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Peace Station Episode Guide


Peace Station: The Beginning

How it all began, and why.

Season 1: Empires Divided

First Episode: The Times, They Are A-Changin'

The Peace Station goes online. First ambassadors arrive on the station. The Bacterian Empire's choice for representative causes commotion as he is revealed to be none other than Piavo Bacterian, architect of the First Bacterian War, this is the episode cliffhanger. Generally the episode is an introductory episode where all the characters and places are introduced.

Scars of the Past

The revelation of the Bacterian ambassador causes diplomatic disputes. Also, some of the other ambassadors have difficulties in working with one another.

The Spirit Walker

A powerful, mysterious telepath visits the Station and torments the Bacterian Ambassador & causes disbelief. Meanwhile, it is decided the original design of the station be supplemented with a series of extra sections, entitled the Hub City. Construction begins.

Slave of Love

Mad Gigerdi befriends a female Gigerdian "exotic dancer", who steals his weapon and ID's. As Mad goes out to look for her around the station, he finds out that the dancer, named Lorna, works for a strange "lizard pimp" who set up shop in one of the newly constructed Hub City modules. Lorna is tasked to seduce or drug high-ranking diplomats, and then steal their belongins for her boss. When Mad Gigerdi learns of this, he attempts to buy Lorna free from the "lizard pimp", but the pimp won't allow it, and thus a firefight ensues. Kyle also somehow ends up in the bar owned by the lizard pimp during the firefight, and kills the pimp in a duel. After the incident, Lorna goes safely back home.

Unexpected Encounter

New versions of the Gigerdi Fighter are brought to supplement the defence of the Peace Station. The Hemmoians and Gigerdians elect to send fighter escorts for civilian craft travelling in the area due to increased piracy. A strange signal is picked up from the planet that the Peace Station orbits, and K'ags Oiduts along with the two Gigerdian ambassadors are sent down to investigate. The signal comes from an old Orcish mining outpost, where the group finds the Jääp Jääp - creatures. At first, some of the creatures attack the group, but the ambassadors befriend one of the creatures and later on even talk to a Jääp Jääp pack leader of some sort.

To See the Untamed Lands

A new type of exploration vessel is suggested to be constructed by the GF and support from other galactic powers is requested. None of them are interested and the project goes on hold. At the same time, supplies are disappearing from the station's cargo holds and it's clear that someone is stealing them. Later on the thieves are found out to be Dands who also seem to have smuggling operations going on, but the station officials can't find enough proof yet.

A Rare Delicacy

Tensions rise between the UFP and Folan ambassadors as the Folan empire demands several systems from UFP because of the damage caused by their recent war. For Folans this was merely a diversion to frame the UFP ambassador for the murder of the Folan ambassador’s attaché, both to get the systems they demand(which includes Den Kylek’s homesystem) with general support and to eliminate the current UFP ambassador.

Unwise Contact

Worlds belonging to galactic power known as the "Timocracy" is found. Later a diplomatic connection is established and a Timocracy representative is called to the Peace Station. However, they begin to demand several systems to them, and since none of their ridiculous demands are met they leave in anger, promising to come back later. One of them, however, stays behind.


A Gigerdian colonel arrives to the station with additional security personnel and Mad Gigerdi is called back home to visit the emperor himself. The Gigerdian colonel dislikes Kyle, but reasons for it are left in the dark for now. Kyle also tries to settle an agreement between two rivaling dock workers' associations over standard working hours, but unfortunately it all ends in a riot. Kyle also follows a strange man, who steals a guard's weapon during the riot, and flees. As Kyle confronts the man in the docking area, he violently attacks Kyle, and turns out to be a shapeshifter. After a futile fight, Kyle has to blow the aggressive alien out of the airlock and order the station's defenses to fire upon the creature. Later, the body of the impersonated dock worker is found from a cargo hold.

Meanwhile, Mad Gigerdi meets Emperor Ogaitinsha, and learns of his relation to him. Kyle and Kwinda meet. The station's security attempts to find remains of the shapeshifter, but unfortunately no evidence can be found. The only one willing to believe Kyle is the Hemmoian ambassador, K'ags Oiduts.

By All Means Necessary (part 1)

The Hemmoians and the Bacterians finalize an agreement on the additional Bacterian security troops on the station. Paavo Bakteeri engages in a duel of words with the Gigerdian ambassadors over an ulterior motive for the Bacterian security troops. Paavo Bakteeri admits to Kyle, unofficially, that the true meaning behind the additional Bacterian security personnel is to just gain an upper hand on the politics inside the station. Kwinda and Kyle become even more intimate.

Kyle and Mad Gigerdi discuss the incident with the shapeshifter. Also, another pair of shapeshifters somehow arrive to the station, and assume the identities of the Hemmoian ambassador, K'ags Oiduts and a dock worker. Mad meets the impostor Oiduts, who behaves very strangely. Meanwhile, Kyle is notified of Oiduts' death in the lower decks. It now becomes apparent, that there's obviously two copies of K'ags Oiduts on the station. The station security mobilizes itself for an operation to catch the impostor.

By All Means Necessary (part 2)

The security searches for the shapeshifter impersonating K'ags Oiduts all over the station, and meanwhile a large group of shapeshifters somehow manage to take over the reactor compartment of the station. A battle ensues between the station's security and the shapeshifters, while the station experiences short power failures due to the fighting taking place in the reactor. As the fighting calms down, a human scientist arrives to the station to brief the ambassadors of their enemy: the shapeshifters are powerful creatures, but they have to change back to their liquid form every 16 hours. Discovering this weakness, the station security lure the shapeshifters into a large airlock, and then space them as they change into their liquid form.

As the battle with the shape shifters is over, a huge clean up operation ensues. The human scientist briefs the galactic powers even further about the origin of the shapeshifters, and the Dominion is mentioned. Another Hemmoian Ambassador is sent to the station, Votek N'reete. Also, Mad Gigerdi is briefed about the Gigerdian Government's opinion concerning Kyle Gigerdi. He is not trusted by the powers that be.

Power or Trust

A bounty hunter arrives at the station who’s looking Mad’s and Kyle’s old friend, no other than Den Kylek. The mysterious warrant for his arrest makes them investigate the matter while at the same time trying to protect their friend at all costs. Given possibilities for more power the bounty hunter, and moreover his masters, want Mad and Kyle betray their friend.

Cultural Sabotage

Gigerdius comes onboard the Peace Station to negotiate for opening trade relations with one of minor powers near their space. An unsuspected disgrace made upon the race’s ambassador by one of the crew causes hostilities. As this kind of disgrace is punishable by death on their world and the crew’s refusal to turn over the crewmember, they send their fleets in an attempt to disable to station. While posing no threat to the station’s security it would create unnecessary bloodshed. As Gigerdius and the rest of the GA delegation realize that this was apparently caused by some third party they start to investigate and repair the broken relations.

Note, it could be possible that the relations can't be fixed in the end.

