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Nix Balmorra

Character development information for Nix Balmorra.

Peace Station (5th season)

Nix Balmorra replaces all of the Gigerdian ambassadorial characters on the 5th season of the series. He is cut to the show in a rather unexplained manner, since he has never been seen during the show before. I'd like to also point out, that during the Gigerdian Secession, Nix Balmorra was in the federal side of the split-up.

Nix Balmorra's educational background has not yet been fully decided. He is, however, first and foremost an ambassador and a diplomat. It would, however, be beneficial if he also had graduated from a GA military academy, and for an example hold the lower officer ranks (2nd Lieutenant or Lieutenant) just for status' sake. Nix did not take part in the Dominion War, but he has had some sort of experience with combat. Nix is also slightly younger than Mad or Kyle.

Before Nix's arrival to the station, he has been married with a Gigerdian officer named Needah Tesrek. She will not be mentioned much during the fifth season of the show, instead she'll be mentioned much more during the Daglian Conflict/3rd Bacterian War-miniseries.

During the 5th season of the show, Nix receives his posting as the ambassador to the station unexpectadly. Some believe, that the posting is a bit too much for him to handle, especially alone. The Peace Station is known as a daring battleground not just for military conflicts, but also political plays of power, intrigue and misinformation. Nix Balmorra's superiors are often worried whether or not Nix can represent the GA's interests on the station powerfully enough, but he manages to do his job well enough.

Nix also meets Lydia Bakteeri there, which he develops a strong relationship with. The relationship doesn't really get that deep during the 5th season of the show, since the two are still ambassadors of their own respective races and governments, so naturally the relationship cannot be made public or for that matter become very deep. There is still a large amount of romance in the air between the two, but as said before, the relationship is quite superficial during the entire last season. Things get "hot enough" in the following miniseries, but in the 5th season of the show, it serves only as a way to introduce the characters and to pave way for the romantic consequences that the relationship is to have later on.

At the conclusion of the series, Nix is congratulated on a "job well done along with going above and beoynd the call of duty" during his posting. Nix, however, turns down the decorations and wishes to "live a slightly simpler life" after the posting, and thus turns down a prominent position offered to him as a follow-up.

Third Bacterian War/Daglian Conflict

At the start of the miniseries, it has been a few years(?) since the Peace Station's role as a diplomatic outpost ended. Nix has once again concluded a job posting as an ambassadorial aide on Gigerdi Prime. Nix, however, is contacted by Lydia shortly before the start of the Third Bacterian War, and Nix travels to a secret meeting point to see her. The meeting is held in Gigerdi 2's lower sectors, where the two meet in a seedy back alley of a bar. The reunification between the two ambassadors in very warm, and they decide to stay in Gigerdi 2 for a few days. Lydia, however, warns Nix that she fears that a dangerous and destructive phase has started in the Bacterian royal court, and that she may be powerless to stop it. This refers to the beginning of the 3rd Bacterian War/Daglian Conflict.

As the 3rd Bacterian War starts, the initial conflict caughts Lydia and Nix almost completely by surprise. Lydia confesses to Nix, that she feared that something like this might happen. Lydia and Nix then escape from Gigerdi 2, as the Gigerdian forces start to systematically arrest all Bacterians on the planet in fear of terrorist sabotage and attacks.

Lydia and Nix escape to Lydia's personal cruiser, the BES (insert name here), which is piloted by a small group of Bacterians unwilling to take part in the conflict that has now flared up between the Gigerdians and Bacterians. Lydia and Nix remain with the few vessels that decide to tag along Lydia's vessel, and they hide somewhere in the far borders of either the Gamma- or Delta Quadrants. At some point, Nix is informed that her ex-wife, Needah Tesrek has been killed in the conflict.

Sidenotes: The entire Lydia/Nix-affair is a very small subplot of the entire series, concentrating mainly on just the war between the two states and the chaaracters fighting on each side.

GA Civil War

ISA Trilogy: Path Beyond (possibly unofficial?)