Encounter at Dremole

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     Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 2: Encounter at Dremole

“Some less-experienced travellers might call Dremole Station located in the Harg system a big old mess and them some. Many would claim this questionable tourist resort to be one of the most heinous nests of scum and villainy in the universe, but fail to see that Dremole Station is simply all about diversity.”
- Extract from the Galactic Tourists Guide (18th revised edition)

“I just don’t know about this” Mad said quietly to Kyle as the two sat side-by-side in the passenger compartment of a normal commercial shuttle bound for Dremole Station. “I mean, do you even know where to find these cheap freighters?” Mad asked.

“A guy I knew, named Celex, bought a small freighter from some Orcish trader from Dremole Station a while ago” Kyle explained as the shuttle moved ever closer to the station located in the orbit of Dremole’s main planet, which was a beautiful gas giant. “Are you talking about Otnes Celex? The young cadet who was mysteriously sucked into a black hole after the engines of his ship failed to ignite?” Mad asked suspiciously. Kyle looked at Mad for a second, and then smiled: “Yeah, the same guy” Kyle replied embarrassingly. Mad sighed.

“Come on, at least he got that fighter real cheap”, Kyle said as the shuttle slid into one of the three hangars aboard the station. As the shuttle landed, the grim reality that was Dremole Station quickly sunk in on Kyle and Mad. The station itself had been set up as a mining station long ago by a ragtag group of fortune-seekers, but as one after another of them had died, the station had been taken over by all sorts of people looking for new homes in the Beta Quadrant Free Zone. The station had also seen wide reconstruction in the way of independent organizations constructing additional parts on the station. Several cargo haulers, private luxery liners and smaller craft were also docked on the various external docking bays located on the hull of the station. Several ships had also parked themselves outside the station while their crews had gone inside the station to enjoy themselves.

As Kyle and Mad emerged from the shuttle, all they could see were long, wide corridors that had masses of people walking, bartering, shouting, drinking and even fighting with each other. There were no customs officials. As Kyle and Mad walked around the station, they noticed bars and various little shops selling everything from fast food and weapons to even funeral services. Many of the inhabitants of the station also openly displayed their weapons in order to thwart any robbing attempts. Several raiders and pirates of known Beta Quadrant clans openly walked in the streets and talked among themselves.

“According to the billboard, Barghest’s used vessel dealership should be located on deck seven” Kyle said while observing the crowd before him. “We should’ve brought a couple of guns with us, just to be sure”, Mad said to himself while looking at a group raiders clad in their red and yellow striped armour walking past them. “Just relax, we’ll buy that ship and then be on our way out” Kyle said as the two Gigerdians walked down a staircase after another since all of the turbolifts had been broken or had people living in them. The two then came to a large deck that had a large fence built from one wall to another. Clearly this fence was meant to keep outsiders away from the large fenced-out area. As Kyle and Mad walked closer, they saw a large neon-sign with Barghest’s used vessel dealership written on it. The red and orange blinking lights were surely inviting to begin with.

As the two Gigerdians entered the fenced area, they noticed star ships of all shapes and sizes parked there.

“I think we’ll find what we’re looking for from here” Kyle said contently.

Kyle approached a large booth at the end of the compound, and entered it with Mad. Inside the booth was an Orcish male with an extremely big mouth shackled to a chair. In front of this Orcish man was a standard office table with all the necessary equipment needed to run a finely administered office. The Orcish male was snoring loudly. “Excuse me, but are you Barghest?” Kyle asked quietly.

The Orcish male awoke from his slumber and growled loudly. He looked around for a few seconds, and then changed his gaze directly to Mad and Kyle.

“Barghest will eat his tie if you buy a ship!” the orcish male growled. “Yes, we’re looking for a reasonably priced freighter” Mad answered Barghest. “Barghest sells to anybody: be it red, green, yellow, purple or transparent! Everyone finds a ship from my bonanza of insane prices!” Barghest growled insanely. “Go out and select a ship, and then we’ll talk about the insanely delirious prices!” Barghest instructed.

“Why are you shackled to a chair?” Kyle asked Barghest, who started to laugh. “Barghest shackles himself to this chair because he sells ships to anyone at ridiculously low prices!!” he barked. “You two should go out and check my selection, and then we’ll talk about yet another absolutely insane deal!” Barghest instructed the two Gigerdians.

As Kyle and Mad toured around the yard, they saw various ships that were suitable for a multitude of roles. “We’d need something fast and powerful” Kyle pondered to himself, “but nevertheless cheap” Mad added. “Look at some of these ships, they look like something that could’ve been salvaged and then resold again” Kyle replied. “Where does he get all these ships?” Kyle continued to himself.

Kyle and Mad stopped close to a small civilian freighter with a pair of engines on the side and a sleek-looking hull. The ship itself had all sorts of striped paintings on the engines and hull. The ship also had a weapon turret of some sort located on the front. It didn’t seem too badly damaged, although it had clearly been repaired for hull breeches and engine damages a few times. “I think we’ve got it”, Kyle said and reached out with his arm to point to the ship in front of them. “Why is that thing decorated with all that stuff?” Mad asked. “I don’t know, but I guess we could paint it again. And, the cargo compartment could possibly hold a considerable amount of stuff too”. “It might pay itself back, yes.” Mad agreed. “The first thing we do about this vessel, though, is that we paint it. Those daggers, skulls and weird symbols give me the creeps” Kyle replied.

As Kyle and Mad returned to Barghest’s booth, they expressed their willingness to buy the ship located in the back. Barghest was clearly pleased, but the price tag on the ship was 23,000 universal credits. Kyle and Mad only had 17,000 after some careful bartering of old valuable items. “You are even crazier than crazy Barghest is, if you think you can have that ship for only 17,000!!” the crazy seller yelled at the two. “That ship’s clearly had a few accidents in the past. I’m surprised if the engines even run correctly” Kyle haggled. “Yes, we’re willing to pay 17,000 and no more. Take it or leave it.” Mad backed up his friend. Barghest shut his immense mouth for a while, and pondered at the offer. “Well, Barghest has been known to be completely insane with his deals in the past.. So why not continue the tradition!” he growled again and then laughed.

“Great, so we have a deal?” Mad asked. “Certainly we do, but Barghest will eat this table if you buy two starships! Special offer only for you!” the Orcish laughed and shook in his shackled chair. “No thanks, but we’d like to get the paperwork started right now with the new ownership”, Kyle replied. “Alright, the ship is yours to take, but the reactor runs on fuel, and it’s been light years since anybody’s refuelled it” Barghest explained much more calmly. As Kyle and Mad were about to exit the booth, Kyle glanced at Barghest once more. “I’ll have your ship moved to visitor hangar two at an insanely fast pace!” Barghest stated.

“Does this ship have a name?” Kyle asked. Barghest looked at Kyle for awhile, and replied: “yes, it’s called The Hawk of the Galaxy”. Mad and Kyle nodded and exited the booth and walked towards the staircase located at the back of the large hangar-like deck.

“Oh, yet another completely mindless deal made! What an unbelievably insane day”” Barghest shouted alone in his office. Suddenly he ripped one of the shackles off and took a bite of his black tie. He munched at it vigorously.