Give Yourself To the Light

A doomsday cult founder arrives at the Peace Station and starts preaching about the coming of "Lightness" that will destroy everything evil in its path. The station personnel attempt to find a way to get him off the station before he starts causing trouble. Before they can do that, he manages to cause several troubling events and fights at the station.

No Honor Among Men

A Vemrer warship arrives at the station carrying a Vemrer delegation planning on forming a trade agreement with the Gigerdians. The Vemrer ambassador considers the captain of the vessel to be inferior due to him being a man and openly challenges his command capabilities. The ambassador seeks to gain a reason to challenge the captain to a duel to the death and later on succeeds in it and kills the captain, appointing a woman as the commanding officer of the ship.

01110000 01100101 01110100 01101111 01110011

A group of 1110110110101111 cyborgs come aboard the station. At first they seem to be just regular 1110110110101111s observing the station. Once the station starts to suffer from numerous malfunctions the crew believe that sabotage is involved and the 1110110110101111s seem to be the cause. They start to assimilate the station and put everyone in serious risk by hijacking the defense and environmental systems. Votek N'reete is wasted. Damn, the life expectancy of Hemmoian ambassadors just isn't very high. Klet Otoe makes ambassador at the end of this episode?

Dominion Over Territory

Folan Star Empire and the Bacterian Empire are both setting their sights on the Parlien Geniocracy. The natural high intelligence of the Parliens is considered to be a valuable asset to both. However, neither empire is interested in treaties, but in subjugation. When the Bacterian Empire learns of the Folan plans they expose them to the ambassadors, but denying any plans themselves. However, the Folans manage to proof that the Bacterians are holding similar plans.

Diplomatic clash comes between the two empires and both prepare fleets to invade the Parliens, who are caught in the middle of a possible interstellar war. Some (if not all) of the governments think this cannot be allowed and want to protect the Parliens from this invasion. Both Bacterian and Folan fleets arrive in the Kferk system, populated by the Parliens. However, UCP and GF (at least) have set up fleets there already and are between the two forces. The ambassadors aboard the PS must solve the situation before a war breaks out that could potentially throw the whole galaxy into conflict.

Somehow the conflict is prevented and the Treaty of Kferk is signed that prevents anyone from claiming the Parlien space or establishing any bases or colonies there.

Divided Loyalty

Following political dissent back in Gigerdian space, the GF sends in a cruiser along with military personnel to find out about the loyalties of the Peace Station's Gigerdian crew. After conducting some surveys and tests, the military personnel brand Kyle Gigerdi as a troublemaker, and place him under arrest. Mad Gigerdi is also told about his role in the future of the Gigerdi Federation, since he turns out to be a direct heir to the throne due to Emperor Ogaitinsha's worsening condition !

Kyle and Mad Gigerdi argue over Kyle's alleged unloyalty, but do not reach an agreement. Emperor Ogaitinsha dies, and Mad Gigerdi is sent to Gigerdi Prime for the inauguration ceremony.

Home is The Hunter

Following the unfair arrest of Kyle Gigerdi, many Gigerdian crewmen of the station start protesting the tightening climate on the station. Kyle escapes from his cell with a group of loyal Gigerdians, and heads to Gigerdi Prime for Mad Gigerdi's inauguration. Meanwhile at the station, many of the races express their concern over the sudden chaos, but are not given very specific answers.

Kyle is contacted by a group of dissident Gigerdian politicians, who inform him of their plans to form a new government out of a handful of Gigerdian colonies and fleets. Kyle is asked to be the new leader of this state, and he agrees while en route to Gigerdi Prime. Paavo Bakteeri mocks the Gigerdians on the station for their unfortunate internal strife.

Empires Divided, pt.1

Kyle lands into Gigerdi Prime, and interrupts the inauguration of the new emperor on the Gigerdian senate. Kyle delivers a quick message to the senate, informing that a number of colonies along with certain fleets have now formed the Gigerdi Confederation, an independent state wishing to have nothing to do with corrupted old ways of the GF.

Kyle is pursued by Gigerdian security forces, but manages to escape with the help of a handful of loyalists. Then, Kyle steals a large colony ship from Gigerdi Prime's surface, the GCS Hope, and flies away to join the newly created fleets of the Gigerdi Confederation. Kyle's armada then heads to the Ferrel system, that wants to join the new confederation. Kyle knows, that it won't be very long, until the GF fleets will catch up on the armada, and initiate combat.

Empires Divided, pt.2

The Gigerdi Federation and Confederation clash over the world of Ferrel. After a short battle, the Gigerdi Confederation's forces manage to drive the GF out of the system, and Ferrel declares independence. Mad Gigerdi is pushed by his new cabinet to crush the G-Confed's forces, but instead sues for peace, thus avoiding unnecessary bloodshed and destruction. The fighting between two Gigerdian factions end at the Peace Station, and Kwinda, who had taken Kyle's side on the dispute, is released from her holding cell.

Also, The United Orcs government is disbanded.

End of episode: News broadcast of the founding of the Hemmoian Federation.

Season 2: The Lost Hope

Running themes & foreshadowing: The shape-shifter threat.

All Roads Lead To...

HFed Great Council formed, Delta Quadrant governments join under one banner. Paavo of the Clan Berserk resigns from ambassadorial duties and becomes a barkeeper and owner of The Cave, a bar aboard the Peace Station.
Ambassador Las Herdan from the Gigerdi Federation replaces Kyle Gigerdi as the secondary ambassador, since the Gigerdi Confederation is unable to send a representative. Kwinda attempts to uncover information concerning the whereabouts of Kyle Gigerdi, but fails in the attempt, and is left rather confused. The station is also informed, that yet again a new Hemmoian ambassador will be send to replace the former one.

When The Ship Comes In

Las Herdan is having a hard time trying to orientate himself to the fast and often confusing pace of the station. The Bacterians bring their security bots to the station, but the Hemmoians and Gigerdians keep a close eye on their installation and deployment.

Las Herdan is bothered by the guilt produced by the disappearance of Kyle Gigerdi, and attempts to contact high-ranking military officials on Gigerdi Prime to find out about his fate for Kwinda. Mad Gigerdi, still continuing as the primary ambassador of the station, also continues his job there.

Lost Heroes

Herdan promotes Kwinda to the status of a full lieutenant among other Gigerdians. Herdan also tells Kwinda, that Kyle is very much alive, but is currently in hiding. This comforts her.

Metallica-Mies and Paavo Bakteeri go bar hopping. Paavo Bakteeri has hallucinations about the enigmatic telepaths that tormented him.

Distant Star

The crew of the Gigerdian research vessel GFS Koff visit the station, and tell tales of encountering Dominion ships on the edges of the Gamma and Delta Quadrants while being on a long survey in deep space. The various ambassadors discuss the Dominion, and ponder their possible intentions. The Hemmoians also replace the station's older defence drones with an upgraded model. IHSF Obliterator also visits the station, and brings the new drones.

