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Some background information on Hroq².


She is a female B² and very old, being in her late 610s. She has seen the creation of the UCP and has had a long life experience. She is thus a highly experienced ambassador, possible the most experienced of all (depends on Hemmoian and/or Bacterian ambassadors) and has served her whole life as a some sort of ambassador/mediator. Because of this she also has a vast life-experience (B² have excellent memory) and is thus either highly suspicious or trusting, depending on with who she's involved. Dands and Folans are ones that she's very suspicious of and keeps a close eye on them. Later on Jerdies too, but they will probably be minor players at first. Vemrers she considers highly predictable, Gigerdians she's very fond of (who could resist three eyes?). Hemmoians she also trusts, but is mildly suspicious of Bacterians which will be reinforced later.

She's very wise thanks to her age and also intelligent. As previously mentioned she has an excellent memory and thus more often than not mentions some of her previous experiences as a diplomat. As a person she's very warm and friendly towards those she trusts (kinda like this typical warm grandmother-type), though she's never hostile or mean even towards enemies and respects everyone, at least on some level (no one is a saint, but no one is a devil either). She can often tutor and assist others. She could especially be useful in the Kyle-Mad story in later seasons. She's also a pacifist and abhors violence and will refuse to use it herself even to protect herself. She's very reluctant towards any aggressive action and wants to pursue peace first. Timocracy war is something she will, at least for sometime, consider a personal failure. She is a strong supporter of the UCP and the UCP-GF alliance. She has two children, one is over 200 years old and the other over 500 years old. She has a husband back on her homeworld who is slightly younger than she is. She doesn't keep very active contact to her home or children. She keeps a close eye on politics though, both within the UPC and the GF.

As you've probably noticed there are quite a lot of UCP diplomats thus Hroq² should be the only main character and rest are simply recurring guests. For example in some episodes you could have both ambassadors, but no assistants, later Hroq² and one assistant and so on. Sometimes Hroq² can also be replaced by the other staff, but she should get the main priority. The reason why there are so much staff is to display as many of the UCP founding members as possible.

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