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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 8: Planetfall

Kyle, Mad and Den observed their surroundings on top of their crashed freighter, The Hawk of the Galaxy. The world they had crashed into was a small swamp world with large jungle-like forests and several indigenous animal species. Den observed the horizon with a pair of binoculars, as Kyle brought a pair of backpacks from the hatch.

“I packed all the needed gear into these two packs” he explained as he gave one to Mad and slung the other around his own shoulder. “Great. The ship’s not in a too bad of a condition. The hull’s intact, and nothing’s broke externally besides the left engine” Den reported as he turned to face the two Gigerdians. “We were pulled out of hyperspace” Mad reported back. “Yeah, I figured. We should’ve just taken a little more time in that stellar cloud, and checked the engines, too” Den replied. “And that damn navigational computer blew up again” Kyle added cynically.

“Let’s go over to the beach and prepare us a shelter deep inside the forest” Den suggested. “Sure, we’ll have to camp out in this darkness until morning anyway” Kyle replied in the coming darkness. “I sure hope that we’re still in the Beta Quadrant” Kyle said as he walked first into the beach and then proceeded towards the forest. “We were in hyperspace for something like ten minutes, so I’d bet that we’re still very much in No Man’s Land” Mad replied as he walked behind Kyle. The trio walked deep into the forest, each of their footprints leaving marks on the now muddy ground. The terrain was becoming even muddier and clearly the three were now stepping over vast swamps. The alarming screeches of the various dactyl-like birds echoed over them, as they slowly hiked the terrain of this alien world. “Have you considered on sending a distress signal?” Mad asked after a long silence. “The way I see it, is that we’ve got the odds of about eighty to one for the signal ever making it to someone friendly. If that signal was to be sent, the Marauders would then mostly likely come for our ship, or the raiders in turn would come for our lives” Den replied with clear fatigue in his voice. “I say we’ll try to lift the ship away from that little pond in the morning.” he continued. “And I don’t know about you Gigerdians with your fancy superhuman bodies, but I am going to need some sleep” he added. The trio then stopped to a small dry spot in protected by a large tree.

Complete silence fell over the tired and muddy travellers. As night fell, a bluish fog surrounded the vast forests and swamps of the planet; all of the vast forests deep in the horizon had now disappeared into a misty blue fog. Kyle lit a small campfire, while Mad carried a pair of small logs around the campfire. The two sat in silence, and looked at the sky. “This trip hasn’t gone too well, now has it?” Mad said to Kyle, who instantly stopped his gazing of the skies. “True. In the past five days, we’ve already managed to piss off a group of raiders and some Bacterians, who are probably turning the No Man’s Land upside in order to find us” Kyle replied. “You still got faith in the mission?” Mad asked quietly. “Yes, I don’t want to abandon a dream this easily.” Kyle said with a little smile. “We’re going to get out of here, you know.” Kyle continued as he looked at Mad. “When does our adventure start, when we’re knee-deep in trouble already?” Mad asked a bit grudgingly. “We’ve just had bad luck so far, my good friend” Kyle attempted to reason the slightly hopeless situation. “More than anything else, I’m blaming myself for not looking over those engines before we entered hyperspace again” Mad confessed suddenly. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll get this ship fixed and be on our way again soon” Kyle attempted to cheer Mad up. “Just keep telling me that” Mad replied quietly.

The bluish mist engulfed the two Gigerdians almost completely now. The only visible light was the flames of the campfire. The two sat quietly around the flame, and turned their heads down in the humid night of this alien world. Both of these Gigerdians were physically in this rather hopeless-looking world, but in their quiet slumber, they were clearly back home, dreaming of their families and friends. This provided a little refuge for the two.

After a few hours, Mad awoke from his slumber. He looked around, and saw that the smoke had cleared considerably again. He could see something gleaming a few hundred meters ahead of him. Mad stood up from the tree log he had been sitting on, and walked a few paces further. “What is that gleaming thing over there?” Mad pondered quietly. Den Kylek, who had been sleeping a hundred meters away from the two, now sat up and pulled the hood of his trench-coat away from his eyes. “What do you see?” the bearded human asked Mad as he walked next to him. “Do you see that gleaming thing over at that small swamp over there?” Mad asked enthusiastically, to which Den nodded. “Looks like there’s something definitely there” Den replied. The thick fog had apparently been so thick, that spotting it had been almost impossible a few hours before. Mad woke up Kyle, and the three slowly walked to the gleaming object.