As The GFS Koff leaves the station to continue back to Gigerdian space, it experiences an engine failure of some sort and is pulled out of warp, and straight into an asteroid field. The surviving crew manage to send a distress signal, and a daring rescue is mounted. The crew is saved at the last minute, but sadly all the research material from the survey, especially concerning the Dominion, is lost.

Long Dark

The episode begins by showing Kyle Gigerdi at the command of his armada of vessels at an undisclosed location. Kyle explains, that he has ordered all of the G-Confed's armadas to be split into smaller units, thus giving possible GF pursuers a harder time to hit the command vessels or find them at all. All sorts of discussions also take place about the structure of the newly former Gigerdi Confederation.

A small scout ship informs Kyle, that a suitable planet for the temporary base for the G-Confed has been found. The G-Confed armadas then begin to form up on the orbit of this world, and a base of operations is set up on this desert world. Kyle also feels, that it is about time that he returns back to the Peace Station to represent his legitimate government of Gigerdi Confederation. The G-Confed's armadas make a stop at this desert world.

Kyle hitches a ride on a Bacterian transport vessel, and hides in a crate containing Bak'Hir meat. As the transport reaches the Peace Station, and the crate is delivered straight to Paavo Bakteeri, Kyle suddenly pops out and runs away. As Kyle enters the main section of the station, security forces start to pursue him upon identification. Kyle runs to the ambassadorial quarters, and is about to get caught, but is saved by the Hemmoian ambassador of the day (who is ???). Kyle informs the Hemmoian ambassador, that he wishes to take his rightful place in the council as the representative of the Gigerdi Confederation, which the Hemmoian ambassador supports. As the next council meeting begins, the members find a unexpected addition to the council. The Gigerdians argue over the legitimacy of the G-Confed, but in the end accept each other. The Gigerdi Confederation also makes its' first attempts to form diplomatic treaties with the other races, and partly succeeds in establishing treaties with the Hemmoians and Bacterians.

Kyle and Kwinda are also reunited at last. BIG L-O-V-E ensues...

Hidden Agendas

The episode begins with Kyle and Paavo Bakteeri discussing an unofficial weapon trading deal between the Bacterian Empire and the Gigerdi Confederation. The deal involves the Gigerdians giving weapon supplies to the Bacterians in exchange for support on the Peace Station's council.

A Gigerdian diplomat is murdered on the station, and Kyle Gigerdi is blamed for it. Kyle attempts to find out the real murderers with the aid of the security, and manages to find them from the lower decks. The murderers are members of a mercenary organization, and they claim that someone has paid them to commit a murder in Kyle's name. Kyle decides to play along with the two criminals, and even congratulates them of their deed. However, at one point, the two men suddenly state that their only reason for killing the diplomat was to just rob him of all valuables - in other words his death was an accident that wasn't supposed to happen. In the following confusion, the two decided to frame Kyle for the murder by masking themselves as supporters of Kyle's faction. In the end, the criminals are arrested and everything returns to Status Quo.

Hidden Dangers

Cargo ships are being raided near the Peace Station, but no one is exactly sure that by whom and not every ship can be escorted. Most people believe them to be random pirate clans, but one of the UCP ambassadors (B²) suspect that Dands are behind the attacks. She takes a single fighter to accompany a cargo ship leaving from the station and manages to follow the attackers to their home base, signaling UCP forces to the area. The attackers are found out to be Dands who are also running huge smuggling operations in the area.

Dangerous Products

A travelling merchant arrives to the station, with the goal of selling all sorts of exotic souvenirs. All of the ambassadors find something interesting, and Kyle buys a statue for Kwinda. The statue isn't as harmless as it first appears, and some sort of a strange spirit lives inside it, and harms Kwinda. Kyle attempts to locate the merchant aboard the station, and finally manages to. The merchant tells Kyle, that he has to sell potentially "dangerous products" since he's short on money, but has no idea of the dangers that lurk inside the statue. Kyle demands an antidote for Kwinda, who has been reduced to a deep coma due to the attack of the statue. The antidote is given to Kyle, and Kwinda is saved. The merchant is banished from the station.

End of episode: the merchant is seen behind a table again on some Gigerdian colony, selling his statues to an unsuspecting young man.

When It Comes In Many Forms

Minor sabotages are starting to occur in different parts of the Gigerdi Federation and the shape-shifters are believed to be the cause. A Gigerdian exploration vessel is lost near the Dominion territory. No diplomatic connection can be established.


A Bacterian ritual/festival occurs aboard the station, but the choice of food and the nature of the ritual/festival creates a diplomatic problem between the race performing the ritual/festival and the Folans. Due to their earlier diplomatic problems the threat of a war is once again a possibility.

A Call-In Disaster

To everyone's amazement the legendary Gigerdian talk show host, H.R. Gigerdi, decides to visit the station. His visit draws the station full of hundreds of deranged fans from all over the galaxy. The security has problems dealing with the eager fans.

H.R. then decides to host a talk show live from the station - and he argues with the Gigerdian and Hemmoian ambassadors over the sanity of the idea along with the security risks. The ambassadors decide to agree with H.R's plans in the hopes of boosting the station's image. As H.R. manages to get his way, he asks each and every ambassador of the station as a guest for the show. Hilarity ensues as the ambassadors are all interviewed on live TV and asked a set of ridiculous questions. H.R. Gigerdi aims to start a small riot on the set in order to further boost his ratings, but his outrageousness does not produce the desired effect. H.R. then leaves the station to continue his mad show elsewhere.

(This episode is pretty much a huge comical relief /situational comedy opportunity rolled into one neat little package)

(likin' it - S.)

Yet Another Untitled episode

The Collective hacked by a group of renegades. Klet Otoe is killed here?

Beyond Here Lies Nothing

Trentads discovered. Dolek 3 Yis'ret becomes the ambassador of the Hemmoian Federation aboard the Peace Station. Hilarity ensues as he is mistaken for a "Hemmoian female"

Strangers Among Us

UCP vessel docks at the station carrying a Vemrer crewmember. This causes problems as the Vemrers aboard the station consider her a traitor. The support given by the other UCP races surprise the Vemrers and cause them to reconsider the UCP. Meanwhile a Folan ship owned by the Shen'tlar arrives at the station and claim to be simply stopping by, but Mad Gigerdi and the UCP ambassadors suspect that they are up to something.

Life is Hard

Maybe the lower decks spurgu riots happen here, and no-one important is killed

Murderous Growth

What seems like a normal day aboard the Peace Station turns bad as one of the leading Jerdie Ochlocracy mafias are at risk of being exposed. They conduct smuggling operations and black market deals aboard the station and have plans on taking over the station behind-the-scenes when the time is right. To prevent their exposure to the public they have to kill several people involved in their smuggling operations that could expose their operations, while also planning on starting their move for take over.

