Worlds Collide

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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 9: Worlds Collide

Lineet led the three into a small cave near the crash site of his fighter. The cave had been decorated with all sorts of objects that had clearly been salvaged from the fighter. On one of the walls inside the cave, the Hemmoian had a pair of animal heads hanging as a decoration. There was also a small makeshift table and some sort of an altar.

“Could you tell us how you got here?” Kyle asked Lineet. “Certainly I can. This is the first time I’ve ever had the chance to tell it to someone else instead of replaying it inside my head”. Lineet and the three sat down on the surprisingly clean floor of the cave.

“On my world of Aldaain, I used to love flying. I bought a starship as soon as I could, and flew around like there was no tomorrow. My fellow Hemmoians didn’t understand me, but I kept my calm. One day, the Orcish and the Hemmoians established a contact with the Bacterians. They attacked us with no apparent reason sometime after, and when a war broke out, I joined our armed forces; the fight against the Bacterians was quickly turning quite futile, though. So, one day, I took a lot of supplies with me and just flew off into the nothingness of space. I couldn’t bear the meaningless bloodshed and the killing. Anyway, I got pretty far, but eventually my supplies ran out, and I drifted in space for some time. At one point I remember waking up from a slumber inside the cockpit and seeing the atmosphere of this muddy world open up before my eyes. My fighter was in a bad shape, and thus crashed. I never knew where I was, though.” Lineet explained to the three, who were all listening to his story quietly.

“After the crash, I had my doubts concerning my decision. I even sent a distress signal, but after there was no answer, I just gave up the idea of ever wanting to leave this place again. So, I adapted; I hunted, built this little hut inside the cave, worshipped the Great SID in peace, and did what I could to pass the time”. Lineet explained as Kyle, Mad and Den just listened. “I felt lonely for some time. I couldn’t interact with my fellow Hemmoians, and agreeably I left my home world to face a great peril. Yet, I felt strangely peaceful after leaving all of that behind me.” Lineet confessed.

“Well, we established first contact with your species and the Orcish a few of our own years ago” Kyle replied. “Your species managed to escape total extinction even if your home world was destroyed.” Mad added. Den Kylek didn’t really want to intervene into this interspecies affair, and decided to let Kyle and Mad with their (obvious) training on the matter lead the way. “As proof of your species’ savior, you can see that our translators have this Hemmoian language along with a few Orcish dialects installed into it” Mad explained to Lineet, who listened with dismay. “The Bacterians have also managed to expand their territories, but a peace treaty is currently in place” Kyle added carefully. “I see.” Lineet replied after some pondering.

“I’m sorry to cut your geopolitics one-on-one lesson, but our freighter’s sitting in that little pond over there, and I have a feeling that we should get going again” Den Kylek finally cut into slow dialogue between the Hemmoian and the Gigerdians. “Yes, as I said before, we also crash landed here. However, our ship is still pretty operable. We’d just need to pull it out of water and get the engines running again” Kyle explained to the Hemmoian. “Perhaps, if you’d like, we could take you with us” Kyle proposed after the Hemmoian had stood up and walked a few paces away from the three. “All of this came so suddenly. I’ll need some time to think your propositions over” Lineet answered. “Alright then, we’ll just go and have a look at our ship then” Den said and turned to the entrance of the cave. The Gigerdians followed him.

The trio walked away from the Hemmoian’s cave, and crossed a small swamp along with a little forest. As the familiar hull of the Hawk of the Galaxy appeared before their eyes, Den immediately turned to Mad and Kyle: “Listen, I believe that the maneuvering thrusters on all sides of the ship still work. If we’ll heat them up, it might be enough to pull the vessel out” he explained. “Although, that is just the easiest part; one of the engines is busted and someone should take a look at the navigational computer and check the jump engines as well” he added a bit grimly. “Let’s get right on it, then” Kyle and Mad agreed.

Mad and Kyle went back to the cockpit of the ship, and Den Kylek gave them directions through a headset on the outside. The ship was easily pulled away from the swamp, but problems ensued as the damage to the engines was more closely observed. “Damaged engines are always a bitch to repair.” Den stated as he saw the damaged left engine pipe. “With luck, though, I might get this thing to fly for awhile, at least” he added. “We’ll try to fix the navigational computer” Mad replied. The two Gigerdians retreated back to the cockpit of the ship through the upper hatch of the vessel. Mad sat on the helm console, and attempted to reconfigure it. Kyle checked the condition of a nearby console, which had broken during the landing. “So, what do you think of this Hemmoian?” Mad asked Kyle, as their work commenced. “I believe him. Although, I think that the best we can do for him is to offer a ride out of here” Kyle replied as he took out some tools from a nearby little box. “And after we fly out here, we’d need to find a good place to get this ship into shape as well” Kyle said.

The two worked inside the ship’s interior for several hours, as Den worked on the engines outside. A few rays of sunlight managed to pull through the dense cloud cover as morning turned into midday. “Alright, I think that the navigational computer should be working fine enough now” Mad said as he finished running a diagnostics program on it. “And this auxiliary console is also repaired” Kyle replied as he stood up from behind the console. The two Gigerdians left the bridge again, and went to see how Den had fared with his repairs. “Repairing these engines takes slightly better equipment that what I’ve got here. However, I’ve wrapped them up to a state, which will get us flying” Den said as he cleaned his hands with a rag in front of the engines.

