: ”I hope there won’t be any power failures.” And then there came problems, part of the room was becoming back to holoroom. Then Gigerdius said: ”Gigerdius to engineering, what’s going on?!” ”There’s little power malfunction on the holodecks it will be fixed really soon.” said an engineering and Gigerdius said: ”All right, good. Gigerdius out.” Then he want out from his room and went to the bridge. There admiral was looking around and when the Gigerdius came to there the admiral said: ”Good that you finally came, we are ready to go.” ”Good, so what’s our first mission?” ”You’ll get orders when the rest of the crew is here and I must go now because you should be going. And good luck captain.” ”Thanks.” and then the admiral pressed his communicator and said: ”One to beam up.” And then he was beamed to the shuttle that was waiting outside the ship. Captain Gigerdius sat to the captain’s chair and thought that first time he can be in command of entire starship, it’s one hell of responsibility, but still worth of risk. Then the rear-helmsman said: ”Ready to go at your command, sir.” ”Set course to the peace station, jump 15.” ”Aye, sir.” Then the Exploreison activated its jump engines and jumped. ”The journey should only take three minutes, captain.” Said the rear-helmsman and Gigerdius answered: ”I’ll be in my ready room, contact me as soon we are at Peace Station.” ”Yes, sir.” Then he went to the ready room, he looked around for while and said: ”It seems they put ready room program already run, it’s good that here are these holowindows.” Then he sat to his table and activated his computer. He accessed files that contained the profiles of the bridge crew. He was able to look those files only few minutes and then the rear-helmsman said through the communicator: ”Captain we have arrived at Peace Station.” ”I’ll be there.” Then he came from his room and looked at the view screen, Peace Station, the place where his ”copy” was messing around. He was back again, but not for long time. ”Tell the crew that they will come onboard in two hours.” ”Aye, sir.” said the rear-communication officer. All the bridge crew personnel were Gigerdians; only the real bridge had members from other species. ”I’ll visit the Peace Station to get the crew here, you are free to explore the station as well.” ”Thank you, sir.” Said the rear-helmsman. Gigerdius was thinking in the turbolift, when he was on his way to the transporter room: Sir, it is first time somebody call me sir. Always everyone said Gigerdius, or ambassador, but now they call me as captain or sir. I don’t know did I really want to be a captain or any military officer. Well this promotion came really easy to me; I had only worked at space docks. It wasn’t the best job, but it was a job. Then the turbolift came to the transporter room decks and Gigerdius went to the only operating transporter room and said to the rear-transporter chief: ” Beam me to Peace Station, just somewhere there.” ”Yes, sir.” ”Energize.” Then he was beamed to the Peace Station. There he was now at Gigerdian section, there wasn’t almost anyone, just few humans and few Gigerdians. He looked around few minutes until one Folan came to speak with him; he was wearing Gigerdi Alliance’s military’s uniform. He said: ”Are you the captain Gigerdius?” ”Yes, I’m.” ”Well, I’, the security chief of that starship.” ”Security chief?” ”Yes, is that little surprising?” ”No, I just haven’t ever seen Folan as security chief. Where did you service before?” ”I came straight from the academy, as everyone, except the first officer.” ”Almost everyone, well it seems they now want to test group of ensigns in the most historic ship, well you should prepare to leave and tell the others also that we leave in two hours.” ”Most of them already know, but I’ll tell them.” ”Good, I’ll look this station still little while.” ”Yes, sir.” Then the security chief R’derex left and Gigerdius continued just look and think. Gigerdius visited in every deck, even in the Hemmoian and Bacterian sections. When the two hours had went there came sound from his communicator: ”Captain, all the crewmembers are onboard,” said acting communication officer and Gigerdius said: ”Good. Transporter room, beam me up.” ”Yes, sir.” Then the Gigerdius was beamed from the Peace Station, to the transporter room. Then he went to the bridge, there was the real bridge crew waiting. When he came from the turbolift door many people were standing there, there was a Folan, two humans, three Gigerdians, a member from the T-Race, a Parlien and a Lihter. ”Well it seems everyone is here, good.” said Gigerdius and then one Gigerdian step forward and said: ”Commander Grilka reporting to duty, sir. I’m the first officer of this ship.” ”Grilka, wasn’t you the captain of G.F.S. Exes?” ”Yes, it was a Galaxy class ship.” ”Was?” ”Yes, it was destroyed in the last attack to the Timocracy, I was then a first