An ordinary plant is delivered to the first person's apartment, which turns out to be, to the horror of the resident, a Jerdie. The plant strangles the person and leaves. The station security later on find the body, but find no leads. Later another incident pops up, and another, and another. Fear starts to hit the population as there seems to be no end to these strange murders. The Jerdie corporation representative, who in reality is a mafia representative, offers their assistance in finding the killer. Several of the representatives of the other races are suspicious of their motives and believe there might be more there than it seems, but are unable to find proof. The Parlien ambassador chooses to start his own investigations.

As four other murders occur the Jerdie offer is finally accepted. They request access to the security, reactor and computer centers, which causes yet more suspicion amongst the other races, Parliens being the loudest in claiming that they are behind this. The security, however, reluctantly agrees, but keeps them under close surveillance.

The Parlien ambassador finally witnesses one additional murder on the lower decks and realizes that the Jerdie are really behind all, however, he has to make the run of his life as the Jerdie attempts to kill him too. Just as the tree is about to kill him the station security manages to shoot it down. He finds out that they located it with the help of the other Jerdies. While most other races believe that they were sincere the Parliens do not believe so.

In the end of the episode we see a mafia meeting where they inform the leader that the "seeds" have been planted.

Old Adversaries

Folans and Vemrers manage to get their first treaties signed after the Folan War, but hostilities arise as both Folan and Vemrer ships are docked at the station. The battles with the crews threaten to nullify the work of the ambassadors and they both try to calm their people down. The races are brought to a brink of war when a Folan officer is murdered brutally aboard the station.

Insane Gigerdian Admirals, pt.1

Had to happen some time around this point. Originally took place in Season 4.

Insane Gigerdian Admirals, pt.2

The mad destruction campaign of the Insane Gigerdian Admirals comes to a close.

When You Need Herbicide

Continues the Dangerous Growth.

Strange computer malfunctions cause a repair team to be sent to the computer core. However, when they fail to report back a security team is dispatched finding them dead and the computer core infested with branches. The team manages to barely escape with their lives. The command crew is called to an immediate emergency meeting. The repair team has analyzed the situation and reports that the branches can't be removed physically or through weapons fire without risking damage to the computer core, but possible herbicide might help. During the meeting, however, they are suddenly contacted by a Jerdie, claiming to be behind the act. He says that he is in control of the station, also the security and reactor complexes and will detonate the reactor if his demands are not met. The Jerdie says that he has no intention of hurting or damaging anything, but will do so if necessary. He wishes to take control of the station, but keep the original crew and ambassadors, just so that they would be working for him. As a demonstration of his control over the computer systems he increases the gravity in the room, forcing everyone on the floor. They are left with three hours to respond, but any act to remove the trees will be met with violence.

The crew realizes that they want the station under mob rule, but want it to look normal on the outside and only influencing the events behind-the-scenes thus increasing their power in the galaxy significantly. Some of the staff are willing to agree on his offer, but some do not agree. Possibility of leaving the station is also offered, but that would allow the mobs to win too.

Somehow the threat is eliminated in the end, obviously.

The End Is Near

Outposts are being destroyed on the Gigerdi Federation border and no one seems to know by whom. In the end it is found that the Dominion is behind the attacks and a major attack fleet is seen approaching GF space.

The Lost Hope (Season Finale)

Dominion War officially declared.

Season 3: Desperate Means

Running themes & foreshadowing: Dominion War rages on, 2nd Bacterian War.

Desolation of Dreams (Season Premiere)

First battles with the Dominion don’t go well and they start to advance towards GF and UFP space.

Hello Friends

First contact with the Antimaniac Star Alliance.

The Devil Take the Hindmost

Protector Station 25 is lost to the Dominion. The Dominion manages to get hold of several important strategic locations. Gigerdi Confederation joins in the battle against the Dominion.

Also the Folans invite an ambassador from the Dominion Timocracy to the Peace Station. Once the representative arrives it agitates the representatives of the Gigerdi Federation, Confederation and UCP. However, because the Peace Station is a neutral station the Dominion ambassador is allowed to stay. The other races keep a close eye on the ambassador though, but conveying war information becomes significantly more difficult.

Money is Trust

The Dand Oligarchy is discovered to be selling information to the Dominion, even that they had signed an agreement to assist UCP in the war against the Dominion in exchange of protection. It turns out that one of the leading houses has made a deal with the Dominion and plan to take over the other Dand houses with the aid of the Dominion.

Strange Bedfellows

Dominion forces aid the renegade Dand house to take over their homeworld. Most of the other houses refuse to aid the Dominion and seek aid from the United Commonwealth of Planets. UCP and Gigerdi Federation divert forces to aid the Dands, but can't spare too many ships. They are forced to use hit-and-run tactics to strike at the Dominion forces. Surprisingly Vemrers send several ships to aid their allies and they manage to drive the Dominion forces out and liberate the Dands. This strengthens the races together and Dands start to consider UCP membership. Vemrers officially join the war against the Dominion, which angers the Dominion ambassador.

Shits and Giggles

The Antimaniacs fool around. The Bacterian connection is revealed (No Space Invalids exist)

Echoes of Dark

A mysterious man arrives to the station, calling himself Jack Kylek, and takes refuge in the lower decks of the station. He engages in gambling and other rather questionable deeds, and is eventually brought in by the security. Kyle and Mad Gigerdi learn of the man, and proceed to question him regarding his claims of being related to their long-time friend in missing, Den Kylek.

Jack Kylek causes wide-spread paranoia among the two Gigerdians, who ponder whether or not Jack Kylek is indeed who he says he is. Mad and Kyle decide to keep quiet of their relation to Jack Kylek, since the last time a mercenary came to the station to regarding the whereabouts of Den Kylek, trouble ensued. Eventually the two Gigerdians decide, that they must learn the truth behind Jack Kylek's claims, and decide to test him.

Trust No One

Peace Station receives a mysterious message from an unknown person claiming to know important information regarding the Dominion, but will only tell her information to specific ambassadors. Kyle and Mad Gigerdi, the Hemmoian ambassador and the Lihter UCP ambassador head to the Beta Quadrant free zone to meet this person in the "city in space".

Meanwhile aboard the station, one of the Vemrer hordes is eager to sign a trade and research cooperation with the Folans. This, however, troubles the Vemrer ambassador who is not alone as the B² ambassador of the UCP shares her concerns. The Parliens also warn them that the Folans and this Vemrer horde might have totally different plans in mind.

Aboard the "city in space" the meeting with the informant turns out badly when she is killed during the meeting. The ambassadors realize that they will most likely be the next targets and decide to flee the city. Things don't go so well when their ship explodes just as they are about to reach it. The ambassadors are forced to attempt to hire a passage back to the station. However, things go badly again.

Aboard the station, the Vemrer ambassador inquires about the hordes plans and that the Folans are not to be trusted, ever. The horde representative, however, believes otherwise and informs the ambassador/general that the military has no juristiction in the internal affairs. The general mentions that it is responsible for the safety of the people. Parlien ambassador complains about the lack of security aboard the station to the station's commander who says that there was never any plans to make the station into a police station.

