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Mad Gigerdi

Background information on Mad Gigerdi.


The son of Ulre Gigerdi and INSERT Gigerdi. Has no siblings, but considers Kyle Gigerdi to be his best friend. Though this friendship will be tested after the secession. The word "Mad" does not, obviously, mean mad in Gigerdian language, but was a rather common name amongst the Gigerdians. With the advent of English though the name has seen much less use. Mad is the heir to the throne of Gigerdi Federation and as usually power corrupts. Initially Mad can be considered as a quite simple person who wishes to make the galaxy a better place. He has high expectations and is initially very eager about the assignment, especially as it's with Kyle. He is friendly towards the other ambassadors and is even too social towards the Vemrer ambassador (might get a punch in the face for that). The harsh reality hits him later though as he cannot achieve "world peace". He is rather oblivious towards the problems at home and doesn't see the need for major improvements, though once he becomes the emperor this will change too. He will have good relations with the UCP ambassadors. Has positive feelings towards Hemmoians, but doesn't trust Bacterians or Folans. While he doesn't really like Vemrers he has a certain respect towards them and hopes to pursue better relations with them.

Once he becomes the emperor his views change dramatically. As he finally can make things "good for everyone". He thinks Kyle is merely envious due to his new position as the emperor and ignores his views completely thinking that he himself can make everything much better than Kyle. Mad orders the military to catch Kyle and to return order on the dissident worlds. However, he soon realizes that his actions have been too extreme and decides to pursue peace in order to show the dissident worlds that his way is the right way. Only in the later seasons he finally realizes that rather than being remembered as the emperor who made "everything right" he would be remembered as the emperor who caused the split of the Gigerdi Federation. Generally he initially will think very highly of himself and does indeed improve the conditions in Gigerdi system, but at the expense of the outer colonies.

Whether Lorna or someone else becomes the future mother of Jr. is yet to be determined.

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