officer of U.S.S. Excelsior.” ”Exes destroyed I haven’t heard about it, well sad, but you were in a federation starship?” ”Yes, I was ordered to there because Excelsior needed first officer quick.” ”Well, it was good that you weren’t in the Exes, but I’m sure you will make fine job here.” ”Thank you, sir.” Then a member from T-race came forward and said: ”Lieutenant Min’da reporting to duty.” ”And you are?” ”I’m counselor of this ship.” then she moved away and one Gigerdian moved forward and said: ”Ensign Fhogli reporting for duty, I’m this ship’s weapon officer.” Then he moved away and again another Gigerdian moved forward and said: ”Ensign Ghi’La reporting to duty sir, I’m communication officer of this ship.” Then one human moved forward and said: ”Lieutenant commander drill reporting for duty sir, I’m the chief engineer.” Then another human moved forward and said: ”Ensign Brian reporting for duty sir, I’m the helmsman.” then one Lihter moved forward and said: ”Lieutenant Sprak reporting for duty sir, I’m the science officer.” then after him one Folan moved forward and said: ”Lieutenant R’derex reporting for duty sir, I’m the security chief.” then the last one; a Parlien moved forward and said: ”Lieutenant Deket reporting for duty sir, I’m the doctor.” ”Good that everyone was here, well man your stations.” Then the doctor came to speak with the Gigerdius: ”Captain, will I stay here or will I go to the medical bay.” ”Well, I think that you better stay here until we get our orders.” ”I, sir.” ”Ensign Ghi’la contact Gigerdian command and ask what are our orders.” Said Gigerdius and Ghi’la answered: ”Aye, sir.” Then after few seconds she said: ”Captain Gigerdian command is now hailing us.” ”On screen.” There came picture of Mad Gigerdi, former emperor and he said: ”So ”captain” it seems that most of your crew is there.” ”What you most?” ”Well, there isn’t much of medical, security or engineer personnel, security personal doesn’t have it’s real second in command personal, that’s why ensign T’lar is now second in command of the security teams.” ”But we have security chief here.” ”I know, but there always should be someone who can lead the security personnel, in case of emergency or something else, but lets get down the business, shall we?” ”Yes, sir.” ”You will be accompanied by three other ships, Peace, which is commanded by me, Gromi, a nebula and Fretecs, which is a space class ship. Our first mission is to go explore the remains of dominion’s homeworld, once we arrive to your current location set course to founder’s homeworld at jump 100. Mad Gigerdi out.” ”Captain their ships are jumping out now.” ”Good, well set course to founders homeworld, jump 100.” ”Aye, sir.” Said Brian and then he engaged the jump engines, when the Exploreison had jumped, the other ships jumped also. Then Gigerdius said: ”I’ll be in my ready room.” ”Captain, may I speak with you.” Said Drill and Gigerdius answered: ”Yes, we can talk in my ready room.” When captain arrived to his ready room, he sat to his chair and said to Brian: ”So, what is that you want to talk?” ”Well, as you might know I have been 50% in Starfleet academy and 50% in Gigerdian academy.” ”Yes.” ”Well, I’m not fully familiar about Gigerdian computer systems and other things, but I think I can be as chief engineer.” ”I think so too, but didn’t you serve in some ship?” ”It was Starfleet’s ship, not Gigerdian, but I have been little time in one Gigerdian ship.” ”So you have been in both Gigerdian and human ships, how did you manage in that Gigerdian ship?” ”Well I didn’t have any problems there.” ”Well that’s good, I think you’ll manage here just fine. Well return to your duties and you better go to engineering, to check that things are OK, because we don’t know what might come when we are at the dominion’s homeworld.” ”Aye, sir.” Said Drill and went to turbolift and by that to engineering. Gigerdius was just sitting, doing nothing. After a minute Fhogli said through the communicator: ”Captain, we are detecting a ship on long range sensor, we can’t identify it.” ”I’ll come there.” Then he came out from his ready room and sat on the captain’s chair. Then he put computer in front of him and looked the data about this unidentified vessel. This design looks familiar. Are you sure you can’t identify this ship.” ”Positive.” said Fhogli ”Have you checked all the ship databanks?” ”Yes, except classifieds.” ”Well I check those.” said Gigerdius and then Ghi’la said: ”Captain, Peace is hailing us.” ”Tell them to wait.” Gigerdius was checking the classified database and found one ship that mached it. ”Damn, it can be them.” ”Captain?” said Min’da and gigerdius answered: ”Nothing, that ship matches to a Gorg destroyer. Not much, but still it also looks like Gorg destroyer. Well put Peace’s messages thrue.” ”Aye, sir. ” Said Ghi’la and then the picture of Mad Gigerdi appeared to the screen: ”Our sensors