At the city Den Kylek appears and saves the ambassadors from the trouble. They manage to capture one of the mercenaries alive and demand to know who hired him. The Lihter ambassador suggest telepathic probing, but just then the mercenary is shot and only a shadow is seen, a shadow Kyle believed to look a lot like a tree. Through some problems and after yet again being saved by the yet unnamed Kylek's female partner they manage to leave the city and head back to the station.

At the station the ambassadors are unable to prove anything and believe that this requires investigations in the Vemrer space. The Vemrer ambassadors, the Parlien ambassadors and one of the UCP ambassador attaches go on a covert mission to the Vemrer homeworld.

Bacterian War Ep.1

The Bacterian Empire declares a war against the Hemmoian Federation. Dolek 3 Yis'ret killed?

Continues the Vemrer plotline from the previous episode. On the covert mission on the Vemrer homeworld they somehow find out about the plans the Vemrer horde and Folans are planning.

The Parlien ambassador is killed.

Bacterian War Ep.2

2nd Bacterian War intrigue. Slaughter of Antimaniac system. Oops.

Day of the Locusts

Part 3 in the Bacterian War series. Battle of Aldaain, and now for the thrilling conclusion.

Only A Pawn In Their Game

With the Bacterian War over, Ommir Deloot is sent to the station in an attempt to get diplomacy going again. It is not an easy start. Mad Gigerdi's son is born somewhere around this time.


"The Ship" discovered in orbit of Ta'mag.

Where the Battle Takes You

Vemrer and UCP forces manage to gain a surprisingly good victory against the Dominion, but several key systems are lost elsewhere. The allied races manage to work together better, but do not have enough resources to defeat the Dominion. Talks with Folans are started, but there are rumors that Dominion is also discussing with the Folans. Bacterians and Hemmoians can't spare forces due to their recent war.

Desperate Means

A diplomatic solution is attempted to end the war with the Dominion, but with no luck. The Dominion advances and manages to gain support of several neutral worlds located in GF and UFP space.

Everything Is Not As It Seems

A daring intelligence gathering mission is done to the Dominion space by combined Folan, Gigerdian and UCP forces. Some "bigger" force than the Dominion is mentioned, which is the first mention of the Emissaries.


A counter-attack against the Dominion is planned and a fleet is gathered, but a sudden Dominion attack against the fleet suggests that there is an information leak. The Dominion fleet is eliminated, but cripples the attack fleet and thus foiling the plan while at the same time Dominion managed to take over the three other colonies.

Shapeshifters are suspected at first, but some suspect that the Jerdies could potentially be behind it too. They decide to keep a very close eye on them. The Peace Station is regarded as a major security threat in the fight against the Dominion and battle information going through it is reduced significantly.

Meanwhile the UCP ambassadors attempt to recruit the 93218432s and Parliens against the Dominion. The 93218432s are not interested in participating and choose to remain neutral, but Parliens realize that the Dominion is a grave threat and send a fleet of ships to assist the "allieds".

Unexpected Allies

A Gigerdian fleet is unexpectedly saved by a Folan fleet from a Dominion attack. As the Gigerdian ships are planning to head to Peace Station for repairs the Folan ships are mysteriously reluctant to escort them. Later it is found out that they don't want their government to know what they did as they had abandoned their patrol duty in order to respond to the Gigerdian distress signal.

Light At the End Of the Tunnel

GF and UFP manage to convince Folans into the war against the Dominion as well as few neutral worlds. GF and UFP lose more systems as they prepare with their allies to make a counter-attack to stop the Dominion advance. Hemmoians and Bacterians are unable to assist.

Dark Tomorrow (Season Finale)

Dominion forces are stopped in their advancement, but with heavy losses to GF and their allies. Dominion produces ships twice faster than GF and their allies combined.

Season 4: Its Hour Come Around At Last

Running themes & foreshadowing: "some generic stuff", Ommir Deloot's assassination plot, Dominion War ends.

The Breakthrough (Season Premiere)

Dominion ship production facility in Kef’Paz system is mysteriously destroyed and their ship production is cut in half as well as large amount of their ships are lost. GF and their allies manage to start advancing.

Tears Carve the Tomorrow

First attacks against Dominion controlled worlds are made, although victories are achieved they still come at a heavy price.

Ommir Deloot's Brain, pt.1

A mysterious person affiliated with the HFed Government takes control of Ommir Deloot through his cranial implant. Deloot remembers none of this and attempts to find out what is going on.

Ommir Deloot's Brain, pt.2

Ommir Deloot, under mind control again, is ordered to assassinate Mad Gigerdi. The plot fails and the plan is blamed solely on Deloot, who is branded insane and shipped off to Aldaain.

Eternal Circle

Shok 24 Teenik, a young diplomat fresh off the Academy, comes to replace Deloot. Gigerdian News Network comes aboard the station to do a documentary.

Fearful No More

Protector Station 25 is retaken. Significant victories to the GF and their allies.

The Sentinels

Den Kylek returns, now with the ability to use some of his “jedi”-powers. He, Kyle and Mad go on a journey to his homeplanet and elsewhere in the hunt to find out the last secrets to the power he holds.

Angels Fall First

Continues the return of Den Kylek. Kylek is captured by Folans, but Kyle, Mad and Kyleks yet unnamed female partner manage to rescue him. A daring attempt is made to enter one of the planets that joined the Dominion, in an attempt to give the full power to Kylek.

Passages Through the Looking Glass

An alternate universe episode.

The universe is very different here; the Gigerdi Federation is the Gigerdi Empire and is a very aggressive and conquering species. Naturally the Gigerdi Confederation never happened. The Gigerdian Empire has also annexed the UCP, and now especially regard the humans as a subspecies only to be used as servants and slaves. Also, in the initial first contact with the United Orcs and the Hemmoians, the Gigerdians boarded and captured the HemmoCruiser and took all the Hemmoians as slaves as well as having continuing conflicts with the Hemmoians and Bacterians. Folans have conquered the Vemrers and are allied with the Gigerdi Empire.

Bacterians are allied with the Hemmoians and are generally very friendly people, with Paavo Bakteeri being a "saint". Hemmoians being very friendly too. The Peace Station is an attempt by the Hemmoians to create peace and a ground for mutual understanding and creation of diplomatic ties, but the Gigerdians regard it as a joke, and also a liability against their hegemony. The Gigerdian Emperor believes, that the "Peace Station Project" may be a way for the so-called "lesser races" to come up with ways to plot against the Gigerdians, and thus dispatches two of his most trusted military commanders as the envoys of the Empire to the station. The Gigerdi Empire's position on the station is to be an intelligence gathering operation.

