Unwelcome Meeting

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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 12: Unwelcome Meeting

“This is purple seven reporting” the strange voice from the fighter repeated calmly. Kyle looked at the view screen with a terrified look. “How can you be still alive?” he asked.

“So, you know each other?” Den asked with a confused tone. “Mikel Gigerdi” Kyle said to himself. “I can’t believe this to be true” Kyle repeated several times. “He’s supposed to be dead” he added finally.

“Oh, but I am alive, but no thanks to you” the voice from the fighter replied. “I had almost forgotten you, but seems to me like the gods of luck have favored me today by dropping you right in my lap” it continued. “We didn’t know that you survived! We thought you had been burned to a crisp after that ship exploded” Kyle replied frustratingly. “I am amazed that you didn’t send anyone to check that floating wreckage after the ship blew up on me” the voice continued. “What is this guy on about?” Den asked. The image of the Gigerdian fighter pilot quickly came into one of the consoles. The vision before the three clearly upset them.

“Let me tell you, that you three are quite popular targets among the various figures of the underworld these days. They’ve put quite a handsome bounty on your heads at Dremole Station.” the Gigerdian explained. “So, you’ve come to collect then, huh?” Den said mockingly. The Gigerdian smiled: “for your sakes, I haven’t”.

“So, what do you want?” Mad asked. “Yeah, and who is this man?” Den asked Kyle in return. “He used to be a fellow crewmember during the final months of the H’vos War. I was just a kid back then.” Kyle replied.

“Yes, but he took command of the ship after an attack had killed the superior officers. Then he sent me along with a wing of fighters to check out another vessel which had been with us, but the communications on the ship had been knocked out” the voice replied. “Yes, Mikel Gigerdi was his name” Kyle replied. “As me and my wing approached the ship, it suddenly exploded due to a reactor malfunction due to extensive damage there” the Gigerdian pilot continued. “The resulting explosion was so huge, that it wiped out most of my wingmen, and damaged my fighter badly” he added.

“We thought he was dead. Nothing could’ve survived that explosion” Kyle said to Mad and Den. “Looks like you’re wrong there. My fighter did take damage, and I was badly injured. But luckily I was picked up a few days later by a group of refugees fleeing the war” he said grudgingly. “I was badly injured, and I understood that an organization with such fellow Gigerdians serving under it as you wasn’t exactly my place anymore.”

“I went with them, and ended up here. I thought that serving as a mercenary would make ends meet. I never thought that I would’ve seen you here, but then again I remember you babbling on about going system-hopping over and over again back in those days” the Gigerdian pilot said. “I’m sorry for leaving you there” Kyle replied finally. “I can still remember lying in the cockpit half-conscious, and hearing cheers and cries of joy from the helmet intercom as the battle had been won” the pilot replied. “The last sight I remember was the glow of the engines from our ship, and how it just suddenly disappeared, leaving me behind” he said quietly.

As suddenly as the surreal reunion had started, it also came to an end; a group of four Bacterian cruisers pulled out of some sort of faster than light travel in front of the station. “Holy crap, it’s those Bacterians again” Den shouted wildly. The four Bacterian cruisers moved into an attack formation, and then fired a pair of torpedoes in the general direction of the two ships near the station. Both of the ships made evasive maneuvers.

“Freighter Hawk of the Galaxy, halt your engines and prepare to be boarded. You’re coming with us, dead or alive” a Bacterian voice ordered the vessel. “Any plans on getting out of here?” Den asked hesitantly as the massive Bacterian vessels moved ever closer. “Looks like our little reunion will have to wait” Mikel Gigerdi commented. “How’d they find us?” Kyle wondered out loud. “I don’t know, but we’re getting the hell out here” Den replied and took the helm. “Wait! We won’t be leaving Mikel Gigerdi behind” Kyle shouted. “For your information, my green friend, those Bacterians are two inches away from getting us, and your friend’s feelings shouldn’t be the thing to worry about now anyway” Den snapped. The ship turned around and armed weapons. “Man the weapons console!” Den instructed the two Gigerdians.