have detected an unidentified vessel, and I want your ship to go explore what kind of ship that is.” ”All right, we’ll go there. Will you continue to the Founders homeworld or are you coming with us?” ”We’ll observe the situation farer. Peace out.” ”Well set course for that vessel, maximum jump!” ”Yes, sir.” Answered Brian and then the Exploreison chanced it’s course for that unknown vessel, the exploreison arrived there immedietly and started scanning. ”Captain, I’m reading strange power source in that ship. I can’t identify it and It doesn’t appear have any lifesigns.” said Sprak and captain asked: ”Are you sure that there is no lifesigns?” ”I am, captain.” ”Well, I suppose we could send an away team to there, Sprak, Drill, Fhogli, R’derex come with me and R’derex prepare few security officers because we might...” ”Captain the Gorg ship, it’s doing something!” Said Fhogli and Gigerdius asked: ”What? Magnifie the gorg ship... What’s it doing.” Then the gorg ship launched somekind of ”thing”. And Gigerdius said: ”What’s that? ” then Sprak answered: ”Sensors can’t penetrate it, whatever it is, it has somekind of engine system and it’s heading right towards us.” ”Raise shields, now!” Said gigerdius and Fhgoli answered: ”Shields are up, captain. Cpatain I lost that, whatever it was.” ”What!?” ”It just disappeared. I’m scanning, but I can’t find it... Wait! I think... IT APPEARED IN OUR SHIELDS!!!” ”EVASIVE MANOUVERS!!!” Shouted gigerdius and Fhgoli shouted: ”IT’S TOO LATE.” Then the Gorg torpedo hit to the Exploreison’s hull, making much damage. When the torpedo had impacted gigerdius said: ”Damage report!” And Drill said: ”Outer hull is damaged, no system damage and no casualties.” ”Well there is at least one good thing when you don’t have full crew.” ”captain that gorg ship, it’s power systems are going off-line.” Said Sprak and Gigerdius asked: ”What’s going on, on that ship?” ”I’m not sure, but it seems that their power systems are going off-line.” ”Are their defensive systems off-line as well?” asked Gigerdius and Sprak answered: ”Yes, but their life-support is still on-line and there appears to be oxygen inside, bhut still I’m not reading any life-signs.” ”Well now we perhaps go to little away mission, Sprak, Drill, Fhogli, R’derex come with me and R’derex prepare few security officers because we might need them there and Grillka you have the command!” ”Yes, captain.” Said Grillka and Gigerdius went to turbolift with all others that are going to the away mission. R’derex went to get some security officers and then went with them to the transporter room. There others were waiting. And Gigerdius said: ”Well, looks like everyone is here, Aikon beam us to there.” ”Energazin.” Then everyone was beamed to the Gorg vessel. There Sprak began scanning and said: ”I’m reading few faint life-signs, captain.” Then Ensign T’lar one of the security officers has moved little to another room and said: ”Captain, there are lot of Gorgs and what I can tell, they had one hell of fire fight here.” ”Strange, Sprak do you read any other life-forms here except those gorgs and us?” said Gigerdius and Sprak scanned little while and answered: ”No, I’m not reading any other life-forms. But those gorgs have been hit by somekind of plasma weapon.” ”Plasma weapons... Sprak scan those gorgs and tell what kind of weapons they have.” ”Yes, cpatain... They have advanced plasma weapons, and what I can tell they’ve have been hit by these weapons.” ”What! Do you mean that these gorgs had somekind of civil war here?” Asked R’derex and Sprak answered: ”Appereantly yes, I don’t why they’ve did this, but we might get more information from the Gorg computers.” ”Yes, that would be good idea, make it so.” Then Sprak went to one of the computers and said: ”Captain this computer requires Gorg to activate it.” ”So where can we get a living gorg, or can it be activated to dead Gorg?” asked gigerdius and sprak answered: ”There seems to be scanners which scans the gorg and I think that if it’s not alive, it won’t accept it.” ”Damn! How the hell we suppose to get that information now.” Then Min’da said thrue the communicator: ”I might be able to access the computer.” ”But you’re not gorg and you’re energy not any solid.” ”I’m capable of accessing to gorg computers.” ”All right, come here then.” said gigerdius and then Min’da went to transporter room and beamed herself to the gorg ship: ”Where is the computer?” ”There.” said gigerdius and pointed to a computer where sprak was scanning. Then Min’da placed her hand to there where gorgs usually put their hands when they’re accassing the computer after few seconds she said: ”I was able to access the gorg database.” ”Good, but try to make this fast.” said gigerdius and he was little worried. Then Sprak said: ”Captain, I’m reading malfunction in the gorg’s reactor core.” And then Min’da also said: ”The self-destruct has been activated, I