The Hemmoians invite a Gigerdian delegation to the Peace Station in order to negotiate a possible cease-fire following a long-standing feud, but things get pretty violent in the end. K'ags Oiduts represents the Hemmoians and the Gigerdian delegation is lead by Kyle and Mad. Paavo Bakteeri also arrives to the station as a spiritual figure and leader of the Bacterians.

Through a Looking Glass, Darkly

Continues the alternate universe episode and now for the unexpected closure!

The Gigerdians are convinced, that the so-called "lesser races" are secretly building a military outpost of some sort out of the "Peace Station". Mad informs the Gigerdian Empreror, that the station is a grave threat to the security of the Empire. The Emperor agrees, but in turn points out, that Paavo Bakteeri may be the orchestrator behind a scret alliance between the Hemmoians and Bacterians, and orders his assassination. The Gigerdian plan to execute their plot during a ceremonial ball on the station, where Paavo Bakteeri is scheduled to speak on behalf of the newly-created Bacterian and Hemmoian alliance, which is hoped to be able to guarantee a new era of peace. The assassination of Paavo also becomes a challenge between the two Gigerdians, since the one succesfully executing it will surely be greatly favored by the Emperor. Kwinda Anado, the Gigerdian Emperor's niece, also arrives to the station in order to take part in the assassination plot.

The Hemmoians and some Bacterians aboard the station attempt to uncover the plans of the secretive Gigerdians, but eventually must resort to violence themselves to find out the answers. Meanwhile, Kyle plans to kill Paavo Bakteeri and to top it all off, destroy the Peace Station with a strategically planted bomb. He decides to use Kwinda as the bomb planter (and also a scapegoat, if needed), but Kwinda herself has other plans, and manages to convince and use Kyle to do some of her bidding.

The trio of Gigerdians each have their own plan for the assassination of Paavo, but none of them seem to be able to realize that each of the three Gigerdians are using one another to complete the task. As the ball begins, K'ags Oiduts and the Bacterians discover a bomb planted inside the station's reactor core, and figure out that someone must try to attack the ball as well - and the attackers most certainly must be Gigerdian! The ball begins, and each Gigerdian makes a move to kill Paavo - resulting in Paavo's death as well as Kwinda's. During the ensuing chaos, the Gigerdian Empire sends ships to the station in order to evacuate its' personnel, meanwhile Kyle and Mad argue about who receives the honour of killing Paavo.

As the Gigerdian vessels arrive to the station, so does a combined fleet of Bacterian and Hemmoian ships. As the Gigerdians leave station, the bomb explodes, which in turn triggers a battle between the Gigerdian and Hemmoian/Bacterian fleets. The explosion does not destroy the station, but damages it severely enough for the rest of the personnel to leave. The episode ends with K'ags Oiduts running to an escape pod, launching into space and looking at the crumbling station from the escape pod. The station is then destroyed by a combined salvo of Torpedoes from the Gigerdian, Bacterian and Hemmoian vessels - with K'ags screaming in horror inside the escape pod.

Messages of Distress

Three GF vessels arrive at the Peace Sation with a message of upcoming Dominion attack upon the station. However, no official confirmation can be made as the information comes from a barely decoded transmission. With resources spread thin only a few additional ships arrive to the protection of the station. Later they detect a large fleet of Dominion ships heading towards the station. Large enough attack to decimate the station and its defenses. With too little time for reinforcements the station must prepare for its ultimate battle. The Dominion ambassador mysteriously disappears during the episode. Ends with a cliff-hanger.

Its Hour Come Around At Last

Continues the Messages of Distress. The Dominion fleet is approaching rapidly and no reinforcements would get there in time. The station and the few ships protecting it prepare for the battle. Soon the battle begins and Dominion seems to win easily with overwhelming numbers. Soon unexpected helps arrives. An average sized Folan fleet decloaks and engages the Dominion fleet. Although their numbers are fewer than Dominion's they can still hold back the Dominion fleet with excellent tactics. Buying them enough time for reinforcements to arrive at the scene. Rest of the Dominion ships retreat. The station still suffers significant damage during the battle, but can be easily repaired.

Kwinda is also killed when the Timocracy boards the station. Kyle is informed of her death and returns to the station. He is devastated by her death.

Old Friends, New Enemies

A series of sabotages occur on few neutral worlds close to the GF, which cause them to cease their support in the war against the Dominion. These same worlds were visited by Gigerdius weeks before, who later arrives at the Peace Station to do diplomatic negotiations. Only a day later, another Gigerdius is located on a Dominion prison world and suspicions arise to the other Gigerdius who becomes mysteriously missing.

Not This Again

Another shape-shifter threat is present aboard the Peace Station. Continues the previous Gigerdius episode. The real Gigerdius is brought to the station for questioning. Series of sabotages occur aboard the station and all traffic outside is ceased. The station security as well as several security detachments from two GF ships attempt to hunt down the shape-shifter with no luck. Den Kylek boards the station in secret and manages to locate the shape-shifter. The shape-shifter and Den Kylek duel against each other in the Hub City. Den Kylek manages to defeat the shape-shifter and then flees the area. Security finds the remains of the shape-shifter, but can't figure out who killed it. Den Kylek leaves a message for Kyle and Mad before leaving.

Together We Stand

Kyle and Mad agree on forming the Gigerdi Alliance to unite the two Gigerdian factions. Gigerdius has a court-martial and is sentenced to work at a shipyard, even that Kyle demands a prison sentence.

Mysterious Strangers

First contact with the T-Race is established, later on a T-Race ambassador arrives at the Peace Station. At the same time numerous brutal murders occur in the lower decks of the station, with the victims being even partially eaten and having numerous claw and bite marks. As investigations progress they find out that a lone V'As'Ta'R is behind the murders, but taking her down becomes a very difficult task.

Alliances And Shit

The Hemmoian Federation and the Bacterian Empire join forces to assist the Gigerdi civilizations in the battle against the Dominion.

Finally solid evidence is found of Jerdie dealings with the Dominion. All Jerdies aboard the station are placed in holding cells and plans for an attack agains the Jerdie space is started. The Jerdies, however, know that they can't stand a possible invasion and suggest a deal with the other galactic powers: they will give them all the information about the Dominion in exchange that they are left alone. Some of the ambassadors advise not to accept as justice needs to be met, but the majority understand that they need that information to eliminate the Dominion threat once and for all.


All the necessary political and military work for the formation of the Gigerdi Alliance is finished and a timetable is established. The first joint-venture between the Gigerdian powers is decided to be a new type of Exploration vessel. Dand Oligarchy submit their membership application to the UCP and they begin the talks, however, some force seems to be sabotaging the talks and blame is set to the Dominion at first. Later on they find out that two of the Dand ruling houses are behind the sabotage.

Just When You Thought It Was Over

GF and their allies take over Dominion territories very efficiently at this point. T-Race are uninterested in joining the war. Everyone seems to be confident that the Dominion war will be over soon. However, they soon find out that several shape-shifters have infiltrated Gigerdi Prime, Gigerdi 2 and Lihter. In the end they believe to have eliminated them all, but one shape-shifter manages to avoid capture at Gigerdi Prime. Emissaries are mentioned briefly.

