Collision Course

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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 10: Collision Course

The Hawk of the Galaxy flew through the vastness of space again, but the ship was still clearly limping. Mad had taken the helm as Kyle and Den quietly sat on their seats.

“There’s really no telling how many people Lineet has turned away or potentially even killed because of his state” Den finally said. “I know. But it would’ve been too dangerous to try to convince him that we really were real.” Mad replied as he punched in some new coordinates on the navigational computer. “So, are we going to inform the authorities of his location?” Den asked. “I believe that he would even consider members of his own race as hallucinations.” Kyle replied.

“We’ll honor his request, and never mention this system to anyone” Kyle concluded. Mad and Den nodded quietly. “And besides, I think that he living alone in that world makes him feel a lot better while dreaming of a potential escape, than when actually experiencing one” Kyle continued. “Let’s just hope he survives with all those demons inside his head” Mad said as The Hawk of The Galaxy entered hyperspace, and simultaneously left Lineet’s home system behind.

Demole Station

The surreal lifestyle of Demole Station continued in its’ entirety. Ships were coming and going, money and services changed hands. Fights and assassinations took place.

A small fighter approached the station at full speed. This fighter caught the attention of anyone passing by it, or seeing it at all. The fighter was a Gigerdian military fighter, which surely wasn’t on sale anywhere in the markets. The fighter’s other T-shaped wing had been replaced with a mean- looking rotating gun, and some minor adjustments had been made on the hull of the vessel as well. The fighter was clearly of an older model, yet with all of the modifications; it could easily match the newer designs as well.

The fighter quietly flew closer to the station, and then landed on one of the little hangars designated for visitors. The hangar had a few people inside, but as they saw something this rare land on the deck, they instantly walked closer to inspect it. From inside the vessel emerged a tall Gigerdian; he was wearing a strangely colored body armor, which had two ammunition bandoleers strapped over it. He was clearly carrying other weapons as well, but they were concealed inside his jacket. What made the Gigerdian even stranger looking, were his physical features; the other side of his face had been replaced with a metallic mask of some sort, and in place of his left eye now stood a red sensor of some sort. Finally a bandanna had been draped over his third eye on his forehead. Clearly this Bandanna was meant to also conceal a wound of some sort; perhaps his third eye had been removed due to an accident of some sort.

The quiet Gigerdian walked away from the hangar, and after descending some staircases, he found himself on a wide street inside the bowels of the station. On the other end of the street lay a large billboard, this had all sorts of notes of interests hanging on it. A person wearing yellow and blue striped body armor was placing several advertisements of some kind on the billboard. The Gigerdian walked closer while a large amount of people had also gathered to see what were these advertisements all about. Yet, as the Gigerdian reached the billboard, he saw that the advertisements weren’t really advertisements at all – rather they were wanted-posters. He read them:


A pair of black-haired, medium-built Gigerdians traveling in a freighter carrying the name “Hawk of the Galaxy”. As far as we can tell, they were both male.

The amount of 250,000 universal credits will be paid for anyone apprehending them dead or alive. If they are apprehended intact and brought to the clan(s) alive, the clan(s) promise(s) a free coupon at the Vemrer beauty parlor for the individual.

Another 250,000 will be paid for the apprehension of the human named Den Kylek possibly traveling with them. He is wanted dead, and if the body has been mauled to an unrecognizable state, then the clan is pleased to offer the individual a free meal at an establishment of his choice on Demole Station in addition.

Happy Hunting!


The leader of the Yellow-Blue Clan
The leader of the Red-Purple Clan
The owner of the establishment “Drunk Comet”
Demole Station Traffic Authority

Obviously many of the people that had gathered to look at the poster were just about ready to start hunting these individuals. Some of them were converging quietly about the quite handsome bounty. The Gigerdian kept on looking at the poster as the crowd dispersed.

On one of the corners opposite the billboard, a pair of Bacterians dressed in civilian attire observed the happenings. These two had noticed the Gigerdian looking at the poster. One of the Bacterians pulled out a small subspace communicator from his pocket, and spoke to it softly: “Command, do you acknowledge?”

“Yes, this is the Bukhara responding. How is your search proceeding?” a metallic voice asked. “I believe that we are very close on finding these Gigerdians. Inform Fleet Lord Bacillus, that we are going follow a member of their own race, who might lead us to their whereabouts” the Bacterian spoke quietly to the communicator. “Plan confirmed. The Fleet Lord will be happy to hear of this” the same metallic voice responded. The Bacterian shut the communicator. “Follow that Gigerdian, and find a way to attach this transmitter to his ship” the Bacterian instructed the other one, who quietly nodded, and left the scene.

The Gigerdian that had been looking at the poster also left the billboard, and headed back to the hangar.