can’t stop it.” ”How much we will have time?” Asked gigerdius and min’da answered: ”About 10 minutes.” ”All right we’ll stay here for five minutes and then we’ll leave.” ”Captain, I suggest that you should leave and all of you I’ll stay here and collect as much data as I can.” ”I can’t let you do that, we’ll not leave you here.” The Sprak said: ”Captain, life-support systems have failed and oxygen seems to running out fast, we should leave while we can.” ”I can survive without oxygen.” said Min’da and gigerdius said: ”All right, but we’ll get you out of here as soon as possible.” Then T’lar said: ”Captain this gorg seems to be alive.” Then the gorg took her hand and said: ”They are coming for you...” And then he died and gigerdius asked: ”What happened?” ”The Gorg just said that: they are coming for you, and then he died.” ”Strange, well we should be going now.” Then gigerdius, fhogli, sprak and all the security officers gathered and then gigerdius said: ”Six to beam up.” then they’re beamed back to Exploreison. Then Gigerdius, Sprak and Fhogli went to bridge, R’derex and the security officers went to security center. When they arrived to bridge Drill said: ”Captain, there is flactuation in our EPS power grid.” ”What kind of flactuation?” ”Jump drives seems to be inoperative, Impulse engines are working only at 50% and shields can’t get full power.” ”What cause this?” ”I think it was the gorg torpedo, the reason why we first didn’t notice this was because the torpedo made this happen now.” ”Can you get it fixed?” ”I can, but it would take few hours to do it.” ”We don’t have so much time, how long it would take to repair the jump drives?” ”They’re the hardest, my guess is... perhaps two hours.” ”Well what about impulse engines?” ”Hour and shields hour also.” ”Damn, we don’t have much time. Min’da how long will it take you to get that information?” ”Few minutes captain, it’s me hard to access the gorg database.” ”Sprak how much time we have?” ”Two minutes.” ”Bridge to transporter room, have you able to lock on min’da?” ”No, her pattern is hard to lock on because she is energy.” Then sprak said: ”The gorg’s reactor core is closing to critical.” ”Come on Min’da.” ”One minute until the gorg reactor core is in critical.” said sprak And then drill said: ”Power systems on that gorg ship are failing.” Then Min’da said: ”I have the information.” ”30 seconds until the reactor is critical.” said sprak and gigerdius said: ”Transporter room can you lock on to Min’da.” ”I’m trying, but the transporter is hard to reconnize her.” ”Gorg reactor core is going critical, core breach in 40 seconds.” said sprak. Brian ready impulse engines and be ready to engage them.” then the transporter chief said: ”I was able to beam Min’da out from the gorg ship, but I can’t materialize her, but I think we can go now.” ”Get us the hell out of here Brian.” ”Aye,sir.” ”Core breach in five seconds.” Then Brian engaged impulse engines and they started to move out from the gorg ship. ”Core breach imminent!” Then the gorg ship exploded and huge shockwave came from it and sprak said: ”This speed the shockwave will reach us in one minute.” ”Can’t we go any faster!?” ”No, that’s all I can give and I can’t get jump drives online! Inertial dampeners are also affected.” ”That’s why this place is shaking so much.” ”Captain, I’m reading Peace in our sensor.” Then the Peace engaged it’as tractor beam to Exploreison ”They engaged tractor beam to us.” And then Mad Gigerdi said in the bridge of Peace: ”Jump two, engage!” Then Peace jumped. At Exploreison Sprak said: ”The Peace has jumped and took us with it. But I’m reading malfunction in their tractor beam.” ”Captain our shields are getting stronger.” Said Drill and gigerdius asked: ”Why?” and sprak answered: ”Peace’s tractor beam seems now transfering energy to us. And the structual intergrity is falling in both ships, at this rate both ships will be destroyed in five minutes.”

Part II

Gigerdius was a little nervous like all the others, except Sprak, because he is vulcan. Then Sprak said: "We could destroy the Peace's tractor beam, and that would release us, but I don't know what would happen to Peace." Then Fhogli said: "If we would fire our phasers to their tractor beam, it would disable it and then Peace should be able to disengage it's jump drives." "Well, make it so.", captain responded. Same time at the Peace: "Can you shut down that tractor beam?" Asked Mad Gigerdi and his science officer answered: "I can't shut it down." "And we can't shut down our jump drives." Said Peace's helmsman. Then the Peace's weapons officer said: "Exploreison is preparing to fire, they are targeting our tractor beam." Then the exploreison fired long phaser burst and it disabled the tractor beam. Then Exploreison immediately came out of jump, but Peace continued, until they disengaged their jump drives. At Exploreison Gigerdius said: "Bridge to transporter room, what's your status with Min’da?" "I still have problems with her captain, she seems to be in the power grid, but I'm trying to locate her as soon as possible." "Good. Gigerdius out.” Then Ghi’la said: ”Captain Peace is hailing us.” ”On screen.” Answered Gigerdius and then the picture of Mad Gigerdi appeared to the screen: ”Looks like we made it, after all.” ”Yes, it looks so.” ”Captain wait until I will come aboard your ship, I want to see that ship and I will give you your ”mission briefing”.” ”All right, we’ll lower our shields. We be waiting for you.” ”Good, Peace out.” Then the picture of space appeared again to the view screen and then Gigerdius said: ”All right, let’s get ready for the arrival of Mad Gigerdi.” ”Yes, sir.” answered Grillka and then Deket said: Trough the communicator: ”Deket to bridge.” ”Gigerdius here.” ”Captain I’ve completed my analysis of the Gorg you brought here and what I can tell it doesn’t sound pretty nice, and in other way it’s even good, so you better get down here.” ”All right, I’ll be on my way. Ghi’la signal the Peace that Mad Gigerdi can arrive in two hours.” ”Aye, sir.” ”And Grillka, you have the conn.” Then Gigerdius went to turbolift and said: ”Deck 714.” Then the turbolift began to go there. Same time in engineering: ”Damn, Grouvi get that secondary fusion reactor on-line and Sala get the power on-line in deck 900.” said Drill. There was lot of going on in the engineering. After a little while Drill said again: ”Damn, what’s wrong with these engines, I can’t find any problem in them. Trickster and Ritua check the jump drives, if you can find any problem. I will go to check out the weapons in the weapons control in deck 710.” Then Gigerdius had arrived to the Infirmary: ”Captain good that you came.” ”So what you’ve found?” ”The central processor unit in this Gorg has failed and that can only mean two things.” ”And?” ”Well first is that the Gorg’s processor unit malfanctuened and was broken, but I don’t think so. Because the processor isn’t damaged it’s operates normally, if somebody would be sending anymore to there.” ”So what are you saying?” ”I’m saying that the Gorg collective has been destroyed or more like, the leader of their collective has been destroyed.” ”Leader of their collective?” ”It would appear so, when he is destroyed or killed the Gorgs aren’t controlled anymore.” ”Then they’re just like us.” ”Yes, except that some of them were still following orders, because they started to shot each other.” ”But do you know who can do this?” ”Don’t ask me, I don’t know anyone who could destroy Gorgs. Well we did at least mostly.” ”Yes, guess we didn’t destroy the Gorgs after all. When the information Min’da got has been anylized and translated we’ll see what we do next. See if you can find any more information about this Gorg. I’ll be in bridge.” ”Aye, sir.” Then he left the sick bay and said: ”Gigerdius to transporter, what’s your status.” ”I can’t say, I can’t locate Min’da.” Then Sprak said: ”Captain, I might know where Min’da is.” ”Where?” ”I think that she is in my console.” ”What?” ”Yes, because it seems to be inoperative and I can’t find any problem in it.” ”Transporter room can you locate her now?” ”Hold on... Yes! I’m locking on her now and... Energizing... She’s here, I was able to beam her here quite easily.” ”Good, Min’da all you all right?” ”Yes, I am. I have the information now.” ”Good give it to Sprak he can anylize it.” ”Captain, I know little of the Gorg language, I might be able to translate this.” ”Well you can work with Sprak. Gigerdius out.” Then Gigerdius went out from the sick bay and went to turbolift and by that he went to the bridge. When he came to there Sprak said: ”Captain Min’da have able to translate some of the information and I‘ve been able to anylize it. I think that I got the location of Gorg’s homeworld.” ”Gorg’s homeworld, well that’s nice. We better report this to Mad Gigerdi when he arrives.” ”Oh captain, I almost forgat. Mad Gigerdi will be here in 20 minutes.” ”Damn, why he has to come so early. Well I better get ready for him. Tell him to land to shuttle bay four and all senior officers must be there.” ”Yes, sir.” Said Grillka and then Gigerdius went to turbolift again, there he thought: Why Mad Gigerdi has to come to Exploreison so early. And why in this kind of space. We’re in space where is no bases or planets nearby. Well guess he has his reasons and we’ll find it out soon. Then he went to the sick bay: ”Deket, have you been able to find out anything more from this gorg?” ”Well, this gorg seemed to have been assimilated.” ”So he’s not pure Gorg.” ”No, he’s human.” ”Human, well that’s bad, anything else?” ”Yes, this gorg is also alive.” ”Alive!?” ”Yes, but I’m not sure can I revive him, because these Gorg machines are so strange.” ”Perhaps Drill migh assist you in that thing.” ”Yes, I’ve been thinking that.” ”Well