Hope Shines Again (Season Finale)

The final battle against the Dominion and the formation of the GA. Kyle and Mad Gigerdi also die at the end.

The Jerdie information reveals a prisoner of war camp in the outer rim, however, with resources needed on the final engagements against the Dominion strongholds no forces can be sent there. Kyle and Mad realize that those people will most likely be killed when the final attack agains the control world is done and decide that they need to rescue them before that. They also realize that the stability of the Gigerdi Alliance demands it as it is already standing in a very fragile ground.

They contact Den Kylek and recruit him on their mission. Emissary is featured in the latter parts of the episode shortly before Kyle's and Mad's deaths.

Season 5: One Too Many Mornings

Running themes & foreshadowing: Budget cuts, lack of funding for the PS Project. Is this a conspiracy by some unseen organization? Introduces some of the new characters in the up-coming storylines i.e. Lydia and Nix Balmorra. Other than that, the 5th season is pretty much a huge filler episode.

Intergalactic Toga Party

A newly commissioned ambassador for the Gigerdians, Nix Balmorra, is ordered to assume the position of the Gigerdi Alliance's ambassador aboard the station. Paavo Bakteeri also leaves the station to continue as the emperor of the Bacterian Empire, but in turn orders his daughter Lydia Bakteeri as the new ambassador of the Bacterians aboard the station.

Celebrating the end of the Dominion War and the foundation of the Gigerdi Alliance, the Peace Station is visited by the leaders of every stellar government and their entourages, resulting in a slight overpopulation problem. The Folan emperor gets married (aboard the Station?) Some foreshadowing regarding the Exploreison project


A large group of drifting refugees from several quadrants arrive at the station to seek refuge following the end of the Dominion War. The refugees settle in the lower decks, which causes some disagreements with the general population. The various ambassadors of the station must work together to resolve the domestic crisis resulting from the arrival of the "drifters".

Course for the Future

The various governments providing funds for the Peace Station Project now openly start to question the need to keep the station fully manned at all times. Nix Balmorra attempts to defend the idea of keeping personnel levels the same before a large interracial "financial review board" on the station, but eventually the review board decides to start a plan for the reduction of personnel on the station. The board also decides that the station should probably be kept in its' place, but only as a minor outpost or a museum. Several of the personnel aboard the station receive official orders from their respective governments, which include transfer dates for their duties. Nix is informed that he will be one of the last ones to go, and Lydia is to leave before him.

Under Siege

The Gigerdi Alliance hosts a conference aboard the station with the aim of establishing diplomatic ties with a fairly unknown pirate clan leader by the name of Kapu. Kapu has been successful in uniting several pirate clans under his rule, while claiming several peaceful resolutions as his motive. The diplomatic staff of the station have to host several pirate clan leaders on the station as the ambassadors seek a peaceful resolution with the various pirate groups. Later on, a pirate militia group not wishing to participate in the conference cause trouble at a shipping lane near the station, and the security forces aboard the station have to rely on Kapu's help to eliminate the threat. It is discovered that Kapu is a questionable new ally, conducting several rather questionable methods to win over the support of the other competing clans. The diplomatic staff aboard the station ponder about the moral and ethical dilemmas that come with "associating with criminals" with the expense of keeping peace with the pirate clans.

Security for hire

As the first batch of security personnel are reassigned from the station to other duties, the security aboard the station become slightly overworked. The security chief of the station demands more men, but since no additional manpower from any government can be shifted to the Peace Station, the council aboard the station decides to hire robots to replace the lost manpower. Naturally the robots malfunction with disastrous results, and Nix along with Lydia must solve the problem before the death toll becomes too much bear.

Space Bout!

A famous intergalactic martials arts show arrives to the station despite heavy protests. H.R. Gigerdi subsequently arrives to the station to act as the commentator during the matches, and the company holding the show posts advertisements all around the station in hopes of recruiting fresh contestants. Lots of spectacular martial arts at zero gravity ensue along with "bloody hilarity".

Lovers and Fighters

The Peace Station once again hosts an important diplomatic conference, which Lydia and Nix are assigned to administer. During their co-operation to set up the conference, they learn about each others similarities and differences, and a clear connection is established between the two. Meanwhile the station security starts to receive increasing protests from the other inhabitants of the station about the actions of the drifters residing in the lower decks.

No place like home pt. 1

A small group of concerned citizens of the station come to the Peace Station council, intending to file official protests concerning the drifters residing in the lower decks of the station. According to the citizens, the drifters cause trouble on the station and must be leave immediately. The drifters appoint a representative to counter the claims of the citizens, creating serious tensions. The station personnel struggle to uphold order on the station as the citizens and the drifters end up in various violent clashes.

No place like home pt. 2

The Peace Station officials led by Nix Balmorra and Shok 24 Teenik suspect that the drifters residing in the lower decks are not everything they say that they are. The suspicions especially center around the somewhat enigmatic leader of the drifters, who claims to just lead a peaceful group of misunderstood and mistreated individuals, but clearly has other agendas in mind as well.

As the tensions between the citizens and the drifters have cooled down a bit, an individual from the drifters approaches the Peace Station's officials with surprising information: the leader of the group has only recently joined the drifters before their arrival to the station, and is suspected to be a spy of some sort working for an unknown power. Most of the drifters believe that the current leader, Sonhan, was responsible for the death of their former leader. The drifters believe that Sonhan used several of them to get close to their former leader, and assassinated him when he had the chance.

The staff of the Peace Station decide to place Sonhan under arrest, but just as they are about to capture him, he escapes. Alot of the question are left unaswered regarding Sonhan's true motives and identity.

Ambassador Nix Balmorra also negoatiates a deal with the remaining drifters to allow them to stay on the planet that the station orbits. Thankful of this new sanctuary, the remaining drifters leave station to begin life anew.

The one that got away

The episode follows Nix Balmorra taking a fighter from the station to undergo sightseeing in the nearby areas. He is however ambushed and his accompanying fighters are disabled by an unknown vessel. Balmorra is captured, and later on it is found out that his captor is Sonhan. He attempts to interrogate Balmorra about the Peace Station's defence capabilities, while a single fighter limps back to the station and informs the crew there that Balmorra has been captured by unknown forces. Sonhan's interrogation of Balmorra continues, and it is found out that he truly is not what he seems, but instead works for a previously unknown third party. Many more questions are left unanswered concerning Sonhan's origins.

Echoing Responses

The GA Military Strategic Command is alerted about the capture of one of its' ambassadors. The staff at the Peace Station requests vessels from all of the starpowers to come and assist in the search of the lost ambassador, but due to many governments having decreased interest on the project, a great deal of trouble is had on trying to mobilize forces to assist. Especially the Folan government sends several vessels to assist in the search for the ambassador, since Nix Balmorra himself was responsible for a previously successfully negoatiated diplomatic treaty with the Folans.

