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Adventures of Kyle & Mad

Chapter 4: Ahead

The refueling depot located in the asteroid field in the Hicatorio System was as quiet as usual at this time of the day. The large compound had been built into an asteroid, and several docking clamps and hangars were situated around this asteroid turned into a refueling depot. Mostly big cargo ships were docked here. The depot worked like a standard gas station with a diner and a small repair shop for ships. The usual customers were tired cargo pilots wanting a few hours of sleep and a decent cup of coffee.

The Hawk of the Galaxy pulled out of hyperspace just outside the asteroid field, and had to maneuver itself inside the small field to the depot. Kyle, Mad and Den Kylek emerged from the hangar, and saw the somewhat drowsy atmosphere of the small depot. It was quiet, and the entire deck included only a few cargo pilots coming or going.

“I’ll instruct one of the gas pumper robots to refuel the ship” Den Kylek explained. A small grey robot stood at the center of the hangar, its’ small cylindrical head was filled with different hoses for different fuels. “Fill the ship on the left with Lectorium fuel, thank you” Den Kylek instructed the small robot, which immediately sprang into action. The little robot ran to the ship, and searched for the fuel tank for awhile, and after finding it, it pulled out one of the hoses on its’ head, and started filling the tank. It took the maintenance robot exactly a minute.

“Which currency will you be paying with?” the little robot asked Den Kylek. After replying that the payment would be made with universal credits, the robot informed him that the sum would be exactly 20 credits. Den Kylek paid the little robot, and joined Kyle and Mad in the little diner at the back of the depot.

“Since you two are interested of cargo hauling, I’d figure that I could lend you some advice” Den Kylek explained the two Gigerdians sitting around a small round table of the diner. “I’ve tried just about everything this little universe has to offer, and I used to be a part of a cargo hauling crew a while back – so I’m definitely in the know about these things” he continued. “So, where would you suggest that we start?” Kyle asked. “Well, there’s a bunch of very mineral-rich systems here in the Beta Quadrant Free Zone, so I’d say that going to one of them is definitely worth it” Den explained.

“Before we go anywhere around the free zone, though, we should get that ship of ours painted to more neutral colors” Mad stated after a little pause. “True, we need to ditch those raider markings, and preferably real fast” Kyle replied. “Alright,” Den Kylek nodded, and continued: “I know of a really cheap repair shop that specializes in getting rid of unwanted markings on starships. It’s located on a moon of the seventh planet in the 6724-1XB system”. “We’d better go over there, then” Mad said hastily. “Yeah, we’ll get our things packed up here and move” Den said while he stood up from the table along with the two Gigerdians.