you can do that after Mad Gigerdi has arrived, but now you should get to the shuttle bay four.” ”Yes, captain.” Then Gigerdius went to turbolift and by that to engineering: ”Drill, what’s the status here.” ”We got our power grid almost repaired, but weapons won’t be on-line soon, because I just can’t figure out what’s wrong with it.” ”You should assist Deket with that Gorg, he’s human and alive, but those machines are in the way so you could assist him with those machines.” ”Well, okay. No problem.” ”But get to the shuttle bay four now, Mad Gigerdi is paying a visit to here.” ”Okay.” ”Good, I’ll go with you to there.” Then they both left and went to turbolift and to shuttle bay four. There everyopne else were already. Then the shuttle arrived: ”Captain, why he want’s to go by shuttle?” asked Grillka and Gigerdius answered: ”I don’t know, don’t ask me.” Then the shuttle door opened and Mad Gigerdi came out of the shuttle: ”Captain, it’s nice to meet you once again.” ”Yes, thank you.” answered gigerdius ”And here’s my first officer commander Grilka, here’s the science officer Lietunant Sprak...” When he had finished Mad Gigerdi and Gigerdius went to the Gigerdiu’s quarters, others went back to duty. In the Gigerdiu’s quarters: ”I must say that performed well when you and your crew handled that Gorg ship, but I must say that why you went to that mission?” ”Well I wanted to see a gorg ship insade and we didn’t have much crew yet, so I decided to go there.” ”This can’t happen again, is that clear?” ”Yes, sir.” said Gigerdius and the Mad Gigerdi said: ”Well that’s good, when you have analyzed the information you collected we should be able to determine your next objective.” ”Can I ask you one thing?” ”Sure, go ahead.” ”Why the hell you sended us to examine that ship, you had one hell of better defenses than we have, why us?” ”When you’re exploring some part of the galaxa alone you must have got some training handleding situations like that, and one other reason was because your crew needed experience and that ship wasn’t all right.” ”Still, it was stupid to send us to there.” ”Well let’s not disscuss about that anymore, I could go for a little tour around this ship, but I don’t need a guide.” ”Yes, sir.” ”Please if you could call me as Mad Gigerdi.” ”Sure.” Then Mad Gigerdi went out from the room and began to walk around the ship. Gigerdius just sat in his quarters thinking what they’ll find from that information, then he said: ”Gigerdius to Sprak, what’s your status?” ”We’ve been able to anylize most of the data and we should complete it soon captain.” ”Good, Gigerdius out.” ”Gigerdius to Deket, what’s your status?” ”Drill has been able to remove some non-crtitical machines and I should be able to revive him soon, but he’s dying and I can’t save him, his anatomy isn’t the same anymore and I can’t repair the damage he has.” ”I’ll be on my way to there, I want to hear what we can get from him. Gigerdius out.” In the sick bay: ”These gorgs surely look strange and they’re strange, there is lot of backup systems here.” ”Backup? What kind of backup systems?” ”It seems that he has lot of backup systems for non-critical machines, and usually these non-critical machines don’t do much anything.” ”That’s strange.” ”It is, but the problem is that I can’t remove these backup machines, they seems to be connected with the critical systems. So this is the best I can do.” ”Well lets see what I can do...” He scans the gorg and then Gigerdius comes from the door and says: ”What is it now?” ”I’m reviving him now...” Then Deket put some medicine by hypospray. And soon the Gorg began to move and said: ”They’re here, the Lightness, is here. They’re coming for you, Prepar...” ”His dead captain.” ”Damn, do you gyes have any idead what he said?” Then Drill said: ”I think that ”Lightness” destroyed the gorg collective.” ”But why he said prepare.” said Gigerdius and then Deket answered: ”I think that this so called ”Lightness” might be attacking to us.” ”Damn, that’s definetly not good, I’ll report this to Mad Gigerdi, Drill you should go back to engineering and Deket, Examine that gorg still once.” ”That’s what I just planned.” ”Good.” Then Gigerdius went out from the sick bay, but so did Drill. Drill went to the weapons control to find out what was the problem And Gigerdius went to mess hall, because Mad Gigerdi was there: ”Si... I mean Mad Gigerdi, we got some bad news.” Then Mad Gigerdi looked up to Gigerdius and said: ”What kind of news?” ”We think that race called ”Lightness” is going to attack us.” ”That’s definetly not good, but we can’t anything right now. Sprak just told me that they know the location of Gorg’s homeworld and you’ll be going to there. If you find any evidence there, it will be reported back to command.” ”All right, when we’ll leave?” ”You’ll be leaving in two hours, but I won’t come with you. The planet is secured, I’ve already sent ships