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Verror Holer

Contains background information on the Vemrer ambassador Verror Holer. She may or may not survive the end of the show. Death is unlikely, but she might quit due to "too much men".


She is an experienced general of the Vemrer military and one of the leaders of her horde. She is highly respected member of her horde and also regarded highly in the entire Vemrer Minarchism. She received this ambassadorial job due to her achievements in the recent war. She is in her late fifties and has two husbands and three children, whom are all adults now. Two daughters and one son. Her son has been married to another horde and her daughters are officers in the Vemrer military. Her daughters might appear in some episode. Her husbands are on her homeworld and confined to household duties. They will never appear at the station. You could consider Verror to be a militaristic feminist. She has absolutely no respect for men whatsoever and she considers them trash and third-class citizens. Their only worth is in household duties and breeding. She does, however, respect her father and he is the only man who truly has earned her respect. She has fond memories of her childhood and misses her parents who both died in the Folan-Vemrer war.

She feels the same way towards men of all species and all those who share same physical characteristics. She will never greet any men ambassadors and will always consider them as trash, thus having a very hard time in having any negotiations with them. Due to her job, however, she will attempt to tolerate them, but often when her demands are not met she will insult the other negotiator if it's male. There could even be an event where she would possibly spit on one of the Gigerdian ambassadors. She also has no problems in expressing her opinions in open and might openly question male ambassadors in council meetings.

She is very aggressive and will probably get into fights more often than once. She is, however, a very capable warrior and thus there aren't many people who could defeat her in a duel. She has very little of respect towards Folans due to their desertion in the recent war. Although the Folan ambassador is female she still doesn't want to have anything to do with her unless absolutely necessary. She approves of the Gigerdians and UCP due to being "fierce warriors" in the recent war and has especially high respect towards V'As'Ta'R. Hemmoians and Bacterians are something she is unsure of and will form her opinion on later. Same goes to the minor races.

Generally she is aggressive, respects strength both physical and mental, considers technology a more of a necessary evil and thus prefers natural items when possible, doesn't like to deal with "lower class" because has an attitude of a "noble", she is very loyal to her friends and can be even relatively "soft" towards those she knows well, doesn't reveal her personal affairs easily and generally doesn't trust anyone easily, especially "outsiders" (that is aliens and especially men), she is always honorable even towards enemies.

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