Adventures of Kyle and Mad: Pilot

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     Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 1: Pilot

”I’m glad this is finally over”, said Kyle Gigerdi as he shut the zipper on the side of his equipment bag. Mad Gigerdi stood a few feet away from him, and watched Kyle button his uniform jacket and straighten the collar. The low hum of the engines of this large Gigerdian cruiser were the only sounds the two could hear.

“I’m surprised that the little fight we had with the Bacterians after the first contact with the Hemmoians and the Orcish didn’t escalate into anything bigger”, Mad Gigerdi replied.

“Well, I’m glad to be home, either way”, Kyle stated and walked to the door. He patted Mad Gigerdi on the back, and smiled; “No more fighting along the borders or useless patrols for us two”, he said as the two exited their crew quarters into the main hallway. Many other crewmembers were also leaving their quarters with their belongings in hand. A large line of male and female Gigerdians with grey equipment bags slung over their shoulders seemed to be slowly moving towards the lifts located at the back of the hallway. Everyone was clearly happy to be back home, and preferably in one piece. Kyle and Mad walked to the end of the line also, and waited for their turn to board the turbolift.

“Have you thought about that idea of mine?” Kyle asked Mad enthusiastically as the line shortened. Mad looked at Kyle for a while, and with a grim look on his face, he replied: “I’d love to go, but my father’s against the idea of me and you buying a freighter and going system-hopping for a while”. Kyle nodded: “I suppose that something like this was to be expected from your dad”.

“Kyle, I’d love to go, but I doubt that my old man will be willing to give us his blessings for the trip”, Mad replied. The two Gigerdians boarded the turbolift, and after a few seconds the lift reached deck twelve, where the captain of the vessel was to hold his send-off speech for the crew. The whole deck was lined wall to wall with Gigerdian crewmembers waiting for the speech to start at the podium located in front of the large deck. The captain of the vessel, Ossidius Yerdal, emerged from the back of the deck, and took his place in the podium. He looked at the crew that had gathered, and smiled.

“My fellow officers and enlisted men, we have finally reached home after a short but potentially devastating conflict. As you know, the geopolitical situation in our beloved Gigerdi Federation has now changed with the discovery of the Hemmoians and the Orcish.. But also of the Bacterians”. Some of the crew were listening to the words of the captain enthusiastically, but it also seemed, that some of them were more interested on getting into the shuttles and transports bound for the surface of Gigerdi Prime. “I wish you crewmembers luck in this brave new universe that has suddenly materialized in front of us. But you should also remember that the Gigerdi Federation might call upon you to fulfil your duty towards your government and your race at any given time. I wish you luck.” The captain ended his speech with roaring applause from the crew.

Kyle went to talk with a few of the other crewmembers before their departure, and Mad decided to use his time to call home to his father. Mad took the turbolift down to the lounge deck, and saw that the bar that had been located there had now been closed. Only dim lights illuminated the entire compartment. Mad walked to the communications console in the back, and ordered the console to call his father’s number. The subspace communications took a few seconds to connect, and then his father’s smiling face appeared on the small screen. “Hello, my son! Have you returned to home world safe?” Ulre Gigerdi, Mad’s father asked happily. “Yes, we just arrived and I’ll be returning to the surface in a few minutes” Mad replied. “Excellent! I’ll call the whole family together, so you can tell me about your latest tour of duty!” Ulre replied. Mad, however, had other plans.

“Father, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about a certain matter”, Mad changed the topic. “What is it?” Ulre asked. “Father, I’ve decided not to go back to the university to study any of the subjects that would be needed to advance my career in the military” Mad said. Ulre looked at Mad for awhile somewhat amazed. “But why would you do such a thing?” he asked.

“Father, I’ve been thinking about finally take up Kyle’s offer, and going up with him for a little system-hopping” Mad stated. Ulre’s expression changed from bewilderment to sadness. “My son, I was hoping that you wouldn’t listen to that nonsense which that Frex’s kid has been putting into your head ever since you were little”. Mad’s expression also changed to a much grimmer one.

“It is for your own safety not to go. Many of the systems are very much insecure and full of dangers that you’ve never even heard of!” Ulre shouted frustratingly.

“I’m a grown man, father. I know how to keep myself secure.” Mad replied.

“Well, I cannot stop you from going, but I can tell you that you’ve certainly been warned about the things out there”, Ulre stated. Mad nodded, and sighed: “Father, these risks are mine to take. I know what I’m going up against. And Kyle’s my best friend in the whole wide universe – we’ve even been to a war together!”

Perhaps a tiny splinter of Mad’s explanations had finally sunken into Ulre’s mind, since he looked at Mad for awhile, and even managed to pull a smile. “I know that, my son. However, I was hoping to see you more around the house. People, such as you, die in these senseless wars around the galaxy. You and my mother just don’t want to see you die for nothing”. Mad pondered at his father’s words for awhile, and ruled quietly that these words might’ve been the deepest on an emotional level that his father had ever said to him.

“Nothing’s going to happen to me. Kyle and I know how to take care of ourselves. And I promise to be back home soon.” Mad replied. Ulre was relieved, “alright, just promise me that you’ll be safe” he pleaded. “I promise, but I have to be going now, father” Mad replied. They both nodded, and Ulre stopped the transmission with a quick goodbye. As Mad stared at the screen for awhile, he heard footsteps originating from behind. Kyle walked closer to him.

“I knew you’d be here”, he said.

“Kyle, we’re going to that trip of yours”, Mad replied with a smile on his face.

“What?! WE are?” Kyle shouted happily. “Yes, and you’d better find the best damn freighter in this quadrant for us, too”, Mad replied.

“Excellent!” Kyle still shouted.

“So, how are we going to get money for that freighter we need?” Mad asked somewhat hesitantly. “Well, since we don’t use money, the foreign office usually issues a moderate sum of money to anyone from the military willing to take a trip outside our territories after a tour of duty” Kyle explained with vigour.

“Alright, so how much universal credits are they going to give to a pair of lieutenants?” asked Mad. “Last time I checked, we could have 10 000 universal credits altogether” Kyle replied. “Hopefully that’ll buy as a ship from around here” Mad frowned. “Well, if you’re going to have to pay with universal credits around here, it probably won’t pay us a ship” Kyle stated. Mad’s expression changed again.

“Oh and how are we going to get that ship, then?” Mad asked with the same puzzled expression. “The answer, my friend, is simple: we’ll buy from outside GF borders, where used freighters are dirt-cheap” Kyle replied. “And which system do you have in mind, exactly?” Mad asked again.

“Dremole Station in the Harg system”, Kyle replied. Mad’s expression darkened even more, since Dremole Station wasn’t the most reputable establishments in the Beta Quadrant. “I surely hope that you know what you’re getting us into, Kyle” Mad replied. “I know we’ll be fine. And, on top of things, I’d recommend that we hitch a ride on the surface and then board a shuttle bound for Dremole Station as soon as possible” Kyle patted Mad on the back and they both left for the elevators.