The Gigerdians and Den Kylek returned back to the Hemmoian’s cave as evening came. Strangely, however, the Hemmoian was nowhere to be seen. The cave was empty. “Where’d he go?” Kyle said suspiciously. “He said that he hunts, right? Maybe he's outside” Den suggested as he sat beside the Hemmoian’s table. “Well, I’m sure he won’t mind if we take a little nap in his hut, gentlemen” Den said. “I was hoping that we could’ve asked him to come with us” Kyle replied. “Well, I guess he’ll reappear” Mad said as he too sat down on the ground. Kyle sat down and after a few moments he also fell asleep. Gigerdians needed considerably less sleep than humans, but it didn’t mean that they didn’t sleep at all. This, however, was one of the rare occasions when Kyle felt fatigued. The crew of the unfortunate freighter rested peacefully inside the cave.

Kyle woke up as a dark, tall figure entered the cave quietly. The Hemmoian pilot had come back, but this time it had something in its hand. “Put your hands up, and stay put!” the Hemmoian ordered quickly. Mad and Den also woke up now, and looked at the Hemmoian. “What’s going on?” Mad asked groggily. “Shut up, and don’t make any fast moves” the Hemmoian continued sternly. “Why are you pointing a weapon at us?” Mad asked as the three rose to their feet with the Hemmoian in front of them. Lineet motioned the three to back away with his sidearm. “I know that you three aren’t real. There are only two possibilities now; either you’re Bacterian associates or simple figments of my imagination!” the Hemmoian shouted.

“I assure you, that we’re quite real” Den replied. “This wouldn’t be the first time, when something like this has happened. So you imaginary beings just stay put!” the Hemmoian snapped suddenly and aimed at Den with his sidearm. “Take it easy, please” Den replied. “Oh, my little mind has played tricks on me again! You pathetic little thing! I’m going insane!” the Hemmoian cursed manically. Kyle and Mad looked at each other, while Den eyed Lineet’s sidearm with a worried look on his face. “This time, you’ve decided to torture me with false daydreams about a potential rescue, huh? You think this is funny, you meaningless blob of unimaginative Goo!?” obviously the deranged Hemmoian was referring to his brains, which he thought had somehow caused him to hallucinate Kyle, Mad and Den as living beings in the first place.

“For so long I have dreamed of a way out of this world.. And now you mock me with these lies about some ridiculous green and pink beings coming to rescue me while telling that the war’s over ?! Think again!!? Think again, I tell you!” The Hemmoian shouted to himself inside the cave. “Please, listen to us; we have a ship here and we crash-landed just like you did!” Kyle shouted back as the Hemmoian held his head. “Oh, I bet you’d say anything, you stupid green imaginative harbinger of nightmares!” the Hemmoian cursed, and he slowly slumped to his knees. “Please, let us help you” Mad said quietly, and took a step forward. “Stay back or I’ll shoot myself!” Lineet threatened suddenly.

“If you create these hallucinations once more, I swear I’ll shoot you even if it means the end of us both!” Lineet aimed at his head. “Please, we can prove that we’re real!” Kyle jumped to Mad’s side. “We really do have a ship, you know” he added. “Put that weapon away, and we’ll lead you to it” Mad offered. Lineet looked at the two Gigerdians. “What guarantees do I have concerning your claims of being real?” he asked. Kyle approached Lineet, and softly touched his head with his fingers. “You felt that, now didn’t you?” Kyle asked cautiously. The Hemmoian sighed: “With all due respect; do you think that this is the first time that one of my hallucinations have attempted to convince me of being real? For all I know, my mind could be making your touch real. So, it’s about time you’ll show me this ship of yours” the Hemmoian replied as he raised his sidearm again. The group of four then proceeded to walk out the cave with the Gigerdians and Den walking in front Lineet, who was pointing them with his sidearm. “Oh great, now the Hemmoian got all crazy on us” Den whispered to Kyle, who motioned him to be quiet as the group approached the ship.

“See; we weren’t lying!” Mad shouted to Lineet, who stopped as he saw the Hawk of the Galaxy rest quietly on the beach. Lineet approached the ship, and looked at it for awhile. He went closer, and touched the hull of the vessel quietly. He whispered something to himself. “Can this thing get me out of here?” he asked suddenly. “We can take you with us, yes” Den said with a diplomatic tone in his voice for the first time. The Hemmoian looked at the ship with a confused gaze, and then in turn he looked at the three now in front of him. “You don’t really want to hurt us, now do you?” Kyle asked. “If this ship is indeed here, then I’m afraid that I cannot leave this place, no matter what” the Hemmoian explained. “None of the other characters from my hallucinations have actually showed me their ships. Instead they’ve just mocked me” he continued. The Hemmoian lowered his sidearm, and looked at the three: “perhaps you three are real. But, if this situation has finally come, when someone finally gives me the chance to escape, I am at a loss here.” Lineet said as he looked at the hull of the vessel.

“You see, I cannot leave this place; mainly because I do not want anyone to know that I survived, and secondly because this situation is still too surreal for me to believe it” Lineet said as he lowered the sidearm. “Perhaps this is a trick by my mind to get me to some dangerous, potentially even deadly situation. I do not wish to follow you, but while my goodwill lasts, I’m willing to let you go.” he added. “Thank you” Kyle replied quickly. “This planet wants me to stay” Lineet whispered quietly. “Go, now!” Lineet shouted.

Kyle, Mad and Den hurried inside the vessel, and they immediately started the engines of their freighter. Lineet looked at the ship from the outside, and put his hands over his head and beckoned to the ground. The Hawk of the Galaxy arose from the ground with a thunderous boom, but Lineet just lay on the ground as the gusts of wind originating from the ship’s engines blew sand and shrews against his body. Lineet screamed furiously.

The two green humanoids and a pinkish white one disappeared as suddenly as they had arrived. Lineet looked at the sky for awhile, and then sat on the ground. “If that wasn’t real, then I believe I’ve finally gone utterly and hopelessly insane” he quietly said to himself.