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Kyle Gigerdi

The purpose of this article is to give some background information concerning the character of Kyle Gigerdi through the Pre-PS period up until the end of the fourth season of the Peace Station. This article can be used as a resource for anyone writing episodes, characters etc. involving Kyle Gigerdi.

General Background

Kyle Gigerdi, the son of a Gigerdian senator. His best friend and colleague is Mad Gigerdi. Occupation and role of Kyle's mother has never been mentioned or thought out that much. Is she dead or alive?

Kyle attended the military academy on Gigerdi Prime during his very early 20's along with Mad Gigerdi. After that they participated in the Folan War at a very late stage, but were still able to see minor combat. It could be possible that Kyle and Mad were involved in a "very sticky situation" during that war, which earned them some degree of respect due to a feat of some sort during the war. During this time the two befriended a third Gigerdian, Mykel Gigerdi, who they mostly accidentally left behind during a combat situation of some sort during the conflict. Kyle assumes that Mykel is dead, although he will return to torment the two shortly during the Adventures of Kyle&Mad. More on this later.

Adventures of Kyle&Mad

After Kyle's and Mad's short participation in the Folan War, they decide to leave their military life in the ranks of the GF for awhile, and make a long-time wish of their come true: they decide to purchase a starship, and go travelling in the Beta Quadrant Free Zone. During this time Kyle is a brash, motivated, optimistic young fellow - kinda think of Luke Skywalker meets Indiana Jones.

During their adventure in the Beta Quadrant Free Zone, Kyle doesn't really change much on a personal level. The only visible change in him is his realization that the universe sure is a dangerous place and once something goes wrong there, no-one can truly hear you scream - thus Kyle is a sligtly more serious kind of a "right and wrong"-person. Perhaps Kyle could also be called alot more spontaneous person when compared to Mad Gigerdi.

During this time Kyle (along with Mad) meet the mysterious human "mercenary" with mystical powers, Den Kylek. Kyle is drawn to his dangerous and mystical persona, which in turn helps the three characters (Mad, Kyle and Den Kylek) to bond and form a working team during their mission.

Peace Station (1st Season)

Kyle is appointed as the other Gigerdian ambassador to the newly-constructed Peace Station. There he meets political conflicts at first, but also gets involved with the minor colonial struggle going on between the Gigerdians, which later on creates the secession and forming of the Gigerdi Confederation. Kyle is slowly convinced of the righteousness of the secessionists' cause, and thus becomes one of their leading figures later on. After the Secession War breaks out, the friendship between Kyle and Mad also somewhat worsens - and is cut off completely at the end of the first season.

Kyle is also romantically involved with lieutenant Kwinda Anado beginning from the first season up until the beginning of the 4th season. Kwinda is killed in a Dominion attack on the station, and this plot twist itself changes Kyle's character considerably.

Peace Station (2nd Season)

At the beginning of the 2nd season, Kyle is not seen on station much. He is replaced by a secondary ambassador from the Gigerdi Federation, Las Herdan. Meanwhile Kyle is seen in command of the GCS Hope, attempting to organise the newly-created G-Confed's temporary base of operations on the planet Merdan.

Kyle returns to the station in episode (insert name here), where some disagreements between Mad and Kyle flare up again. They do get along well, though, since they both understand their positions as ambassadors on the station. Kyle also sets up better relations between the GC and the Bacterians at that time, since the small and newly-created Gigerdi Confederation needs allies and more importantly powerful trading partners. Kyle sets up weapon sales between the Confederate Gigerdians and Bacterians.

The next time relations between Kyle and Mad improve, is the whole deal with the "Insane Gigerdian Admirals". Kyle blames the GF on the covert attack, but Mad manages to convince him otherwise. The G-Confederate base on Merdan is abandoned after the attack, but the Gigerdians rally their forces together to destroy the admirals and their attack fleet. This joint action improves relations, but there is still a large amount of "general mistrust" between the governments.

The Dominion War breaks out at the end of the 2nd season.