Meanwhile Balmorra is still being detained at Sonhan's ship, who is revealed to be a mercenary for hire. In reality he has been hired by someone to start trouble in the systems neighbouring the Peace Station, but who exactly is he working for is still unknown. Balmorra suspects that he is working for several pirate clans, but naturally cannot be completely sure.

The episode ends in a scene which shows a GA carrier group arrive to the scene of the battle that resulted in Balmorra's capture.


The large-scale involvement of the GA's fleets in an effort to find their missing ambassador results in unexpected protests from several governments on the Peace Station coucil, in fear of a large-scale conflict in the area. Meanwhile Sonhan uses an opportunity to attack the shipping lanes near the station once again with Balmorra witnessing the attack. Lydia Bakteeri uses her connections to get a handful of ships from the Bacterian side to join in on the search for the lost ambassador.

When Tides Turn

Sonhan is not aware of the massive operation to find his prisoner, Gigerdian ambassador Nix Balmorra. Sonhan plans to extend his operations and if needed, use Balmorra as a hostage and a bargaining chip when needed. The Bacterian forces manage to locate a small base of operations along with a few Hemmoian ships, and they report of their findings to the Peace Station, which decides to launch a surprise attack against the outpost. An unknown person (possibly from the station) informs Sonhan of the undergoing operation, and Sonhan decides to conveniently retreat to the outpost. The forces at the Peace Station begin to prepare for a raid to the outpost, which the Folans are not aware of. Sonhan informs Nix Balmorra that since he foiled the plan to infiltrate the Peace Station via a group of drifting refugees, he now holds a deadly grudge against him, since his plans have never failed before. Sonhan decides to kill Balmorra before any more harm can come to him from Balmorra.


The attack fleet from the Peace Station reaches Sonhan's orbital base, and a battle ensues between the two forces. Sonhan tries to kill Balmorra, but the killing attempt suddenly turns into a deadly duel inside the station. Sonhan is eventually defeated, but he once again manages to escape via a ship that curiously reminds Balmorra of a Folan design. He also manages to see Folan communications equipment and supplies inside station, but Sonhan activates the self-destruction sequence of the station in order to destroy all evidence. As Balmorra is saved, he cannot be sure if the Folans are involved in Sonhan's operations, or has he simply been using captured equipment?

Press Release

A Hemmoian journalist along with her crew arrives to the station to do a special report concerning the current status of the Peace Station Project. The episode mainly concentrates on all of the non-Gigerdian characters and their origins and reasons on why and how they ended up on the station. Meanwhile Nix Balmorra attempts to find out more information regarding the possibility of the Folan government being involved in Sonhan's campaign of destabilising the region.

Blood Feud

A Bacterian warrior arrives to the station, openly questioning Lydia Bakteeri's position as the Bacterian ambassador. The warrior demands to be named the ambassador himself, and also claims to have the support of the Bacterian royal court behind him. Lydia chooses to fight the Bacterian, but the duel is cut short due to urgent new orders coming straight from the Bacterian homeworld to end the hostalities between the two. It is later revealed that the Bacterian warrior, Kaga, was sent to test the resolve of Lydia by her father, Paavo Bakteeri.

This episode also expands on Bacterian domestic politics, origins of the royal court and a little bit of personal background info on the Bacterian characters.

One Too Many Mornings

A lack of Hemmoians in the command crew triggers a forgotten security measure in the Station's computer who just will not hear the crew's pleas not to detonate the fusion reactors. Meanwhile, the badly scarred mercenary, Sonhan is contacted by a Folan officer and informed that his employers have lost confidence on him due to his unsuccesful handling of the job he was hired to do. The Folan officer does not tell Sonhan, but it becomes clear that Sonhan is also a liability now, and therefore his assasination is just a matter of time. In a fit of rage, Sonhan decides to go and kill Nix Balmorra by using Lydia. As the Folan officer lures Sonhan into a ship, and Sonhan blasts off to do his dirty work, the ship unexpectedly explodes - finally killing Sonhan. The Folans conclude that their plan to destabilise the region did not proceed as expected, and one of the Foland admirals scorns at the idea of using hired guns to do jobs that Folan military professionals could've completed much faster and more efficiently.

The Big Mistake

According to a newly ratified treaty between the Hemmoian Federation and the Bacterian Empire, a small cache of powerful and unknown biological weapons of Bacterian origin must be destroyed. The transport vessel bringing the bioweapons makes a short stop at the Peace Station, but due to a horrific error one of the containers opens up and the organisms get loose on the station. The other organism is destroyed after a lengthy search-and-destroy mission, but the other organism sneaks to a visiting GA warship, the GAS ???, which leaves the station unknowing of its ' new deadly stowaway on board.

Best Hope

The Gigerdi Alliance's new exploration vessel, the GAS Exploreison visits the Peace Station as a large operation to muster out most of the station's personnel is underway. The ambassadorial staff of the station discover a previously hidden note from the father of the Peace Station Project, the first Hemmoian ambassador of the station - Mr. K'ags Oiduts. Lydia's and Nix's professional relationship also now shows signs of something much deeper, but clearly due to official constraints the two cannot proceed further.

Nix Balmorra is also informed that the GA is interested of starting a process to better its' somewhat distant relations with the Bacterians. This process unknowingly leads to the Daglian Conflict/Third Bacterian War in the future, but at this time the GA cannot possibly fathom the consequences of the process.

Memories In The Abyss

The final episode begins with several transport vessels docking to the Peace Station to pick up the last remaining personnel and ambassadors aboard the station. The next scene shows the security personnel emptying the lower decks of the station from its' many rather colorful inhabitants. Lydia Bakteeri is reassigned away from the station, and during Nix's and Lydia's final moment aboard the station, Nix is guaranteed that someday and somehow they will meet again. All power and lights are turned off from the bridge of the station, where a lone Hemmoian stays behind to look through one of the large windows - staring deeply into the emptiness of space.

Nix takes a walking tour around the station and its' various locations, where he speaks to Hroq² who remembers a significant event taking place at that particular location inside the station. Scenes from the previous seasons taking place at the locations are shown. As Nix completes his tour, he meets the Hemmoian ambassador, Shok 24 Teenik and exchanges an enigmatic farewell. A Gigerdian Fleet Admiral comes aboard the station to congratulate Nix of his successful tour of duty as the Gigerdian ambassador, and in turn offers him a position in another diplomatic outpost in Vemrer space. Nix turns down the offer, and tells the admiral that he wishes to lead a life on his own terms now, but will not turn down the call of duty if such an occasion will come again. Nix also discusses the Peace Station's new role as a museum, and agrees with the plan.

The last scene of the final episode shows a Gigerdian honor guard standing ready at the station's main hangar, as Nix walks through it to the shuttle waiting to transport him away. The shuttle leaves the station, and Nix delivers a monologue of some sort about the Peace Station's purpose, history and significance to the galaxy.