Getting the Hell Out of Dodge

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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 3: Getting the Hell Out of Dodge

Kyle and Mad entered one of the seedy bars located near the shuttle port inside the Demole Station. The place was dark and smoky, with all sorts of characters inhabiting the place. The reason for the two being here was to have a toast for their new star ship.

“What’s on the tap?” Kyle asked the human bartender. “My green friend, the tap in this fine establishment includes everything that is excluded in the more civilized sectors” the human replied with a smirk. “So, what can I get you two?” the bartender asked. Kyle and Mad looked at each other, and then with a united voice said: “you got any Folan Ale?”

The bartender laughed: “I see you two came here to really enjoy yourselves. And for special occasions like that, we do serve Folan Ale”. As Kyle and Mad were handed their big glasses full of Folan Ale, they greedily looked at the alcoholic beverage that had been outlawed in many other systems, but was openly served in a place like Demole Station. Kyle and Mad found a small quiet table in the back of the bar, and just looked at the various people converging in their business around the bar. After a while an exotic dance performed by a pair of luscious Vemrer females begun at a small stage in the center. Kyle and Mad toasted.

“May we have a good trip with the Hawk of the Galaxy” Kyle said as they toasted the special occasion. A few moments later the exotic dance was at full swing, but something completely different had catched Mad’s eye. “Kyle, that guy in the third booth is eying us” Mad explained to Kyle, who quickly glanced at the dark figure situated in the third booth. Indeed this bearded human dressed in a hooded trench-coat and black boots seemed as seedy as any other patron in the bar. In front of him was a water pipe with a gleaming hot chunk of coal on top for heating whatever was inside. He took long drags from the hose of the pipe at regular intervals: the white thick smoke that he exhaled formed around his face, and almost completely hid his facial features. “Well, he certainly seems highly questionable”, Kyle concluded.

As Kyle stood up from the table and decided to get a refill of Folan ale, he accidentally ran into long-haired human wearing red and purple body armour. This person was obviously a member of some raider clan, and now lying on the floor with all his drinks spilled, didn’t make him very happy. “You’re going to pay for that!” the raider shouted and started to reach for his sidearm. A group of other raiders had also noticed the scene, and rushed to help Kyle. Mad stood up from the table also, and ran for Kyle. “Oh hell”, Kyle managed to say.

As the raider lying on the floor whipped out his sidearm, and his friends were closing in, a sudden blast of energy quickly turned the head of one of the advancing raiders into a crispy stump. The sudden blast of energy had originated from the back of the bar. Kyle and Mad quickly dashed for cover with all of the other patrons as a table in the back was knocked over and a fire fight ensued. Whoever the gunman located at the back of the bar was, he was fast and extremely accurate in his fire. Kyle and Mad ducked behind a table as well, and watched the last of the raiders fall dead on the ground. Suddenly a black figure emerged from the smoke right in front of Kyle and Mad.

“Come with me if you want to live”, he said. “In about ten seconds, an entire clan of very pissed off raiders are going to barge inside the bar, and I won’t be able to kill all of them with just this rifle” he explained. Kyle and Mad nodded. “Alright, we’ve got a ship on deck two. If we’ll manage there, we’ll be happy to give you a ride” Kyle replied. The three quickly exited the bar, and as they ran through the corridors, gunfire could be heard in the background. “Come on, we’ve got to hurry!” the bearded human shouted.

As the three reached an intersection, Mad spotted a group of five raiders running through the maze-like hallways. “They’re coming!” he shouted.

“I saw them!” the human replied, and aimed at the group trying to advance in the middle of a large crowd of people. As the human pulled the trigger, he hit one of the raiders in the chest, causing him to violently fall backwards on another raider. The ensuing chaos was enough for the three to reach a working elevator. “That was real close”, the human commented to himself. “Yeah”, replied Kyle. “But this isn’t over yet”, the human stated.

As the group of three reached visitor hangar two, they saw their small freighter parked in the front. Kyle and Mad ran inside the ship along with the human. The engines started pretty sloppily, but against all odds, the ship did move away from the hangar and even managed to manoeuvre it out pretty nicely. “Looks like they didn’t follow us” the human commented as he had taken the helm of the vessel. The ship cruised ever farther away from the station.