to investigate is the planet operational or does it have any defenses, it seems that it ”had”, but you should be able to determine why the Gorg’s where destroyed.” ”We already know.” ”But you need other evidence.” ”We’ll go to there, but what about the rest of the crew?” ”Ah, you’ll get full crew after this mission.” ”Good.” ”I’ll leave in one hour. And by the way, she’s fine ship isn’t she.” ”Indeed.” Then Gigerdius went out from the mess hall and Mad Gigerdi continued drinking his raktazino: ”Damn, how can humans or klinogns drink this stuff, it’s discusting.” Then he went out from the mess hall to explore the ship little more. At bridge was Sprak anylizing the information when R’derex came to see him: ”So how’s it going?” ”I’ve been able to anylize most of the data, but not all.” ”Well that’s good. Do you have idea why the weapons controls aren’t working.” ”I think that the reason is the gorg.” ”Gorg?” ”Yes, the gorg we have here seems to be amenating some strange radiation that affects to the power grid and then the radiation seems to go to the weapons controls.” ”Why haven’t you said that?” ”I detected it just now.” ”Well I think you should report this to Drill.” ”Yes. Sprak to Liutunant-commander Drill.” ”Drill here.” ”I know why the weapons controls aren’t responding.” ”Good, it’s about time to get these work, I’m listening.” Then Sprak told what he discovered and then Drill told this to captain. Then they beamed the Gorg to space and the weapons controls went on-line soon again. When Mad Gigerdi had left they soon set course to Gorg’s homeworld. Everyone was in the bridge: ”Our mission is to explore this planet, scans indicate it has atmosphere and oxygen one so everyone should be able to breath it. Sprak, R’Derex, Deket, Drill and Min’da is going to there with me and R’Derex take the ensign T’lar as one of the security officers.” ”Yes, sir.” ”Grilka you have the command.” ”Aye. captain.” Then they went to turbolift and by that to the Transporter room. And from there they beamed themselves to the surface. When they had beamed themselves to there, they began to scan the planet by their trocrders and then Sprak said: ”I’m reading, lot of dead gorgs, here.” ”Well you can see it.” Said R’Derex and walked jus over one body ”This place is full of these bodies. Sprak can you detect anyone alive here.” ”Negative, but I’m reading a power source from the building which is there.” And he pointed the only building that was even in good shape, unlike the other buildings which were completly destroyed. Then they walked towards that building when they arrived close to it they saw that it was one hell of big: ”This must have been somekind of palace, strange that it wasn’t damaged.” Said Drill and then Deket said: ”I’m reading some other life-forms insade that building, but they appear to be dead.” ”Lets go.” Said Gigerdius and then Sprak said: ”The power reading is coming from this building and it’s close.” Then they went insade and Drill said: ”What a smell.” ”Indeed. I’m reading one unknown life-form ahead.” Then they came to grat hall where was lot of bodies. ”Isn’t that gye from T-race?” asked Gigerdius and Min’da looked at the body and said: ”Yes, it is.” ”Captain this specie is totally unknown, but it seems to be energy as the T-race.” Said Deket and Gigerdius said: ”Energy, scan it completly.” ”Yes, sir.” Then Drill said when he was looking at the hall’s walls: ”These walls look quite strange, they seemed to have lot of machines on them, and they also seem to be only machines, but those machines don’t do anything, they just are here, just like that gorg, had lot of machines that actually don’t do anything.” ”Strange. See if you can find any further information.” ”Aye, captain.” Then Sprak went to other room and said: ”Captain, there seems to be a functioning computer.” ”Good, take as much information as you can.” ”Yes, captain.” Then Gigerdius went to other room. The room wasn’t damaged at all there was only lot of dead bodies. Then he began to scan one of the gorgs: ”Deket, it seems that these gorgs here weren’t shot at all, and thos other aliens seems to have died to something else also.” ”Same thing seems to in the aliens here. They have died to some kind of energy wave. All in the same time.” ”I’ll continue my seardch here.” Drill was examining the walls and Deket the bodies. Sprak was using the computer and Min’da had went to outside. Gigerdius went to other room again, but there was nothing only walls with machines, untill he saw a hole: ”Gigerdius to Drill.” ”Drill here.” ”I think you should come to see this.” ”I’m coming. Drill out.” Then the Drill arrived to the same room where Gigerdius was and he saw the hole: ”I’m getting strange readings from it. But there’s a room in another side of it.” Then they went to the room where they saw a huge reactor: ”That reactor is huge, must be hundreds of kilometers long.” Said