As the three reached the small swamp, an amazed gaze was undoubtedly their first reaction: the swamp had swallowed a star fighter of some sort, which only its’ tail visible anymore. The little ship had been buried deep under water, and by the looks of it, for some time. Large and small pieces of the hull had scattered around the swamp. “Well, I’ll be goddamned” Den shouted out loud as he walked around the little swamp, and looked at the sunken ship. “Looks like we’re not alone” Kyle replied.

“Who do you think this belongs to?” Den said with an amazed look on his face. Mad lifted up a small piece of the hull, which had been sitting on the ground. “The hull along with some of these pieces has symbols on them” Mad replied. “Let me run a quick scan of the symbols with my tricorder” Mad stated, as he took the little gimmick out of his equipment belt. The Tricorder whirred for a second, and then produced a preliminary scan of the object onto the miniature screen. “Looks like these symbols seem to point to the Orcish” Mad said surprisingly. “Or the Hemmoians, for that matter” he added. Den and Kyle looked at each other: “What would a fighter of theirs be doing here?” Kyle pondered out loud. “It’s been here for awhile” Den observed. “The cockpit is intact, and someone has cut him-, or herself out of it with some sort of an blowtorch. It’s now filled with water, though, and I don’t see any blood or bodies” Den explained as he took out a small flashlight from his coat pocket, and pointed the beam underwater, where the cockpit of the vessel could be seen fairly well. “The pilot might still be alive, then” Mad replied.

As the three were engaged in searching the crash site, the sound of a snapped twig suddenly originated from behind them. Den jumped up from the ground, and instantly pointed his sidearm into the general direction of the sound. “What was that?” he grunted. Kyle and Mad looked around too.

A tall dark figure emerged from a large bush in front of them. The bulgy yellowish and orange head made no mistake about the identity: it was a Hemmoian. This particular Hemmoian seemed somewhat grungy and disorientated. He was clearly wearing a slightly damaged spacesuit for pilots, and on it’s’ head the Hemmoian had a strange helmet-like hat. The Hemmoian lifted its’ arm, and said something completely incomprehensible to the three. Den turned his weapon down, and Kyle immediately took out a small, square-shaped interstellar translator. He placed it on the breast of his jacket, and smiled to the creature. “We come in peace, please do not be alarmed” Kyle said quietly. The Hemmoian looked at the three for awhile, and then pulled out something of his own from a floppy looking pocket on his jumpsuit. The Hemmoian now spoke out clearly: “What are you doing here? How did you get here?” the creature demanded.

“Our ship crashed, and we found your fighter” Kyle replied in Hemmoian as Mad and Den also took a pair of these translators. “What year is it? What day?” the somewhat disgruntled Hemmoian asked. “Are you the rescue party?” he added with a confused tone. “Unfortunately we’re not.” Mad replied. “I have never seen races like yours before” the Hemmoian asked as he carefully stepped closer to the three. “Yes, this must be a first contact situation for you. Whereas, for us its’ not” Kyle replied. “What do you mean?” the Hemmoian asked carefully. “Well, we’ve met your kind before” Mad explained as the Hemmoian stood in front of them. “How long have you been here?” Den cut into the conversation. The Hemmoian looked around for awhile, its’ bulgy head clearly swaying with disbelief. “I don’t really know anymore. You see, time has become somewhat of a nuisance to keep track of in an environment like this. So, I just gave up time” the Hemmoian said with a slightly happier tone. An uncomfortable silence followed, as the three understood that this Hemmoian might’ve been on the planet for a long time.

“So, anyway, have you heard anything about the war?” the Hemmoian asked suddenly. “Excuse us, but which war might you be referring to?” Mad replied. The Hemmoian sighed: “Oh, how silly of me to think that you could’ve heard about it. I just wondered if we managed to win or lose that’s all”. The three looked at each other. “This war that you speak of, can you tell us anything more about it?” Kyle asked. “Sure, but I think that it is better we go to my little apartment over there” the Hemmoian replied a bit happily than before. “You see, the creatures come at night, and I hate all those howling and growling big and small animals” he explained as the three started to walk back to the direction that the Hemmoian had come from. “Oh, by the way, my name is Lineet Kosmonok; I guess it would be fair to say that I once was a fighter pilot” he said as the four disappeared into the jungle. “Nice to meet you” Kyle replied.