“That was some thick stuff we got ourselves into”, the man said with a grin. “I didn’t catch your name” Kyle replied. “My name’s Den Kylek. You can call me the man who just pulled out your red-hot greenie butts out of a potential execution”. “My name’s Kyle Gigerdi and my friend here is Mad Gigerdi” Kyle introduced the pair with haste. As the Hawk of the Galaxy was about to exit the vicinity of the station, a sudden blast of an energy weapon hit the shields of the vessel- the whole vessel shook violently. A pair of raider fighters swooped over the small freighter.

“Looks like whoever’s attacking us right now is hailing us too”, Den Kylek reported. “Put him on screen” Mad replied. The face of a raider appeared on the holographic display. The person was wearing a mask of some sort, so there was no telling on who he really was.

“Guimer, this time you won’t be sneaking away with my cargo in that pathetic little tin can of yours” the masked raider explained. “The name’s not Guimer and we don’t have your cargo” Kyle replied sternly. “Hey, this ship’s carrying raider insignia”, Den Kylek stated from the helm. “So that’s what all those scribbles on the hull meant” Mad concluded. “I want my cargo back, and I’m going to give you five seconds to halt your engines and turn back to the station” the masked raider shouted angrily. “For the last time, there’s nobody named Guimer inside this vessel, and we just bought this vessel” Kyle shouted back. “The last time you had trouble with me, Guimer, you tricked me on believing that a large space monster had eaten your ship and you had spend seven weeks inside its’ belly!” Den Kylek chuckled from the helm at the raider’s accusation as the two raider ships were circling around the ship. “Why should I believe you now?” the angry raider asked.

“Alright, we’re coming with you. Just give us some space to manoeuvre” Kyle replied. “What are you doing?” Mad asked with a frightened look on his face as the holographic display was shut. “Trust me. As soon as they escort us closer to the station, we’ll jump away from them” Kyle explained. “Neat trick, if we pull it off” Den Kylek commented.

As the ship advanced closer to the station again under raider escort, Den at it’s’ helm accelerated the engines of the ship to maximum. Obviously it took the raiders a split second to understand what was happening, but luckily the raiders were too slow to act as The Hawk of the Galaxy jumped to hyperspace dangerously close to the station. Kyle and Mad both gasped for air inside the ship. The dangerous situation was quickly over.

“There was apparently enough fuel inside those jump engines to make one jump” Kyle pondered to himself. “Luckily, yes” Mad replied. Den Kylek stood up from the helm and addressed the two Gigerdians: “I’d like to congratulate you about that daring escape, and also note, that this ship won’t be going anywhere near the Harg system ever again, unless we want to die very horribly”.

“Who are you two anyway? And what were you doing in Dremole Station?” Den Kylek asked suspiciously. “We went to the station to buy a cheap freighter in order to go system-hopping” Mad replied. Den looked at the two for awhile: “System-hopping? And of all places which you could’ve chosen to start your little road trip, you chose Dremole Station?” The two Gigerdians were clearly embarrassed of these words. “Well, we just thought that the place might offer us a cheap freighter and a good start” Kyle replied.

“You two are lucky to get out alive” Den replied. “But, lectures aside. I can see that this old bird is running on fumes, and we need to find a fuel depot that sells Lectorium fuel” he added. “The closest one is in Hicatorio, where we’ll be heading, I guess” he said to himself and walked back to the helm.

“What were you thinking about doing with his ship during your adventures of System-Hopping, anyway?” Den asked as Kyle and Mad took their seats on the small bridge of the vessel. “Well, we’ve been thinking about doing the thing this ship is meant for: cargo hauling” Kyle said as he eyed Mad. “Yes, and we really appreciate the help in that bar” Mad said quietly.

“You two want to be cargo truckers?” Den said with a chuckle. “Well, I’d say that you should be more careful in the future if you’ve decided to take that career path. However, I’d say that we’d better go to that refuelling depot soon, or else will be stuck out here with no fuel. We can ponder your new careers there” Den concluded as he punched the new navigational coordinates in the ancient console. “And while I’m at it, I think I’ll be joining your crew of cargo haulers, then” Den turned his head to face the Gigerdians as he said it.

The two Gigerdians looked at each other with a puzzled look on their faces. “Sure, welcome aboard” they said in unison.