Peace Station (3rd Season)

The Gigerdi Confederation joins the war against the Dominion after the Dominion attacks the Peace Station head on the first time. Kyle and Mad are not seen on the station that much at first, and also at times the narration changes to portray the Gigerdian Confederates and their struggle to find a new home world. Kyle's decision to push the Gigerdi Confederation into the Dominion War is also somewhat questioned by some members of his military and government, and this in turn creates a few subplots.

Meanwhile the new home world for the confederates is established on a fairly remote planet in the Beta Quadrant, entitled Gigerdi 2. Kyle leaves the station once again to assume the position of emperor of the Confederate Gigerdians on the planet.

The war rages on.

Peace Station (4th Season)

The fourth season follows Kyle around as he commands the forces of the Confederates in a desperate battle to win time against the Dominion. At the Peace Station an opportunistic Confederate Gigerdian attempts to start a popular movement against Kyle, with the aims of being replaced as the supreme commander of the Confederate forces. His plan backfires, however, when Kyle has to use some rather questionable means to win over the support back to his own side.

After the Dominion attack the Peace Station directly, Kwinda is killed. Kyle returns to the station after a combat mission of some sort, and he is told of the fatality. Kyle is clearly broken, and this is the time when his character changes to a darker person.

Kyle also retrieves cell samples from the dead body of Kwinda, intending to use them to make offspring for the couple, due to not being able to no longer reproduce normally with her. Also the reason for the retrievement of cells is Kyle's intention to produce a heir to his throne, which is quite uncertain at the moment. The offspring is Daniel Gigerdi.

Kyle dies at the end of the season along with Mad during a daring rescue mission of Gigerdian (or "allied") prisoners from a Dominion POW camp about to be abandoned and destroyed. The friendship between Kyle and Mad is also restored to its' former strength just before the daring mission. Kyle's last wish before "the last mission" is also to grant Gigerdi 2 a status of an independent member of the up-coming GA. This wish is later on granted.

Before this conclusion to his story, however, it has been decided by the two Gigerdian leaders that the states should unify themselves if the war is won. This naturally happens, and afterwards the entire unified Gigerdian state holds Kyle and Mad as the spiritual leaders behind the ideas of a Gigerdian unification and thus naturally the entire alliance.


Kyle Gigerdi at first and especially during his younger years could be best described as "Luke Skywalker meets Indiana Jones" with his brash and impulsive way of advancing into various situations and causes. He has a very clear idea of right and wrong, and often acts upon it very impulsively if needed. The consequences of his actions are not always the thing he worries about, but he pushes himself into them very quickly.

He has an adventurous spirit within most often than not. Kyle is willing to jump in support of any "agenda", causes or ideologies that he believes to be just and worth his effort. Therefore he is not always that willing to side with the Gigerdi Federation, but think for himself largely.

There is another side to him however: when it comes to military operations or larger plans to be executed, he can be a cunning and preparing leader if needed. During the last seasons of the Peace Station series, Kyle turns into a much cynical but nonetheless determined individual after the death of Kwinda and the horrible cost of the Timocracy war. Especially during the fourth season he can best be described as having "grown up" and even depressed from the costly war and the sudden loss of Kwinda.

Mad Gigerdi is a long-time childhood friend of Kyle. Their relationship has always been very friendly almost brother-like before the events of the Secession War. Kyle himself is greatly intrigued by the fact that the Confederal side is so willing to make him their new head of state and as such is not even quite sure about what to expect. He assumes the position with great tennacity and interest, but later on finds out that leading a ragtag group of secessionist hideaways and later on a large confederation of his own may not be the easiest of tasks.

Kyle is secretly very saddened about the broken relationship between him and Mad during and because of the Secessionist War. On the other hand he largely decides that it is more worth to pursue making a difference for the Confederal side, since they seem like the sort of folk worthy of his input. Officially Kyle acts like a person not willing to let the strife between him and Mad affect him, but eventually the loss of a life-long friend begins to take effect. This problem is later redeemed.

Kyle Gigerdi aboard the Peace Station is a person who always has something to do or something to investigate on his own. He is not very fond of the Bacterians, but instead believes them to always be "up to no good". He tries to understand and respect the species he knows very little of, but that also proves difficult at times. The Hemmoians Kyle seems to be contend with most of the time, since he still seems to view them as the sort of species who were on the verge on extinction and only needed a little help to get up again.