Gigerdius and Drill then Drill said: ”The reactor is quite unstable, it will explode in ten hours, if it’s not reapaired, but I don’t have reasources to reapair it.” ”Is this some kind of control computer Drill?” ”It would appear to be, but it’s not functioning and the automated reapair system is off-line and... DAMN!” ”What now Drill.” ”The self-destruct sequence has been activated and that’s the reason why the reactor is unstable, but why they left so much time... unless.” ”Unless what?” ”Unless the self-destruct system is damaged and it goes slower.” ”Well we have ten hours time, that should be enough.” ”I’ll stay here and if I can find out anything more.” ”All right.” Then Gigerdius leaved from the reactor room. Sprak was still using the computer. Then Min’da said: ”Min’da to captain.” ”Gigerdius here.” ”I’m outside and I find a ship and the ship is T-race’s shuttle craft.” ”What, I’ll be on my way to there, Gigerdius out.” When he came to the location of the shuttle he saw that it was definetly T-race’s origin. And then Min’da said: ”This ship is completely operational all systems are working normally. I don’t understand why it was left here.” ”Perhaps they wanted it to blow up with the rest of the planet.” ”Is the self-destruct system on-line?” ”Well, not fully on-line, but yes this planet will explode in ten hours.” ”Why would this be left here just to blow up with the rest of the planet, why not to take it with them. Unless they wanted it to be found.” ”What do you mean Min’da?” ”It might be possible that they left it here, in case the self-destruct system doesn’t work and when it scanner detect life-forms here it will send a sginal.” Then Grilka said: ”Captain we just picked up a transmission from the planet.” ”Damn, prepare to leave immidietly when we arrive.” ”Yes, sir.” ”Captain the self-destruct system of this shuttle has activated,we should leave.” Then they both began to except that Min’da ran four times faster than Gigerdius, but they were both able to escape from the blast. ”Gigerdius to Sprak.” Sprak here.” ”How much information you’ve been able to collect?” ”Almost everything, after few minutes I have all.” ”Move as fast as you can, because we might have company soon. And Drill you should prepare to leave too.” ”I’m ready soon.” ”Gigerdius to Deket, what about the bodies?” ”I can’t beam them insade this building, something must interfiering the transporter and I can move gorgs to outside, but not any others.” ”What about you Min’da?” ”I’m sorry I can’t do anything to them.” ”Well we can’t do anything to them and we better not to take any Gorgs with us now, Gigerdius out.” ”Grilka to Gigerdius.” ”Gigerdius here.” ”Captain we’re detecting a ship moving to this location, it will arrive in two minutes. You should get ready for beam out.” ”We’ll be.” ”Sprak to captain.” ”Yes?” ”I have completed the download now.” ”Good.” Then Deket and Drill came out from the building and later Sprak. Then Gigerdius said: ”Where’s R’ Derex?” ”I don’t know, sir.” Said Drill. In other building nearby: ”Ensing we better go.” ”Just a minute sir.” ”We’ll have company soon so you better hurry.” ”I’m going as fast as I can... Now I got the information.” said T’lar and then Gigerdius said: ”Gigerdius to R’Derex.” ”R’Derex here.” ”Where are you?” ”We were in the nearby building searching anything and T’lar find some intresting information.” ”Well get to the transporter site and hurry.” ”We’ll be on our way.” Then they went to the tranporter site and when they were almost there all of them saw when one hell of big ship came from the sky and then Gigerdius said: ”Beam us out of here and fast!” Then they were beamed from there and when they were in the ship Gigerdius said: ”Grilka what happened?” The ship is headin to our wayand is moving to intercept!” ”Get us out here.” ”Already going, captain.” Then the Exploreison jumped from the Gorg’s homeworld and the Unknown ship destroyed everything and in the end the intare planet. In Exploreison Gigerdius was in the bridge and Ghi’la said: ”Captain we are being hailed byt the Peace.” ”On screen.” ”Well done captain, you crew is good I must say. You’ll give the information you collected to the Gigerdian intelligence they’ll examine it.” ”As you wish, but where we’ll go now?” ”Set course to Gigerdi prime, you’ll get the rest of the crew there. Peace out.” ”All right, Brian set course for Gigerdi prime jump ten.” ”Aye, sir.” ”I’ll be in my quarters.” He went to the turbolift and byt that to the deck where his quarter is. When he arrived he took an avaruus banaani and began to think: The first mission is over, it’s fine ship with a fine crew. When they arrived to Gigerdi prime, they got the rest of the crew, but they didn’t get any new mssion so the Exploreison just went to space. In the bridge Gigerdius said: ”Helmn jump factor ten, engage.” Then the Exploreison just jumped to Explore strange new worlds.