The Bacterian cruisers suddenly opened fire, but this time the deadly volleys of beams and torpedoes were aimed at the Mineral Station on the background. Unfortunately the combined firepower of four cruisers was enough to destroy the installation, and thus it exploded in a few moments in a spectacular fireball, taking all of the ships docked on it with it. The crew of the Hawk of the Galaxy was horrified, but Mikel had apparently seen this method of combat before. “Damn, looks like we’ve been double-crossed: those Bacterians want no witnesses, and I have a feeling that I’m going to be next one to be disposed of. I’m going down fighting.” he shouted to the speaker aboard his cockpit. He furiously turned his fighter to face the Bacterian cruisers, and armed his weapons. He then proceeded to open fire on the cruisers while advancing towards them. “If you know what’s good for you, you’d better follow my example!” he shouted to Kyle and Mad.

A furious, but ultimately short battle ensued between the lone fighter and the Bacterian cruisers which had now launched their fighters. Mikel’s fighter quickly escaped a pair of beams fired from a nearby Bacterian fighter, but the bigger cruisers were constantly nearing the smaller vessel. The rotating Gatling cannon on Mikel’s fighter fired furiously towards the Bacterian fighters which constantly swarmed ever closer. The Hawk of the Galaxy also returned fire, and managed to destroy a pair of Bacterian fighters with the expert gunnery of Kyle and Mad. The Bacterian fighters formed into a large beehive-like formation, and then swallowed Mikel’s fighter. A small explosion was seen at the center of the formation, but that was all.

“This is purple seven, I’m signing off” a scrambled message was heard from the communications console on Kyle and Mad’s ship. Both of them looked down despite what their relations had been towards this cynical mercenary a while ago. The Bacterian cruisers suddenly stopped their pursuit, and the large cloud of Bacterian fighters divided into smaller group of ships that immediately returned back to the bigger ships. It became apparent that the Bacterian vessels were now leaving, despite the fact that Kyle, Den and Mad were just beginning to get themselves ready. “Hey, where are you going?” Kyle shouted furiously as he pressed the triggers on the weapons console, unleashing bright red beams from one of the incinerator beam turrets located on the ship’s front. “Looks like they’re leaving!” Den reported quickly from the bridge of the vessel. “They had us! Where the hell are they going?” Mad jumped up from the second weapons console, and jogged closer to Den.

Out of nowhere a large shadow came on top of their ship. It was an immense shadow, which only meant that a considerably big capital ship was now hovering over them. “Oh hell, I should’ve guessed!” Den yelled in frustration. “It’s the Marauders! They left us here for them!” he added.

A large capital ship had appeared from faster than light travel, and was now on top of the small freighter. “This is the Warsteiner. Attention, destroyers of Mineral Station! Lower your shields and prepare to be boarded! You are under arrest!” a loud voice proclaimed from the ship’s speakers. “If you fire at us, we will have no other choice but to destroy you! No cheap tricks from your part!” the voice continued. “Let’s just do what they tell us” Kyle said to Den and Mad. They both nodded. “That Bacterian commander was pretty smart. She left us here just in time to pull out herself, and framed us for the destruction of that station” Mad stated. “I’m sure these people are willing to listen to reason!” Kyle replied. “Oh, I wouldn’t count on it, friend” Den replied. A large ruckus was heard from outside the ship’s hull as a bulky docking clamp took a hold of the small freighter, and then gently pulled it inside the large capital ship. After a few moments, the ship was placed on a solid surface of some sort. The crew of the ship assumed that it was a hangar deck.

“Come out with your hands in the air!” a loud voice demanded from the outside. “Don’t make us come over there, and pull you criminals out!” the voice continued. Den, Mad and Kyle quickly ran to the ship’s upper hatch, and opened it. They climbed out of the vessel, and they were met with extremely bright lights. Mad and Kyle attempted to shade their eyes from the brightness.

“Get on the floor, face down!” the loud and demanding voice continued again.